Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 12 Recap

Excuse me for a moment. My belly really hurts. No, I didn’t eat anything bad. On the contrary, I ate something so good it made my belly ache from the laughter and the worry. For the first time in 12 episodes of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!), everything clicked and all my right emotional buttons were pushed. I giggled at the adorableness of Jung In and Mu Gyul’s deliciously dorky competitive spirit. I ooohed my way through Jung In and Mae Ri’s every interaction, and I awwhed my way through every Mae Ri and Mu Gyul moment.

Episode 12 was fun, fast, and narratively tight, moving everyone forward in rational and amusing ways. To be honest, I am really not joking about how close I am to jumping ship to Jung In-Mae Ri. It’s only because I’ve built up 12 episodes worth of love and loyalty to Mu Gyul that I am sticking with my boy come hell or high water. But this is the first time I truly believed that Jung In may be the better fit for Mae Ri in every way – except for the one thing that matters, which is that she loves Mu Gyul.

Jung In can do everything and more for Mae Ri, including love her to pieces, that Mu Gyul can do. So why is Mu Gyul my choice, and Mae Ri’s choice? Because if I take M3 as the story of Kang Mu Gyul, and not the story of Wi Mae Ri, then Mae Ri is the catalyst in Mu Gyul’s life, the sole transformative power of love and understanding that turns this playboy into a real man. He’s getting there, in so many ways as evidenced in episode 12.

In some ways this makes Mae Ri a passive participant. If she chooses Mu Gyul in the end because he needs her more, and because she loves him in some puppy dog first love way, then their relationship is doomed. I need both Mae Ri and Mu Gyul to really make some hard choices, and it can’t be choices dictated by their parents’ horrible behavior or some marriage contract shenanigans looming over them.

I need Kang Mu Gyul to understand that love is not about being together and keeping warm, literally and emotionally. I need him to understand that Mae Ri is choosing him over an equally awesome guy who genuinely loves her, because she LOVES ONLY HIM. It’s a startling emotional journey from “we become attracted to each other in a pretend marriage and started dating” to “this is the person I cannot live the rest of my life without.”

The new writer is finally taking the drama in that direction. And the first thing she does is make Jung In so freaking awesome there’s likely a flurry of ship-jumpers in the last two days. Mae Ri needs a real choice (and she’s getting it with new and improved Jung In), and Mu Gyul needs a real rival. It’s only then can they test the true depths of their growing love for each other. It’s not through the ups and downs of a crazy love affair that a couple achieves longevity – it’s through the dull and ordinary that we realize this is the life we seek.

I mentioned about that I was also worried. What am I worried about? Oh, the possibility of an OTP switch, however slight. This is the hallmark of a good drama, it makes us genuinely worried that our OTP won’t work out, not through devil daddy machinations, but through a bona fide transfer of affection amongst the participants. I see some set up going on in episode 12, but I think it’s just good writing by the new writer to make me gnaw on my arm like a beaver for the next 6 days in anticipation.

Finally, thank you all for the words of encouragement and appreciation for my recaps and sundry other M3 goodies. It means a lot to me when you leave a comment, and I hope everyone continues to comment more about the drama as well. I have a feeling the next 4 episodes will be meaty with discussion possibilities. I know my thoughts on this drama are getting longer and longer. Feel free to skip and just read the recaps. I’m probably thinking too much as it is.

Episode 12 Recap:

Seo Jun stalks out of the recording booth and declares that there is no way in hell she will sing a sappy love song composed by her ex-boyfriend for his new girlfriend, with lyrics chronicling their love story. Theoretically I feel for ya, Seo Jun, but you’ve used up my patience long ago, and now I just want you to suck it up and let it go.

Mu Gyul tells her to behave like the professional she is (which surprises me, since Seo Jun has not behaved like a professional once since she started her “I still love Kang Mu Gyul” self-pity session). Since Mu Gyul told her to start living like the Seo Jun of yore, she’s starting right now by refusing to sing a song that disgusts her. Mu Gyul is furious at her description of the song as disgusting. Jung In calls an end to the recording session, walking off to reason with Seo Jun. Mae Ri picks up the music sheets strewn everyone, and tries to alleviate Mu Gyul’s temper.

Mae Ri is unpacking her luggage at Mu Gyul’s apartment, since she is now also living with him. I know that her living with two guys is rather unpalatable on the surface, but when you understand the context it’s actually both pragmatic and rather innocent. He asks her why she brought so much stuff, and she grumbles that he should be helping her unpack. When Mu Gyul moves to take Mae Ri’s bedding to the bed, she protests that they can’t sleep in the same bed!

It’s too small a place to get another bed, and Mu Gyul won’t sleep on the sofa because it makes his back ache. Mu Gyul reassures her that he, um, you know, won’t be doing that, but his still shy and innocent Merry Christmas wants more reassurance than the words of a hot-blooded twenty-four year old former playboy indie rocker. Mu Gyul offers to make a dividing barrier in the middle of the bed, and I just died of the cute again.

Mu Gyul positions the curtain, and Mae Ri stands back with her hands crossed directing him in a bossy and snappy way. It’s such an adorable turnaround from when she helped him decorate his apartment like an obedient puppy. Now that they are dating, she’s exhibiting her entire arsenal of emotions and moods with him, and I love it. She’s got a temper, and used to show it with Mu Gyul. It kinda died on us for a few episodes, and I’m glad to see spirited and opinionated Mae Ri back in the saddle.

Mae Ri is especially keen that Mu Gyul divide the bed fairly, yelling at him that his side is much bigger. Mu Gyul cuts his finger on the hanger hook, and immediately Mae Ri rushes to him and solicitously minsters to his cut. Rather than put a band aid on it like she did with Jung In’s forehead gash, she puts his bleeding finger in her mouth and licks the blood off. It was totally an instinctive thing she did, and not intended to be sultry or anything like that.

Mu Gyul teases her that they should have a kiss to celebrate their living together (I second that suggestion!), and she stops sucking on his finger and turns around in a pique. Omo, I totally understand why she’s pissed at him during this unpacking session! Seo Jun mentioned in the studio that she saw Mu Gyul this morning, and Mae Ri is obviously upset that he didn’t tell her he went to take care of her.

She changes the subject and asks him why he broke up with Seo Jun. He says that its in the past now and not worth discussing. Mae Ri tells him that Seo Jun is clearly still hung up about it in the present. Mu Gyul understands why Mae Ri is curious, but doesn’t elaborate other than explain that he told Seo Jun to find a cooler guy than himself to date. Mae Ri asks – what will happen if she can’t find a cooler guy than you? Mu Gyul doesn’t have an answer to that.

Seo Jun is calming having lunch with Jung In, and apologizes for her behavior earlier. He asks why she broke up with Mu Gyul, and she answers that it was all due to a misunderstanding. Turns out that Mu Gyul misunderstood that the man Seo Jun was supposed to be engaged to, and that she blew off to be with Mu Gyul, was a rich man who was supporting Seo Jun and being her sugar daddy.

In Seo Jun’s mind, when two people are in love, they don’t need to explain misunderstandings. I think the one thing Seo Jun miscalculated was the “love” part – clearly Mu Gyul did not love her the way she loved him back then. It’s shitty for her, but love is the one thing that is not fair in life. It hurts that she has to watch Mu Gyul fight for Mae Ri when Mu Gyul barely did anything to resolve a minor misunderstanding with her. I do feel like her hang up with respect to Mu Gyul has finally been clarified, and I find it relatable albeit still rather a stretch to believe.

Lee An comes to find them, and tells Seo Jun that he convinced the bitchy manager not to press charges. He still doesn’t believe she had anything to do with leaking Seo Jun’s scandal, but Seo Jun calls him a idiot for believing everything she says and following her around like a puppy. Lee An tells Seo Jun that SHE is the person he’s following around, and finally this guy gets a semblance of a personality. Lee An goes back to the car to see the bitchy manager, who says that she will not let Seo Jun succeed that easily.

Mu Gyul’s mom runs into Mae Ri’s dad at the dukbokggi store, and confesses her taking of Mae Ri’s ring and pawning it. Back at the apartment, Mae Ri finds the pawn slip and realizes how much the ring is worth. She worries whether Mu Gyul’s mom will return it to her, and Mu Gyul sadly says that he’ll pay it back if she can’t. My poor Mu Gyul baby, I offer to go club your mom.

Loser daddy calls at that very moment, and Mae Ri has to explain to him that her ring was a gift from devil daddy and she didn’t mean to give it to Mu Gyul’s mom. Loser daddy is rightfully pissed (though at the wrong party – he needs to club the crazy lady eating at his restaurant behind him), and runs to find Mu Gyul to settle with him about the mess his mom made.

