Playful Kiss: So Long, Farewell, It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye

Sixteen television episodes, 7 Youtube episodes, and 2 behind-the-scenes specials later, I stand here today finding it exceedingly difficult to send off Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss). What started as a quaint, mellow, and adorable little drama took on a life of its own, becoming the sum greater than its parts both in the legacy it leaves behind in the K-drama world, and in my little neck of the woods.

Everything must come to its rightful conclusion, even if the recollections of the moments that shaped the journey we took with Baek Seung Jo and Oh Ha Ni (and to a lesser extent, with Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min) feels bittersweet right now. PK was never loved by the greater drama world, but it was loved more than enough by the legions of PKissers that made up for the dearth in fans by a genuine groundswell of support. Today I’m here to celebrate and rejoice, to thank a drama that was so very ordinary, but had such an extraordinary impact on the few of us who really connected with it. The pictures that accompany this post all come from the BTS Youtube episode.

I’m not terribly fond of lists, but I feel like this occasion is perfectly primed for a list post that will allow us to memorialize our affection for PK. While some moments were more impactful than others, and many will fade away with time, when the memory is still fresh is when we should catalogue our feelings for PK, like snapshots we can pull up again when we feel the urge to revisit the drama.

Koala’s Top Five Favorite PK Moments (in reverse order):

(5) The Rain Kiss – it was the culmination of everything that led up to the breakthrough between Seung Jo and Ha Ni. Normally this would rank #1, except the delivery by both Hyun Joong and So Min were strangely muted (likely at the request of the PD), and the execution was so dreadful. Which reminds me, that damn monkey really needs to be strangled. Hope someone takes care of that matter.

(4) Ha Ni’s night-before-the-wedding talk with her dad – poignant and meaningful, a reminder that PK wasn’t just about Ha Ni and Seung Jo, but also about the people who love and cherish them.

(3) Seung Jo’s piggyback of Ha Ni from the tennis court after she sprains her ankle – so natural, so effortless, and the smile that comes unbidden made this small forward moment in their relationship feel like Ha Ni must have felt while she was on Seung Jo’s back, priceless.

(2) Seung Jo and Ha Ni’s CPR session – everything I imagine between them as husband and wife, the teasing, teaching, and loving affection, all wrapped in a giant ball of cute and funny.

(1) The walk to the movies – this scene was just perfect, from beginning to end. I couldn’t have wished for more fanservice, especially since it was so touchingly real and honest. So simple, yet so masterful in communicating how they love and adore each other.

I find PK was more enjoyable because I was recapping it and swept up in the momentum and the camaraderie. I’ll probably wait a good long while before rewatching it because I don’t want my PK experience dampened by a more critical eye towards the more glaring faults of this drama. In the end, PK was a drama that means more to me than I could have imagined when I started watching it. And that is a memory that will remain with me regardless of my opinion of PK in the future. Now let’s break out the champagne and toast the little drama that could!


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  1. I just want to thank you again for recapping. While Playful Kiss’ main attraction for me is the chemistry between its lead stars, I have to say that the fans’ responses and support for the show also added to the excitement of watching this drama.

    Anyway, I’ll have to think by my own list for this show. Will return later … 🙂

  2. Ah….so it has come to this. I’m strangely subdued and nostalgic. But what the hey, I was the one who suggested this party in the first place, so I’m bringing out the bubbly….its time to parteeeeey everyone!!!!

    First of all, thank you ockloala dear for your generosity and for sharing this wonderful playground to all of us. I can’t even remember what my internet-stalking was like before Sept 1 but I sure thank the internet gods for bring me here. *big hugs to you*

    Which reminds me…dear V. She was the one who directed me here in the first place. Thank you, V. Ganbatte kudasai!! We’ll wait for you here so we can all celebrate together.

    And the rest of you my PK chingus…thank you, thank you for sharing this little fluffy fluff with me. I’ve said this before, PK took me back to high school and those times when we giggle over crushes and stay up late at night talking about loves and whatnot — PK was really like that for me. And so much more. The range of discussions that we’ve had here was unbelievable. We really do feed each other’s crazy and what could be more wonderful than that?

    So my dear lovelies, much thanks. For the endless chatter, the belly laughs, flights of fancy and loose associations and more. Boating, oranges, mini coopers, perms, robots, etc. will never be the same again. It sure was one heck of a fun ride!!! Cheers. Salud. Kanpai!!!

    odessa/sf, california

      • *like button* is too, too funny! 🙂
        on my way to work and my not be back until laaaaater, so i’ll just do my shout-outs while we’re at it:

        :: JJ, ItadakimasU, lulybunny, kittykat — big LOVEs.
        :: mayssenger, rush, kn, a_fan — my sisterhood of the travelling boat. i’m not sure if i can keep up with you guys…we might have gotten all tangled with the flossing and sub-plots, kidnapping, and booze..bwahahaahaaa.
        :: rainyrain, allenif, comicsgilz, jeankaycee, endodo, pksotted..can’t remember everyone’s names….*hugs* big thanks!

        :: MinMin, my hero. i wish and pray that your star will shine so bright, if will make our head spin. you are truly talented and i love that you have a good head on your shoulders. thank you for giving us a Oh Hani whom we can cry, smile, squee, and jump for joy with.

        :: my dear KHJ. aaahhhh..where do i start? i always seem to end up writing a dissertation when talking about you but i will restrain myself and say that i’m so glad that you are in such a happy place right now. keep smiling, it looks so good on you. thank you for giving us a smirky-permy robot boy to fall in love with.

        :: and ahhhh, our favorite OTP. you crazy, crazy kids. go drive that mini-cooper of yours to a forest somewhere and fullfill all our steamboating fantasies for us. 😉

      • @JJ, we have to contact mayssenger for that darn manual. i haven’t even received my copy yet.

        @mayssenger, whereareyou?!!! did you pass out from all that sujo? 😛

    • @yeisha, I’m clean and sober thank you….it’s the birds that are having a drinking problem LOL come join me in M3 miss youuu….

  3. I’m sooo grateful about the whole PK experience, the drama, webisodes, ockoala’s playground, all the chattering and meeting awesome PKissers/PK-chingus! The webisodes were awesome, attending to our pk-questions about their married lives. I would have like to see the return of some people (Nori… BSJ curing the little boy, and BJG and YHR’s life after… but that’s too much to ask I think… from 7 10+ minute webisodes…) or the return of the stuffed doggy BSJ won for OHN… (I thought it was a very ugly stuffed animal but OHN clung on it as if her life depends on it :P… heck she even put her life on line for it!) I would have liked BSJ to give it to OHN for the second time (showing that he cares and is detailed)… sadly it didn’t… but that’s ok. I’m content with everything PK did gave us!!
    PK just touched my heart and every emote button on me: happy, sad, giddy, angry, proud, angst, shy, sorry, never-bored however!, relieved, cheerful, euphoric… expectation, anticipation… PK-ation 😉
    We started out skeptic, afraid that PK won’t meet our expectations or even pretended not to anticipation kissing-action just so we won’t be badly disappointed…. How PK, KHJ, JSM, the Lee’s, EunJo, Ommoni, the Dads, the Chingus + tennis sunbae and the filming crew… (-_- yes including the editor monkey…-_____-) kicked our butts!!!

    Aaaah, the very final ending of PK… there are these feelings of OTTOKEEEEE, of sadness… but somewhere down the line… I also feel a relief… Finally, I hope to step out of the PK-world and enter reality once again (I’ve been avoiding it a bit I think -_-) I’m going to tug PK along with its fond memories (playground, snacks, meeting PKissers, major increase of KHJ obsession) into the happy place of my brain and heart^^

    I don’t need any more from them… It’s been good… it’s been GREAT!! PK me loves you!!

    Ockoala… I think I’ve been taking up your space here a lot, screaming all over the place and repeatedly thanking you… but, yeah… once again: my sincere GO MA WO!!!. You’ve made this craze happen for me, make me appreciate PK to the fullest and I enjoyed every minute and second of it !! (¤^o^¤)/

    Also to thank are my fellow PKissers and chingus, craving, obsessing, praising, but most of all loving PK with me like else, there will be no tomorrow. Cannot leave this without mentioning I-miss-U-still-little-V of course… with her major impact on this blog!! Haven’t met anybody as crazy as you… well… maybe… me, but I didn’t meet myself 😉 and am by far not as impactful as you are. Our talks… I’ll value them the rest of my life, I promise 😉
    Ah.. also special mention of JJ who introduced me to PK-faces, sharing her thoughts and insights with me…
    isshhhh while I’m at it: Lulybunny, Rainyrain, Yeisha, Kittykat, Fromspain and Allenif (with their king/queen avatar!! Their JJANGGG!!), mayssenger, ami, loveplayfulkiss, pksotted, goodange, teacup, rush, comicgirlz, anne, a_fan (with your wham more time -__-.. I’m so gullible ;P) (aishhhh ok I’ll stop here, taking too much space again…) anyway, every PKisser who crossed my path: major thanks!!!
    But also to all the others I didn’t speak directly to… every contributor to these discussions, talks, and spazzing: thanks for the joyride 😉

    AKP, PK (but sorry most of all) Kim Hyun Joong Shi (aishhh *shakes head*)…. SARANGHAEEEEEE^^

  4. Ockoala…I don’t think my PK -watching-experience would’ve been complete, if not for your insightful recaps & articles!!!
    You have “enhanced” & made me appreciate PK MORE because you didn’t just recap it half-heartedly…& I’m sure there are thousands of PKissers who have benefited from them & are as appreciative like me… of all the time & effort you’ve poured into PK !!!
    It’s so heartening to be able to share my LOVE for PK & KHJ with you & your readers!!!
    It was one hell of a roller-coaster ride & I enjoyed every minute of it!!!
    Kamshamnida, Ockoala!!!

    • I think I really like and totally agree on the sentence ‘you didn’t just recap it half-heartedly’. Ockoala, I have to say I’ve been hooked to your recaps eversince someone from the PK thread at soompi listed your blog as a must read! I’ve been to other blogs too which recapped our PK but I have to say, one particular blogger and most of the posters there made me feel distaste at their, well, snarkiness and virulent bashing, of not only the drama but the two leads and especially, our darling KHJ. Sometimes I kinda wondered rather amusedly, what did KHJ ever do to that blogger and posters to the point that they refused to even acknowledge that he has improved and in fact enthusiastically bashing him for being expressionless, stiff, yada, yada… Perhaps he didn’t acknowledge or give them his autographs when they met him? LOL! Anyway, so sorry to give vent here when actually I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful recaps and also for letting me really enjoy your playground for these last few months. I also have to say that I greatly enjoyed reading the PK-lovers comments and had some crazy laughs by myself because of them. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope we’ll be able to spazz some more for KHJ and JSM’s future drama projects with your recapping. Bye for now!

  5. it is hard to say goodbye to PK but we have to…i seriously love all characters in this drama and love the story line about a girl crush to an over-her-level kind of guy… love JSM and KHJ and wish them all the best…wish they could date for real too!!! 😀

    in PK, there is so many sad and sweet moments that should be quoted and therefore i choose to say… PK IS THE BEST!! 😀

    thanks to Ockoala for your hardworking and kindness in feeding us all about PK this whole time and spread us a colourful playground for us to play happily… 🙂 for you and for all PKisser….lot of hugs and kisses from me~~ ^o^/

  6. let’s PArTy indeed!!!
    Thank YoU So MuCh OCKOALA for a job well done here! From your recap, to your thoughts, and to your spoilers, I enjoyed and appreciate it all very much. Your top 5 I LIKE!!
    I’ll still definitely be lurking and stalking you here since I’ve just started watching M3 and find it quite addictive to say the least hehehe!

      • hahaha PARTAAAAY we shall!!!
        cuz i gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night!
        hahaha oooppps sorry i got carried away mah bad!

  7. ♪♫♪♫ Aufwiedersehn
    I hate to go and leave this pretty sight ♪♫♪♫

    omo… i really hate goodbyes…. instead I wanna thank you koala for your amazing and amusing recaps, previews and PK news. because of you and the rest of the boating, steaming, flossing gang (mayssenger, yeisha, itadakimasU, a_fan, J.J., rush, goodange…. etc etc) watching asian dramas for the past 5 years have never been the same again.

    i cried watching the last bts. i finally realized that this is it. no more PK episodes, webisodes, bts, most especially the cuteness and adorableness of the hyunmin couple. i’ve been watching countless of asian dramas for the past 5 years but never i’ve been so attached like this. PK indeed brought new heights to my drama watching experience. i found myself lurking to all possible sites for any related PK/KHJ/JSM topics. alas, i found ockoala’s playground… a haven for us PKissers. though i was just a silent participant most of the time, still i’m proud to be a PKisser. my wishes to all of you here:

    ► to ockoala – again, thank you so much and God bless!
    ► to KHJ – an international recognition of your talent and more acting jobs to hone your acting skills
    ► to JSM – you’re undeniably the breakthrough star… more projects to come and awards to gain
    ► to all PKissers – good luck to all your endeavors and hope to see you again here in ockoala playground

    KAMPAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh man. I wish this were a real, live party! 😆 If it were, we could bring a projector, and we can have a PK marathon (all 16 eps and 9 YT specials). Lol. If this were a live party, I imagine it can go on for days.

    I was thinking about making a list like yours ockoala, but then, there’s just too much to mull through. (Heh, I’m lazy.) The drama definitely has flaws and could use lots of improvement, but in all, I enjoyed it a lot.

    So, I’ll just re-post my comment from Soompi:

    [i]It is definitely bittersweet. On the sweet side (in no particular order):

    1) Hyun Joong and So Min finally get some much needed rest.

    2) Hyun Joong, So Min, and the rest of the cast and crew have gotten to know each other and most likely have become very close and will maintain a close friendship after having worked on the show.

