Athena Update: Plot Synopsis, Character Descriptions, and Latest Trailers

SBS posted a boatload of drama information about its upcoming Mon-Tues drama Athena: Goddess of War. All of these are taken directly from the SBS Athena website. It’s quite lengthy, and give away the plot set-up and character details, so don’t read if you don’t want to be mildly spoiled. I’ve also provided the latest trailers for Athena – the longer one was shown at the press conference, and the shorter one just got released and is narrated by Su Ae’s character.

Mild spoilers: reading the official synopsis and character descriptions, watching the latest trailer, and reading the news reports, it’s clear that Su Ae plays a double agent of both the NIS and Athena (the terrorist organization). It’s unclear where her real loyalties lie, but she clearly falls in love with Jung Woo Sung, and vice-versa, which throws a wrench into her plans. Dangermousie earlier ran a poll on who was most likely to bite it in Athena, and this just lobs Su Ae right to the top of the list, if you ask me.

Latest trailers for Athena:



They be torturing my honey’s honey in front of my honey! Oh geez, I knew it would be the opposite of the IRIS scenario. If Su Ae does bite it at the end of the drama, my honey will be sad. Which makes me sad. Frankly, Athena appears as slick as IRIS, and that makes me gird myself for tons of action, some emotion, but ultimately more excitement than heart and soul. I’m okay with that. I just hope the plot holes are not bigger than a mack truck.


Athena Update: Plot Synopsis, Character Descriptions, and Latest Trailers — 10 Comments

  1. Isn’t the music in the last trailer from IRIS? Is Athena being made by the same production company? My only complaint is that there’s not more Siwon. Mmmmm, Siwon. ^^

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen Su Ae since Love Letter, and boy, was that a long time ago. (If I recall, Thundie also wrote up a review for it earlier this year. Or was it you or serendipity? Ah, I’ll check laters. Haha.) I’m definitely more excited about Athena than IRIS, because of the cast. (Choi Siwon, baby!) Hopefully it won’t just be mindless entertainment with lots of logical fallacies, however, I think the drama gods may appease us, since we’ve all been good this year. Even if it may not make it to the pile of substantial goods this year, at least I’m certain it will be a fun ride. Can’t wait for the premiere! Heehee. Get ready for the squeeing and spazzing both on & off AKP!

  3. I hope it won’t be like IRIS, because unlike you, I was unhealthily invested in that drama and when the ending happened, I cried on-and-off for a week. I like to keep my sanity, please.

    This said, I bet Su Ae is a goner in this one. I don’t really like her as an actress so am OK with that 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting this dear Ockoala.
    When I was watching trailers its remaind me Iris.
    That will be action drama. Hopefully not sad ending on this one…..
    I like happy ending only…..
    Did u hear that in SG actress HJW’s role may die at the end….. I put my comment and others same as me (at han cinema) to be happy ending on SG too….. I don’t want HB get sad and I do not want to get hurt too.

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