The two of them run outside to avoid her dad. They see him turning the corner, and in their haste and limited hiding options, they jump into the dumpster in front of the apartment. Well, Mae Ri hoists herself in, and poor Mu Gyul literally takes a head dive right into the trash. Loser daddy arrives and pounds on the door, accusing Mu Gyul of being in cahoots with his mom to swindle Mae Ri of money. They two of them realize loser daddy isn’t going anywhere soon, and they snuggle together in that dumpster, cold and hungry.

Jung In is at home, and goes to get a cup of coffee. Seeing the empty chair where Mae Ri sat to enjoy breakfast with him triggers a fleeting awareness of missing her. Our poor hapless OTP are still stuck in the trash bin. They hear ramyun being delivered, and they open the lid a notch to smell the wafting scent of delicious ramyun that loser daddy is inhaling. Poor Mu Gyul sinks back into the dumpster, starved and weak from the cold, leaving his Merry Christmas to cradle his shoulders and urge him to be strong. I cannot stress enough how funny and charming this drama has been again since the new writer took over.

Mae Ri has the bright idea to call Jung In, who is more than a little pleased she’s calling him when she’s with Mu Gyul. But Mae Ri just needs him to lure her dad away so that they can get back into the house before they freeze to death outside. Jung In lures the dad away, and Mae Ri and Mu Gyul hurry back inside. Mae Ri sits down at the makeshift heater, and Mu Gyul pulls another chair to sit beside her, but not before he drapes a blanket over her. Squee, he is so sweet when it comes to her.

She covers them both with the blanket, and they snuggle together. But they smell like trash, so Mu Gyul goes to turn on the water so they can wash. Too bad the pipes are frozen and no water will come out. Mae Ri is dismayed, and the next thing you know, Mr. I hate the cold Kang Mu Gyul is willingly outside in the freezing weather getting water from the public tap for his Mae Ri to wash. Now THAT is devotion, ladies and gentlemen.

Mu Gyul’s mom has moved in with Mae Ri’s dad – as a condition of her repayment of the money needed to buy back the ring, she will work for him at the dukbokggi store. They assure each other that neither is their type, for sure nothing untoward will happen between them. Yawn, I so could care less about these two nitwits. Mom finds out that Mae Ri has a fiancée in Jung In, and she’s upset on Mu Gyul’s behalf.

Jung In calls Mu Gyul right when Mu Gyul is getting the water. Jung In hears heavy breathing on the end of the line, and what follows is so comically hilarious. Mu Gyul asks what the hell Jung In wants so late, and Jung in wants to know why Mu Gyul is breathing so heavily? Mu Gyul wonders whether he’s that bored with nothing to do, resorting to calling so late just to hear someone breathing.

Turns out Jung In wanted to talk about the music, saying that the tempo seems a tad too slow. Mu Gyul says he can speed it up, and tries to get off the phone, saying they can talk at work tomorrow. Mu Gyul hangs up and grabs the pail of water to head home. Jung In calls back, and he gets the same out-of-breath Mu Gyul on the line, telling him that now is NOT a good time to talk. Mwahahaha, oh god, I dies of the cross-communication here.

Jung In wants to hear the new tempo of the song right now, and Mu Gyul asks him to cut to the chase and just tell him what the hell he really wants. Jung In wants to know what Mu Gyul is doing right now that makes now a bad time to talk. Mu Gyul hangs up again, and takes out the battery this time. Jung In turns around in his bedroom all upset, and then FLOPS ON THE BED FACE DOWN! I swear, if Jung In gets any more adorable, screw Mae Ri, I want him for myself. Me, me, me!

And then the next scene hit, and my eyes just started welling up in tears. Mu Gyul has heated up the water, but his Mae Ri is asleep already, so he takes a wet cloth and wipes her faces and hands down. This scene runs parallel to the scene where Mu Gyul wipes his mom’s face after her meltdown, but what I love is that he’s doing this for Mae Ri, a woman who more than deserves his tenderness and devotion.

Mu Gyul lays down to sleep, but he can’t help it but lean into the sheer dividing curtain to look at Mae Ri. He moves the curtain aside, but then Mae Ri moves and he quickly lets it slide back into place, then curling down to sleep in contentment. The next morning, they are walking back to Jung In’s place, and I love the tableau of this couple walking in the early morning, enjoying each other’s company.

They remind each other to take a warm shower. Mu Gyul is quiet, leading Mae Ri to ask what’s wrong? He’s upset at himself for letting her endure such hardship with him. Mae Ri tells him that this is nothing, she’s made of stronger stuff than this. Yet another example of the new writer really understanding why they fit so perfectly in many ways – Mae Ri would never pick a man based on how rich he was, she’s never been one to shirk or gripe about living a hard life, especially if its on behalf of the person she loves. Before it was her dad, now it’s Mu Gyul.

Mu Gyul confesses that he really doesn’t want to deposit Mae Ri back at Jung In’s place, and Mae Ri reminds him that she will be back tomorrow. They see loser dad coming and Mae Ri hurries to get back inside Jung In’s house before he arrives. Mu Gyul happily waves her off, but his face falls as she runs inside.

Loser daddy hits Mae Ri in frustration over her giving the ring to Mu Gyul’s mom, which is interrupted when the stiff housekeeper arrives to continue deportment lessons for Mae Ri. Back at the office, bitchy manager has come to bargain with Jung In. She will end Lee An’s suit seeking to nullify the drama contract, if Jung In agrees to change the lead actress from Seo Jun to someone else. Jung In declines, and the bitchy manager promises that it’s just getting started.

Mu Gyul is reluctantly heading to visit a production site with Jung In. Mae Ri finishes her toilette and texts her honey, asking whether he’s cleaned up and feeling better? What follows is the absolute funniest scene in this episode. I will proceed to recap every detail. Mu Gyul reads the text, and immediately loudly exclaims “Oh, it’s from Mae Ri!” Jung In turns to look at him, and Mu Gyul ups the ante.

He says the text message is so cute, and she’s asking about taking a bath, does she want to take a bath together? Jung In tries to lean in to read the text, and Mu Gyul turns slightly and holds up the phone so Jung In can’t read it. Mu Gyul says that the text message even has a heart symbol in it, and pointedly smirks at Jung In, who loosens his tie a little in frustration.

Mu Gyul pours on the “me, too, me, too” sentiments to the text message, and Jung In slams on the brakes and Mu Gyul gets choked by his seatbelt in the ensuing sudden stop. Jung In sees Mu Gyul choking, and he has to physically turn his head to face the window because he is thisclose to cracking up. I, on the other hand, did in fact crack a rib laughing. Even better is when Jung In asks, in his usual polite way, whether Mu Gyul is okay.

They arrive at the venue, and Mu Gyul assesses that its too small for a full blown concert shoot. The drama should make it a guerilla concert event instead. Jung In’s phone rings, and his now trademark smirk comes back when he realizes who is calling. Jung In answers the phone and loudly calls out “Mae Ri-shhi” and walks away to talk. Mu Gyul’s head snaps to attention and he turns and walks behind Jung In.

Mu Gyul is trying to listen in on the conversation, which entails dinner plans later in the evening. Jung In asks if Mae Ri is cooking, and we hear Mae Ri answer that the housekeeper is cooking, but Jung In blithely says that he can’t wait to eat Mae Ri’s home cooked meal. Mae Ri is clueless on the other end, and asks whether Jung In heard what she said. No, honey, there is a contest going on involving you, and these two guys are in it to win it.

During dinner, devil daddy asks Mae Ri to wear the ring to their family dinner on Saturday. Back in Mae Ri’s room, Jung In asks Mae Ri if she knows how their parents all met. Mae Ri doesn’t know the details, but she does know that her mother knew Jung In’s dad before she met her own dad. She calls her dad to get the ring back as soon as possible, which leads to Mu Gyul’s mom getting a paste copy for Mae Ri without telling her.

Mu Gyul’s band mates are reviewing his music for the OST, and all are commenting that this is not Mu Gyul’s typical style. Mu Gyul says that their usual style is too narrowly focused, and the band wonders if he wants to go mainstream now. Jung In stands up for Mu Gyul, agreeing that drama OST music is intended for the mass audience and should be more mainstream.

The band is out drinking, and Mu Gyul tells them that he will never give up rock. They ask why he wrote those songs, and Mu Gyul tells them that he’s tired of working so hard and never making it. One of the band mates leaves, telling Mu Gyul that he’s disappointed in him, leading all of them to walk out.

