Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7

The C-netizens got their hands on the shooting script for episode 7 of the YT edition of Playful Kiss. Those of you who don’t want to be spoiled, do not proceed any further. I won’t even express a single opinion until after the jump so as to not spoil this episode. Please take this with the usual grain of salt. I have no independent verification this is indeed the actual leaked script, though it appears highly credible.

It ends with a kiss, guys. Rather apropos since the TW-version was called It Started With A Kiss. No boating, no steamier scenes as most human beings would equate with that definition. Just a kiss. I’m notΒ going to translate the dialogue word-for-word, but rather summarize the episode based on the spoilers.

Ha Ni’s birthday arrives, and everyone is excited for her, including the birthday girl herself. Seung Jo acts all dispassionate and pretends not to know the significance of the day to both Ha Ni and Mom. After Ha Ni thinks that he has forgotten her birthday, and runs off again in a fit of sadness, it turns out that Seung Jo had planned a present for her – a flower and a kiss.

Now, perhaps a boat scene will be added at the end, since it requires NO dialogue. But the leaked script leads me to think Group 8 will end the drama on the same whimsical sweet note it started the entire series off with. Alas, I hope I didn’t ruin everyone’s weekend. I’m pretty depressed, but I have found my newest drama crack(s) – a double helping of M3 and Secret Garden – to ease my disappointment. PK and Kim Hyun Joong, why’d you raise my hopes up only to squash it. I’d rather you not say anything at all about what to expect. Sigh, I still love you to pieces, you know that right?

I have never wanted so badly to be wrong in my entire life. I’d rather be the bearer of false new in this instance. No matter what happens though, I’m still happy with everything PK gave me, and my enjoyment of it shant be affected one whit. It was just the cutest, sweetest, little drama.

[Credit: script for episode from Baidu Playful Kiss bar, summarized by me]


Spoilers for Playful Kiss YT Episode 7 — 297 Comments

  1. πŸ™ I think most of us knew it would be that way. I’m not too sad though. I hope we get at least one more glance at our favorite bedroom, steamy or not.

    • hahahaha…. i think that pretty much the leak is correct..
      even if HJL is the artist i consider to be the one who really never breaks his promise, I also know that HJL is a person who sometimes Talks “BIG”..
      so people i think you should be prepared for any & all ending of PK, especially the ones leaked..!!

  2. i was walking back and forth infront of my lappy torn between reading this or not.. in the end my curiosity won & i read it. hahaha so “the big talker” strikes again… hyunjoong you big L**R you..!!! always talks big!!! but still boat or no boat.. i still am riding all the waves of this drama…!! actually i am pretty torn whether to watch the last webisode or not. if i watch it then I feel like its the end if i dont there is a sense of hanging there that will hold my depression about the ending of this drama.. hmmnnnn…
    and about the leaks, so far the ones koala published are somewhat correct so i think, that pretty much that will happen…!!!

    • i can’t help but disappointed becoz he said about the restriction thing…so it really means the “steamy scene” will be shown since the webisodes are showing on YT…if he didn’t say about it i wouldn’t be too disappointed….b4 this they really follow real close to the manga/anime but how come the last episode they omit the “steamy scene”?

      • I was once a frustrated boater….scratch frustrated – from now on I wish to be known as depressed boater…..*crawling into car boot and latching door sadly*

      • Like someone else said, maybe he meant there to be a steamy love scene, but the decision to have it be shown ultimately comes down to production, I think.

        This is why a movie would be awesome πŸ˜€

      • I agree with you goodange, wouldnt it be cool to make the season 2 into movie instead. i mean there is no possible way that they could make it in a drama anymore so what about a movie..? anyone..?
        but i guess right now that would be impossible.. what about they do it after a year much like HanaYoriDango Japanese version..?
        they have season1&2, then the movie..

      • @czak,
        I agree. That’s what a latin fan said on the YT comments–make it like Hana Yori Dango–have a movie. Even like Nodame Cantabile. I don’t think we have to have a season 2, but wouldn’t it be great if they can at least have an hour or 2 special in a year? Though, a movie really would be much better πŸ™‚ The YT specials are a great treat, but ah, they’ve spoiled us πŸ˜›

      • I am disappointed too as I want to see a steamier love scene… like KHJ said too…. but now as I think about…maybe he meant steamier as in more kisses?? as they are having more kisses in each web-pisodes??

        Their chemistry is just flying all over my laptop! So a cold shower make up love or a bedroom scene will totally wash the chemistry off pullease!

        Like Ockoala said, I have found other dramas to cure myself already too . I look forward to their each or together project!

        Thanks so much Ockoala for your faithfulness during these times!

      • aahhhh..i had a feeling about this. our steamy might just be different from KHJ’s streamy. or maybe the BOB (behind our backs) theory is true as well. teheee.

        but i fully support the movie idea though. we should flood G8’s mailbox and request for a movie. i’m having flashbacks of HanaDan already…maybe HJ and JSM can shoot it overseas? or they can be stranded in an island too, just like Jun-kun and Mao-chan. that would certainly guarantee us boating anywhere, anytime..no candles, walls, umbrellas, cars…just all that nature and a wide expanse of sky. πŸ˜€

      • @yeisha,
        We definitely should flood G8 with requests! πŸ˜€ What would be great about having a movie or a special is being able to catch up to the rest of the cast. But also, I really, truly want to see a jealous Baek Seung Jo. I really want to see Mr. Perfect get ruffled πŸ˜›

  3. ohmigoshhh….i am so….dissapointed!!! i somehow knew this would be it but now its actually confirmed…c-netizens are always right on the spot!!! qwejwir cttgntnmgtcmgtogtgtgntigcn oyhkpyhh auugghhh!!!

  4. Guys..calm down..mybe the “Steamy Scene” will be shown in the BTS Episode..
    Don’t lose Hope!!! I will always wait for the “boating” of JSM/OHN and KHJ/BSJ to happen..hahhaha LMAO

    • Yes!!! I would be satisfied if they showed unaired steamy scenes in the BTS specials!! Then we could see more natural interactions too πŸ˜€ wishful thinking… Anyway, the webisodes did a great job of winding down the PK craze for me. It ends and I’ll move on to The next drama (hopefully with better editing… Shoo monkey) but I’ll always remember PK. Thanks

  5. kim hyun joong….i thought you are the man of your word…i’m so disappointed!!!!

    this news won’t let me sleep for a year….. πŸ™

  6. thanks ockoala!!!

    well, i think the mail box of group 8 should be ready because i bet there will be a tons and i mean tons of hate and disappointing mails that will come to their way if all of the spoilers written here will be accurate!!!!

    Kim Hyun Joong, i love you to pieces, i hold onto your words… if the steamier things that you promise wont be happening i do hope that you wont use the word steamier EVER again!!!! but i still love you! **sigh**what can i do, im now really a fangirl!

    PD and writer/s i will point my finger on you!!!! i promise hate mails will surely come your way!!!
    **inhale, exhale** calmning myself**

    Well, in the end it comes to wait and see policy! but i think whatever the episode 7 will show, i will treasure it for sure because its the end of the wonderful and happy journey of PK for me. but its not really an end its just another new beginning!

    see you on tuesday episode 7!!!!

