Playful Kiss YT Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of the Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition is pretty much impossible to recap. I say it with a straight face, because this was a Korean version of an I Love Lucy episode, replete with an ending that has Lucy and Desi (Ha Ni and Seung Jo) conceding that they enjoyed the mess of a day they had together.

Alas, I am not one to shirk my responsibilities to the legions of PKissers, who appears to have gotten MORE active since the drama proper ended. Not complaining, just marveling at you guys’ devotion and love for this drama. You guys are awesome, and it saddens me that PK will be ending for good next week.

Youtube Episode 6 Recap:

This episode should have been titled: Driving Ms. (Oh) Ha Ni – please tell me you all got my Driving Miss Daisy reference (god I feel dated). Seung Jo exits the house and finds a be-scarved lady outside waiting for him. She resembles his wife, except with a crazy smile plastered to her face and her newly acquired driver’s license posted on her forehead.

Seung Jo wonders why Ha Ni is so excited, it only took her 8! tries to pass her driving test. The bucket of cold water her husband just poured on her head does not lessen Ha Ni’s mood one whit, she’s off work today and determined to drive her hubby to the hospital. Her practical and self-preserving hubby tries to dissuade her, and had to physically chase her around the car to grab the keys back. Alas, he fails and resigns himself to his fate.

Ha Ni is driving Seung Jo to work, and he asks whether she is intending to get into an accident on her first day of driving. She reassures her husband that she is an excellent driver, having only been docked 5 points during the exam. Was her examiner Mr. Magoo?

Seung Jo wonders whether she knows the way to the hospital. She assures him that she does, but then she shows her true driving colors. She’s nervous, can’t change lanes, turns on the window wipers instead of the turn signal, and is unable to turn right. They end up driving straight because that is the only driving that Ha Ni is capable of doing.

They finally pull over on the side of the street, and both get out to assess the situation. A now carsick Seung Jo asks whether Ha Ni really took drivers ed? She did take a whopping twenty hours, but only practiced on the freeway so she’s completely unable to drive in local traffic. Good one, Ha Ni.

Seung Jo decides to make lemonade out of lemons, and takes the day off to teach her to drive. Otherwise she’s bound to off a few pedestrians in Seoul. He also informs her that he doesn’t want to become a widower within one short year of marriage. Hahaha, you just had to add that rationalization into the picture when we all know you want to spend time with your wifey.

Seung Jo drives them to a less populated area to practice her driving, and where her victims are less likely other human beings, more cows and pigs and the like. On their drive to the countryside, Ha Ni folds down their convertible top and luxuriates in the breezey air of their impromptu day trip. She keeps feeding Seung Jo oranges, and is totally not listening to his driving tips.

Her head scarf blows away, and they stop to retrieve it. The scarf is dangling on a tree branch that is just out of their reach. Seung Jo first asks Ha Ni to bend down so that he can use her back as a step. She balks a bit, but then actually gets down on her hands and knees for Seung Jo. He has no choice but to smile fondly at her, and helps her up rather than steps on her.

They then try tactic number two, putting Ha Ni on Seung Jo’s shoulder and having her reach up to grab the scarf. Ha Ni starts freaking out when she’s hoisted, and they end up leaving the woebegone scarf in the tree as an offering.

Ha Ni starts driving in the country lane and is doing fine. Her husband bursts her bubble by reminding her that she is still only driving straight ahead. She gets excited and swerves around to demonstrate her control over the steering wheel, and accidentally offs some roadside fauna. Ha Ni suddenly brakes really hard, insisting she saw something up front.

Seung Jo is beyond annoyed, and tells her not to drive for the rest of her life. She insists that her driving teacher compliment her as an excellent driver. To which Seung Jo replies that she should go get a refund from that school. Mwahahaha, you are such a cool ogre, Seung Jo. Ha Ni finally gets fed up and reminds Seung Jo that he never paid her any attention when she was learning to drive and taking the test. Seung Jo retorts that it wasn’t like she took the test once or twice. He’s now worried that their kids will get her brains, or lack thereof.

Ha Ni tells Seung Jo to get out of the car. When he refuses, she huffs out of the car, telling him that he’s clearly not going to pay attention to her even if she were to get pregnant. Oh sweetie, there ain’t no way in hell you are getting pregnant in this lifetime without Seung Jo paying attention to you. Ha Ni walks down the road while Seung Jo follows.

Seung Jo calls out to her: hey ahjumma, can I get directions? In a fit of pique, she pretends that there is a puppy in the road, and causes Seung Jo to swerve the car into the ditch. They wait by the car waiting for a tow truck, and Ha Ni crows that the almighty genius Baek Seung Jo got his car stuck in a ditch.

Hubby makes the errant wife promise not to play such a dangerous joke ever again. But he can’t help but smile and concede that he had a good day today. Ha Ni grabs his arm and concurs, then says that she wants to drive him again in the future. Seung Jo says that day will be far in the future, and after she takes driving lessons from him.

Ha Ni agrees, and the two of them snuggle in the waning sun of the lovely countryside. They get back in the car, with Ha Ni pretending to drive some more, and get towed home.

Thoughts of Mine:

What a fun episode. It was lighthearted and entertaining – just like how Seung Jo felt during his driving day with Ha Ni. Sometimes when you watch a drama that ends with the OTP together, you extrapolate how their lives might continue on. It’s a vague supposition at best, and ultimately a meaningless endeavor because they are fictional characters.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo have transcended that barrier. The true-to-life beats of their relationship means that we worry how they will make a marriage work once the cameras are gone and the mundane sets in. School, work, responsibilities, duties, and obligations, can their marriage withstand all of that? The YT episodes confirm for us that they are going to be just fine.

I love how Seung Jo simultaneously glowers and smiles at her, all in the span of seconds. She is the only person who can activate his human boy button, and he loves her all the more for it. So when she’s being a pest or a nuisance, he’s willing to roll with the punches because that’s what loving someone means. Accepting them for all their shortcomings, helping them to overcome obstacles, and never forgetting to enjoy each minute together because life’s too precious to take the person you love for granted.

Next Tuesday is the final YT episode (with two BTS specials airing the following two days), and I still haven’t gotten my “steamier scenes” or any boating, for that matter. Kim Hyun Joong, don’t think just because you’ve been on CNN I’m gonna go easy on you. From your pretty mouth to my ears, I heard what you said, so I’ve got my eye on the final episode. You better deliver or else you and I need to have a very important conversation about what “steamier love scenes” constitute, because I think you missed the birds and the bees discussion in junior high.

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Playful Kiss YT Episode 6 Recap — 216 Comments

  1. this was the best webisode till date!..too bad it was also the shortest…also dont worry…you’re not the only one complaining abt no boating!!..Kim Hyun Joong keep good on his promise!!..i demand a birthday boat!!

    • ‘ too bad it was also the shortest ‘

      I felt short changed cos it barely lasted 9min minus opening & preview but let it pass as it was shot mostly outdoors. Must have taken a lot more time and effort.

  2. Is it possible to die of cuteness overdose? ‘Cause I think I might after this episode.

    I’m going to be sod sad when we have to say goodbye to Seung-jo and Ha-ni next week. *sniffles* *sobs*

  3. Listing off what I like
    1) I love how much fun these two people have as BSJ/OHN and as co-stars, if not friends. JSM is so precious and I love the person she gives OHN, I may have not watched any other version but I know enough that she’s made it her own. I’m so glad that HJ’s right by his word and is having fun. You can see it all over his tired face. 🙂
    2) This episode was: SO CUTE I WOULD DIE OF SWEET OVERDOSE. LOL. I love the little things they do for each other. The nuances of familiarity, history, and most especially love. HJ/SM did a great job portraying this couple. Brushing off her knees.
    3) I love the dialogue. LOL “You killed those flowers.” “Ahjumma, can I ask for directions?” <~ How pertinent to BSJ's life-walk in relation to Hani. 😛
    4) PD-nim, for all the grief we give you for steamboating, you still give us a boatload of fanservice.
    5) That ending scene when they're buckling in, listing off the things they needed to do before getting towed away, it just left me with the impression that THESE TWO BELONG TOGETHER for all the quackiness that is Hani, and the logic that is Seungjo, when it meshes together, big or small, it's just right~

    Will have more in a bit, after lunch. 😛

    • yup, these two have such genuine chemistry, you can just feel it.
      ship or no ship, i’m glad that they seem to really enjoy each other’s company, both on and off-screen. 😉

      • At the very least, hopefully, they remain friends and become only closer through the years. And if that friendship leads to something more serious, then awesome 🙂 If not, at least they’ve become good friends.

