Jang Hyuk Debuts New Short Do Likely For Midas

It’s the return of Dr. Min! Raise your hand if you got the reference? Jang Hyuk, after over a year of long, crazy, wild, and frou-frou hair, has finally cut off his mane of glory. The new do is likely in preparation for his upcoming drama Midas, co-starring Lee Min Jung.

Midas will be set in the world of finance and corporations, and Hyukkie will be playing a chaebol. Seriously, after years of watching K-dramas, I’m still amazed that its always raining hot and sexy chaebols in Korea. I’m not complaining, because my fave Jang Hyuk look is still his post-MS look in Thank You, and to a lesser extent, Robbers (which I had to get over the sleaze factor of his character first).

Midas is tentatively scheduled to start filming at the end of December. Hyukkie was supposed to be in Secret Garden before the whole SIDAS flap, then he was in talks for Poseidon, and now finally attached to Midas. I hope this drama goes through, because I need to see Jang Hyuk on screen soon or else I will start having serious withdrawal. Nom nom nom, Hyukkie….


Jang Hyuk Debuts New Short Do Likely For Midas — 14 Comments

  1. Got the reference!
    I actually don’t know how I feel about this hairdo! And his facial expression in the first pic is just…0_0

  2. Oh, lovely. And for some reason, he reminds me of Jae Hee in these photos. And that’s a good thing in my book, I miss Jae Hee lots. On the other hand, Jang Hyuk and Lee Min Jung!!! Now that’s a pairing of epic proportions. Can’t wait!

  3. Mmmmmm, Dr Min. (Though my favorite look of his was actually in Chuno).

    I can’t stand Lee Min Jung but my love of Jang Hyuk is such that I will try to overcome my major loathing and check out Midas.

    • oh I sooooo hear you dangermousie….I think I will close my eyes and ears when Lee Min Jung appears on the screen….but then again, how do I know that it is not her… errr….so I close my ears….

  4. OMO i love Thank you and Chuno

    Hyukkie is by far one of the best actors in Korea, WILL watch anything he does πŸ˜€ cant wait

    • Charisma, yes. Facial resemblance, no. πŸ˜‰

      I think YAH looks like Jung Kyung Ho’s hotter and buffer younger brother. It’s the same smirk. But only I see the resemblance, so I am probably hallucinating, too.

      • haha yeah I guess it’s the vibe that both exhibit. For some reasons when I look at picture of one, I think of the other. I guess they do possess the same kind of charisma. Maybe their mustaches make me think so.

        Yoo ah-in has a young boyish look without a mustache. But once he wore one, it’s almost like a “bad-boy” in the making.

        it’s okie we can both be hallucinating πŸ˜›

  5. Yeah Hyukkie! He does clean up nice, doesn’t he. Not that I minded the mane of glory and the rumpled open shirted Dae Gil…no, not me. 😎

  6. YES! About time he cropped his hair!
    Disliked his Robbers mane bigtime , and he seemed to have kept it that length eversince

    How about a slight unshaven goatee ala Thank You to go with it … I thought that stubble suited him alot because it also masks the smile which can sometimes read smirk, teeth and jawline.

    Although he had a short crop in Success Story of Bright Girl/Please Teach Me English days (pre-army) – for some reason I just read ‘as*hole’ in that look …
    To me, it was the really his whole look (stubble, short crop) in Thank You that synched it for him. Very sharp, and manly-sexy.

    Yoo Ah in ~ Jang Hyuk? Annio, no … I don’t see the resemblance.

    I have seen in Jung Woo-sung though …. passing similarities with Jang-hyuk.

  7. Love Hyukie’s new do. BTW he’ll be playing a corporate lawyer in Midas. He just confirmed it in an interview. Hyuk-Lee Min Jung should be great.

    I’ve always wanted to ask this..but do you know if Jung Woo Sung and Jang Hyuk are cousins? I read on DC of rumors that they are cousins. It’s not too far-fetched I guess..given that Hyuk is a Jung too…and of course nobody can deny their resemblance to one another. Just curious to know if there’s any truth to that rumor.

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