    3) So Min and Hyun Joong have added to their experience, both professionally and personally. Albeit the show had low ratings in S. Korea, this was still exposure for the two leads, and at the least, they do have some recognition internationally. Also, now, they have experience in carrying a drama as lead actors. And they’ve proven that they can carry a drama. So Min, in particular, has displayed her ability to be a versatile actress, while Hyun Joong has shown that he is capable of growing as an actor.

    3A) Because of this exposure, So Min and Hyun Joong will be offered even more projects

    3B) They’ve gained new fans. Consider me converted

    4) The PK fans’ response and support for the show. Equally as fun as watching the show is being in the company of those who love it as well. The fan arts (MVs, banners, icons, etc.), the comments, sharing pictures, music, and articles … all these have brought extra excitement to following Playful Kiss.

    5) Gushing over the sweet, sweet chemistry between So Min and Hyun Joong and guessing what the other thinks of the other and analyzing/studying their flirtatious gestures/behavior towards each other. After seeing the numerous BTS and the early promotional interviews, I have come to a conclusion that Hyun Joong is a fun flirt. Haha. Whether he was doing it intentionally or not, he was flirting with So Min. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. I think it made the chemistry between their on-screen characters much more endearing, relatable, and exciting. Off-screen, it made the working relationship between him and So Min much more fun, considering they were working exhaustively.

    The bitter parts:

    1) Being deprived of following this cute couple’s endless marital journey.

    2) Being deprived of seeing more interactions between So Min and Hyun Joong–on and off-screen. I don’t think we can talk enough about their chemistry.

    3) Simply the show ending. I truly hate feeling the withdrawal symptoms after having watched a very enjoyable show. It’s like having hypomania! Why would we want to come down from such a euphoric high?! It is only a show, and there are more serious things in life that need our attention, but the drama has been a wonderful escape, however ephemeral. We have to take whatever little joy we can get, even in something as seemingly trivial as watching Playful Kiss. Watching Playful Kiss (and any other drama that we like) is not really time wasted as long as it brings a little bit of happiness to us. ( sorry to get all philosophical.) [/i]

  9. I’m laying in bed, spent from yesterday’s work, and nursing my body out of a cold, but my physical state is not the same as my heart. I refuse to go through the DABDA stages and just jumped through to acceptance–hence my perkiness last PK post.

    PK was an awesome ride, sure enough I came into it seeing who the heck would rehire Kim HyunJoong for another role LOL (and do remember I’m a fan) but was pleasantly surprised that he did indeed step up. Then it was an even more pleasant surprise that I fell in love with this “kiddie” story. I think I needed it in my life, right now, to remember to use my heart after using my mind for so long…

    A few inconsequential scenes that I love:
    – episode one- Grease Hani asks BSJ if he’d wanna date her and he gets into a coffin.
    – any and all scenes with the best friends. Especially the Giant Teddy Min Ah gave for pin-coushin practice lol.
    – Eun Jo watching yt baby clips.
    – BSJ holding Hani’s hand when he made the proposal.
    – the crooked candles. That right there was a lot of depth for me, it passes right past mental calculations and straight into the heart. 🙂

    Finally, I want to post this question:

    I had several but the most “hard core” were:
    – my best friends felt i was neglecting them–which i sure was–banded together and said “for ever hour of PK you work out 2 hours. That’s 4 hours of work out a week. Hours were also roll over.” (if I didn’t finish, it was added to the next week’s) I once did 12 hours of work out because I had roll over and didn’t watch for two weeks. T_T does that spell dedication? I had work (3 jobs) and school. LOL I love my friends, try watched PK along with me and made sure I did my hours lol… Even my sister joined in on the hour counting… -_-
    – something less crazy, I brought out PK during a class lecture discussion. It had something to do with peoples perception on romanticism, and I said “stealing one’s first kiss could be romantic, but I’d honestly slap the jerk…which reminds me of this drama i’m watching…”. Lol my professor was like “yeah… Um…”

    So there, a relative metal purgative of PK for me lol. I might add on to the list of favourite inconsequential scenes though… When I’m on the laptop.

    Love you ladies! Thankies for the fun times and the PK-obsession enablement!!! See you ’round for Athena! Woot!!!

    But last, and never the least, OcKoala, thank you so much for this. You were the train conductor and we the passengers to this crazy whirlwind ride. <3

    • I cracked @ur ‘sure enough I came into it seeing who the heck would rehire Kim HyunJoong for another role’ keke!!

      adding a random but memorable scene: OHN sulking@the staircase nearby the house and BSJ coming in and consoling her.. the way he does it.. Love how he was ‘petty girl, you have nothing to sulk about I LOVE YOU’ and then followed by soft words… the first time I really noticed him using it towards OHN

      considering my crazy stuff…. aside from my rituals waiting for PK
      (until tuesday i’d try to find as much PK/KHJ related stuff as possible, or do reruns of PK&WGM to kill time… on tuesday, watch the raws (wondering what the heck they’re saying to each other if it’s heavy on dialogue), read ockoala’s recap (sometimes read recap first, then watch raw), wake up on wednesday and start my day with subbed ep… then do the same with wednesday ep…. after that… continue to anticipate impatiently… trying to find distractions from PK sigh) BUT the crazy thing must be exchanging conversation like writing essays (of at least 4 pages worth in ms word) with V!!! Throwing my life @her and receiving hers back ^^

      • Bwahaha. Yeah, I didn’t much like Kim Hyun Joong in the beginning, but dang the drama gods! There is something cool about being proven wrong–it is a pleasant surprise.

      • @ ItadakimasU Te-he-he, remember, makane’s the troublemaker. <3 Btw, our FB convos are getting long too~ LOL
        @ goodange, It was nice to be proven wrong. It was also nice to see a different side of him, like he promised.

    • @JJ, im so glad that your 1 of the few ladies that I’ved met here in Ockoala’s, its been wonderful sharing insights with you!!! I know will still see each other here!!!

      See you around JJ!! Toast for PK!!!

      • Jeankaycee~~~ Do you fb? The invite a few posts ago was for you too, ya know? 😛
        But still, see you around. I’ll be spazin’ over for Athena~! WOOT WOOT~

        :huggies: <3<3<3

    • literally cursing my net connection every wed and thurs nights bec i wont be able to watch it online and being up and awake all night til morning to watch the raw version even though i dont understand one word of what they’re saying as i cannot wait for the subbed version…

      • LOL I used to watch BTS, clips, and even long previews on my cellphone during lunch. My boss was always wondering what the heck all the noise was about. “Did you choke on your lunch?” He’d ask from his desk, while I was sitting by the window eating/watching in the other room/section.

      • LOL One does try. During the series I was up at 3/4 in the morning getting up at 7/8 to go to work all because of the chatter. XD How I was coherent during the day IDK. lol

    • Oh! Another inconsequential scene.

      When Momma Baek asks BSJ why he didn’t take Hani home the first time and he was like “she can make it home” and momma replies “there’s weird people in the neighborhood”… BSJ was outside sitting in the patio remembering the weird guy he saw in the bushes… He scrunches his face and goes “SO ANNOYING” and then “goes out to buy drinks/save Hani’s behind.” LOL

    • Let’s see… my entire morning routine was set around the show airing. And since I change time zones for work, my first order of business was figuring out WHEN the show would air to then figure out when to get work done. (Ended up seeing the show in four different time zones)

      Also, clients took me to a Korean restaurant, and at entryway was wall-o-drama posters. Involuntarily *squeed* at the sight of Lee Tae Sung on some other drama poster, then having to take a pic to txt to roomy. Me = lame. Clients = amused.


      omo… i forgot to answer that. ^keke since my boss rarely go to the office, all i do is lurking… lurking… lurking looking for any PK/KHJ/JSM related news, videos etc etc. the result is TADAAAH…. accumulated paper works in my tray which never happened to me before. 😀

      • LOL. At least your boss doesn’t hear you garble, spaz, and sigh… mine thinks I lost my mind–at least during lunch time. It wasn’t as bad when I was waiting for Youngbae/Taeyang’s album to drop. I was calling everyone–collect calls to friends in Korea (yes it was like 1 am their time 12 my time) to annoy/remind them lovingly to get the deluxe edition for me…

  10. As YT Ep7 was reaching its last minute, I was already feeling sad…then, when the credits started rolling up, my tears started to roll down my cheeks…really….I’m so attached to this drama that it felt like I’m sending off a loved one to somewhere far far away and will not be seeing that loved one for a long long time…This drama has brought me a lot of blessings….it brought me happiness…laughing alone in front of the computer during the wee hours of the morning while everyone are so deep in their sleep is no joke (hehehe) and the opportunity to meet and have new friends all over the world….Thank you Playful Kiss for these blessings and, Thank you Koala for giving us wonderful recaps for each and every episodes, from the regular episodes to the YT episodes….it really has been a wonderful journey with you guys…Kamsahamnida =)

  11. Dang it. It’s the end, isn’t it? Or is it the start of something new into the realm of a whole new world? *cue Disney’s Aladdin music* (Hey, you started it by posting “So long, farewell” that brought The Sound of Music’s soundtrack to mind. 😛 )

    Anyways, I’m not the type who gets sentimental and teary-eyed when it comes to wishing a drama goodbye. I usually wish them a hasty farewell and move on to whatever is next on my ever-growing to-watch list. My motto has always been something along the lines of “there’s too many dramas to watch and so little time.” It still boggles my mind that PK affected me much more than I ever expected because I came into this drama expecting absolutely nothing. Really. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I was planning on tuning in for two episodes just to say that I tried it. At the time, not even Kim Hyun Joong or Jung So Min were luring enough for me to watch this. And yet I somehow did. What’s even more surprising is that I’ve talked about PK more than any other drama this year alone, both online and in real life. That’s saying something. It’s also a drama that’s brought me out of my personal shell. I’m not saying that this drama was life-changing or that it impacted me so much I fell in love with everything. Despite the mediocre music score and directing, not to mention the poor editing, my eyes focused on our OTP. I giggled and squealed like a fangirl. I stayed up late into the night thinking that day’s episode. I ranted and commented on AKP, which before PK, I would’ve just stayed a silent lurker. So in its own way, PK has made a way into my heart. I know that sounds incredibly corny, but that’s a confession from a dodo that was used to isolating herself from the rest of the K-drama world. And now I’ve become a regular here, surrounded by wonderful camaraderie. Heh. It’s an experience that’s not going to happen for a lot of people, but something that PK and I have together.

    Therefore I shall forever treasure Ha Ni and Seung Jo for demonstrating love as it is. Not a love that’s contrived but a love that’s emotionally tangible. PK showed us all a kind of love that can be attained outside of kdramaland, and it’s a kind of love that’s so sweet and pure, it cracks any misconceptions I’ve had about it. So thank you, PK, for presenting so much heart. You’ve had your flaws but you’ve also had plenty of beautiful moments. I’ve got no regrets for watching you, especially since you’ve brought me so much fun during hectic moments in my life.

    Now to all you other PKissers out there, it’s been fun! I’ve had a blast for the past couple of months, reading all your spazzing threads. Now let’s all celebrate this little gem that glows faintly, but brightly in Kdrama history!

    • hey! I have to confess that PK did to me what no other drama could. I don’t think I can say that PK is my number one drama… I don’t really have one, but it did turn me into a more active participant of … this blog to begin with!

      I’ve never really indulge myself in online discussions with strangers like this before. i’m part of the generation who saw the rise of internet and the first chatrooms… the superficiality of those made me stay away and only do chatters with reallife friends… but this.. right here at AKP was… OVERWHELMINGly great ^^!!

      • same here ItadakimasU… nyahhahha! just what i’ve said, i was just a silent participant. but look, what am i doing now?! hahahahh! i even went to the extent of changing my avatar just like you … whahahahh! for what? killing the boredom waiting for the final webisode of PK. oh PK… look what you did to us?!!!!

      • me too! i enjoyed it so much. thank you for your brilliant idea ^^kekeke… meantime, back to reality. hope to see you again! *veso* *hugs*

      • @allenif, good luck with reality kekekeke 😉

        I decided to stay hanging here for athena btw… maybe i won’t be this active, but still… i’ll be here !!

      • @ItadakimasU

        you are so right! if it wasn’t for episode 13 kiss in the rain….i should’ve been using Facebook and Twitter in Vain and not joining this party….i should’ve been reading again all my books that i’ve read before to indulge my emptiness (thought it’s quite boring)…IF IT WASN’T FOR PLAYFUL KISS! PLAYFUL KISS SAVED ME FROM BOREDOM!

      • oopps… wham more time… before i finally go… me and mayssenger are now watching Marry Me Mary! ^^kekeke

    • Not gonna lie, the girls know this, but PK has been weaving in and out of my life these past few months–if not PK then KHJ in general, and not in a superficial way. In a very profound way I’ve seen his journey as a person, and his journey as an actor, and the journey of BSJ and it’s some how correlated with my life.

      The major lesson I learned is that I’ve got to lessen on the brain and use my heart. (As I’ve mentioned above) While it’s true that there are so many faults in PK, score, editing, cinematography, acting -_-*, there’s something about it that draws us. It’s like the first time you realize you’ve fallen in love–despite the inadequacies of a person, you still love them.

      I love PK for unfathomable reasons and I accept that. Will I try and make sense of if–not a chance.

      • Exactly J.J. I could probably draw up a huge long list about what I DIDN’T like about how the drama was executed. But like you said, PK is special because it does somehow lure us in despite it’s technical flaws. It’s also interesting that this drama has brought so much to the discussion table. Like I said above, I can somehow start writing up a storm when PK is mentioned. It’s really weird because it’s not my fav and yet, talking/writing about it comes so easily to me. I usually take forever to write something coherent, but like everybody else, PK has changed that for me and made me a more active participant on no only AKP, but in the blogging world as well.

      • LOL I was saying if I had the same enthusiasm for PK for my midterm I would have gotten an A+ LOL XD
        <3 Endodo, will you be hangin' out for Athena?