      • They really are precious. I think they balance each other in a way though there’s not enough footage to tell me otherwise. I like how JSM was egging on HJ in one of the BTS vids, i think it was BTS 2, part 3 which hasn’t been subbed yet. I want to see what they were saying.

    • hahahah… i agree with you J.J., UBER cuteness level written all over its every scene from start til end. & for me chemistry between SJ/HN is especially obvious cause this 2 have finally gotten to the place where they are comfortable with each other in the real world..

      i keep thinking and waiting for his promise to come true.. I mean we are talking of HyunJoong here. He is the type of person who always goes by his words, so i kept thinking Steamier scenes where are you..?
      french kissing anyone..? tongue action…? close & hot body language….?
      but as the last episode is the only one left for us, I remembered that we are talking about the same HyunJoong who said that “he will wake up at 6am or 6:30am but ends up the last to be woken up 1-1& half hours” later during their TYFWUU days. <— this is what i do to unpsyche myself otherwise I would be going bonker with, "where is my scenes…?", "WHERE…?". I would then just fly to seoul right away. find HyunJoong and teach him the proper Birds and the bee discussion…

      • @ Czak, as much as I adore HJ, some time he does have a way of talking big. Learned that lesson in WGM, but it’s endearing and he usually does deliver though not in ways we might expect. Which is, if not sometimes, the caveat of his heart-on-my-sleeve-devil-may-care nature. I get him on a personal level cause I’m very much like him (and G-Dragon, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue. LOL)

      • whilst you’re teaching him the proper “birds and the bees” discourse, I’d LOVE to be your teaching aid. I think that the best way for him to learn would be lots and LOTS of practical experience and more and MORE practice to hone his skills.

      • @ Carol
        T_T :whimpers:
        If my heart wasn’t given to another I’d fall into perdition.

    • “THESE TWO BELONG TOGETHER for all the quackiness that is Hani, and the logic that is Seungjo, when it meshes together, big or small, it’s just right~”——> you are right on the money on this one!! 🙂

      and i just love the feeling of comfortability that they are displaying now.. they have their own rhythm now when they are together.. be it on or off screen.. 🙂

      • The pillow talk sold me. I think it’s cause HJ’s finally the “oppa” and not the dongseng this time around when dealing with female co-stars that he’s emboldened. I explain this in an essay I’m writing… XD

  4. Thanks for the speedy recap, Ockoala! *virtual hugs*

    Can I just say how much I LOVE the cinematography on that last scene with the setting sun and the foggy mountain in the background? Its so perfectly beautiful and serene.

    I really enjoyed this lighthearted episode to bits. Its the little visuals that jumped right at me and had me grinning like the PK addict that I am: that driver’s license plastered on Hani’s forehead, Seungjo looking so darn delicious wearing Hani’s oversized sunglasses, those now-you-see-now-you-don’t orange peels on the dashboard, how he smiled and bent down to wipe off the dried leaves on her boots, carrying her on his shoulders and being their usual bickering selves…these are just some of those visual tidbits that makes a short film so good. And of course, like I said, my favorite one was that country roadside scene in the end. Just picture perfect.

    Ahhhhh…we’re now nearing towards the end. Its almost bittersweet. Like you said, because of these webisodes, we know that they’re going to be just fine. But at the same time, because we’ve watched them and saw how far they’ve come along, I can’t help but still want to see them through — babies, raising kids, starting a family, etc. I am so going to miss these two, especially our Hani. *sniff, sniff*

      • me too… i know this is kind of out of the topic but since you mentioned about Fall’s colours i just wanted to say:
        me and my dad had a discussion about the best season.. and hands down we pick fall and spring…!!! these are the 2 season where the colors are rich….

      • I had gone apple picking a few weeks back (and while I was up the mountain I tried getting reception to access OcKoala’s–that’s called dedication. LOL) and I went photo crazy with my DSLR… I returned home with 800 pics of the landscape, totally forgetting to pick apples lol.

    • LOL@”now-you-see-now-you-don’t orange peels on the dashboard

      I also find it quite mysterious how her scarf ends up in the middle of the woods…^^

  5. Thanks for the recap ockoala! This episode was way cool, there’s a very sexy confidence to the way it ditched plot for spontaneous moments of genuine interaction. That’s been PK’s pitch all along but this one takes the cake imo.

    • i hear you. i wish they’d just thrown caution in the wind and capitalized on the genuine interactions, especially in the actual show. i know its hard because its an adaptation of a manga, but we could easily have done without all the shameless hussies and side-stories that are totally irrelevant. sigh.

      • I totally agree! It feels like now that there’s no longer the spectre of viewership ratings hanging over its head, PK has finally let loose. 🙂 The result is such potent charm! O_O

      • @ yeisha, :beats at chest: I honestly liked the last Shameless Hussie episode! If not for that how could we see how much Hani had grown?

      • hahahah…
        LOL @ both you comments…
        but i agree, his fans are scary, maybe that is the reason during the farewell concert, JSM & HJL were standing at opposite sides of each other… kekekeke
        but really can you help yourself with just “the birds & the bees TALK” when he is sitting just infront of you all cute/hot/gorgeous/sexy/cool. cause i wouldnt last 5 minutes with him in front without pouncing on him. all caution would probably have left my head and i wouldnt think of his others fans, then we’d really be doing the steamy, (fans retaliation be damned)…
        hahahaha but really goodange can you really resist..?
        opps too much info..

      • i am one of those fangirls…
        but i am more of the milder types…
        i will not be chasing you with and axe at hand..
        but i will be chasing you no doubt about it but with an totally-all-different reason.
        I will chase you to get some tips on how you got some alone time with him for the “TALK”. and i will also have my “talk” with him on the birds and the bees..

      • @czak,
        First off, I have to apologize because I posted about the CNN i-List feature on PK on the Naughty Kiss thread in Soompi, not realizing that you had already done it.

        Secondly, I am relieved that you are among the milder types and that you won’t be after me with a machete if I end up indulging myself with some Hyun Joong goodness … ahem, it’s all for educational purposes 😉 And certainly, if temptation bites, I would gladly share some tips with you 🙂 Haha. Oh to dream, right?

      • i just hope that if they do find out its after not before..
        at least if it is after i wouldnt really care anymore…cause I already did what i came for…


  6. thanks ockoala! 😀 i eagerly waited for your recaps and it is as awesome as always!

    “You better deliver or else you and I need to have a very important conversation about what “steamier love scenes” constitute, because I think you missed the birds and the bees discussion in junior high.”

    i think the PK fandom has their eye on that so called “steamy scene” for the final episode. my bet is if we dont see any steam or sure comments will be flooding ytkiss,group8 and a certain robot/dr. hottie. haha

    and may i add i think the making of their baby is the most anticipated scene during THE WHOLE drama. haha

  7. This webisode was HILARIOUS (repeating myself from a post earlier)…
    but ockoala… yours is yet again fantasTIC to read ^^… If the webisodes are bon bons… your recaps are nice sips of cappuccino (I like cappuccino over coffee) on the side… allowing us to fully appreciate the whole treat (¤^o^¤)/
    (I can’t stop throwing in this smiley here ^^)

    “She resembles his wife, except with a crazy smile plastered to her face and her newly acquired driver’s license posted on her forehead.” ~> JSM does crazy well!! Her smile made her truely looney (it’s almost scarry ;))

  8. That “steamier love scene” promise of his reminds me on his impromptu promise to his fans that whoever would attend five SS501 concerts straight will get a kiss from him. And something came up (I don’t remember what) so their concerts got cut down to 3. When the MC asked him what’s gonna happen to that promise.. he said something like.. “oh that one one has can’t grant it anymore” LOL. Did I remember it wrong? Anyone remember from which interview that was? I think it’s one of those radio shows they went to.

    Could be he just interprets ‘steamier’ differently than the rest of us and would be all.. *blink blink surprised* ..”That’s not steamy enough for you??” haha

    • All i see is the lettuce nibbling HJ when HB was going to give him a kiss on the cheek and it reminds me that the boy’s not into PDA.

      • hahahaha… so agree with you J.J.!!!
        his steamier scenes may really differ from our ‘steamier’ scenes..
        well he is the same type of person who gets close to the opposite sex only after 1 1/2 years.. and the same person who thinks couple shirts aka other form of outside affection is something he doesnt like….
        And i guess seeing all the kisses/hugs/affection that HJL-JSM has done in all of the drama, we can probably say that their relationship is really in the fast phase if we base it on his 1& half year close time frame…

      • Slightly off tangent, for a guy who sleeps (sort of) in the buff and isn’t shy about saying it, he’s pretty prudish when it comes to women’s dress.

