Official Stills from Episode 9 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

Remember – my recap is not forthcoming for a good long while on episode 9 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!). But the written preview did not lie, we’re slowly but surely heading into grade-A angst territory. I’m thrilled to get three episodes next week, because I foresee those to be utterly chock-a-block with angst. Hopefully also with the same level of sweet and sappy that was in this episode. If you want to be spoiled, I’ll reveal who the interloper in episode 9 is at the end of this post.

The person alluded to in the written preview for episode 9 is not Jung In, but actually Seo Jun. This totally caught me off guard, since she really hasn’t shown anything towards Mu Gyul that I would even deem as warm affection. A quickie recap of the episode: Mae Ri calls off the engagement, devil daddy falls ill (yesyesyes, diediedie), loser daddy spends the episode trying to break up Mae RI and Mu Gyul through guilt trips and complete denial that his daughter loves this guy, Jung In spends the episode moping and lurching around, telling Mu Gyul that the contract will end on his terms since he’s still the legally wedded husband, and Mae Ri and Mu Gyul have SO MANY adorable shippy scenes, including their trip to the beach that turns into a day trip camping. The final scene of the episode is Seo Jun going to see Mu Gyul at his apartment to return a memento and end it for good, she doesn’t want to be friends anymore and neither does Mu Gyul who doesn’t give a rats ass about her. The she pulls the classic second lead schtick and leans in to give him a farewell kiss. No surprise, Mae Ri walks in right at that moment to witness the liplock!

I didn’t see a preview for next week. Sigh, have some cute M&M to wash that bitter Seo Jun taste out of our mouth. My gut tells me this is not a major event for them, and both will discuss it and move on. My big worry is that the drama writer pulls out any number of big guns to try and make Mae Ri leave Mu Gyul and marry Jung In, for whatever misguided reason or faulty logic. If that happens, I’ll take the drama to task, but I don’t think I’ll enjoy it any less at this point, since I’m pretty far gone with the M3 love.


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  1. how will we last til next Monday?!omo,can Mae Ri,just this once,slug Seo Jun?!seriously,she’s such a drama queen.argh!prolly thinks everything that’s happening is all about gyul should have pulled away asap though.T_T

  2. u know.. in my mind, i always try to defend SJ and her action but her latest stunt, it left me kinda speechless.. not really cos i was screaming to the monitor “why on earth do you hv to do that?” and MG “you, why do you just stand there?” shessshhhh…

    i seldom react to the dramas i watch – who am i to question the PD-nim & the writer but seriously, i was wondering why they decide to take this route?

    ahh wait, it’s another K-drama cliche.. (only i’m soooo not amused)

  3. Just thank you β™₯
    For your summary, for your refection, for the pictures, for everything !
    I love drama but I think that is the first time it has an such experience and it is thanks to you!
    M3 is like a good book, with psycology and great characters, I really hope drama writter not kill that. (Too often the Korean’s dramas became insipide in the latest episodes, like You’re Beautiful..)
    Well the wait will be hard but tree episode for my birthday is good !
    (Sorry, my english is not perfect.)

  4. Hmm…I was wondering the same thing…why wasn’t there a preview for the next episode? Funny enough, I actually guessed the meddler to be Seo Jun and not Jung In…I guess the writers are REALLY throwing her under the bus…LOL

    I’m super excited we’re getting 3 eps next week as well, but to wait another 6 days! Ahhhh! I guess I’ll have Secret Garden and We Got Married to tie me over until Monday, but even then, it’s not until Saturday…ugh.

    @ryeryelove, I totally agree with you! I was shouting at my TV (well…Mu Gyul really), “Why didn’t you pull back or push her away immediately?!” Instead he just kinda let her lips lingered on his. He definitely doesn’t have any feelings for Seo Jun anymore…so maybe he just let her, so she can get it out of her system and/or he’s really even more apathetic towards her now.

    • yeah,that may be d reason but will maeri understand?I hope so since that whopper of a kiss mu gyul gave her from d prev episode is sooooo diff from d kiss she just saw.hers is so effin HOT and seo jun’s is effin TEPID. argh…I h8 ds waiting esp since there is no preview so we dnt have any clue whatsoever what will happen’s such a torture.

    • Thinking about it, Mu Gyul might let Seo Jun do it to make it clear to her that she has no hold on him anymore (if ever). If he pushed her away or pulled away, Seo Jun could still have the delusion that Mu Gyul was worried he would be swayed by her kiss (even if it’s only hormone). What would be better to get it through her thick skull that she doesn’t affect him in any way than being unresponsive even when she did her best kissing him? It’s over and done with…

      Too bad the timing is k-drama timing… ^^;;

  5. gah if they drag out the complications of this ending kiss I will be so angry. I’m all for some good angst but the whole second lead girl kissing the main guy while being seen by the lead female misunderstanding is so overdone and exhausting.