      • @ JJ, Of course I’ll be here for Athena! I’ve been wanting to see Choi Siwon in something less fluffy after Oh! My Lady. Heehee, I’m actually here all the time, but I haven’t been commenting as much because of Real Life. And for M3 threads, I don’t really know what to say because I’m still waiting to see whether or not it gets better. I’m sure it will, but I just haven’t been affected yet.

        Haha, same here. If I have the time to spazz about PK, then I should have the time to get all my work done. I just choose to procrastinate.

      • @ JJ, i think the main charm of PK is not the story itself but the heart of its characters. you can easily relate to its characters.

      • yup…agree with all of you….don’t know what PK had done to me…but it brought me here…from a silent reader to a commenter… ^^ and this is the first time i’m so eager to join in discussion about k-drama although i’ve watched quite a lot of good k-drama before…

    • I had not ventured to join discussions anywhere, it felt overwhelming since I didn’t (still don’t) know much about dramas (yet). AKP was such a great place for newbies! The commenters here made it so easy to jump in and join the conversation!

  12. I hadn’t watched a kdrama completely through since YAB. There were lots of false starts for me this year. I can’t even remember what I watched and dropped. I actually thought I had become disinterested in kdramas in general. Everything was either way too dramatic or too silly or too recycled. “Yes! I’ve finally gotten over my kdrama addictions. I am in control again.”

    I was actually not that interested in PK when the news came out. But PK did have all the requirements I had for a kdrama to pique my interest. I adored KHJ in WGM, but did not become a fangirl. I’ll just say this about his stint in BOF…he was a walking greek statue. But true to form, as my hubby puts it, I will watch start any kdrama for the right eye candy.

    I may be one of the few people who actually liked Episode 1 and I was completely hooked by Episode 2 during the flasher scene. Obviously, it was not because of KHJ, since he was barely in the first 2 episodes. It’s because I fell in love with Oh Ha Ni. I fall under the “I came for KHJ but stayed for JSM” group. She blew me away with all her different looks in the dream sequences. I couldn’t believe it was the same person.

    PK connected with me because I was/am Oh Ha Ni. I spent a lot of time daydreaming. I had crushes. I giggled with my friends about said crushes. And I did my fair share of stalking in high school. I am not overly ambitious. I just wanted to live a good life with the man I love. And I got that and a beautiful little girl as a bonus.

    I’m probably older than a lot of you here so you may not have connected to PK the same way I did. There were so many slice of life moments in PK that was a slice of my life. Watching PK gave me the warm fuzzy feeling, it was nostalgic, a walk down memory lane, a look at the girl I use to be to the woman I am now, a portrait of innocence, a sense of joy at the littlest things, there is no such thing as mundane…

    I think I loved everything about PK. I love the youtube webisodes, because I have always wanted to see what happily ever after looked like from a kdrama. I love the whole cast of PK. I fell in love with KHJ again, though still not a fangirl. And I absolutely, positively adore Jung So Min. I’m definitely watching Bad Guy after my PK addiction wears off. And I will definitely be looking out for this young lady. I’m a MinJoong shipper for the time being so I’ll be watching out for any news about the both of them. Their chemistry on and off screen really captures my imagination and I fancy them as a couple like mad.

    I really loved this blog and the wonderful other Pkissers who just shared everything and all. It has been so fun reading all the comments. It has been almost as addictive as PK. I had a hard time dealing with the negative vibes and comments about PK, but here it was inviting and positive and the funny discussions had me in tears. I’m going to miss this place.

    • I have to agree with you about Jung So Min. I had very low expectations coming into this drama. I had my doubts about the leads, but they won me over, especially Jung So Min. I have to agree with everything you said about her.

      And you’re right. One of the many charms about PK is that it is relatable for many of us, and it pulls on our nostalgic heart strings.

    • LOL@“Yes! I’ve finally gotten over my kdrama addictions. I am in control again.”… does this mean that that was an illusion and your k-addiction is out of control again ^^

      • lol…There’s always something addictive about kdramas.

        It’s like me and chocolate. If I don’t have it, I will crave it, but I don’t always give in. Occasionally I will have strong cravings and give into temptation and buy a whole bag of chocoloate. I will gorge myself until it’s all gone. I feel so good because I love chocolate. But the next day I feel guilty and I work my bum off (running, cycling, cardio) and swear off chocolate for life.

        Until the next uncontrollable craving…

      • you just made me crave for a certain brand chocolate with the chocolate metaphor :P~~ drool hihi

        we should add virtual chocolate to the party1!

    • Of all the gin joints, in all the world…you walked into the right one. 😉
      Glad that this playground helped foster a positive PK experience. <3

    • katwoman…i agree with every single words you write here 😀 “LIKE” button… i could say i’m a dreamer to day dreaming 😀 especially after i’ve watched kdramas that i like and imagining what next scenes would be…i’m also under “I came for KHJ but stayed for JSM” group 😀 and became KHJ and JSM shipper…just love them both in PK and pray they could be a real couple too and stay happily ever after ^^

  13. Not since Romper Room ended for me when I had to start kindergarten have I been so sad to see a show end. (I shed a tear then too.)

  14. “Farewell seem to be the HARDEST word to say” Sad sad sad that this has to come to an end. I’m so glad that I found this playground. Thank you Ockoala for your wonderful recaps and previewed. Thank you for all of the PKissers out there ( many kisses and hugs all around) for making me smile and giggles. I just had a blasted every time when I come in here. THANK YOU ALL. 🙂

    Secondly – obviously I still cannot let go of our main stars completly. Has anyone read JSM interview for ELLE Girl? She was said something about “Placate the feeling after the show”. What is that mean u think?

    • @kate, for me it means that PK has brought so many changes in her life not only professionally but i think emotionally as well.

      and i know i sound bias coz im a hyunmin shipper but nevertheless i felt that she did take her time to think things over. about the show and friendship built during the filming of PK.

      • @ jeankaycee: Thank you for explaining. I thought she meant she tried to get rid of feeling for KHJ.

        To me she had to have some kind of feeling for him beside just a normal friendship.

        Im gonna missed them alot. Playful Kiss will go down in my long term memory lane forever. 🙂

    • Thanks for explaining. I would like to know what does mean too. Oh! My dear JSM I don’t want you to get hurt. I know u are strong (work is work).

      • awww…i really want to read the interview too…could someone post me the link please…? T_T

        i also had the same sentiment as Kate…i think JSM must have some kind of feeling towards KHJ and she want to think it over whether it is just a moment of fondness or it is a genuine feeling….hope she didn’t get hurt too…. JSM….aja aja hwiting!!! ^^

      • thank you sandi for the link ^^ I see comicsgilz already commented there also 🙂

        Love the first pic of JSM.. she really is all kinds of awesome!!

      • Thanks for link. I, honestly, can’t make out what she is saying in this translation. Seems a bit dubious, and can leave quite a bit up for interpretation. I would hasten to guess that she was tired and needed to step back and recoup. To be immersed in a role for sooo many hours in one day has got to be tough for an actress. How many hours a day was she OHN versus being herself?

        @ItadakimasU Yes, loving that first picture. She looks amazing!

  15. I won’t make a list of my favorite moments because all my favorites are not the moments that I suppose were supposed to be the big moments but all the sweet little moments in between those big moments. Lol! I hope that wasn’t too confusing!

    I really will miss waiting every week for the next episodes and coming here and checking for the outstanding recaps. I will have to readjust my Wednesdays and Thursdays. They are going to be a little empty for awhile. Thank goodness for the holidays. Hopefully that will keep me busy enough so I don’t have too bad of withdrawals.

  16. LOVE PARTIES, especially this PARTY! Shall we blow the candles of our virtual PK cake to celebrate the SUCCESS and congratulate PK, KHJ, JSM, cast and production crew and YT?? Our beloved Noah’s Snail drama pushed, persevered, worked hard, really surprised everybody and crossed the FINISH line as the BIGGEST WINNER of them all!!!

    Though PK has ended … it’s too soon for me to say goodbye… not yet. I want to stay and hug SJ & OH and the cast a little bit longer. And, when that time comes, when I’m ready, I can then let go and take with me the loving memories of PK …. of those playful/intimate kisses …. and of this merry playground.

    I’m still deep under its SPELL, ~~~ ^^ At work, I listen to the PK OST (of course with my headphone on). It does make my day — it makes me smile…. happy…. even under the dreaded WORK stress …. It’s an effective music therapy which I highly recommend!!!

    Hummm…I’m considering ordering PK’s DVD subbed in English which I heard will be released shortly. I’m kinda wondering if the English subs are as good as Viikii? It’s now #1 on my List of “2010 Must Buy Christmas Gifts for Myself”…hahaha… I’ve been super good this year and my Santa in me is super generous this year!

    I’ll continue to hangout at Ockoala’s campsite. See you in one of her playgrounds! THANKS AGAIN Ockoala for keeping it open 24/7! You R D BEST!!!

  17. I am so tired – been to hours and hours conference sessions. Will be travelling tomorrow too. Promise to read all the comments here next week. Can’t miss giving my big hugging thanks to Ockoala and dear friends here. This drama has been the climax of my Kdrama watching (refuse to say obsession). SungJo and Ha Ni can go anywhere I want them to go.

    Craziest thing I’ve done for this drama? Missed a day’s work and meetings sked for that day. :-b

    Mayssenger, that woman in the woods could be in a time warp. Are you sure that wasn’t Baek Seung Jo she was talking about 29 years down the line – plump, balding and short. All that horizontal boating to blame.

    Took me 16 episodes and 6 webisodes to figure out what KHJ was singing.

    Wham more time, wham more time…

    Boating was in the song all along.

    • You mean *gasp* horizontal boating can ….er….SHRINK a boater? Omg!!!! This is radical! It could change boating habits forever!!!!!

      • Hey a_fan, no wonder you’ve been warbling that song non-stop: it’s actually an updated 21st century version of the Boating Anthem: Wham More Time (To Boat). The old Boating Anthem was, if I’m not mistaken, Row, Row Row Your Boat.

    • You guys are still boating along? Ha! Ha! Love it!
      Boating can make you shrink?? Must be all that ‘whamming’…
      Ouch! Sounds painful.

      • @ a_fan: Rush and yeisha have totally lost it…they’re writing plays now *shakes head mournfully* and they’ve cast themselves as the heroines and reduced me to manual labour – carrying dental floss and dead birds. What kind of scripts is that I ask you??? Quick come and save me!

  18. Heyyyyyy , am I late or what , sorry was watching and re-watching over and over again BTS 2 trying to dissect and find anything about our cute couple ( they were adddddorable ) .
    I’m very sad that it’s really the end this time , but it’s ok , we may not watch a serial like PK again but surely something good to be watched will be shown maybe soon ( waiting for city hunter of lee min ho and waiting for all future drama of KHJ and JSM and right now I’m gonna watch Secret Garden I’m loving it )
    Ockoala thankuuuuu very very very much for all you updates , you comments , videos , BTS pix , spoilers , thanku for everything 🙂
    I have to thank my tunisian friend also who pushed me to watch the show even though I wasn’t a fan of KHJ , I even didn’t like him in BBF and for that I said no for PK the first time but the second I decided to watch I didn’t stop till the end 🙂
    thanks also to v who gave me the link of ockoala’s blog and I became fan since then , I thank her also for all the goodies she gave us during this journey : the diaries , the preview links , the mini update …. v we miss u , best of luck with ur studies , fighting 🙂
    a big thankuu to u too ItadakimasU for ur live mini updates which gave me patience to wait till I’m back home to watch the webisode .
    A big thankuuu to all of u galz J.J , jeankaycee , Yeisha , comicsgilz , a_fan , lulybunny, katwoman , mayssenger … and all whom I didn’t name ( sorry but luv u all ) for making those last 3 or 4 months funny and joyful 🙂
    KHJ/JSM wish you all the very best things in life , wish u a huge success with all what u’r doing or gonna do , keep smiling becoz both of u look adddorable when ur faces shine with ur smiles and be always happy ( ok ur noona/unnie have another wish for you : be always together forever )
    BSJ/OHN I know u’r gonna live happily ever after , enjoy ur life with each other and with a lil SJ or HN whom I wish was shown during the webisodes .
    I finally will list some cute scenes I loved :
    one of the bestest scenes or maybe let’s say episodes is episode 10 from the biguining till the end , from SJ’s silent goodbye to sad OHN , till broken hearted OHN when she though SJ was living with HR ( tell u the truth that was one of the bestest moments from me especially when she was alone on the bench thinking that if she doesn’t search for him he never does then when she wanted to leave when he came , that was really good ) till she came with Chocolate and fainted …
    I loved also that emotional moment @ the hospital when she was hugging him and crying for EJ .
    their honeymoon night and the awkardness between them and that talk of SJ before he kissed her was cuuuuuuute and also the CPR scene was aww too
    all the webisodes was pure cutyness but the last 4 mn of epi 7 were the bestest
    there are too many other beautiful moments and I can’t list them all here but for me the whole show is just awwwwwwww , I already re-watched it more than 10 times now while waiting for the next episodes of SG .
    Anyway galz , will still come here until I have nothing to do anymore 🙂
    will miss you , love you , keep smiling everybody 🙂

  19. I still haven’t seen the last webisode cause I am still in denial… still refuse to say goodbye to this drama and to my PK addiction. see, I still wake up at 5am to check AKP blog for PK goodies! but after this farewell party, i will watch the last BTS though in my heart, I hope you will still post some news on Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong. I am trying to make a list of my fave moments and they are too many! But everytime I rewatch the series, I know where my remote control’s fast forward button should go to. Thank you everyone for the “fandom” and sharing the addiction. Thank you Ockoala for opening your blog and sharing your writing talent to all of us. You expressed and articulated what we loved about PK. Looking forward to the next drama but won’t forget to look back sometimes at PK and take a lovely trip down the memory lane with all of you. Cheers!

