Spoiler Pictures and OST Updates of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Hee. Hee hee. Hee hee hee. Life is good. Whatever drama crack the Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) writing team is smoking, they really are keeping us on our toes. These spoiler pictures from the upcoming episodes of M3 is really an extension of the pictures I posted earlier. But this time it’s pretty clear what the mood is around them parts. And the mood around my neck of the woods is sheer bliss.

Did you see it? Mae Ri has her arms wrapped around Mu Gyul as he is playing the guitar, and her head is resting on his shoulder. Normally this is nothing, since they are pretending to be married. But after bombshell in episode 7, they are no longer pretending to be married! Which only means that whatever is happening on Nami Island, it’s of their own volition and not for show. Yes, I am indeed as happy as a clam.

M3 released two new songs today off its upcoming Part II of its OST (to be released in mid-December). It includes the song which I translated the lyrics for earlier – it’s called “She’s Mine” (seriously, M3 is such a fan service I might get spoiled by all this uber-love for the M&M couple). The second song is called “Because of Her.” Have a listen if your curious. I like both very much.

She’s Mine:


Because of Her:



Spoiler Pictures and OST Updates of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 33 Comments

  1. all out fan service indeed. thank you as always ockoala for filling our longing, you make the days of waiting more bearable and exciting since everyday you feed us with our addiction kekkeeke!

  2. Counting down to seeing our charming M&M duo in another 21 hours! Also looking forward to your indispensable recaps pronto.

    Thank you, Ockoala, for all the bits and pieces of info, pictures and videos that you have been giving us day by day. They really help fill all those moments of emptiness and alleviate the stress of waiting for the very highly anticipated episodes of M3.

  3. Koala,

    Doesn’t that song MooKyul composes for the JangIn’s OST (referring to the scene before Ex-GF comes in to slap MooKyul in the recording studio) sound like a Christmas song? I swear it reminds me of one, which could only make me think that he was thinking of his “Merry Christmas” while composing that.

  4. ah..so sweet.. I love she’s mine. mesmerizing voice ^_^

    anyone knows where I can find the Hangul lyrics for these soundtracks? I try to look online but only find the romanization ones


  5. A thousand thanx to you Koala and all the M3 fans working so diligently to keep us up to date on this wonderful drama. Time seems to past faster ever since I discovered your blog, it’s the sun after the dark times of waiting without any spoiler. Keep up the good job. I’m french by the way, so “excuse moi” if it looks like I don’t make any sense!

  6. Ohh. In a way I’m glad that the Mary confessed she lied and they aren’t really married. In that heartbreaking scene, Mu Gyul said he was feeling that way because he didn’t know what was real, right? Well, now that they both know that they aren’t obligated to eachother in that way, everything from now on is real and there’s no reason to feel confused. I think it will help move their relationship along 😀

    I do wonder what will become of Jung-In though since the previews made it seem like they were getting married?

  7. Ah stupid me.haha.totally forgot today is monday morning,tomorrow morning I can see it.gosh this drama make me addicted that I just skip a day.haha.now that figure why its not aired..I look like a fool asking that question.

  8. Thank you very much, Koala, for all the spoilers, pictures, videos and recaps that you have been giving us for M3. It is my first time to write a message on a blogspot for K-drama. This shows that I am really addicted to M3 more than PK. I can’t understand Korean language so I read first your recap before watching the episode of M3 in Youtube.

    Episode 7 really made me cry…I hope MR will marry someone out of love in the end, not just for convinience or money…How I wish MR will end up with MG…

    Keep up the good work…More power to you…

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you so much!!!! love the songs but love the pics even more!!!!! wonderful to see them happy together for real!!!!

  10. Those bts pics made me a little bit crazy thinking what happened, oh, what happened! I think we’d get to see the answer to this in ep 10… which will be next week. Where we would get 2 episodes in one night!! (^O^)/

    I love these two songs. And I kept thinking about your translation of the lyric and that scene in ep 7 while listening to it… which makes this song even better. Love the other song too… the Harry Potter scar song… ^^

    Thank you so much for being addicted to this drama ^.^

  11. Thanks Ockoala, I love these OST. I like JGS voice since YOU ARE BEAUTIFIL OST.
    Now I am update with M3. I ‘ve watched upto epi 7 now. Really cannot wait for tonight epi 8……. hours hours to gooooooo………

  12. Thank you so much for the songs, ockoala! It makes for lovely paper-writing music, surprisingly. I just keep telling myself–just eight more pages and I can watch aaaaaall the M3 I want!

  13. this is so sad….all the links to the OST or U-tube song videos I can’t seem to see it…says ” this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ponycanyonkr”

    • you may try searching “ponycanyonkr” in you tube and you will find she’s mine. i’ve seen a post from “echa14” of the song “because of her” also in you tube. go check these out and enjoy the music. hope this helps.

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