Mary Open Day Filming and OST Updates


Mary Stayed Out All Night fans in Korean rejoice! KBS’s official M3 website posted an announcement for an open shoot on December 19, 2010, at Hongdae. The production has done this a few times already, alerting fans to their shooting schedule. This will likely be the last open shoot day, since the drama is wrapping up in two weeks. If you live in Korea, head over to Hongdae on Saturday and squee over the darling perfection of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. I’m sure Jang Geun Seok fans will find out where they are filming at any given time. Second only to the Perfects, the Eels always find their Prince.

A second piece of M3 news, this time regarding the OST. M3 has been releasing the OST in parts, and Part II just dropped, which included the tracks “She’s Mine” and “Because of Her.” It turns out that “Hello Hello” (which I am DYING to find out what the lyrics that Mae Ri wrote are) will also be sung by Jang Geun Seok, and will be part of the final OST release. He posted a message at his official fan site grousing about having to go to the recording studio on everyone’s day off, but he was still happy because he loved the song so much. In addition to “Hello Hello”, the final song for the OST is supposedly a remake of Masaharu Fukuyama‘s “Don’t Cry”, an oldie but goodie. I’ll keep you all posted when the songs drop, but in typical M3 fashion, I’ve noticed that new songs tend to debut in the episode itself before being released.


Mary Open Day Filming and OST Updates — 46 Comments

    • The Perfects are Kim Hyun Joong’s fan club in Korea. They impress me each and every time with their dedication to their equally hard working guy.

  1. On a totally unrelated note, here’s a BTS video. The funny part is the 2 male leads were asked for what kind of ending they want, and JI suggested stabbing his dad in Ep 15! Ha! The real feelings of the actor ….

    (1st time posting a video – if it doesn’t work, you can copy the link!)


    • good one. please ji do stab evil daddy, please!!!!
      btw thanks for the upload, i was waiting for this hello hello song, so i have to wait some more… it’s been told that jgs woul sing 2 songs, none of them are in this ost???

    • KJW’s comment about wanting to stab JI’s Dad was funny but what’s funnier is JGS’s suggestion to end the drama with a Mugyul and Jungin ending! Hahahahah! Sorry, Mary! Looks like ur Mugyul wants to swing the other way! ROTFL

      • *JGS’s suggestion to end the drama with a Mugyul and Jungin ending! *

        That’s what I’ve been saying from the beginning~~~~~ ..ha! I support it so much I wish they’d come out with ep 17 with that alternate ending in place. Think it’s a possibility?

      • I’m a Jung In-Mae Ri shipper but seems that’s not working out… out of misery, I’ve jumped ship to Jung In-MG hehehehe…..those smouldering looks the two guys exchange and the endless bickering between them… that bromance or what?

      • @Jnt1024 your comment is same as Mayssenger wrote about that on epi 12 recap. Now, u make me LOL again…… now turning MG&JI hahahaha…..

        I left comment for u on M3 epi 12 recap.
        Your idea of MG&JI OTP was great LOL and it was fun and remind me of PK moments ….. are u focusing on 26, DEC……..
        a week to go now…..

      • Hi sandi!!!! Yeah miss PK so much…can’t get over it…..I’m not really into M3 or SG just add comments here and there for fun LOL.But I’m looking forward to My Princess, and KHJ and SM going on tour…..and there’s a Taiwanese drama called Buffet Love coming up this week I think..sounds nice. See you around!

    • Hehehe, thanks Ivy for this fun video 🙂

      Hmmm, the actors seem quite tired, looks like the shooting is taking quite a toll on them … hopefully they can all take a good break after shooting wraps up

    • LMAO at MG&JI want for the ending..oh JGS I didn’t notice you swing that way, or maybe I am since I watch YAB where you mention a bout fanfiction know the fans screaming most at huh??KJW I do agree with you, can we do that??stab???ahahaha…
      too bad I can’t go to Korea, want to see the shooting…oh we are about to see the end of M3 soon….we only got 2 more weeks to go..btw koala, next week you still doing recap or start from next week you will be of PC?

  2. I love the Bus and Precious song so much that I’m seriously thinking of getting this OST once it’s out, and then this new song comes into existence… yeay! So happy that JGS sings so many for Mary.

    I dunno why, but I find that even if his voice is not one to make my jaw drop upon hearing it the 1st, 2nd and 3rd time or move me to tears, it’s his songs I play over and over again while I’m doing work. There’s a soothing quality to it. JGS, probably because he’s not trained as a singer, sings with whatever emotions he feels for the songs and they just come out sounding so… as Mu Gyul puts it… honest. They have a calming effect on me. And it doesn’t hurt that I can sing all of them with not much difficulty coz their construction is not that complicated. I wish he’d come out with a mini album or single some day. That’d be cool.

    • oh, and I really like that pink palm-grip… thingie Mu Gyul always wears even when he’s not wearing much of anything else. I wonder what its usage is… even if it’s a useless thing, I still think I want to have it too. Drama/movie production companies should have outlets to sell official imitation stuff like this to fans. I bet they’ll sell well.. (still wants Hani’s chicken hoodie very badly)

      • @Ami: I know right?! Theres some stuff I see on the dramas that I wanna get too! If u find a site that sells those things pls do share =) Have u tried ebay?