  20. As we said farewell to our beloved Playful Kiss, its another rounds of thank you’s!

    To Ockoala of Ockoala’s playground for the fun and constructive recaps which I throughly enjoyed. Also for being such a gracious host and letting us (PKissers) express our love for PK even though we were flooding her thread of recaps with our heaps comments. And then to my other co-commentors in Ockoala’s like V, JJ, carol, lunybunny, yeisha and many others (you know who you are) for making recap reading a blast. Hope to interact again with you all!!!

    And as Ockoala mentioned her favorites PK moments, i also prepared my own. These moments are my favorites not because its grand scenes or the sweetest moments but because it tugs my heart significantly and touched me entirely.

    In the Playful Kiss series:
    In random order:

    1. The Kiss in a Rain – I love this scene not only because the kiss was great but also because it represents the fact the finally baek seung jo acknowledged his feelings for oh hani.

    2. The father and daugther scene before the wedding -This scene was really touching because you can clearly see and feel the love of a father to a daughter.

    3. Talk in the swing of Bong Joon Gu and Oh Ha Ni -This scene clicked for me because its a touching goodbye for the feelings of Bong Joon Gu for Oh Ha Ni.

    4. The walk after the musical -Ilove this scene because it reflects the dynamic of seung jo and ha ni. It shows how different they are to each other but can still see that they could really compliment to each other.

    5. The hug in the restaurant in Episode 16 -This scene was special to me because even though its not a grand gesture but it signifies that no matter what happened seung jo will always be there for ha ni and ha ni really did find her home in seung jo.

    In the YouTube Webisodes:

    1. The tying of Hani’s shoelace -I love that scene because it shows how seung jo has come a long way from being the robot boy because now he gradually show his concern for Hani without putting into words.

    2. The peck in the cheek for Seung jo -This shows that even though Hani and Seung jo is already married couple they still kept their respective characters but can clearly see the love between them.

    3. The hospital kiss -This kiss was one of the best kiss in PK, it shows tenderness, love and understanding.

    4. The joyride -This scene shows how seung jo loves seeing hani enjoying herself. Also the interatctions were so sweet. Even though its doesnt have a kiss its still a spazz worthy scene.

    5. The birthday surprise -Its the scene where Hani realized that seung jo prepared something for her. It clearly shows that seung jo was willing to go extra mile just to make sure hani would be happy on her birthday.

    Actually I still have many favorite moments but I cant seem to put any words to describe it. I think for others to understand it you should see it for yourself.

    Clearly this is really a goodbye and an end but still in every end is only another beginning.

    To Playful Kiss thank you again for the wonderful journey. I will always remember you as the drama that touched and added changes my life.

    So this is my toast for Playful Kiss!!! Cheers!!!!!

    • awwww….!! love every scenes that u choose… and yes…i also think that too many sweet and sad moments i love in PK.. ^^ can’t seem to write it all!! 😀

  21. kk. i’m so behind on PK right now so it’s not the end for me yet but I still want to drop by and say thank you to all of you to Ms. Koala and PKissers for making the experience so incredible and certainly unforgettable!
    i would love to meet you guys again at some other occasions! we sure had tons of fun together even if I had to be out before it ended…
    to those who will still be here even after this, i will look forward to catching up with PK (oh torture…) and have another farewell with you guys later… kk. it has been a blast so far.

  22. Thank for your your Playful Kiss recaps. Your posts made my days as I had to finish all my daily responsibilities before I get to watch. Kept me going during the day. THANKS!

  23. i’d like to end off with this little quote. i loved it so much i tried my best to do the translation justice. from Hani to Joongu in ep16
    “Sit (on this swing) and try reflecting.
    ‘These are my feelings; I know myself best’
    Don’t just keep yelling those words
    But entrust your heart and body in their entirety to this swaying swing
    While only looking at the sky
    Then, your true feelings will be revealed.”
    -Oh Hani

  24. to ockoala well even if PK is done i will still consider this as my PK playground..
    but hmnnn i am really gonna miss you guys..
    I am gonna miss my stalking days every thursday & friday morning here..
    I hope that it is okay for me to hang around your trees koala cause
    I’ll be spurting here and there and everywhere near this vicinity…
    so beware of me


  25. PK touched my life in a way I can never imagined. I will never forget this wonderful drama and Baek Seung Jo (of course Kim Hyun Joong) and the rest of the gang.
    Thanks for all the people behind this K-drama…and to you for spending time and effort to share what you have experienced and felt with PK…
    Now, I can’t last a day without visiting your blog…Gamsahamnida!

  26. am i late for the party already??!!!!! 🙂

    wow!!! it’s actually amazing to see the outpour of love and support for this drama. 🙂

    hmmnn.. so this is actually a farewell right? but i think i won’t be sad about it though. i will surely miss PK and all that it has to offer but i think i’m ready to let it go because it has already come full circle for me. the last episode made me feel that our OTP will end up being just fine. so that did it for me.. i’m ready.. to let go.. ( i’m just saying that ..but i’m still going to rewatch the whole thing once i’m not that swamped with other things to do!!! )

    this drama that i just thought of watching without commitments became something else for me…. it made me crazzzzyyy!! crazy for the joy and fluff that was in it!!! and of course, the lovely characters that touched us because we can relate to them one way or another.. Oh Ha Ni, you go girl!! slowly but surely and with the love that you have inside you, you got your man!!! Baek Seung Jo, your one fine specimen of a man! ( i’m not going to even go into what i have in mind right now.. ) and i have to mention Joong Gu, even if you lost the girl, i give my salute to you. 🙂

    everybody in this drama was memorable because each of them had their moments. 🙂
    i know it’s not an award winning show and it ain’t perfect but i said this before, i love PK for its imperfections. and this drama has a certain quality to it , there is a pureness about it and it has soul. 🙂 it surely will be one drama that i;ll fondly remember with a smile on my face. 🙂

    so to PK!! a toast to you for all the wonders and the crazies that you have done to us!! congratulations on a job well done!! ( even without the boating!! )

    to Ockoala, for always being the gracious hostess to us here at your playground.. we are really running wild here ya know… but you still indulge us and then give us some more.. so for that, i would like to thank you! and your writing of the recaps made the experience of PK much more fascinating.

    to my new found playmates here!!! may the bonds that we have formed endure after this.. you guys are the craziest bunch and i mean that in a good way!!! reading comment after comment was really fun!!!

    i used to lurk around but i was found by little-V!! so thank you.. you have made me more active in here than i thought i would ever be. hope you are ok and that we’ll see you around soon.

    J.J. , Yeisha, Lulybunny, ItadakimasU… ladies… thanks a bunch!!! it was a pleasure sharing thoughts with you!!! a brilliant bunch indeed.

    maysengger, Rush, a_fan, jeankaycee, allenif, and everybody else here, you guys rock! fast uptake with your comments and love the wit that goes with it!!

    to everybody else here, i may not have interacted with , but is here anyways and sharing the love , here’s a toast to you guys too!!!

    hugs for everybody!!!! 🙂

    let’s paaarrtttyyyyy!!!!

    • Ooh! Everyone was partying while Rush was sleeping. I hope there’s some bubbly left over for me! I’m supposed to be heading for the gym but it’s so much more fun reading everyone’s comments than working out….
      I started out with wanting to respond to everyone and realized that at the rate the comments were multiplying I would miss tomorrow’s gym session too. Not that that would make me particularly sad….
      What does make me sad is the fact that PK has finally, finally come to a close.
      This was a drama which was soft and fluffy with many many obvious flaws. But I still liked it a lot, and it was sad to see the negative vibes it got at other forums. So when I discovered this blog (much too late sadly), I was so delighted to find so many like minded (read, equally besotted) people who saw the flaws but didn’t let them get in the way of their addiction. Btw, the editing monkey is on top of that list of flaws! Ockoala, its a bit late but I volunteer to go strangle that monkey with my bare hands. Just have a little situation in a cottage in the forest to deal with first.
      I really really liked PK from day 1. I’m a big fan of Itazura na Kiss, having watched all the various versions out there. And I loved what they did with the lead pair in this version. They made OHN adorable and JSM totally owned this character. She made me laugh, she made me cry, my heart broke each time BSJ hurt OHN, and it bubbled over with joy each time BSJ showed her a sign of affection. Like katwoman said in her comment, she reminded me of myself as a young girl. That indescribable feeling of crushing on someone, the very high highs and the equally low lows that one experiences at these times. Much as I love my life now, I sometimes miss those giddy moments of being truly young at heart. OHN and BSJ brought those feelings back for me.
      And KHJ, aah I could write entire essays on his smile, and his adorable personality. I don’t really crush on him but I think he’s adorkable 🙂
      After the disaster that was Ji Hoo sunbae, I was really apprehensive about him taking on the role of Naoki/BSJ. He started out rocky, and obviously a better actor could have emoted some of those scenes far more effectively, but I think he did a very creditable job. Specially in the webisodes. He was very comfortable in his BSJ skin by then and his chemistry with JSM was through the roof. As I may have said before, I would have been happy just watching them sit on their bed and smile at each other (well maybe a little boating would have been nice too!) for the entire duration of a webisode.
      Which is not to take away anything from the supporting cast which was brilliant. OHN’s dad, BSJ’s mom, the best friends and most of all the rival love interests. I think both actors did a brilliant job and they so deserve to lead their own show some day.
      See, this is what happens when you join the party late, not just for the ending, but the whole boat ride. I discovered this blog way towards the end of PK, and came out of silent reader mode only couple of episodes back. But in this very short time I discovered how much writing talent is out there in the world!
      So now to start the shoutouts.
      First and foremost to Ockoala – you’re a total rockstar!! For writing recaps that were detailed and analytical but at the same time warm and very very funny (funny will get me every time!) Thanks so much for letting us hang around and play in your playground. Your’e an incredibly talented writer and I love love love reading your blog. It’s the best playground and has all my favorite swings in here 🙂 (Does that sound weird?)
      Hugs to the sisterhood of the travelling boat – mayssenger, kn, a_fan, yeisha.
      You guys are the funniest people I’ve met online and I hope I’ll keep seeing you around. I may not be able to keep up with you guys but I’ll jump in now and then… will miss you on this thread 🙂
      Big shoutout to all the regulars on this blog because of whom I come back several times a day ItadakimasU, allenif, kittykat, allenifv, J.J. , Lulybunny, jeankaycee, V and all of the others I haven’t named.

      It’ll take me a while to get over this habit of checking the PK community every time I sit at my PC. Hopefully by then I will have found all of you in some other drama-land. Haven’t yet started MMM. Waiting for it to air on KBS world. Secret Garden – I will wait till all episodes are available and then marathon it maybe. But right now am really really waiting for Athena and City Hunter. Woo! Hoo!

      Adios folks…. see you around.

      • Sorry, this was meant to be a main article comment. I obviously screwed up somewhere…. 🙂

        I miss miss miss PK already!

      • @rush, i’m glad you decided to skip the gym. hahaha. but most of all, i’m glad you found your way to this playground. 😉

        and the feeling is mutual, so very happy that to have ‘met’ you too. like i said above, we all feed each other’s crazy and it sure was one heck of a party. LOL.

      • Hey mayssenger, so badly want to get to M3 but my internet connection is just not cooperating…. Will work at catching up on all episodes over the weekend. Have been skimming ockoala’s recaps and all the comments – don’t want to hype it too much in my head. Expectations and all that… 🙂

  27. A big thank you for the recap on PK, I’ve enjoyed reading them as well as all those comments. Have been stalking your blog & many others due to PK, am gonna missed all these wonderful times. One thing I must add; I noticed those BTS vid; KHJ & JSM are more natural, more like a real couple…..what’s really happening to those two? Maybe the steamy scene did happen BOB???

    • KHJ and JSM did filmed the hot steamy scene that’s why KHJ mentioned that at the YT presscon, it’s only was cut because the audience age ranges from 13 yrs old onwards. KHJ didn’t lie, the steamy scene did happened.

      • aww….is it true…?? T_T i don’t think my addiction to both KHJ and JSM as JoonMin couple will end soon….really curious to know about them in the near future… ^^

      • same here comicsgilz , I’m so obessessed with KHJ/JSM and wanna know what’s happening between the two and that’s what’s making my farwell to PK even more difficult

  28. i’m gonna miss you all PKISSERS!

    My favorite scenes in PK:

    1. The Rain Kiss (Episode 13) – Seung-jo admitted his feelings to Ha-ni….it’s like he can’t take it anymore, seeing Ha-ni with another guy, he can’t imagine living without Ha-ni

    2. The Kiss in Episode 11 – Eun-jo realized that his Robot Brother got his heart back again after he met Ha-ni

    3. The First Kiss (Episode 6…..gaaahhhh, what, just kisses? nope) – this showed that Seung-jo really loved Ha-ni. Seung-jo humiliated Ha-ni because he’s jealous of Joon-gu and kissed her so that Ha-ni won’t forget him. He’s afraid to lose Ha-ni

    4. When Seung-jo and Ha-ni ran away from the gangsters in Episode 10 – although Seung-jo told Ha-ni that he grabbed her because she’s the nearest one and not Hae-ra, but if you read the diary of BSJ, he said that he really grabbed Ha-ni because he wants to be with her.

    5. The Kiss in the Hospital (kiss again?) – it’s so sweet, endearing, ugh, speechless or should I say it’s really natural just like other married couples went trough. It showed a lot of emotions between Ha-ni and Seung-jo. Just like how these two reconcile and solve their marital problems. And made me realized that, omg! They could kiss anytime they want because they are already married.

    6. The letting go of Father Oh – this really made me cry and think “What would my father say if i get married?”. I know it’s hard to let go of your daughter you raised up for 21 years all by yourself but just to think of her happiness, he had to let go.

