Mary Stayed Out All Night Previews for Episode 7 (Written and Video)

Come and get the goodies. I have the written preview for Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) episode 7, as well as the preview for said episode shown at the end of episode 6. It’s getting good, people. Like, everyone is starting to have an emotional stake in this farce turned real deal.

Written preview for episode 7:

After Mu Gyul announces that he and Mae Ri are married (at the opening party), everyone is in shock. Especially Mu Gyul himself, who is bothered by the confusion over how he really feels about Mae Ri.

Jung In’s dad finds out about what happened at the opening party, and applies more pressure on Jung In. He tells Jung In that if he fails at both his marriage and his career, then at that time, Jung In won’t even have a place to live.

To lessen the burden on Jung In and Mu Gyul, Mae Ri quits her job at JI Entertainment and, with Jung In’s assistance, starts working as an assistant to the drama screenwriter.

Mae Ri is at Mu Gyul’s place making more kimchee, at the request of his mom, and is found out by her dad. Her dad is upset that Mae Ri is being used like a servant at Mu Gyul’s place. Mae Ri’s dad and Mu Gyul’s mom get into a fight.

Seo Jun, who has stated that she just wants to be friends with Mu Gyul but hoping that they can reconcile, is in shock upon hearing that Mu Gyul and Mae Ri are married.

Jung In and Mae Ri are out on a date, and Mae Ri hears about Jung In’s shocking childhood story. Mae Ri is touched by this vulnerable and emotional side of Jung In. When Jung In drops Mae Ri off in front of Mu Gyul’s place, Jung In can’t control himself and kisses Mae Ri.

Mu Gyul sees this entire exchange, and without a single word, walks right up to Jung In and punches him.

Preview for episode 7:


[Credit: all pictures from M3 official stills, written preview released by KBS2, translated into Chinese at Baidu Moon Geun Young bar, translated into English by me]


Mary Stayed Out All Night Previews for Episode 7 (Written and Video) — 60 Comments

  1. omg! thanx again ockoala. you’re really amazing! haven’t seen ep 6 yet but here’s your goodies already… so fast ^^keke!

  2. oh no…..jung in’s dad is so cruel…how could he say something like this to JI?
    anyway, i would be quite happy, if JI and MR became a couple…i mean, his dad will distroy JI’s life….argh >.< and JI seems so vulnerable…and lonely, he needs someone like MR. But MG also needs MR…this drama is driving me craaaazy

    • yep, Jung-In’s dad obsession over Mary is getting creepy.
      I don’t usually making guess during the course of a drama,
      but, maybe Mary is his daughter?? and Jung-In adopted ??
      cause what kind a dad threatening his kid like dad “you won’t even have a place to live”. thks for the preview

      • you have a point there but i do not think that is it. the clues are that both mae ri and jung in have scars. jung in on the hand and mae ri on the forehead… it may have to do with mae ri’s mom’s death or at least something to do with her. jung in’s dad has something to feel guilty about or he was in love with mae ri’s mom.
        what do you think?

      • yeah, we have exactly the same notion Darla with regards to mae ri and jung in’s scars…. it has something to do with mae ri’s mom’s death. but for me, am thinking that most probably, its jung in’s fault that caused the death of mae ri’s mom that’s why his father is being hard to him and unaffectionate. his father is so devastated at mae ri’s mom’s death coz he’s obsessed with her.

      • Wow, this preview has me running up the walls!!! I think JI’s dad regrets a decision or action he made with MR’s mom, perhaps car accident? I don’t know, but he is regretful and wants to make it his mission to ease his pain and have MR be a part of his life, but he doesn’t have to be so harsh and cruel to JI, what the fudge?! Bah, I wish I could speak korean so bad when I watch this series. I even want a translation for the preview episode!

      • yeah, Jung In’s dad is very cruel to say that
        wonder why
        and Jung In was right about his dad, being cruel

      • @ Tari: wow, how did it cross your mind that Jung In might be adopted? I did not think of it at all. But I think you are right.

    • also jung in should just grow some balls and be his own man. i mean with a father like that… ugh! no, jung in &mae ri cannot be a couple because the father will always be there to interfere with his son’s life is jung in does not say or do anything about it now. and no, I do not feel sorry for someone who keeps doing something for their parent’s benefit no matter how filial you may be. there is a limit especially in a relationship. it would no be fair to mae ri to have to maintain a balance all the time. she is doing that already with her dad &now you want her to do it for jung in. no thank you. 🙂 *>*

      • Yes, I understand that’s mostly the reason. The Dad was in love or still in love with Mary’s mom. But it just that the way he kept pushing Mary over Jung-in and even threatening his son is more like major obsession, and every time he’s with Jung-In, that’s all his lines. But then again in most cases love is an obsession right 🙂 see I’m not good at this. Hope tonight episode shows more “drama” 🙂

  3. I swear, like no joke, my jaw dropped. And I don’t usually express these kinds of emotions. Sure I do the squeeing and the OMG’s. But jaw dropping? That’s a first.

