Written Preview of Episode 9 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Do you guys want the good news or the bad news? Okay, I’ll decide – bad news first. I’m the type that eats the yucky vegetables so I can save the delicious chicken nuggets for last when I got my kid’s meal. The bad news is that I’m attending an all day conference Tuesday and Wednesday (not that you guys care about Wed), but I won’t be able to recap Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) episode 9 on my usual schedule on Tuesday.

I hardly need to apologize since this is my blog and I write pretty much when and what I feel like. But I do feel bad, because I’ve come to really love sharing M3 with you all, and your love for M3 has enhanced my viewing experience as well. Group hugs, everyone! Good news, here’s the written preview for episode 9. I’ll try to get the recap for episode 9 up the in wee hours of Wed morn, but it’ll depend on my stamina and how many cocktails I consume at the cocktail reception prior to that. That’ll be an…interesting recap to read, to say the least.

Written Preview of Episode 9:

Mae Ri and Mu Gyul assuredly reveal their mutual feelings for each other in front of Seo Jun and Jung In. Mae Ri’s dad cannot forgive Mae Ri for confessing her love for Mu Gyul, especially on the eve of her engagement to Jung In.

Mae Ri feels guilty and apologetic to her father. But when she finds a paper plane near her apartment that was sent to her by Mu Gyul, Mae Ri has no choice but to leave with him.Β Mae Ri and Mu Gyul decide to go on a sunrise date, which ends up turning into a trip to the beach.

The night of the broken engagement, Jung In lies in bed and forlornly looks at the socks Mae Ri bought for him, remembering their time together.

Because Jung In has not won Mae Ri’s heart, and the engagement is off, Jung In’s father has decided to withdraw his investment in JI Entertainment. However, he reconsiders when Jung In reveals that he’s unwilling to give up on the drama production or his marriage, he is determined to win Mae Ri’s hand no matter what. (OMO!)

After much struggle and obstacles, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul finally make it to their vacation destination. At the camping ground, Mae Ri and Mu Gyul finally candidly confess their feelings for each other. It’s the first time they peacefully enjoy a wonderful time together.

On the other hand, someone is starting to meddle in their relationship with each other….

My thoughts:

Oh crap, I hate it when the second lead goes evil, albeit even for a short period of time. I hope Jung In snaps out of it soon, and realizes that Mae Ri was only ever nice to him as a human being ought to treat each other with sincerity and decency. It’s like he was raised by rabid wild wolves and the first woman who was good to him, he seems to think he must be with.

I hope this isn’t the path the drama writer wants to go down, because I totally can get onboard the alterna-OTP of Jung In and Seo Jun. I’ve said it earlier and I will say it again – Mu Gyul and Mae Ri cannot make it work unless Jung In is on their side. I hope he does use this opportunity to finally grow a back bone and stand up to his father.

If Jung In disobeys his father for the first time in his life, because Mae Ri taught him decency and inner strength, and he’s spurred on by a desire to help Mae Ri and Mu Gyul be together because that would make Mae Ri happy, then Jung In is a giant win of a character in my book. Don’t be a sore loser, Jung In, you’re way cooler than that. On an unrelated note – Mae Ri and Mu Gyul go on a date to Nami Island. Super squeeee.


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  1. Aaww.. ockoala, I thought the bad news was about something else. πŸ™‚
    need not worry for we will patiently wait until you can do your recap. Even koala’s need cocktails!! Hehehe.
    And please dramagods don’t let Jung In be consumed by badness..He’s better than that! I’d still like him to come out as a winner in this one too!

  2. I really REALLY hope that Jung In doesn’t join the dark side… for we all know he is not getting Mae Ri, or cookies. I love his character as the neglected rich chaebol changing to a good human being.

    And for the romantic vacation/date of MG-MR is <3 can't wait to see them happy ^^

  3. lolz… looks like I might found out what koala’s sound like, once they get high on pot-laced eucalyptus leaves after all!

    but about that whole Maeri-Jungin-Mugyul dynamic, I’m not too sure about the rainbow there, so long as the end is a nice pot of happy Maeri-Mugyul with some nice sibling love between Jungin and Maeri…. didn’t everyone adore that kiss that Jungin gave Maeri on her forehead as much as me? NOOOOO?? O_O … why ever not? It has all the hallmarks of dongsaeng-y-love in the most platonic way possible!

