Preview for Episode 13 of Mary Stayed Out All Night

[Edit: I’ve recapped the preview dialogue~]

I’ll be back to translate the dialogue in a bit. Having a mini-drawgroup reunion with my girls (if anyone gets the reference, then I am definitely your Cardinal sunbae), so can’t do anything more right now other than provide the linky for the preview to episode 13 of Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!).

Preview for Episode 13:


Preview: Mae Ri’s dad accuses Mu Gyul of being in cahoots with his mom to swindle his innocent and sweet daughter. He tries to drag Mu Gyul to the police station. Mu Gyul is at Jung In’s house with Jung In and Mae Ri. Mu Gyul notes that he cannot even go home nowadays. Jung In suggests Mu Gyul move into his house as well. Mu Gyul says that he can just stay in Mae Ri’s room. When Jung In repeats that statement, Mu Gyul says that he and Mae Ri slept in the same bed when she spent her nights at his place. (Oh, booyah!) The bitchy manager tries to drag Lee An away to talk, and their altercation causes a prop to seemingly fall on Mae Ri…..


Preview for Episode 13 of Mary Stayed Out All Night — 26 Comments

  1. ai, Mary~ you just stand there and let that thing hit you? oh boy.
    i can’t wait for episode 13 to air. hopefully it will be full of fun and wackiness~ and Jung In & Mary moments xD (or Jung In and Moo Kyul moments)

    • I said “no life-threatening injury” only. And that thing is plywood and cardboard and has holes in the entire mid-section, I’d have to take a giant drama leap of faith to even believe there is a minor injury.

  2. Thank you Thank you! I really love MSOAN! I liked it, at the same time felt bad for JI when MG said that he and MR have been sleeping on the same bed!!!

  3. Why do people on tv never move when something is about to fall on them? Because if someone has enough time to dive over to save you, chances are you have enough time to move out of the way yourself. But maybe we can have both boys dive in and it can be a cute little manpile (+ 1 woman).

  4. I’m sure that mary avoid that thing when it falls or MG move her so that both can avoid it..oh my, MG keep playing ‘make JI jealous…I bet that this statement make JI shock…so can’t wait for episode 13. btw koala, are you still wont be recap ep 15&16 because you can’t have your pc???huhuuu..I wish you can do recap until last episode…because I always look up your recap once new episode is up..sigh…but what can I do…huhu

  5. is it plaid jacket day or something?? Are MG and the actor both wearing the same color/plaid jacket? so we’ll find out soon if MG and MR are in same room in JI’s home…since there’s that bit of MG watching over MR sleeping with pink lamp which looks like they’re in Mary’s library/bedroom, yay it’s Monday M3 is almost here 🙂

  6. Maybe, Mugyul will stop that thing from falling over Mary… 🙂 like spiderman did to MaryJane haha LOL.
    but to make it more dramatic, maybe Jung In will save her then Mugyul, JEALOUS again and ofcourse worried for Mary , pushes Jung In and hugs Mary tightly. hehe
    but the written preview says MG pulled her into his arms tightly, right?

    MG: At home, we always sleep together on the same BED.
    haha EPIC teasing for JI.

  7. Ok here’s what I think is gonna happen….the humungous prop things falls slow mo giving MG plenty of time to dash in heroically and shield Mae Ri, the prop falls with a loud PLONK on MG’s head, rendering him beautifully unconscious…..Jung In who all this while has been FROZEN forces his limbs to move….he helps distraught Mae Ri up, and yells at the gawking crowd to GET HELP QUICK! THIS MAN NEEDS AN AMBULANCE!! Mae Ri sobs, but Jung In gently tells IT”S OK….HE”S GOING TO BE FINE…Before you can say Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, the paramedics appear….sirens blare, MG is lifted onto a stretcher, Jung In leaps into the ambulance, the red flashing lights setting off his exquisite cheekbones to perfection and….they’re off! Mae Ri runs like a demented road runner on speed after the ambulance as it weaves dangerously in and out of thick traffic, MG’s eyes flicker open (beautifully), and focus on Jung In’s blurry face…..”Jung In ah Jung In…” MG murmurs….he raises his hand feebly and wipes a tear from Jung In’s face….Jung In’s face crumples and he starts to sob brokenly, “You jerk! Don’t ever do that to me again, you hear me!” Jung In beats his fist girly-fashion against MG’s chest as the tears pour down his face……In the distance, a panting but determined Mae Ri is slowly but surely closing in on the ambulance…….HAHAHAHAHAH

  8. Oh Oh!! MG is telling the truth in front of JI..well he didn’t tell JI that they had a curtain in the middle…still remember MG looks at MR’s face when she was sleeping soo cute!
    I just skip your post about age!! I can’t type.. my fingers are getting far to catch me dear!

  9. Thank you!!!!! i can’t wait for this!!!!! no mg injured please!!!!! and adorable mg when he said he sleep with mary 😉 so boyish!!!!

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