Jang Geun Seok Wins Two 2010 Yahoo Buzz Awards

Never underestimate the power of a hot star and his amazingly organized and powerful fan base. 2010’s Yahoo Buzz Awards, a fan-voted awards show (the very definition of a popularity contest), closed its voting three days ago. The winner of both the Top Buzz Male Korea Star Award and the Top Buzz Male Asia Star Award is Jang Geun Seok. His votes more than doubled the votes of the second place vote getter Kim Hyun Joong (who won two awards last year at this gin joint). Congrats to Jang Geun Seok and his fans (the eels, am I correct?).

The awards ceremony will be held on December 17th in Hong Kong. I’m assuming Jang Geun Seok will attend to personally receive the award, but it’s also around the time Mary Stayed Out All Night films its finale episodes. Let’s hope everything works out for his schedule.

I’m not surprised that Jang Geun Seok won. His You’re Beautiful aired all over Asia earlier this year, and his name and face recognition clearly gained widespread exposure because of this popular and fun drama. My one quibble is that my least favorite Jang Geun Seok incarnation is awards show Jang Geun Seok. He tends to show up in the most “interesting” outfits, to say the least. My favorite Jang Geun Seok incarnation is, no surprise, in-character Jang Geun Seok. I think he has about earned an eternal pass from me after introducing Kang Mu Gyul to the world.

A totally cute random aside to share with everyone. Jang Geun Seok hosted last year’s SBS Drama Awards banquet, alongside Moon Geun Young (who was the Daesang winner the year before that). Isn’t it adorable to see Mae Ri and Mu Gyul all dolled up and looking so glam? I can’t get enough of the M&M couple.


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  1. Hua.congrats geun suk.are moon also win the female award?I hope so,so that both of them can be together on stage.I love M&M couple.

  2. I know, his award show appearance is umm.. unique.. to say the least lol
    I love him regardless of those flukes .. he could get inspiration from Hwang Tae Kyung!

    • Yup, JSG fans are called Eels, and Heechul fans are called Petals.

      Don’t ask me where these names came from. I had to ask you guys to explain Hyunnies, Perfects, Triple S to me. Clearly fandom and I are like parallel universes that rarely collide.

      But yes, I’ve heard this is an uproar over the voting results. I have no beef in this fight, so I can’t even begin to tell you if there is any merit in the controversy. Personally, I don’t care. Like both JGS and KHJ just fine. This award won’t make or break them.

      • Heh, to be honest I went over to one of HJ fan blogs and there was one popularity poll for music. My intentent was to vote for HJ… but the moment I saw Taeyang, I shrugged and was like “Sorry, HJ, hubby takes the vote.”

        But as for fandom names, there always is a quirky story behind their names…

      • absolute uproar over the voting results. Yahoo can’t even confirm whether the voting numbers for the 2 actors are accurate or not, blah blah blah due to their server overload, system error etc etc. so who is to say who is the final winner?

        of course i would think the 2 guys are veteran enough to realise that these popularity awards are quite subjective, n not take it too much to heart.

        but it’s still pretty unfair to the fans on both sides who spent lots of time / effort on voting. and also unfair to either of the guys. imagine the question that runs through their mind if/when either turns up for the award ceremony: “er, did I get this due to a system error?”

        what a reputation fluke for Yahoo

      • @ivy, reputation fluke for Yahoo
        indeed. Ah dedicated fangirls. Although in honestly think HJ’s fandom lost cause they’re diverted by the barage of news KeyEast put out a week ago due to Pk’s end and that they were getting themselves ready for his Asia tour.

        So yay for JGS fans for prevailing over the server upload!

  3. Thanks you Ockoala posting good news of JGS.
    Congratulation JANG GEUN SEOK.
    I like both JGS & KHJ, so they both on top two……..
    I am glad for that.

  4. awwww at that glam pic of geun-geun couple. one of those rare times when his outfit does not elicit a serious head-shaking on my part. haha. but then again, its JGS…we all love him and he can get away with wearing whatever the heck he wants to wear.

    @ockoala and JJ: i can’t seem to remember where the name “eels” came from but i think its an English translation of Jang-something. also, JGS loves to write to his “eels” and use the expression “cri” as in “critical”. lol. so when he posts something on his official site he often ends a sentence with ~~cri. πŸ˜‰

  5. actually the real winner is kim hyun jung.
    there’s something wrong but ..
    i like them both,,
    but i just wanna clarifies the truth

    • “The truth”? It’s fine to be sad the person you supported lost, but please cut it with the conspiracy theories and the unsubstantiated allegations. It lessens any meaningful comment you might have to make.