        WELL, thank you mighty Hyunjoong for upholding women’s virtues. Lets hope you hold to your own, yes?

    • @ J.J. — lols at the lettuce nibling.. hahahahahah!! now ii couldn’t shake that scene off my head.. it was one of my faves!! hahahaha!!

      • But of course! AND PEPPERO GAME!
        It is Pepero day (err…yesterday in Korea) after all, right?!

      • Ahahaha I remembered that. The two of them have to cheer 1, 2, 3 fighting just for the kiss on the cheek LOLS.

        Hmm steamier scenes… maybe he meant more affectionate scenes? With 10 minutes only, and considering the PD always cut the kiss scene short, how can you have steamy scenes in 1 minute or less? But I am hopeful kekekeke..

    • Hi Ami! You are right, he did say that but for the life of me can’t remember which show he was on, though I know it was one of the last interviews they (SS501) had before going off to Japan for several months. It was in the early part of 2007 and if I’m not mistaken,it was also the show where he promised to give a free concert to his fans. Was it the radio show with the female DJ, Sunny-side something or other OR another where he and Jung Min fooled around with the camera instead of focusing on Young Saeng.

      • I thought it was that open-air interview they did about their Japan concert but I watched it.. it was about KHJ wanting to create that sexy stage but he said he still couldn’t do it well (I found that performance btw and he’s plenty sexy in it.. is he just being modest?? hehe) ..there’s nothing about the 5 concert = free kiss there. So I thought it’s in that radio show.. I think the host is that woman who talks a lot.. is that Sunny-side?

  9. thanks Ockoala 🙂
    it was a very funny episodes , watchhed it at work during my lunch break and was just so happy , smiling and even laughing while my collegue wondering why am I smiling.
    BSJ-OHN are really made for each other , I so wish I can be this way with my future hubby ( if I ever I decide to get married one day ) I mean complementing each other and understand each other , sighhhhh , I’m already missing the show , what will I do startin from next Wednesday ?

  10. Loved this episode and you did a great job recapping it as always. Specially the bit about her not getting pregnant unless he pays attention to her. And yes, I totally got the ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ reference. Am right there in the dated category with you 🙂
    I now check your blog about ten times a day hoping for more PK goodies. I’m so going to go into serious withdrawal from next week. Will probably stalk your blog for MMM in that case!
    How cute is BSJ’s smile when Ha Ni gets down on her knees. When he reaches down to pick her up, that moment was pure love. In fact the entire episode was pure love and had me smiling/laughing somewhat moronically at my computer. Thankfully I’m the only one awake so no one has caught me in my insane behavior!
    KHJ and JSM totally own their characters.
    Like you, I wonder what happens after ‘and they lived happily ever after….’ for many of my favorite OTPs. Most KDramas cram the discovery/reconciliation/mutual OTP-recognition/whatever into the last few minutes of the last episode. There’s barely a kiss leave alone any boating (a wonderful exception being City Hall, which had one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in a KDrama) and I love that we get to see these little vignettes of life with BSJ/OHN.
    I’m going to so miss them….

  11. I really thanks to you for your great lovely recap. Although I had seen with sub in this morning, I still like to read your recap and start to enjoy my day.
    You make me laugh at last paragraph of thoughts of mine “I think you missed the birds and bees discussion in jounior high”. Good point, my dear Ockoala. I wondering that if hyun joong read it —– hahaha

    I may be asking too much. Next week will be only one epi left. I would like to request that please do writing for BTS (I am not sure I can say recap or not). I would like to read your thoughts on BST too. I wish PK will never end, as we all are enjoying with such a cute drama.

    So many demands for season 2 of PK on Youtube comments, I expect that Group 8 will consider to continue.

    • Hmmm however crazy i’ll become once again if there would be a second season… It might be a hard task to produce another season… especially with these webisodes… Through the webisodes, I feel like they’re saying ‘it’s all good with our couple, don’t worry’ and goodbye to us gradually T_T

      But i’m sooooooooo happy with these webisodes, they’re really satisfying, giving us light glimpses of their married lifes ensuring us that they are lovely together!

    • As much as I love PK.. I’m eager to see KHJ in another incarnation, and a 2nd season of PK will eat up into his time to act in another drama/movie so I’m reluctant to support this idea.. sorry all PK lovers.. ^^;

      Actually I want him to play all sorts of role. Can’t they come up with a sci-fi/fantasy drama where he has to become someone different in every episode? Kinda like Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap.. (errr, does anyone here even remember this very old drama *gulp*). That would be fun.. hehe

      • How about a show with KHJ as himself…errr…a reality show where he can talk about aliens, jump in fear at the sight of flying insects, randomly bust out a dance move on the side street, engage in 4D conversations over soju with his BFFs Jaejoogie, Yoochun, and TOP. Maybe they can even have special appearances of previous partners/friends like *ahem* HwangBo, Hyori, and of course, JSM. 😉

      • @yeisha: me wants to see that ^^ preferably with lots of HB appearances!! AND of course… SS501 <3 (so he can roar @ his dongsaengs ^^)

      • @ami: i do too think that enough is enough… I have never really encountered asian second seasons doing as well as the first one (or qualitatively be as good as the first one)… first loves are the most powerful ^^

      • @itadakimaU…ooops, forgot about the ss501 boys. of course. they have to be there. so he can boss them around. LOL. or maybe mother-in-law jung min can start poking his nose on HJ’s *ahem* matters of the heart again. 😛

      • @ yeisha
        so agree with you…
        i mean he is in his most charming self when in reality shows. i mean i first saw him in BoF but never really noticed him much but then i saw WGM, thats is when i fell for him.. then TYFWUU/TYFRME, idolworld, Mnet(mission & M!pick) Stalker & SOS. would love to see him in another variety/reality show, something with a title “i am a star” where the camera follows him in his everyday life & his pursuit to being an awesome singer & a more improved actor…

        @ AMI
        i also agree with you, would love him to be in a new drama, much more different than BoF or PK, meaning not a student anymore. Actually before PK arrived, i wanted him in ATHENA more cause i love him being all hot & dangerous from their solo collection MV. But then Athena went away and Pk arrived, oh sure i love him being SJ but gosh him being an assassin is totally HOTNESS GALORE…!!
        as he mentioned before, he also wants to act as a crazy person, that would be a sight to see. a handsome crazy person, hmmmn Yummy…!!!
        but i guess the roles depends on what are offered to him right. I think producers are banking in his fanbase & usually fans like him all HOT and sexy, not crazy..!!!!

        for me I would love him to act as a special child oor
        a teenage boy in-love with his mother/sister perverted right o_O</b. or
        play as twins, identical that is, much like in honey hunt
        , ♥♥♥HAruka♥♥♥ & *blah*Q-ta*blah*
        or a mute. those would really push his acting skills…

      • I just want to hear more drunken escapades. If TOP, after celebrating his Bday with the boys came home to the Big Bang hostel then passed out with his face in his cake, I wonder what “happy drunk” Hyunjoong would say. 🙂

        I WANT HIM TO PLAY IN SOMETHING LIKE DR. CHAMP!!! I’m lovin’ that drama thus far. And I can’t wait for Kim So Yeon to be in Athena to be honest. I LOVED HER and she was my ONLY reason for finishing Iris.

      • @ Yeisha, :sigh: I want Mal to go and assess the situation with JSM. Mal has always been astute (and a shameless promoter) 😉
        If not anything else, what I wouldn’t give for Mal to do his little “Get Hot” jig again lol

      • @ J.J

        ‘I wonder what “happy drunk” Hyunjoong would say’

        Quoting his dermatologist, a ‘happy drunk’ HJ after lunch at his clinic got emboldened to ask him to give his staff a salary raise , which he acceded and HJ thereby earned the eternal gratitude of the cinic personnel.

      • @JJ and pksotted

        recently i saw a clipping of an old variety show in which KHJ statted that when he was in middleschool he once got so drunk that… when he saw a mannequin on a rooftop… he thought is was a real person and try to console this “person”, persuade him not to jump and called the police…. ^^ CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing.

    I have only watched the unsubbed version this morn and I guess I was so geared for steamy that I was somewhat disappointed.

    I can’t wait to watch w/subs tonight. Based on comments already posted, I’m totally sure I will love this webisode too.

