Playful Kiss YT Episode 4 Recap

Have you ever eaten bon bons? Each episode of the Playful Kiss Youtube Special is like a bite-sized bon bon, you pop it in your mouth and let the flavor and texture explode in a shower of sensory bliss. But then it’s gone as quickly as it arrived. But I treat PK-the-drama as my main course, so I’m totally fine with PK-the-YT-special being my dessert of bon bons, because I’m pretty full on the wish fulfillment of Ha Ni and Seung Jo.

Episode 4 of the YT special deals with a subject matter I’m pretty meh on – a third party to make Ha Ni jealous. I feel like story-wise we’re beyond that, but thankfully the situation arrived and departed relatively painlessly.

It does bear mentioning that being married to Seung Jo isn’t easy, both within the marriage and outside the walls of their safe haven. He’s an extremely attractive man, and women are going to keep throwing themselves at him. It was reassuring to know that Seung Jo really doesn’t even spare one second for them, his entire heart has been given to Ha Ni.

Youtube Episode 4 Recap:

Mom announces to the her kids that Go Ji Soo has arrived back in Seoul for a vacation. When Ha Ni asks who that person is, Eun Jo informs her that she’s a neighborhood girl that grew up with them. If Ji Soo hadn’t moved to the US, then his sister-in-law would not be Oh Ha Ni today, it would be Ji Soo. Seriously Eun Jo, if you don’t talk people won’t think you are a mute.

Mom quickly clarifies the situation by saying that Ji Soo was like a sister to her sons. Seung Jo smiles fondly at this discussion, likely he has a nice memory of Ji Soo (eh, not for long, buddy). Mom accidentally lets slip that the neighborhood thought of Seung Jo and Ji Soo as potential golden couple, but she corrects herself by asking Ha Ni to treat her like her own sister.

Ha Ni is genuinely happy to have a younger sister to spend time with. Rather than wish for a brother, she always wished for a sister instead. Poor Ha Ni, I forgot how lonely you were being an only child of a single parent. The door bells rings (ding dong, the witch is here…..), and Eun Jo runs to open the door. He seriously has a cougar complex.

Mom enthusiastically hugs Ji Soo and welcomes her back to Korea. Seung Jo welcomes her warmly, and Ji Soo launches herself at him like a puppy attacking a bone. She grabs him for a bear hug and plants a kiss on his cheek (hurry, go disinfect your cheek, Seung Jo!). Ha Ni, who was looking on beatifically, suddenly realizes the true nature of this girl. Our Ha Ni’s expression falls and her cheek twitches spasmodically.

Thank god Mom is here, and she comes to the rescue. Mom effortlessly disentangles the claws of the wench from Seung Jo’s arms and warmly introduces Ji Soo to her Seung Jo-oppa’s wife. Ji Soo pretends to be excited to meet Ha Ni, telling her that she’s wanted to meet Ha Ni because she wanted to know how she got Seung Jo to marry her.

Ji Soo turns right back to Seung Jo and tells him that she’s dreamed about him everyday while she was in the US. She wants Seung Jo to take her out somewhere fun now. I want Seung Jo to take her to the nearest quarry, dig a ditch, and chuck her in there. Ha Ni looks on with a pout.

Its dinner time, and Ha Ni has helped Mom with dinner preparation. Ji Soo walks up apologizing for not helping out, but the ladies just tell her to enjoy herself since she’s a guest. Ha Ni pulls out her chair next to Seung Jo and is about to sit down when Ji Soo seats her bony ass in Ha Ni’s spot effectively freezing her out of sitting next to her own husband. Both Mom and Seung Jo note this behavior, but decides to let it go.

Ji Soo continues her shameless behavior (omo! She is Shameless Hussy’s younger sister, isn’t she?) by putting meat on Seung Jo’s spoonful of rice. Seung Jo eats the food, but doesn’t look comfortable at all. Ji Soo switches her attention to Ha Ni now, asking if she pursued Seung Jo first. Eun Jo (seriously, stop talking, boy!) pipes up and says that Ha Ni stuck to Seung Jo like glue the entire time.

Shameless Hussy Jr. grabs Seung Jo’s arms, and says that if she knew Seung Jo would be taken away while she was in the US, she would have packed him in her suitcase and taken him with her. Ha Ni voiceovers that she’s not sure what to do – Seung Jo is her husband, but this girl keeps grabbing him and calling Seung Jo-oppa. What’s Ha Ni to do? (Slap a bitch, maybe?). Mom leans over and tells Ha Ni to just let it go, it’s no big deal.

Ha Ni is already in bed when Seung Jo comes him after taking a shower. He asks Ha Ni whether Ji Soo is cute (in a proud oppa way). Ha Ni concurs – she’s pretty, smart, and very confident in front of Seung Jo. To which the clueless husband says that Ji Soo used to be ditzy but appears to have become a young lady in the intervening years.

He tells Ha Ni not to be dejected if people compare her to Ji Soo. He tells Ha Ni that Ji Soo is just like a sister, and to treat her well during her visit. Ha Ni wonders why she’s so annoyed by Ji Soo since it’s true that Seung Jo treats her just like a sibling. Maybe because the viperess has her claws ready to sink into your husband and your wife-dar is going off.

At school, Ha Ni uses her snazzy phone as a walkie-talkie and pages Seung Jo, asking him to join her at her dad’s restaurant to try out a new noodle he just created. Unfortunately, Seung Jo has to beg off, as Ji Soo has asked to borrow him time for a day. He tells her to just go enjoy the noodles by herself. Ha Ni walks down the street, and wonders why she is feeling jealous. She is Seung Jo’s wife!

Regardless, it is annoying that Seung Jo is being borrowed, like he’s an object. She finally convinces herself that it’s not a big deal, Seung Jo is just taking an old friend he treats as a sister out for a day of fun. Ha Ni finally cheers herself back up again. What I love about Ha Ni is how much she tries to make sense of her own feelings in light of the situation. While it’s clear to everyone that Ji Soo has a crush on Seung Jo, since she’s just visiting and it’s likely not going anywhere, everyone appears to want to just let it go and not make a big deal about the situation.

Ha Ni is folding laundry outside her room, when Ji Soo flounces down to join her. Ji Soo asks whether Seung Jo kisses better than other guys? Ha Ni says that she doesn’t know, she’s only ever kissed Seung Jo. Ji Soo says that Ha Ni is so pure, whereas she has kissed a few guys in the US, but none can compare to Seung Jo. Ha Ni is confused until Ji Soo drops the bombshell that her first kiss was with Seung Jo, and likely it was the same for Seung Jo! The witch tells Ha Ni to sleep tight next to her Seung Jo-oppa who can kiss very well.

That night in bed, Ha Ni is tossing and turning, unable to rest. She keeps looking at Seung Jo, but can’t bring herself to ask him whether his first kiss was with Ji Soo. Seung Jo gets annoyed and keeps asking her what she wants until Ha Ni starts to ask about it. But Seung Jo jumps to the wrong conclusion, so Ha Ni doesn’t correct him. They lay back down to sleep, this issue unresolved.

In the morning, Ha Ni comes downstairs and sees Ji Soo making breakfast. Ji Soo says that she’s making her Seung Jo-oppa’s favorite breakfast for him. Ha Ni tries to grab the plate out of her hands, with both ladies insisting that they can do it. The plate tips and the egg resting on top goes flying and lands on Eun Jo’s head. Hahaha, serves you right, you little wordy pipsqueak.

Ha Ni walks back to her room later, and hears a witchy giggle coming from within. Ha Ni-ya, you’ll definitely need someone to exorcize your room later. She opens the door to find Ji Soo resting on their bed, looking at a picture album. Ha Ni puts her foot down and tells her to leave, no matter how close she is with Seung Jo, this is their bed and personal chambers.

Ji Soo throws it back at Ha Ni – why is Ha Ni so uncomfortable when Ha Ni is Seung Jo’s wife? Eh, maybe because she’s too sweet and you are an evil ho-bitch? Seung Jo picks the worst time to arrive. Ji Soo uses the woe-is-me method and apologizes to Seung Jo for coming into his room, she was just curious. This leads Seung Jo to tell Ha Ni to stop being jealous of a younger sister. Ha Ni runs off.

Seung Jo and Ji Soo have a conversation outside. Seung Jo asks Ji Soo not to treat Ha Ni the way she has, but Ji Soo just launches into a discussion about how much she likes Seung Jo. Ji Soo wants to know whether Seung Jo really loves Ha Ni. Yo, Shameless Hussy Jr., it’s none of your business what these two married cuties feel about each other, so go jump off the nearest cliff, will ya?

Ha Ni overhears this, and steps up to tell Ji Soo to get her paws of her man. Actually, Ha Ni is way more awesome than that. Ha Ni tells Ji Soo that she would have never agreed to go to the US if it meant leaving Seung Jo. Even a day without seeing Seung Jo is like a needle prick of pain in her heart. Ji Soo refuses to back down, and says that might be what Ha Ni feels, but what does Seung Jo feel?

