First Teaser Trailer for My Princess and Romantic Date Stills

MBC is gearing up for the premiere of My Princess in three weeks. In addition to the gorgeous stills just released today of Song Seung Heon and Kim Tae Hee’s romantic date in the drifting snow, the first teaser trailer has dropped. Please hold on to your trousers, it’s but a glimpse and nothing more, though it does reveal what tone this drama is taking.

What I am shocked at is how goofy and screwball it all seems. Yes, the premise of an older college girl Lee Seul being the lost-lost princess is as screwy as it comes, but Goong took the fantasy Korean royal family conceit and wrapped it in a tidy mix of serious and silly. I don’t see anything serious in My Princess, just based on the trailer alone. I mean, the trailer already shows Song Seung Heon’s rock solid 12-pack abs, for god’s sake! Not that I am complaining.

Teaser trailer for My Princess:


I have a feeling that I may actually not be annoyed by Kim Tae Hee in this drama. Her attempts at dramatic expression always fall flat for me, but her comedic side may just be the side of her I can enjoy. It looks like her lost-princess Lee Seul is all sorts of ballsy and wacky, and I’m hopeful that both the performance and the character really mesh well and brings this drama to life. Song Seung Heon – I continue to just soak him up like water to a sponge, not caring what attempts he brings to honing his acting craft. If he gets better in My Princess, that’s the icing on my cake.

[Credit: official stills released from MBC, screencaps for the teaser trailer for Song Seung Heon’s DC gall and from Baidu My Princess bar]


First Teaser Trailer for My Princess and Romantic Date Stills — 24 Comments

  1. Hmmm…I wasn’t excited for this drama, and still am not excited, but the cute/wacky/eye-candy/potential mockable disaster this may become is enough to lure me in for the first week, at least. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ohhhh…………so good

    I am so looking forward to watching this……………this is just the type of cuteness and wackyness you need to forget about life. hopefully the cherry and chocolate sprinkles will come in a tight plot and decent acting……hopefully santa will bring them…..thanks a lot koala bear………….that’s the best news i have heard all day

  3. OMO, my world has just turned upside down. I was going to watch Deamul and not touch MP with a 10 foot pole, but now I feel like watching this and not even consider Daemul? Also, do my eyes deceive me or I’m really seeing SSH doing a modicum of decent acting? As I said, my world is upside down. 0_0 I can’t…my brain, can’t handle this. Give me a moment to recover, my friend.

    And word on KTH.

  4. Yes! finally Kim Tae Hee playing one goofy goofball of a character, I like watching her in commercials and the like, though I do confess I’ve watched her in Stairway, Harvard, Restless and what not, where she was totally unwatchable (well she was tolerable in Iris, bed scene with LBH but then I was concentrating on LBH and totally forgot about her). Can’t act worth a damn, but still I love her. Maybe this is her breakthrough character anyway whatever I will still watch because I like pretty things.

  5. The stills look gorgeous (the earlier still on the swing really made me flashback to EoE) and I liked the trailer. I don’t think it will necessarily be goofy in the drama itself though – look at SG trailer or City Hall one and contrast with the drama. (Re: Goong – it veered into emo territory eventually but the first 5-6 eps were pure goofdom).

  6. I wasn’t going to watch this.

    Had no interest in watching this.

    I was thinking that maybe… just MAYBE…. I’d eventually get so bored one night that I’d pull it up online and skip around a few episodes just to reassure myself that my irrational dislike of this drama wasn’t completely baseless.

    But then I saw Song Seung Heon half naked…. and wet….

    And I actually liked the actress’ crazy laugh at the end…..

    And the trailer looks all cute….

    And I saw Song Seung Heon HALF NAKED!!!!!!!!

    I am sooooo watching this. Heck, I’ll probably end up buying it once they release the boxset.

    Did I mention that Song Seung Heon was wet and half naked???? 🙂

  7. Wait, how old are they supposed to be? Both actors are in their 30’s no? Why are they acting like high-schoolers? They look very pretty though.

  8. Thanks ockoala for this trailer!

    I don’t think I’ll be following this drama because I don’t like copy cats, especially those copying my favorite and the original Goong! Besides, I still have not gotten over the unfair treatment of Lee Dae Hae by the drama East of Eden. I still vividly remember the bird cage had more air time than LDH!!!! It was sooo frustrating!

    Anyway, thanks again for the trailer. Cheers!

  9. I’ll give this drama a chance…but not sure…KTH can’t act if her life depends on it…srly she is pretty face but on IRIS omg she was horrible….maybe comedy is her thing?…well we will see….the story overall sounds a little bit out there, but if the writing and direction is good then yeah I’ll give it a try, I will need something to watch cause I will have major, major M3 withdrawal ……

  10. OOOHHH!! Cant help it! Fell for this drama as soon as I watched the trailer… I love Kim Tae Hee but haven’t seen much of Song Seung Heon, but now cant wait to watch this cute and silly drama.. Reminds me of Full House!!

  11. I have to say I was disappointed with SSH first drama after his military service. I don’t know why but I was quit watching when there was nothing so much to watch. So I hope MP will be better than the last one…KTH is beautiful for sure but I need to see more on her acting skill. She was okay at LSIHW with KJW.

  12. hi ockoala thanks for the update and trailer…..WOW! It looks reallyyyy nice and romantic! For the first time since PK ended, I feel a warm twinge of excitement….tried so hard with M3 and Secret Garden, but just couldn’t get into the dramas at all, sad to say. But MP looks really really nice, and I just hope they won’t let us down with bad acting….but you know what, I’m getting all sorts of good vibes after watching the trailer. Two things I noticed : 1) The guy lead and girl lead look really good together – they complement each other in every way, both being tall, skinny, dark and attractive… of the most attractive pairings ever 2) They don’t look a day older than in their previous shows…..HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?????? Like you, Ockoala, I had a lot of misgivings about this drama at first, but after watching the trailer, I’m reversing all my previous bigoted prejudices….really looking forward to this show!

  13. Thanks you for posting this Ockoala. I am looking forword to watch this drama.
    Looks like it will be romatic comedy kdrama. Hopefully it will be happy ending as this drama going to air on 1st month of the NWE YEAR period of 2011. The main lead actor is very new for me, I haven’t seen any of his drama yet. But KTH, I had already seen some of her dramas and I like her, she is pretty.
    So it is good to start with fun in 2011.

  14. 12 abs.haha.gorgeous.;D
    it such a long time i did’t wwatch drama that song seung hun take a main role.
    so i’m looking forward for this drama 😉

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