Mu Gyul sits in the restaurant alone, contemplating what his friends said as well as his own musical future. I love this introspective scene. Seo Jun comes and sits down, asking him if he’s okay. Mu Gyul honestly replies that he’s not sure what he’s doing, he’s not sure what will happen.

Seo Jun asks him what the name of the new song is again, and says that she will sing it. He doesn’t want her sympathy, but she replies that before she was his girlfriend, she was always his fan. It doesn’t matter what musical style he wants to do, she will always support him.

Its morning time, and a disheveled Mae Ri walks out of her room and into the living room. She runs smack dab into a bathrobe-clad, yawning, mussy-haired Jung In! Jung in immediately looks like a startled deer, and touches his hair to discover that it’s a bird’s nest and not his usual Rico Suave do. Jung In reminds her that they have a concert to attend later, but the conversation is as awkward as they both are with each other.

Both scurry back to their respective rooms in a hurry. And I melted into a puddle of Koala goo at this scene, how cute and awkward it was. Jung In was so hot that I would have jumped his bones right then and right there. Yup, it was totally a Baek Seung Jo comes out of the shower moment right there.

After the concert and during dinner, devil daddy wants to admire the ring on Mae Ri’s finger. He notices that it’s a paste, and Jung In jumps to the rescue by explaining that Mae Ri is not comfortable with such a pricey bauble so he bought her a paste one to wear. Loser daddy is furious at Mu Gyul’s mom and vows to make her pay for the deception.

Jung In takes Mae Ri back to Mu Gyul’s place. She apologizes for the paste ring almost fiasco, and he calmly tells her that he knows she must have her reasons. He wants to give the rest of her time tonight to Mu Gyul, since she seems rather tired. Dude, please stop being so freaking awesome, I cannot handle this anymore without short circuiting my OTP wires.

She watches him drive away, with neither excitement or sadness, more a tacit understanding of what a great guy he is. Mu Gyul’s leaning against the wall, clearly having caught some of the discussion. He calls out “Wi Mae Ri-shhi”, and Mae Ri turns around and her face lights up in a giant smile upon seeing him.

Mu Gyul says that she looked quite happy back there, and she truthfully tells him that she was just thanking Jung In for helping her out. Mu Gyul is pouting and wants to know where she went with him today, and she grabs his arm and tells him they can discuss inside because its so cold out.

They are snuggling on the sofa as Mae Ri is explaining the paste ring situation. Mu Gyul is upset she didn’t call him, he promised to take care of his mom’s mess, didn’t he? They don’t have a chance to discuss any further, because loser daddy is pounding on the door. It takes them a minute to realize that loser daddy is about to discover their cohabitation!

They run around like headless chickens looking for a way out or a place to hide. Loser daddy has found the door unlocked and opened the gate, about to walk inside. We leave our lovebirds looking at each other in shock, and looking towards the door in anticipation of the impending daddy doomsday scenario.

Thoughts of Mine:

Oh what a good writer can do. Such a simple thing really – write what makes sense and write from the heart. Too bad the old writer of M3 lost her way, and had the characters wandering in circles irrationally moping. Starting from episode 11, it’s like a fog has lifted and everyone is seeing the situation anew and with eyes wide open. For me, it’s also like re-falling in love with M3 all over again, a reminder of why I fell in love with this drama in the first place.

Episode 12 was wonderful, wasn’t it? Alternatively funny and poignant, it balanced the lovely moments with the underlying issues that are still nowhere near resolved. The ending of episode 12 leaves me precariously wondering what the heck will happen in the next episode. This hasn’t happened since…..the ending to episode 7, when Mae Ri announced that she wasn’t really married to Mu Gyul. This time it’s not angst I crave, it’s an emotional connection with how and what will happen to Mae Ri and Mu Gyul in the long run.

I think everything will work out with respect to the external forces that seek to keep our OTP apart. I worry more for the internal issues that still require clarity. Mu Gyul – he’s a tough cookie for me to crack. While it’s obvious that he more than just likes Mae Ri, he has fallen in love with her, what does that mean? He told her in episode 10 that he will only have eyes for her when he likes her, and she asked him “for how long?” That was the single most important question that needs to be addressed between them.

I would love for Mae Ri to feel a stirring of “what if” fleeting thought when it comes to Jung In, because she needs to think clearly before choosing Mu Gyul. It’s not going to be an easy life, and I would love for her to move past the “but I love him!” feelings and choose him because she cannot imagine a life without him, in the good and the bad times. I also love how Mu Gyul is finally being confronted about his own musical career and future, which was a topic that was barely grazed in the beginning before being shunted aside.

Seo Jun returned to normal in this episode, completely and totally. She had a rational conversation with Jung In explaining why she can’t let Mu Gyul go so easily, and she also managed to work through her own issues and made the professional decision to sing the song. Not everyone needs to behave like raving banshees for a drama to be dramatic. I think all the characters have so much emotional potential and it hurts me to see how they all been under-developed until now.

The Jung In and Mu Gyul competitive streak when it comes to each of their interactions with Mae Ri was both LOL-funny as well as oddly like a bromance between them. I don’t mean in a slash-fiction sort of way, but in a good guy friends one-upping each other kind of way. Except this isn’t all fun and games – Mu Gyul is in love with Mae Ri and wants to be with her (now, and maybe as long as he wants to – he hasn’t gotten to the point where he has consciously made a decision to be with her for life), Jung In has developed feelings for Mae Ri, somewhere below like, but definitely more than care for.

Both men have their careers and their emotional future tied to this girl. Only one guy can win the girl, but hopefully both guys can help each other succeed in their careers. I don’t think we’ll see Jung In and Seo Jun paired up. If anything, dim little Lee An’s crush on Seo Jun appears to be genuine, and hopefully the two of them can make a cute little Hallyu couple in the future. I don’t think the drama is also positioning Jung In to fall deeply, madly, irrevocably in love with Mae Ri.

I see the drama moving Jung In into caring so genuinely for the wellbeing of Mae Ri that he will stand up to his dad for her, and that will be the big transformative moment of his life. Just like Mae Ri’s love is slowly and irrevocably transforming Mu Gyul, Mae Ri’s loyalty to Jung In and warmth will make him realize no father has a right to treat a son the way devil daddy has been traumatizing him. Seeing how alive Jung In has become recently, it’s almost like I’ve already gotten my happy ending for him. Dashing, sly, and confident Jung In striding off into the sunset, making that drama he intended, that’s a fitting ending for this closet-dorky second male lead.

Mu Gyul and Mae Ri have moved past puppy love already in my view. I love how the new writer remembers to throw in the Mae Ri and Mu Gyul get into scrapes together moments in this episode, a reminder of how much FUN it was to watch them in the earlier episodes, before it got all weepy on us. Did you notice that Mae Ri didn’t cry in this episode once! And she exhibited temper, her bossiness, and her adora-klutzy ways.

We have four more episodes to go, and frankly I am clueless how plot-wise this will all play out. I now have faith that the current writer understands the characters and their motivations much better than the original writer, and I trust in what she will deliver. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so at peace going into the final stretch of a drama. I know my OTP will be together, I believe the writers will make it happen in ways that move me and make sense, and I think that all the other characters will end up where they ought to. That means all the parents will end up in the bottom of the ocean, where even the fishes won’t nibble on them because they are so very toxic.

All the interactions in this episode felt so intimate and real, especially every scene between Mae Ri and Mu Gyul. Yes, dumpster diving to escape your crazy daddy doesn’t happen other than in dramas, but it’s the little things they do when they are together, no matter in what setting, that make Mae Ri and Mu Gyul the sweetest K-drama couple for me in 2010. New writer-shhi, you have Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, along with the most intoxicatingly adorable chemistry since a litter full of puppies frolicking in the sun, so please do right by them.


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  1. I really really really love this episode. I’m not entirely sure how I am supposed to wait a whole week for episode 13 to air, however, I’m certain it will involve replaying this episode all over again.
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    Ok, sorry about that, thank you koala for your wonderful screen cap. I’m a MG fan but for some reason i can’t help but lean towards JI. The old writer kinda built the character and though i wish they kinda moved things along like in episode 8 the new writer is giving us what we needed some action!
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  4. Thank you for the quick recap. I love how positive you are about the series now that we have a change of writer because I feel the same way. I also adore Mu-Gyul and Mary chemistry, it’s so rare that the male & female lead are so naturally sweet together.

    The scenes with My-Gyul and Jung-in was hilarious. I was surprise to see this devilish side if Jung-In and loving it. Hope the rating will increase!!

