Mary Stayed Out All Night Written Preview for Episode 5

Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) – I am officially your koala slave. You beckon and I come scurrying over. The written preview for episode 5 of M3 is out. I really should end that sentence with an excessive flurryย of exclamation marks, because I guarantee you’ll feel the same need afterย you read what carrot M3 is dangling before us.

On an unrelated note, I just popped off a First Impression review of M3 for Thundie (link above), so go check it out if you want a more cohesive first look at M3 which my all-over-the-place recaps don’t provide. Read on for the written preview….

M3 Episode 5 Written Preview:

Mae Ri and Jung In reminisce about their childhood memories at the country estate, and the day passes right by. Jung In is determined to wholeheartedly do everything in his power to make Mae Ri love him. Mae Ri is also experiencing, for the first time, a sense of warmth and her heart beating faster around Jung In. That night, Jung In has a nightmare about his father, concerning a long ago incident that is both frightening and painful.

Mu Gyul discovers that the Mae Ri that has been following him around like a cat is suddenly not there anymore. He realizes that without Mae Ri around, there is a palpable sense of emptiness.

Concluding their two days one night getaway, Mae Ri and Jung In return to Seoul, picking up a dumpster television by the side of the road to bring to Mu Gyul. Arriving at Mu Gyul’s, Mae Ri sees Seo Jun leaving his place. Jung In informs Mu Gyul that he is planning to sincerely pursue Mae Ri and have a real relationship with her. Mu Gyul is shocked by this news, and feels nervous.

Mae Ri’s dad continues to see Mu Gyul’s existence as a source of unease. He gives Mu Gyul a plane ticket and some money, asking him to leave Mae Ri. Sitting across from each other at a pub, Mae Ri’s dad’s efforts to get Mu Gyul to leave Mae Ri are to no avail. At this time, Mae Ri finds out from Jung In’s dad the story about her mother, whom he described as a ray of sunshine.

Mu Gyul’s mother reappears like the wind – still the same woman who gets into trouble and comes looking for her son to bail her out. Even though Mu Gyul is sick and tired of this, he still goes to see Jung In about his drama OST proposal.

To solve his problems, Mu Gyul needs to sign a contract with Jung In’s company. But Mu Gyul and Jung In cannot come to an agreement with respect to the place for the rest of the band. So the contract is null and void. Jung In is resolved to have Mu Gyul be his OST producer, so he finds Mae Ri to help convince Mu Gyul.

Jung In is also starting to get suspicious about Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s relationship, which leads Mae Riย to be apprehensive and worried that her fake marriage to Mu Gyul will be found out. She asks Mu Gyul to please help her. In front of Jung In, Mu Gyul leans in to kiss Mae Ri…..

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated to Chinese by Baidu Moon Geun Young bar, translated into English by me]


Mary Stayed Out All Night Written Preview for Episode 5 — 80 Comments

  1. that last sentence totally had me fapping like a crazy fangirl… though knowing these k-dramas it’ll be a fake kiss, not a real one – darnit! i hope it’s real though, it’d seriously up the stakes of the situation. I can barely wait for episode four subs despite reading two recaps. Now you want me to wait for Monday??? how am i gonna do it?

  2. Hi, thx for the heads up. I was wondering if KBS also releases long video versions of upcoming episodes, the way that MBC did with Playful Kiss and a lot of ppl uploaded it onto utube. thx.

  3. I love this drama and I love the actors. Surely it has a big fanbase of followers. Kim Jae Wook is at his best here, clean cut, suave and confident. I have recommended this drama to my friends.

  4. OMG!! This is such pleasant and irresistable episode to watch!! I wish Monday was here already!! MG is *starting* to show feelings for MR, and our MR for JI… so much warm love love in the air~~!!

    Thank you for your fast speed translation and for letting us know the preview for episode 5 was out!! It is getting very very interesting!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!