  7. after learning this spoiler…i felt like crying upon the realization that there will be no “boating” scene between our favorite couple. I also realize that I may be a pervert…lol. Still, Im dissapointed…

  8. I am disappointed for like 2 hours but..I positively wants to think its not dear HJ “empty talk” or “talk BIG”. Anything can happen between the time he lets out the expectation scenes ( original planned for ) to ep 7 which shooting ended last week? Pressure from C-netizens ( those SxxxKers!!!) onto Group 8 would have turned things around. Even our poor HJ maynot be able to control or influence!! So, call me bias or not…I still believe in HJ our leader! It would surely be nice to have the final dose of steamier lovey dovey scenes but without it, does not change at all ( or never!) my entire mind on PK and HJ. PK remains my all time fav , HJ still rocks and I will never stop supporting nor loving him as my beloved idol!!! HJ, you are the BEST!

  9. maybe they have this steamy scence but since they will broadcasted all over the world including their home country they will have to omit some things and still follow to their traditional type of series..koreans were very conservative..as you have noticed in BTS, the hot kiss in the car? its too long but they cut it to satisfy korean viewers i guess..im not too sure..

  10. Thanks you so much Ocloal for posting this.
    I have been waiting since morning from you anything about PK. I just back to ur playgroumd and read epi 7 preview.
    I don’t want to say too much at this moment and want to wait till coming Tuesday epi 7 finish. My experience with K dramas, they always make fan high hopes and exciting.

    If steamy will not show up on epi 7, I think our hyun joong should prepare for press conference… ASAP…. to explain his definition of steamy scence and why did he say that. I am sure that the international (global) viwers won’t be quiet for it.

  11. I’m not disappointed at all about the non existance of the steamy scene and tell u the truth when I heard about it I was like Huh !!! is it true , those two already feel kind of embarassed and shy when the two shoot a kiss scene , will they be able to shoot a steamy scene ??!!!!
    anyway , I know SJ-HN are a married couple so boating is happening always and I’m sure it will happen even the night of the birthday so I’m ok
    but what I’m sad about is the fact that we won’t see a preggy hani , in the anime kotoko’s pregnancy was one of the cutest moments of itazura na kiss , I so wished they showed us preggy hani ah with a caring and happy SJ .
    also the story of Keita ( kotoko’s clasmate ) was interresting too , I wonder why they decided not to show it eventhough they showed that neighbour girl story .
    anyway still PK is going to end on a happy note so it’s ok for me , even though I’m gonna miss it so much .

    • I’m disappointed but not surprised… in a way i knew that there won’t be a steamy boating scene but there nothing to lose with hoping… so now I’m reaping the disappointment… still, I love KHJ to pieces, wont hold this againts him…now I’m of to the corner of my room and be depressed…huhuhu!!!

      • hehehe , don’t go to the corner and forget about being disappointed , it’s a show after all πŸ™‚
        I personally prefer it without steamy scene , I already feel shy from the only the kiss , as all of you know , so what will I do with a steamy scene !!

      • @rainyrain… I’m out of my depression now and the corner…lol!! I gave it a lot of thought and although I’m still a wee bit disappointed I know I love PK no matter what and will be sad at the same time happy for the ending…and also if there is no steamy scene rainyrain can watch with no worries..lol!!!

      • LOOOOL yes , I may be won’t watch at all and just read the recap or will watch with half opened eyes , LOOOOL , so that’s why I’m ok with the kiss and no boating πŸ˜‰

      • I guess I will πŸ™‚ but I wish it won’t be an awkwad kiss that makes feel that they are shy or embarassed , it has to be a hubby_wify kiss and not KHJ/JSM kiss πŸ˜‰

    • Rainyrain, I so agree with you. I thought that Keita’s story was a very important part of the manga because that’s when we find out what Kotoko really means to Naoki. Would have loved to see Naoki being the jealous, insecure one for a change.

      • yes rush , that’s exactly why I so wished they shooted the story of Keita too , to see how much Hani ah means for SJ

    • @rainyrain… i’m with you. boating or no boating, it’s fine with me. i guess, it’s a matter of misinterpretation. what made me depressed is the absence of the keita and the pregnant kotoko/hani episodes. i love that scene so much hence i was looking forward to that part too. the taiwanese version included those parts so i was hoping that yt edition will have it too. too bad, they didn’t T_T

  12. please don’t blame leader for what had happened………it’s not him who decide not to include the steamy scenes he promised…………it’s the netizens to blame with………..we don’t know really the reasons behind……………….

    one question only…………….it’s only the STEAMY SCENES important to all of you????not the lead stars themselves………………the kissing scenes they portrayed isn’t enough for us????………….they did all their best to give us satisfactions to this drama…………and i love them for what they did………….with or without steamy scenes i’m satisfied as well…………..still love the couple especially KIM HYUN JOONG!!!

    • yes , I also agree with u , I’m satisfied with their work and with the entire show , wish we will see those two again in another drama and wish them all the best

      • I second….HJ dear is not to be blamed. With or without steamier scenes, PK is the best and so is HJ dear! I really hope they will be on another drama together soon….HJ and SM, rocks!

    • its not that we are not satisfied with their work because i LOVE PK with all my heart!!! and i know i will have a hard time in PK withdrawal, its just that they should not mention it if they will not do it so the viewers will not expect anything, right?
      and kim hyun joong is not to blame for it because he’s only doing what the writer/s and PD ask him to do.

      • I think it’s a problem of our and their definition of steam scenes , seems it’s a totally different from each other , lool πŸ˜‰

    • oh.. ms. lina perez, don’t take it to your heart πŸ˜‰ they’re just having fun in ockoala’s playground enjoying the savor of sweetness, cuteness , and wackiness of PK and hyunming couple. :))

    • AGREED with you…….some misinterpretations of the translator, maybe…….let’s wait and see for the epi to watch out…….and the BTS on the remaining 2 days…………hope this will give us more satisfactios if ever….hope for the another drama for them………….waiting for the news about the intenational promo of the drama, they will promote together, right?

  13. Hey guys , KHJ is still the man of the hour ! The steamy scenes can all be in our heads . They will start the scenario and you know very well where it will eventually lead . I think that is sweeter and romantic . Our imagination is a no man’s land . Its about time we fully use that gift that no one other species ever possess. We sometimes forget that imagination created all the wonderful dramas in the first place ,so make it work ! It will bring you places you have never been before . Be playful ,maybe you will meet someone who will also give you your kiss .

  14. All I can say is the BTS better be of the honeymoon scene and it better be up, close and personal! And by close I mean really,really close….
    Or I’m getting myself a boat, rowing all the way to Korea, kidnapping KHJ/JSM and shooting my very own boating scene.
    Like my li’l one would say – Humpfie!!

      • Yeah can I come along too? I’d suggest taking a plane to korea first cos it’s faster than a boat (I think it’d take a couple of years to reach Korea, since we’re ROWING all the way there) but once we touch down, we could hire a steamboat….oh, you kidnap JSM while I’ll kidnap KHJ LOL

      • About the oranges thingy, let’s be fair….you guys do the peeling while I’ll do the feeding. And when he’s done chewing and swallowing, I’ll throw in some flossing as well….I’ve never ever flossed a guy’s teeth before; that’s how much I love you KHJ!!!!

      • Ha! Ha! Thanks.
        And btw mayssenger, am all for the plane ride. Am booking tickets as I write this. We can write the boating script on the flight. But NO WAY am I handing KHJ over to you!! I already have this scenario in my head where I have to explain the entire boatings script to him, in minute detail. And then help him rehearse it, several times over….. (*dissolves into little bitty puddles*)
        Thank God my husband doesn’t read KDrama blogs. Will delete all history just in case….

    • Rush, so happy I’m going to be your partner….let’s call ourselves Group 2 (cos um…there’re only 2 of us LOL) and that boating script – no point writing cos we’re only going to have one line of spoken speech at the beginning: “Seunggggg Joooooo!”
      The rest will be pure action all the way: kissing, hugging and boating! LOL

      • Group 2 it is! And we should probably take steps to go into witness protection as well, cos once that boating scene is done, we’ll have nowhere to hide from KHJ’s fangirls…
        Hmmmm, when did this switch from a PK/BSJ/OHN script to a KHJ/Rush/Mayssenger one????