  6. congrats jks!!
    there was an outrage about that buzz awards, between the khj fans and the jks fans.
    but i both love them, so I hope that fans would just let the issue rest now.
    this just proves the popularity of the both of them, I hope they will both get more projects in the future. ^^

  7. My one quibble is that my least favorite Jang Geun Seok incarnation is awards show Jang Geun Seok. He tends to show up in the most β€œinteresting” outfits, to say the least

    That’s the one thing I love the most about him. No matter how popular he gets, he still remains true to himself and that’s an endearing quality to me. I mean, I usually do not like his outfits, but heh, at least he tries to be himself? Sometimes I think he’s uncomfortable with how cute he is so he tends to overdo it/overcompensate somehow, but that still shows who he is, don’t you think?

    • You remember some folks were upset at him for being so outre and weird when it comes to dressing for awards shows. And even in his own personal style. While it really isn’t my style, I love how he really is the Lady Gaga of his generation and K-ent in general (though sometimes TOP shows up in weird shit, too).

      Perhaps that is why he’s so keen on being different – he’s just so damn good looking with those pretty boy features it’s a way to mask it with some funky style. Who knows? But I like JGS, always have, and pretty much always will. The fact that he can ACT is the #1 reason for me to love him. The rest is icing on the cake.

      It’s all about the acting around my neck of the woods…..except when it comes to Song Seung Heon. Heh.

      • @ocKoala, you forget GD’s the Lady Gaga of the k-pop world. JGS may have been first, but that boys style is def Gaga. >_<

    • Don’t compare JGS to Lady Gaga!
      His taste in fashion is really teribble… God save me plsssss!
      And if he keeps stay true to himself then one day, I won’t be surprised that he wants to marry a guy!

  8. yeah.yeah..he deserve to be a winner!tnx 4 the info,i appreciate 8 a lot!pls.pls.inform me when he wil gonna come here.i want to see him.god bless

  9. In my country YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL is not recognized because people don’t like him and don’t know him either, that’s why his drama timeslot airings will always change from evening timeslot viewing to afternoon timeslot and finally the network decide to air in the morning timeslot since people didn’t watch this drama. I wonder why he wins that poll since he’s not famous yet especially for 3days only he gathers a high votes and knowing khj’s fans also voted 24/7.

    • Yahoo is investigating the results. They put a notice up that the voting is not final because they have found some inaccuracies in the voting. The official winner will be announced on the 9th. Who knows what they will do. Seriously though it won’t matter who wins the award now because the whole thing is just one big mess.

    • That’s just your country. There are plenty of countries where You’re Beautiful is recognized and is its own little phenomenon. I don’t see why people are so pressed, this is just a Yahoo award. Like someone else said, it doesn’t make or break them. Continue to love and support KHJ, but you don’t have to try to bring others down to it.

      • I think people are getting confused as to what this award is all about. This is not an award for acting. It is an award for which celebrities create the most buzz and it’s supposed to be who makes the most buzz for the whole year. The whole voting system is whacked anyway but the fans vote their little hearts out so who are we to say whether it’s something to be upset over or not. I will leave it to yahoo to fix the mess they helped to create. Either way one set of fans are going to be outraged. It’s a scary thought.

  10. Koala, I was one of those die hard fans who spend days clicking the vote button on the Yahoo Buzz Awards site eventhough I didn’t understand a word it said…I darn nearly hurt my right arm from doing it too! Idk why I felt pressed upon to vote for JGS…something about him really inspires fan devotion! LOL! Anyhow, I knew something went awry somewhere because there was a few hours when I couldn’t vote at all…kept on getting a pop up message that of course I didn’t understant…I’m sure there was great uproar from KHJ fans because KHJ was ahead by millions in the first half of the voting. Votes for Suk didn’t overtake KHJ until the last few days of the voting period. I know KHJ fans are upset but that’s no reason to start thinking about conspiracy theories and whatnot! Besides, it was already announced that JGS won on both categories so it’s pretty stupid if they/tptb(the powers that be) suddenly decide it was a mistake and take it away from him. That would be just aweful!

    I’m sure ur not dying of curiousity about why Suk’s fans are called “eels”. What I heard is that Suk named his fans “eels” cause they give him strength. Apparently it’s a dish in Korea…wouldn’t know cause I’m not Korean =) But I really like how much Suk cares about his fans =) It makes our devotion worth while.