    7. Hug scene at the balcony – gahhhh! this scene made my day! This means, Seung-jo’s not gonna let go of Ha-ni until his final breath (but isn’t he immortal? LOL). Especially, when i read the Diary no. 14 of BSJ, when Ha-ni ran away from home, Eun-jo said BSJ couldn’t eat and sleep well because Ha-ni’s still not coming home and he also said that SEUNG-JO AND HA-NI ALWAYS SECRETLY SNEAK IN AT THE BALCONY EVERY NIGHT JUST TO TALK!

    good bye Playful Kiss! thank you Playful Kissers for everything we went through with BSJ/KHJ and OHN/JSM!

  29. Huhuhu… The farewell part start already.. huhuhu.. I miss the OTP, I miss Baek Sung Jo, I miss Oh Ha Ni, I miss everybody in the drama. This is definitely one of my favorites Kdrama. It is hard to say goodbye. I miss the time when I had to find time to googleling about PK every day. Search for news, search for BTS, photos, song, comments and of course the recap. Even the rating is low in Korea but our PK captured the heart of the nation around the world. I’m proud of it.

    To all the Pkissers… even we are small devoted fan. We shared the same feeling right? Hehehe… The Joyous Pkissers!!!
    To Oakola… without you, me is like short-sighted fan, I need your recap to complete the journey of enjoyment. Hehehe…
    To KHJ… I’m your diehard fan since WGM and now.. even more… (can’t wait for u to coming to Malaysia this Dec)
    To Min min… love ur work in bad guy and even more in PK

    haih…I miss you all.

    Psst… sorry for my bad English

  30. My dear Ockoala,
    When I am writing this, 139 comments have been posted.
    I was quiet busy and ……. I try to get time for this to share my feeling towards PK. I didn’t get chance to read your post about M3 & SG ….. hopefully I can make another time to read them.
    Also I would like to thanks to all the PK lovers who shared your thoughts and opinions here. This palyground has gave me many awesome new friends & new world that I have never had in my life so far.

    My favourite scences in Playful Kiss…..

    1. Epi 6 when OHN said ” to live with FUN in your life and make others happy”.
    2. Episode 7 OHN leaving BSJ’s place and his reaction and emotion ( he went to OHN’s room as soon as she left)
    3. Episode 8 BSJ had to cooke to help OHN, trained her for tennis lesson and gave her piggyback (I think, piggyback scene at epi 8 was most cutest scene of the entire drama TV/YT
    4. Epi 13 when BSJ confessed his true felling to OHN
    5. Epi 15 when OHN kissed BSJ at their wedding (its made me LOL)
    6.Epi 16 BSJ was keep waiting for OHN at resturant till she got there (he was worry that something happened to her)
    7. At Youtube episodes when BSJ helped OHN when she needed and make her comfort that when her tears out , birthday scence he did prepare quiet well to show his love and attention to hid wife OHN without let her know

    I also like the clothing/out fit of all the casts. They all worn the style that suit for roles that they were portraying.
    BSJ’s mum she is good at with acting and such a pretty lady.

    I like the songs (OST) form PK. I really enjoy to listen those songs.

    Only I dislike at PK was edition. So jumpy, taken camera away quiet often (when BSJ&OHN kiss, hug scence).

    Now, I would like to say thanks so much to Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min who were portraying BSJ &OHN characters very well and giving your best for Playful Kiss.
    I watched PK because of KHJ, then I love JSM who is very cute and very smart in real life. I deeply wish both of you have every success in your future. I am looking forward to your future porjects.
    I desperately wish that KHJ&JSM win best couple award from Playful kiss drama.
    Also many thanks to group 8 for creating this lovely drama PK. (please consider ,season two, pls acknowledge international fans, u have already known that on YT comments )
    To the all cast,crew,staff,directors and script writers, also who participated in PK, thanks so much for your hard work.

  31. thanks for recapping everything… its been while… i kept on checking this site for playful kiss updates, i even bookmarked this site for easy access heheh :D… and now its all done, i’m so sad… i’m totally hook in this drama… i dont know why but for me, this is the best itazura na kiss ever… 😀 still thank you a lot…

  32. Ockoala thank you again for the recaps, spoilers and all the things you’ve done for PK… I would really miss PK, it’s not the greatest drama but it sure did touch a lot of hearts … All the fun, loving, cute and heartwarming memories will stay in my heart…

    I also want to thank all the Pkissers (I will not mention any names so that I wont miss anyone), although I don’t comment much, I still read all your comments and insights, you have added to the joy in my PK experience thanks to all of you… I will miss this…a whole lot… keep the happiness…

    To KHJ and JSM you did a great job and will continue to support you in all your upcomming projects… hope the both of you get the well deserve rest you need…

    Ahhh…why did this turn out to be a sad thank you…sorry, did not meant it to turn this way…I wish everyone happiness…Thank again Ockoala….

  33. Hi hi all ye PKissers & AKP host ockoala, so glad to see all of you congregated here for the party! Wow it’s been a fantastic journey for me – both following PK drama , teasers, BSJ diary, YT Special edition …. and finding a virtual community of friends . This is the first time I have so actively participated in a blog discussion and I’ve been so enriched by all your input. I’ll still be lurking around just to keep in touch.

    For me, PK may be hard to let go, but my consolation is KHJ is out there conquering the world with his charm o I can continue to spazz about his latest exploits as a fangirl . JSM has also raised awareness of her potential and I anticipate greater things to come from her. Of course, the PKisser in me is still harboring some secret hope that in the future ( whether or near or distant ) there will a PK 2 or fresh webisodes seasonally. That would really make my day.

  34. Awwww I didn’t realise how much I missed you guys until I started reading all your posts….am feeling teary. Me and allenif have crossed over to M3, spied kittykat there for a brief sec then she disappeared….so come and join us. Will be waiting for you all!

    My fav moments in PK:

    1. the birthday cake in the last webisode: the part where he turns her around shyly and brings out the cake with its bendy candles. So touching I almost cried.

    2. when he sings happy birthday to her and his voice soars…..

    3. the kiss in the rain….cos I’d been waiting for it for soooo longggg……and I thought the kiss was perfect….gentle and tentative yet masterful

    4. the boating scene LOL from the moment he kisses her to the bed scene….WOW!

    5. when he clings onto the shut door as Hani weeps outside….I hurt so bad….

    PK has been a fun ride for me in so many ways; I’ve been a lurker and never contributed to anything in forums and blogs, but somehow halfway through PK, something happened to me as I was reading all your comments. You all seemed to be having such a blast and I thought I might as well add a few very short discreet comments.Well, one thing led to another, and I just got crazier and crazier with each new ep of PK and the high it gave me.

    So I want to say thanks to Ockoala and her wonderful playground here, and her insightful recaps….without her, I would have missed out on the little subtleties in the show; I understood it so much better after reading each of her amazing recaps.

    Thanks also to my forest friends LOL (what a namehahahahhahaah):

    Rush, for bringing me out of my shell, and reawakening the creativity in me (subdued by the practicalities and demands of life and work and hubby and kids). You are so hilarious, and I still burst into fits of maniacal laughter thinking about your boating/kidnapping/earwaxing comments (I’m grinning again even as I type this LOL)

    Yeisha, gee, I thought all that boating and forest talk had got to you and you’d split into TWO dual selves with alter-ego Odessa LOL. Thanks for all your HELPFUL forest boating tips and your booze…..from now on, every time I spot soju in a korean drama, I’ll think of you hahahahha

    thanks to kn, who’s obsessed with BATHING HJ…you go right ahead, girl…. you gotta bring your own soap though cos I haven’t figured out how to make soap yet LOL We can use yeisha’s booze to shampoo his hair though ….heard Europeans use beer to shampoo greasy hair….no beer in the forest so we’ll make do with soju and vino LOL

    thanks to a_fan: yeah, I’ll never look at KHJ’s nostrils again without a shudder and mental image of you forcibly yanking out his nose hair….GROSSS EEEUUUU…..can’t even type this without getting goosebumps…..EEEUUUUU

    thanks to allenif, for helping me get over my PK addiction and introducing me to M3 and its new characters

    thanks to ItadakimasU, for her funny and STRANGE spazzing on avatars and their changing colours and merits…you helped me kill time that final ep

    thanks to rainyrain for suggesting ways to counter PK post-depression, TeaCup, katwoman (for thinking about boating while jogging LOL), goodange for spazzing with me, J.J., Lulybunny (for wanting a hard copy of the Boating Manual LOL), kittykat, Milo, FromSpain (for admiring my avatar haha) …and everyone else. I love you guys to bits!

    Forest flossing-boating-ear waxing-nosehair trimming friends: I wanted to make rabbit stew as a farewell gesture so I walked the whole length and breath of the forest for 3 days and 3 nites, but I couldn’t see a single damn rabbit. I did see a monkey hiding behind the bushes…thought it looked familiar, then realised it’s that monkey that Ockoala hates so much. So yeah, I strangled it, just like what Ockoala said to do, and thought I’d make monkey soup instead. But then I thought we’d all turn into monkeys after that, so I gave up the idea and trekked home to the cottage. You wouldn’t believe what happened next….this bunch of birds staggered towards me (there must have been a hundred of them) and just keeled off right in front of me. So I performed CPR on them (like Hani did to SJ) but it wasn’t any use. I think it was Yeisha’s booze that killed them. Don’t feel bad, Yeisha…at least they died happy.

    So then it hit me – I’d make (dead) bird soup instead for you guys…so I built a fire (with sticks: I’m a huge SURVIVOR fan), got a big pot (which I’d made out of sun-dried forest clay), filled it up with water and tossed in the birds, feathers, booze and all. So yeah, I’m brewing it now and it smells wonderful, and when it’s done, I’ll just pop into my open-topped convertible (I assembled it myself….didn’t have time to make the roof…that’ll take another week or so), and zip over to the PK party. Oh, and in case you can’t recognise me, I’m wearing this short black-and-white polka dotted nightie thingy…yeah, like what Hani was wearing in the boating scene, only difference is I substituted the polka dots for pink, seeing he liked that polka dotted vest so much in that last ep. Oh, and I’ve got Hani’s scarf on…yeah, I couldn’t believe I actually found it stuck in one of the trees (btw, I used it to strangle Ockoala’s monkey)

    So, come over to M3, guys, let’s spazz some more….

    • maysengger!! hahahaha!! as always, this one is just hilarious!!!
      and yes, i’ve been hanging around M3 but haven’t really participated in the conversations.. i guess i’m still weaning myself off of PK.. 🙂 yah know how hard it is right?? 😉

      but i have to admit that i have been enjoying M3 and have been following it too!! so see you there!!! 🙂 i’ll reserve my thoughts for M3 at a later time, but for now.. a toast to PPPPKKKKKKK!!!!! 🙂

    • @messenger, first of all, I. CANNOT. STOP. LAUGHING for 5 minutes reading this!!! too, too funny!!!! i am sooooo happy you decided to de-lurk and add your “little” comments. those little comments unleashed my inner crazy and now yesss..i’ve totally developed a dual personality — “responsible” professional/citizen by day, PKisser/forester/boater by night. so much so that in my confused state this morning i accidentally typed my real name thinking that i was posting in another site and hit send. eeeep..too late now. 😉

      about M3, methinks i need to turn myself in a detox camp first after all my drunken PKscapades in the forest. it might take a little while, granted that my *serious* alter-ego will probably want to take over and ask me NOT to play and stay out too much again. but we’ll see. 😉

      p.s. i’m glad you found that scarf but how did you reach it all the way up in that darn tree? did you ask Snow’s little friends to form a human ladder and reach it for you? aren’t they a little too old and arthritic to do these kinds of things? 😛

      • p.p.s. i have WHAM more comment. i keep reading about avatars…am i the only one not seeing this? the only avatar that i see is JJ’s. *confused*

        @ItadakimasU, since you are the playground avatar expert, what are you guys talking about exactly? heee.

      • buahahha aishh it’s so silly… but it started out like this… i don’t hate my avatar, but baby blue just isn’t the blue i love most. I’ve been talking to rainyrain and noticed that some times, she would have a golden avatar and the next a blue one I LOVE! I also saw V changing avatar colours. So I thought… maybe if you change your e-mailaddres, you’ll get a diff one. But it wasn’t until waiting for the last webisode that i tested that out (i had to kill time somehow).

        I ended up with my first assigned avater, but declared that allenif and fromspain’s avatar are worthy of the title king/ queen 😉 kekekeke

        at the time, you guys were sleeping and we were going craaaaaaaaaaaazy not knowing when the webisode would air… hehehe

      • mayssenger – glad you did not proceed with the monkey soup menu! that was a good call. if we turn into monkeys like you feared, ockoala might kick us out for climbing her trees! hehehe…

      • @yeisha: No, I did not force those dear feeble little men in their twilight years to make a human ladder…geez, what do you take me for?

        Actually, it was Ockoala’s monkey that did it – took the scarf, I mean. Ok, so let me clarify things a bit. First I saw the monkey, then I saw the scarf. So I held the monkey at gunpoint (did I mention I’d made my own gun a few days earlier?) and forced it to climb up the tree, take the scarf, bring it down, then I strangled it – yeah, with the scarf. I felt really bad, but ockoala’s out for blood, and I figured I’ve got a lot to be grateful to her for, and who knows when I’ll ever meet that monkey again…so yeah, I did it. It’s weighing on my conscience though…this morning I woke up drenched in cold sweat cos I was dreaming about me in bed in those red checked jammies that Rush likes and then the door opens and omggggg!!! THE MONKEY struts in and he’s dressed in those lookalike jammies and he’s yelling at me in HJ’s voice YAH! YAH! YAH!…I was shaking so hard I had to down 5 bottles of yeisha’s booze at one go…

      • As long as you didn’t wake up with the monkey’s head in your bed. Gah! Why am I doing Godfather references in KDrama land. Or should it be la la land…?