  5. I’m so unbelievably charmed by JI, I want him for myself to be quite honest. He’s such a presh closet dork/geek, boy is a sweetie <333

    • I’m still firmly on board the MR/MG ship because they have this unbelievable magic together. It just makes you want them to see them ride off into the sunset in MG’s bus and have their “happily-ever after.”

      • I agree with you on Mary-Mu Gyul relationship. They are just perfect and so natural. I can’t differentiate anymore, are the really acting?

        They might be my best on-screen couple this year hehe.. so cute. Can’t helpp but fall in love every time I see them on screen together.. More kiss please, coz I’m dying to see that scene.. hahaha ;p

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    Jung in and Moo Gyul are simply adorable >_< I love the competition that exists between them.
    But what I prefer is the resurgence of ours Merry Christmas ♥ Mae Ri, you are the best!

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    i love how the story is now picking up its pace and giving the the characters room to grow.. (can we just lose the parents?!! i’m serious!!! ).. and like ockoala, i’m clueless now on how things will go, but i’m just hoping that everybody would end up happy one way or another.

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    Aaaw… what’s this I read that you won’t be around for the finale? Now that the story is really heating up…

    Off topic, CONGRATS ockoala on surpassing 1,0o0,000 (atm 1,029,212)! Must be a record for only 6 months blogging. Well done!

  9. Yes, I totally agree with you. The new write totally did justice to our Jung In. Making him a possible candid against our MG. But I love Our MG more. Lolz it’s to die for when they are trying to make each other jealous. Their reactions are adorable. As for Mary and MG when they are together they just complete one another. Love them together and how innocent they are. Even though MG probably been with a girl before he respects Mary’s wishes and waits for her. I also like to thank you for the quick updates which helps me alot since I don’t understand Korean but watch it after reading ur recaps. Which makes me understand the episodes without subs. I think I should learn Korean so I can watch more Korean series and movies. Thanks again!!


  10. Oh yey!! I love this episode sooo much..MR&MG they are so natural and they are real lover the rest are great too..JI, SJ are wonderful not so stress like previous

    many many thanks to you ockoala you make me are making my day dear..

    I hope today is Monday

  11. Thanks Koala.. for me, your recaps interspersed with your witty comments are great but I love hearing your thoughts more cos they usually describe exactly what I feel abt the show but don’t have the words to express them.. so I get this delicious giddy delight when I read your thoughts, going yes, yes, YESSSS…more please 🙂

    I’m going to be greedy…my first OTP is MR and MG but a runner-up contender is definitely JI and MG.. they are wicked together.. I laughed so hard at their antics this episode.. I was also hysterical when MR used her best angelic honorifics to ‘send’ her dad off after he gave her the walloping.. it’s just the feel good, hilarious vibe of the whole episode.. it just made me hysterical through the whole hour…

    it’s a little early but I’m already feeling down that M3 will be ending in 2 weeks.. ottoke 🙁

  12. Thank you for not jumping ship. It has been a Jung In love fest on the internet. Maeri loves MG. She calls the other guy by his title. Anyway they (MG & MR) belong together. I hope you are still on board the M&M ship when it ends so I can get comforted by your wonderful blog.

  13. Thank you so much for the recap Ockoala! I’m glad Jung In is continuing to step up to face Mu Gyul head on, and aggressively so. My gosh I’m so loving this kdrama.

    I’ve always known that I’m a full-fledged Korean drama addict since years back and I thought that PK was my peak since I even made my first MV ever because of my deep affection for it. But this one is so much different. A particular song and the scenes from M3 went on and on in my head that I thought it was driving me nuts. I had to make this MV basically for my peace of mind. I don’t know, it’s weird. I just uploaded it. It took me forever to download the episodes since I want it in HD and it took me another forever to convert these avi files to wmv but it was all well worth it!

    So for M3 lovers out there, go crazy for 4 minutes with this…


  14. I wanted to tell you that since I discovered this blog, I can’t wait for your next entry. Excited with whats happening with M3. You write quite well. I hope the ratings go up and thank goodness they made Jung In’s character much much better. Even if he does not get the lead this drama, let’s hope for a new drama for KJW, and hopefully he gets the lead… until next week’s episode

  15. I too was laughing my head off when the two men were trying to go down each other’s throats when Mae ri texted and then with the phone call.. JUNG IN YOU ARE JUST FREAKIN FUNNY.. didn’t know you had that side in YOU! I also thought the whole let’s hide in the garbage bin while we wait for daddy to leave was just great..

    And let’s not forget the cross communication with Jung In and Mu Gyul.. I was so waiting for Jung In to say out loud what he was thinking what Mu Gyul was possibly “DOING” with Mae Ri… haha Okay I won’t continue. 😀

    If the next few episodes are going to be as funny as 12.. I can’t wait for whats in store next… but I think I am heading to the Jung In ship after this episode too.. i’ll have to fight him with you… Jung In’s HOT and a TOTAL gentleman. 🙂

  16. Thanx for recap.oh my,this make me curious to watch it.gosh you never failed to makes me love every single scene in m3 except when SJ appear.I like it how top 3 leads develop their character.what I love is when JI&MG compete each other over one text and jealouse cat is killing me with laughter and now jealous cool calm confidence tiger in action.boy must buy extra tummy to make me survive watching episof 12.

  17. I started to read your recaps only to now what is happening for I see episodes first without eng subs. But now I am thanckfull to this. Reading your thoughts it feels like a discusiions betheen me and you. It’s great. I had to choose in my life like this girl and this is very hard thing. I start to like MR and JI together moer – his discreet way to like herq rather my favorite’s MG immature love and careness. My hearth is heavy to give him upbut he actually loves the security she gives hom like a replasment of unrealised mama.I don’t uknow about Koreans but in p;aces of MR I would have deepest, passionate and wild love whit MG but only this is not enaugh and the story of looser dady is a evidens.
    I also think from the mood of JI seeng MR’s mother pic in his daddy wallet he finally realizes why the fight started from the very begining and he have to differ in his feelings whether he likes MR or just fullfils his dad’s desire to MR’s mother.So fighting for is dignity and independence JI will start love MR deep and respectfull like a real man can. I dought MG could do that. But I will comfort him haha

  18. great recap…
    i love reading it 😀
    i couldn’t agree more that jung in was like so interesting in this episode and so as the last one before this..
    he really makes me fall for him *ouch*
    And it’s true that he was like great Baek Seung Jo in PK
    when he was in a bathrobe hehe

  19. My heart sings watching this episode (and now it serenades after reading your recap ^o^) This is what I expected when I first heard the cast and the story. I dig this Jung In much more than the first 10 episodes. Ah, if only he’s this awesome from the start, we would get our heart thumping who-to-love-more earlier… no robot boy in sight, no afraid-of-daddy in this episode… he’s finally his own guy, and THAT I love.

    I’ve always loved the MR-MG moments from the start… their chemistry is just so real. And their scenes together in this episode were so much fun and so hilarious that my puppies were all looking at me in alarm when they heard me laughing like a loon. The nose twitching as they peeked from the trash bin? ROFL… it’s a gem. And my heart was awww-ing too when MuGyul wiped MaeRi’s face with that small gentle smile on his face… ah, this is also my OTP this year.

    But what made this episode so winning for me was the MG-JI competition scene. Aside from the end of ep 3, this is the first time I love them in a scene together. Because OMG, just how CUTE they could possibly be!!! And when JI heard MG’s labored breathing and being told it’s not a good time to call… ROFLLLL… I’ve been re-watching these scenes and cracked a rib every time ^O^ Oh, MG, JI, what did MaeRi do in her previous life to be able to choose between the two of you…

    I hope MG-MR would persevere till the end, because they truly made for each other. MR’s wide smile when she saw him and his evolving because of her really warmed my heart.
    6 more days to see what our headless chicken would do. I can’t wait!! ^.^

  20. oh koala.. thank you very much for the recap… thank you, new writer-shi for giving us this ep – it’s hilarious.. so many funny moments but meaningful as well. my thoughts while watching >

    the dumpster scene – i was like eppppppp.. (and yuckkkkk which is apt considering RL dumpster) luckily it’s just a prop (looks realistic enough). i wonder what will they do next to top this, seriously! where can one hide in MG’s place? unless MR call JI to the rescue again?

    i wonder if anybody can share a cap of MR’s cute morning hair – gaddd it’s so big, reminds me on of those sailormoon characters.. the scene itself was cute – they are so adorable..

    and happy to see that Her Highness is back to being herself again – note that she only has something flurry on her head.

    i hope someone can do something to the manager – she’s annoying. do we really need her?