    Be back later….can’t miss out on the fun and wacky discussions on this site.

  13. Ockoala, your wonderful insights on this episode made it more enjoyable to watch! Thanks!!!

    What a delightful episode peppered with funny glitches of husband trying to teach wife how to drive! Their playful reactions toward each other really tickles. Come to think of it, they do their flirting and playing around when cruising.

    Wow, did not expect finding myself this sentimental on a drama. Just thinking of saying farewell to PK, SK & OH by next week gets me teary-eyed. But what an awesome trip! One I’ll always look back with great fondness and love.

    • I,m anticipating yet dreading the coming of next week… I would not know what to do after the webisodes are over sniff…sniff…

  14. loved this webisode as we see their awesome chemistry… now we have to face the end next week!! the real END!!! can’t even make myself watch a new drama yet. I want closure first from PK. when I’m faced with the truth that it’s over then maybe I can bear to read your M3 recaps as I do like Jang geun sok too. but I’m sticking to KHJ boat until next week first. PD!!! boating scene please!!

    • Soc -have the same PK sentiment –until the final curtain goes down next week, I’m quarantined to PK. I’m also a JGS fan, however I have to park him on standby until I’m emotionally ready to move on. Wahhh… dreading the post PK withdrawal!

    • hahaha i also thought the last episode was the best… and i also thought so in ep1… then episode 2 came and i thought it was the best also.. Episode 3 came and i thought wow this is the best…!!!
      But now i think this episode is also the BEST..!!!
      hahaha i think when the webisodes one day after another & one episode after another it gets better and better…

  15. OK – I think we have left stranded here at PK Island. I don’t see any sign of any kind of rescue boat(s) at all. I heard the sound(s) of the engine got me excited for a minute then NO BOAT show up. What the heck!

    It got to be one heck of a speed boat to rescue all of us. But I am prepare not to be rescue. THIS IS SO SAD. 🙁

    • its okay, kate. don’t be sad. 🙂 i’m not holding my breath for any form of steamboats either. but i’d take what i can get and it looks like there’s another sweet kiss next week, so it’s all good.

      i also think, like some of you, that its all a matter of semantics. maybe our “steamy” is different from KHJ’s definition of steam and he needs a serious lesson on the subject of the birds and the bees ASAP. or it was purely wishful thinking on his part. 😉

      • I think you’re right. It was wishful. I disagree with the birds and the bees ignorance. Not someone who can kiss like in ep 13.

    • For our sanity, I hope a speed boat comes for rescue! … hihihi… Last chance next week, so let’s pray earnestly it does show up! ^^ Otherwise we’re doomed, stranded in PK island for good! Maybe the speed boat might be in service; we might get a ferry boat instead!!

      • @Yeisha/TeaCup: Oh, this point I just want any kind of boat. Show me the BOAT. 🙂 I want to go home. Maybe not home -but going to Korea instead to explain the meaning of the word “Steamy” to KHJ. ^-^

  16. This web ep is so well put together. Considering the10 minute time constraint, they did a great job. The storyline and dialogue flowed through seamlessly. Add to it JS & HN chemistry, makes ep 6 a winner. Too bad, they could have done the same quality editing with PK. Though drastically cut to 16 episodes, PK had the potential to be a better drama, regretably they ignored that opportunity.

  17. Thanks for indulging us Ockoala. You killed me the missing the birds and the bees discussion in Jr High. Loved this episode. It was all fun.

    • This is in fact the episode she wrote! Good memory. The quality is just there – the perfect blend of humor, slapstick, and endearing poignancy interspersed throughout.

      You can’t hide the true talent. That why I said it was hard to recap.

      • no wonder!!!! I almost wish they gave it to her to screenwrite…and the PD Lee Joon Yung to direct…wishful thinking on my part…and too late now…if it was their tandem, I’d be probably be reduced to a pool of goo again and skip work just to catch it live…I won’t ponder about the music score she’ll choose, otherwise my hard drive is going to burst its seams…coffee prince’s official and unofficial songs alone occupies most it…

  18. I am sitting at H-mart parking lot reading this, just seemed such an appropriate place to stop. :p

    The Mr. Magoo comment killed me! (crazy lady in car laughing by herself)

    Even without the boating, these YT episodes have been totally full of win. What we basically want is Playful Kiss the sitcom! Now that the drama is over, we can just sit back and laugh with them. Heh. Just 22 minutes of their time, once a week. Yes?

  19. thanks ockoala!!!
    love, love this episode!!!! its so fun to watch and seeing them bickering, smiling and happy gives me a warm feeling inside.
    i think i’ll be just contented to watch these adorable couple doing the simplest things as married couple.
    loving their dynamics as a couple!
    kim hyun joong and jung so min are so natural now!!!!
    and the chemistry is so overwhelming!!!! its so great!!!
    i reallt love these two!!

    its sad that we only have one episode left…. i cant seem to think that it will all over next week….*sigh…ettoke?!

    and note to our beloved kim hyun joong, a promise is a promise, im having faith in you that you will keep your word. pls remind your PD that you gave your word to us, your avid viewers and hope that he will help you to fulfill your promise.

    • i agree with you on them being so natural at it!!
      in this episode, it seemed “real” to me.. not like they were acting at all..
      there’s a fluidity to it. 🙂

  20. now this is one episode i’ll surely watch just for the fun of it!! 🙂

    got to watch it first thing in the morning and watched it a couple of times more when i got back from work.. it was just hilarious!!

    crazy-driver-OH-Ha-Ni!!! hahahaha!! i just loved how she said “tada”.. hahahaha!!!she said it with such flourish!! and count on Baek Seung Jo to dowse her with cold water about her driving!! i was laughing all through out the webisode.

    loved their interaction on this one.. and now its really obvious how much power Ha Ni has over Seung Jo. i agree with Ockoala that Ha Ni is the only person who can make him crazy and happy at the same time. awwww… so sweet.. brushing off the leaves on Ha Ni’s boots, carrying her on his shoulder, Ha Ni feeding him one whole orange in a couple of seconds… (hehehe) Ha Ni not really listening to his intructions but just enjoying herself.. hahahahaha!!!i so so really love this.

    hmmnn… so we are down to one last webisode.. i’m not raising my hopes up.. but i’m still crossing my fingers… i’ll try to contain myself for the next couple of days.. hmpft..

    i also got the driving miss daisy reference.. hahahaha!!

  21. I love this episode. I don’t know if I had just gotten used to their characters -because they are so consistent ,so natural and so adorable .I don’t care if they resemble the I love Lucy or even The Nanny …I enjoy what I see .It doesn’t anymore resemble like a show but real couple ways , who fights , who make up after , who care and understand and yes, who play . Why are good things always end ? Why did time fly so fast ?

    Most people are worried about the promised steamy scenes still yet to be seen with just one teenie weenie webisode next week .Some said it was that scene when Hani fell on the hospital stairs and landed on top of SJ. Others said it may show up as BTS . Another said ,Its BOB . They made it BEHIND OUR BACK . LOL .

    • hahahahahaha!!! BOB!!!! hahahahaha!!!
      now that’s a little unfair don’t ya think?? hahahaha!!! but this one is funny. hahaha!!!

  22. when i was watching this ep 6…I was thinking this look like the real Kim Huyn Joong character rather BSJ…b/c I was watching the bts of PK and the Goodbye BSJ’s fan gathering….seem like BSJ became Kim Huyn Joong in the episode…..
    love this couple hopefully they’ll pair up in another show in the near future ….
    Thanks Ockoala for the awesome recaps 🙂

  23. Here’s the CNN i-List feature on Playful Kiss. There’s really not much Hyun Joong. More on Group 8. They showed a lot of clips from the PK YT episodes 🙂 Great exposure for the show, So Min and Hyun Joong. And please forgive Anna Coren for mispronouncing Hyun Joong’s name.

  24. i love the red shades on KHJ…he’s so handome on that..thumbs up for you ockoala for a very good, very vivid and very amusing recap…well, we’re not going to miss eventhough pk will end soon because we’re already relying and trailing your recap on’re really the best ockoala…ang galing mo!!!!you’re simply the best…

  25. as always, thanks ockoala! your recaps are totally awesome! 🙂
    this episode is just pure fun.. just looking at the screencaps make me squeal like a fangirl (was not able to finish watching the webisode last night.. my internet at home picked up the worst time to konk out on me.. :(( ) the interaction between HN and SJ is just LOVELY!

