Video of Ending Scene in Episode 8 and Preview of Episode 9 (With Translations)

KBS hasn’t released the written preview for episode 9 yet, which is a big disappointment since the Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) previews are so rich in details yet manages to leave out the juiciest spoilers that keep us surprised time and again when we watch the actual episode. I’ve attached the previews for episode 9, along with the last scene in episode 8 – and translated the dialogue. This is a VERY spoilery post, so don’t click unless you really want to watch.

Ending scene in episode 8 and preview for episode 9:


*From where Mu Gyul leans in to kiss Mae Ri, and she turns her head away*

MR: Playboy.

MG: What?

MR: It didn’t even affect you, and yet I thought my heart would burst (talking about their first kiss).

MG: So you….at that time…

MR: My first kiss was supposed to be with the person I loved. You ruined it. *starts to hit Mu Gyul* You bad guy!

MG: Mae Ri-ah….

MR: You said that you didn’t see me as a woman.

MG: You said that you didn’t see me as a man….

MR: You told me not to fall in love with you.

MG: You, too. You told me you didn’t like me…..

*If I have to describe the next scene, you need your eyes checked*

Preview for episode 9:

SJ to JI: So your fiancée was Mae Ri?

MR’s dad: Mae Ri, Jung son-in-law is here. Mae Ri is gone? They went to see the sunrise?

MR to MG: It feels like such a dream. I can’t believe I am here with you.

JI to MG: When I say it’s over, that’s when the contract will end.


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  1. Oh my goodness, am I the first to comment?
    Koala, u must be tired of reading thank you, so I’m gonna be original…
    Are you for real this is so great my heart just skipped a bit!
    Merci beaucoup! Muchas gracias! Xie Xie Ni!
    Let’s not get carried away…. You’re the best!
    Maybe I’m too addicted…

  2. I JUST watched this and came right over to see if I could squeal and fangirl about this EPIC MOMENT and I was not disappointed — SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I admit that their first kiss was kinda not all that awesome, and that Jung-in’s was hotter — but this kiss has that one beat all hollow, in every way, shape, and form. AAAAAAHHHH!!!! I foresee much discussion on the ep 8 recap! *goes off to bounce around the living room, squeeing some more*

  3. Love itttt!!!! Woweeeeee…can’t help squealing at this scene. Loved his disappointed face when she turned her head and the reaction he had when Mary confessed that she thought her heart would burst!! Yiipppppeeee!!

  4. Thank you! I really wanted to know what they said in the last scene.. How adorable … Now we gotta suffer when the parents try to break than apart 🙁

  5. i am usually a silent lurker but i just had to de-lurk and thank you.

    THANK YOU! i just the ending and was dying to know the conversation before the kiss!

  6. omo omo omo…. i’m actually shaking like a leaf, i’ve been refreshing this page in hopes to watch the previews, so I can live in peace until night (when i can see 8 ep raw) but this is tooooo much, what a kiss (better than the first one, better than JI’s) a Real Kiss, omg, i cant wait to see this epi

  7. the chemistry is bursting the scene. both act so well… they make it so real. I love the diagl. I love the intense but at the same time so genuine moment in these last few minutes. It makes you feel … you’re living it with them…

  8. .. i just finished watching the raw version of episode 8!! and i’m squeeeeiiiiinnnggg like crazy!! if i could do cartwheels i probably would!!!!! bwahahahaha!!!

    Mu Gyul!!!! that was a vvveeerrryyy superb follow-up to the first one!!! i hafta hand it to you!!!! 🙂 i’m grinning like crazy here mind you..

    and ockoala, i’m just replaying the video on this post over and over and over ( and over.. again.. and again.. ) hahahaha!! love it!! thanks!!! i’m just waiting for your recap but i guess i just couldn’t contain myself so i had to vent a little here!!!

    ssshhheeessshhh!!! ( skipping like crazy! )

      • hahahaha.. don’t stop at 15!!! 🙂

        what i liked about it is that i feel like it’s passionate and yet so tender.. love the chemistry and acting between these two! 🙂

        ok!! replay button!!! 😛

      • ja ja, I stop counting how many times i replayed this scene, and it’s only the beggining!!!! that kiss is killing, how i wish i am mae ri!!!!