      • Witness protection no sweat as long as we get to bring dear darling Seung Jo with us…we’ll hide in that nice forest I saw in the driving ep, build a cosy cottage for 3, and take turns to feed SJ oranges all day long, in between doing …..ummm…… other things. And when we’ve run out of things to do (cos living in a forest can get mighty boring after a while), we’ll just sit around and feast our eyes on the birds and the bees, and HIM ahhhhhhhh…..BLISSSS

      • KHJ I mean not Seung Jo….I’m so busy packing for the plane trip I got the names mixed up. Seung Jo’s lovely, but KHJ’s the REAL DEAL!!!!!!

      • LOL…After you and Rush finished your adventures with KHJ, I think both of you should considered being co-authors of a non-fiction book titled “To Boat or Not to Boat”. It’ll be on the Best Sellers’ list before it’s released.

        Btw…are you still accepting application for new memberships?

      • Hmm, what do you say Group 2 partner? Are new boaters allowed to join this exclusive club of ours? May not be a bad idea, considering we’ll need someone to keep us supplied with a steady stream of oranges to feed KHJ/BSJ. Who cares what we call him, as long as he’s ours to call!
        Also, methinks considering the activities planned you’re not going to need to do much packing, are you?
        (* Wiggles eyebrows Groucho Marx style *)
        This conversation is steadily moving into ‘needs censoring’ territory. Bad Rush! Bad, bad Rush!

      • What the heck I’m in a generous mood so yeah!!! Hop onBOAT!!!!! The more the merrier I say!!!! Group 2 is now…TADAAAAA……Group 3 with latest member: kn! Geez, means we gotta start drawing up a schedule here….not easy sharing a guy in the jungle LOL

      • Great!! I’ll start packing as well. I’ll also be sure to pack a lot of bug and insect killer products to keep KHJ as comfortable as possible.

      • About the oranges thingy, let’s be fair….you guys do the peeling while I’ll do the feeding. And when he’s done chewing and swallowing, I’ll throw in some flossing as well….I’ve never ever flossed a guy’s teeth before; that’s how much I love you KHJ!!!!

      • Welcome to the group kn πŸ™‚
        You may want to reconsider this partnership now, seeing that one of the trio is starting to lose it…. much as I want to explore KHJ’s lips (and thereabouts! ), I totally draw the line at flossing for him. Though i can think of other, more creative ways of ….. never mind. I’ll stop right here or we’ll have ockoala kicking us off her blog for public indecency, or some such misdemeanor.
        When does episode 7 come up? Today or tomorrow?

      • ladies, no fair!!! i want to come too. πŸ˜‰

        you guys can have the rest of him, but i’m totally claiming first dibs on the *ahem* jawline and neck. heee.

        and oh, i think i want to add a word to the script, just ’cause i’m nice and want to be polite, ‘ya know. how about β€œseunggggg joooooo!”……(insert momentary silence and heavy breathing here)…..”pleassssseeeeee.”


      • Rush, you’re killing me, I’m laughing so much my tummy hurts …..
        But seriously, may I refer you to page 10 of The Boating Manual:

        Flossing – The Natural Way to Keep Your Man Happy

        I quote: “Flossing your man’s teeth, an act which Non-Boaters may deem disgusting, when applied to a Boater, is an act of Pure Unadulterated Love. A True Boater alternates between Flossing and Boating, and may even at times, perform BOTH ACTS simultaneously, to prove her undying love and unwavering loyalty to her loved one.”

        My point being: A flossed HJ is a happy HJ. LOLOL

      • @mayssennger, OMG, flossing comment is killing !!!!! i think my face is about to burst open!!!! LOL

        *A True Boater alternates between Flossing and Boating* πŸ˜€

      • I’m with you Rush. I too draw the line when it comes to flossing KHJ. mayssenger can be assign to that activity permanently. And about the orange peeling and feeding thing, to be fair, we should all have to rotate on this activity.

      • Mayssenger – the flossing comment is too too too funny. Tried reading it out to my husband in between spurts of insane laughter and he so didn’t get it. That’s why I need you guys in my life πŸ™‚ And methinks I need a copy of the Boating manual too…..
        And yes kn, we’ll leave the flossing activity entirely to mayssenger. But fair’s fair, she’ll have to give up some other activities (back scrubbing? head massaging?) since she gets exclusive rights to the flossing. We can have a group meeting to decide which one later.
        A_fan and yeisha, join the club! But yeisha, I’m so going to mud wrestle you for the jawline, and the cheek muscles, let’s not forget the cheek muscles…. (*Drools*)

      • @rush,
        i bow to the sunbae. LOL. so yeah, you can have his gyrating jawline + cheek muscles. its okay as long as i can have the neck. *cue vampire-ish evil laugh*.

        aaaaahhhh….i think i need to get my hands on that manual too. hehe. so what other activities of errrr..daily living…does this little house in the forest require besides flossing, orange-feeding, bug-killing, and of course BOATING? πŸ˜‰

      • BUAHAHAHHAHAH this conversation is killingme!!!!
        @yeisha thank you for the recommendation,
        @all the others… thank you for being -insane in the membrane- πŸ˜‰

      • @kn, bathing’s a cool idea! So guys, seeing I’m being tasked with flossing KHJ, need your advice: should I boat-floss-bathe in that order, or bathe-floss-boat? I’m getting a migrane just thinking about this problem. I consulted my trusty Boating Manual but it doesn’t mention anything about bathing. Hmmm….must be an old edition (cos I heard Boaters in the past could go on and on Boating without a bath for YEARS).

        Just wanted you all to know I’ve got that cottage in the forest ready (I built it with my bare hands). Have also got ready : 1000 crates of oranges and 1000 spools of dental floss. So yeah, I’m waiting for you guys and KHJ to show up….it isn’t much fun making one-sided conversation with the birds and the bees (I tried singing ONE MORRRRE TIMMMMME to them, but they just started shrieking crazily, so I guess that’s a bad idea).

      • bathing…yesss, definitely. shower scenes, anyone? ohhh, wait. i think there’s a waterfalls somewhere in the forest…that’s even better. more space to errrr…swim. πŸ˜›

        now we can’t just live on oranges alone, can we? so i’m bringing the booze…soju to be exact. there’s tons of other fruits in the forest if we get hungry. πŸ˜€

      • @mayssenger, you’re killing me with your comments. I can’t seem to stop laughing. My suggestion to you is to bathe-floss-boat. You don’t want to ruin the boating moment with KHJ having bad breath. LOL.

      • I am shrieking in tears!!! I can be an audience at the flossing session. Pretty indecent I must say. Being east Asian and under 35, I guess Seung Jo doesn’t need the other manly equipment – the nose hair trimmer. I would volunteer to do that if the need arises.

      • You folks all kill me. How’s a person to get any work done when all I want to do is check this blog every 5 minutes. Mayssenger, I really really really need that boating manual now! And you killed me with your ‘people in the past could go on and on boating for years (years???) without bathing’. Also, 1000 spools of dental floss? If KHJ’s teeth don’t fall off with all that citric acid, they’ll definitely fall off from all that flossing!
        And just to let you know, as I type this, my trusty minions are trussing up KHJ (with dental floss in fact!) and tossing him into the boot of the car….. (*Laughs maniacally*)
        Er, just as an afterthought, this handmade cottage of yours does have modern plumbing, right? See, primitive loos is one more thing I draw the line at…. I’m beginning to thing I’m a failure as a KHJnapper!