  6. maybe they haven’t finished filming the next episode => not preview.

    I hope (emphasizing I hope) that MR as being a strong woman will not just stand there. Remember when JI kissed her and MG just jumped in and knocked him out? I think MR might probably resolve to violence but will tell SJ to back off. MG is not SJ’s anymore and she shouldn’t behave like that.

    I feel that MR watches enough drama to not act like one. It will be a much more interesting twist than the normal “she misunderstands him” kind of thing.

    Thanks for the update Koala. don’t get to drunk πŸ™‚

    • YES! I totally agree! “I feel that MR watches enough drama to not act like one. It will be a much more interesting twist than the normal β€œshe misunderstands him” kind of thing.” For once it would be nice to see the angsty “but you kissed her!” trope be subverted. I mean, Mae-ri had it happen to her, right? AND she watches dramas. So she should know that sometimes these things happen, and it’s never good if you go ballistic over it. Plus, she has a good head on her shoulders, right? Here’s hoping…

      Seriously, I really wonder at Seo Jun. I mean, she has the least reason of all the people involved to have any kind of reaction at all — I mean, it’s not like she just broke up with Mu-gyul, they’ve been separated for a year, plus she knows he’s dated other girls, and she has to know that he never dates anyone for longer than a month. So what’s her deal? At least Jung In really is Mae-ri’s husband (on paper, at least), and has a real stake in them getting together. Besides, Seo Jun and Jung In totally belong together — their names are both only two syllables. It’s like fate! Let the three syllable people be together!

      • I hope MR will be a different heroine. I think she’s smart enough.

        SJ’s character development is very very weak. I couldn’t see her motive. Maybe they will reveal her background in future episodes. As of now, she’s like a child reacting to whatever things don’t go her way.

        Maybe she’s just a very self-centered person πŸ˜€

        I think she’s better suited to JI (background – both from rich families; emotion – both felt rejected by people they love; but JI has more guts than JI …)

      • I can’t imagine Mae ri throwing a big fuss over this kiss given her character…though when I imagined what I would think if I saw my bf locking lips with another woman (and an ex at that) I don’t think that “oh it’s probably a misunderstanding/it’s probably her being despo” would be the first thing that will come to mind…

      • slugging seo jun wd be my 1st thought if I was Mae Ri.oops,sorry if m too violent but JKS,ehem mu gyul,is worth d broken fingers afterwards.lolz

  7. So only ONE episode this week? Which means that episode 9 is next Monday, right? And there will be THREE episodes next week? Someone please ‘splain!

  8. Ep 9 has so many sweet dating scenes – love all of it!
    except for that ending kiss, as mentioned by so many here …

    my only consolation is the complete lack of feelings shown by MG.
    i wish he could have pulled away to avoid misunderstanding.
    but still, hope that MG’s reaction will convince SJ to leave him alone.

    And out of so many touching scenes in Ep 9, the one that strikes a chord is MG’s memory of paper planes in his childhood. somehow, JI’s memory recall does nothing for me. but MG’s memory of throwing paper planes at his mother’s window and having his mother appear at the window with a man and then shooing him away – this really hurts MG and i feel so sad for him.

    imagine the amount of courage needed by MG to use the same strategy on MR’s window, and may the drama-gods continue to bless MR for her caring response to MG.

    • i hope the writers are not spoiling us with sweet dating moments now, only to wrench our hearts for the next few episodes. my favorite were when mg was putting the moves on mr when they got to the lodge and mr played the guitar, but it sounded weird and both of them were laughing about it–they seemed genuinely happy.

  9. Thanks for the swift recaps and updates, ockoala!

    Am I the only person who wasn’t surprised it was Seo Jun?

    Although at the start of the drama, I did feel she was a rather spunky and cool character. But since the scene where she threw Mae-Ri’s phone over a misunderstanding in the toilet, I got really bad vibes about the self-centered behavior and tantrums of Her Highness.

    I mean, as an apology for her bad behavior, she buys a new phone for Mae-Ri and calls it quits. Moolah= No problems? Feels like a typical rich kid trying to solve a problem or make an issue go away with money. She justified my thoughts after she slaps Mu-Gyul and proceeds to attack him with the very thing she was fully aware that he hates the most; “a bad luck fella”. As recompose, she proceeds to visit him to “apologize” and expect that to settle things? Wow… Do you really love the fellow? Or is that your ego talking? That just about summed about my reasons to dislike this character.

    Whilst she can rage on about Mu-Gyul for hiding the marriage and being a bad friend; what repulsed me was (what I feel) to be her the true reason behind her disgruntlement; Mae Ri. Alongside her constant key reminder that Mu-Gyul and Mae-Ri couldn’t possibly be together because she was not his style to her probably soon-to-be outrage that Mae-Ri is Jung-In’s fiancee… As far as I see it, it’s her disregard and contempt and that someone as “ordinary” or “unnoticeable” as Mae-Ri could possibly one up her.