Ha Ni leaves because she can’t speak for Seung Jo. I don’t know why robot boy always makes us wait so long before he steps up, but he does yet again. Seung Jo informs Ji Soo that Ha Ni’s feelings for him are exactly why he’ll never let her go. He loves how focused she is on something that she loves, and he loves that focus of hers.

Seung Jo finds Ha Ni sitting on the steps of the neighborhood staircase. He drapes his sweater over her, and asks what she thinks she’s doing? Ha Ni replies that she was worried she was going to lose Seung Jo. Doesn’t he know that? Seung Jo doesn’t know any such thing – he only knows that he’s picked Ha Ni. Baek Seung Jo has picked Oh Ha Ni, and she is the only one for him. Seung Jo leans in to kiss his wife, and the camera pulls back from this sweet moment.

Thoughts of Mine:

I know why this story was filmed as part of the PK YT episodes, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t wishing it’d be over and we can move on. I do understand that any fight between Seung Jo and Ha Ni makes their reconciliation that much sweeter. But having a useless, lame third wheel really is a giant waste of time. It makes me long for the days of Hye Ra, a worthy opponent that made sense and fit the narrative.

Nevertheless, anytime spent with Ha Ni and Seung Jo is a giant win for me. I can’t believe we’re already past the mid-way point of the YT episodes. I’m quite looking forward to the next three YT episodes based on the synopsis, but part of me wishes to delay its airing so as to postpone the inevitable day PK finishes its YT run.

I think it’s quite ironic that PK was such a domestic ratings bust in Korea, and because of it has reached far greater international attention than if it had been a ratings bonanza during its initial run. Baker King, Kim Tak Gu was the highest rated drama in Korea in 2010, yet this drama will likely never reach international awareness. I think what happened with PK was a blessing in disguise. It gave both Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min under-the-radar room to breathe during the airing, and now they can bask in their well-deserved feeling of accomplishment.

[Credit: all screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss YT Episode 4 Recap — 214 Comments

  1. As always your recap is awesome and as much anticipated by me as the webisode itself! Thanks a lot!!

    I concur with you that this story was a little bit redudant. We have already see a jealous Ha Ni so, if they wanted to give us some sweet reconciliation, why not a jealous Seung Jo!? I would have liked very much to see some kind of situation as the one in the taiwaness version with Ha Ni classmate!! That way we could have seen another step of our dear robot towards showing his feelings 😛

    On other matters, that kiss….. hope is not the steamy scene KHJ was talking about in the presscon!! If it is, us of the boat team will be left as lost castaways adrift in the vastness of the ocean…kkkkkkk 😀

  2. Ockoala, was it me or were your talons and fangs showing while writing? I hadn’t seen you this aggressive. LOL But I completely understand. Who wouldn’t want to protect this lovely couple? Heck, if we were in their “universe” you’d see a whole army of us fangirls barricading–I laugh at the mental image of thousands deep human wall. LOL

    Anyway, as I watched this, I really liked how Hani herself has changed. She isn’t one to jump the gun–more BSJ influence, I guess. I liked how she was stewing, if not, analyzing her feelings. And only when the conflict escalated to something completely obtrusive did she step up and put her foot down. I liked it, it was a sharp contrast to when she followed BSJ and Hae-ra and she automatically thought they lived together.

    This is what I got from this webisode. BSJ and OHN’s wave-lengths are finally meshing together, regardless of it being spoken or not.

    Okay, so I was a little annoyed with the delayed reaction on BSJ’s part but I guess it took him a quick second to realize, wait, what? This girl whom I thought as a sister want’s what? I wish he had more epic flair-up. But the sweater over Hani’s shoulders made it for me. <3 It's in the little things.


    • Oh I forgot to mention on the positioning they took when he told her she was the only one for him. They were at eye level for once. He wasn’t looking down, and she wasn’t looking up, he was standing on the step below and she above and they were eye to eye.

      Yeah that, that right there was good.

      Bad panning is still bad.

      • hahaha…so true….i think i could see the softness of SJ eyes in that posision…. ^^ love that moment….but hate the bad panning!! T_T

      • Yep, that part spoke to me, too. There was something about that eye-level connection that sent so many messages: that he was setting aside his pride and willing to meet her feelings, even holding them more important than his; that he loves her as much as she loves him; that they are meant to be each other’s lifetime partners; etc.

      • I think that’s why KHJ really wants a girlfriend he can treat as a guy, hang out with. I would guess that people in his line of work really crave that connection and not be distracted by the pretty face.

        Dear HJ,
        I find your brother more idol like, but your charisma’s like a super-massive black hole that I got sucked into and has caused my logic to poof like star dust.


    • First off, I have to concur with your frustration with yet again another long distance shot of a very tender moment between our couple. Seriously, why is the director so stingy with the close-ups of the kisses!

      Secondly, I agree that Oh Ha Ni has truly grown. She was very mature about keeping her jealous feelings in check and excusing that shameless s k a n k’s behavior up to a justifiable point. I really like what you said about their wavelengths finally meeting together.

      • @ goodange, I think it was right at that moment he told her to stand up and she was on that step higher that I realized that.

        THEY WERE EYE TO EYE FINALLY! That’s how a marriage should be but I’m glad it’s finally come for them. 🙂

    • Hope this is not the steamy love scene too :)).. still waiting!!!!!
      @Okala, thank God I found your blog.. I really enjoy reading your recap and all the comments.. looks like you have intelligent PK lovers here. @ everybody,Thanks, guys for not saying bad things about KHJ…. robot, well I can take it :)) I think he’s doing good little by little. Thanks again Okala.

      • The “robot” comment is about the Seung Jo character. 🙂 Lovely and apt nickname Ockoala gave the Baek brothers.

        He’s more of an “emotionless kid groom” than KHJ ever was. Hehe.

  3. thanks ockoala!!!!
    inkow having a third party to shake the marriage of our adorable couple is kinda lame but hey if its the way to make baek seung jo step up everytime then so be it.
    i like the fact even though oh hani is the one whose more affection, more vocal about her feelings for seung jo, still everytime that baek seung jo needs were to be ask its still oh hani for him and nobody else.
    i think they just mirror a regular couple which are the girls are more vocal and the guys are more introvert when it comes to showing feelings.

    got to agree about the ratings issues, i guess its really a blessing in disguise for Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min because even though its not a big hit in korea, nevertheless they are already known in korea as actress/actor having a buzz/international wave aside their country in my opinion is a much bigger accomplishment which the both of them deserve and PK as well. and it also opens new doors for them which im sure will help them to attain greater heights in their respective careers.


    • This mystifies me High ratings in Korea = National success…
      LOW ratings in Korea = INTERNATIONAL SUCCESS…
      Hm, which “wins”? 😉

      • :nods: And lives on immortally in the interwebs (legally–you know, as opposed to those that people upload and then get taken down?)…well unless the internet decides to crash. XD LOL

        Forgive the 4-D 😛 been watching a lot of SS501 clips lately.

      • i dunno about ss501 clips but what kills me is that SKKS has led to DBSK mania amongst drama-watching fans. Since I caught it a whiles back, so its funny to see the sudden volume of distribution of the oldoldold videos!

  4. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! It was annoying the heck out of me not knowing the conversation between JiSoo and Seung Jo. I just about love your insight! I’ve got to say this has been the most enjoyable experience of watching a drama. I love it! I too agree that I sometimes want the delay because then it would extend my PK experience but I’m too impatient to really wish that…

    Thank you again for clearing up the holes!

  5. Thanks for the recap…

    I totally agree with you. Self-confident is an inside job. It’s not something that Seungjo can give Hani. It’s something she has to do for herself. Marrying to a great man is not easy and it takes a self-confident woman to do it. She chose to be with him so she needs to be stronger knowing that what she has to give no other women can and he confirmed that. Other woman will always put themselves first but not his Hani, his Hani puts him first and he appreciated that. That is what he needs. Other women may admire him and want him but his Hani loves him and he needs love. He does not need to be admire or a smart wife. Hani’s brilliance is her ability to love, especially her love for him. She loves him more than he knows how to love himself.

    Don’t forget though, Hani is not a victim here, she got what she wanted, she wants a brilliant man. If she wanted someone to love her blindly, she would have chosen Joongu. Right?

    • @ Jennifer, thank you, that was very articulate. 🙂
      Borrowing from Boys Over Flowers, Goo Jun Pyo told Geum Jan Di (and I swear there are only a few lines I liked enough to remember in that show) “I don’t need anything, I’ve got money, looks, intelligence. But what I need is Geum Jan Di. Just Jandi herself.” And I think this rings true for BSJ and OHN.