    • Same here u guys…i lost count how much i’ve replayed it over and over..had to analyze and memorize every single detail. Mind u…my heart dropped when Maeri turned her head away the first time. And after much thought I realized that MGY really deserves to be commended for her strength of will, character and great acting…cause how can any girl resist JGS/Mugyul as he leans in for a kiss? My first reaction is to move closer and meet his lips not turn away! LOL

    • @Jnt1024: hmmnn.. i have to agree with you on that.. if i were in Mae Ri’s shoes, and Mu Gyul leans in for that kiss.. i just might have grabbed him!! hahahaha!! naaah.. that’s just crazy me talking.. kekeke.. but i just liked the feel of this kiss… 🙂 hihihihi…

      • haha. the more i watch it though, the more pissed i get at the director for panning away during the kiss. ugh. we need off cam shots!

      • Yes, it was definitely a great kiss….now that’s the kind of kiss u want to see in a drama 🙂 Sigh…but like Meli here says…i wish they didn’t go off cam sooooo soon! I wanted to watch it just a little bit longer…but the darn director just had to be artistic and focus on the handcuffs….sigh….

      • well girls i’m with you all…..but what I cannot get off my mind is MG’s breathing reaction as he was shielding/hugging Mary right before his first kiss attempt. How do I explain this….they showed he’d already started to catch his breath but then camera showed him from street side tilting his head back struggling to breathe again…..what was that all about? 😉 was it just editing issue or am i reading too much into that part?? ok ok quickly going to pick up brain from gutter (in shame)!! can ya tell how many times my replay button was used today?? LOL 🙂

        poor Mary’s heart probably almost exploded again with that hug then must be in puddle after that oh so Haawt Kiss!!!! oh yes at the end I yelled at the camera…Whyyy??? there were still chin/jaw/lip action going on!!! why not sparkly hearts on lips AND cuffs??? LoL *long sigh* til tomorrow then..

      • @ magoo

        you & i must be in the same gutter, LOL…

        i think it must be editing gaff but some editor wizard (which I’m totally not) could really recut those few seconds and create some faux boating there

      • speaking of puddle, for some reason i keep noticing sweat under his chin as the camera pans down. talk about realism, mg and mr were so sweaty!

      • ROFL @ fellow campers in gutter!! wheew glad i’m not alone LOL

        but I’ve since somewhat redeemed myself meli, they are sweaty from running….nothing else…well, guess I’m back in gutter again!!! *attempt at redemption–Failed* but happy i’ve got company 😉

    • hahahaha!! mind was also in gutter-land when he was breathing really hard.. like what the??!!! hahahaha.. but like what you guys said.. they just came from running away from crazy girls and that would also cause you to have shortness of breath.. hehehehe… ( in my dream sequence, knowing that JGS looks like that when he is out of breath, i’d probably make him run like there is no tomorrow everytime.. i’m just saying… )

  9. Thanks you for posting this, at least I can understand of ending what MG&MI talking about.
    You are so good. NOW, we all are just waiting to read your excellent details recap of epi8, but take your time.
    Wishing u all the best.

  10. I have not seen ep 8, i tried and the sites i know/use don’t have it on yet. But I don’t mind seeing this spoiler, hehe. I like to see such. Now there’s no chance for JungIn! I was hoping for more tension from JungIn in this triangle. But after this kiss, there’s no going back. Thank you for your love of this drama and thus we benefit.

  11. I’m worried what the dads are going to do to MG now. :-0
    Somehow, I think that he won’t take it sitting down this time. He knows where he stands with Mary.

