Stills of the First of Many Steamy Scenes With Joe Cheng in Channel X

I thought about topping the post with one of the pictures below, then I realized that with my readership having expanded beyond my band of beloved drama friends, I might want to self-censor for the young un’s. Channel X has been boldly telling the world that the undisputed king of Taiwan drama sex scenes, Joe Cheng (the TW-media really has dubbed him this moniker), will be sleeping with not one, not two, but all three of his female co-stars in this drama. Talk about getting lucky, dude. The first steamy scene will be between Joe and his on-screen fiancee, played by newcomer Michelle Chen – and the pictures below prove that Channel X is not lying to us about what to expect.

There is a reason why Joe is widely accepted as the male co-star most TW-actresses want to have a bed scene with. Is it getting hot in here or what? This scene apparently took over 3 hours just to film the portion on the kitchen counter. Michelle, who had nothing to lean on, start shaking from exhaustion by the end because she had to balance her weight so precariously AND get her brains fried from all the Joe kissing. If there was ever a reason for a woman to near break her back, that reason would be making out with Joe Cheng.


Stills of the First of Many Steamy Scenes With Joe Cheng in Channel X — 19 Comments

    • Exactly, when was the last time we saw something like this in Kpop? I remember the Han Chae Young movie Changing Partners had an intensely hot sex scene. When will we ever see something of that level in a K-drama? I wish K dramas would do a kind of friends-with-benefits storyline, then we can see a few sex scenes… Yea.

      • lol i think only movies like potrait of a beauty and stuff like that where they are pretty generous but in Kdramas they tend to target grandmas and ahjumas so that would be inappropriate . gah which makes me angry since i hoped for one in bad guy there was a lot of hot chemistry in that .

  1. “If there was ever a reason for a woman to near break her back, that reason would be making out with Joe Cheng.” I hear you!

    Plus, I have this weird fetish for guys with beautiful hands like his… I know, I know I should be ashamed for crushing on such this babyboy… but I’m just NOT!

  2. LOL — that nickname! Poor guy. After They Kiss Again, though, not a surprise — he certainly got lots of experience there. Somehow it’s hilarious that the TW series with the most, err, extensive love scenes is sweet lil slice-of-life TKA.

    Can’t wait for this series to start (and get subbed). Love Joe, so I really hope it’s good overall material, in addition to good love scenes ;-).

  3. And let me just say, as gorgeous (heartstoppingly so) as he is in the photos, he is infinitely more so in person! I had the great good fortune to meet him and play a game with him during a fan meeting. It was so hard to focus when I had to meet his gaze. I’m getting giddy just thinking about it a year later!

  4. Oh lawkssss
    I do so love my Joe Cheng. He know how to put it down man! ugh, though i really want him to put it down with ariel lin lol. Sparks always fly with them. I bet he’s an awesome kisser!, even if hes not….ill still take him. Ahhhhhh I wanna have him. he’s my gemini other half

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