    As for Suk’s personal outfits…well, yeah…it’s sometimes strange. But honestly I rarely even notice what he is wearing (especially when he’s acting in character) cause I’m so distracted by his beautiful face and great acting! I totally agree with u…JGS is a great actor and that is primarily why I love him so much too. But of course it doesn’t hurt to be that good looking either πŸ˜‰

    Last thing I’m gonna say is…I LOVE MUGYUL!!! I can’t imagine anyone else playing his character! I didn’t think I’d love another character as much as I loved Hwang Tae Kyung…didn’t think it was possible! LOL

    • LOL, me too!
      Even though I knew it’s just a popularity contest, not acting award or something more substantial, I clicked to vote for several days and nights πŸ˜› And seeing the eels doing this together and encouraging each other was so much fun.

      There’s a play of word for the eel term. Jangeo? I think it also means Jang’s? And he once said he likes eel because it gives him energy, and so his fans are his source of energy too. Something like that…

      His award looks might make me roll my eyes sometimes, but it is never boring… lolz… the only one that still makes me roll my eyes is when he dressed like pirates in Baeksang Award. All the others, I’m used to it already ^^;; But yes, all of those don’t matter too much, because I love this guy not because of his style. I love his acting, his voice, and how good he is to his fans.

      Like you, I thought I couldn’t love a character more than Tae Kyung. But Mu Gyul proved me wrong… ^^

      8 hours to ep 8!! Wheeeeee!!! (^o^)/

      • Shiro, thanks for the eels info πŸ™‚ I knew the eels dish supposedly gives strength but didn’t know there was a play of words there. Cool! Yes, JGS has one heck of a sexy voice…i think i fell in love with his voice first, then how well he acts, and last is looks.
        So u were one of the many that voted for days too πŸ™‚ LOL, it’s fun to join a great cause, right? Anything for my beloved Suk πŸ™‚

  11. One of the “eels” who voted many times every day for jgs
    dear you are the best. congratulations!!! πŸ˜€
    read he calls his fans eels because he likes eels so much

  12. Yahoo will officially announce the true winner on 9 Dec. For 3 days KHJ fans were unable to access and vote for being blocked obviously. Within these 3 days JGS’s votes increased by millions, this don’t need to be any rocket scientist to suspect that someone has activated the auto-click after having hacked into the voting sites of Yahoo. I hope KHJ willl be the winner because he is the true winner. all the way from day 1 voting starts and the gap was millions apart between him and JGS, like it or not.

    • defo. i agree that there was something weird going on…
      its not that i hate geun suk or his FC or anything, cos i dont think its their fault
      the cheating cudve been done by a minor part of his fanclub or even his antifans that want to put shame to his name or smth…i dunno

      one piece of evidence that im sure of is tht how can hyun joong’s votes decrease from like over 6million or smth to 4million or smth like that…its not like the voting was counted using percentages!
      also, how can geun suk get more than 6million votes in 3 days? its impossible.
      yeah, some fans may b really devoted and stay in front of the computer 24/7 just clicking every 10 mins…but still…i dont think they wud do so…–”
      and also, just watched this vid:
      showing a JGS FC site or smth…like showing how to set up a timer for the computer so it votes automatically every 10 mins. thats counted as cheating right?

      anywayyyy,,,im not saying that geun suk doesnt deserve this, bcos he probably does,,,being a really talented actor with a really nice voice and stuff…
      but i think its unfair for all those tripleS’ out there voting their arms off
      and also to the eels also cos im sure they wud feel a lil smth in their heart since they are being accused after voting so much…

  13. You’re Beautiful aired here to few months ago & just ended so I’m not surprised for this… ^^ I’m sure every girl here searches stuffs about this pretty guy. ^^

  14. Congrats JGS!!!! he deserve the award, he is a great actor and he is proving it again with M3. I love KHJ but, JGS is the better actor and really Playfull Kiss dissapointed me in a huge way, I was expecting more but I stuck to it cause of KHJ.

  15. funny!some of those people who commented here are against jgs…but!why they are here?if u want only to put some bad intrigues against jgs,well,dont do that here..intiendes!

  16. Ockoala πŸ™‚ after I watched the movie MSOAN till. Ep. 13 again I think u were right. If JKS didn’t played there or action for that movie, maybe the story will be flat. Is because of JKS, and MGY did hard for that then the drama looked good and well done plus the creativity of JKS it self helped change the script so the ending like that πŸ™‚ u are right that Jang Keun Seok is the best multi-talented actor that I ever know so far even if we compare him with the world actor from Hollywood πŸ™‚ his talent made him like now πŸ™‚ and he is suitable with asian teens, kids even adult πŸ™‚ thks God Asia has him :). Ika

  17. There is one left question, may I follow ur twitter? I do love to learn from u to be like u can do recap and things:) u r smart and clever analyze manythings from those which u did πŸ™‚ but if I can’t then is ok πŸ™‚ with reading your recap made me happy πŸ™‚ thank you ockoala πŸ™‚

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