      • @ yeisha you only see mine because I’m a registered Blogspot user. i think you should be able to see OcKoala’s also…

        @mayssenger… soo… that boating manual… 🙂

    • meyssenger – hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…………. my face hurts, my tears are rolling from laughing uncontrollably…..i could not stopppppp….. this is what’s called PK laugh theraphy…….hahahahaha….thanks for giving us the joy of laughter……you’re a big ball of fun and humor……..hahahahaha….

    • Mayssenger – you totally have to write a book on ‘Life and times in the forest’ now. As soon as you finish copying the boating manual for everyone that is!!

      You have to be the funniest, looniest (and I mean that in the nicest way!) person around. If this is what unlocking your creativity does glad to have been part of it. But you’ve taken the whole forest living to a whole new level.

      And yeisha, Itadakimasu, a_fan, kn, kittykat et al. You do realize that we’ve all forgotten about KHJ somewhere along the way. We’re so busy spazzing over each other that we forgot the original purpose of that cottage in the woods 🙂
      Way to go girlfriends!!

      This is what PK rehab is all about I guess.
      Anyhow, folks I’m off to attend boot camp just so I can keep up with mayssengers survival skills. Also to get the image of a woman in short polka dotted nightie running around picking dead birds from the forest floor. (*Hides in terror*).
      Incidentally a_fan, you go down in the Boating manual hall of fame for being the fan willing to do the most for KHJ (*Hands out award*)
      Special mention to kn for going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure KHJ stays, er, pristine after all that boating.
      That leaves yeisha and me to do the actual boating! But wait, what is this play being enacted in front of us….

      Scene 1: Act 1:
      A beautiful misty forest with a small wooden (slightly crooked) cottage in a clearing.
      Enter stage left: Rush dragging a trussed up (with dental floss) KHJ behind her.
      Enter stage right: kn, who immediately rushes forward to help bathe KHJ (who is covered in mud and leaves and dead bird parts from the aforementioned forest floor)
      She is followed by mayssenger carrying a spool of dental floss and a basket full of dead birds.
      Out of the cottage door rushes a_fan with her trusty nose hair trimmer.
      mayssenger takes one look at the nose hair trimmer and runs screaming for the woods, scattering dead birds as she runs….
      Rush watches and waits as kn and a_fan bathe and trim KHJ.
      kn and a_fan fall exhausted to the forest floor after all their exertions.
      Enter stage left: Yeisha carrying several (empty) bottles of soju.
      Rush watches her last remaining boating rival stumble drunkenly towards KHJ. She smiles calculatingly and pulls out a bottle of bubbly from behind her. Yeisha looks at the bubbly, then looks at KHJ, looks at the bubbly again.
      She suddenly charges towards Rush, snatches the bubbly and runs into the woods hissing ‘My preciousssss’
      Rush goes into the cottage with KHJ….
      From inside there is the sound of …….. rowing.
      Curtain closes to the strains of KHJ singing ‘Wham more time, wham more time…’
      End Scene 1: Act 1

      • HAHAHAHAHAHA you are KILLINGGGG meLOLOL. I DON”T LIKE THIS SCRIPT!!!! I DEMAND AN IMMEDIATE CHANGE!!!!! Yeisha and her bubbly part nearly burst my tummy…HAHAHAHA Omg I have these vivid images of a_fan and kn bathing AND trimming HJ hahahahhah What kind of a script is this anyway? You alone left ROWING and WHAMMING with KHJ????LOLOL You sly thing, you….what happened to all that proclaimed sisterhood I share-you share-I floss-you trim? Oh God I’m laughing like a loony againnnnn LOL

      • And why am I “carrying a spool of dental floss and a basket full of dead birds”???? That is soooo uncool!!!! What kind of a script is this???? I DEMAND JUSTICEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

      • @rush, you are killing me with this playwright!!! bwahahahaahahahahaha. did you steal the rest of my aforementioned bubbly while writing this?!!!! you are good, my friend, you are good. 😉

        since the task of boating is now between the two of us…while the rest of our forest friends are errrr…busy with their duties, i hereby offer an alternative script. LOL.


        SPIRIT OF THE FOREST – The Boating Chapter

        Fade in —
        Exterior: Unknown Forest – Night.
        A drunken girl (yeisha) runs and enters the thick of the forest. It is very dark, we hear the sounds of forest creatures. She slammed right into someone, a man (BSJ), and loses her balance. He caught her right before she fell and she grabbed a fistful of his curly hair.

        BSJ: Ya!!! Let go of my hair or you’ll die.
        yeisha (slurred speech): Eeeerrr…I don’t want to fall…. errrr..can’t…stand..
        BSJ: I said let go of my hair!!! I will help you stand up.

        yeisha slowly released her death grip on BSJ’s hair. Moon is starting to rise and she can figure out the outline of his face. She couldn’t help but stare at his neck.

        yeisha: Ummm…thank you…would you like to have some? (offers BSJ the bottle of bubbly).
        BSJ: I’m actually looking for some food. I’ve been walking around the forest for hours.

        yeisha smiles and took out an orange from her pocket. Her forest friend maysennger had given it to her earlier but she was too busy unloading boxes of dental floss and sujo to eat it. yeisha offers the orange to BSJ. Unbeknownst to her, BSJ had severe head injury after trying to save his wife from falling and had a resulting amnesia, the reason why he was wandering lost in the forest. yeisha started to peel the orange and feed it to him. BSJ’s face lit up at his first taste of the orange. He stared at her as if he was remembering something. Then he leaned in and gave her a kiss.

        Close up of the kiss. Background music swells…’Wham more time….wham more time….”

        Fade out —

      • @yeisha : why am I “too busy unloading boxes of dental floss and sujo to eat it” ? I’m seriously going to lynch you and Rush!!!! I’m NOT BUSYYYY!!!! Hey you asked me how I got to the scarf rite? Just scroll up for the reply LOL

      • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! your scripts are HI-FRE*K*NG-larious!!!!!

        buahhaha but somehow… rush’s KHJ sounds like a lifeless doll dragged everywhere and to do whatever with ^^
        lol@yeisha doing my preciousssss (hahah she sure likes her liquor!!!)

        keke whereas yeisha’s BSJ is alive, a bit rough and roarrrrrr KYAAAAAAAAA~~

      • @mayssenger, i’m just following rush’s lead. LOL. she has KHJ while i have BSJ. bwahahahaahahaaaaaaaaa. 😀

      • hahaha!!! can’t stop laughing you are all hilarious…just one thing don’t overwork KHJ/BSJ he might collapse…hahaha!!!

      • @mayssenger – its just that Yeisha and I worry about you being too exhausted after all the cottage building, mini cooper assembling, berry smashing, bird soup making activities you’ve been indulging in the last few days. Which is why we wrote you out of the script. Don’t want KHJ to think that any of the members of the Forest Boating Club are incapable of rowing….
        I imagined you resting peacefully by a stream somewhere in our little forest, resting after all your exertions. No ulterior motives at all (*halo shining*)
        And ItadakimasU, its just that KHJ/BSJ ran into Yeisha in the forest (read script above), which is why he’s so exhausted he appears lifeless. Yeisha’s script is the Prelude…..
        @Yeisha – since in our alternative forest avatars, we have both KHJ and BSJ existing at the same time, you and I are both happy, right??

        Since a_fan and kn are not protesting we will hereby assume that they love their parts in this little drama.
        Now lights, camera, action….

      • @Rush, I’m satisfied with your script. As long as I get to bathe KHJ, I’m a happy camper. The only thing that I want to add to the script is that the bathing scene is shown in slooooooow motion (as slow as possible). 🙂

        @mayssenger, I think you may have gotten the raw end of this deal. I’ll support your demand for the script to be rewritten as long as my part remains the same.

      • @rush, are you kidding me?! i’m happy as a clam. teheee. i get free reign on the script and write in things i lurve about BSJ (i.e. The Perm, his “ya!!!”, that lovely neck). of course, close-up of the kiss means close-up of the jawline…so there. color me happy. 😉

        @kn, good to know you’re satisfied with the script. and about the slow mo part, why not? will have to write that in too. hee.

        @mayssenger and @a_fan, we might have to create an alternative forest avatar for you guys. what do you think? 😛

  35. Best and cutest K-drama I have ever seen, plus the fact that it’s so relevant in so many issues about life especially for youth at the cross roads of life, so many decisions to make and the search for meaning in life as well as emotional feelings like love.

    Of course the main attraction is KHJ and JSM is such a great delight to watch that she’s able to lead audience to feel what OHN is going thru emotionally and cry along with her. She’s really cute like an adorable doll, irresistable! I’m sure KHJ must be very attracted by her and find her absolutely heart tugging.

    BSJ’s mom is so pretty, BSJ looks like his mon and Eunjo looks like his dad. Yes, I like their outfits and clothings – so stylish and pretty.

    I really like OHN’s friends, great friendship she has. Never like HyeRa, she’s bitchy and despice OHN talking consedencing to her. Worse is no matter what weather she wears shorts, it’s no use BSJ just don’t like her.

    Too many great cute scenes to mention. Absolutely the best K-drama for me.

    • JSM may be young but I think she has depth and a personality that shines. She’s quite a special girl though there are many other prettier actresses in Korea. It would be interesting to know how her acting career would be in 2 yrs’ time.
      As for whether KHJ and JSM will date for real this we will never know because I’m sure KHJ will make sure nobody knows. Sometimes, it’s better not to talk too much about it which will help them more this way, though I really think they make the most adorable and ideal couple ever.

  36. So long farewell, its time to say goodbye, its PK days are over, and we must move on….I hate to go to leave this pretty sight…..goodbye….goodbye….goodbye…..

    Oh dear! I really hate to go! but this is part of our life. But Seung Jo and Hani will be forever part of my life, they left a big mark in my heart and I really can’t forget them.
    here is my own top scene of BSJ and OHN:
    1. When SJ is teasing HN in the beach, he gave her sock, and her reaction was epic!
    2. SJ trained HN in tennis, the moment is sweet and very endearing.
    3. HN asked SJ to help her in cooking for the whole tennis crew, I love her puppy eyes looked that SJ cannot resist.
    4. All their kisses! first graduation kiss, rain kiss and most of all honeymoon kiss!
    5. When SJ put HN on his shoulders to get her scarf stuck on the tree branches.

    My favorite BTS scene of KHJ and JSM:
    1. Piggy back in Jeju island where in he pretend to let her fall on the clip. hehehe he is such a tease!
    2. He was rehearsing to carry her, during the honeymoon scene. I don’t know why he kept on carrying her…..
    3. He stared at her for like 3 seconds while she was memorizing her script! hahaha! and when the lady told them that the next scene will be the hugging, he immediately told them to practice. The reaction of the ladies crew are priceless.
    4. He was teasing her with his eyes while they are taking photos and she kept on hitting his shoulders. LOL!
    5. They were shooting the rain kiss, she was a little out balance and when the director said cut, he smile and pick up the umbrella, ( maybe in his thoughts 100 points for me again!) when SM reaction was about to faint…..LOL! (if you were to be kissed by that handsome fellow who wouldn’t faint right?)

    and lastly my favorite Fan cam capture:
    1. Of course my number 1 was the kiss in the car, they make out for at least 20 seconds! LOL! when the director finally said cut SoMIn was waiting for the verdict. (maybe she was praying, please don’t make us kiss again….otherwise….LOL) and KJ was very please.
    2. The scene where he will wipe the leaves on her knees, but he also wipe the part that he should not wipe. (so naughty!) but both of them didn’t realize it.
    3. The smile of his face while he said goodbye to her. that was the scene after she was pushing the wheel chair. its just a matter of second but I have seen it all. hehehe!

    Finally I will say my goodbye to this beautiful playground will all my playmates! thanks for making this playground more lively and joyful, but I do not worry because maybe if these two will have another series will be back here again!
    cheers to everyone!

    • omo.. your no 4 point of BTS scene was my favourite too! I love to see his rounded eyes during that time and also in the car when HaNi told him to retake the nursing course, his eyes were so adorable when he said “I’ll help you”..warm and tender sight for wifey. 😀

    • ah that was sooo lovely!!!

      there has been already so many lovely comments… but somehow… they keep on comment ^^
      you saw a lot of BTW footages!!

  37. i spend more than 16 hours to watch the pk plus yt episode, i feel i can’t say good bye to pk eventhough it already finished and i will missed the lovely young couple oh hani & baek seung jo. i will rewatched again until i feel satisfied to let it go..:-)

  38. Here’s the biography of how KHJ and PK turned my life topsy-turvy:

    I was a sporatic KDrama viewer. I think it was five months ago when I was miserably bored being lazy at home …. so by whim I visited mysujo. BOF was listed on the most watched drama. I’ve seen the taiwanese drama way back and thought it might be interesting to check out the korean version. I then decided to watch BOF and since I didn’t know the actors, I googled them. KHJ acting was unimpressive in that drama. But learning about his background turned out to be a different story – his talents in music and dance, his career accomplishments to date and most of all his generosity are very impressive. So, the unexpected happened, I became a KHJ fan overnight! After PK, I then warped into a MinMin fan and a JoongMin shipper to boot!! hehehe… I also turned into a big Ockoala fan!

    • for me, it was summer, I’m on y 38 days leave, I kept watching Kdramas but before that I was watching Down with love a Taiwan drama, I’m CE fanatic (Chunella) and a big fan of Ella, anyway I just stumbled in YT that there will be Itazura na Kiss Korean version, I told myself ok, I love that manga and Taiwan version as well, but the first time I saw the 30 sec teaser! It was heaven, I said wow KHJ of BOF and the newbie was absolutely adorable! from that day on it was history, I already watched so many Kdrama but for me, this is the best ever, plus the chemistry is amazing!

    • joining this thread!

