Trailer for Ashita no Joe with YamaPi

The upcoming live action movie of theĀ seminal Japanese manga Ashita no Joe, starring my darlingĀ YamaPi (Yamashita Tomohisa), finally released its full-length trailer. Pi stars as the titular Yabuki Joe, a scrappy boxing contender looking for glory in a gritty post-war Japanese era. Doth my eyes deceive me? Does Pi actually look *gasp* alive and fiery in that poster above? Oh yes he does. What dead fish eyes I say.

Ashita no Joe (translation means Tomorrow’s Joe) was essentially a fictional hero for a Japan still struggling through post-war reconstruction. A perfection description of Joe’s cultural impact comes from this wikipedia entry:

Joe was essentially the tragic hero representing the struggle of the lower class. His trial and sacrifice to the sport was a semi-reflection of the will of the people he was representing. By the 1970s, manga readers and college students across Japan would turn the character into an icon.

Normally boxing movies are as interesting to me as watching paint dry, but for my Pi (who I am a completist more than I am for anyone), I’m getting in the ring for this one. Happily for my retina, this actually looks good. The movie will be set in the same 60’s era as the manga was set, so expect lots of funky attire. Since boxers don’t wear tops in the ring, also expect lots of abs. I’m totally onboard with that.

Trailer for Ashita no Joe:


Trailer for Ashita no Joe with YamaPi — 6 Comments

  1. Wheeee, looks good even if it’s not my type of movie (yikes, boxing! I’ll probably be torn between “oh omg, blood and punches DNW *covers eyes*” and “*peeks through fingers* heeeeeee abs and sweaty guys”. What? I never said I wasn’t shallow).

    He sure looks intense and like he’s acting? I don’t know what happened to him before BB -acting classes? Sudden personal growth? IDK- but what he did sure worked like a charm imho. He was great and adorable in NwB, but I’m not sure how much acting he did for that drama -it seemed more like his on-screen idol goofy persona? Or one of his personas? more than true acting- and I was totally taken aback when I saw him BB; looks like the trend that BB started is still going on. o/ Can’t complain. I love him.

  2. Ahhh! youku stinks!!! I can not load it. I always have problems with that site. If anyone finds an alternative link please do share. I really want to see this trailer. Thanks.

  3. I would watch this movie for Iseya Yusuke (the other guy in the poster)
    He is a great actor and not to mention good looking, being a former model helps.
    Maybe Yamapi took acting classes not to have the dead fish eyes ^^

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