  5. Thanks for the translation, ockoala… ^^
    Now I’m nervous and excited as hell… One on hand, a kiss!! *squeeee* On the other hand, the tension between the three is sharpening now and makes my heart thumping. OMG, what am I going to have to do to hold on to my sanity these 4 days?? M3, you’ve done me in…

  6. you’re a gem…glad i found your site—as far as the characters go… right now , i’m more intrigued with jung in’s character he’s suave and in my opinion soooo sexxxy— mu gyul however, need i say more??? maeri you lucky girl…

  7. Thanx for the written preview (feed my thirst for today). FYI this is my time in Kdrama that I can’t make up my mind to SHIP for Happy NY or Jung In.

  8. omo, omo, omo, this keep me salivating and want Monday to arrive…time is running so slow these days…(lol)
    thanks much!!!
    can’t wait for your recap , coz that’s the only way I connect with this cutesy drama

  9. So far we been spoiled with 3 piggy back rides… two forehead kisses and now a real lip-smacker! Can’t wait. My crazy fan girl heart cannot wait! Love, Love this hippie indie drama!

  10. omo!! i am really totally done for this time, with that last sentence. a kiss?!! i haven’t totally gone over seeing mugyul’s back (i know, it takes little to make me happy) and now a kiss? Merry christmas, really! hehehe. thanks much for the recap!!

  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I want to the weekend to pass just to watch the upcoming episodes but other then that the weekends can stay as long as they want! I know I have no idea what i’m talking about but I need my M3!

    • allenif, i left a post for you in the previous ep 3 recap….so happy you are here…..I watched M3 raw on dramasub halfway then it stopped loading so I got fed up and came here to find out what’s next…..ooooh she’s weakening to Jae Wook Yayyyyyyyyy

      • mayssenger… please see my reply there. it was long so, you might fall asleep reading my novel. whahahahha!

        OMG…. AM EXCITED, THRILLED TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL!!!!! “Mae Ri is also experiencing, for the first time, a sense of warmth and her heart beating faster around Jung In” WAAAHHHHH!!! can’t help to wait for monday!!!!!!!!!!!

      • allenif, glad I ‘caught’ you finally LOL Read your reply and yeah, she obviously likes him (who wouldn’t??) Miss everybody and PK a lot….hoping to find a whole new ‘family’ here…. that line really got me excited too….Jae Wook is soooo cooool he’s my newest crush! But I still love HJ huhu

      • wahahahahh! correction please… OUR NEWEST CRUSH… for the time being since our ultimate crush is busy… busy… busy! heheh!

        now.. am off to ep 3 of m3 w/ sub. chao! see u again here ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. oh my,, i can’t wait for the 5th episode! waiting for monday to come is really torturing!! uhh, i love jang geun suk oppa so much and the chemistry between him and geun young is just so good! i like the way jae wook act too.. they’re just too good ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. oh my god……..
    i can’t wait to watch this episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out all Night………
    Mu gyul is really sweet…….. how can he think to kiss a girl who he looks at as a puppy????
    oh my god

  14. I think I’m actually more excited for Mu Gyul’s developing feelings than for the kiss! I mean, sure, K-dramas are notorious for cockblocking and whatnot so I won’t believe the kiss is happening until I see it (or hear that you, ockoala, saw it) but OMG, he feels empty without her around! It’s a palpable emptiness! He gets all worried that Jung In is about to make a move on his Merry Christmas! Yes! There is emotional involvement! (As you can tell, I’m pretty excited about this. Hee.)

    Also: I still want to kick Mae Ri’s dad in the head.

    Thank you so much for the translation, ockoala! It is very, very appreciated.

    • Well, I added the adjective “palpable” but that’s because we know more than MG knows how much she’s wormed her way into his life. And how its created this connection with someone who values dependability as much as he longs for it.

      But I am with you that MG’s feeling for MR are what’s KEELING me with the anticipation. Way more than the kiss, which I think will happen. But MR will thinks its for Jung In’s sake, MG will want to believe it was for JI’s sake, and JI will simply get more aggressive in his pursuit of MR, In a polite way, of course.