    I guess with the way things are going, the scriptwriter decided to try and throw her a bone in episode eight by attempting to justify her behavior with her filial “don’t want to bring more trouble to the rich family” and little rich girl lost thing, but as a few others have noted… She’s really got the least reason to be up and about everyone’s faces. Guess one just needs the awful antagonist to drive the plot along? Full on angst for the next few episodes!

    • hehe in the drama, she gave me a different vibe. At time she looked vulnerable. At time she looked like she could tear you into pieces. Overall, so far her character development was pretty weak. There was no prelude as to why she did what she did. She might do it to revenge which showed she was still a child and was not able to move on from her past.

      Pardon my ignorant, was it her real hair? Personally I don’t think the hair fit her face very well. It was kind of off….somehow.

      I think she was just mad because she pursued MG for so long and he didn’t pick her. But seriously, when she checked on MG to see if he was sick, there wasn’t a bit of genuine worry in her behavior. She was just sad because she didn’t get what she wanted…

      • I really think SJ’s hair does NOT fit her face or is it her makeup?? could it be my deep hatred towards her character that’s really driving that annoyance with her face!! πŸ˜‰ so may be she’s wearing a wig….but seriously we were so on a high in ep8 and throughout ep9 until that last crap she pulled!!!
        one, two,…, nine, ten! yay back to chipper mode and looking forward to Koala’s recap. πŸ™‚

    • A sudden realization hit me this morning – think i’ve got SJ’s character / behaviour all figured out.

      When things don’t go her way, Her Highness’ (to borrow the term from brittlepeanut) standard reaction is to throw a tantrum and/or walk away, then brood for days. That’s it, period. Seriously, the emo girl can brood very well. Just compare her to MR’s way of facing problems in life and u can see that Her Highness really has lots to learn in how to be a mature individual who can take care of herself. The worst thing about SJ is, she doesn’t even want to grow up. So what if she has the guts to defy her family to live her dream? She doesn’t have the ability to function emotionally well as an individual if that’s the way she copes with life.

      Yeah, SJ doesn’t have much character development but frankly speaking, I won’t be interested in SJ as a character based on what I’ve seen so far.
      I seriously wish I don’t have to see her for the rest of the drama.

      • Her Highness indeed .. she makes everything personal. im not very articulate but what i get abt her character is – she’s self-centered, still hung-up on MG, everything must be about her (even if it’s totally not). the part abt her & her family, well.. i don’t really get it. if you’re strong enough to severe yr ties with your family, then continue to grow up. dont stucked being a 4 yr old and throw tantrum when things doesn’t go yr way.

        if the writer try to push her towards JI, im very neutral abt that.

  10. Could MaeRi pull MuGyul’s move and deck Seo Jun?
    God, this girl is getting on my nerves. Up until ep 6, I was still hoping she would stay as cool as she was when she was doing yoga with Bus song. But now… really, what’s this propriety behavior toward MuGyul?? Her inability to move on, her problem… >.<

    Just like Ivy, that scene of young Mu Gyul tugged at my heart string, a feat the young Jung In and Mary couldn't do. It was really so sad to see how desperate that young boy to see his mom… and the fickle mom only smiled and shooed him away T.T
    And for the adult Mu Gyul to be reminded by this very thing when his mom so casually mentioned it (OMG, it was killing me seeing him leaning in front of his place remembering this). That's why his smile was so precious when MaeRi opened the window and did the exact opposite of what his mom did… ah, really love this couple… ^.^

  11. I really need JI and SJ to hurry up and fall in love with each other so I can stop disliking them. Now that strangers have mistaken them for a couple I assume this is a foregone conclusion. (Thank goodness.)

    Of course nothing in the universe can ever stop me hating the dads. My skin crawls every time they’re on the screen and I’m filled with the overwhelming urge to stab them in the face. IDEK what she was saying, but watching Mugyul’s mom give Maeri’s asshole dad a piece of her mind was so cathartic , even though she’s no prize either. Omg that paper airplane scene broke my heart. And then Mugyul’s little happy faaaace when Maeri opened her window!! Ah, my heart.

    I love this show, but I have a quota of Maeri/Mugyul skinship cuteness per episode. If this quota fails to be met during the presumably angsty eps yet to come, I will not be pleased.

    Thank you for taking the time to make a quick recap, ockoala! πŸ™‚

    • “Of course nothing in the universe can ever stop me hating the dads. My skin crawls every time they’re on the screen and I’m filled with the overwhelming urge to stab them in the face.”

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I hate JI’s horrible excuse for a father, but the hypocrisy of Mae’ri’s dad almost chokes me every time I have to even think about him.