      • But I’m afraid if I try ebay.. it won’t be the official imitation stuff. I don’t wanna give my hard-earned money to people who rip off from my fave dramas…

    • @Ami: I feel the same way…He is by no means the best singer out there but I really do love how he infuses the songs with his emotions…It does have a calming quality. I actually listen to his songs in bed to help me relax and also cause I hope it will enduce a nice JGS dream sequence, hahaha! Btw, I heard JGS is planning on releasing an album sometime next year. I guess he finally gave in to the requests of music producers….

      • Really?? Yeay! I hope the rumour is true and once the album is out, they’ll make it available to everyone. I’m still trying to find Gong Yoo’s CD online.. is it really only produced for sale in japan? *sulks*

    • What made me noticed him at first is actually his voice. I remember it’s in Hong Gil Dong, when he’s in that ship and meeting YiNok for the first time. The moment he spoke, I was taken by his deep rich voice ^.^ Thus the start of my love affair with ChangHwi… hahaha…

      He has good singing voice, but he’s not a trained singer, so sometimes when he sings live, you could hear some pitch problem. But yes, he always put his emotions into whatever song he was singing, and combined with his voice, sometimes I don’t even notice the pitch anymore… hahaha… 😛

      Yeah, I also heard he caved in to the music producers that have been asking him to record an album and he would have his own next year. Can’t wait ^.^

      • Shiro, I SO agree with you…one of Sukkie’s best qualities (and they are many!) is his deep, sexy voice…I first got to know him when I watched YB and got hooked from then on and watched all of his other works 🙂 I wasn’t really interested in YB at first as I was coming down from a BOF and Kim Hyun Joong addiction…but I was bored and wanted some distraction…little did I know that YB would be my favorite drama and that JGS would literally rock my world 🙂 I initially didn’t like his look in YB…but damn that sexy voice got me with his first line…I think I fell for him right then and there…and I haven’t looked at any other korean star ever since. Not even with KHJ was I this smitten! LOL
        And yeah, I’m really looking forward to his album…I wish him lots of success and praying that with his new music career he will venture out of Asia and come visit us here in California….there is an annual Korean Music Festival held in LA in Spring…wish his album would be out by then and maybe he can be one of the performing artists!

      • Yes, sometimes his live singing isn’t that perfect, but somehow it just makes him seem more human, haha! to the Eels, their Prince can’t do no wrong, ya~

        i heard that he rejected the idea of cutting album initially but after his Asia Tour 2010, JGS realised the importance of having his own songs to connect to his fans, so he actually took the initiative to signal his interest in recording an album.

        apologies for turning this space into JGS mini concert, but have you all seen this video where he sings YAB song? he’s so hot!!! i’m smitten all over again ^^

        [taken from Taiwanese variety show dated 9 Oct 2010]
        The 2nd one is where they made him learn a Chinese nursery song, and he mistook this song for an army song. His language imitation is damn good too!



  3. Oh, I like their alternate endings. If the Pretty Boy Ship was available, I’d totally abandon the Holiday Love Boat.

    Is no one else worried that he’s going to fall off the edge of that stage??? And why is that woman pawing at him while he’s sleeping!!!

    • @Lizzyd: I think he was so tired at that point…I’ve seen pix of JGS trying to get some sleep in all sorts of places in between shooting or rehearsals…I have noticed he looks really tired lately and have heard he sleeps only 2-3 hours a night nowadays 🙁 And the woman “pawing” at him…was probably one of his assistants giving him a massage. He has mentioned that he’s very ticklish so he normally doesn’t like getting massages….maybe that’s why she was only massaging his hands and wrist.

  4. Thank U Koala for keep feeding our M3 Addiction everyday u rock!!!! 😀
    LMFAOOOOOOOOO poor Mary can u guys see that ending, both guys ending up with each other, ok so Mary could be the Bridesmaid of Honor? … 😛

  5. “which I am DYING to find out what the lyrics that Mae Ri wrote are”

    Wasn’t there a screenshot of some of the lyrics in the last episode? Bet that gives away a tiny bit at least!

  6. Thanks for updates like this while waiting for Monday (or Tuesday AM) Ockoala! Wow. This is one of those days that I wish I’m in South Korea…

  7. My head is cracking up…everytime I read the song title Hello, Hello…and here I am singing in my head LAdy Gaga’s song….no shi*! Can’t wait for the song….sounds great! ahhhhhh I’m dying here for Mondayyyy…………

  8. Anyone know what time the shooting will start on 19 Dec at Hongdae? Thinking to pop by to take a look. Will the shoot be pack with JGS’s fans?

    • I’m so jealous! Wish I could “pop by” also…sigh…if only they invented teleportation already…I’d be in Seoul in a snap! LOl

      • Understand how u feel also. I can’t make it now, my friend will be going over tomorrow. I feel jealous as well 🙁

  9. I love that sentence: the Eels always find their Prince… ^o^ and yes, we do ;P

    The shooting location would be in Hongdae area, but only 100 people who registered and applied through JKS official website could be in for the filming (I guess there will be people walking in and out from time to time, since it’s outdoor shoot, but these people wouldn’t be in the drama). It will start from 12pm, and ends at 12am (lunch and dinner would be provided for these 100 people).
    It’s said the location is 홍대 걷고싶은거리 (Hongdae walkway?)

    I heard the CD of OST part 2 would be released on Dec 27… but it would be available on Dec 21 through online music portal like MNet, etc. Can’t wait to hear the full HelloHello song… 😀

  10. If anyone’s interested, here’s the piano instrumental of “My Precious”:


  11. Thanks for the update!

    I hope they’ll give Mae Ri a make-over before this drama ends! Something vavavoom that will leave MG and JI’s jaws drop and cause lots of tension 🙂 Something like this:


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