      Thanks for using the word cockblocked, been dying for it to show up here. I self-censor my posts cuz who knows what little wee ones may be reading it. But hidden in the comments – that’s when I let down my fur and the claws come out. MR’s dad is officially Korea’s most assholey father.

      I am, however, NOT looking forward to the great-big-Jung-In-and-his-lost-memory-which-may-or-may-not-be-related-to-Mae-Ri-and-her-scar thread. I hate hidden family secrets, always good for a downer cliche that serves only to manufacture conflict. I like seeing MR-MG-JI confused about their feelings, not worrying about generational crapfests.

      • I just love how she’s wormed into his life as well, and how cutesy they are together without realizing it: I love all the little things, like him yanking her back to prevent guitar manhandling via hoodie grab, him gesturing to the dumpster with his foot during the TLC home makeover-esque montage, them just sitting around talking about the weather and heaters and gloves and birthdays–oh, I could go on. It’s that natural, organic interaction that I just love. I’m very, very invested in MOAR romance between them, because it’ll probably give me cavities but it’ll hurt so good.

        Like you, I’m not looking forward to the sordid happenings of the elder generation. I don’t find any of them very compelling characters at all, though I am curious about Jung In’s various and sundry issues and how his daddy’s fed them. Still, after slogging through Winter Sonata, I really can’t stand amnesia, birth secrets and generational crapfests (haha, that’s a great term, btdubbs) so, I dunno, we’ll see what they do. At least we know for sure that Jung In and Mae Ri aren’t siblings or anything; if that had ever been a possibility–well, let’s just say that if M3 was a book, it would have gone flying out of my window.

        I would have loved it if the writers had explored Mae Ri’s feelings about her scar a bit more. There are cute touches, like her hairstyle and how she holds her bangs down when she runs, but I think her feelings about it run a bit deeper than we’ve seen. I do think the Harry Potter comment and the kiss Mu Gyul gave her are significant, but I’d love to see how that scar affected her life, how she feels about it, and whether or not it’s played into the lack of boyfriends in her life (you know, aside from her ferocious ducking of angry debt collectors). Alas, I may be asking a bit too much, but we’ll see.

      • My sister & I are totally convinced that Jung In’s father was somehow involved in Mae Ri’s mother’s death and that his drive to have Mae Ri in the family isn’t just residual love but also some kind of guilty conscience – and most likely her scar & Jung In’s memory are all tied in. Although she has a bandage on her forehead in that picture she found – did anyone notice that?

  15. oooh! it seems that Mae Ri is falling for Jung In. Is Jung In falling for her too? Or is it just his schemes to make Mae Ri choose him at the end of 100 days? I’m not yet sure. And hey…. Mae Ri and Jung In’s past… I wonder why they don’t remember being childhood friends before. And I so wanna know what’s the story behing Mae Ri’s scar. XD I’m dying with anticipation here. Ugh. Monday! Monday! PLEASE! Don’t make me suffer anymore.

  16. It’s weird: when I’m watching M3 without subs I’m all for Jung In and Mary but when I rewatch it with subs I just melt when I understand all those little interchanges between Mary and MG. That’s when I start getting a headache trying to decide who I like better. But I really like Mary here….that actress (for the life of me I can’t remember her name) is really good. She was so hard and cold in Cinderella’s Sister and here she’s the total opposite. In her own way she’s as endearing and ditzy and silly as Hani in PK. What an awesome actress she is. I came into this show remembering her in Cinderella but by the end of ep 1 she had me totally immersed in her new helpless-girl character. I much much prefer her character here. In Cinderella’s sister I started off liking her but she wore me down with her incessant unhappiness. What a refreshing change to see her so breezy and happy here.

    As for the two guys, the hippy guy is terribly attractive and he and Mary look really comfortable together. But Jung In – what can I say, I have a penchant for the stereotypal cold, corporate type in sharp suits and branded cars. My one worry is that HE’s not going to get the girl. Anyone out there think he stands a 1% chance of winning Mary’s heart in the end hands up!!!!!