    • I think that’s a given and maybe she will give him the backbone to stand up to his father and the courage to go against him. That seemed to be foreshadowed by his admiration of her going into acting despite her parents’ wishes.

  12. I think my heart literally skipped a beat. <3
    Team MG!
    I'm going on holiday in the morning, so I'll miss the next episode. :/ *sobs*
    P.s Thanks Koala darling 🙂 x

  13. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. It’s just me or it’s so obvious that all 3 main actors and actress are so great.
    I have to admire MGY(MARY), she’s really something.
    And despite how much i love MG(JKS), I have to admit that JI is stealing every sceen that these 2 man is in.

  15. another cuuuuuute scene was the lettuce part.
    i also want to know what they were talking about when they were in mg’s apartment around 54 minutes into the show.

    oh ockoala, i’ll be refreshing your page about 50x today waiting for the recap (demanding much?). we don’t know each other, i know, but i love you (getting my mg on)!

    • @Meli: I’m with u there…I keep checking Koala’s Playground every few minutes in hopes that she has the recap done already.

  16. Oh my goodness! That was so hot. The sweetest kiss ever. I just don’t know why the director pans the camera lower and focus on their, gosh, wrists??! Can’t wait to watch the full episode! Thanks again Ockoala!!!

  17. What?a kiss oh no!I haven’t watch ep8,my handphone wont allow me to watch streaming video,have to wait until my class over.damn!but you help me alot,waiting for recap.

  18. my heart stopped! but I wonder how can I still put in this comment…..
    and I get all this fuzzy feeling in my tummy and my heart looking at them ….well….really kissing….. the first kiss was not really a kiss…but more of peck on the lips like I kiss my little girl…. ockoala…you really outdone yourself with all this reviews and postings and everything else….and I am really spoilt to the brim….. and I have had dreadful week to arrive to every monday and tuesday to get the latest scoop of the episodes as well as downloading the drama…

    BIG YEAYYYYYY more of this closeness and kissing between MR & MG okay…they need to be spontaneous and not afraid to confess their feelings….hehehehe

  19. YES!!!!!!!!!They kissed for real this time and it’s amazing!!!!!!

    Thank you very much, Ockoala….This video made me happy and alive this morning…I now have the energy to check tons of final exam papers and experiment reports…

    I’ll be waiting for your recap….Keep up the good work!….

  20. Jang Geun Suk is such a good kisser GYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!…..i have got to stop rewatching this over and over and over…i havent even watched the ep yet…this is way to spoilerish…..BAD D!!!

  21. kyaaaa……… i lost my counts!! replay this video again & again. my heart just can stop beat beat beating boom boom boom sighhhhh… me want moooooreeee

  22. Thank you ockoala!!! It’s beautiful!!! The chemistry is explosive… and JGS was so into it he was almost trembling before he kissed her *squee*!

  23. Poor Jung In…..but what the heck! for that great kiss, MG, you deserve to get the girl!!!! Plus the fact that I didn’t like the part where Jung In admitted he tried to kill himself….that’s cowardly to me. Geez, why must they always give this kind of loser running-away-from-reality role to poor Jae Wook…he deserves so much better!

  24. Why are kissing scenes so short in korean dramas? Blink blink blink and it’s over!!!!! Sooo frustrating!!!!! Why does the camera always pan away/up/down in the middle of a kiss? WHY WHY WHY????? Sorry guys, got carried away for a while…..don’t mind me LOL. btw I still think Prosecutor Princess had the best kiss so far…that sizzling kiss between PSH and the girl WOWWWW!!!!

    • hey maysengger.. it may be kinda short but i think it’s a winning kiss.. with Mu Gyul’s expression and with the jaw action even if the camera did pan away.. it was still pretty darn good won’t ya say? hehehehe..

      • Yeah it was pretty darn great…open-mouthed too *gasp* ….is that a first?? I think allenif’s depressed…she’s hibernating in a cave LOL

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