      • OK. That’s think, not thing….
        I give up! Just saw Ep 7 and it was PERFECT! I never thought I would say it but I really don’t need a boating scene after this. (I know. I know. Blasphemy!)

        Waiting for ockoala’s recap to get onto an all new discussion, which may or may not end up back in that hand crafted cottage with the waterfall, and the oranges, and the soju, not to forget the dental floss!!

    • pwahahahha!!!! i can’t hold it anymore….. you guys are killing me!!!! i’m grasping my breath now!!!! i guess the bugs crawled up to your head and severely damaged your brain cells. bwahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hahaha, cant stop laughing!!!… I think they got the KHJ 4dness disease… i did not know that it was contagious…LOOOOLLL!!!

      • Headline News!!!! a widespread outbreak of PK disesase also known as KHJ 4dness has been spreading rapidly. PKissers are advised to be quarantined!!!!! LOL

  15. Well, my bubble has bust. Don’t get me wrong. I like it when they kiss, but when a steamy love scene has been sold, I expected it to be delivered. Ah sad. The only way to remedy this is to have that last kiss be passionate and last for more than a minute, with the camera focused up close the whole time.

    I guess that steamy love scene remained behind closed doors in episode 3. Bah!

    • Agree with you. It’s the expectation of something different and memorable right? I also like the kisses but just want ….something more. But hey you cheered me up with your last suggestion. It wouldn’t be so bad if it ends with a long kiss, close up, and no panning away. Can’t take that dratted panning away thingy anymore. It annoys the crap out of me! And they’d better not freeze on that final kiss when it’s just starting!!!!!

      • Hey, you’re right! The do freeze the kiss. Shee! The kiss, in many ways, is a form of fan service, so, the PK team really should deliver.

        Since it will be the final episode, I really do expect something explosive, even without the boating. Save for Seung Jo’s “Saranghae” and the brief close-up of their make-out session in the car, I don’t want another tepid shot of their kiss like we got at the end of episode 16. (They should’ve been making out on the hood of that car! Lol.)

  16. I don’t mind if there is no ‘steamy scene’ if no one said anything about it. I mean, a few weeks ago, we didn’t expect anything until the press conference right?

    If this spoiler is true, what I am disappointed about is the fact that they used it for ‘publicity’. Articles about the youtube episodes popped up like mushrooms because of the headline ‘steamy scenes’. Marketing/ advertising practitioners try to avoid this …heightened expectations, then splat…nothing. You’ll lose customers that way.

    If the spoilers are true Group 8, you better be careful of announcing things in the future. People might not believe you anymore. But let us look at the bright side shall we? These are just spoilers. Who knows what will really happen? I’m keeping my hopes up *crosses fingers*

  17. I already have a doubt about that steamy scene since the last episode, its really impossible to have it especially only for 10 minutes webisode, and youtube also has restrictions and limitation in showing love scenes, plus HyunMin couple will show some skin……..I don’t think so, but I’m rather happy and contended with all the episode, but still I don’t know what will I do during Tues, Wen, and Thurs……… its like its part of my routine that after work I need my dose of PK.
    regarding KHJ getting us all excited, I really don’t know him well, because during BOF time I got hooked with Seoulmates, but during summer that they announced that KHJ will be the main lead of PK I got so excited especially I saw the teaser, I told myself, hmmmmm interesting couple, especially Min Min is so young and innocent! that is what I’m looking for a romantic comedy drama, because Korean always cast the girl lead older than the male lead……I want to have the feeling of the guy controlling the girl. LOL!
    But my only hope the PK will give me is a real genuine kiss, rather than awkward, I want them to be like natural kissing married couple, maybe a little bit French kiss will do for my world to explode. hehehe!
    thanks ockoala!

    • first…thanks to ockoala for the leak… i’m thinking the same things as you Lovejoy… i love PK but not because of KHJ or JSM….i just want a regular boy-girl-high school-comedy-romance kind of story…but since i’ve watch itazura na kiss loooonggg time ago and like the story line (but didn’t like much the drama itself-because kotoko’s character a bit over for normal human being) i’m really looking forward for PK.

      i only saw KHJ first time in BOF (that is also because i love reading the manga and i’ve watched the taiwan version and want to try the korean version at that time).

      my first impression after watching ep 1 of PK…i thought KHJ and JSM is perfect for the role and korean version is better because the characters seem more down to earth…but after the first kiss (that is barely a kiss-i could see both actors are to shy) i’m getting the idea that the kisses in PK will be set to something along this way~~

      but then we got to see a very good BTS that show the sparks between these two actors, and we been thinking why we could only see shyness but not that sparks in PK…and our hope getting higher and we also got a bit of boating in the honeymoon scene…i think that there’s no one to be blame, but hoping that the last yt special could show more emotion/feeling/tenderness/loving/sweet words/moist look??? (what ever words you all out there use) to make us feel warm inside while watching the ending of PK ^^ i think that is not to much to request….and please….give us the warm scene at least 30 seconds without the camera panning or whatever wall or window or worst…froze frame….

    • i think ockoala, offered her services to teach Kim Hyun Joong about the birds and the bees.
      but if she’s not free, i think others will be willing to volunteer! (ok, myself included!)

      • @jeankaycee and @mayssenger,

        Lol at you both. Why don’t we all be his teachers πŸ˜‰ With plenty of people to teach him the ways of the birds and the bees, he might likely come away more wise and a master πŸ˜€

    • Are we talking about KHJ or BSJ? Somehow, I seriously doubt KHJ needs to be taught about the birds and the bees. Dude really? A guy as good looking as KHJ? As for BSJ, he’s a doctor. I bet he knows all about the birds and bees.

      Why don’t we just let JSM/OHN and KHJ/BSJ learn about the birds and the bees on there own? They already have amazing chemistry. I’m sure they’ll figure it out faster then anyone can teach them. What I wouldn’t give to be a lizard on the wall in that scene/room. On second thought, that is way too perverted. I’ll skip that part. (Note: I would say fly on the wall, but somehow KHJ would notice me and I’d be squashed dead. I think he has a bug radar.)

      • Umm…don’t think BSJ needs to be taught birds and beesy stuff, he’s in total control. KHJ’s a different story though – he’s shy and you know birds and bees may scare him cos he’s scared of flying creatures LOL. And no, I don’t want to be a lizard thank you, I want to be OHN. Hahahahahaha

      • hahaha…your comment about being fly is toooo funny!! ^^ yes….better be another thing than insect…. kekeke….if not it’s going to be another story…that is KHJ chasing you around and make sure you be squashed dead….or he could spray you with his hair sprayer…. ^^

      • hehehe… i haven’t laughed so hard in my life……. sooooo FUNNY, I have tears streaming down my face laughing uncontrollably…hahaha…..a pervert lizard on the wall?( i don’t want to be one either) …..hahaha… bug radar….squashed dead fly….birds & bees….extermination by hair spray??… . hahaha …. LOL…. I’ve never so tickled …….. THANKS for making my day!

      • LOL…you guys are too funny. Not only will I miss PK after next Tuesday but I will also miss reading the wonderful comments as well.

  18. ‘Steamy’ only popped up in the Eng translation of what KHJ said at the YT Press Conference. Unless he personally uttered ‘steamy’ in English’ I would opt to believe that something got lost in the translation as most likely he would have spoken in Korean. It would have been nice to get a boating scene but I’m satisfied even if it doesn’t come to pass.

    • I was considering that. Maybe he meant ‘with more feelings’? More than two people just pressing their lips together (as per standard of all *well almost all* korean dramas).