      BSJ’s got everything he needs, like OcKoala said (I’m sure it was OcKoala) if he had married Hae-Ra it would have been a comfortable marriage, and like wise for Hani and Joongu, but both found what they needed in each other. (CUE OMMA’S POT-LID METAPHOR)

      Hani is the lid to Seungjo’s pot! 🙂

      • It’s kind of funny how Seungjo said that he choses Hani but he did not know that she chose him first and convinced him that she was the right one. It was her courting him and not the other way around…But we’ll let Seungjo believes that he chooses her, whatever fits his fancies…

      • To be honest I think that BSJ still doesn’t believe, at least in mind, that she’s the right one. But I think he FEELS it…and that’s why it was such a poignant thing for me. Back in that episode when he asks her “how do you know it’s meant to be?” (or something to that effect) and she says “when your heart starts to beat really fast”… he had replied then “I wish I could feel that.”

        What was lacking in him all along was feeling…she’s that part of him that makes him *feel* and the closest part of him that can “equate” feeling is her focus. Her focus and drive, in which made him fall for her so much, is the passion she feels.

        What was it in that episode when she left the house, “if you lose your can-do attitude I have nothing to be interested in” BSJ said. XD That made me flinch back really hard when he said that. LOL

      • Yes J.J hani is the feeling for SJ , Robot doesn’t have feelings na , it’s OHN who brings all feelings to his heart , that was shown in the anime and manga with Keita’s story ( Kotoko’s classmate ) and Naoki said the same to keita that Kotoko is the only person who can make him have feelings ( like jealousy ) .
        this show is just cute .

  6. first of all…..thanks to ockoala for the recap!! ^^/ since i needs the translation to understand the ep…your recap saved me!! and love your recap as usual….

    i love your quote here… ^o^
    “I want Seung Jo to take her to the nearest quarry, dig a ditch, and chuck her in there”

    and this one too…hehehe ^u^
    “hears a witchy giggle coming from within. Ha Ni-ya, you’ll definitely need someone to exorcize your room later”

    hahaha…make me laugh… and yes…..why the Stupid Camera Panning!! we can’t see BSJ tenderness towards Hani there… T_T

    • I saw someone’s lips part open after BSJ latched on for a kiss! JSM, so cute. LOL

      Btw, I saw someone’ jaw moving when the camera panned away. KHJ, atta boy. LOL

      • hehe…i guess there’s a bit movement we could see from afar… but still… T_T *sigh* wish the tender moment was a bit longer too…

      • LOL I’ll have to plug in my laptop to my big screen TV again to do some CSI LOL!!!

        Oh PK, what you reduce me to. XD
        I miss this. Last I did this was rain scene ep 13 LOL

  7. i agree with your last paragraph…
    i mean if the ratings in korea werent low or if it was mediocre like BoF ranging from 15-20%, then PK would have extended to 20 episodes or maybe 24 episodes. at 20-24 episodes it would have been enough to rap up the whole season 1 & 2 (with all the wedding and marriage life of our fave adorable couple). By then there would be no webisodes and they wouldnt have 1Million hits in YT in just 5 days. and the webisodes wouldnt be rated no.1 in countries like germany, taiwan, hongkong, australia & etc. Then the webisodes wouldnt have caught the attention of CNN.
    saying all that. as far as i know, with 12 countries that has already bought the rights of PK, i think they can just pat their back for a job well done. i think at the end of the day or at the end of the drama run what all the staff/actors should be proud of is the fact that they are recognized, even if not in their own country, but in others..
    for 2010, Playful kiss may have been the drama that had made waves/tsunamis. well we just have to wait for M3, i guess…
    Playful kiss hwaiting…
    PS: does anyone know when the CNN special for hyunjoong/PD will be aired on TV..?

  8. Thank you for your recap. I was not loving this webisode when I watched it initially. OHN being jealous was getting tiresome. But, after reading your recap, I feel much better about it. I can’t wait for the subs to be out.

    I am already in decline anticipating the ending of these webisodes. I so adore this couple. I really think KHJ has really relaxed and done some good acting in these webisodes. JSM…this girl is unbelievably adorable. I love her expressions. I can tell whatever she’s thinking w/o subs. Yeah…girl crush solidified.

    • I totally agreed with you on JSM acting and expression me too don’t need a sub to know what is going on. I even cried with her when she sat on the step and don’t even know aword they said. Love this girl. 🙂

      Cannot wait to see what is her project will be. She’ll be a big star for sure.

  9. Thank you for the recap & Love it.

    Help PKissers out there. I seen the photos of him (KHJ) leaving Kimpo airport to Japan (the one at got posted today 11/9/2010) and noticed that he has a ring on the necklace BUT it is not the same one that he usually wear all the time. It’s look like a wedding ring from PK to me!!!

    Am I way too crazy about this couple or what? Let me know what u think ok.

    • Those necklaces are part of the Cartier Love collection I believe.
      I wanted to get one for myself then saw the price tag. Yeah, boy’s makin’ money.
      Btw, did any one notice the little pin he had on his jacket? It might be the same jacket he wore to the Good Bye BSJ fanmeet.

  10. On another note… I was pondering upon the intrusiveness of Shameless Hussy 2.0 in their bedroom. I think I would have grabbed something and chucked it at her, BSJ’s sisterly bond with her be damned.

    At least Hae-ra had sense. I miss her all of a sudden and her really nice shoes.

      • I LOVED HER SHOES. If anything as Ji Hoo’s first lover (forget her name) in BoF said
        “Good shoes take you good places.” I LIVE BY THIS RULE LOL

      • who’s? Hae Ra? Hussy 2.0 (-_-YUK), Hani??

        Hani had a couple of nice boots on her feet (this ep). hahah good shoes does take you to good places (mostly because you’re likely to wear your good shoes if you go somewhere good… i think?… and they probably won’t break down on you 😉 nice one-liner again!)

      • ow sorry missed your comment about HaeRa’s shoes…

        I love hers @HaNi’s wedding… when she was strutting down the street with tennis sunbae tailing her

      • Hae-ra’s shoes. LOL
        Hani’s got lovely non-plussed flats that I love too. But we hardly see them. -_-
        As for the quote, I think it’s the fact that shoes can equal confidence, look at hae-ra, and that confidence takes you to good places.

      • hmmm slightly off topic, but once, a foggy teacher told me that from someones strut… he can hear how the person is feeling… happy sad… etc.

        HaNi has this timid, mouse-like but cute steps, while HaeRa walks in and walks all over people with her model-like strut. Ommoni’s walk is sneaky hihi… BSJ’s is… unconcerned… relaxed, patient. BJG’s is with haste…
        where is our ex-HaNi-stalker actually?? Hope we will be seeing a little bit of him (and maybe even HaeRa)too, before this all really ends ….

      • I agree with that. When I drift off I find myself just watching people. I love doing this in the subway btw, and you can see the lives they lead or their current state in their faces.

        As for the walk my father says I have this grace when I walk but power when I stand LOL (And I go, yeah, I’m the clumsy one, remember?)
        Oh and the voice too, you can tell a lot about a person’s voice.

        Real life anecdote:
        I asked my boss “are you still sick?” and he goes “no? why? I had my flu shot weeks ago…” “you’re still sniffling…” “ah, i might be getting sick after spending X hours in the hospital yesterday”… and hours later he goes “how do you know I’m not feeling well?” i go “You can tell by a person’s body. It’s basic behavioral psychology.”

      • Ahhh that’s nice… observing people doing everyday-life-stuff… keke.
        When i’m having the little moments of feeling down and not knowing where me future goes… everytime when i see a strange face (on the streets/ in the train) I wonder what kind of life that person is leading, what kind of job he/she is doing… married or single but mostly how they get where they are now… especially when i see someone who oozes confident… i’m glad those moments of insecurity towards myself passes ^^

        heheh I can see that your stance is powerful… you appear to be a woman who stands her ground 😉

        going off topic yet again: the first encounter with haera… i was a bit dumbstruck… she has a powerful appearance, oozes confident, is tall, and beautiful.. I actually LOVED (or love) her voice.. a lot! it’s really clear and pure… really nice to the ears ^^ (but of course i started to not like (not quite dislike… jusst not like) her as she is HaNi(/our) rival ;))

      • ^_^ thank you for the compliment <3 <3 <3
        You're awesome too~ (we've got to talk more on FB love!)

        As for watching people, I think it was one of my professors who said that, "everyone's face is like a tome, each and every line, each nuance, is part of this grand work that is their life." That made me appreciate people watching all the more.

        I love Hae-ra. She for one was without guise and if anything I loved her all the more for teasing Hani. I didn't dislike her too much, annoyed was more I like it. Okay, so there was that one instance I wished her death (kiss scene that Hani imagined), but that was it. LOL

      • Hae ra’s beauty is all encompassing (like Baek Seung Jo’s)
        But Hani’s beauty is the familiar type that you can’t place but embrace whole heartedly. Kind of like JSM herself, while people say she’s Yoon Eun Hye 2.0, it’s different. She cut from a totally different cloth.

    • I think Lee Tae Sung needs to work on her snorting. I couldn’t re-watch the scene in ep 13 where she was wearing a slim fitting red dress. She is though good actress.

