Written Preview for Episode 4 of Secret Garden

I’m totally psyched about Secret Garden this weekend – episodes 3 and 4 usually takes the set-up pace from the first two episodes and ratchets it up a huge notch. Plus, the previews show Binnie debuting a new sparkly sequined track suit, this time in leopard print. I have no words left for the awesome douchebaginess of Kim Joo Won, and how much he just makes my day. His character is just waiting for a dissertation written on him vis-a-vis the standard K-drama hero.

Written Preview for Episode 4 of Secret Garden:

Ra Im shows up with a vacuum cleaner prize box (?) to see Joo Won. He is still angry, and tells her “the woman who has disrupted my heart, who comes from a no-nothing family background, now you aren’t even preserving the last shred of your dignity?” Ra Im, who came because she wanted to see Joo Won, hears his harsh words and can only smile sadly at him and concede that what he says is all true.

Joo Won, who is not feeling well, asks his doctor friend Ji Hyun to come diagnose him. Ji Hyun asks Joo Won whether he has been under a lot of pressure lately? Joo Won asks Ji Hyun for a list of the symptoms of being heart sick.


Written Preview for Episode 4 of Secret Garden — 12 Comments

  1. Joo Won asks Ji Hyun for a list of the symptoms of being heart sick. Hahaha that’s too cute for words! Thanks, ockoala, I’m stoked about tomorrow’s episode – I can’t wait to see how Joo-won reacts to waking up in the body of the girl he can’t get off his mind. *snickers* Now he really won’t be able to stop thinking about her!

  2. Count me in on the legions who have fallen hard for this show.

    Joo Won – with the neuroses, the shrink!, the child like attitude, no fashion sense, but apparently brains to spare – where else can you find that in a k-drama?
    Oska – who is just absolutely priceless as the competitive cousin, star, lady killer
    Ra Im – who is just awesome sauce so far, simultaneously proud of her job but apologetic to a fault (“she even apologizes in her sleep!” ) and apparently unaware of the peeps around her – all of her male co-workers clearly dote on her and find Joo Won a hoot.

    Yeah, I’d switch teams for HJW just like every other girl, but Binnie is just hysterical and YSH is priceless. Binnie and YSH together are like a tag team of fun.

    I am living for the moment that Binnie fangirls at Oska. Just living for it. In fact, I’m hoping that every BTS take and NG makes it to the internet because just the thought of it has me tickled.

    • “I am living for the moment that Binnie fangirls at Oska.” omg… that didn’t even occur to me. I am now going to stalk this show like a madwoman!

  3. Secret Garden continues to amaze with each scene that Binnie is in!!! I’m re-watching Episodes 1 & 2 because I want to savor the crisp & smart-ass dialogues & just laugh-out-loud at his awesomely hilarious character!!! Like momosan, I laugh when I remember his crazy antics…most especially his girly shrieks when HJW was driving too fast!!! What more, when the SWITCh happens!!! Watched the preview after ep 2 & was literally falling out of my bed w/ laughter!!!
    Binnie was meant for this role…can’t imagine any other KActor playing Joo Won!!!
    Secret Garden is one hell of a Drama GEM!!!

  4. @ockoala, thank you for suggesting that i watch SG. aaaahhhhhh….i think i’m falling. or maybe i already fell. 😉

    how adorable is binnie and his ‘lil crush on HJW? too, too cute.
    and HJW? what can i say? girl-crush, for sure. her Ra Im may just surpass my love for her in Damo and that’s saying A LOT. sigh.

    also, can’t help but compare since i’ve only just finally had my closure with PK. i must have really, really LOVED our little fluffy fluff because i completely overlooked all of its glaring faults. watching SG made me realize just how much PK could’ve have improved in terms of pacing, soundtrack, dialogue, EDITING (damn you, monkey editor!), etc. i know ’tis purely wishful thinking but oh well.

    looking forward to your reading your thoughts on the rest of the eps. <3

  5. thanks ockoala!!!!

    im loving this drama more and more in every episode!
    binnie is so freaking adorable from his crazy antics to his sparkly tracksuit!
    ha ji won on the other hand is so good at playing tough-outside-but-softie-inside!
    as per the episodes that i watched i think its gonna be one great ride of a drama!
    i hope im not wrong!

    and secret garden is really helping me with my PK withdrawals!
    so thank you secret garden! (but it doesnt mean i did stop re-watching PK coz as of the moment its not yet the case!)

    excited for episode 4!!!

  6. Ockoala, when is this show airs in Korea?
    Are you watching via live streaming? Can you send us the link where you watch for live stream? Thanks! I like your posts! Thanks also for updating us current dramas airing in South Korea.

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