First Peek at Kang Ji Hwan in The Great Doctor (Faith)

This does it. I am now 100 billion percent sure that Kang Ji Hwan should never ever again put on modern clothes in a drama. He belongs in a sageuk, fantasy or traditional. I’m still crying inside about Hong Gil Dong, and now the first grainy footage has leaked out from the set of The Great Doctor (otherwise known as Faith), the fusion-fantasy-sageuk starring the aforementioned hottie (who is stepping in for my Junki who was carted off to military service), Kim Hee Sun, and Philip Lee.

Can I just say again: OMFG *speechless*. Just a few grainy shots of Kang Ji Hwan in his sageuk attire has my belly constricting from the intensity. Contrast this with his goofball image in HGD, he is rocking the doctor-with-the-power ensemble. Coffee House annoyed me to no end, and I finally gave up because I couldn’t stand the story or the characters. I am beyond excited to see Kang Ji Hwan choose an interesting project as his next drama. The Great Doctor is scheduled to premiere in early 2011, and will be filmed in 3D (will they mail 3D glasses to each household?). Count me in, crazy sageuk spin on a doctor with supernatural healing powers!

Click here to see BTS footage:

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First Peek at Kang Ji Hwan in The Great Doctor (Faith) — 5 Comments

  1. I love JunKi and is so sad that he’s off doing his military service. I look forward to see him back on the small or big screen. But I’m looking forward to this movie. not a big fan of 3D but from the photo looks really interesting. I stopped watching ‘coffee house’ after 2 episode and usually i can make it through 10 episodes before i give up.

  2. I LAAAVV Kang Ji Hwan. Even though I dropped Hong Gil Dong midway through, I loved him in it. Some actors actually look hotter in non-modern clothes. Like Jang Hyuk, Kim Nam Gil, Yoo Ah In, Song Joong Ki, Oh Ji Ho….ah, the list goes on.

    • ohh me too! HGD didn’t really get me (or maybe I didn’t get it) but KJH is always adorbs. But I think the final straw that convinced me that he belongs in sageuks would be that HIDEOUS shiny thing he’s wearing up there! and pls use the ‘YAI’ word sparingly around me… it leads to indecent amounts of squeeing that is quite unsightly for a woman my age and dignity.

      and i’m off to read Ockoala’s post on Secret Garden now!!

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