    • of course i’m with you mayssenger, you know that ๐Ÿ˜‰ but i haven’t watched ep 3 with sub yet. *sigh* the computer just keep on buffering… buffering… buffering… GRRRRRRR!!!!! btw, i havent seen cinderella so i have no idea ’bout that kind of role. but i’ve seen moon geung young (mary) in Little Bride and Innocent Steps (both movies). in Little Bride, she’s cute and adorable there too. it’s so funny how during her supposedly honeymoon with her groom, she stayed behind at the airport and let her groom fly to jeju island alone and she dated her crush. if you find time, try to watch it, am sure you’ll like it. in Innocent Steps, well what can I say, she’s good there too and whoa… she’s a dancer there.

  17. thanks for the review ^^ really looking forward for it. Plus, congratz for having M3 as your current love and post it officially in the page already. I’m so happy and really proud of it ^^

  18. Finally, a kiss!!!! can’t wait to see it.
    and i hope MG will soon come to realise his feelings for Mary, if not he’ll lose out to JI…
    can’t be that MG has got so many ex-girlfriends and he doesn’t recognise love when it shows up??

  19. It has been a long time that I would rewatch an ep. Often I can’t even be bothered to rewatch it with subs.

    Love Mary going “chagiyaa”. I can keep rewatching that. Love MGY as Mary. If you have seen her other work, you will realize how good she is as an actress. I like her here the best. Also don’t think anybody else but JGS could be MG.

    Frankly speaking, I see nothing wrong with their clothing. I like it actually. But I think Jung In’s trousers are too short. I don’t like it when it is above the ankles. Yet, I am a Mary-Jung In shipper.

    Thanks for sharing the preview of ep 5. Four more days.

    • I agree about JI’s trousers. And I think that his suit coats are too short and small-looking. But somehow I really liked the blue shirt he was wearing when his dad put the hammer down in ep. 4.

  20. WAAA! I can’t wait!! Let me get that carrot already! LOL XD

    Shoot. Why am I acting like a tiny school girl. XD No doubt I’m already hooked on this drama. XD

  21. *skips, skips, skips, covering eyes*

    I just wanted to say I started reading your first impressions at Thundie’s blog and read the whole part about ep 1 and completely agree (I’ll finish the post when I watched more eps). The 2 Geuns are great together and I was instantly smitten with Moo-kyul (how adorable is he?) though you know what did me in? The bit about the scar. Okay, I’m biased here because I’d LOVE to hear someone say those words to ME, but that aside, I was literally shaking -I think I even stopped breathing for a second there- and in love with him (as much as you can be with a fictional character who’s also a lot younger than you) when he said that. I don’t care if this drama is not perfect, but so far, and to me, it is because it makes my heart pound and make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That’s enough for me.

  22. oh no.. MR starts to feel for JI.. how abt MG??? now that he has also started to realise how he feels about her.. She doesn’t strike me, at this point, to have any real feelings for MG.. she prob just knows that she is very comfortable with him..

    What does everyone think abt MR’s feelings towards MG at the moment?

    • I agree that she likes him as a friend, but doesn’t know that she has feelings for him. I think that could all change with a kiss, like the HP kiss and she gets whisked away into la-la land.

    • i think it’s at that point where friendship is turning into something more, or just a step towards a greater friendship. MG noticing MR’s absence is a big indicator of this, and also how when she’s feeling uncomfortable with Jung-In, she calls MG, because she trusts him more and knows there isn’t any ulterior motive hiding somewhere behind a cool facade. they are beginning to depend on each other – as drinking buddies, as someone to make them laugh, or as someone to save them from a loveless marriage. the beginnings of a great romance IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

