Lyrics for the New OST Song in Episode 7 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) continues to confound me. I was supposed to be watching a certain drama last night (it was no chore, this drama is well on its way to being crowned my best drama of 2010), but I got sidetracked by, what else, M3. Sigh, I am hopeless. I guess my addiction is your reward, because I come bearing the fruits of my labor – answers about the new song which debuted in episode 7.

During a scene early in the episode 7, when Mu Gyul is back at his place and mixing a track for the drama OST, he starts to think about his Merry Christmas. The song that plays during this scene is new and is not part of released OST Part I. Clearly it will be included in the Part II release of the OST. No one knows the name of the song as of yet. Below I have translated the lyrics for you. It’s a doozy – this song clearly articulates Mu Gyul’s real feelings towards Mae Ri.

Lyrics for new song in episode 7:

I feel like (her) falling in love with me was like a misunderstanding
I am not the type of (good) man you think I am
She is that vibrant of a woman
Unsuited to be with a man like me
She is such a wonderful woman
That woman of mine, she loves me so deeply
That woman of mine, she tells me that I am the world’s best man
Having lived a life of sorrow and struggle
We (now) love and protect each other
I sometimes dislike the me who is not worthy of you
When I make the kind and gentle her cry, I end up crying myself
Holding tightly to each other’s hand, taking a deep breath
Just want to live (my) entire life like this. Oh.
I love her so very much
Compared to myself, I pray for her happiness.
When I look at her I am happy
I will sacrifice my life to love her, this I do swear.

While “Take Care, My Bus” was goofy and random, “Superstar” was cute and bubbly, “My Precious” has been alluded to being a song about Mu Gyul’s precious hair, and “Tell Me Your Love” was a soaring and positive love song – this new ballad is melancholy and introspective. Wahhh, they just want me to cry, don’t they? I’m such a sucker for these things. Let me put it this way, this song explains Mu Gyul’s feelings more than that boy is even aware of at this time. It’s like a giant neon spoiler sign. Jung In, baby, sorry, but you should’ve taken an earlier flight back from Japan.

YT clip of the scene where the new song plays (starts at the 5:00 mark):



Lyrics for the New OST Song in Episode 7 of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 27 Comments

  1. Finish JXF! Finish JXF! Then please write a lovely, long, rambling review of it (Omo, am I being demanding now? Whoopsies. I got spoiled!). But only if you can somehow deconstruct its awesomeness. I’m sure you can, though. I have faith in you, Unni! 😛

  2. “this song explains Mu Gyul’s feelings more than that boy is even aware of at this time. It’s like a giant neon spoiler sign. Jung In, baby, sorry, but you should’ve taken an earlier flight back from Japan.”

    LOL . so true 😛

  3. “Jung In, baby, sorry, but you should’ve taken an earlier flight back from Japan.”
    Simply priceless!!! You always appear to have such a gem in your posts.

  4. you are spoiling me i a way… i’m suposed to be working, instead i’m checking every 5 minutes if there is any news about m3. and there it is: sweet sad lyrics
    maybe i’m a little obsesed???? this show is a drug, and i’m so happy to be a junky (this make any sense?)
    thank you for be my provider!!!

  5. Ah,I was wondering bout that song,I ask you its comfirm new song thats why I never listen to why is that after hearing it and you explain it my heart squeez and ache..somehow I do have a feeling that later on when MG have a full heart that aching for mary will make him snatch mary from her weds with JI like in the 1st episode then they run away to that island.omo my wild imagination.its just that I love this drama so much that I tend to lazy watching other drama and only listen to its heart still aching.tuesday come quickly.yes its airing monday korea time but its on tuesday morning I can watch it by net.I love your writing,you suply my addict for m3

  6. Thanks for the lyrics, such a lovely song. I agree with you that it tells about MG unaware feelings for Mary. I loovvvvveee this drama, I’m really addicted because for the first time I’m watching a Kdrama without subs and not knowing what they’re saying, I just cant wait for the subs, the story is too exciting for me to wait.

    Thanks again for your recaps, your insights and jokes….without them I wouldnt know exactly what is going on in M3. Hope you continue with this great job!!!! Fighting, ganbatte!!!! : )

  7. Thank you for the news, I am like Antonia, checking every chance I get for MMM news on your blog. I can’t read Korean(angry about that now) but I keep looking at the manwha and wondering who she stays with. I have watched Ep. 7 so many times(skipping the JI kiss) that if the phone rings I get upset. I listen to Europa constantly.
    I am addicted like never before.
    Thank you, thank you for being there for us.

  8. Here I am, procrastinating on writing up how awesome I am (aka, my personal annual review for work) until the last minute, which is due today. I lacked the motivation all day to write it but buckled down and blasted MSOAN OST My Bus on repeat while I forced myself to type away. And it worked! 🙂 And my reward is clicking on your site whenever the I get the chance.

    Tx OcKoala! you get me so excited about k-dramas all over again

  9. Of course “My Bus” starts playing as soon as I read the M3 post.

    Whenever I listen to “My precious” when it’s played in the drama, it’s fitting. (Although I do find the comment about it alluding to his love for his hair quite fitting.) However, when I listened to it outside of the drama, I just find it to be irritating, bah.

    You’re the best source for M3 news and Secret Garden spoilers, thank you for giving us the fruits of your addiction! 🙂

  10. thanks for translating! the song caught my “ear” too! thot the singer sounded a bit like Im Chang Jung, a veteran singer whom I happen to be listening recently… can’t waitfor ost part 2 to be released!!!

  11. heard that M3 will release OST part 3 on 6 Dec, with 2 songs.
    2 songs?! can’t believe my ears.
    i hope they don’t have a part 4 in the works…

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