    • ps. ockoala, you don’t have very many siblings do you? I’m the kid who ate all my fries first, before they got stolen by everyone else… habit that has now grown up with me!

      • haha in fact there was a study that showed that those with many siblings/had an impoverished childhood ate the good stuff first (because you don’t know how long it would last after all!) before the less likeable stuff.

  4. We sure gonna miss you, but enjoy the conference and cocktail party ^.^ We’ll be here whenever you have time to dish your (recap) magic.

    Paper plane? My heart went “awwww” in reflex… LOL
    but the last line gives ominous vibes. can’t wait. 5 1/2 hours!! ^O^

    I also hope Jung In won’t turn into a clingy-2nd-lead. I’ve just warmed to his character in ep 8. What I want is for this guy to man up to his dad and told him that he will live his life his way, with or without his brand of approval. It’s time for him to grow up and be his own man.

  5. Koala, I’m soo happy that u are on board the same Mary loving boat with us! I cannot tell u how much I look forward to ur recaps. Thank u for letting us know that ur ep 9 recap will be late…cause I’m one of those people that wait on pins and needles and wonder why the recap is late! LOL, but of course i don’t blame u for having a life outside of writing M3 recaps…Hope u have a blast at the party and WTH, have plenty of drinks! Just not too many or u might not remember the party and wonder at all the pictures u apparently took hugging nearly everyone there (as I did at a friend’s wedding)…yeah…i’m all about skinship when I’m drunk, as Maeri had pointed out to Mugyul on ep 1 =)

  6. Aww Jung In… you dont want Maeri… you just need a koala hug… n those hugs last forever n ever…

    yes pl dont turn nasty… ur too awesome to be mean..

  7. Aww Ockoala, we’re grateful enough that you’re wonderfully doing the recaps although I’m thankful that you remind us of your schedule, knowing that we’re all waiting doggedly for the treats ha ha ha. You’re super!

    Oh my, well if Jung In decides to be like the devil dad that he has, well there is just one team left then (Team Mu Gyul, ‘course). I don’t want to hate him though. I mean he’s just starting to be human now…

  8. That means tomorrow morn I must remind myself no recap from you or else I would be major down but do your job good and I will be waiting for your recap patiently.have fun at the conference.oh well I sure hope so JI not becoming evil,where usually its 2nd lead girl turn evil although I do feel that SJ will be. oh so can’t wait for MG&MR romantic island trip and be lovey dovey.I hope MG would be strong and determind to have maeri to himself and fight for her.Fighting MG-aah

  9. Loving you a thousand times…hahaha if i could send you a kiss like MG i definitely will, reload your page every 15 minutes to see all of your info about MSOAN, love love love others’ comments also

  10. I’m going to be seriously pissed off if my poor unloved, misunderstood Jung In inexplicably morphs into Darth Vader just to move the story along ! Hmmmmm…..come to think of it, Jung In would make a beautiful broody villain with narrowed eyes gleaming wickedly….

  11. Thanks again for your wonderful update of epi 9.
    Your bad new make me worry at first….. but u are going out for conf… I wish you have a nice enjoyable time there….
    It is ok, we all will wait for your lovely details recap. Pls take your time.

    Now, I am happy for MG&MI who know their feeling towards eachother….
    But, I am very sorry for JI, I am sure I will cry when I see the secne of he will look at the socks which MI bought for him and remembering their moments together…
    Woooooo, hopefully my poor JI will not play bad role in this drama…… I wish….

    Same as u I want JI&SJ to be together/OTP, for me ASAP……

    • Ockoala, I want to ask u that not long ago, U said u’ll not able to recap last two of M3 episodes due to your oversea trip.
      Am I right… if not pls, correct me.

  12. Thanks ockoala. Take your time getting us the recap. Your comments are always worth the wait. Enjoy the conference! Oh and can I just say “Wooooooo!” to MG and MR finally coming together. It’s like finally. . .whew. I’m waiting to see how evil JI is going to become. Even then, I think I’ll still be in love with him. Poor guy.