  11. “so go jump off the nearest cliff, will ya?” LMAO!! I love ockoala for being so protective about our HaNi!!
    Some thoughts about this ep: Did anybody notice how many fake dog figurines there are in the Baek’s house?
    i’m glad that this new (/old) hussy was just in for 10+ minutes. I don’t think I would have survived the PK eps as good as I did if she was in the actual drama eps -_- What made it more frustrating was how well BSJ treats her… when she arrived… he smiled openly like I never really seen him do @HaNi while she is watching 🙁 ok… maybe his expression wasn’t love… but it was more happy than he ever treated HaNi *BSJ=bad*!! (ok no he is not, but I was frustrated about him for a second). But I guess he made up by always going after HaNi and for the first time, I hear/see him speaking to her softly, consoling her without disguising it!
    And the kiss…. maaaaaaaaaan… PD why… wae… WAE pull awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay??? Only zooming in when the kiss already froze :(… ah well, beter than nothing… up to the next webisode!!KYAAAA~~

    • LOL I was wondering when you’d comment <3 ^_^ Missed yoU! LOL
      I didn't mind BSJ smiling openly though. I figured that he's finally being human-like and expressing emotion. But I was surprised when he took notice when the Shameless Hussy 2.0 took Hani's seat and when he was visibly uncomfortable when she put food on his spoon. BSJ, not so robotic anymore. ^_^

      • hehe i just had dinner, crawled back behind my laptop, saw the new recap and ALREADY 21 responses!!
        Ah yes… that was good to see that BSJ was aware of the awkward and inappropriate situation… just wished some times he would be a little bit more articulate about it… rather than letting HaNi solve it her own in order to make her grow… aish… -_-

      • If hussies are bad for cardio-vascular health, then Kim HyunJoong is bad for mental health.
        Did you see the blog post on Kathy’s about that?

        OMO, BSJ in a DOCTOR’S COAT?!

        My childhood love, :cough: Dr Chiba Mamoru (Sailor Moon, anyone?) was *immediately* replaced. ;P

      • @J.J. OMG!! Chiba Mamoru!! My childhood crush too (and perhaps not so “childhood” kkk) But you are right….after those bts it needed to be replace 😉

      • can you link me kathy’s page? or do you mean the KHJ in doctor’s robe, shot from the back with green pants underneath…. yeah… i squeaked and drooled…. -_-”

        &LMAO@sailermoon… dr Chiba Mamoru buahahahah nice one 😉

      • @ From Spain, LOL I started my fanfiction career writing for SM…I miss the community, but :shakes head: my OTP was actually Mamoru/Setsuna for some reason, I liked that both had secrets~
        @ ItadakimasU No it wasn’t just the robe, it was something on Psychosis. Lemme get the link… (just remove the space) /2010/11/understanding-kim-hyun-joong-induced.html

      • buahahah you meant the post ^^

        nice writing, i’m experiencing several of the KHJ side effects!!

      • psh, aren’t we all? Lets take as much as we can right now. HJ will probably be relatively quiet in the months to come. Unless some of us here are in his Face Shop tour itineraries. XD ( I wish the PK team would come to the US. T_T)

    • I’m prepping for my guest mod stint… so I’m trying to find prompts for some good fiction (a la stuff you’ve read on my fb…) XD
      OH! did you see the manip in ssangcho? OMO it was niiiice!!! /2010/11/spazztastic-joongbo-photo-by-lvk.html

      • :blush: LOL
        I wrote a whoooooole retrospective essay and still working on it’s kinks, for this whole passive agressive shipping war!
        Don’t worry, i do JSM and HB justice. (and i even squeeze in some Goo Hye Sun in there… lol)

      • *expectation* *anticipation*… *JJation*~~!!
        (keke i’m keeping this as my mantra ;))

  12. Thank you so much for your recaps, Ockoala!!! Iwas so curious to know what they were talking about while watching youtube epiode in korean, and you gave me this opportunity! Thanks a lot 🙂
    What I love the most about Seung Jo and Ha Ni is their pure and sincere feelings towards each other! For me this is really awesome and cutest love story ever!!!!!

  13. Thanks you so much for your speedy great recap.
    I love PK deeply. Because of that I have been watching, rewatching enthusiastically, but without your PK recaps I won’t be found so much fun that I am having now.
    Almost same feeling that I have now, waiting for new episode of PK = waiting for ockoala’s recap.
    I watched it without understanding a word of it.
    I like this epi and it was sweet that BSJ stand or his wife faster than previous epis.
    I read some comments at YT and most of fan asking for 2nd season, why not including myself too. I never want PK to end. We all need 2nd season Group8, Pls acknowledge international fun.

    SICK SICK of that kiss scence, I want to ask the edition group “come on what’s wrong with your guys” every single kiss scene the camera taken away WHY… stop doing that leaving with viewers get annoy.

  14. I agree with you. Baker King might be a big hit in Korea but there’s lesser chance for it to get popular on other countries while PK’s actually a huge hit all over Asia now (I’m not sure for western countries yet). I think it’s because of KHJ idol status and because of course this is a remake from the popular ISWAK. The story is sooo cute and is enough to keep someone addicted. <3

    From what I heard, I think some broadcasting company in our country bought the rights for PK already. 🙂 So it means sooner or later, I'll be watching it here. Nyaha! ^^

  15. Some are complaining that the kiss should have been a passionate kiss. I thought the kiss scene was fine. That scene was not about passion. SJ was reassuring her that she is the only one for him and I felt it was sweet. I still want a passionate scene though.

    I liked this episode but it seems we have a few that hated it. Something about SJ not ever showing his love for OHN , that his behavior makes her jealous and insecure, and that his sweet moments don’t make up for how bad he treats her at other times. He’s been that way from the start so I don’t see why they are complaining about it now! Besides he did tell her not to be jealous or compare herself to that other girl. Even though it wasn’t exactly in the sweetest or most comforting way he still did tell her. He didn’t see how the girl was behaving with OHN or know what the girl was telling her, and since he didn’t feel anything for the girl and OHN didn’t tell him what the girl was doing, to him it was no big deal. Like I said I don’t get the why they now have issues with his behavior since that is who he is and has always been. Oh well I suppose their unhappiness with the episode makes for some good discussion.

    • I can kind of understand it since they make it seem like BSJ is totally clueless about his attractions to the opposite sex. He’s been rather indifferent to all females swooning over him since high school. The only reason that he noticed He Ra was because she was his intellectual equal, but no attraction.

      I think the reason I take issue with BSJ’s behavior now is that 1) he was different in Episode 16. I love BSJ in that Episode. He wasn’t cold. He got jealous. He was supportive He responds well to batted eyelashes and cute pouts by cuddling. 2) They’ve been married for over a year now and their love is still overly lopsided. Ha Ni is the one doing all the loving and making all the effort. 3) I think JSM has played OHN so well that we have all fallen in love with her, so any little slight is going to set off some anger. I feel very protective of OHN’s feelings.

      • Hmm…so it’s protectiveness for OHN. I can see that but honestly she doesn’t need protecting in my opinion. She never fails to eventually make SJ see and understand her feelings. Most times if she would just come out and tell Mr. Clueless exactly what is going on I think all the misunderstandings would and could be completely avoided, but just like how I said that SJ has always been the way he is, OHN has and will always be the way she is. I guess I have just completely and unconditionally learned to love and accept both the characters flaws and all.

  16. Thanks for the recap. You are hilarious!! I laughed at this line… “hurry, go disinfect your cheek, Seung Jo!”. LOL.

    Actually, I didn’t mind the plot in this episode. It reinforces that married life is not easy and that open communication is the key to a successful relationship. I liked the fact that Seung Jo reassured Ha Ni that he picked her and that she’s the one for him. I’m sure, with these words, the insecurities that she felt will eventually fade away.

  17. If I’m not mistaken.. this story is in the manga. I was surprised that they picked it for the youtube episode. Is it that important to the PK-verse.

    The more I watched (and re-watched) PK, the more I don’t understand how the director looks at the story.. what is it that he’s trying to put across to the viewers? What did he want us to feel for the characters.. for the story? I have so many scenes I feel should have been filmed differently. KHJ may not be able to emote well yet (yes, this is his fan speaking.. hehe) but I think the way they’re directed, especially his interaction with JSM.. it could have been more.. I dunno.. for lack of a better word.. more THERE. Does that make sense?

    I’m so glad KHJ is in this drama.. JSM may be the one shouldering this drama.. but without his massive fandom support, I think this drama would have sunk without a trace. Never underestimate the power of idols’ fangirls.

