Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho go for a Night Ride along the Han River

It’s no secret that Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho are BFFs (and together with Jung Il Woo – they are like the Three Musketeers of the younger acting generation). Turns out that the Han River at night is also a prime spot for celebrity sighting – both Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum tweeted a series of pictures of themselves biking alongside the Han River at night looking like muggers.

I give props for the healthy activity, but deduct points for covering up their faces (especially Bummie’s dimples!) and not wearing skin tight biking shorts. Yup, those shorts are really really important when one goes biking. Remember the cardinal rule boys – less is more when you are doing an activity where your tush gets plenty of workout. No, I don’t care that it’s winter in Seoul – bike shorts, I say!

I think it’s hilarious these two stopped to take a series of posey pictures of each other. Hur, you two are so adorable. C’mere, let me hug you! Lee Min Ho will be starring in the upcoming City Hunter drama, and Kim Bum was just in the Korean Tourism Board sponsored promotional drama Haru.


Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho go for a Night Ride along the Han River — 18 Comments

  1. I miss Bummie, I feel so much for him in still marry me..!!!
    I especially love him when he dyed his hair white for the girl, made me giggle like ten high school girls. after that scene i can picture him OLD & oh-so-damn-SEXY, much like pierce Brosnan… Yummy… *chum* *chum*!!!

  2. Aww, you’ve got a post on Bummie + Lee Min Ho today! Haven’t heard from them in awhile so it was nice to see proof of their wonderful bromance in action. Who’s next? PIEEEE? ‘Cause I’m really missing some PIE right now. I mean, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it would be lovely if, y’know, PIE fulfilled his duty of being present around this time if the year. Or maybe I’m just a little too greedy right now.

    Just sayin’, drama gods! Can’t a girl hope?

  3. Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum…just imagine their friends Kim Hyun Joong & Kim Jae Joong just trailing a few yards away and that bike path can transform into shimmering rainbow lane.

  4. OHMYGOD! Now I’ll make sure I’ll stroll along Han River at night when I visit Korea next year! Oh Kim Bum and Lee Min Ho, I’ma take you home with me! Heee! And of course KHJ. Teeheehee. My BOF loves <3

  5. Damn! How come no one told me that I should hang around the Han river when I went to Korea earlier this year… my Korean friend is so going to get it from me!
    And yes, biking shorts it has to be. Ockoala you always crack me up with your statements.

  6. They. Are. Too. Adorable!

    I’m happy that they had some guy time, without managers or staff. 🙂

    Just them, the river, and the cold night air.

    Wow that was waxing poetic lol.

  7. ahhh…these pretty boys and their pretty friends! but where is Il Woo? they need to be together and form the perfect Pretty Boy Trifecta in k-dramaland. 😛

    i concur with the bike gear, ockoala. heeee. someone needs to send these boys some spandex biking shorts ASAP!!!

  8. Actually, if I didn’t know who they were, I would be terrified! They really look like muggers on a run, with the face mask and all.

    But, knowing who they are, if I were there I would probably be the one to run after them, lol.

    • No, you should grab your bike and start cycling at night in hopes of meeting them. And, here’s a tip, cover your face so that you look like a mugger too. That way, maybe they’ll think you’re a fellow biker-who-looks-like-a-mugger.

  9. Oh, Bummie and Minho. Where are you guys? I’ve missed you both sooo much.

    I’ve just done another re-run of BOF on my iPhone this week and was grinning on the tube like an idiot going to work. It did lift my spirits though, especially since it has been dark, gloomy and cold here.

    The Han River is going to be packed tonight with fangirls and their camera phones, waiting for Lee Minho and Kim Bum to re-surface! 🙂 Although when I was there last winter, parts of the river were frozen so I can understand why they were all covered up!

  10. Ha! Muggers! LOL Truer words were never spoken. *g* BTW, can you imagine what would happen if these two were running around unmasked? OMG there’d be hordes of fangurls/boys following them around. Still, bummer! The pics are so preciousssss though. o/

    Oh hey, I’m so glad LMH is tweeting more and being all adorable (of course!)

  11. LOL XD I have a big crush on Lee Min Ho. 🙂 I wonder how will I react if (how I wish) I’d see him biking while I’m walking alone the street. I’d probably explode. LOL XD

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