Press Conference for Athena: Goddess of War

The cast of the upcoming Athena: Goddess of War held its press conference today at the Seoul Walker Hotel. It’s a little early since the drama doesn’t premiere for another two weeks (following the end of Giant on Mon-Tues on SBS), thus I was a little take off guard. But then my Jung Woo Sung radar pinged, and I immediately knew my honey was waiting for me to say hi. Hiiiiii there honey. You’re looking mighty fine. And everyone else looks delicious as well, which is how Athena looks to me – a gobbly confection of caramel goodness. Likely zero nutritional value, but ample satisfaction in my mouth and belly.

Just reminding everyone – hands off, okay? I don’t want to hear any mine, or mine after ockoala has her fill, or I’m fifth in line, or some such murmuring. Tons of K-drama watchers are about to be introduced to Jung Woo Sung, who hasn’t been in a K-drama in 15 years. There is a reason why this man only makes movies. So, still just mine.

Gorgeous. Stunning. Classy. Keep repeating these three words over and over again. I love you, Su Ae. I know you be making out with Jung Woo Sung, and I be okay with that. As long as you keep it onscreen, sweetheart.

Cha Seung Won – you bad bad man. You’re gonna make me hate you as the dastardly villian, all while imaging your bad sexy ways all heating up my vision, aren’t you. You might steal the show from my I Lub You, but I’m okay with that. Let the best man win.

Sorry to be so brutally honest, but I hate your dress, Lee Ji Ah. The blue velvet and its short length do nothing for you. You need long, slinky, and body-hugging jersey, preferably in a jewel tone like amethyst. Even though Su Ae’s dress is wonky from the back, at least from one angle (the front) it looks great. Yours fails from the every which way test.

That is how Kim Min Jong gives you the hand. This guy can do any role, ANY, I tell you. Here’s he’s supposedly the comic side kick. Three cents he turns out to be the ultimate villain. Like I told you, Kim Min Jong can do anything.

What are you doing? Seriously? Si Won, are you pledging allegiance to the flag? Or getting a knighthood? Whatever, none of that matters, because you are adorable Choi Si Won, who is about to use your real life black belt to fulfill your lifetime fantasy of being in a spy thriller. I’m glad your dream came true.

Apparently all the guys are giving the hand. Either its significance is beyond me, or they are all pledging that Athena will break 50% in ratings. It would if Jung Woo Sung was the illegimate son of a baker AND a kickass spy. Just sayin’.

Ladies, you are both ravishing. I can’t wait until you two get into a bitch fight onscreen over the guys. Meowr.

Oh, if you guys are wondering how I am going to recap Athena, what with me recapping Mary Stayed Out All Night already, which will be airing opposite Athena? This just means one drama gets shafted and will be recapped a few days after it airs. I’m willing to take suggestions, but I’m leaning towards keeping my M3 recaps on schedule, and recapping Athena a few days late. Since M3 will be ending soon, Athena will be live-recapped with only a few weeks delay. Of course, this holds true only if M3 continues to tickle my fancy. If M3 goes into the crapper, I’ll bump Athena to the front and center. I try not to let my personal feelings (i.e. my all-abiding adoration of Jung Woo Sung) dictate this recap schedule since so many people have been following M3 already.


Press Conference for Athena: Goddess of War — 19 Comments

  1. Give way to Athena all kdrama followers. I think this will be the best, if not one of the best dramas to come out way this year! My friends and I are all excited to follow this drama. Thanks for the recap you will do which we will excitedly look forward to.

    • I think every City Haller is excited about Athena. Gookie, back on the small screen. Too bad his Mi Rae Kim Suh Na can’t do a cameo. Boo, am sad.

  2. Ockoala…I hope you continue to do M3…it’s interesting to see the dynamic of the trio..even though Athena is looking smoking hot as well.

    • vorticella,

      Are we having a mind-meld moment? The second I put up the lovely M3 banner you made for me, BAM, you posted a comment….about M3. LOL, thanks again for the banner. I plan to continue with M3, I like consistency and order in my life.