    Why this sudden rant? The kiss scene at the end. Arrrgh.. I could have directed it better! (I think) it is, it leaves me unsatisfied. I don’t mind the entire meandering story if that scene could have grabbed me.. but it didn’t. Watching it, I didn’t feel anything much. *sulks*

    • about KHJ, I feel the same way…!! he can’t emote well yet… but after reading the recaps here, the diaries and rewatching few eps… I saw some emotion in his eyes and facial expressions… subtleties i missed the first time because the director didn’t do his job right: focus more on BSJ @the right spots… -_- KHJ is not brilliant yet, so these subtleties might be overwhelmed by the other cast/surrounding but KHJ really DID do good at times… the camera just missed it….
      and at other times… I really think the director should have intervened and explain to them more clearly what to emote… anyway, that’s how i see it…

      • and of course… there were lots of times when KHJ was just doing ottokeeee~~ don’t know how to convey this message 😉

      • If you’ve watched the MVs that he was in.. specifically Black Glass and As A Man.. you can see his acting potential. It’s there.. PD-nim! You just don’t know how to dig it out!! …grrrrr. The camera angle.. Koala has been beating the editing monkey with a heavy stick since the early episodes.. and you’re right.. I think most times the director just let the actors run away with it. It’s okay with JSM since she’s well-trained as an actor, but for KHJ who’s the second main focus.. he should be given more guidance.. more push.. more.. I dunno.. more of SOMETHING! I love the drama and while it’s still suspenseful at the beginning with the “Will he, Won’t he” issue.. now that they’re married, give us something more to chew on. Is that too much to ask? *ish frustrated* ..should I complain like this at the youtube post itself? I don’t want to create a ruckus and make problem for my cute hardworking Hyun Joong ^^;;

        Anyway.. this drama is ending soon, and I’m gonna miss the OTP like crazy and that is the ONLY reason why I’m watching it albeit with gritted teeth..

      • @ Ami, I haven’t seen him in black glass… but i did see the 3 drama/mv’s SS501 did (I had previously posted the link) and it showed acting potential. Heck even the breakfast in Japan WGM episode showed an inkling of what he can do given the right conditions. 😉

      • @both JJ and Ami, haven’t watch Black glass either… will do that! Yeah.. I loved him in Gummy’s As a Man and the three collection drama!! HOTNESS OVERLOAD 😉 and he was quite convincing! Dude definitely has potential! He just needs to be told firmly to let go of his image and stuff and just go for it… get confident in his own interpretation and acting!@!

        yeah… that edition monkey… like koala said…. they should lock him in his cage -_-
        hmm and Ami, a small humble word of advice… don’t think it’s worth the aggravation posting that on youtube. There probably will be a lot of agreement, but also a lot of unneccesary bashing… Never joint such discussions, but read tons ^^ We all know that KHJ and the cast&crew worked overtime and hard, as long as we keep that in our hearts… that makes up a lot (for the monkey editing ;))

      • I love Black Glass the best coz he got beaten up in it.. haha (errr, not that I like to see him beaten up for real or anything). The angst, the despair.. waaaaaa…

        I like this one a lot too.. coz his Double S ‘twin’ acted alongside him.. hehe. Or maybe it’s just me who thinks they look a lot alike when they’re styled similarly. It reminds me of what KHJ said.. that he’d choose love over friendship and will not hesitate to pursue a woman he loves even if she’s his friend’s girlfriend. Hmm.. what if she’s already married? Would he still pursue her? *ponders*

        She Laughed PV
        http://(DELETE this space)

      • OMG!! even as a bum he’s toooootally cute!!! aishhhh… hehhe so adorable how he stuffs his cheeks when eating ^^

        aaaah he was sooo cute in the she laughed mv!!! his stealth gazes of someone who’s head over heals…!!
        yeah… i heard him several times stating that he would choose love above friendship… despite me never condoning that behaviour… he swayed me with his bad boy behaviour… aishhh… <3 saranghae KHJ!!!

      • *yeah… i heard him several times stating that he would choose love above friendship… despite me never condoning that behaviour… he swayed me with his bad boy behaviour*

        Actually I wasn’t down with that statement of his either until I watched his interview in the 1st Love Story where he gave an ‘extreme allegory’ to illustrate the rightness of what he believes in. He said that if his wife and close friend were drowning, he’d save his wife first.. “too bad for my close friend though”.. he said. Me went.. hmmm, that’s true. If hubby and close friend were drowning, I’d definitely save hubby first.. sorry close friend.. 😛

      • I think I’ll never EVER forgive my hubby if he leaves me drowning and saves his friend instead… -_-

    • “Never underestimate the power of idols’ fangirls.” <~ That right there explains BoF. RIGHT. THERE.

      I think it was GF/JB that said that this drama wasn't driven by plot but character. I think even through the choppy editing, the insomnia induced highs, it was an okay-executed drama. The propeller of the story is JSM and that's that. It's her story and how both play on each other.
      For me it was the subtleties of HJ's facial expressions that endeared me. It was that this story was so real and relatable…and how (I suppose) each and everyone of us at one point was OH HANI, or Yoon Hae-Ra, Joongu, or BSJ himself. 😛

      • I’m okay with the TV drama version.. I’ve resolved whatever issue I had with the editing monkey (by ignoring it completely). What I’m not satisfied with is the way the youtube version is going.. or not going.. or is it even trying to go anywhere at all? I know it’s supposed to be slices and never meant to be the whole bread.. but each episode leaves me more and more unsatisfied. Or maybe that’s how the story is supposed to be? I know I was dissatisfied like heck with the anime during some scenes. And I want more from Baek Seung Jo.. especially now that the drama is ending. I want to be wholly satisfied with him when it ends next week. Or maybe I shouldn’t expect too much at the eleventh hour and just shut up and watch it.. 😛

      • LOL aw, : pats back : Lets just hope steamy love scene is delivered.
        As for wanting something more I’m treating these pieces as vignettes and short stories if you will, seeing what goes beyond what is said and in what is left unsaid. There’s a lot of pretense and history–seeing that it’s been a year. I’m looking at their progress as a couple, and as individuals. And so far, even with the craptastic editing, it’s shining through. Maybe it’s all my years as a fanfiction writer, maybe because I’m a glutton for over analyzing, but yeah. I’m left satisfied, satisfied enough to leave PK knowing that their love story is solid (and carting off a LOT of good material for writing.)

  18. BTS with english sub are out on youtube posted by Jangkiss subs.

    Funny with his 4D personalilty still talking about sleeping with just his underwear with JSM. I cannot believed this guy, he must be so comfortable with her to talked about it. 🙂 Just funny when I read the sub.

    • ‘Funny with his 4D personalilty still talking about sleeping with just his underwear with JSM’

      Did you catch the next part when he said that he sleeps in the raw if it’s too hot ?
      He sounds as if he’s giving JSM a crash course on getting to know KHJ

    • GIRLS …. my be I am late to say that…. I read long ago in his interview (I will use ockoala’s word) he told or let know the entire universe about how he sleep ……..
      Question: How does he like to sleep?
      Answer : he likes to sleep with only under wear or raw and he likes the feeling that blanket touching his skin.
      For me, I had already known about that and I was not suprise when he talked to JSM how he sleeps as they were shooting bed scence. But I really respect JSM respond “I heard that it is good for your health.” She is too smart.

  19. English Sub – JangKiss Making Special 2-1, 2-2 by JangKissSubs. Just remove dash before http.


    • “how can anyone sleep with this much clothes on?”

      THAT’S WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYIN’!! Lose the couples pajamas…… 😛

      • @ ItadakimasU

        LOL and here we go to the gutter once more… 😛
        I’m glad he can joke around with Min Min like that. I really am.

        @ Lulybunny & Katwoman, shall we buy a new pair of pj’s or shall we just leave them to their own devices? ;P

      • @JJ yeah i’m glad he can speak to her so freely… we’ve all seen how awkward he can be with “strangers” aigooooo^^

    • And and, I had not seen this video of MinMin before!


      I’m sure it’s posted somewhere around here, but incase others missed it too. Eeep. She’s so darn cute. And I love what she says to BSJ towards end. Mwaha.

  20. I’m pretty late here so everything else is covered. Just 2 things I noticed in this episode.

    1. The other neighbor girl has a 1 double eyelid surgery line/scar that does not extend the length of her eyelid.

    2. HaNi has a cute upper lip that SeungJo finds sexy.

    • I actually liked that kiss. It wasn’t meant to be passionate. It was meant to reassure, to convey “I know you. I find the tip of your upper lip sexy so I’m kissing it”.

    • I’m gonna rewatch and see how BSJ is captivated by her upper lip ^^
      (JSM does have nice full lips… almost Angeline Jolie like… on one variety show… KHJ picked her as ideal girl because of her lips (saying this while pouting his own sexy lips at the same time <3))

    • LOL I like how Hyunjoong just goes in and latches on. If it were put in the right context, that would make for one really really STEAMY make out.

  21. Hey Ockoala,

    Do you think this episode happened to mirror the rain episode where Seungjo was saying “you only like me or I am the only one for you,” and in this episode it’s the first time he declared his love for Hani and said that “you are the only one for me,” and ended with a sweet kiss instead of a possessive one? Just wondering…What do you think?