      i have to say though, it bothers me to no end that Jung-In is pulling out the charm for Mae-Ri because he wants his drama (and because of his daddy issues). at first he was like “let’s consider the other person’s feelings”. now he’s like, “oh well, i guess she has to like me, let me get her heart racing by kissing her on the forehead”. it’s just so WRONG to lead her on like that. what happens when it’s all over, and she chooses him – is he gonna be like “yeah well i don’t love you or anything like that, but we make a good pair, and my dad’s happy so we’re all good”?? AARGH even if he develops genuine feelings for her this will continue to piss me off. and if he gets found out, it’ll push Maeri towards MuGyul, but MuGyul cannot be the rebound dude. not helpful. It would be different if he fell in love with Seo Jun – that’d be preferable, because then at some point he’ll drop his facade and go be with the one he loves, and not ruin our budding M&M romance ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I don’t think Jung In kissing her forehead is a moral event horizon, not really. Neither of them have any illusions as to why he’s doing it–they both are aware that the whole marriage debacle is strictly business–and it’s very in character for him to be very calculated in approaching Mae Ri as a romantic interest. It makes him a jerk, sure, but I’m not ready to (completely) condemn him until we figure out why he wants to make this drama so badly.

        I do take issue with the why of matter though, because hasn’t it crossed Jung In’s mind–or any of their minds, really–that Mae Ri might take exception to being pursued not because she is held in some sort of regard by Jung In, but because he needs daddy’s money? Isn’t that insulting?

        Also, I have this inexplicable desire to see Jung In dance to “Ride With Me” because:

        Mae Ri: Why’s he wanna marry me?
        Mu Gyul: Oh, why does he feel this way?
        The Gang of Perpetually Inebriated Friends: Eh, must be the the monaaay!

  23. oh my…oh my….i am also confused who to pick here……arggg…two hotties…who loves a cuttie cat…lol…can they just share….or can she have a twin then…

    but i guess i will choose the one who kissed her first on the forehead coz they were strangers then…but JI kissed her on the forehead recollecting his past feelings for her…so i’d go for MG-MR love for life…fighting..

  24. Ok – I was hooked but not dependant on M3 – until I read this preview. You know your comment on your Thundie review about getting the “drama shakes” – after reading this my sister & I simultaneously got the shakes! ^_^ Can’t wait!!

  25. ahhh…thanks for the preview translation…this drama and secret garden are like my ray of sunshine in an otherwise mundane existence…hehehe

  26. i cannot wait until next week. i haven’t seen episode 4 yet but read the recap on it. Every time there’s a lovey/sweet scene it makes me awh. (: thanks!

  27. I have been waiting for a preview since Tuesday! Wow, thank you so much! Now I am impatient as ever though! Bahh, I still like Jung-In better though .. eh but I like Mu-Gyul too. This is so hard! Ah, I hope the weekend goes by VERY fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. @ockoala, i have quick albeit *serious* (i use this word loosely here…lol) question for you. i haven’t watched any other drama yet because i’ve been too caught up with my PKscapades (understatement of the year..haha). between M3 and Secret Garden, which one would you recommend? can’t afford to watch both in real time and i love all the actors in M3 and SG. thank you much! xx. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • @yeisha

      I would recommend Secret Garden – it is by far and away the better drama between M3 in terms of story, directing, pretty much everything. But you may love M3, too, since its so cute. I suggest watching ep 1 of both and see which one makes you want to continue.

      Personally, I love SG more but am more addicted to M3. Hope that makes sense.

    • yeisha, forest friend, I’d advise you to watch M3 cos Secret Garden’s about body switching and since you’ve got alter-ego issues, you might feel more comfortable with M3.LOLOL

    • @ockoala, thanks! i might just do that, watch the first eps for both and decide which one tugs at my heartstrings more. i’m kinda dreading watching Binnie in a sequined track suit though. yikes.

      @mayssenger, LOL. my alter-ego issues might exacerbate watching M3. haha. but at least your here to share the crazy with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • The track suit totally works with his character, you’ll see!

        And now that I’ve watched first four M3 episodes, I think I’ll continue watching. For Jae Wook. I’m not exactly rooting for his character though, I think the OTP are better matched.