    • and my heart actually skip fa bit when MG called out MR formally with that kind of gloomy(?) look on his face. for a moment there i thought MG gonna say something devastating becos of the earlier scene with his friendsbut luckily that doesn’t happen (yet) only to realized that he was jealous.

      well, he should be cos JI is awesome.. seriously, JI should get his own drama, playing this version and get the girl. i watched one of his BTS, i think now he looks more like his own self off-camera, im not complaining at all…

      usually by the final 2 weeks i’d be slowly weaning myself from the drama i’m watching. so far, i’m not following the pattern. that’s a good sign.. i think!

      • wow.. thanks ever so much… isn’t she cute? of course she is (i seriously am gushing here)

        to think that she’s the same person in CS *shudder*

  21. i’m excited to see your recap and comments and skimming through all the other comments (oooooohhhh, iri, you bad girl, you!); workin’ right now but will come back; one thing i wanted to say about MG is that i think MG IS a loyal and a stick-to-it kind of guy, who IS reliable and in his own way he’s enabled his band mates to earn money; i think he has the talent and potential to make a lot of money! so money isn’t the problem for MG. maybe MG is a closed-off, but all these characters have corresponding problems in regards to forcing themselves to do things they don’t want to do…it might be that i’m only depending on translations and not getting the real sense of things, but i’m also wondering how the actors are playing this? Especially how the actor playing JI is playing it? From the beginning episodes, especially that one where JI comes in on MR and devil dad flicking checkers off the board, i sensed that JI was not just intrigued by MR, but almost like a kid in school, he wanted to be her friend because she got along with his father, whom he admires and loves. in that scene, you could see a light in his eyes like he was wishing he could play with them too. i always had a sense of him as a really nice guy, but like MG, walled off. bye for now!

  22. Koala, keep thinking and writing as long speeches as you can, pretty please, this was an amazing recap of yours, i enjoy and love every word of it almost as i enjoy and love every second of this epi.
    i must admit i liked ji son much in this epi, he and mg together are wonderful, love every scene with them.
    but i stick to mg, he and mary are so in love and so natural and so meant for each other. and mg is adorable and cute and a pretty pretty thing, if all of you want a ji for yourselves, that’s fine, cause then mg can be only mine 😉
    love the way the drama is developping, too sad I have to wait until monday for my next shot, and sadder it will end in 2 weeks. can’t I hope for an extension, can i? seems to me with this new writter I need more epis
    mary christmas indeed!!!!

    • may i say for the first time i hate mg’s friends. he gave up so many chances because of them, and now they turn their backs to him!!!!

      • I didn’t like them at that moment either. I thought it was funny how they can say that to him, but like some episodes back didn’t they say he should change his appearance

      • i don’t like MG’s friends’ reaction in this Ep too. Come on, an indie band music composer can only make rock music? isn’t a great music composer one who is flexible and able to produce songs in different styles i.e. rock, sentimental etc? why limit oneself to only one style?

        what goes deeper is that, as someone whose life is about making music, his bandmates’ reaction is a big blow to MG, who starts to think about whether he has lost direction in his music, and starts to doubt himself…. i don’t think this should be a big concern… as a composer, it is natural to make different kinds of music at different stages of their life / experience, isn’t that the case?

  23. although we may not care the nitwits loser mom n dad, not even teenie weenie little bit… but there is a possibility that they would hook up together…they would make a suitable couple altogether…both are losers! LOL!

    And I totally agree that the new writer has done pretty well so far to develop the characters further and not beating round the bush plot! Love to sweet and funny moments with the two guys….and if JI is not hooked up to anyone in …then I am all yours JI/KJW oppa!

    Lee Ahn is just another jealous guy seeing that SJ is getting media attention albeit he is a Hallyu star….but I think there might be some feeling creeping him up for liking SJ.. else why is he so fixated to allow the first scandal to happen?

    I am looking for a good assassin to assassinate devil dad? anyone game…and I hope no one here would let this out and hand me to the authorities….LOL!

    I have not seen the raw but just read this recaps ..wonderfully written as it always has…..and it really cracked me up …right smack in my office where I should be doing my work….hahahahahaha…I thoroughly enjoyed this and how here I go again…how am I to survive the next 6 days….*sigh*

  24. Heart warming!Really meant for a cold December skies… As I have stated in this episode preview, this is so far my most favorite part, like a psycho that I am laughing out loud alone in the deep of the night into that upsurge of male egos trying to upstage one another., ha ha.
    TRUE to your every word ockoala, it’s a welcome change for the new scriptwriter, who did stirred the story a lot closer to the manhwa, in the sense that Mary is adored by both male leads. One cannot do without the other as they bring out the best of one another in terms of “who will be chosen by Mary?” Mu Gyul of course is already in the lead but Jung In proves to be a worthy opponent.
    I see another looming probability that Jung In would stir a conflict with his father when he seems to be suspicious of that certain affinity his father had for Mary’s mother as to why he kept her picture in his wallet after all this years and he’s not her wedded husband at all. Why would he fulfill something that his father was not able to accomplish? (he divorced his beloved mom right?) In the end what would be more rewarding than Mary’s affection (which is full blown towards Mu Gyul though she might consider Jung In from time to time) than his father’s sincere love and approval for his son, Jung In was dying to attain. That would be a happy ending for him.
    (I’m convincing myself somehow coz my heart wants to award Mary to Jung In but I would never want to hurt Mu Gyul, and I don’t want Jung In to end up with Seo Jun either, her character is too pretentious that you’ll hate her guts)

  25. Oh In case you might wonder why into the deep of the night would I be watching this and suffer some lack of sleep (Mondays and Tuesdays) it’s because of our different time zone it’s already the 15th of December here!!
    More power to all M3 lovers 3<

  26. You’ve got me worried now. Are we going to have to chain you to the right ship? You’re practically the president of Team Holiday Couple!! YOU CANNOT WAVER!!

    Lovely recap. 😛

  27. thanks for da recap..if u ever noticed my comment b4..I would always read ur recap f1st b4 watching da raw vids x)
    Totally agree with u.. Maeri cn have Mugyul all by herself.. I want Jung In!!After ep11..I was so blown away with his changed of attitude and stuff. His character used to be so gloomy and hardly smile..But now,the new writer made his character more interesting.
    Can’t wait for da last 4 eps of M3…and of course as usual, I’ll check out ur recap f1st.
    Thank you so much ^^

  28. thank u koala for your recap!
    because without u i can´t barely understand a thing !!!!!!!
    ooooo im loving it !!!!!
    MSOAN is sooooo cool right now!!
    back to basics!!!!!!!!!!
    thats what we need….
    simplicity makes everything and im really loving the way Jung In is acting right noW!!!
    oooo what a choise if i was mary!! i was sooooo mad because i want them both !!!!
    i cannot pick one!!!

  29. This ep just re-confirmed that Kim Jae Wook can more than hold his own again the two Geuns. 🙂 How awesome is he and how well he nuances his own character. He is more than just a detached businessman who treats this as a deal to go through and he more than sees it – he caught sight of Maeri’s mom photo in his dad’s wallet (OK – SERIOUSLY CREEPY for maeri is a clone of her mom!!!).

    Why does Maeri like Mu Gyul? Sure, he stirs feelings in her. And its her First Love. But what else Maeri? I can see how her face lights up when MG is around, but maybe, a bit more than just first love crushy mush would hem this in for me. 😛

    As for JI – you wear awesome like its your skin… under the half-open bathrobe.. tempting 😛

  30. A real love relationship involves intimacy, passion and commitment…I am sure that MG and MR’s relationship is heading towards this direction…

    MG and MR, for me, is the best K-drama couple of the year (even if the writer would decide to ship MR with JI)…

    Thanks again, Ockoala for a great recap…I love your writing style…Mary Christmas to you!!!

  31. gaah!! your recaps are simply DELIGHTFUL! 😀 i havent even watched ep10 yet, and recap of ep12 is already up!! hurraaahhh!! THANKYOU!!!!!

    it does seem like there is a lot of scurrying with regards to jumping ship – i’m a MG-MR supporter through and through, but i have to admit that even just reading your recap, i’m not surprised ppl are jumping ship! This new JI is totally adorable – and *shock-horror* is actually capable of different emotions other than stoic acqueiscence!! it’s a shame we’re only seeing the other dimensions to JI now – it would have been nicer to have him come out of this robotic shell sooner and show us more of his adorable dorkiness (and ultimately provide a realistic catalyst for MR to really decide which guy is for her — well at least in the earlier episodes). in any case, i suppose some things are better late than never!!

    thanks again Koala for your recaps and sundry posts on M3 — definitely makes my watching experience all the more fun. (i wish i found your site whilst i was watching PK – i’m sure i would have enjoyed it all the more, seeing as i’m having a BLAST with watching M3 in tandem with your recaps/posts!)

    keep it up & cant wait to see what other M3 goodies you’ve got in store for us! (YAY!)