  22. Haven’t seen it subbed so thanks ockoala for your recap!

    My thoughts on the episodes:
    1) Man I would love to give them new pajamas! (The couple pajamas would have been cute, if we didn’t see it in episode 16…c’mon group 8, if you didn’t want to spend money for good PJs, then you could have just asked the fans for a donation or turned it into a design contest. If the PJs were sponsored, am sure the company has other prints!!)
    2) At least Ha Ni’s jealousy didn’t explode all over the place. Before, she would really turn to an annoying version of herself (stalking someone else’s date,etc.) and even pick a fight with Eun Jo about his ‘mean’ comments. Now we see her actually trying to rationalize everything first before saying anything. It’s growth people.
    3) I think that this is the first time that Seung Jo actually tells Ha Ni that she is the only one for him. Hmm…I guess this is growth too?

    I’m all for the growth but now what I want to see is some boating!!!! XD

    • Oh! I like your point on PJ. LOL……They should change really, we got 3 epi more to see….. I wish they would change in upcoming……hahahahah

    • nyahahah! that was really funny… solicit some donation from the fans or hold a contest for a change in their nightwears. ahahhah! but still it would need some effort. am pretty sure it would be much better and i really would like to witness, seeing them with the comforter only. that would really bring tons of happiness to the pk landia =))

  23. hmmmnnn… just finished reading all of the comments.. PK can sure fire up a discussion here and there.. 🙂

    i watched the webisode first thing in the morning and it happened to make my day… i could say that i was productive because I managed to think of quite a lot of ways on how to get rid of that witch that is ruining our OTP’s happy married life. i would have gladly wring her neck for Oh Ha Ni… hehehe.. or probably pull her hair.. or cut all the sleeves of her clothes.. or slip a bottle of laxative on her soup so that she’d stay in the bathroom for a looonnnggg time.. ( hehehe, just a few of my ideas for the day.. 😉 )

    but i’m happy with the outcome.. how Baek Seung Jo manage to reassure Oh Ha Ni that she is the one for him, how he draped his sweater over her protecting her from the cold, the kiss, it wasn’t passionate but it was something reassuring and something that tells Ha Ni that “I’m your Man.” ( and suddenly the SS501 song plays in my head
    with the boys doing their dance..)

    but seriously, this is showing that they are growing in the relationship.. i like the way Ha Ni dealt with it, she felt the normal jealous phase but she didn’t jump to conclusions right away, and when she did react and stood up for her marriage, she did it at the exact right time.. ( hey witch!! don’t you have manners?!!! you just go into a couple’s bedroom without even asking permission!!! and lying on the bed as if it was yours!!??? seriously??!!! )

    as for Seung Jo… i tell you, the guy can be hot and charming but sometimes i do want to strangle him, but then again, it would be out of character if he didn’t react the way he did. he is just way too rational. and guys, are usually like that anyways.. it’s just us girls who can feel if somebody is going after our man!!… guys are quite indifferent to it.. 🙂 but at least Seung Jo manage to put that witch in place.. that made me happy. 🙂

    our lovely couple is really growing up.. their love for each other is becoming more evident in subtle ways…. kaaahhh.. my heart is in a flutter!! 🙂


    Eun Jo!! you are a little adorable replica of your big brother, and i love you for that, but in this episode, i was thinking of locking you up in the room too!! hehehehe…

    • He deserved a Yokl-y omelet to the head I believe for all the crap he was talkin’ lol
      I guess someone’s grumpy that he’s not going to be an uncle any time soon. Bad way of going about it kiddo, you should be putting the two together not apart. LOL

      • ahahahaha!! yeah, the omelette dropping right on his head!! he did deserve that!!! hahaha!!

  24. “if you don’t talk people won’t think you are a mute” – omg, you sounded exactly like my mom scolding my brother (whose words tend to bypass his brain) for a second. except of course she does it in Cantonese.

    but like JJ said, Hulkoala is out in force today, joining forces with Supermom to protect Hani and Seungjo from the evil seductress huh? lolz. but I like how these episodes are just slices of life again, and this reminds us that Hani’s gonna face rivals all her life, worthy or not. Although Seungjo on the other hand might not face that kind of heart wrenching worry….. but since we all know how the real life story on which this story is based pans out, that might be a good thing huh?

  25. I’m also wondering where is the ‘steamy scenes’ that KHJ referred to. So far we are getting ‘sweet, sweet, sweet’ only!! And I agree… ockoala did have her claws out for Ji Soo!! Not that I mind.. we are all protective of our dream couple!! And yes.. bons bons are clearing from the jar real quick 🙁

  26. I hope there will be an episode where BSJ will feel that OHN’s attention is diverted by someone. This way he would not be so complacent that OHN will forever be by his side. Then he will realize that he has to express his feelings towards his wife.

    He always think that OHN will be lost without him, not realizing that he too will be lost without his anchor, the person who can bring out his emotions… the person that makes him feel alive.

    • that’s exactly what happened to Naoki/BSJ in the anim and manga with Keita’s charactere ( kotoko/OHN’s classmate who fell in love with her and asked her to leave Naoki because he doesn’t love her and he’s always cold with her ) .Keita was the one who made Naoki to think how much Kotoko is important to him and how much he loves her and loosing her means loosing the emotional side and return back to robot time .

  27. Thanks for the recap ockoala!
    I thought we have enough of Hani’s insecurities over another girl, so I don’t understand why it has to be included again in the youtube episodes. I would rather see the opposite, Seungjo getting jealous of boys who like Hani in nursing school. I was hoping they would include this part in the youtube episodes.

  28. Thanks for the great review! I love your commentary. Cannot wait for this show on DVD. Will you let us know when it comes out?


    Seung Jo, honey, I’m addressing this post to you. Has your steam evaporated into hot air? Has your boat floundered amidst the waves and the rocks? Take a leaf from Hani, darling. DON’T GIVE UP!!!!! Remember the Boating Anthem:

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    Merrily, merrily, merrily,
    Life is but a dream.

    I spoke with my boatologist, Dave (who holds a Ph.D in Boatology), who has this to say: “There is nothing sadder than a boat that runs out of steam.”

    And Dave should know; after all he’s written 3 bestsellers: BOATS, MORE BOATS, and the latest, ME AND MY BOAT (this last one is autobiographical).

    So buck up, honey, steer your boat in the right direction, and head on down that stream! MOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  30. thank you thank you for the recap!!!

    love your new word (not sure if it’s old or new but it’s new to me and I lurve it!)

    WIFE -DAR!!! am gonna use it now!!

    looking forward to tomorrow’s recap!! so sad that is true….half way done now. *cries*

  31. I watched this a second time now, and enjoyed it much better the second time thanks to your recap! Thank you, thank you!

    The dialogue was very important so as to not be ticked at Seung Jo. Since it was so similar to honeymoon incident, he came off really dense in this episode. Which, of course, is totally believable with a genius. But still, argh!

    One thing he needs to learn is to trust Ha Ni’s instincts. Since the constant hum of his brain seems to cover up his own. The ending redeemed him a bit, some boating would have let him completely off the hook. Ahem.

    • It irks me that BSJ opts to show more consideration for others ( honeymoon couple & Ji Soo ) than protecting Hani’s sensitivities, which in both cases, were not unfounded. Her instincts were spot on and her jealousy wasn’t unreasonable. In the honeymoon scenario, BSJ could have alleviated the situation by firmer handling of the hussy clinging on to him ( where is the he-man that confronted Bong Joongu at the shop to stake his claim on Hani ? ). Instead of expecting Hani to fight for him ( as per BSJ diary ) couldn’t he have been more upfront where his preference lies.
      For JiSoo’s case, BSJ may be clueless about the former’s wiles, but need he put down Hani’s behavior as unreasonable and immature ? I feel for Hani for being misunderstood. Thankfully he redeemed himself of sorts at the end of the episode by declaring his stand – which I think it’s the first time he has openly expressed to Hani. Most of the time I felt that he expected Hani understand from his actions and hence no need for further words but ex-robot boy doesn’t quite know that Mars & Venus have different wiring. BSJ’s assurance to Hani at eye to eye level is the significance of this episode though the jealousy theme is rehashed.

      • Agree with you absolutely. SJ is so insensitive to HN’s feelings and make her cry! Hate it!

    • Actually!!!

      I thought that part when she turned away from him in bed and he looked at her and visibly sighed was a marker. He knew something was up but didn’t exactly know what was irking her. I’ve seen this in friend’s bf’s. They know something up but are too afraid to press further because they don’t want confrontation. While BSJ the kind of guy who likes to get his wife riled up, his deflated sigh here was more like “what is she really thinking/getting at?” I’m sure he could already tell something was bothering her, but he didn’t know at which angle.

      I mean, he had already told her not to be irked by what people would say. In his head “shouldn’t that be enough? shouldn’t my word be enough?” <~ Totally a guy thing I learned (partly cause, again, I tend to think like a guy).