      But then again, all their kiss scenes are still shot far away. Maybe that is why we can’t tell the difference sometimes?

  19. omg for the first time I didn’t enjoy reading PK spoiler… no steamy scene at all .. why why why? I wouldn’t be this disappointed if they didn’t PROMISE…

  20. Why i feel they actually already shooting that BOATING scene, but SUMTHING happened, so it must GOT CUT!!!!
    Well when i watch ytkiss presscon and saw hyunjoong face when said that, imo he gave me feeling, he and somin already did that boating shooting though.
    Its kinda ‘serious’ clue and bait, so I think he wouldn’t give such a clue if its not there.
    Oh well if its true, that scene actually exist, well congratz for Somin and KHJ at least you two did boating, eventhough we cant see it XD

    • Well said….Clara. I like to believe that’s what happened. Coz, I really don’t think dear HJ will say something if it’s not. Okay, like Juniestar said…let’s use our imagination….and cherish the great moments of PK!!!

    • Yeah…I felt that they had already shot the scene, but now they’re not going to use it. Too bad for us viewers but woot woot for KHJ and JSM.

      I don’t think they filmed the webisodes in sequential order. The last day of filming was the driving webisode, which is webisode 6. So when did they film webisode 7?

      • I can imagine when they were shooting that steamy scene both KHJ and JSM must be trying to act cool about the whole thing but actually they are both really quite nervous about it. I think that’s so cute too.
        Remember the kiss in the rain? While they were waiting for the actual shoot, KHJ kept joking and make JSM laugh. He did that to make the situation less nervous and calm, imagine if he kept quiet and standing there just waiting with JSM to kiss is quite nerve-wreaking for the both of them.

    • Maybe someone influential e.g JSM’s dad if he is a chaebol, has put a stop to this scene being shown. JSM is really brave and she has taken a big leap of faith doing this show, with all its kissing and boating scenes, in Korea.

  21. ok…. this may be strange… however bad i want it… if there’s no steamboating… I’m ok with it… eventhough KHJ promised us himself, i forgive him for getting our hopes high.

    it had been good… it had been great. i’m not going to let that get in my way of loving PK and enjoy the LAST AND FINAL EP ( T_T nooooooooooooooo OTTOKEEEEEE /(=_=)… sorry i’ll get some more grip on myself) to the fullest!!!!!

    • hey… just searching for ur comment to say… that i haven’t forgotten our chatroom.. but still too busy to read anything, let alone comment right now.. and yes, i’m even in lab during the week-end, and i’m also holding office hours.. TT
      miss you. hope you are well.

      • Sweetheart… if you get to read this,

        I haven’t forgotten about you either, still rooting for you that you are doing good in lab and in LIFE!!! repeating our usual stuff: don’t worry about me, never worry about me, do good@!!!! you are your number 1 priority!! I’ll update you about some pk stuff once you regain your breather and still up for the PK stuff πŸ˜‰

  22. Disappointed much? Well, yeah. But will it stop me from watching webisode 7? NO.

    Each webisode has been about a normal slice of life. It should be mundane stuff, but the actors, writers, and PD has injected so much excitement and warmth into each 10 minute segment. I’m sure webisode 7 will be just as exciting and heartwarming…steam or no steam.

  23. I left a message/comment on ytkiss…hehe…somehow i think our comments make it to group 8…so maybe you guys should do it to? i know its been shot already, but at least we can let group 8 know how we feel, maybe later on they will release scenes that were cut…and ngs, etc.

  24. wahhhhhhhhhhh i’m about to cry of sadness, damn you G8 T-T….i had high hopes for that scene…and the chance to see hani pregnant πŸ™

    • yup…i think most of us wanted Hani te be pregnant right…. T_T at least we could use our own head to make the boating scene to our liking…

  25. Here’s the quote from that presscon:

    β€œSince Youtube does not have strict restrictions, we were able to show a steamier love scene than on television…”

    I don’t know if its a lost in translation case. But so far, they have not shown anything more daring than what they have shown on tv, considering the less restrictions on YT.

    Oh well, steamy or no steamy, here’s hoping that the final episode will end with a blast.:) Surprise us! LoL.

  26. The anticipation of a steamy boat finally arriving has been doused! It feels like taking away a promised Christmas toy from a child! Wahhh… what a let down!!! :<

    On retrospect, I have been continously spoiled with PK steamy boating presents in the past eps. I suppose I should stop my boating tantrum. And, not have it spoil the enjoyment of watching the last episode.

  27. I have a question , will the BTS we’re going to watch on wednesday and thursday be about scenes shooted but never shown in the episodes ( like that scene when SJ was wearing the pink T-shirt and having the tennis racket in his hand , it was shown in the preview for epi 14 I think but during that epi we never saw the scene ) or will they be about funny stuffs and NG during the shooting of the show ?

    • i’ve been thinking the same too….hope Group 8 could give us longer BTS that cover all the left-out scene ++ the BTS for YT special epi… ^^

  28. Crap, missed the intel drop again. :sigh:

    As expected, holding on to the loftily to HJ promise didn’t burst my bubble. We’ll just wait for it then…

    Btw, whose script, I wonder, did they get? You guys do know that not all is written down on the script. In Pirates of the Caribbean, when Elizabeth (Kira) kissed Jack (Johnny) it wasn’t written down on Will (Orlando’s) script so the surprise on his face was genuine LOL. Just a bit of hope for those depressed. πŸ˜‰ But don’t tack anything on me okay? πŸ˜›

  29. ” life is full of surprises” let’s hope this quote come true on Tuesday.

    Over all I’m happy with the outcome this drama had bring to us all. I found this blog and enjoyed coming here and read all the comments that made me smile all the time.

    It was a PLEASURE regardless of what happen on Tuesday.

  30. You know what we should do? We should write the same message on the YT page and demand a movie/season 2, or at least more BTS and NGs. It’s easier to get one continues message heard and thousands of smaller ones !!!

  31. Yeah, the absence of the steamy boat in the last episode does not in any way lessen my love for this drama.

    To me PK is a box of special treats ozzing with sweetness and kisses that brought joy to my heart. I’d treasure this gift and remember with fondness the pleasure of PK addiction and playing at ockoala’s playground.

  32. I Like how steamy scenes are being being redefined here. We could just be actually shown where it begins . A true passionate kiss given and received with their heart and soul is the best testament to the love between Hani and SeungJo .We know where that kiss will lead .

    I am cherishing the sweet moments in this drama just like you . When we share our fondness for the characters and their little anecdotes they will stay with us for a long, long time .

  33. No steamy scene? So disappointed! But maybe they show us a really HOT kiss πŸ˜€ I think that I’ve became another fan girl, so bad for married woman ;p
    Thanks Koala for all yours spoilers!

  34. Yaaa! Any boating? Even any birthday boat?
    They’d better end this with a boat or at least with a slighttest hint of boating and a baby… {T_T}

  35. I think everyone may have jumped to conclusions as to exactly what steamy meant and it very well could have been lost in translation. It does happen on occasion. Also he may have meant the dialogue is more steamy (the balcony scene dialogue is an example) and not necessarily the actions. Besides Hyun Joong doesn’t have control on which scenes they show and which ones they don’t. So getting upset and saying Hyun Joong broke his word is not cool. He never promised anything anyway. He just made the comment and everyone else ran with it. We should just be thankful we actually have these episodes at all!

    • The way I look at it, the steam boat upset is just a playful emotional outburst. We had so much fun enjoying the lively steam boat discussion in this playground. So, maybe the reactions of the SB not coming at all may sound upsetting but I think the intended reaction is suppose to be a lighthearted one.