  4. I kind of like the way this series is poking holes in the standard “chaebol forced together with poor good girl” Cinderella story. Not that I don’t fall for that stuff again and again, but it’s refreshing to see a girl who is totally uncomfortable with the Cinderella make-over and wants to wear her own clothes, for one thing. Also, I like that the story is showing the dark side of some crazy dad forcing his heir to marry a particular girl due to his own history — usually the story ends with a father knows best/all’s well that ends well vibe, but even if Jung In and Mae Ri end up happy together, what Jung In’s father is doing to Mae Ri and especially Jung In is really Not Right, and the show isn’t sugarcoating that.

    And the irony of Mae Ri’s father objecting to someone using Mae Ri…snort.

    • I like that, too, that Jung-in’s dad’s manipulation is shown in its true light — as unhealthy and unfair, not to mention obsessive and a little (or a lot) creepy. Cinderella stories are a classic staple for a reason, but it’s nice to see this drama subvert the story for a change.

  5. thank you so much. I was dying cause I haven’t see 6 ep. now I’m dying to see 7!!!!
    this show is really killing me
    and Mu Gyul i know i’m gonna love you even more

  6. After the amazing joy that was to watch PK and participate a little bit on the big party of the PKissers (btw, first time I wrote any comments online 😉 ) I keep lurking here a bit and I decided this weekend to start watching M3. Result: I have to say that from now on I will be following your recommendations on dramas as I lifeguide ockoala!!!!! 🙂 And, of course, I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wonderful reviews!!

    As most of you have already point our, for me, this drama is truly refreshing, as it is not your tipical poor-girl-gets-herself-rich-guy thing. But, alas! I am in a dilema here as while I want MR to be with MG…… I also want her to be with JI!!! The chemistry between MR and MG is great but…. when she is with JI, the aura of sadness and loneliness that seems to follow him makes me think that he really needs her to be alive and I soooo want them to end up together.

    So now, I’m hooked with another drama and terribly EAGER to see how the story unfolds and if I get to made up my mind 😛

    • yup… i believe JI needs MR than MG needs MR. besides, i feel they have childhood connection that somehow will make it possible for them to fall with each other. MG on the other hand is not a marrying type of a guy which of course could still change at any moment coz of that thing called love. ^^keke besides, there are lots of girls who are after him and would be much willing to be with him especially seo jun. 🙂

  7. FINALLY! There seems to be more going on, though not as much at stake as I’d like 🙂
    Thank you so much for the preview. Hate this is how this week’s eps with end… Boop Boop. Till next week.

  8. Thanks uuuuu !!! for the prewiew.. 😀 just finished watching ep.6 and OMG my heart was beating sooo fast at the last 20 minutes…MG jealous has hell, JI so dashing, MR looking all grow up and acting like a lady and then BOOM the cliffhanger at the end wow talk about emotional rollercoaster….and ep. 7 looks like is going to be fenomenal everyone is now on board and all the emotions are driving ppl crazy….soooooo thank u again !!!!! MG crying my heart breaks…can I just get into that bed and snuggle with him .. 😛 😀

  9. i really don’t get jung in’s dad….because of his obsession with mae ri (or maybe her mother), his son has to suffer…poor jung in, he’s got one crazy dad

    btw i know that the drama’s plot is completely unrelated with the manhwa, but is jung in’s dad also this crazy in the manhwa?

  10. I am a Jung-In shipper.. i love him. he is so handsome and i want Mae-Ri to end up with him, KMG can go find GO Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu.. hahahah

  11. I thought this week we were supposed to have episode 6 and 7 monday night, and then tuesday have episode 8 – that way it’s up to date?
    But it doesn’t seem that way…and the website says tomorrow will air episode 7.
    I was so looking forward to 3 episodes in a week like you’d said 🙁 hahah oh well!

    LOVE all your news updates – I read them religiously.

  12. I <3 jealous Mu-gyul! I love how honest he is with himself, even if he doesn't fully realize how he feels, he's good at telling Mae-ri that such-and-such bugs him. I love that he's the first leg of the triangle to have an emotional response, and that as much as this drama is Mae-ri's story, it's also Mu-gyul's. Ack, I have tons to say about MR and MG, but I'll leave that for the episode six recap.