      From my fave movie Red Eye:
      "…whatever female-driven, emotion-based dilemma you may be dealing with right now, you have my sympathy. But for the sake of time and sanity, let's break this down into a little male-driven fact-based logic." <~ AMEN.

      • While Hani is confident regarding her feelings for BSJ, she can’t muster the same confidence from SeungJo’s side – probably the reason JiSoo’s question caused her to falter and run away. BSJ’s white knight to the rescue is a step behind Jihoo sunbae in BOF. However, thankfully, he does come through – better late than never.

      • I can’t speak for all the guys I know but most of my guy friends are usually a step behind. And >_< at Jihoo, while the white knight complex is alluring, it's quite quixotic.

  32. Whoooaaaaa…so many comments!!! I’m obviously late for the party. Darn work for getting in the way with my PK addiction. Hee.

    So I haven’t had time to read all the comments but can I just say how much I love that Seungjo actually went down a couple of steps on the stairs to peer into Hani’s eyes? I work with children and I’m always touched when I see someone sit or half-squat so they can see the child “eye-to-eye” when talking to them for the first time, it shows a lot of sincerity and openness to hear what the other is saying.

    If you guys notice during the first few episodes, Sengjo was often looking down at Hani or talking to her over his shoulder, as if she was a puppy following him around. Now its almost like they’re pretty much equal, which I love. I say *almost* because I’m still waiting for the day when Seungjo will squirm in his seat because of jealousy. Which may never happen…but I’m okay with that as long as they bring on the steam. 😉

    Also, here’s an old video of KHJ that had me laughing out hysterically late last night. It was posted on soompi, I actually saw this a long time ago but completely forgot about it. He is so awkward with the female model, its almost like he had a phobia of touching her or something. LOL. Like I said before, KHJ is really easy to read. If he is uncomfortable with someone, he is VERY awkward and he doesn’t know what to do with himself. But if he is fond of someone, he really does show it. Compare this video to how he interacts with JSM now and its night and day.

    Warning: may cause bouts of uncontrollable laughter. Is he an alien or what? 😛

      • :snort: If he had some glasses on you’d have to collect me and put me in a bucket cause I’d melt.
        I love him with his cubby face 🙂 Has a guitar-god kind of air idk why. (probably because most of his rocker vids is of him when he was a kid)

    • OMO!!!! he looked like he was gonna faint!!! he was touching her hair with his index finger and removed it quickly like he was electrocuted. hahahaha. he is really from another planet. 😀

      @lulybunny: yes, he is so much prettier than the girl. especially with his clueless “you mean i’m supposed to TOUCH HER?!!” expression.

    • If you guys think that’s hilarious, you should should search “Youth Investigates Life”. OMG, hilarity. /watch?v=LhxtH_lNkEw <btw this is the video i use as reference in my upcoming post as him being a "namja"

      Find the rest there's 4 parts LOL sorry~ but ENJOY!

      • I like the one when the mission called for him NOT to drink the water… but we all know the boy has tendencies to drink when nervous, as we see in WGM XD

    • @ yeisha,
      that part in the vid you posted where he’s trying to move her hair with his finger, lol reminds me of Youngbae/Taeyang’s first “I Need A Girl” video (the one that YG hated and then deleted), where he pokes the girl’s arm like… :look… smile…Poke: LOL

    • i can say that he is much comfortable with Jung So Min unnie…there’s a possibility that he’s fond of her or can this be LOVE?

      i hope so!

  33. Haven’t watched the actual series yet, but I’ve been watching the web episodes, just to see how it stacks up to They Kiss Again. I wish they would just do a season 2, like they did with ISWAK. The security of the love between the couple really strengthens in the sequel and I think its where the real dramatic scenes take place. I was hoping the youtube episodes would be longer because these clips really leave you wanting more depth.

    • I believe the clips do have a lot of depth. I think that’s the beauty of a short story or a vignette, it in what is left unsaid that makes you think and ponder. These little bits make you think because all the unnecessary things are gone, you just have to follow the trail…

  34. I love you Ockoala for feeding my PK addiction. Your website is now one of my MUST-CHECK-EVERY-HALF-HOUR site now.

    Which is sad but wonderful at the same time.

    Which is also pretty much how I feel about the show. Sad that it’s ending but so very happy that it’s still continuing. 🙂

  35. Ockoala, I immensely enjoyed this recap. Spending time in this playground is fireworks of FUN! Your catty reactions toward the “hussie” cracked me up!

    So impressed with your YTPK analogy ~~ “each episode of the PK YT special is like a bite-sized bon bon, you pop it in your mouth and let the flavor and texture explode in a shower of sensory bliss ~~ how lovely is that!

    For me watching these 10 minute episodes is like hitching on fluffy pink clouds so-so fleetingly~~~

    Oh, nooooooo .. here we go again with that stupid camera pulling away from the most anticipated scene!!!!!!! For a week, I waited patiently for that kiss. Yaaaaaaaa…. they really know how to antagonize big time! Who cares about artistic effect? We prefer a closer shot of our dear SJ & HN kissing.

    I echo everybody’s sentiments about the low ratings turning out to be a BLESSING in disguise! The Korean audience snobbing PK is beyond my comprehension! The more I watched PK the more I became attached and protective of it. I was earnestly hoping and praying the ratings would improve somehow. What a surprising turn of events! Amazingly they under estimated the magic charm of PK and KHJ. The international response is an astonishing victory for the PK cast. Kudos and congratulations, you did a great job!!!

  36. As usual, my day starts with checking Ockoala’s playground which I find very much endearing when doing recaps… Great work and Great dedication to always give us PK news. My heart is breaking by the thought PK YT will end soon. ooohh the pain. .. Glad to see there is always blogs like this I can read thru …

    Anyone knows whats the next project of KHJ? Please let me know ok …

  37. I read that she belong to a trio – pop singers. First of all, I’m not impress with her, how can she and what makes her think she’s better than Hani? She ought to take a look at herself in the mirror. I have seen enough of wicked shameless girls trying to snatch SJ from Hani, so sick of watching it, it’s repeating itself. Can’t the director and scriptwriters think of something else?

    • I think the point of the story isn’t the “home wrecker device” but in “look how far they’ve come”, esp Hani, who didn’t jump the gun, and for BSJ who is now seeing the world eye to eye with Hani.

    • ah, such beautiful family! her kiddos are precious. <3
      and how the hell does she stay so slim after having 3 kids? i want to be like her when i grow up. 😉

      • I wonder if HJ got to see the kids.
        HARANG is the COOLEST kid EVER! LOL
        Okay, so I’m biased, because Harang looks like Youngbae/Taeyang 😛

  38. wow… there was a kiss??? i was just going to skim through the pix but i had to read what you wrote on the kiss pix… XD
    I think i might even go to the youtube channel to watch the last part of the episode.
    again, thank you for the recap. i’ll read the mary’s recap for ep 2 during the week end i hope…

    • @JJ, yeisha, Itadakimasu
      missed you guys a whole LOT too!! i will come back here for sure and have fun with you guys, provided you will still be here…
      as for what’s going on… just school actually.. i no longer sleep in my room, don’t have time to come back to my dorm. i’ve brought my carry-on baggage to the physics hall and permanently camping there for the meanwhile… i shower at the gym nearby… TT.. . i basically spend all my time in analog labs when i’m not in lecture… plus i have choir rehearsal. house council meetings, class meets, and rowing training sessions… CRAZY.. but i think it’ll only last for at most a week or two… the professors are trying to kill us.

  39. Any PKissers ( actually more likely KHJ fans ) from S’pore or planning a trip to S’pore in early Dec for some fangirl activities ?

  40. feisty ockoala I LIKE!!!!
    i feel you totally word for word!!!
    hated the hani jealous plot though the kiss made it worth the while,
    just hoping my “McDreamy/McSteamy Dr. BSJ” and his wifey continue to supply me with sweet treats, i can watch them two everyday for evah!

      • @ ItadakimasU
        I traded my long love affair with Mamoru Chiba for him. That says something. If HJ knocks out my love for Youngbae, who knocked out a certain British prince, for me I’d be really surprised. I don’t know. YB’s firmly rooted in my <3 LOL

      • william or harry? 😉
        Whaaaat you like YB over KHJ T_T… hehe just kidding. Dude is cute and such a nice fellow… but for me… no one reaches KHJ’s level of deity (for now and the near future ;))

      • William. Long story on that one.
        YB calls to my ideals and I don’t believe in those “my ideal guy” statements. To me YB’s my standard for what I look for in a hubby.
        HJ on the other hand is someone I could totally date. 😛

      • ” HJ on the other hand is someone I could totally date. :P” hihih ^^

        i’d like to say, i could totally date AND BEYOND~~~

  41. Okay, last post before I sleep, for real!

    This is what BSJ tells Shameless Hussie 2.0 from the subs provided:
    “It’s right there. The reason I can’t help but be attracted to Oh Hani. A power where she realizes she can’t help but be jealous once she realizes it. I like that power Oh Hani possesses”

    First of all, I love the language/style the subbers use for this comment. I don’t know Korean, but I can’t help but be moved by his confession. (I’ll ask my dongseng to translate it verbatim for me later) It’s poignant, without guile, and pretense. It’s not sugar coated, it’s BSJ telling it how it is.