    But i’ve got a question though, in the part “He also informs her that he doesn’t want to become a widower within one short year of marriage”, how come it’s only a year? Isn’t it that they are both professionals now (a nurse and a doctor), so I guess it would take them a good 3-4 years to finish the course, right? anyway, just pointing it out.. 😉

    it’s gonna be the last webisode next week.. *T_T* and i’m still waiting for the “steamy scenes” too.. i guess “steamy” has a different meaning in HJs dictionary so I don’t wanna get my hopes up..

    • ‘how come it’s only a year? Isn’t it that they are both professionals now (a nurse and a doctor), so I guess it would take them a good 3-4 years to finish the course, right?
      I’m also trying to figure out the timeline of their marriage. Can anyone in the medical line please enlighten me re the span it takes from medical school to intern ?

      • Well, BSJ is a genius so probably he don’t need so many years to complete his studies and for the timeline, I think the webisodes don’t really follow afterall each individual webisode is a separate story.

  26. Ockoala – I loved your ‘I love Lucy’ connection here!!! You’re right that most of the younguns may not know Lucy but ohh… sadly or appreciatively but I was a kid enough to enjoy Lucy & Desi reruns too!! You are so apt!!! Lucy used to like to use the scarf on her head during that era too – especially for a drive!!! Desi was also the indulgent hubby!! ka ka… You realise the last 2 webbis, BSJ’s usual meanie has toned downed so much?? He carries a softer indulgenceness for Ha Ni. I really so love this cute couple. I’m going to miss them so so much!! Incidentally – I’d been rewatching Coffee Prince again (keh keh as a PK withdrawal antidote!) and as I’d said many times – CP is really one of the best gem in K-drama history- the music or OST blends sooo well with every scene to make it memorable! I’m not surprised that the CP writer had her touch in this webbi! It’s really fun and cute. Love it!! And yes GIVE US the steamy love scene already!!!!

    • Hey ockoala – one question if you know the answer – I thought I saw a guy they interviewed on the CNN who I think is the Group 8 guy, he is a big bearish guy with lots of grey hair mixed in, wears glasses. He looked like some director or producer in Coffee Prince end trailers. Could it be the same guy? Could it be the CP producer or director is now heading Group 8? Just curious if anybody knows…

      • I think you may be mistaken.

        If you check out the wiki, the PD is another guy, and the director of CP is a woman (quite an accomplishment in male dominated SK-entertainment).

        He may have been around CP since Group 8 produced YEH’s Goong. I’m not sure because I haven’t seen the end trailer for CP. I’m not a huge CP fan, TBH.

  27. I want whatever sugared cereal Ha Ni had for breakfast. She’s so hyper in this episode. I love that girl.

    And when did BSJ turn into such a sweetie. I am completely in love with the scene when he tells her to kneel. That smile. The wiping off of the leaves.

    I want to kidnap JSM just for a day. I bet we would have so much fun driving around in a little convertible.

    Fun episode. Lovely couple. Now go make that baby that you keep hinting about!

  28. I love this ep, this is sweetness overload, i can’t even wipe away that silly plastered grin on my face after watching this ep, oh….show, what have you done to me??

  29. Hi,

    I’ve been reading all the recaps you did for PK. And this is the first time I’m commenting in a blog EVER (shy…). I just can’t help it. I know I need to write something to express my ample gratitude for all the things you’ve shared to us. I love how you did the recaps. I’ve keep coming back in your blog to see any updates and there are times that I’m reading the same recap including the comments over and over again. It’s not tiring me out. I’m actually enjoying it (your detailed thoughts and reactions to every bit of information) and all those (funny, unbelievable, fantasizing, hopeful) comments from my fellow blog readers. It’s so funny because I’m also thinking and feeling the same thing. I wonder if my officemates (I’m actually making this comment here in the office…oppss) and my roommate (who thinks that I should go to Korea to see KHJ and OHN ‘coz she always saw them in my laptop (whether I’m reading, or watching PK …hahaha) ) think I’m crazy ‘coz I always have this silly, big smile on my face every time I finished reading your blogs… Thank you for all the hard work you did for the passed few months, I really appreciate it and I will be your loyal blog follower (promise…) even after PK will wrap up next week (sad +_+, I’m actually hoping this drama isn’t going to end…)

    Because of this drama, I got to know more about KHJ (yeah ok..I admit, I’ve been stalking him for the passed few days… uhhmmm just a bit….having sleepless nights watching those reality shows he’s been casted, checking out all those blogs his in, those pictures, … I won’t enumerate it anymore…kekeke ) I haven’t watch BOF (seriously) and I wasn’t a bit of Korean Drama Fanatic (I’m into JDorama) ’till now….. I’m checking on what would be the next KDrama to watch for after PK, any suggestions??? (hoping that I’ll get the same effect, the way PK has on me). I just don’t want PK to end (sad and pouting). I just don’t understand why it’s so underrated in Korea while those outside Korea have been anticipating for the next (web/e)pisodes.

    Again to Signorina Ockoala and my fellow blog followers,

    • oh gemini..
      This is what exactly how feel, what i wanted to write, what i’ve been doing and how PK affected me. I’ve been stalking around and being silent reader as well. Enjoying those comments and great recap at this playground.. but I was hesitate to write down here because of my poor english. 😀

      As we reached at ep 5 now, i am no longer hoping for the steamier scene. it is very unlikely to happen..still, it’s great to have in birthday scene. :p

      The only thing that I’m wondering is, why did KHJ mentioned “Since Youtube does not have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television.”, when their honeymoon kiss is much more passionate and steamier than what they feeded in YT series so far?

      • hi wishing star, I’m also waiting for that scene (ridiculously smiling here in the office)… but I think those steamy scenes we had in mind is different from what KHJ had thought of. But I still like the innocent and loving ways they’ve shown in the webisodes… So cute and heartwarming… (well, let’s just wait and see).

        It’s really natural for him to just blurt out anything he had in mind without actually thinking of doing it (I’ve watched TFWUU and TFRM, and found out he’s soo funny and he has this wild imagination… and yeah he’s good at making up stories that the host of the show told him, “how could you blatanly lie?” …but still he’s so funny that you just can’t help but laugh out loud (literally done this and my boardmates were like, “what happened to her? laughing like that all by herself?…” geezz.. guess I have work on the way I laugh…)

        Can’t wait for the next episode, recap from ockoala and of course for all the comments… (giggling like a 3 year old kid… )

      • LOL HJ does often blurt stuff out. But he wouldn’t be as charming as he is if he didn’t. I remember one time someone asked him what his fashion was and he didn’t know so he goes “I’ll ask my [coordi]noona.” And when there was a break, performance, and another interview session he answered what style he usually likes and then added “noona tells me not to answer without finding out first, in case I sound stupid.” (last part not verbatim, but similar effect).

      • @ J.J. where can i find the part where he said “noona tells me not to answer without finding out first, in case I sound stupid.”
        i want to read/find out about it, cause in the many videos that i have of him, (really MANY, as in LOAD of…!!! SS501/HJL takes up most of my memory drive… huhuhuhuhuh so i have a very slow Lappy) anyway i was saying, with the many vids that i have stored of him, still havent have that one.. havent even seen that one..?
        J.J. please what show is that..?

        PS: Gemini, have you seen his other shows.. like idol world, mnet m!pick & mission and WGM…!!! if you have then i guess we are the same, if you havent then you should..!!!
        those are a must watch to see HJL in action as HJL!!!
        his saying before thinking is very evident in all those shows..!!!

      • @ czak, I don’t think it was a show. i think it was a japan fan meet. i’m pretty sure it was, if I remember correctly it was the fanmeet where he brought a balloon dog on stage.

        OH~ Okay, google up his name and “punk style” it’s from the First Love fanmeet. Um I can’t seem to pull out the translation I read it from. :/ sorry.

      • I just done watching WGM and only focusing on joongbo part..omoooo!! loving him more and can’t wait to learn hangungmal so that I can watch/read anything about him in future without waiting the for subtitle coming in! 😀

        “Even if the world turn into 3 pieces, I must win this!” LOL….

        To the World!

      • @ wishing star, if you’d like more WGM/Joongbo, you should visit that is a Joongbo community. 🙂
        And they’ve got WGM Joongbo cuts with clear English translations.

      • @Czak I will definitely watch all those shows you’ve recommended. Thanks.

        @J.J. Oh my… I read the article you’ve mentioned and I can’t stop laughing. KHJ is consistently beyond impossible. You can’t actually tell what’s going on his head (I really find it amusing, anticipating what he would say next). He’s adorable and you can tell that he loves his fans. He’s a natural charmer.