      • haha..I guess so! great mind thinks alike? ^_^
        With such fabulous cast, you might get a surprise early Christmas present :P.
        ..I like your plan of continuing w/ M3. Currently unable to watch but have been following your recap to keep me up to date 🙂

  3. well i hope that you would always choose M3 coz i really love your recap and i always wait for it after the M3 episode in the evening coz i knew you will have already a recap for it in the next day. i prefer to read first your recap than other websites like in drama beans…you are such a great writer and you can’t imagine how such a simple and best recap you can give to those people supporting make our day always…a million thanks to you:)))

  4. I think the significance of the guys giving the hand is that Choi Siwon is in Super Junior and that’s apparently their “greeting”.
    I agree though, the cast is looking good. Looking forward to your recaps!

    • I think you are right about the hand thing. I also think its because Siwon from Super Junior and that’s how they greet themselves….its cute that the cast did it.

  5. @ockoala, i love that you’re claiming Jung Woo Sung ownership right from the get go. you go girl! 😉

    but yesss…how ridiculously good-looking is this cast? and not just pretty to look at but with legitimate acting chops to boot. if my heart wasn’t already stolen by certain claustrophobic-sparkly-tracksuit-wearing department store CEO, i’d be all over this one. alas, my hectic schedule will only let me watch one show at a time though i might just make an exception this time. no one does sexy and smouldering like your JWS.

  6. Only like SiWon right now until the other 2 main leads prove something to attract my fanship. (I’m newish to Kdrama, say about 16 months so I don’t know that many actors.) I have not even seen the “original” of this spinoff! But if you recap, I’ll watch, hehe.

  7. I’d like to say YEAY to recapping Athena!!

    in whatever order you’ll do the recaps, we’ll be grateful anyways!!
    Anticipating much!

  8. Thanks for posting this Ockoala.
    I only know Choi Si Won from “Oh My Lady” he was in leading role in that drama.
    I am looking forwoard this drama “Athena” because all my friends are talking about it.
    I am not sure about the story, I will be enjoyed or not….
    Also it is interesting to see Jung Woo Sung who has not in K drama for a long time.

    No matter your recap of Athena will be on time or delay, I will wait and read as I am really in love with your excellent writing and thoughts.

    Thanks for your great work as usual.

  9. can’t study!!! there are too many dramas (secret garden, M3, daemul) i follow already… soon athena will start. trouble, trouble, trouble… and more dramas from the past i still have to catch up with ahhhhh….!!! i doubt Athena’s cast can top IRIS’ but i’m still looking forward to watch this drama.

    THANK YOU for all the recaps^^ so i can satisfied my curiosity until the subbed episode is out.

  10. whuaaa this drama sound promising with the list of cast..I love su she the lead actress???she look stunning…..Can’t wait for this drama to be aired….

  11. Ockoala, I will concede that you have 100% to your I Lub You…but I want Choi Siwon. I’ll be totally happy with that. I can’t wait for this drama to air, Siwon kicking some major bad guy butt in a suit (I love suits!) is going to be A-MAY-ZING! So much eye candy in this drama…I only hope the plot doesn’t go wacky like IRIS did.

  12. Estel – sorry, Siwon was long ago elected to be the cabana boy of the ICOMYM and thus is shared amongst the members as needed….so to speak.

    Anyway, I fast forwarded through most of IRIS for the Bad and TOP – this one has 4 actors I like, so I may be actually be forced to try to watch it.

  13. ratings wise.. M3 won’t be able to dent Athena’s, as much as I wish it for M3 to break even double digits. Alas.. I think I have to agree that the days of trendy rom coms’ gargantuan ratings of 40-50% are over.

  14. Although I’ve been waiting for Athena to come out ever since the project was made, I have to say I’m hooked on M3 and on your review. Jebal keep your work has it has been until now, I’ve realised not long ago that waiting hurts my mental health and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling that way.

  15. gotta disagree with the article. I love, by far, li ji ah’s dress (it’s what goes with that doesn’t fit like the shoes). It’s way better than su ae’s one which I find ugly. Like we say in french ‘les gouts et les couleurs ça se discute pas’.

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