      CeeCee23, you’re absolutely right. It could all boil down to a situation of “lost in translation”. It should not really be a big deal for what’s its worth. The YT special edition is a surprise manna from heaven we should all be thankful for, like you said.

      • I think everyone was infected with KHJ 4Dness that all our imagination went wild about the steam boat scene…LOL!!!

  36. With these leaks coming out, I think everyone should be prepare for non-steamy scenes in the last YT webisode and if steamy scenes appear, then we’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  37. At the time when HJ said there would be a steamier scene, he said it because it would promote the YT drama better and increase the viewers’ interest. Everybody likes to talk “big” for promotional purposes. Another possibility, “steamier scene” in his mind is not necessarily a kiss scene, it could just be an intimate scene such as hugging, intimate conversations, etc

    • I like the second possibility better. I dont think HJ needs that talk big to promote YT PK as PK itself has received so much support internationally. Just my opinion and yes, I am bias towards HJ!

  38. Maybe they will show the two in a steamy bath scene .OK that is steamy scene there and provocative ,too . So many can happen things can happen under the category steamy scenes

  39. i feel like it’s all a “PLAYFUL BOATING SCENE!” hahaha and group 8 sticks their tongue out..so disappointed..well i still love PK because maybe i have been spoiled too much..we have tons of kisses compare to other dramas out there–as i look back im still hating on the full house kiss so i should be thankful that PK gave me lots of steaaaaam!

  40. Guys, lets focus on the fact that despite no “Steamy Scenes”… which does’nt last that long anyway, the PK YT edition did give us a glimpse that our fave couple are maturing and living happily ever after… Though I must admit I keep repeating the part they kiss hehehehe but overall I’ll miss this couple and this blog… Hope we will have new KHJ projects soon and meet again … BYE everyone. Last day of PK , NOV 18 is my birthday …. πŸ™

  41. Oh my goodness, I just checked the YT PK Channel… many netizens are demanding a steamy love scene for the last episode as promised. If not delivered, they’ll have a lot of unhappy fans to deal with!

    Majority of the comments are imploring for a Part 2 YT special episodes. With the staggering current volume of 7.7M upload views & 3.7M channel views and counting which I suspect will reach over 10M+ in upload views by next week, it would be foolish if they wouldn’t consider and take advantage of this golden opportunity.

    • Whoa! We may have a youtube comment revolt! There are some very ticked off viewers on there and for goodness sakes the episode hasn’t even aired yet. There still could actually be a steamy scene. I read on a couple of different sites that supposedly a steamy scene was shot but apparently they decided not to air it, but really who knows for sure. I just hope the unhappy campers don’t end up hurting Hyun Joong and Jung So Min in any way with all this.

    • I doubt the production house will accept to do any continuation whether as a season 2 for the YT episodes or a film as sequal for the drama , but I really wish for one of the two , with the same actors of course .

  42. If they are really going to do season 2 with just JSM without KHJ I won’t want to watch it same if they just have KHJ with another girl I WON’T WATCH IT TOO!

  43. here’s the thing.. as much as we are complaining ( no boating!! we don’t see any boats!!! πŸ˜‰ ).. we do love PK to bits and pieces.. and us complaining about the boating issue is really just in a playful way.. nothing really serious about it right?? this is a playground where our imaginations tend to go wild.. and really pretty reckless and crazy.. ( if you’ll read thru all the comments, we’ve got pretty good ones!! hahahaha!!! )

    so boating or no boating… we all are happy and glad that we’ve seen a glimpse of our OTP’s married life.. at least we can somehow let go of them knowing that they are ok. πŸ™‚

    PK can really cause such an uproar!! and i mean that in a good way!!! πŸ™‚
    i’ll surely miss it and everything related to it.. πŸ™‚

    • Surprisingly, for such a simple cutey drama with no suspense dangling plots , PK has caused a lot of sensation!!! Kind of funny how it turned out – PK has its own drama with more twists and turns than the actual storyline — from the cast selection, the dismal Korean ratings, cutting of episodes and the amazing YT phenomena. Yeah, I agree, PK is a legend!!!

  44. Well PKissers, this is really the final lap for PK YT version. I’ll probably be in denial come Thurs when it’s curtains for the webisodes. Will need some time to re-org my life and schedules so it will a while before I invest so much of myself into another drama. However, I have absolutely no regrets following PK right through both for the drama & YT runs , not only for fangirl spazzing but gaining a virtual community of friends in this playground, which I feel is very precious.

  45. Dear Ockoala and friends in this lovely playground,

    I was just discussing this with other PKissers, how about having a little virtual farewell party of our own after the webisodes?! We want to end this saga on a very high note, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

    Thursday, maybe? We can pick a time frame and write our “last” words/comments/spazzes and what-not. I really do feel like my drama-viewing was taken into a whole new level sharing PK with all of you guys. *sniff, sniff*

      • if that will be the case… then….

        I’LL STEAL RUSH&MAYSSENGER’s and all the others’ boat… row to Korea on my own, personally choke the group 8 people with bare hands and while i’m at it… i’ll go over MBC’s and knock down whoever is responsible for banning European viewers from watching subbed PK@viikii’s!!!

        I’ll tell KHJ to do good and that I love him and not to wait up for me… cuz i’ll be in jail for quite some time i guess…. ^^ hehehehehe sorry getting a bit violent here keke….

        nah I love them all, heheh despite the angst right now (Β€^o^Β€)/

      • @ItadakimasU: I am TOTALLY with you on “i’ll go over MBC’s and knock down whoever is responsible for banning European viewers from watching subbed PK@viikii’s!!!” I was rubbing my hands thinking of seeing it all again, as soon as the webisodes ended, and yesterday had just realized that I could not!

        Do not worry! I will help you row!!! kkkk

      • why isn’t my message showing?? arghhhh i don’t have patience for this with all the waiting for PK πŸ™ sorry ockoala!!!

        so pasting:
        @Fromspain heheheh starting a new thread of crazy here πŸ˜‰

        i’m doing reruns @ http://www.epdrama.com/playful-kiss now
        and although it could be distracting at times… i do miss Viikii’s comments right above the screen -___-

      • ??? why is this one posted and my previous one not?? because of the link??? oki pasting again… remove space:

        @Fromspain heheheh starting a new thread of crazy here πŸ˜‰

        i’m doing reruns @ http://www.epdrama. com/playful-kiss now
        and although it could be distracting at times… i do miss Viikii’s comments right above the screen -___-

      • I’ve just seen on the ytkiss channel that today webisode was gonna be a little late……. I don’t know what exactly they understand as “little” but in my dictionary “an hour and a half” is more than “a little” πŸ˜›

      • [explainging the ‘ok i give up… it’s not working :(‘ and why that one is posted and the previous one not…]

        i pasted the comment with the link several times, but it didn’t show on the page…. hehehe was getting quite frustrated as my level of patience is waaaaaaaay low due to the PK-waiting :(:( -________-

      • ok now i’m sure the channel is going to crash… every minute there will be like 7 comments posted asking why the delay. add to that all the refreshing of the page ^^ kekekeke

      • Oops!! Didn’t they aired the webisodes at 7pm Seoul time? Last weeks I patiently wait for the webisodes until 11am (my time) in order to watch them!! Oh! This different timeframe is killing me kkkk



    • hehehe read Fromspain’s reply on the thread right above….

      at least they’re letting us know aishhhh this day is going to be all about waisting time and waiting T_T

      • Yeah! refreshing….working a little…..refreshing…..thinking about how such much time they will better employ it in a longer webisode….refreshing…..working another bit….refreshing…. thinkin “they better be including that steamy scene”…..refreshing…..and that is the summary of my morning!!!! kkkkk

    • i really think that all this waiting is testing my patience… BUT…only one thing can cool me down….if group 8 taking this much time just to re-edit ep 7 and then show us REALLY HOT BOATING… i’ll be happy even if they ask us to wait for another day ^o^/

      • I’m amazed at the rate the comments are being posted onto youtube while pple are waiting for last ep to be aired… the power of PK!