        @wishingStar I might as well learn hangungmal (whoa..seems like i have to add this to the list of languages I want to learn before I die)…

      • @ J.J. yeah i remember that vid… it was in DATV during BoF alumni right…?
        ah saw the vids but havent seen the translations/subs yet…
        ahh i think i will just go and search in hmmnnn
        but anyway thanks…

        I miss WGM…
        *goes and watches WGM-vids stored in LAppy..*

      • thanks JJ..
        sigh…how can someone looks sooo good in everything he wore. PJs, scrub, even in plain t-shirt..let alone those trench coat or tuxedo..aigooo!

      • My birthday is on the 18th … last day of PK webisodes … sooo sad. Hope KHJ makes a new project soon so we can watch him again and share /read/comments on Koala’s playground… love all the comments … it’s like a family here 🙂

      • @TD My birthday is on the 18th too! And I was thinking the same thing, I’m going to be so sad! (not to mention being stuck in Nebraska that week, ugh)

  30. Webisode 6 was really cute. The interactions between Seung Jo and Ha Ni seem so real. It’s what you would expect a husband and wife to experience in a marriage…the conflicts, teasing, laughters and making up. I’m really going to miss this adorable couple after next week. 🙁

  31. I wasn’t planning on writing to you again, Seung Jo, but desperate boaters resort to desperate measures.

    Ok, I’m not going to beat around the boat. Here’s my grouse: where’s that boating you promised us? I’ve been wonderfully patient for the past two weeks, but geez, honey, did you miss the boat or something?

    Anyway, never fear: help is on the way. Way I see it, time is of the essence here. You gotta boat, but you can’t just squeeze in all that boating cos of your busy schedule; doing doctory stuff and all that.

    So here’s what I think you should do. Remember that proverb about seizing the bull by the horns? Yeah, just substitute bull with BOAT and it’ll be a breeze – the boating, I mean. I’m talking in riddles, so okay, I’ll get to the point straightaway.

    So in the preview, you get to kiss Hani again, right? Ok, boyo, this is what you gotta do. Straightaway after that kiss ends, shift into boating mode. Yeah, I’m serious. No delay. At once. Before you can say B-O-A-T-I-N-G. The reason being, you got no time to waste. Checking into a hotel is nice and all that, but it’s going to take up even more of your precious time. In other words, you got to boat right there and then on that stretch of street.

    Outdoor boating may pose a problem though. If you boat on the street, you could get run over. (I tremble at the thought) The roadside? Granted, the bushes would offer some privacy, but you never know who’s watching.

    So I’m thinking the car’s the safest bet, honey. We just have to pinpoint exactly which part of the car you’re going to boat in/on. I’ve drawn up a useful list below for you:

    1. Car roof/top: Roomy, offers plenty of leg/arm/head space. Can gaze at stars (and
    moon, if you’re lucky) while boating. Drawbacks: Teensy weensy bit open, plus
    you’ve got all those nasty wingy thingys that you hate so much (for some queer
    reason, they seem to like you though), and I’m worried they’ll get in the way of all
    that boating. Plus it’s freezing cold now at night, and you might catch a chill, or even,
    HORRORS, pneumonia (sorry if I’ve got the spelling wrong, but you’re the doctor,
    honey, not me LOL)

    2. Under the car: Rather crampy, and there’s the problem of how you’re going to
    get down there in the first place. Hani might like it though, seeing she’s the
    adventurous type. This will give a whole new meaning to the expression GETTING
    DOWN AND DIRTY LOL (no offence, honey, just my little joke!)

    3. Car bonnet: Lovely spot, but only problem is, tends to get rather slidy with
    prolonged boating, and it can get really HOT after a while (I know you like
    STEAMY but this is more like SCALDY but if you don’t mind your ass being burnt
    to a crisp, be my guest!

    4. Car boot: Romantic spot – dark , with soft boot light that kind of glows when you
    leave it slightly open -what girl could resist that? Drawbacks: Crampy, and life-
    threatening (ever heard of deep vein thrombosis?) Plus that annoying boot door
    could suddenly latch shut when you’re in the midst of boating action, and you
    and Hani could be trapped in there like,oh, forever.

    5.Front seats: Safe,and quite comfy…..but that gearbox thingy could get in the way of
    boating. Ever tried sitting on a gearbox before? OUCH!!!!! And you can’t really
    stretch with that nasty dashboard getting in the way. Plus you’ve got that clock
    staring straight at your face. Kind of dampens your boating ardour.

    6. Back seats: TADAAAAAAA….. I strongly recommend this spot. They’re cushy,
    plushy and roomy, with lots of leg/arm/head space. Plus it’s safe, and offers you
    a breathtaking scenery of the night sky through your windows. Not forgetting it’s
    nice and warm , and yes, no horrid flying thingys to bug you. In short, pluses all
    around. And the bonus? This is really BEYOND AMAZING, but I notice the
    moment you initiate boating, darling, this really romantic Howl song will start to
    magically play. Sets the mood perfectly, and heck! You don’t even have to get up to
    plug in a song.

    Hope this helps, Seung Jo, honey. Remember just relax and seize the moment. Love you!!!!! Counting on ya!!!!!!

    • I want to stress that Mini Coopers have ample room. AMPLE room.
      They’re in the medical field, they can afford a day trip out of the city.

    • OMG…Tears are falling from my eyes and it’s not stopping. I can’t seem to stop laughing. You are the best!!!

      I vote for scenerio #1. That way, we’ll have a clear view of the boating.

    • 4. Car boot: Romantic spot – dark , with soft boot light that kind of glows when you leave it slightly open -what girl could resist that? Drawbacks: Crampy, and life – threatening (ever heard of deep vein thrombosis?) Plus that annoying boot door could suddenly latch shut when you’re in the midst of boating action, and you and Hani could be trapped in there like,oh, forever.

      Er… being a Mini Cooper Convertible, there’s hardly any boot space to speak of, so #4 is not a good option

    • I’m ROLLING in laughter reading these boating options… funny and over the top! Boats and convertibles??? How wild is that!

      • bwahahahaahaha. i concur that medical students can be quiet inventive with positions and whatnot…coming from *ahem* someone in the healthcare profession. 😛

        why, we even had to learn positioning for stroke (one side of the body paralyzed) and spinal cord injury (depends on the level of injury but definitely with some form of paralysis) patients. so boating in cramped spaces should never be a problem with these two. hee.

      • OMG, I’m no nurse but my mother has drilled me on those procedures “just in case”.

        Btw Yoga, anyone? 😉

    • “desperate boaters resort to desperate measures.” — bwahahahaha!!!
      i guess we all are getting desperate over this boating issue!! hahahaha!!!
      boating! boating! boating!!!

    • Hahaha… it simply amazes me that PK has taken us to another path of in-depth discussion on the art and science of boating and the various features and ergonomics of convertibles…hahaha…

  32. Hani casts a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors into BSJ staid and orderly world of academic brilliance as this webisode best depicts. This is the ‘power’ of OHN that he’s addicted to and can’t do without. Her madcap zaniness is truly infectious and overrides any exasperation she may cause and never fails to bring the inevitable smile on his face.
    ‘He also informs her that he doesn’t want to become a widower within one short
    year of marriage’
    Probably all kinds of alarm bells triggered off in BSJ when Hani mumbled her
    intention to practise driving on her own if hubby is not helping.
    ‘you just had to add that rationalization into the picture when we all know you
    want to spend time with your wifey’
    I’m reminded of a similar look when 1) inviting Hani to his apartment in drama Ep 10 (2) the botched date in Ep 16

    This is a side track to all KHJ fangirls – it’s Asian Games Opening Ceremony tonite !!! Catch him singing the theme song in Mandarin .

  33. ockoala!!! kamsamida!!! kumbawa!!! this webisode rocks!!! i thought this would be most boring one initially after reading the synopsis but i was wrong wrong wrong!!! it’s the best yet!! kisses are good but its the bantering, the teasing and the littlest touches that tug our hearts. i have always love the storyline from the author Kaoru Tada and PK made me love much much more.