  13. Koala, I certainly am curious to read a recap from you when you are on high, but I guess that’s just me πŸ™‚

    Just my personal observation: It would seem like while JI has developed feelings for MR, I do not think he views or feels for her as his true soulmate with whom he can share his true feelings and heart to and vice versa. While she can be the ray of light to shower him the warmth that has been lacking for most part of his life, it will not significantly change him as a person. To him, she will always be there for him as a source of comfort, someone that he will need to take care of, but not someone whom he can relate to truly. To her, he will just be someone whom she needs to be there for, and not someone whom she can share her true feelings to. I believe if it had been JI standing next to her at her mom’s grave, she might not have been able to show her true emotions there and then. I allude their relationship to being like a boat forever docked at the harbour, allowing no external factors to rock the stability of the relationship.

    For MG and MR, I believe they see and feel for each other like true soulmates do. The raw and real interactions that they both share, it’s akin to like being a boat out in the waters, that may be calm in one instance, but rocky the very next, but this is the journey will lead them to explore the new frontiers in the relationship which can only help them grow as an individual and as a couple, and when they do reach the end of their journey, they will come out stronger, having weathered through the storms together

    For JI/SJ, I see the potential, as being the true soulmates they ought to be, seeing that they can be open about the personal demons that have been lurking them for so long

    Gosh, wondered when was the last time I’ve invested emotionally into a drama that much?

    • Just to add on: I hope JI can soon realise that who he needs may be someone like SJ who has the potential of bringing out the real him, and everyone to have the happy ending they all deserve πŸ™‚

  14. Remember You’re Beautiful where everything Yoo He Yi did to break Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam apart only serves as the catalyst that push them closer together? I think if JI and/or SJ goes evil in M3, it’s only to get those two firmly together. There’s still that issue of commitment-phobic MG and daddy’s girl MR to solve.

    Meh.. who cares about the plot when I can watch Jang Geun Suk and Kim Jae Wook has a staring contest that lasts more than 15 minutes.. hehe *ish shallow like that*

    Thanks for the preview! πŸ™‚

  15. Koala, enjoy yourself!!! we’ll gonna miss you, but we’ll wait for you…
    this 9 episode seems to be a lovely one, i’m so happy mg & mr can spend some peaceful and lovely time together, sadly it surely won’t last (cause that will mean the end of the drama!!!)

  16. Koala you are the most self-sacrificial being ever. Thank you for thinking of us, even when you have your hands full with conferences and all manner of things!
    I haunt your site hourly anyways, it has become a habit:P we’ll all be waiting for you, enjoy the cocktails!

  17. I’m hoping it’s not JI. Pleassssssse no! Even though he’s not going to get the girl just don’t make him evil.
    If it’s MG ex I’m totally alright with that. Don’t really care for her anyway.

  18. I think that JI only has feelings for MG ex girlfriend and he wants Mary because having her means he won’t lose the money for his drama and his father would be happy. He’s not a bad guy, just a lonely rich guy with a huge lack of love in his life.

  19. C’mon people you’re forgetting that we’re only on the 8/9th epidsode!
    Why are we kidding ourselves? Jung In may be caught off guard by Mae Ri’s soft gestures, but there is no way he will go against his dad (he thinks of him like a God)..
    Unfortunately things are about to get ugly, between My Gyul and Jung In… he will not give up without a fight..
    cherish these cute moments between Mu Gyul and Mae Ri as this will probably the last of it we see for a while πŸ™
    I really think the dads will cause a lot problems for the love birds.. and knowing korean dramas they’ll probably get together at the last minute after many many twists and turns…
    But Koala, thank you for you written previews.. I’d be lost without them <3

  20. I, for one, want Jung In to be a bad guy just so I don’t have to go through another TaeSuk (think Autumn in My Heart) heartbreak. Once was enough. I really want to side with Moo Kyul. I already have the second banana syndrome, and with Jung In being as awesome as he is up to this point, if he doesn’t turn bad even for a couple episodes, my heart will most likely break into a million pieces.

  21. The bad news is indee bad news 4 me too but the good news is it shows hw much i’ve cum 2 Luv M3 partly thnks 2 u koala…i love u…n ur recaps too…!

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