      @lovejoy ^^ cool you watched Down with love too 😀 I like Ella but watched for Jerry mostly… and XiaoXiaoBin!

      ok my story…
      I started out with some taiwan dramas, obsessing over Jerry Yan. Then came some J-stuff followed by to total craze K-tainment (the whole thing, including music and variety)! Fell in love with Choi Siwon, followed his every doing and watched Oh! My Lady… my very first K-drama since adulthood ^^ But then…. in WGM…. at first, I was looking for the epi in which the alsin couple had to take care of quadruplets (stumbled on suju in that epi on youtube)…. however… there was this HILARIOUS couple… called SSsangchu… didn’t think the male was that hunky at all… not untill i got addicted to this couple, and found out… that this dude… is … “MY” KOREAN GOD!!!!^^ I did a crashcourse on him! Although I couldn’t venture into BOF, because I was cringing over his performance too much… still I was curious about PK… THANK GOD I WAS!!! MinMin was fantastic… but yeah… as I said… he’s my Korean god 😛
      He singlehandedly wiped out all my previous fangirl crushes T_T it’s scary ^^ keke

      • And here’s my story , first time I saw a korean drama was in 2004 I think that was with Dae Jeong gum , it was telecasted on an arabic channel and translated to arabic too , I fell in love with ji jin hai and was searching all infos concerning him , then just whet the show ended and they telecasted ” my lovely Kim sam son ” but then I stopped since courses at uni started and I stopped from that time till march 2010 when my friend insisted on me to watch a korean serials on a korean channel brodcasting here in tunisia and very famous among tunisian people .
        I started with ” on air ” and fell in love with park yong ha ( still wonder why did he killed himself , such a big loss to the Kpop industry , love his tender voice and I’m always listning to his song ” who ” from on air ) .
        anyway even after watching on air I didn’t have the courage to watch more becoz till then I was hooked to another culture and another kind of serials , the hindi serials , till then I had a hindi serial to which I was a big fan and its main male lead was for me the image of the charming prince ( and still be till now , we are friends 🙂 ) , but then that serial became so badand stupid and long so I needed somethingelse to fill in the emptiness I felt after letting go the hindi show and here comes prosecutor princess and park shi hoo , sighhhhhhh , he made me dream of him for many weeks ( and I was happy that he was older than me ) then comes Rain and ” full house” and ” A love to kill ” and then comes other dramas till I finally got hooked to PK and all blogs related to especially ockoala and dramabeans and I think this gonna continue for sometime for sure 🙂

  39. ah, haven’t commented on every remark here, but have been applying something V taught me: in order not to use up too much space, nodding when agreeing instead of typing ^^ so i nodd whenever i feel like nothing to add or used up all my FB-buttons 😉

    i’ve been nodding all over the place !! (¤^o^¤)/

      • hey guys this is just a random comment…the other day when PK finished the last webisode, I went downstairs and my haubby and two boys were watching the news and it was showing Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton. I just though to myself Wow! What a fitting end to PK….it finishes and Prince William gets engaged. Felt rather nostalgic watching old footage of his mum and his dad getting married. I had a huge crush on Prince William, but when the cameras panned over to him, I got a huge shock…cos he was balding!! Very obviously at the back of his head. Prince William is like the English equivalent of KHJ – he’s Prince Charming….I wish him and his Kate the best. she’s going to have tough times ahead, poor thing.

      • LOL@the balding…

        i also found him hunky when i was younger… but i turned my fangirlish manners to asian stars only… back to my roots ^^

        I also wish William and Kate a happy married life. Hope he’ll NEVER EVER follow the strange footsteps of his father!@

      • I just come back and read the latest comments that I haven’t read yet.
        Girls all of you are amazing, make me LOL….
        I want to know your opinion about yesterday YT BTS (YT flim making 2) pls let me know what u think it.
        There was a scene that KHJ take off his jumper from JSM after kiss and hug scence finished. After that his cooby noona asked him why did u get back (the jumpr grey colour) form her quickly?
        Then he said “I will definiately not like this to the girls, I am totally managed my manner” It has been sub out on youtuve.
        We all know his 4D character but ……. now I feel bad for JSM.
        I don’t know why did he say that , can anyone tell me what u think about it, pls……can someone tell me?

      • @sandi I think that’s just him – he’s very brash in real life and around people he’s very comfortable with. To me, that action of taking back the sweater showed how comfortable he was with So Min….if he were with another girl he wasn’t comfortable with, I doubt he would have dared to do that. Cos to take off the sweater, he had to unbutton it, and to unbutton it, he had to touch her very intimately. It shows how comfortable he is with her. Hope that answered your question. hehe

      • Ah, I was going to say about the same mayssenger already said (only less articulate maybe ;P)

        but Sandi, don’t look to much in his quirky actions. He’s just fooling around a bit, saying that he wanted the continue the shoot asap… I think he was just playing around and felt cold ^^ no biggie!
        And I concur to mayssenger that he will only feel comfy doing that to a girl he’s close with. Ohterwise, he’s quite shy to even touch a girl!

      • Thanks you to mayssenger and itadakimasu for let me know my query. I just back from reading YT comment and there was many fans mentioned about it. Their thoughts were same as you two. Looks like that scence really attractive to fans.
        Thanks again girls, I am looking forward to see you all in M3 at this playground.

      • You know what I was wondering the same too when I watched that scene ( though not subbed yet ) , I was wondering why he took that cloth from her eventhough she asked him not btu I also though that he would never unbutton it by himself if he wasn’t comfy with JSM ( since I read he was very shy with girls in general ) , but still a bit weird what he did .

      • did not even pay attention to it ’til somebody commented on the taking off the sweater. to me that action is sort of intimate especially the unbottoning of the sweater in the sense that for somebody to do that casually (like he did without thinking; he was even surprised because that was out of character of him) shows their relationship. imagine yourself in that scenario and you’ll see what i mean. ^^

      • well i think.. we should take all those footages with a light heart… interviews, BTS etc… how well do we really know our idols? How well do we know the situation (of which they show just a little piece)… it’s always based on interpretation and speculation… if they show something you like, be happy about it… if it makes you doubt… try not to let it bother you… so yeah… take it with a light heart and you’ll be fine ^^

      • @ Mayssenger!!!! OMO!!! P. Willy too?! :shakes head: I fear what will come out on this textbox after I press post so I will just leave with:
        I. Can. Die. A. Happy. Fan.Girl. No. Lie.

        As for Hyunjoong’s brashness :shrugs: I find it better being brash and candid than secretive and coy.

        @ Sandi, the sweater thing… sweety, there was probably HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of hours of footage, and everything was sifted through, edited, for 9-14 minutes on YT. And I’m sure the stupid editor monkey’s to blame ;P Don’t sweat it.

    • @ItadakimasU yap hail to the Asian hunks! when I was in high school I really like Joshua Jackson (Pacey of DC) *so there you go my age hint!~* lOL! anyway my uncle and my aunt here in Dubai is always bugging me to get married soon, but every time they saw my fb it almost full of Kdrama especially now adays PK, they said maybe I should get married to a Korean man, but to bad Hyun Bin is not anymore available! hehehe!

  40. do not want to be emotional, but i read your recap with tears in my eyes,
    such a happy PK ride, looking forward for KHJ and JSM new projects

  41. The strangest thing happened in the last 18 hours.
    I know you guys will think that I am shallow and flighty, but I think I just fell off the MinJoong ship. I think I will have to rethink shipping.

    First, seeing the bizarreness of the nature of shipping in the MinJoong thread at soompi.

    Then, I watched both Making of PK for YT with subs. For some reason, It was like throwing water on burning embers. I can never really fall for KHJ’s personality. Though he can be extremely funny, there’s something about his candidness that I can’t fall for. I guess I was expecting Prince Charming but I didn’t get that at all.

    Finally, I was on dramabeans and totally fell in love with the Hazzy’s photos of Yoo Ah In. My mind automatically pictured JSM and YAI in a Hazzy’s ad together, since she also modeled for Hazzy. Her innocence next to his gruffiness really appeals to me. They would make a darling couple. I’ll sending good vibes to the kdrama powers that be.

    @sandi…yeah…I think that turned me off too.

    • KHJ is very very different from BSJ, that’s for sure. That’s the main reason I think his acting improved. When he is BSJ, that is all I see. Hunky, intelligent, cranky man. And when he turns off, he’s immediately the goofnut from WGM.

      In my case, I like the goofnut who’s not terribly gentlemanly. 😛

      But I’ve never really been on the ship anyway. It’s so hard to know what actors are really like, and if they can get on as more than just friends/co-workers.

      • That’s exactly what it is (i think it was SJ’s words about HN in one the YT eps) – that makes many attracted to KHJ. His unique wackiness and being himself is what makes him so endearing. That type of personality is refreshing to see. Generally, you seldom get a glimpse of the personal side of a celebrity. KHJ is KHJ and I like him the way he is!! He’s a keeper!!

      • ah it’s ok to jump ship as long as that makes you happy/ eases your mind. like luly… i never was on that ship either… I like the idea, but wasn’t looking for clues or anything. I just love how comfortable they were with each other… that means the hectic shooting should have been fun despite it being hard on both of them.

        I commented this earlier to a posting of Sandi, but would like to repeat to u:
        We should take all those footages with a light heart… interviews, BTS etc… how well do we really know our idols? How well do we know the situation (of which they show only a cut)… it’s always based on interpretation and speculation… if they show something you like, be happy about it… if it makes you doubt… try not to let it bother you… so yeah… take it with a light heart and you’ll be fine ^^

        to me… i like KHJ’s portrayal of BSJ… but nothing beats the real thing. He’s quirky, playful and won’t always be a gentleman or worthy of the title Prince Charming at all times (out of SS501, YB is the prince and he’s the badboy <3 :P) but that is what I fell for. If it's not your cup of tea, it's not your cup of tea, that is ok, lots of other stars for you to pick and to like, no? 🙂

    • Don’t mind me…I’m being a snot.

      The shipping thing is just my little coping mechanism as I recover from my drama addiction. My hubby will say that I like to wallow in the lovey dovey aftermath. But I don’t stay long…a few weeks maybe.
      As to PK, I just don’t want to recover that quickly. I would like to linger a bit longer. Not a big deal. I probably shouldn’t have said anything.

      Yea, I can see that they are comfortable with each other and will likely be friends and I knew it would be that way. I just wasn’t ready to be there yet.

      I do think Kim Hyun Joong is very attractive. I adored Shillang and I love Baek Seung Jo…so KHJ is good at what he presents and I fall in love with him each time I watch him(even as Ji Hoo sunbae..only at the end). But somehow I can never stay interested enough to be a fangirl …which is sad because my inner fangirl (Lola) loves to squeal and drool over pretty boys and nice pecs and she hasn’t been able to do that in awhile. All the pretty boys are getting ridiculous thin 🙁

      Sorry about the being a snot.

      • ah you’re not a snot, nearly stating your feelings for the moment^^

        PK is making us go crazy on many levels… let us just try to embrace them all ^^

      • Hehe, I think we can all understand not wanting reality to settle in yet. I’m just so happy that they were so good at their roles that they could make us *believe* the way they did. Kudos to them!

        Btw, my other nickname is Lola, seems your alter ego is on the loose. 😉

    • @ Katwoman, see, I happen to be attracted to quirky persona’s like HJ’s because in real life I’m so much like BSJ/Yoon HaeRa. I think those types of quirky personalities balance my um… ram-rodded-ness.

    • @katwoman, i see what you mean about YAI. hee. nothing about KHJ (love him still) but a friend of mine is gaga over SKKS, forced me to watch an interview of YAI and yes, he is very smexy indeed. i think its the intelligence and all that passion to his craft that adds to the sexiness. i can’t picture him next to our MM yet but they do seem to have a lot in common.

  42. I think KHJ took off the coat at once because he saw the PD coming and will take off the coat from JSM since the coat will still be used for shooting. He just did not say it…

    • Yeah I agree. If you see carefully it’s not like he immediately want to take the coat off from her after ‘cut’, but when he saw the PD coming thats when he’s taking it off her, maybe the PD asks for another take. but JSM didnt know that and the caption says ‘SJ quickly takes back his clothes’ could give negative impression.
      Well, I agree that we should just take it lightly and dont think too much on something you only see for only few secs.

      I always love KHJ’s quirky personality, but maybe some ppl who love him as BSJ and seeing how different he is in real life could be a bit disappointed though. (i’m not talking about katwoman ^^)

  43. Oh my….I’m late to the PK party. There are over 200+ comments already. Great job everyone!!

    First of all, I want to send a BIG virtual hug to ockoala for allowing all us to spazz about this lovely drama on her playground. Your recaps are always candid and insightful. You are an amazing writer. Keep up the good work!!

    Second, I also want to thank all PKissers for sharing your experiences with me as we’ve watched this drama together. It was a wonderful ride while it lasted. I want to send a special shout out to the Forest Boating Club: Rush, mayssenger, yeisha and a_fan. You guys are hilarious. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Hope the conversation continues in another drama.

  44. Amen to that. You have to dig deeper to understand HJ. He’s not an easy guy, you see.:lol: It’s not everyday you watch an idol admitting on air he watches porn or used to prefer younger girls because they make him young or he used facial wash as toothpaste because he can’t understand Japanese…
    & before I fully immersed with HJ’s crazy antics, the way I see it, HJ is comfortable with MinMin the same way he is comfortable with his SS501 dongsaengs. I’m not saying he treats her like a guy, but more of he treats her as a friend.
    party’s not yet over, here’s a toast of Poktanju (the way HJ likes it)

      • Its in an episode of star golden bell ( i just dont have the link)… he did not actually admit it he was with the SS501, and they were playing a word game about movies and he was to battle with Jung Min and JM said a word which turns out to be a porn movie and KHJ answered him Jung Min answered again the same word but with 2 meaning part 2 and KHJ said there is no such movie JM told yes there is its actually up to 4parts, KHJ said ” I can’t believe I’m revealing that I know so much about erotic movies” and when KHJ battled another guest he responded with another porn movies title…it was so funny….

