Behind-the-Scenes Video of the First Kiss in Mary Stayed Out All Night

Raise your hand if you’ve been suffering from the lack of new Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) episodes? While this isn’t the long-awaited episode 6, it is something that is super cute and helps lessen the dull longing a bit. KBS released behind-the-scenes footage of the Mae Ri-Mu Gyul kiss from the end of episode 5.

BTS of the M-M Kiss in M3:


What’s so adorable is how unromantic the kiss seems when you factor in the number of crew members lurking around during said kiss, and how shy and embarrassed both of the Geun-Geuns are afterwards. Which really blows my mind how both of them completely fall into character once the cameras start rolling and their chemistry explodes off the screen.


Behind-the-Scenes Video of the First Kiss in Mary Stayed Out All Night — 25 Comments

  1. Ka.. ka …ka .. perhaps being too comfy with each other as pals does make it kinda awkward to kiss.. so cute! JGS was trying to keep such a straight face right after before covering his face!!

  2. happy to see new post, although you are travelling, right?
    not mean to pressure you for updates, as if that would be possible…hehehe
    anyway, have a good and safe trip
    just counting the days till Monday

  3. in their next drama together i want these two to play the kinda characters that made me fall in love with them in the first place….JGS should play someone like Hwang Tae Kyung cold, mean, emotionally scarred and MGY should play someone like Eun Jo from CS… broken and angry and coldhearted….it’s be drama heaven…imagine the bitch staring competitions these too could have….lol

  4. Thank was beyond cute. The end where they cover their faces, I wish we knew what they were embarrassed about. Too cute. Thanks for the post. It helps feed my addiction so I don’t go crazy and maim someone.

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