Preview for Episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

The preview for episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) is out. I’ve translated the dialogue, and attached the clip below. Enjoy. I want to sleep for 2 days so that when I wake up it will be Monday already.

Preview for Episode 5:


Seo Jun to Mu Gyul (after she sees the mittens): What is this? Do you have a woman already?

Mae Ri fixes Jung In’s tie, her dad speaks to Jung In: You two go to the country estate by yourself, the atmosphere is great. You need to strike the iron when its hot.

Mae Ri is all dressed up and walks with Jung In into a restaurant and is seen by her two friends.

Mu Gyul to Mae Ri: What are you doing these useless things for!

Seo Jun to Mu Gyul: As a whole, he’s a reasonable guy, not bad at all.

Mu Gyul plays a song with the lyrics: “He’s just a crybaby immigrant. A polite bastard….” and Mae Ri asks him if he’s jealous.

At dinner with Mae Ri, Jung In, and her friends, who ask Mae Ri: So the marriage situation is almost over? Mae Ri you are just like a princess now! You need to end the situation with the fake one and just marry him (Jung In) now!


Preview for Episode 5 of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 33 Comments

  1. my,my,my….ockoala you spoil us terribly—you’re awwwwesssommme!!!! you never seem to dissappoint—my sentiments are the same, i mean sleeping for 2 days and waking up on monday that is . kamsahamnida.

  2. thank you so much for the translation ๐Ÿ™‚ i can’t believe mae ri’s friends blow her cover. can’t wait for the next episode

  3. eh ? how could you found this preview ?? i have been looking at youtube since friday, but i couldn’t found the preview of mary next episode…
    waaahhh… you must be have secret agent in youtube. ๐Ÿ˜†
    gomawo…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Ack, kdrama friends are so talkative! Where will the story go now? At least they’re even in the race at winning Mae Ri’s heart although I think Mu Gyul is a lil ahead. HE MUST BE AHEAD! Though, it’s actually okay for me too if Jung In’s leading a little bit. Why am I so indecisive on who to support? M3, what are you doing to me? XDD

  5. i love sunday… because i know ill go to sleep and wake up happy..i hate tues because i know its gonna be another 5 days waiting for sunday to come…

  6. oh my, oh my!!!!! those silly friends of her…. but i love it for JI’s sake. ^^keke and MR fixing JI’s tie…. i so so love that scene!!!! but what about MG, am beginning to like him too. darn it!!! i’m torn between these two hot guys. but am still for JI at the moment. heheh! i knew it, MG is starting to fall for MR since ep 4. things are getting more excited. can’t wait for monday to come… shuhaida!

      • bwahahahah! did you see my comment in the PK farewell party? it’s almost at the bottom. see it, i’m assigning a better job for you aside from being the author of desperate measures for desperate boaters and boating manual. bwahahahah!

      • @allenif Just read your comments- be joint President with J.J of I Love HJ Fan Club? LOL That’s one scary job….those fans would lynch me if I made them mad so no thanks…I’ll still stick to my boating club and hand-copying that boating manual for J.J – really tough work LOL

      • I am glad to see you here Mayssenger. There is no doubt that with you to have huge fun again here for M3.

  7. Okay, I’d already dismissed Mae Ri’s friends as unreliable annoyances when they determined to push all the blame for the car accident onto her…but now, oh boy, do I have to introduce a mallet to both their heads? Because, friends? SERIOUSLY, SHUT UP.

    Also, my heart skipped a beat when Mu Gyul ripped that page out while wearing the half glove, kind of because it’s very telling of his state of mind, but mostly because JGS is hot. Hee.

  8. Oh my goodness MR fixing JI’s tie that’s what an action that a lovely wife will do to a husband! Sweet~ and MG is jealous can’t wait the part he kisses MR omo :$ Who should i choose JI seems like a good husband and MG is like a puppy so cute ahhh~ Otokajo?

  9. i feel like this story makes no sense at all plotwise but i am so invested in the main couple – they are just frikkin CUTEEE. you’re totally providing me with my crack on this one, ockoala, thank youu!

  10. Thanks Ockoala for this preview. I think I am going to enjoy M3 very soon. After PK finished I find nothing can make me excited yet, but after I watched this short preview, I sure that I going to be ……….

  11. @noozie….I’ll help you with that mallet to Mary’s friends’ heads…LOL same here back from car accident not willing to help and always blurting out her personal issues with dad…such friends they are!! And seriously, did they not get the memo on JI not knowing about the fake marriage to MG??

  12. Thanks for the translation ockaola.
    I think I am beginning to get addicted to MMM becos of what I read from your playground. You are really a good writer and story teller : )
    The comments in your playground also get me really excited about episode 5 : )

  13. My heart aches a little everytime Mary is nice to either Mugyul or Jungin because it just means one of them will be rejected/hurt. Ah, the magic of Kdrama.

  14. I knew she’s going to be nice to him after that piggyback ride n kiss on forehead, i am melting too..that man talk about how its just business thing and his dad’s will but why do I find his every little move shake my heart..

  15. ูˆุงูˆ ูŠ ู„ุจู‰ ูƒู„ู‡ู… ูุฏูŠุชู‡ู… ^^ ูˆุฎุตูˆุตุง ุงู„ุฌูŠูˆู† ุณูˆูƒ

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