    • Oh man, you really missed out. AKP was an insane, happy, boating-frenzy, robot boy loving playground during the Playful Kiss days, which lasted almost 3 months since I recapped even the Youtube episodes. Some of the recaps have comments in the hundreds, mostly by three or four happy PK-ers (we all know who you are and, I love you cutie pies lots).

      TBH, the level of readership of my M3 posts are higher than my PK posts, but PK appears to have a much more fervent following, hence the comments are exponentially greater.

      Sad you missed out on PK with us. It was an amazing experience. And made me hate monkeys.

      • yeah i figured as much re AKP being a fun place during PK days. i might just have to re-live it and watch the entire show again, and read your re-caps (and hopefully catch a glimpse of all the fun in AKP from that time! hehehe)… actually now that i think about it, i dont think i’ve had the chance to finish all the Youtube specials (as i got caught up with M3).. hmm, looks like i’ve got some digging to do in your archive of posts! yay! hehehe…!

        ps. monkeys??? why hate monkeys?

  32. I think to this point, I’ve really been able to see how much Mu-gyul needs Mae-ri, but it’s been harder to see how Mae-ri needs Mu-gyul. Especially since Ms. New Writer has stepped up the game with respect to Jung In. (I mean, first a whole library, then turning it into her bedroom, and then leaving her personalized notes in all the books? Be still my heart. I would have run out the door and jumped his bones right there, that is so hot. Yes, I’m a book nerd, and proud.) But I sat and thought about it for awhile, and I just don’t get the “potential lover” vibe from Jung In, and I have to say it’s because I don’t think Jung In knows who he is yet, and by that I mean the him that isn’t defined by his father. I think he needs to find that out before he can really fall in love and have what Mae-ri and Mu-gyul have. Neither one of them strikes me as being particularly unsure of themselves or their identities.

    After being inspired by our lovely MM couple, I had to sit down and write a post about my favorite kdrama couples. This is what I said about MM: “These two need to be together, for reasons beyond story constraints. Not only can they understand and commiserate with each other because of their shared history of crappy parents, having to not only raise themselves but also their respective parents, needing to grow up too quickly starved for affection and consistency; not only can they understand each other because of that, but they can heal each other. Mu-gyul needs someone to commit to him 100%, to love him unconditionally and wholly, to think about him and look after him, and to be a consistent well of warmth and care; Mae-ri needs someone she can rely on, someone who will shoulder responsibility and work hard, someone she can share her dreams with who will encourage her and help her to fulfill them, someone she can be herself around. They both need someone who is loyal and trustworthy. And that’s what they are for each other. I am 100% onboard with this pairing; you couldn’t make a case to me that anyone else in the universe would be as good with these people as they are with each other. Honestly, I love their relationship so much, I might even love it more than the characters themselves.”

    • May I add that MR needs to be needed. In JI’s home, she is not needed. She’s more like a fixture. She is happiest when she is giving and doing. MG needs her and he appreciates and gets excited about what she does for him, like the knitting and cooking. She loves that he loves it.

      • yeah yeah….in JI’s house MR do nothing and she not comfortable with that and in MG’s house she very needed and she happy doing it, back when she cooking for him after she saw MG kissed by SJ..come one, where in this planet that A girl willing to cook for her bf after she saw that? if its me I will barge in and say something but no!MR still cooking as she promise although she a bit sad to see that…so there more reason why MR should be with MG, MG you better not gave her up just because you think you’re not deserved her

  33. ockoala, I’m so grateful to have your recaps to tie my over until the English subs of MSOAN comes out, it’s a true delight to read your recaps and squeeing through all the details in them 🙂

  34. u know.. ur recap really made my day! hehehe! i really love dis drama..
    dis new writer does made a change in M3.. i like how dorky JI is..! i like how this story will go.. be4 dis i think dat i can survive the week without watching M3 but now i know that i cant!! your recap n this drama are getting better n better n 16 episode are just too short! i want moreeeee!!!! help!!

  35. I can see you are enjoying doing the recap, just as much as we like reading them…I hope you feel the appreciation to continue all the hard work… you are awesome!

    Btw, what does OTP stand for? Thanks again.

  36. Thank you ockoala!! I really love the way you narrate the story.. It’s as good as watching it (but I think the cloud 9 feeling is different when you watch the drama..heheh). I’m really excited to watch the episodes with english subs. I hope the new writer is the writer from the start,watcha think? but anyway, M3 was really great.. love it so much!!

  37. Thank you for your awesome recaps.
    Finally, the drama’s back where it should be. I like comical kind of funny scenes since the show adapted from rom-com manwha, it wpuldn’t hurt to got some.

    I’m absolutely in team MG. I like his character. He may not seem like husband material (yet), but he got potential. He’s just 24(in Korean, so 23 in western) and got to know MR for about couple months. If it’s not about marriage contract, even not a free-spirit guys won’t consider about marriage yet. MG and MR need time to develop their relationship. If he got the right girl(like MR), he’ll be very loyalty to her. You can see how he showed loyalty to his mom and his bandmates.

    Since I’m team MG, it doesn’t mean I hate JI. I start to like him after he came to his sense with the new screenwriter. with the old one, JI’s character confused me. whether he’s calm, reserved, and emotionless or hot-temper, low self-esteem guy. for example, he threw his fist to MG, fought with him, but let his dad controled him, slapped him in the face(and in public). his role was just a jealous inducer to MG’s love for MR in the past. Now, he’s shine on his own and makes us swoon for him.

    • I’m liking that we have a better understanding about JI that he is helping MR with MG. What makes it funny is that MR and JI know, but no one has told MG.

      So now we see JI having fun pushing MG’s buttons, and visa versa, but I think that part of JI’s reaction is that he, like a brother, doesn’t trust MG that he won’t corrupt sweet, innocent MR… especially like in the heavy breathing scene. It seems that he is also becoming more attached to MR, if not in a love sense, definitely in a protective sense.

  38. “That means all the parents will end up in the bottom of the ocean, where even the fishes won’t nibble on them because they are so very toxic.”

    – LOL, couldn’t agree more! i really, really don’t want to see these parents ever again. hope they’ll get out of their kids’ life, esp MG’s mother who really ups my blood pressure!

  39. lol.. more than looking for a place to hide.. i think they’re also trying to figure out how to hide all of mae ri’s stuff, evidence of the fact that she’s moved in there…

    thanks very much for the recap! 🙂

  40. Thanks for the recap, this is the first time for me to tailing tight a drama, normaly I might aware about a drama once it’s no longer broadcasted and since I am not a native korean, your recap help me a lot to understand the plot before the eng sub released.

    Back to business, is it possible to fall in love with 2 person in the same time ? At first I really fall for MG, now JI changes a lot and hardly not to jumping to Jung In-MR’s ship. Being loyal is hard to do, the temptation is too massive.
    Whenever Jung In smirks, my heart pound faster and whenever MG show his sweetness and jealously ..just steal my heart over and over again (blaaahh soo cheesy but so dang true)

    Starting from episode 11 till 12, i start to feel any winner will be suit for MR, but still, both heroes need to change, either more mature (MG) or more brave to speak up to devil and loser dad (JI). It’s really interesting, all of them can uniquely complete each other. Really hard to decide between JI and MG, Mae Ri …pick one and i’d love to take the rest

  41. Thank you for the great recaps. It really made my wonderful day!!!! very enjoy when read recaps & comment.
    I think all of 4 leaders (MG, MR, GI, SG)have parent’ s problem too. So they want someone sharing to care and love them by sincerity. At first MR. is the only one that can heal the others . Now JI, MG can too. May be 4 of them will be very very the best friends and working the “wonderful day!” very very successful. Finally both MG and GI are good enough for MR to choose (or not) one for marriage. And happy ending.
    The new writers made me fun and happy by creation new looks of them.
    Thanks again, Ockoala …I love your recaps…Mary Christmas to you!!!

  42. This is one of the best part! I love how the story became so clear. Because I got really confused with the story from the last few episodes. And now it’s back on track. Especially how Jung In shows more reaction. And damn he’s freaking so adorable. I just can’t wait for the next episodes. Love your recaps by the way. ^__^ And well done for the new writer for adding more spice to this drama.