      • For that game in Star Golden Bell, they have to come up with words to a given theme and they have to speak with their lips pressed together. The given theme for the 2 finalists ( KHJ & Jungmin ) was movie titles and that was when they stunned the set & audience cos most of their choices were adult movies.

  45. i will vote anything for this couple but i am not Korean so i can’t read Korean. Can you please let me know what is this voting for? i click on the link but couldn’t understanding anything there.

  46. I’ve decided to make a list of my favorite Ockoala recap bits. Obviously, the best part was the insights. These are the bits that made me snort quite loudly. Sometimes in public places by myself… Thank you Ockoala!… for making me into the crazy lady in the corner. 😀

    And quite proud I managed to whittle it down to less than a dozen. It was hard.

    In episode order:
    Ep 5: “Eun Jo comes home to see Ha Ni doing the pseudo-walk-of-shame from Seung Jo’s room, and is a mite perturbed.”

    Ep 7 – “It’s called FEELINGS, Seung Jo, consult a dictionary.”

    “The robot brothers stand back unsure of how to activate their emotion buttons. ”

    Ep 10 – “A young girl comes over, and it turns out she is being tutored by both Seung Jo and Hye Ra. What is she, the dumbest girl in Korea that she needs the double whammy of icy brains?”

    Ep 13 – “I’d like to bore a hole in Hye Ra’s head, and maybe suck out her brains.”

    In comments: “I am now 99.9% sure that someone competent edits the even number episodes, and a monkey edits the odd number episodes. ”

    Ep 15 – “Shameless Hussy is actually her other name, which I will use henceforth.”

    “They proceed to really make out (and all you hear is me screaming “THE WALL, WHY IS THE CAMERA PANNING OVER TO A FRICKIN’ WALL!?!”).”

    “Where’d all her determination and grit gone? Probably the same place her virginity went – into your pocket. Ooops, did I just say that? Sorry!”

    yt4 – “Seung Jo is her husband, but this girl keeps grabbing him and calling Seung Jo-oppa. What’s Ha Ni to do? (Slap a bitch, maybe?).”

    yt5 – “Ha Ni trails after him, crying for him not to die (seriously, babycakes, die? – how many dramas are you watching?)”

    My favorite scenes in the show were just too many to list. I’ve mentioned before, ignorance is bliss! I’m so clueless as to editing and all that, that I can’t really notice any but the most glaring of grievances. The story was fresh and new to me, silly things like running through the streets together, had no idea that was a k-drama thing. So, yeah, I loved this show from the opening dream sequence til the end. (If anyone thinks OHN daydreams too much, do NOT want to step into my head!)

    Thanks again everyone for the great interaction and to Ockoala for letting us use her space to act like silly 19 year olds again. I intend to continue channeling OHN, because I need that lightheartedness and determination in my life.

    Thanks again everyone for the ridiculous amount of laughs!

  47. @ J.J. I’m working on that manual….it’s hard work scribbling on dry leaves with a crooked feather you know….but I’m getting there LOL…getting dark here so gotta go catch some fireflies later.

    @kn Hey forest bathing friend, glad you managed to join the party. We’ve run out of bird stew though. Did you remember to bring the soap? LOL

    Hey guys cheer up! We all grumbled when there wasn’t any boating rite? Well, we can sort of PRETEND that there WAS boating in that bts: “HJ UNBUTTONED So Min’s sweater deftly and swiftly and peeled it off in a flash… So Min shivered uncontrollably….” How about that, deprived boaters?

    KHJ is just the way he is; he has never pretended to be a gentleman. I find him quirky and funny and really original and REAL, and that’s actually why I like him. He’s brash, sometimes rude, crude, and it’s weird cos he’s got this angelic, beautiful, prince charming aura. He’s such a strange mix of crude and refined – totally fascinating.

    As for whether he likes So Min THAT way or not, nobody knows. He’s obviously fond of her, and she of him , but beyond that, who knows? I just feel that he’s happiest being one of the boys, hanging out with his buddies over soju (THINK YEISHA!!!!!LOL), exchanging crude jokes, laughing,being the life of the party. So good for him I say! Life’s short, and as long as he’s happy, and makes US happy, it’s just fine with me. HJ I LOVE YOUUUU!!!!!!

    • @mayssenger, i am opening a bottle of sujo as we speak. LOL.
      no, seriously i agree with everything you said, KHJ is KHJ, he never pretended to be otherwise. love him to bits, he makes me laugh at all the randomness that comes out of his mouth, and i find his quirky and oh-so-charming personality very fascinating. but i’m not gonna lie, in real life, i think i’d go for his permy and robotic alter-ego. 😛

      • hey yeisha i saw ur post in M3 asking abt which drama to see…I was worried about your alter-ego so I recommended M3. Secret Garden’s about body switching…worried you might get ideas after watching LOL

      • @mayssenger, but isn’t M3 about a girl involved with 2 two men at the same time too? now THAT might give me ideas, after all my alter-ego and I have completely different taste in men. tehee.

    • KHJ fantasy # 4,892: Tag along with the boys while they hop from ahjumma stall after ahjumma stall. Think bar crawl but not really. I’ll even pony up the money for soju if that means I get pictures at the end of the night. LOL

    • sorry was re-reading…swear, nothing good comes from me being up past 2 am…

      “KHJ is just the way he is; he has never pretended to be a gentleman. I find him quirky and funny and really original and REAL, and that’s actually why I like him. He’s brash, sometimes rude, crude, and it’s weird cos he’s got this angelic, beautiful, prince charming aura. He’s such a strange mix of crude and refined – totally fascinating.” <~ that right there. DING DING DING. He's kind of like (dare I make the comparison?) the antithesis of James Dean in both personality and physicality. James Dean= ambiguous HJ= explicitness (except maybe for BoF–shall not enter that hot mess.)

      • @JJ, lol. nothing good comes to me after 1 am too. and here i am spamming ockoala’s again. eeep. DETOX STARTS TOMORROW. ha!

        the only other celebrity that i can compare to KHJ *small voice* is Johnny Depp. i know, i know. comparison seems far-fetched acting-wise but in terms of overall persona, KHJ does remind me of JD in that they both have this quirky devil-may-care attitude, they are extremely confident and yet they also are not comfortable with the limelight and all the fussing over them. and like JD, KHJ can totally morph himself into different looks – boyish, manly, dorky, etc. both of them also started out as rockers/musicians in garage bands and are totally swoon-worthy when they’re rocking out holding a guitar.

        that said, i kinda want KHJ to tackle eccentric roles just like JD. heck, he can even be an alien or like a korean version of edward scissorhands. lol. and dare i say it? i want him to have his own Vanessa Paradis too, move to another country (maybe not France but somewhere equally lovely) where he won’t be hounded by obssessed fangirls and he can raise his children in peace. 😉

      • Yeisha I was thinking about Johnny Depp too… The whole James Dean comparison was not so much in the acting ability as it was in personality and physicality. HJ’s got that angelic look but has that devil may care attitude. James Dean has that devil may care look but has that quiet-unsure personality–ambiguous.

        Southern France is appealing right now. There’s a draft coming from the window in my living room…

      • @JJ, ah…i see what you mean about James Dean. *nods*
        but back to Johnny Deep and KHJ, i first thought about this while watching a French movie that JD had a very brief cameo in. forgot the name of the movie but the scene was in a music store and they were playing Radiohead’s Creep. i remembered swooning – my favorite actor listening to my favorite song by my favorite band…yeah, that’s a lot of favorites! haha. then immediately made the connection to KHJ playing the guitar and singing his own version of Creep…see how my fangirl mind works? 😛

        so yesss…south of france. breakfast in an outdoor patio. a little version of KHJ saying “oui, oui” whilst clutching a baguette in one hand.

      • @yeisha “like JD, KHJ can totally morph himself into different looks – boyish, manly, dorky, etc.”

        Yes, that. When I first started searching for everything KHJ related I was quite confused because every picture seemed like a different guy. This makes me wish/hope that he can improve his acting skills (even more). I would love to see him be able to make use of that chameleon-like quality of his.

        And and, eep Radiohead! My fave song is Paranoid Android (at the moment, it changes), but I do love Creep as well. And hearing KHJ sing it….whoa. I’ve already told JJ this, but when he sang the F word with his sexy accent, I just about melted into a puddle of goo.

      • @ Luly Omo, I heard from a new interview he said he’d go and really put forth effort in (re)learning L’Anglais LOL I actually think he does know English but he doesn’t have the confidence (but his accent’s sooo endearing [I’m trying to banish the word ‘cute’ from my vocabulary). I do hope he does take the opportunity to try out our program, over seas speaking buddies, that would be cool one day opening up my schedule and seeing “…scheduled to talk” and then conference chat reveals him–okay, this has to be my number one real-life-esque fantasy…:face pales: XD

        @ Yeisha, baguettes with real french butter IS. SO. GOOD. I pony up $5 a bar (don’t worry its a big bar) of imported french butter. that’s the only way I’ll eat fried/sunnyside eggs. NO. LIE. However, I wouldn’t want to go to the south of france with HJ, more like the Scottish Isles–I’ve got this thing for St. Andrews since, like, middle school (yes, blame Prince William…)

        Buuuuuut… To drive down the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azure region… Nice and Cannes with their nice water views… AND SAINT-TROPEZ OMO… then up a little bit, to drive through the highways scented with lavender through Aix-en-Provence, and stay there. LOL Oh man, what I’d love to go through a roadtrip through the south of france again~ sorry HJ, what?

        LOL MAN, I really want to go to Amanpulo–actually, anywhere in Palawan (Puerto Princesa is quite lovely as well and CHEAPER). I’ll even brave the huge mosquitos. LOL

        Youngbae-ah~ you can go to Okinawa, I’ll go to somewhere more tropic and I can understand the language, ne?

      • @JJ Oooh, would be nice if he did learn, though very difficult. At least he’s got some foundation. And that’s a GOOD fantasy. How much would you die if you saw that face on the other end? Bwhaha.

        *sigh* I want to go back to mainland Europe. I’ve only been for work, so didn’t get to see much.

    • awww!!! i ♥ how you described KHJ. you can run as president of his club along with JJ. LOL

      btw… it seems this party is not over yet. most of us are still coming back to koala’s playground. i guess, we’re missing the fun brought by PK phenomena ^^keke

      • :jaw drops: president of his fan club?! No thank you… Just the thought of commanding fangirls grips my heart with fear. Just the thought of time going into running a fan club turns my blood to ice. :getting dizzy:

        I adore hj… But I’ve got a hubby named Young Bae. Lol

      • @JJ… it doesn’t have to be that kind of fanclub right…. keke make your own rules ^^ 😉

        i’ll join as a lurking member: suck in all the info, do nothing 😉

  48. It took me forever to figure out the walk to the movies lol! For the longest, I was like they never went to the movies just to theater… Lol it’s that last scene on pk YouTube version huh? The one where he got down to tie her shoes!

  49. Aaah ! Passed a Mini Cooper convertible this morning with the top down – sure triggered a lot of PK memories and cravings. Good thing it was a different color or I would have a stronger reaction that would make me a road hazard.

  50. Have you all read the latest KHJ interview ?
    “…..YT is planning a variety of activities such as overseas promotion and is expected to consider a future sequel.”

    • If this is verified news PKissers can have another virtual anticipation party ! I don’t care how long it takes to nail down KHJ & JSM’s schedule as long as there is a sequel in the pipeline.

      • Thing is we don’t know whether KHJ want to repeat acting as BSJ in PK 2 or not. I read this from Korean entertainment online news. They are considering a sequel, serious!

  51. Hi I just wanted to post this regarding the boating everyone was getting so upset about. It seems that his words were lost in translation and this article was actually what he said. This is my first time posting, therefore if this is not the way to attach do an attachment pls forgive me
    I really enjoyed the show and this playground. Tks ockoala and everyone that made this show and playground so wonderful! 

    • deeper affection versus steamy…. how did that happen -___- keke 🙂

      well.. if it was initially deeper affection… then i guess he was true to his word ^^

  52. Wkkkkkkk, I’m too late for any party ’cause I just found this playground. But reading some of the comments here, dang, you people are killing me!!!
    Very2 good insights and suggestions esp. on how to kill a certain monkey and how to steamboat! Guys, you are the most entertaining people EVER!

    As for the drama itself, well I first watched it out of boredom. I tried to watch BOF because it ranked so high, it must’ve been good. Well, I managed to watch until ep. 16 then I gave up completely. IMHO, one of the worst I’ve ever seen!!
    I then tried Personal Taste but then upon seeing the leader of F4, I decided to stop watching.
    Then finally, I read the synopsis of PK and thought this could be it. Damn, I didn’t even realize that KHJ was also one of the F4. He looked soo different and I thought he was totally hot as BSJ. Really2 disliked the fantasies OHN had at the beginning but once I got through that, damn I was in love.

    It’s a good thing that it’s over ’cause I need to get back on reality. My hubby’s been fussing about how much I neglected him and how I spent so much time drooling at KHJ, keke!

    All in all, it’s been a fun ride, one that I will not forget for a long long time!
    Thank you ockoala and all the people who supported this drama! KHJ, JSM, and all of the cast, hope to see you all in future projects!
    Thank you again for giving us so much joy!!!!

  53. As KHJ said “It just looks that way, but actually there’re not many. There’re many scenes that involved lips nearly or barely touching; in terms of real kissing scenes, there are only three.”

    Just wondering which one the three real kissing.
    My thought:
    1) in the rain definitely!
    2) bed scene on honeymoon
    3) in the car (ep 16)
    I was thinking about the hospital one also for the place, but referring to the fancam (PERFECT) the it might be the car scene. 😀

    what do you guys think?

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