    HE LOVES HANI because she’s got this POWER. Her power is her passion. He is captivated by it and I’m sure being her husband feels it. It’s palpable and apparent even as we watch it onscreen/monitor. And this power/passion she has is her power over him.

    GOODNESS. I cannot express how much I love this translation.

    • Just finished watching YT ep. 5.., she has him under her thumb. Those moist eyes, pouty lips and woebegone expression can make Baek Seung Jo apologizes for anything.. *love*

      • he he he. yes! She’s good at that. Can’t forget the huh huh huh at the foot of the stairs in the first PKYT episode. That was cute too.

      • From his diary entries, BSJ expressed that Hani’s sadness rips him but the drama episodes didn’t quite convey his inner thoughts. This YT Ep 5 is sooo satisfying to see BSJ reduced to a puddle by Hani’s tears and what a sweet response from him too.

  42. Thank you very much for sharing!.. ur recap is very detailed & i love it very much! it made me want to learn korean language after all.. thank you again!!!!

  43. i was up all nite waiting for your recap 🙂 be it a good or lame episode….i love all your insights! thanks 🙂 be sure i will be a constant reader of your blog…

  44. OMG you guys!!! Its 2 am here and I’m squealing. Desperately need someone to share this happiness with so I’m posting here..don’t know what time it is in your side of the world, but hurry and watch the latest webisode!!!! Sweetness galore. <3

    And yes, Kim Hyun Joong, your acting has indeed improved. Or else you're completely smitten. It looks sooooooo darn good on you. *swoon, swoon*

    ~~~happy dance~~~~~

      • aaaaahhhhhhhh…i’m soooooooo happy!!!!!!!
        our OTP is so in love, all is right in the world. 😀

        @itadakimasU, *sending virtual hugs your way*

      • Yes they are… YES THEY ARE so much in love =D

        *reveiving virtual hugs and sending some back* ^^

      • ItadakimasU where’s my daily doese of happiness ( meaning lil recap ) sniff sniff sniff , couldn’t join today , was so busy at work and still another hour to go 🙁

      • @rainyrain… and other spoiler-(before ockoala’s recap)-cravers:

        OHN’s voiceover… she’s going to work and probably saying how little time she spends with BSJ as he is busy as an intern @the same hospital. She spots him with his colleagues and calls out his name… he looks slightly embarrased, ignores her and walks on.
        Nurses are talking to each other about BSJ?
        OHN goes looking for her hubby bearing lunch (bento ^^). She finally finds him and he actually looks happy to see her. She storms off the staircase tripping over her own feet, BSJ tries to catch her, but breaks her fall instead as she lands on top of him. BJS = unconcious.
        They wheel him in the hospital and OHN is being overdramatic…
        BJS is in a hospital outfit and bed (sleeping). OHN is praying for him as if it’s a matter of life and death. Doctors come in and tell her not to exaggerate, that he’ll probably be fine within no time. OHN is exhilarated and loud… making BSJ to open his eyes and tell her not to be so loud, but him waking up makes her scream even louder than she already did.
        She tells the other nurses to back off, that she’ll be the one taking care of BSJ.
        She constantly goes “attending” her hubby. He asks her why she keeps coming in and why she’s not going home yet. She feeds him food like a baby even whipe his mouth for him (i’m pretty sure he can eat himself…).
        BSJ’s sunbae approaches his room wanting him to finish some charts….OHN stops him and “takes” over the work. Later BSJ get scolded by his sunbae about the messy charts… they realise that OHN was the one filling out the forms. BSJ ends up doing the work all over.
        OHN comes in and tells him to rest. BSJ is telling her off again about her butting in and “doing” his work. OHN feels regret and her tearing up breaks BSJ’s heart, he tells her he’s sorry in his newly found soft tone and reaches for her hand… and then… WE GET ANOTHER LIP LATCHING KISS KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~
        (like JJ described earlier ;))

        Preview: teaching crazy, dangerous OHN how to drive…

      • Thankuuuuuuu 🙂
        this OHN is really unstoppable like BSJ said once , LOL thank god at least I’m sure I won’t ever ever in love OHN’s way

      • @ ItadakimasU

        I think we have a new word for the PK lexicon.

        we have “editor money”… and … well Lip-latch is part of it now lol -_- <~ Can't think

    • I don’t know what he said, but I was still teary eyed through that whole interchange. They are just too cute for words!

      I started to get frustrated when the camera started to zoom out but luckily it didn’t go too far. But I have now given up on any steamboats, these kisses are way tame compared to end of show. *sigh* I know the situations don’t necessarily require steamy kisses…but the look he gave her before this one was steamy as hell. And if I’m getting feel of dialogue right, she is missing him because he is so busy. And he’s missing her. Obviously, no boating going on at home from his exhaustion…he is now rested. Boating at work is never a good idea, but a deep kiss of intent would have been nice.

      I’ll stop griping now, I loved this episode! *smack smack* was my FAVE bit. Oh the visuals…..

      It’s just after 2AM where I am now. (Back to bed, :P)

      • it’s almost 1pm here… I have “better” hours for watching new uploaded webisodes.. (thank god.. or else it will mean sleepless nights :S)

        yeah love their interaction @the end ^^ nitenite PKissers !

      • @Lulybunny,
        I hear you about the kiss, BUT i’m happy with it because of BSJ and:
        *that look + smile before the kiss
        *that look after the kiss

        Never seen that tender expression on BSJ/KHJ before. Its definitely one that will make your toes curl. I don’t know why, amongst all their kisses, this one seems the most “real” to me. Must be MM’s response, she seemed very shy about it. That look that he gave her before the kiss must’ve thrown her off balance. Not that I blame her. Hee. 😉

    • :confused: wait, which “new ep”, 3 or 4?
      Cause i just woke up, 4’s out with no subs, and I’ve got to get t work and have a full day >_< :grumpy already: Ugh.

      • thanks, :really grumpy now:
        I’ll have to wait until later tonight after my whole day T_T :sigh:

      • ahhhhh… *pets your head gently*… I feel sorry for you…

        i’m arbeiting right now.. otherwise, i would have given you a small quick recap by a non-koreanspeaker if you would like to read one… maybe later today?

  45. “”The door bells rings (ding dong, the witch is here…..)”” hehe.. I really love this statement. A big thanks to you ockoala for making playful kiss recaps special…you’re the best:-)

  46. Mmm..BSJ is the kind of hubby that many women want to be as their soul partner. Me want. Its one in a zillion?.. Thou he does not show but in his heart, his Love is more deep, pure and sincere. This type of love once he lost his love one, it will make his heart broken in small pieces that hard to patch back. Wu Hani has the right character to always make sure her hubby is next to her. No matter what it looks like to fight for it. Thats me! I will not give way and back off for what is mine. Love PK.

    • “This type of love once he lost his love one, it will make his heart broken in small pieces that hard to patch back.”

      So true. He is definitely that type. Well most men are, but I can definitely see him turning out to be a total bastard had he gotten his heart broken.

  47. ep 4 and 5 reinforces that Seung Jo and Ha Ni are perfect for each other. There will always be women falling for Seung Jo but he will never stray. It is not logical to do so. We missed out in ep 13 where they did not show how he came to the conclusion to go for Ha Ni. I believe even that even in such an emotional situation, he still used his logic to make that decision. And he chose Ha Ni. Ha Ni chose him first but she was thinking of letting him go. He on the other hand has made his decision. It is logical (he knows she is the right person for him) so he will never look at other women.

  48. just fin watching yt ep 5
    altho i cant understand what they say but i totally can feel it
    love that bsj seems can’t do anything whenever ohn have a sad face or being sad
    im in love again n again n again…weeeeeee

  49. Watch epi 4 only once – don’t like it except the ending part. Epi 5! I watched it 3 times and would want to watch again with the subs. I have also check the timing, they kissed for 20 secs! So sweet!

  50. ahhhh was a very hard day for me at work 🙁
    thanks ockoala for the funnyyyyyyyyyy update was laughing all the while I was reading especially ur comments about that witch .
    Loved this jealousy story becoz for me it shows how deep is BSJ’s love for his OHN and no other woman can ever take her place in his heart .
    day after day I think that not only BSJ-OHN are perfect for each other but also KHJ-JSM are cuuuute together , ok will stop my fantasy here , I’m feeling I’m becoming too much obsessed with this .

  51. : pissed : i woke up late this morning and couldn’t watch. I’m feeling as if I’ve missed the party. 🙁 woe is me! I’ve got another 9 hours b4 i can watch ↲
    ↲↲thank u guys 4 da spoilers/recaps.

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