  43. Thank you so much for the recap!!! What a great way to start the day lol I’m downloading episode 12 as I type…

    What can I say the show really became alive, too bad it’s this late but heh like they say: better late than never! I’m really enjoying this drama, I’m kinda sad for MG, I feel that he’s starting to realize that love isn’t enough and that JI can provide everything he can’t for his dear MR… *sigh* but I enjoyed these last episode immensely! Can’t add anything you haven’t said and I enjoye your thoughts as much as the recap itself!

    OooO this? “That means all the parents will end up in the bottom of the ocean, where even the fishes won’t nibble on them because they are so very toxic.” Lol and I hope loser daddy and “slut hoe bag” mommy will get together and put each other through H-E-L-L!!

    Have a good day!

    • I noticed that the second time around… When MG is talking to MR

      and she is telling she has a surprise and stays up all night knitting. He asks if he likes it and she seems to. He gets angry and tells her if she likes it that much she can just stay there forever.

      It’s when he hangs up, that he looks around his apartment. The first time I thought it was him being alone. Then I realized that it was his realization that he had nothing to give MR. It was at that point he sat down to compose and work.
      Good MG… becoming a man.

  44. Dear Ockoala,
    Your intro of this recap make me happy because could accept for JI&MI as a OTP.
    I really want to read this recap epi 12, because u said if was fun to watch…
    But I was so busy at work today we got Chirstmas Party today and things to prepare ect….. I am so tired and sleepy now….
    I will read that on Friday…. I promise…..
    I know I am too late ….. but very busy these days….
    Thanks so much for your speedy recaps, goodies and preview….
    I love it…..

  45. ……. after re thinking….. in eps 4, MG conversation with his mom about which is more important : love, faith and hope. He said: loyalty. And Mary said to MG: a family lives for loyalty.

    In eps 11, she said to JI…. what she felt to him is loyalty . So? Family = Jung In? Love = MG. She love MG but because the important thing in family in loyalty, then choose JI?

    (yeah… it’sso obvious that I’m JI shipper *big grin…. don’t kill me, please)

    • I’m with you reverie hehe….maybe the new nice writer who obviously loves Jung In too will give us Jung In shippers a Xmas present and path the way in the next four eps to a totally unexpected ending….Mae Ri chooses Jung In in the end…won’t that be an awesome twist? LOLOL

    • Noooooo, you can be loyal to many but you can truly love one person, and that’s mu gyul. don’t make me suffer like this
      i’m 500% team mu gyul!!!!

    • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! that doesn’t mean MR will choose JI…our merry Christmas must be with our new year…I love JI but MG&MR is the OTP

      • he..he..he.. well…. a girl can dream can they? at least before the end of this series….. ^__^ *dreaming that Jung In have a homey honeymoon with Mary cooking for him….. (high five @maysengger)

    • Hey Reverie, your thought was really good….
      We don’t know how will drama going to end but who knows …….
      I won’t kill u…… hahahah….
      I had already said that before in this playground, I don’t mind M3 end up with 2 OTP….. either pair….. OHHHHHH dear, I cannot wait till final epi16…….

  46. Loved this episode! OMG…I cracked up so hard at the car scene with JI & MG as well! They were hilarious, but especially JI…he was so funny! And of course, loved all the cute, adorable, & sweet moments between Mary & MG. They’re so cute and fluffy, I just wanna pinch them! LOL

    Kim Jae Wook needs his own drama…dammit! It’s loooooong overdue! Can’t wait till Monday!

  47. The story goes like this…MG was the illegitimate son of JI dad. So MG is the real son whereas JI is the adopted son. Mary is also the illegitimate son of JI dad with Mary mom. So MG and Mary are brother and sisters and obviously Mary will marry JI. As MG has become a rich man son, SG family accepted him and they get back together. Story ends.

    • LOL! How about MG is the illegitimate son of JS, and JI gets JS to agree that when his son marries MR, he will stop threatening to discontinue funding and the dads agree to leave MG alone and treat him well.

      Fast forward to the wedding and the groom is MG with all the appropriate proof. Dads are tricked because JI didn’t state who the son was. They just assume and have to accept HAHA! How ’bout that for an ending?

      • lol, i read a situation like this in a book before…
        where one turns out to be the real prince and the other one was the half-brother… when the girl found out, she made them both stand at the altar and had the ceremony started… and said she’d choose when the officiant starts with her vows.

    • Wow!!! If story turns the way you described, that will be huuuuuuge twist!
      It is possible though that MR is JI’s dad illegitimate daughter because of the very odd insistence of JI’s dad to have JI mary MR. But it will be a huuuuuuuuge let down if MG is ends up with SG.

      Still I appreciate your proposed story line. Cheers!

  48. Or it could be an ending where there’s no ending LOL…she entwines her arms with BOTH guys and they walk off laughing maerily together….like in My Love Patzzi (spelling??) that annoying Korean drama where I was rooting for the rich guy throughout and she chose the poor guy and in the last scene, she can’t make up her mind who to choose so she chose BOTH! Silliest ending ever!

    • oh, gahd… i’m a MR/MG shipper, but i’d rather she choose JI (or some random nobody she hits with a bike later in life) than nobody… closure is important!!! XD

    • second to this!!! my love patzzy ending!!!
      better than worst Korean ending where it turns out three of them are sibling? (eh how?) . to bad this is not Japanese drama where (sometimes) you can see the ending from the opening/poster. Becozzzz…. in one of the promo picture, it shows clearly that SJ link her arm with MG aaaand our Mary with JI. *gyaaah… how many days it is till Monday?

  49. Surprisingly, with all the awesomeness happening in ep 11 and ep 12, I don’t really know how I want this drama to end. With previous episodes, I’m all for OTP all the way, but yet, with the potential of strong friendship bonds forming between JI/MR and even JI/MG (their moments together are not only just LOL, but also fees like best buds fighting for the same girl, yet at the end of the day, remaining as best buds despite the outcome). At this rate, I might be even happier with an ending that doesn’t really focus much on the story of OTP, but rather an ending that focuses on how each of them are finally able to break free from the bondages / burdens of their parents, and finally choose to live their lives in their own terms

    • Oops, realised my mistake in my phrasing of words after I posted, what I meant was, at the rate of the potential blossoming of the relationships and friendships in this love triangle, I might rather see an ending that focuses on how each of them are finally able to break free from the bondages / burdens of their parents, and finally choose to live their lives in their own terms instead of an ending that focuses on the OTP.

      • I totally agree with that, I don’t want happy MG/MR if JI doesn’t tell his dad to stick it, just as I don’t want MR/JI if poor MG is left with no resolution regarding his mother, his music, his ex (move on!!!!) and his (not so loyal) bandmates!

  50. somewhere in the earlier episode, Mary teased MG that he might be a billionaire son. I believe the story will turn out this way. MG is the son of JI’s dad. JI’s dad also carry Mary mom photo in his wallet and so determined to make Mary his daughter-in-law, so Mary could oso be his daughter because he knows Mary mom before Mary dad marries her. Anyway whichever the ending, it is just the 4 of them. you just have to pair them up. Will JI go with SG? Very unlikely.

  51. Koala, you are so adorable! I love the way you wrote your recap for this episode. Been waiting for this like “forever” lol. Well, it seemed like it’s been “forever” but no hehe. Was just getting crazy watching the raw video of M3 and couldn’t understand a thing 🙁 you’re my life-saver koala! Thanks so much!!!! Luv u for being so nice to us who are drama crazy fanatics and for being so truly adorable today 🙂 did I told you that I loved your recaps? 🙂 always did and always will 😉

  52. Your recaps are excellent! I feel like I’m talking about the show with a friend over sbux when I read them. I don’t have any friends near who like dramas, so I only get to squeee with you and the other repliers.

    Even though I can now watch the drama (and I do, in Korean and then with subtitles – don’t judge), I still read your recaps. haha Great Job! Can’t wait to “watch” some more shows with you!

  53. for some strange reason after reading this line “Jung In wants to hear the new tempo of the song right now” made me think of shipping Jung In w/Mu Gyul LOL.