  29. omg I just finished watching ep 4 with subs and again I am torn!!!! Drat it…I don’t know who I like better….Jae Wook is so cool and the last scene when he bends down and kisses her on the scar is to die for!!!!! *BAM! I’m deaddddddd!!!!!* Aaaaargghhhh he’s so charminggggggg !!!!!!

    But then when they shift back to MG, he’s also to die forrrrr……I love the scene where the ex comes back into his life….I loveee triangles in korean dramas – they just spice up the whole drama for me: jealousy, heartbreak, ooooh deliciousssss

    Loving this show. I guess it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride for me here…I’m going to veer between Jae Wook and MG, but that’s what makes it so funnnnnn!!!!!

    • omg… my fwend mayssenger!!! i luv that scene too when he kissed her scar. but the scene i luv most is the piggy back thingy. i didn’t expect that an executive like him would do such sweet thing and omo… it was effortless!!!!

      btw, i’ve just finished watching you’re beautiful. jang geun suk (mo geul) is the lead actor. and guess what, the female lead character is park shin hye who i’ve heard declined the role of o hani. i dunno if you have watched it already but gosh…. i think i’m starting to love him. hahahhah! so am having this thought of boarding the geun-geun ship. nyahahahhahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hey Chingu allenif, yeah I watched YAB….he’s awesome in the show. I liked PSH too, I think she would have made an awesome OHN as well. I’m TORN between the two male leads in different ways here. Thank God for M3….tried watching Secret Garden but I dunno i think I still prefer M3, biggest reason being Jung In is here….Noooo, is it going to be a repeat of Jihoo again? But it won’t be so bad this time cos Mo Geul’s cool too (but Jung In’s cooler he he)

      • hmmm…i wanna try secret garden too if i have time because of binnie and ha ji won (she’s a good actress) but hearing it from you, i think i’ll stick with m3. besides, i find m3 a good therapy for one having PK withdrawal syndrome. ^^keke yeah, i agree with you, PSH would have made an awesome OHN too. but i guess, it’s a blessing in disguise for jung so min.

  30. But then I think to myself: If both Jae Wook and MG were trapped in a burning studio (since both work in studios LOL) who would I save?

    And the answer is TADAAAA….I’d jump in and save Jae Wook first, piggyback him outside to safety, then return in double quick time, rush through the flames, and piggyback MG second. So right now, Jae Wook’s taking a slight lead for me.

    • whahahahah! what a heroic act!!! LOL i’ll let them save their own ass and whoever comes out alive will be the one to get mary. that way, mary won’t have a hard time making a decision who among the two she’ll choose. nyahhhahah!

  31. I am so happy to have discovered this site…so grateful for people like you who take time out to “feed” addicts like us….

    cant wait for the coming mondays!!!!….GeunGeun forever!!!

  32. am really glad to have discovered this website and read enthusiastic comments on this series…so grateful to people like you who take time out to “feed” our addiction for M3.

    so looking forward to the coming eps….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • there’s a site ( that does eng subs fast. mon eps r usually up by tues. you may want to try watching the next eps there.

  33. haiyooo…..start ep 5 having war with their are heart,,,,,,,,
    ememmemm i should prepare my heart too…..
    tearing will out easily from my eyes then…hahhahhs,,,,,
    ottoke…..kor drama very easy come to my heart about the story…seem like i played the role in the drama……………..thanks to ockoala for the recapt…..cut story….loph ya….
    mani mani mani jowahaeyo……

  34. Dear ockoala,

    Thank you so much for your translation ‘Marry me Mary’ Preview and we get your preview upload for sharing to Thailand member,

    Thanks again & Good Luck


  35. wuaow.that last sentence there is making me soooooooooo excited!!!!i’m totally looking forward to monday!

    oh!its monday already!haha.i hope subbed episodes will be out really fast

  36. Omo omo!thanks so much.I kept looking for preview ep5 at ur web.gaah Mg starting to develop his feeling for MR.canโ€™t wait till he realize fully his feeling.I do expect his silly jealouse act over MQ getting close with JI.I wish I can ff time so that its weds so I can watch ep5+6 at net since I live outside korea.

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