Athena Announcement and Romantic OTP Picspam

I’ve watched both episode 1 and 2 of Athena: Goddess of War. I was so distracted by a multitude of work and holiday stressors swirling around me that episode 1 pretty much went over my head. I was bored. Watching Jung Woo Sung! This is not acceptable. Episode 2 was slightly better, but only because they paraded my honey around like James Bond and then gave him some angst with respect to his ex-girlfriend Lee Ji Ah.

If Athena turns out to be crap and I am legitimately unable to find merit in the drama, then so be it. But I simply wasn’t able to watch it with my undivided attention. I found the story overly convoluted, the situations beyond implausible even for a spy thriller, and the narrative construct not quite gelling. Much as I liked this cast better than the cast of IRIS, the latter had a much better qualitative start, all things considering. Athena looks even more high-quality than IRIS, in terms of the scale and scope. The cinematography is on par with any US television show. I just have this niggling feeling that its weakest link will be a gripping cohesive story. I hope I am wrong.

So I’ve decided not to watch anymore Athena until after the New Year, which also makes sense considering I have to take a 10 day hiatus at the end of the year from dramas and my computer anyways. I much prefer to marathon Athena, when the plot has time to coalesce and I have a better sense of the narrative momentum of this story. I will watch this from beginning to end, but my recapping it seems unlikely now. Since I have nothing more substantive to say about Athena, how ’bout a picspam post of my I lub you with his two sets of OTPs in this drama?

Lee Ji Ah plays Jung Woo Sung’s ex-girlfriend, also a member of the National Intelligence Service. Su Ae plays Jung Woo Sung’s current crush, and future love interest/double-agent nemesis. It appears that Su Ae may have a crush on her boss, Cha Seung Won. And trailers show Lee Ji Ah and Cha Seung Won doing the horizontal mambo in bed. Ladies and gentlement, we have our messy four-square!

If I change my mind about starting Athena right now, I’ll let you guys know, likely in the form of a post or a recap. Until then, this is simply my cursory first impression on the drama. It wasn’t what I had hoped for, but there is plenty of time to get the party started.


Athena Announcement and Romantic OTP Picspam — 11 Comments

  1. I watched the first two eps raw and was pretty entertained. But I’ll know whether I’m gonna stick with it after I watch the subs (of course). Speaking of, anyone know where I can find them?

    Your entertaining re-caps will be missed!

    • Honestly – regardless of my less than enthused initial reception of Athena, I still really really want to do recaps. Its my honey, and I love the cast, and the genre is one of my faves.

      If I weren’t so swamped with life these days, I would probably say to hell with it, and do the recaps. As such, I’m still tempted to do so. Only my sanity is restraining me from biting off more than I can chew. We shall see if I succumb to the temptation of the Jung Woo Sung allure.

      • I loved his sexy daydreams about Su Ae! It was so over-the-top — but what the hell, it’s ATHENA afterall, so I totally bought into it — that when he was startled awake it was priceless. Very clevah.

  2. you know what i found funny??…Lee Ji Ah is Jung Woo Sung’s ex, Su Ae his current crush and Su Ae seems to be Cha Seung Won’s interest too and Lee Ji Ah will probably be his future love interest (from the preview)….what a complicated love trianlge….to be honest i thought IRIS had a more appealing start than Athena but boy am I psyched all the sexy in this drama and Mr choco abs (Choi Si Won) hasnt even appeared yet…cant wait to see Kim So Yun make her cameo!!

  3. I watched the 2 epsd without sub and so far it’s quite entertaining. I like it as much as I like IRIS (much more than Fugitive that really a dissapointment except for Lee Jung Jin). The action scene might work better in large screen though.
    I am hoping that CSW can have some romantic screen with SA though I know that she will end up with the hero. Aahhh CSW, he is such a spice….so I’m on this drama till the end even if it will not meet my expectation but I’ll stick on it because I love Spice.

  4. THANK YOU for the picspam! truly a sight to behold, even better than watching the drama and MV’s these last few days.. JUNG. WOO. SUNG. this man is just oozing with charisma on screen and that smile! yum! hehehe. oh and least i forget the “speedo” he wore. lol. okay, done fangirling (for now) ^^

    i 80% agree with the above aforementioned, especially the part where i too will skip this drama for now until after the Christmas holiday is done because jung woo sung definitely needs my undivided attention BUT right now i also lack.

    hang in there missy – the craziness of Christmas will pass and then you can put up your feet, while drinking something warm and marathon-ing SG and athena. ^^

  5. I saw it RAW and I liked it. But lets see when I get to watch it with subs…
    I like dialogue. Good dialogue. If I’m going to work out 3 hours for one episode, it better be damn worth it.

  6. Dear Ockoala,
    I am sorry to hear about your opinion on first two epi of Athena.
    But it is just starting, may be u might find more interest in up coming epis.
    I haven’t seen yet. But the still pics are look good. JWS is manly handsome. I know LJA from her previous dramas in Legend with Bae Young Joong and BV with Jang Keun Suk.
    If u will not recap on Athena let me request for recap of My Princess pls. I know u are not inot KTH acting so I do not hope a lot for ur recap. If u do, My Princess will make me more enjoyable to watch due to your awsome recap, comments and thoughts.
    But it is all up to u and for me I will be keep reading whatever u post, as I have been in love with ur playground so much.

  7. I love watching the drama Athena from eps 1 to 5 with english subtitles and ep 6 w/out and so far it so awesome , astonishing and interesting drama I am surprised that Jae Hee{LJA} is an ex-girlfriend of Jung Woo and an elite daughter. By watching some of the trailers, there is an un-expected love twist of the drama. Im so anxious to watch further the succeeding episodes. Hope it will not be a sad ending that maybe one of the leading actors or actresses will die.

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