  54. I want in this drama there’s an ep that they’ll get a real marrige, wonder how they manage with full of cuteness to handle it or maybe they get a adorable child to end happy ending…love it…

    • yeah yeah…me too….I want that to happen..its so rarely in drama where the main OTP get married and they show it, and how their live after marriage although just a glimpse with their kids…

  55. Thanks ockoala for the very entertaining recap of ep 12! I laughed so hard just reading your descriptions. Then I laughed again when I watched the raw episode!
    JI’s diving into his bed after hanging up the phone with MG was sooooo funny!
    I too am now anxiously wanting to know how MR and MG going to escape from being discovered by MR’s dad. Or if they are discovered, what will happen? Aaaghhh!!!
    Will MR be shipped to a far away place? Will MG be put in jail? How will JI come to the rescue? Any theories?

    Just curious, has the ratings for M3 improved for episode 12?

    BTW, love the new banners! Keep up the excellent work! 🙂

    • Hey guys, how about this ending? MG gets thrown into jail, Jung In and Mae Ri come to rescue him, Jung In arrives first (cos Mae Ri RAN all the way to jail) in his posh sedan, strolls coolly to MG’s cell where MG is gnashing his teeth in fury, Jung In stares at MG silently, MG stares back sullenly, they stare at each other for a good twenty seconds, romantic background music swells to a crescendo, Jung In slowlyyyy reaches out his hand, MG stares at the hand, stares into Jung In’s eyes, then stretches out his own hand and clasps Jung In’s hand tightly like he’s never going to let it go…..Mae Ri dashes in breathlessly (she’s been running non-stop for 1 hour) at that very moment, but the two guys are oblivious to her presence, she stares at their clasped hands, looks from one to the other, understanding slowly dawns on her face, she gasps, a tear rolls down her cheek, she turns away dejected, and walks slowly away….MG’s deep voice saying over and over, “Jung In ah Jung In…..”, Jung In smiles slowlyyyyy and strokes MG’s cheek tenderly…LOL

      • LOL! But that is one ridiculous proposed ending! 🙂 LOL again
        Ok, I know there are shippers for MG-JI who might support your proposed ending…Thanks for making me laugh.


      • it is really LOL,
        now u remind me PK moments……
        good on u mayssenger, my niece next to me, now she is laughing with me together….. LOL LOL LOL
        I hope u can make all of us more LOL LOL LOL, as much as u like.
        I don’t mind at all.

    • Rating ep.12 just 5 Source: TNS Media Korea
      Episode ratings for the KBS2 drama Mary Stayed Out All Night
      Date Episode Nationwide Seoul
      2010-11-08 01 6.7 (<7.7)
      2010-11-09 02 7.0 7.3 (20th)
      2010-11-15 03 8.7 (15th) 8.8 (13th)
      2010-11-16 04 7.0 7.1 (20th)
      2010-11-22 05 7.1 (19th) 7.2 (18th)
      2010-11-29 06 6.6 (<8.1)
      2010-11-30 07 7.1 7.4 (19th)
      2010-12-06 08 5.6 (<7.5)
      2010-12-07 09 5.1 (<7.3)
      2010-12-13 10-11 5.6 (<7.8)
      2010-12-14 12 5.0 (<8.1)
      2010-12-20 13
      2010-12-21 14
      2010-12-27 15
      2010-12-28 16

      • it’s getting lower and lower rank but I don’t care, I enjoy and love this drama above all…I wish they give ranks based on international viewer??that would make MSOAN have good ranked..

  56. hi koala,
    thank you for the nice recap you wrote on episodes 10, 11 and 12. I just love it.
    the drama is getting more interesting. gosh! jung in is a perfect guy, but i would very much like maeri to end up with MG. i hope the next episodes will lead the drama in the direction where MG will take his career as a singer and composer seriously, opening great opportunities for him to improve financially. it would be no fun if he marries maeri in his current financial state.
    i am hoping that in the next episodes, maeri will turn out to be a good drama writer and MG a great composer/singer and jung in a successful director. i also would not dream of Jung In ending up with Seo Jin in this drama. Jung In deserves a better girl, yay!

  57. Question: the blood sucking thingie – i know some would call it “unhygenic” but that’s a normal reaction, right? if it’s just a prick (i do embroidery so i had my share of it) the most common reaction is to put pierced finger in mounth and wipe the blood out like that? i do not find it weird at all.

    unless of course if it’s a gash on the forhead – the skin break of course you’d need plaster.

    ah well, i think i’m gonna stay here for a while..

    • yep….I think its natural instinct we all do…and its cute when MR do that to MG..good for you..stick here more, we can be crazy together for this drama..

      • yes, i think it’s best to stay here with M3 lovers.

        i’m all for MG/MR but i still want the best for MR. first love is great but is it THE only one worth having & fighting for?

      • It will be worthed if MG shows that he’s worthed to be fight over.not giving up easily,drop easily skinship with any girl and can answer MR’s question until when MG will only like her and wont see another girl with ‘forever’ and I can see he’s heading to that little by little..after all he never learn how to love,show affection,be loyal,commitment and fight for your love until he met mary.

  58. I give the new writer props for trying to undo the old writer’s nonsense. She’s doing the rest with what she got handed. The change was definitely good. I can’t wait for them to move on from the same plot lines. But dude, I was a bit bored in episode 1o. I hated seeing mae ri mope around for the whole episode. Loser daddy is not as annoying in the past 2 episodes, but that may be because he’s not featured as much. I wish Jung In was written this way before, not 1D.

    Again, Tx koala for the recap! You and everyone else makes being addicted to this drama so much more fun

  59. After enjoying another witty and very funny and well-written recap, I just want to thank you very much and tell you that I wait for the new episode of M3 (I am completely in love with the drama) as much as for your recap. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, they always make me laugh. In today’s recap I especially like the prospect of sending all the parents to the ocean bottom 🙂 I am there with you.

    Thank you again…

  60. Our ultimate OTP MR and MG simply have to be together blissfully right up to the end and happily ever after. NO other alternative conclusion to M3 would even be remotely acceptable!

  61. hello.. i’m already found your recap. oh, i love it. thank you. it’s so meaningful since the video on youtube has been blocked. so, thank you thank you thank you so much..
    PS: i’m not good at writing in english, so i’m sorry if i make lot of mistake.

  62. great recap as usual, OC! I definitely agree that M3 seems more about My-gyul’s growth than anything else. And i’m totally with you on needing Mary to progress from puppy love to real love. If not, i won’t buy it when they get together in the end. I think they all need to make sacrifices and big decisions and big changes – Seo Jun and Jung-In included. I just wish Seo-Jun’s hang ups didn’t revolve around Mu-Gyul though – there’s so much more in her life that needs work on, so it kills me to see her so clingy when even if they got back together, she wouldn’t be better off for it.

    I am seriously tempted to take the M3 sub files, construct an English script of the drama and edit it to my own liking, because there are a lot of potential conflicts and plot points that i felt were pushed aside for more trivial ones. that being said, the new writer seems to be picking up on this, so I anticipate only good things as we get to the end. even though i have no idea what the heck is going to happen, lol.

    P.S. I like new Jung-In. Ballsy and taking initiative and smart, just like i thought he would be. And emotional and dorky to boot! Shoot, I want him now – I wouldn’t even hate if Mary warmed up a little more to him in coming episodes – the kind of amazing husband he could be is really coming to the fore. It will be interesting to see how their relationship resolves itself. I feel like it would seem weird if he just bowed out gracefully at this point. He needs to make peace with it and not just disappear because he lost. Or maybe I just want Kim Jae-wook to give us more good scenes – his skills have finally come through in these last two episodes now he has more to work with. Jang Geun-Seok has the best material of everyone right now, and he’s owning it – I’d love to see KJW shine too.

  63. Thanks as always, for your amazing re-caps! I really love to read your thoughts on the story and the characters. It’s become part of my M3 viewing to watch the episode and then go check out your review and analysis.

    What a great episode this was. Something I don’t think you commented on, but which made a big impact on me was the scene where Jung-In notices the picture of Mae-Ri’s mother in his father’s wallet, and seemingly starts putting two and two together. His father didn’t get the girl, so his son will get the girl’s daughter, period. I feel like the knowledge of just why his father is pushing him so hard to be with this certain girl is a big key for him to be able to process not only his own feelings about things but to really understand just how manipulative his father is and just how little he actually cares about Jung-In’s feelings. I’m getting more and more indignant at Jung-In’s father as I type this, actually. At least Mae-Ri’s dad cares about his daughter, however misguided he may be. Jung-In’s father cares neither about his own son’s feelings, or the feelings of the daughter of the woman he professes to have loved so much. He only cares about himself.

    Also, and unrelatedly, Jung-In was so attractive in this episode. Moo-Kyul is more my type, with the long hair and the rocker clothes, but I love confident and capable Jung-In!

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