    • tick tick tick says the clock….

      nothing nothing nothing says ytkiss channel…

      argh arGH ARGHHH says the PK-beast in my belly

      • I’m also surprised and angry , already two hours have passed and nothing till now , wonder wha’s the problem :S

      • they are testing us… making us expectate, anticipate, pk-ate
        (buhahahah, I adjusted my mantra kekekeke, it used to end with -ation ;))

  47. ok then i’ll do something random… testing whether my avatar will change colour and shapes if i post under a different e-mailadres…

    • yeah… i like your limegreen one also… but i love lovEEE LOVEEEEEEE rainyrain’s teal blue (two threads above)….

      maybe i should just get an account so i can change the avatar to my wishes hehehe

      • yeah I also love the blue in my avatar but even urs is awww , ok every category of blue is great for me since I’m big fan of that colour πŸ˜€

      • I ALSO LOVE ALL KINDS OF BLUE… but i think baby blue is one of my least favourite kind of blue…

        anyways… that’s always better than the brown one i got from my second e-mailaddres :S

  48. ughhh!!!!!!! still no sign of ep 7. WTH !!!! another case of misinterpretation??
    1st – the steamy love scene
    2nd – a little bit

    • WOWWWIEEE your avatar is cool πŸ˜‰ hahahah

      sorry i’m trying to shift my attention so this CRAZY infuriating WAITING won’t kill me….

      • hey guys you’re all here waitinggggg I see LOL….I went to youtube and posted a few nasty comments out of sheer boredom. Have a horrible feeling we’re not going to see ep 7 anytime soon. Weird I wonder what’s wrong?

      • Perhaps is because they are editing a looooooong and steamy webisode?……. wishful thinking on my part but…it would be SO AMAZING if it were true

        @itadakimasu: changed my e-mail…crossing fingers waiting for the new avatar πŸ˜€

      • i’m afraid they might show us the NG and BTS first and ep 7 the last one πŸ™

        anyway… i really love the pink avatar and mayssenger red one… ^^

      • pwahahahah! i got the idea from you. am killing time waiting for PK. bwahahahah! arigato gozaimazu…. ItadakimasU !!!!!!

      • Still waiting….refreshing….waiting….and thinking…. I must really be a little bit on the crazy side….as I am waiting for a webisode…..that I am not going to understand a bit of what they will be saying!!! LOL

        btw..I love mayssenger red avatar too and itadakimasu and comicsgilz blue ones are my favs!

      • @mayssenger… thanx….. i’ve been to ytube several times and posted several comments too. am afraid can’t get to watch it now… my internet connection is getting slow. T_T

      • @Fromspain… yeah.. that yellowish one was almost as bad as my second brown poopie one πŸ™ YUK!

        @mayssenger: allenif’s avatar looks like the king of our avatars… she should keep that one!!! (i saw her with a different one before..)

        @comicsgirlz… hmmm maybe i’m not completely sad about it if they show the BTS first… knowing that today will be the ending of webisodes makes me even more sad than all this waiting T_T
        ok distraction… did you mean my third avatar (this pink one)??

        btw… off topic… i saw a comment from a certain Tommi here @koala’s….
        (Β€^o^Β€)/ we have a guy in our midst (Β€^o^Β€)/

      • btw.. i also like comicsgirlz’s avatar… her’s his blue with a teeny bit of lilac/violet in it

      • wait… hold on a sec…. are we REALLY DISCUSSING THE AVATARS RIGHT NOW???

        I think i should check in somewhere some time soon!!

      • @itadakimasU…yup…i love your pink avatar ^^ nice colour and i like the pattern too….and thanks for liking mine….i kind of like the baby blue colour and the pattern…

  49. Guys, my back hurts, my butt’s sore, cos I’ve been waiting for 3 hrs and 25 mins – I feel like shutting down my laptop and doing something else but I just can’t move. This is really addiction, no?

    • it’s as bad as it can get^^

      i’m envious of some girls as they are probably still sleeping and missing the reason to go completely GAGA about

      • I think I’m going to move on to Mary Marry Me after PK. Watched eps 1 and 2 wv subs and really liked it. Ep 3 watched raw didnt understand crap….but still liked it. I find Jae Wook terribly attractive for some reason. He’s not angsty or angry here, just cool and calm and slick. Gives me chills just watching him and Mary….they’ve got so much chemistry together. Allenif you like him too, don’t you?

      • hmm still haven’t been able to watch any other drama besides PK (doing some major reruns here)… even WGM-joongbo won’t do….

        call me crazy… I think i am πŸ™

      • mayssenger you can watch also ” secret garden ” watched the first epi with english subs and the second RAW ( didn’t understand one bit of it LOL ) and I loved it , also dramabeans is updating this show , I think I’m going to enjoy this drama , now that my OK is ending ” sniff sniff sniff “

      • grrr!!! where did my comment go? am now having another prob aside from waiting ep 7…. my connection is getting slower and slower. i might not be able to watch it by the time it’s up already. β–Ί @ mayssenger β—„ yeah, i really really like kim jae wook cuz i find him irresistable and he’s the main reason why am watching m3. i still prefer him than jang geun suk, whether his role is a bad guy or not. i’m actually waiting also for ep 4 of m3 at dramacrazy that’s why am switching from one tab to another. i’ve seen the raw ep 3 of m3 too and i got thrilled of its ending. i’ve just read ockoala’s recap to be able to understand it. LOL

    • Howdy! hahaha… good morning!! it’s 5:39am my time. Got up at 5:00 expecting ep 7 to be up. Cannot believe the wait has been this long —– 3+ hours is toooo long!! The YT notice said ep will be a little bit late —- their “little bit” is yet another lost in definition!!! …hahaha… having lots of laughs reading YT and your comments!!!

  50. OK THAT’S IT!!! i’m going to do some compulsive cleaning just to vent my anger and frustration in a good way

    when i’m back… I DEMAND SOME MORE NEWS FROM GROUP 8… (yeah right… good luck with that <~ that was my alter ego speaking…. where is the nearest mental institution???)

    • My loony self is going to have lunch as my stomach is getting jealous of all the attention I am paying to PK and the non-existent I am paying to it!! LOL

      Meanwhile I’ll be hoping with itadakimasu for some Group 8 news!!

      off topic….again…..new e-mail address….will this avatar be amazing or just another yellowish horror?

      • heading towards ytkiss!!

        but not before i say: Fromspain… your purple one is JJANGGGGG|!!!! the queen of the avatars^^


      • woooot… wooot!!!! i like your avatar From Spain than mine πŸ˜€ yours should be the king since it’s also much bigger and okey…. i’ll just be the queen. heheh! right, ItadakimasU???? LOL

      • hmm let me think about it…..

        but allenif… yours looks more male and fromspain’s more female…

        but aishhh what are we talking about again ahhahahah

      • hmmm off the real life… can”t be crazy forever…

        see you all at ockoala’s recap ^^

      • hehe you may be right… really like to spazzz some more here… fortunately… real life means watching a nice move and have dine out … soooo


      • Course, it’ll be forever before I watch because as USUAL, I’m stuck with crap internet on the important days! *watches status bar*

    • IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS UPLOADED!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Forget lunch I am going to watch it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • awwww thanks , LOL today we have a national religious event , all islamic country are celebration a religious event so I’m off since tunisia is an islamic country too , so I’m going to be able to watch it right now , thankuuuu so much , huggyyyyy πŸ™‚

    • you can get a mp3 converter for youtube. i use the converter for all mp3 songs /non-songs…

      search for youtube video2mp3 converter (for mozilla firefox). it’s a add on on your youtubepage^^

      • thinking about it now, maybe that’s what they delayed the webisode. They were trying to figure out what steam boating but couldn’t contact. I was supposedly at work and some of you guys are in the early morning. They settled with inserting the word steamboat on the screen monitor. To placate our Malaysian friends, they also had to show that word Malaysia on the screen. At least they tried.

