Channel X Holds Promotional Event and Drops Some Racy Footage of Joe Cheng

Xiang Qin-ah! Hurry, your Zhi Shu is making out with other girls! *Giggles, I’m so silly* To prepare for his role as a news anchor in the upcoming TW-drama Channel X, lead actor Joe Cheng went to SETTV to consult with its lead anchor on some tips, hence the picture above. He’s definitely stiff enough to lead off the 6 o’clock news. On a much more juicy note – who wants to see Joe making out? I got the first footage from Channel X, this time with snippets of the too-hot-to-trot bed scenes the PD kept talking about during the press conference.

Joe and the entire cast went to a promotional event for Channel X at a local university campus, and brought along extended footage to show the audience, including the Joe making out with his co-star scenes. It’s totally skewering Mark ChaoSonia Sui in Black & White, if you ask me. When asked about the filming, Joe got tongue-tied and kept trying to explain about how it was totally clinical and part of his job. Yeah, keep talking, Joe. The hole your digging keeps getting bigger. Channel X will premiere on December 5, following the end of Zhong Wu Yen.

Promotional Event for Channel X with Racy Footage:



Channel X Holds Promotional Event and Drops Some Racy Footage of Joe Cheng — 7 Comments

  1. Joe, Joe, Joe. How far you have gone since ISWAK. I guess they can be more racy in movies as opposed to dramas cos it’s on TV and all? I’m all for that! 😛 Now if only he and Ariel can do a movie together …. ARJOE!!! Come back!!

  2. HEHEHEHE *giggling like crazy* I’m getting jealous on behalf of Xiang Qin. The kissing-the-shoulder move is a total rip off from ISWAK 2 honeymoon scene. XQ attack!!!

    Did not watch Black & White. Was “the scene” better than’s ISWAK2’s? I’ve not seen any twdramas (and even kdramas, for that matter) that could top The Honeymoon Scene. kekekeke

  3. WOW, it’s about time Joe shows some super hotness. I just might buy the DVD just for those scene he he he. I liked him at ISWAK, but not in Love or Bread. I thought he was playing a gay character at the latter he was kind of effeminate there.

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