Secret Garden Episode 1 Preview and Character Chart

Secret Garden released a bunch of written goodies – most notably a character relationship chart and the episode 1 written preview.

I absolutely and positively love the posters above. While Hyun Bin‘s scared girly expressions never get old, Ha Ji Won’s shocked and sneaky expression makes me die a little inside with glee.

While all the character-links are rather self-evident, the line between Ha Ji Won and Binnie state that – they fall in love in the midst of fighting.

Written preview for episode 1 of SG:

An area reserved for super VIPs – Ra Im walks into said area and Yoon Seol is not happy to see it. She walks towards Ra In intending to ask her for her identification.

Oscar asks Joo Won to take care of Chae Rim. While Joo Won is reluctant to so do, because he has her under contract, he goes to the filming site to check on her. When he arrives at the location shoot, the person he sees is not Chae Rim, but a woman wearing the exact same outfit, which turns out to be Ra Im.

[Credit: preview and translation for the character chart from Baidu Secret Garden bar]


Secret Garden Episode 1 Preview and Character Chart — 12 Comments

    • its just you. cause he looks verrrrrrrrrrrry feminine to me. and he manages to achieve that look next to the very pretty Ha Ji Won.

  1. Oh, he’s in it also… What’s his name? Lee? somebody, the one from Baltimore, he was in the story of a man. One more thing to look forward to. Considering I dropped HB’s the world they live in, mid way through, I hope this one is better.

  2. Can someone translate the character chart to English? I want to know the character links, so please help me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.

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