Stills From the Mary Stayed Out Night Filming Locations

I rarely, if ever, care about this type of ancillary drama stuff. The fact that I am posting about it indicates how totally gone I am about Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!). When I re-read my own M3 recaps, I’m reminded that this isn’t the best drama by even a million and one shot. But (*shrugs*) I can’t stop obsessing about it. Presenting the fan scouting stills from many of the M3 shooting locations. If you live in Seoul, I highly recommend you hang around Hongdae. You might just run into the M3 cast and crew shooting a scene.

The house where the leads shot the official promotional stills:

The street where they shot another set of official promotional stills and the first trailer.

The outside of Mu Gyul’s apartment – it’s supposed to be a coffee shop in real life.

Where Mae Ri writes the statement and Mu Gyul grabs it fromย her and tears it up:

Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s playground.

The restaurant where Mae Ri and Mu Gyul have their first drink together in episode 1.

Where Mu Gyul and his mom go to buy ice-cream.

Where Mae Ri and Mu Gyul spot her dad stalking them in episode 4.

I don’t actually know where these places actually are. But seeing them in a different light is both refreshing, and brings back the sweet moments from the drama which took place at those locations. Monday is right around the corner. Hand in there, M3-ers.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of the Baidu Mary Stayed Out All Night Bar]


Stills From the Mary Stayed Out Night Filming Locations — 9 Comments

  1. Froyo and coffee?! Sounds like my kind of place ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the abundance of these cool little places that makes me want to go to Korea

  2. Mental note to myself: To visit these locations when I travel to Korea next time. Unfortunately, tour packages usally do not cover these places, looks like I got to plan a trip there on my own then

  3. Most agree. not the best drama but for some strange reason it sucks me in and i want to see how this all ends. thanks for the picks. i kinda wanna go to some of those places now. i noticed a lot of coffee shops. ๐Ÿ˜› I could use some coffee so i can stay up and play catch-up, i’m totally behind on the episodes.

  4. hi koala, i can see you’re totally gone about M3. anyway, these are still pretty and interesting places : )
    kind of like touring Korea in pics on a M3 memorabilia trip

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