    Go SeungJo ya! Go HaNi ya! sad that it will end soon but at the same time can’t wait till next week’s webisode – for the steamy scene…haha

  34. I consider this Ep the cutest ever out of all the Special YT Ep with the exception of course of the last Ep which I hope and pray (???) will finally show the “STEAMY” scenes that we all have been waiting for (yes, with so much anticipation for the said scene, I even included it in my daily prayer…hehehehe). No kissing for this episode but I enjoyed it very much…so heartwarming…BSJ and OHN spending the whole day together can be so much fun and so romantic…

  35. Since my mind is already in the gutter anyways, let’s define “steamy” from the experts, shall we? And perchance we can send this to our boy? 😛

    Definition of STEAMY:
    steam·i·er , steam·i·est
    1: consisting of, characterized by, or full of steam
    2: intensely or uncomfortably hot: as a : hot and humid b : sensually hot : erotic
    — steam·i·ly-mə-lē adverb
    — steam·i·ness-mē-nəs noun

    There you go, KHJ. We’re taking your word for it. If not, there’s tons on PKissers here who’d gladly volunteer to teach you what that word means. After all, a hands-on multisensory approach is often the best way of learning. 😉

  36. i was kinda disappointed at first coz i thought we gonna have “hotter” scenes this EP than the hospital kiss..but after reading comments here, i think you’re right – KHJ’s steamier scenes might not be same as how we thought it would be..he gotta need some lotta learnings here!!!..LOL!!..well, we know he kinda thinks differently (with his 4D personality and all)..i think i just might not as well look forward to that steamy scenes he’s talking about..but yes, if only I could go to Korea now (oh he’s in China right now eh)..and scold him and give him Steamier Scenes Lesson 101!..hahahaha..oh goodness! what has this couple do to me, to all of them to bits!..this is indeed a refreshing webisode and they look so natural..the way KHJ smiles/smirk while OHJ was feeding him the oranges and letting him wear those glasses, i think he was not suppose to smile there, but just bcoz they are comfortable with each other already, that caused him to have that teasing smile…ooohhhh goodness! am gonna miss PK soo much after next week!!!..feel like crying now…

    P.S. i hope Group8 gets to read your recap ockoala (thanks again a million times!) and the comments here, so that they would know what we all really feel about PK…

    • @Raxelle I can’t help imagining you going to China, scold KHJ and talk about steamier scenes 101…kekeke (Now, everybody in this blog is really waiting for it [steamier scene] to happened?.. sounds to me like.. Seung Jo need to buy this book, “Steamier Scenes 101 for Dummies”)

  37. Is it possible that Pk has exceeded the quota of ‘skinship’ allowed by Korean Media standards of decency ( eg no. of ‘steamy’ scenes to no. of Episodes x duration ) ? Hence to more steam allowed. Ke ke

    • But there was no gratuitous shower scene… the hideous PJ’s hid everything (except that morning Hani woke up in their room and was wearing that semi-conservative dolly), there was no walking in during a shower/changing, unless you count the underwear scene… i

    • don’t think so. watch binnie and SHK’s “worlds within” and you’ll see what i’m talking about. they had definitely so much more skinships+steamy+kisses. 😛

      • Isn’t that where the 2 main leads fell in love for real? I wonder if it’s going to happen to PK too. The last episode seemed like the 2 leads were playing themselves and not acting at all.

      • @a_fan, I think I mentioned this here before. I get the same vibe from KHJ-JSM’s off-cam interactions with Binnie-SHK during Worlds Within. Its so funny because it was very, very obvious that the two had genuine affection for each other (esp. Binnie) but as fans of the drama we didn’t want to read too much into it, especially with solid Rain-SHK and WonBin-SHK shippers around. And then, BAM…a few months later, Binnie announced that they’re dating after he realized that he really missed her after filming Worlds Within and they were separated because he had to shoot another drama in Pusan.

        Its like deja vu for me, watching KHJ and JSM’s level of comfort with each other. Who knows, right? But for now, I’m really just enjoying their interactions and don’t want to get too far ahead of myself. 😉

  38. i must say i do the same like what you’re doing gemini..did not pay that much attention to KHJ at BOF (coz all eyes probably at LMH as the lead actor)..but since PK, can’t help but want to have all info past, present and future about him!!..subscribing to all blogs (especially ockoala playground)!..oh goodness!!! watching now We Got Married – man, he’s adorably funny!!!’re right, he just blurts out anything that comes to his mind..he’s like a kid! may i ask, what is TFWUU and TFRM? i think this would be my next project (probably to ease that PK withdrawal syndrome after next week) after WGM..thanks for the reply! =)

    • I haven’t watch WGM yet but I will after Thanks for Waking Us Up (TFWUU) and Thanks for Raising Me (TFRM). Ohh… I’m sorry I should’ve written down the title (gezzz.. I got carried away with using the abbreviated terms *guilty* ). You’ve got to see both. It’s really funny, you get to see KHJ and the rest of SS501 sleeping habits and how they’re gonna raise an abandoned dog. (lucky dog…*jealous*)

      • oh thanks very much! soo excited to watch these two!..aaahhh..i think my late night sleep and using office hours watching anything about KHJ is not yet over after PK..kekekeke…oh btw, did you watch at Youtube? any link where it has all of these? oh, for WGM, is a great site/highly has everything about our “Lettuce Couple” =)

        yes agree! any kind of boat will do, as long as there’s that BOAT!!!..kekekeke..

      • I just went to youtube and searched for it. Once you found the link for the first episode, you’ll be just fine. I think there’s only a couple of videos that don’t have and english subs. Enjoy!

        Weeh. Thanks for the WGM link, I’ve kept looking for it in youtube but I can’t seem to find the right link. Now, there’ll be no holding back. Another sleepless nights ahead for me….By the way, why are they tagged as “lettuce couple”?… it sounds weird…hehehe

      • Its because KHJ pronounce ssangchu weirdly in that show in their 1st episod of honeymoon…and ssangchu = lettuce. so they are being called as lettuce couple starting that moment.

        Actually I dont even know what is the real pronounciation for ssangchu. 😀

      • I believe, as per my korean friends have said it’s pronounced:
        Hyunjoong pronounces it: Ss-ang-chu. Basically emphasis on the wrong syllable.

  39. Hi everyone! You know I’m still following this conversation. Heh heh. Just wanted to thank wiggles for giving me the custom PK/AKP header you now see adorning this here lil’ bloggy. Isn’t it gorgeous? *swoonz*

    Okay, you guys are free to resume your spazzing.

    *pssst, I think we’ll get some boating in ep. 7, but it won’t be steamy – likely a tugboat or a rowboat variety only*

    • LOVE the new banner….it’s like saying “Welcome to PK-Landia”! 🙂

      at this rate, any kind of boat will do. tehee.
      thanks, ockoala!

      • Ha, this place has been PK-Landia for awhile now. If I knew how to make pretty custom headers I would have done so already and plastered PK all over the place. Better now then never! Koalas tend to work very slowly, we like to sleep a lot.

      • @Ockoala, you crack me up. 🙂
        if this is how you “work slowly”, then i must be slower than a snail. hehe.
        now i don’t even know the meaning of “work”. its like a downward spiral. i’m trying to remember what life was before PK but its all a messy blur. i really blame it on KHJ’s perm. PK should be “It Started with The Perm”, for me at least.

      • OcKoala! Did the Chinese fans find something out?!
        Where are the Perfects’ hiding-in-the-bushes fancames when you need them?!

      • this morning when i woke up… of course, first thing to do is to check in this playground….

        i was shocked as KHJ was staring at me… several times!!!!
        hahah, LOVE your banner ockoala (and I think we also have to thank wiggles for that?? thank you wiggles^^)
        you’re the best!! JJanggggg!!

    • kekeke i am so in love with your banner…
      this really is like PKlandia…!!

      we only have until next week for PK-YT issues…
      feel like a friends is going away with this happening…
      but anyway.. i will still be coming here to check onn your blog koala..!!
      this has been like the blog i check hourly..!!!

      • @czak, i’m with you. i even neglected my own blog and my friends + family thinks i’ve fallen off the grid these days. lol. in fact, my dad called to ask me what’s going on, i said (jokingly) that i was kidnapped by a curly-haired robot. 😛

    • Ockoala, thanks always for your great recap! I’ve been lurking in your blog for quite sometime. Looove the new header <3

      Omo! did you get the spoiler about the boating in ep 7??
      Actually, seeing the preview for ep 7 makes me kinda sure we will get some boating..
      From the previous episodes the kisses were never shown in the preview at the end of the previous episodes. That's why when we see the kisses we were quite surprised and pleased because we dont know it will happen.

      But this time they show the kiss in the preview for episode 7..
      So I was quite positive that they will show more than just a kiss in the real episode. =D
      well, I dont want to get my hopes too high though.

