Playful Kiss Promotional Tour Update – Plus My Fave MV of the Early Days

Hola, PKissers! Don’t think that I’m a fickle koala, moving on and forgetting all about our darling Ha Ni and Seung Jo, sitting in a tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G, and making babies. While chatting about Playful Kiss with a drama friend who recently started marathoning it, I reminisced internally about how wonderful the early episodes were – funny, delightful, and refreshing to see in a K-drama.

I hope to do periodic PK posts as the mood dictates, and today mandates a PK post! Behold, the BEST, seriously, the BEST Youtube MV floating out there chronicling the first six episodes of PK. I can watch this video all day long and smile like a loony. My little M3 is throwing me into major angst territory (wahhhh), so what better a picker-upper than enjoying the cuteness that is early days Ha Ni and Seung Jo!

Playful Kiss MV – Love Like Woe by The Ready Set:


As for the PK promotional tour update, Kim Hyun Joong will be reuniting with Jung So Min in Taiwan at the end of December for a 3 days 2 night promotional event sponsored by the ONTV, the network which will be airing PK in Taiwan. A fan meeting will be held, with registration open to a limited number of fans who wish to attend. PK lovers in Taiwan, here’s your chance!


Playful Kiss Promotional Tour Update – Plus My Fave MV of the Early Days — 40 Comments

  1. T_T

    aisshhh i miss PK soooo much, despite SG, time passed and stuff T_T
    so happy that you’re still posting snippets related to PK!!

    OMO, everytime I see KHJ out of bath shaking his head in a disapproving manner… <3!!!

  2. Haha, I’m glad if I contributed to this post even if in a tiny, tiny way! o/

    Thank you for posting an MV that wasn’t spoilery for you. You rock! The MV is veeeeery cute. I’m going to start the next ep now. o/ Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • You mean I posted an MV that wasn’t spoilery for “you” – Ms. Sere – not that it wasn’t spoilery for me. Okay, I confused myself there for a second. I got what you meant. But yes, inspired and presented just for you. The perfect MV to encapsulate the first 6 eps of this drama.

  3. Yepppeeee…… love surprises especially this one……. it’s not even Christmas and our Santa Ockoala has brought us an early present!!! THANK YOU!!! You’re such a dear!!You made this day a very special PK Day!!

    Me too would like to share my favorite video of our lovely OTP . Never get tired re-watching it over and over again! /watch?v=FILcA0R3oIU
    (delete space after .com)
    credit to awinarwinna

  4. Oh! Dear Ockoala, you make me LOL at your fisrt sentence……
    Feel like I got back to PK moments which I did enjoy so much at this playground.
    I have been missing that since PK over on TV&YT….
    I am very glad that HJ&SM will be together for PK promt and fun meeting.
    I love the MV u post which epi 1-6 really cute epis in PK.

    You make me a day….
    Thanks so much for your great work as usual.


    Like TeaCup said I will keep this post as a Chirstmas present from you. hahahah….

    • It would be ideal and most happy if KHJ wins the Yahoo Buzz award and attend the HK award ceremony on the 17 Dec which is about the same time as HK TVB start broadcasting PK on the 18th where he can promot PK too. Hope this will happen.

  5. it’s so lovely! I love the music.

    It’s a sweet drama (not much angst but it’s so lovely that you keep coming back for more).

    I don’t know how MinMin can look good in everything she wore (hair, clothes, shoes etc :D) I guess some people are just born that way 😀

    ^_^ Thanks for video!

  6. oh, I miss PK so much…
    can’t forget how cute bsj n ohn in home together, but this drama is end be4 they’ve a baby 🙁

  7. And here i am thinking I’ve already moved on with my love affair with PK, you threw a curve ball kekeke! now i’m all giddy and fluffy again inside, not that i’m complaining lol!
    Since some shared their fav vids of PK here, i hope you don’t mind if i share one too. it’s been one of my most fav scenes in the series. i love the song, the lil bromance happening between the two dads, and how Ha Ni looked back at Seung Jo (who is/was still robot that time) while reminiscing her non-consequential encounters with him way back before they actually met.
    hope someone enjoys it as much as i do. of course credit goes to xjpnfanx who made the vid. i hope someone can tell me if it’s really the right song title since it’s not really confirmed. thanks ockoala!

  8. Aww PK and another new header! See, what did I tell ya? You’re gonna be getting a lot more, to the point that I probably can’t keep count for you anymore. (Just like the blog stats — I stopped counting once it got past 500K!) Props to whoever is making these lovely headers. I ADORE them! d/(^^)b <– My happy dodo face, in case you guys can't tell.

    • @endodo4ever, sorry if i’m intruding, but are you by any chance the endodo who does k-drama subs? I thought I saw your nick in the credits somewhere ^^

  9. I miss PK and JSM and KHJ together (seeing them in their separate activity is great, but seeing them together is amazing).

    Now that HaruHaru has completed subbing, I think I’m ready for my full rewatch.

    Thanks to everyone who has shared their fave PK MV. I have enjoyed all the PK related MVs.

    • Eep, thanks for info! I haven’t watched for lack of patience to do so online. I struggle enough watching the new shows!

  10. thanks ockoala for the PK update!!!

    im just happy that they will together in taiwan to promote PK.
    i hope taiwan will give a warm welcome to PK and hyunnie and minmin!
    its been a while since i saw them together and im missing them so much!
    cant wait for 26dec!!!

  11. i just want to share something….the latest diary of Baek Seung-j0!!!….

    The diary of the after story of Playful Kiss


    [Engtrans] SeungJo’s Diary- Epilogue part 2

    this is very touching!!! and they have a daughter named Seung-ha!

    Seung-jo + Ha-ni = Baek Seung-ha

  12. That’s why i love this blog of yours Ockoala for being so generous to updates our favorite jankiss couple. I hope that taiwanese will give them a warm welcome. Dec. 26 plssss comes faster!!!!

  13. HOT NEWS!!!
    I have the flight details of HJ & SM’s PK promo trip to Taipei!
    Be at Tao Yuan Int’l Airport Terminal 1 for welcome/sent off –
    26 Dec CX421 9:20am depart(Seoul) 11:05am arrive (Taipei)
    28 Dec CX420 17:10pm depart (Taipei) 20:35pm arrive (Seoul)

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