      • kekeke….so proud of this ep since i’m from Malaysia.. ^^ i could see SJ google something and the name Malaysia is there for people to see…

    • ‘No boating afterall…’

      Blame it on the pregnant lady – she caused whatever plans that BSJ may have hatched up to be aborted and all forms of vehicular transportation to be parked ( Mini Cooper ), anchored ( boat ) , grounded ( plane – for those clamoring for a steamy scene to whiz through a 10min webisode at the speed of light )

    • what’s will all the dog dolls/figurines???? she even got one hanging on her phone!!!

      does baek also means dog or something??? i thought is was something sounding phonetically like khe…..???

    • buahahah ok the carscene with the pregnant lady was HILARIOUS!!!!! THE CAKE WITH THE “CANDLES” LMAO!!!!

      bsj was so cute, doing his best arranging the surprise… he can’t get any help from the family as they can’t keep stuff low key πŸ˜›

  51. I’m trying to stop my tears , the show is over once and for all , I swear I’m trying to stop myself from crying so my parents won’t be worried and then when they know the reason of my tears think that their daughter is crazy
    Loved loved loved the last scene , one of the cutest scene I ever watched in kdrama , and yes our couple will for sure live happily ever after .
    just wished they showed a lil baby at the veryyyy end of the show that would have been awwwwwwwwwwwww

    • ah rainyrain, don’t be sad… tug this all in your happy place….

      I laughed soooo hard during the car scene and when he presented her the cake. She got a private KHJ concert!!!!

      aish… it was HIlarious, sweet, LOVely and SAD all in one….

      PK me loves you!@!!!!

      • yes…that’s right!

        even if there is no boating but when i watched it, i wasn’t so disappointed, in fact, the “LAST KISS” made me SHIVER and QUIVER until i realized i got a FEVER

      • That last kiss was lovely….so natural and sweet, like they were really comfortable with each other. But I wish the camera hadn’t panned away. As usual, I got cross-eyed trying to make out what she was doing to his face after she blew out the candles…..did she kiss his cheek? I was like screaming Noooooo I can’t see go back there Camera!!!

      • When he brought out the cake with the bendy candles, it almost made me cry…..so touching!

    • I was so touched BSJ made an effort to make Hani happy… I’m happy for them… although now I feel empty that this is the last we will see of our OTP… I wonder what will fill the void… PK what have you done!!!

    • Don’t cry rainyrain. That was one of the sweetest episodes ever. I smiled all through even though I couldn’t understand most of what they said. And yes, a little baby would have been just cho chuweet πŸ™‚

  52. no boating but still i’m satisfied with the ending. that was so sweet… oh hani getting a surprise from the almighty baek seung jo…. that’s epic. PK ….. you’re simply the great πŸ˜€

      • *Pleased*

        That scene was so sweet. The mighty BSJ singing happy birthday to his Oh Ha Ni. And happily not grudgingly. It brought me back to his speech at the graduation and made me so happy for our OTP.

      • oh!! how nice of you to bring that up!! yeah.. BSJ is happy now, so he can pamper hani with love ^^

      • Yeah the singing part was really touching …. I almost teared up there a second….awwww I’m sadddd guys I feel EMPTYYYYY

    • Back again after lunch and being in lalaland for 14 blissful minutes!!

      LOL the car scene is hilarious!! Got me laughing like crazy even if I could not understand a word!! πŸ˜€

      And the last scene……so sweet…..SIGH……..

      Now I’m getting ready to enter new anxious phase….the “waiting for subtitles” phase….it is still not the end for me!! kkkk

  53. awwwww…..so sweet. the 3 minutes was bliss..blissss…Seungjo loooked so shy when he pulled out that cake with bendy candles. although when they started playing *the music*, my brain picked up the first few notes and started screaming..boat, boat..eeeeep…i have to unwire my brain to stop sending me boating messages every time that song plays again.

    they did sneak in the “steamboat” while he was doing the internet search. LOL.
    and they’re lucky KHJ is so gorgeous he can pull off anything, otherwise that polka dot vest would have looked so ridiculous — i mean, black and white polka-dotted vest + brown coat, what was stylist noona thinking? hehe.

    okay i’m nitpicking on the litte details. this is my first stage of denial. aaaackkkk…can’t believe it already ended!!!! i might have to go through strages of DABDA (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)…aaaaahhhhh….*goes to watch the webisode again*

    • oooooppssss…almost forgot. when are we having the party ladies ?!! should we wait until the last BTS episode or should we have it during today’s recap?

      ockoala dear, what do you think? i have my bottle of wine ready. just give us a go-ahead and we’ll get this party rolling. i’m obviously still in denial mode so anything that will take my mind off this goodbye thing, i’m all up for it. πŸ˜‰

      • ooooohhhh…just noticed during the last scene when they had the fade out ~ someone released that bunch of multi-colored balloons!!!! so cute. love these little details.

        (although can’t help but insert a snark: who’s hiding behind those bushes and holding the balloons? ;))

      • Me too want in on the party! I need mucho vino to drown my sorrow at PK ending. And I never noticed the balloons at all Yeisha. Was too busy zooming in on KHJ/JSM hugging and kissing and acting all couply (I know that’s not a word, but bear with me).
        Have to say I loved, loved, loved their chemistry in this episode (as in every prior webisode). I do believe that KHJ could make a career out of being Baek Sung Jo. In fact I demand that he make a career out of it! I demand Season 2!!

        I too struggled with the polka dotted vest coat, until I realized this is KHJ – he could wear a leopard print waistcoat with a checked jacket and accessorize it with a polka dotted tie and I would still adore him. And speaking of prints, I was so delighted to see OH wearing the checked PJs again….

    • @rush, i need mucho vino too. sake, soju…heck, any kind of alcohol will do. i’m starting to feel the emptiness kicking in. i think i skipped all the other stages of DABDA and went straight from denial to depression. its that darn cake with those bendy candles and the way he smiled at her so sweeeetly like that. sigh.

      yes, KHJ can make a career out of BSJ. at this rate, i don’t even know who i love more. they’ve somehow morphed into one person in my eyes. and how perfect and so natural was that kiss? sigh again.

      re: balloons, i didn’t even notice it first but upon rewatch, if you look closely at the back of SJ’s mini cooper, you can see a part of someone’s shoes. i wonder how long the poor guy had to crouch behind the car like that while holding those balloons. hehehe.

  54. awwwww………. (*o*)/ i’m saying this is the episode that shows all the passion between OTP and the one chemistry i’ve been waiting for in PK!! at last!! the kiss was soooo natural and sooo sweeeet…!!! wish the camera didn’t moves so far from them T_T so i could see Hani giving SJ another sweet peak on his lips after the song…..*sigh*

    again……the last 3 minutes are sweet… sweet….! sweet..!! sweet!! πŸ˜€ love the chemistry….but sadly…..it is the end of PK…*sob sob sob sob* i want PK season 2!!!!! T___T

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