    • checking AKP is the first thing i did today!!! and lo and behold!!! it’s a PK header!!! it really feels like home!!! thanks ockoala!!! 😉 this is really indulging us PKissers…

      i just love being here.. reading all the love from everybody and even the crazy ideas that pops out of the conversations… it’s a pleasure as always. 🙂
      PKissers, you guys are great!!! 🙂

      hmmnnn… as for the boating… i agree with yeisha.. any kind of boat will do!!! hehehe..

  40. this episode has a certain charm, like the last one, it was full of sweet nothings and BSJ awesomeness….KHJ is rocking the shades!

    and since we’re talking about discussing the birds and the bees with KHJ, I wouldn’t mind participating…haha

    and how cute is oh ha ni? i loved her feeding her hubby the oranges, BSJ tries to be annoyed but concedes with a smile nonetheless…I think PK just increased KHJ’s already massive fandom, seungjo is a perfect role for him plus I can’t help but think “oh my god, he’s so handsome!” everytime I see him, no joke

    i didn’t think it was possible but the minute SeungJo said “what wifey?” in that first webisode, I was utterly smitten; when he held out his arm for shooting practice(yes, you read that right), proceeded to kick the door for the making of BSJ jr., boasted about hani’s “power” to Shameless hussy jr, gotten close as he will ever be to stammering to apologize to his wifey in that hospital room and affectionately brushing his wife’s knees and all those other little things, not to mention those sweet, romantic kisses- i think it made me progress from entry-level fangirl to, well, whatever it is the next level is….

    oh KimHyunJoong….and my adoration extends to JungSoMin as well

    • @ish..welcome to the club. 🙂 after 2+ years, i’m still kinda amazed that this boy has the capacity to make me love him more and more.

      also, i guess next to entry-level would be certified hyunnie? i don’t think there’s an in-between stage. 😉

      • a hyunnie huh? I don’t mind that…I haven’t been spazzing like this since jang geun seuk in baby and me onwards…KHJ makes me spazz more, I’m certain I love him above all other asian actors and who needs hollywood when we’ve got KimHyunJoong over here

  41. saw this at soompi, couldn’t resist sharing here its too cute for words.
    JSM uploaded this pic in her cyworld ~

    holding hands? someone must be missing her hubby, ne? 😉

  42. Aw ockoala, with a banner like that I’m never gonna make my way to the comments – already swooned by KHJ at the first click . Thumbs up for the header.

  43. hey ockoala , loooooove the banner , u girl u’r sooo into PK ( just like me , us 🙂 )
    the episode was full of ” ya ” made me remember the massage sent by KHJ to his fan when he talekd about ” looking to the same sky together , ya ” , still wonder to whom the masg was sent , to his fans or to somebody else that we know .

  44. OH NO! you’re new banner isn’t going to help me get over PK! am rewatching it in episode 9! can’t Group 8 release some BTS pics of the YT episodes everyday? just to appease us addicts?

  45. I keep reading and re-reading the comments here and keep seeing new “boaters” popping up all the time. he he. I was just misdiagnosed with multiple personality disorder so they’re not me. 🙂

  46. So on my jog this morning, I kept thinking about PK’s ending and mayssenger’s suggestions to BSJ.
    Mayssenger, though #4 is the best answer, it will not work with BSJ’s long legs. You might want to suggest he brings a bigger car for the boating trip.
    Believe me, yoga would not help with a car that small. I’m about JSM’s size and let me tell you…it’s not comfy for a small person either.

    Then I got to thinking about steamy and I thought of the car windows fogging up…that better not be KHJ’s version of steamy.

    I think I still prefer a hotel room and a nice comfy bed. Can’t decide if OHN should be draped over BSJ (a la Goong) or a repeat of the honeymoon draping with BSJ on top.
    And lots of kisses. These two do kissing so well. I can watch a whole webisode of them kissing.

    Then I felt disappointed that we didn’t get a kiss or a major bear hug in Webisode 6. I love the way OHN hugged BSJ on the balcony after the back hug. Waahh…with the beatiful background, they should have had a back hug…BSJ enveloping his wife in his arms with the sunset in the background.

    To think my morning jogs use to be how to solve a problem at work. Come to think of it, during my yoga class I was wishing that time would go faster because I wanted to be at home to catch webisode 5 w/subs.

    I need to get back to my real life soon.

    • talking about the hug , I was watching the anime yesterday and I noticed that OHN hugs BSJ just like the way Kotoko Hugs Naoki , even the way OHN hugged SJ in the balcony you talked about katwoman , it was just the same as in the anime but near their rooms

      • Yes. What a lovely way to hug…I’m sure they chose to do it the way the anime did it. And I appreciate it that hug so much more after watching the BTS of the making of that hug….my fave BTS after YAB.

  47. galz , I need help ( though dunno if I have the right to ask it here ) , I want a link where I can find the soft english subs of the webisodes starting from N° 4 , where I usually seek for subs ( I mean the website from where I usually get the soft subs of Kdrama ) they stopped till episode N° 3 , so if anyone can help me I will be very thankfull 🙂

  48. Pleasantly surprised by the header just like everyone else! It’s soooo cute! LOVE IT!!!

    I totally agree…majorly disappointed there wasn’t more “physical” skinship going on like a kiss or a bear/back hug 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, loved the episode cuz it was so enjoyable to watch and I smiled throughout the whole webisode, but there’s a part of me that just wants to see them make out…LOL (now I sound like a perv…haha)

    I’m so sad that’s ending so soon. I guess I’ll just have to re-watch and re-watch the episodes as well as everything related to PK~~*sigh*

    Haha…I need to get back to my “life” too. I stalk and refresh every blog/website hoping for any news/updates…anything! When I’m at work, I count down to how many hours till the webisodes are uploaded…pathetic I know…I guess that’s the power of PK, KHJ, & JSM!

    • Yeah, I love webisode 6 as well, but I just feel like it was missing a hug or a kiss. I think a sweet hug would have sealed the deal for the webisode as one of the most romantic outing ever for kdrama.
      I’m wondering if the person who coordinates the hugging and kissing scenes in the webisode is not the same person who coordinated them in the TV drama. The atmosphere just feels different, you know…but it more awkward and “set up”.
      We had the naughty hug on the bed while practicing CPR. We had the heartfelt hug in the restaurant. We had the make out session in the car. They are felt so spontaneous and real and romantic.

  49. This is a KHJ fangirl post to spazz about his awesome performance of the theme song for the Asian Games opening. Despite a language handicap among 5 singers, 4 of which are from China, Taiwan and HongKong, he held his own very well and articulated the Mandarin lyrics with ease. Good job and he has done S. Korea proud !

    • Agreed…though I didn’t understand the lyrics, I thought he sang the song very well with a great stage presence. I’m glad to hear that his Mandarin pronunciation was good as well. Great job KHJ!! I’m sure that this special moment will be etched in your memories forever.

  50. ockoala I really love playing here! hahaha! even I’m at work I know is not allow to visit some other site but only work related, good thing your blog name is related to my work, LOL! you see I’m a preschool teacher, my boss will not suspect anything if she saw the work ‘ockoala playground’ LOL! anyway I love your header its sooooo cute, and again what are you saying about ‘steam boat’ that we might get at the last webisode? I hope it is for real even though it’s just a tug boat. LOL!
    I’m just sad that this it will be over very soon! I’m still greedy, I’m not yet satisfied with my BSJ and OHN supplement every tue, wed and thrus! even when it still on drama series. I just hope and pray that they will have a project again very soon!
    after all they have so many HyunMin boaters all over the world! and with the comment in YT maybe 80% are demanding season 2!!!!

  51. PKissers, here’s another dose of our couple’s BTS interactions. Love how he kept stealing glances at her. And pay attention to the lyrics of the song, so perfect for them:

    You Got Me:

    I heard that they’re doing overseas promos for PK during Christmas time. So there you go, KHJ’s wish was not to spend Christmas alone this year. *wink, wink*

  52. Isn’t SJ glad that he married HN? Life with her there is never a dull moment and the fact that she loves him so much that she’ll do anything for him. She’s loads of fun and cuteness.

  53. Thanks Ockoala for the PK banner!! and the recap as usual… ^o^ like everyone here….i’m also waiting for the BOAT!! kekeke…hope ep 7 didn’t disappoint us….but….with ep 7 next week….i think i’ll be so sad too T_T *uhuk**sob..sob…sob*

    really love these two BSJ and OHN (KHJ and JSM) wish i could see more BTS with their chemistry filmed in camera!! ^o^ PK aja aja hwaiting!!

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