  13. Thank you very very very much ockoala, for posting such previews. Like everyone else here I’m dying to see episode 6 and so forth. Now I am teased for more. I really like this show and can’t wait to see how the story keeps unfolding.

  14. i was really sad about ep 6 postponed last week but now i’m glad it did get postponed xDDD

    i mean gosh, i can’t imagine how to wait a whole week for ep 7 after watching that preview~ it was soo epic and awesome <333

  15. there are 2 people i wanna bitchslap in this drama, mae ri’s dad, and that lady manager who tried to boss over mu gyul. UGHHHH especially mae ri’s dad!! how DARE he be such a loser in life AND try to sell his daughter off? and mae ri just lets him do run all over and come into mu gyul’s house etc. i would have told off my own dad if he ever dares pull such a dirty trick on me!

  16. thanks to you, ockoala, i can now watch this series without subs. and a good thing too – i don’t think i would have made it all the way to thursday or whenever the subs come out, lol.

    i would comment on the actual episode 6 recap post, but i wanted to comment how the new OneWay song (on the teaser vid they just released here) reminds me so much of this preview clip, and now I can’t get it out of my head! combining amazing, addictive things is not good! will i have to watch this episode live? *sigh*

  17. Thanks ockoala for the recap and preview!
    I don’t know why but every time Mae Ri is with Jung In, I just feel that there is so much chemistry between them….haven’t seen ep 6 yet but from the preview of ep 7, seems there’s going to be another copycat kiss, and it’s soo romantic…another kiss-in the-rain complete with discarded umbrella?? LOL except we all know that unlike THE OTHER kiss-in-the rain, this kiss in the rain is not going to get the girl sighhhh. Why does Jae Wook have to be so charismatic and charming? He’s definitely not second lead material, and I really hope this show is going to make someone out there (specifically in Korea) sit up and realise that yes, Jae Wook is born to be a lead, not a supporting act.

  18. i think that seo jun and jung in are better suited for each other and I am thinking that the two may get together. Not sure if jung in’s dad will approve of it but he won’t have a choice I think. As for mu gyul and mae ri, they just need time apart from each other to really discover their feelings for each other and I think that Jung in’s kiss will prove it here. the tears may lead to seperation between the two for awhile but will lead to discover they are not whole without one another…
    so excited waiting for eng subs!!!

  19. thanks for the preview. I really do hate the dads. Especially Jung-In’s dad. He can force his son but he can’t force MR? I don’t really get how that even makes any sense. I do wish Jung-In didn’t kiss her there. MR and J do have the chem but I still can’t ship them yet. I love the idea of them and what they could be but I haven’t seen anything to really convince me he actually likes her. I’m sure it will come though doubt it will sway me. Still loving MG and MR. Its so sad seeing MG like that in the end though.

  20. I am going crazy at how much onscreen chemistry MGY has with BOTH JGS and KJW. Is it weird for me to be leaning slightly more towards MR/JI for some reason? (though obvsly i know thats not where this drama is headed to in the end) Regardless, I definitely agree with commenters, that KJW deserves a lead role after this one. I personally thought he was spectacular in Bad Guy.

    • He said they should just stop it. They should just stop the 100 day contract cause its giving him a hard time and he can’t do it anymore.
      (just found that on youtube. someone kindly translated it.) 🙂

  21. I’ve been dying to express all my feelings about M3. Now that I decided to I can’t seem to find the right words. For sure, this is a terrible drama for those who get mentally unconscious, freakingly waiting for the next episode after Tuesday. They should warn people. Seriously. Especially at times like these when you see the heart pounding previews at the end of every episode.

    Speaking of the preview, this is really amazing. Just noticed that MG is wearing the mittens MR made as he punched JI. Poor guy. This is becoming really intense. I feel that JI and MR’s kiss means a lot more for the reason that at least JI was expressing the way he felt rather than trying to cover something up like MG (or maybe its just me). Can’t wait!! 😐

    Thanks KOALA!! Since I found your playground, it made me feel like I now belong to a world where people and dramas collide. I really thought I was becoming a bit of a freak out here. Good to know there are heaps of drama lovers out there. :)) Thanks so much!! :))

  22. I think JI Dad had something to do with MR mom’s death.

    JI’s Dad did mention that if JI doesn’t marry MR, she will have a hard life and JI has to protect her from that (perhaps because he knows the love of his life [MR’s mom] went through the same with MR’s dad).

    I hypothesize that he feels guilty for playing a part in her death so he’s been looking for them in order to appease his guilt and honor MR’s mom by “protecting” her daughter.

    I don’t get the vibes that he’s crushing over Mae Ri, I think he views MR as his daughter because it was the daughter of his love.

    I’m still holding out the hope that JI and MR will be together in the end.

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