  12. knew it was SJ….JI is too ‘kind’ to pull a tactic like that…SORE LOSER!!!!

    I don’t know how I can survive until next episode…that is another 6 more days….uwaaaa thanks for the quickie recap tho’, at least I will try to live by that… πŸ™‚

  13. Pick-up the pace hunny!!!!!!!!!!
    Love all 3 of them- MG, JI and Mary….but please get the story started….
    I am still missing PK it seems……….
    One questions- Why do MG and MAry use so much fabric and fur for their costumes…I mean you can easily get 3 costumes from one of theirs….

  14. Koala, thank you very much for all MMM recaps and previews!
    Ooooh…. I’m dying to know what will happen in the episode 10…

  15. I loved this episode..but the ending rlly got me upset..i mean rlly? why the hell would SJ kiss MG if she knows him and Maer-i r together…that rlly pissed me off….and it’s ur lost..he broke up with u..and MG..he should’ve pushed her away the minute she kissed him..i know he loves Maer-i so he shouldn’t have let the kiss happen. πŸ™ I love MG and Maer-i together…cute couple. I love the cute scenes they have of them 2 in this ep. πŸ˜€ can’t wait till next do u think Maer-i will react? and how do u think MG will react..will he dsilike SJ kissing him???

  16. Ah, haa-ha. That’s a funny recap! Really, does anyone give a rat’s ass about Seo Jun? Girl is pretty and all but so like that roommate you had in college who had supposedly life-ending crises every other week, and finally you were all like, Listen, you’re pretty and all and you really don’t need to have constant freaking attention all on you all the freaking time. Also, stop using my shampoo. Yup, that roommate. I should look her up on FB.

  17. hello ockoala!
    this is the first time i write a comment, hahaha
    yesterday i found your blog when i searched M3 recaps
    and i really like what you’ve wrote. Amazing work! πŸ™‚
    for this episode 9,
    i really love MR and MG scene, but when i saw the ending, i feel really disappointed.
    from the last episode, i saw JI and SJ looks good to become a couple, so they don’t interfere MG and MR, hahahhaa
    i can’t understand korean language, but when i saw the last scene, aish, i really can’t feel the feeling in it. no conflict, no feeling, and just like that, hope next episode not make me feel more disappointed because there’s no preview. Until episode 9, except the ending, i really love this drama! πŸ˜€

  18. M3 is getting so fascinating..the end of epi 9 is giving me some hope that MR and MG will react from the bottom of their heart.

    A beautiful girl (is she MG’s ex girlfriend?) is kissing her love one infront of her how well MR reacts I am dying to know!

    What about MG??? Will that kiss bring back anything?? Is MG going to step further away from SJ??

    I wish everyday Monday

    Thanks for a nice recap

  19. Monday!!! We need time to move a little faster!!!

    I thought SJ was wayyy too quiet after she found out the devastating truth. So *that* was why… sigh. Is it me or can we all sense that the writers are trying a little harder to ship Jung In and Seo Jun together in the last 2 eps?

    This ep is so so pretty. loved the aeroplane scene. I don’t think I’m biased to say that JGS is a great actor. He totally inhabits Mu Gyul, and this ep really showed off his range of acting skills.

    The two of them are sooooo natural. They’re SO adorable to watch. :))

    • Totally agree that JGS is a fantastic actor – he makes each character so real and alive.

      I’m not really a drama/movie fan, I can tell when someone’s acting is bad but I can’t really differentiate between the various levels of “good”.

      I came to the conclusion that JGS is a great actor because after watching YAB, I saw JGS on various shows being himself and I was literally taken aback cos he is so different from the characters he plays …. It’s amazing how JGS can portray a character so naturally well …. Love him!

  20. awww….they have such a sweet date…I love it, it’s better that when JI take MR to in episode 8…I hate the end of episode’s a torture because we can’t know what happen next…I want preview episode 10…it’s so cruel…how am I going to survive until next week..I guess I wont see the last scene so that sweet moment from MG and MR wont to destroyed..

  21. You’re spoiling us! Even without a recap, we get M3 info. Thanks ockoala! =)

    I agree about SJ’s hair. I thought SJ looked really pretty in the music video that was used to introduce the drama. But now, the hair color looks really harsh on her. Something about the combination of hair cut, hair color, and make up. I don’t know. It doesn’t help that I’m really disliking SJ’s character after reading the preview. I suppose we’re not really supposed to like the second leads as much anyway.

  22. Tch. =_= This always happens in either manga or dramas. Someone always walks in on a kiss but it just as infuriating everytime. Just when things were getting good between MG and MR. T.T Omooooo. Im still rooting for them though!

    I just know that now Mae Ri will start to fall for Jung In now. =_= Dammit Seo Jun you byeeeeeotch.

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