My Favorite Song From the Mary OST

Now that all the songs have been released from the Mary Stayed Out All Night OSTs, I can safely say this is one of my favorite OSTs from any drama. It’s not terribly edgy or sophisticated, but the music is lovely to listen to and the songs have a touch of heart and warmth. Even the silly Bus song turns out to be adorably kooky! Plus, I just wanted to do a post where I could unearth that now-ancient official still from the fantasy wedding sequence in episode 1 of M3. Looking at it again at this juncture, who has butterflies plus warm and fuzzies in your belly?

Of all the songs on the OST, my favorite is now “I Will Promise You”, which just dropped two days ago. I thought it would be “Hello, Hello”, but then Jang Geun Seok‘s remake of Masaharu Fukuyama‘s “Don’t Cry” was a new singing accomplishment for him. It was honest and spare, a song where his voice and emotion are the key to conveying the meaning behind the lyrics.

MV of I Will Promise You:

If you can’t access the Youku link, you can listen to it here:


Original Performance of “Don’t Cry” by Masaharu Fukuyama:


I totally got misty-eyed when I watched the MV of “I Will Promise You” set against some of the sweetest OTP scenes in the drama thus far. If there was ever a drama made just for compiling MVs of all the shippy scenes between the OTP, then M3 is that drama for you!


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  1. Thank you.oh this drama have lots good them all.somehow my top is hello hello but this equal on my top bus also.ah so many songs but that my top 3

  2. Hello and thank you for your posts! 🙂

    I like ‘Hello hello’ , but I have no idea about the lyrics. 🙁
    Could you tell me, what did he say to her, before performing on stage today? I love your recaps, thank you for your work!

  3. I don’t think words can adequately describe just how much I adore this song. OH MY GOD! I can’t remember another drama where I’ve been so in love with the main couple. Sure, the plot’s cliche and any scene with one of their parents makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork, but this is by far my favorite drama of the year. Maybe even the past two years. I’ll be SO SAD when it ends and I’ll have to say goodbye to all of the cuteness that is our Holiday Couple. Thank you so much for sharing this video and all of the other M3 updates. You’re amazing!

  4. Thanks koala.. it’s the first time I’ve heard ‘I will promise you’.. it’s lovely.. and one can really appreciate JKS’s voice in this one, nice…
    Is this youku MV an official one? come to think of it, I have not seen any official MVs of the OST? any idea where to find them?

  5. beautiful song and so pleasing to hear JGS sing it…this is my fav song i’ve heard him sing! thank you SO MUCH for your break-out postings for M3! The watercolor banner on this page is wonderful!

  6. Wow. JGS isn’t a singer, but I definitely admire the time and effort he’s put into learning to sound like one. I think this track showcases his voice to its best advantage. It really is lovely, and I can’t wait to hear it in the drama!

    Oh Mighty Koala, I bow before your wonderful awesomeness! You truly are a wonder, thanks so much for sharing. ^_^

      • He’s sung for drama OSTs before this, and played a musician in his last five projects, but as far as I know, he doesn’t have any albums out and never had ambitions to be a singer. Still, he does have a nice voice.

      • No, he’s not a singer. All the songs he had out there came either from his CFs or from his drama OSTs. He never had an album under his own name… ^^

    • he is a singer dear..a GOOD singer^^ i even like some his song from his drama before Marry Me Mary >> The Happy Life, Do Re Me Fa Sol.., Hong Gil Dong, You’re beautiful. In KBS Entertaiment interview the host even asked the question why JGS not record his own album yet?? because he’s always sing in every Film or Drama he Played

  7. lovely song, thank you so much for sharing
    jgs has a deep and wonderful voice, i love him singing, i really can’t decide wich of the 4 songs i like best, love them all

  8. The lyrics are so sweet: Translation Naitari Shinaide

    Don’t Cry

    Don’t cry, come here
    I’ll emrace everything about you

    Don’t be scared of being alone
    It hinders your heart

    I want to understand your sadness
    I want to send you my warmth

    Don’t cry, look at me
    Tell me in your true words

    Forget about the things you’ve lost
    As I thought, your true smile is wonderful

    Don’t mistake this kindness
    I want to share happiness with you

    You’re here, and with that I can be strong
    I’m here, I’ll show you that I’ll always protect you

    We can start over, no matter how many times
    Don’t question your dreams, which are important

    You’re here, and with that I can give it my all
    When I’m with you, I can go on living no matter what tomorrow is like

    Don’t cry, come here
    I’ll embrace everything about you

    Let’s talk a lot tomorrow
    That’s right, just like I thought, I love your smile
    Hey, smile

  9. Thank you so much for the videos. I heard this song and I felt love on a warm summer day. Out of all the songs in this drama, this is the one I will remember most when it is all done because My Bus is a happy rockin kind of tune but I will promise you/Don’t Cry has moved me so that I was like a mad woman trying to find the translation. JGS can sing this as well as Mr. Fukuyama.
    Again, thank you for the treat.

  10. It’s my favorite song from the OST too. Too poignant and makes me so sad…dunno why it pulls my heartstrings so much. I love JKS’ version of it too.

    JKS should pursue singing professionally!! Isn’t it time he comes up with his very own music album.

    • I think he will ^.^
      He said in an interview few days ago that he would (finally) release an album this year. During his Asia Tour FMs, he realized he would need songs of his own to connect with the fans, and so he would cut an album this year (heard he’s been having vocal lessons preparing for this ^^)
      He’s been asked since 2008 (ever since he released Black Engine and the song became a hit) about this, and he always said he’s an actor first and foremost, and he didn’t want to become a singer. Thank God for the Asia Tour ^O^

      • re: vocal lessons

        Yeah, I could hear the difference in the Mary OST songs–he’s got more control of his voice. I think the question of whether he’s a singer or not depends on the definition. Technically, he’s not. But in terms of what he’s done so far..sing songs on his movie/drama OSTs—that’s definitely what a singer does. Anyway, he’s got a great voice, and with the vocal lessons and all, he totally rocks as a singer and totally pwns the other “official” singers out there.

        What I like about the Mary OST songs is that those really fit JKS’ voice to a T. What his strength as a singer is that he’s able to express the emotion of the song; and that’s why he’s hot as hell on stage–‘coz he brings his acting talents to the performance. Like, in M3, he totally channels Myugul–particularly on stage. Btw, Naitairi shinaide is totally perfect for JKS, since it’s a song originally by Fukuyama Masaharu –who’s an actor and a singer himself.

        I hope JKS’ new album will feature songs that really fit him. But I have no doubt JKS will be able to come up with a super awesome album–‘coz he knows himself very well and what fits him.

        Btw, I don’t like songs like Hello, Hello–but with JKS singing it ( especially when it’s slow like in the drama), I’m able to appreciate the concept of the song better.

  11. I can’t choose any favourites….I love ’em all….to the deepest bottom of my heart….

    And I think JGS would do just great in the music arena…he has bundles of talent running in his blood…

  12. Me! Me! Me!! That official pic at the top also made my heart beat a little faster, in addition to the warm fuzzy fluttery feeling in my belly. Can’t wait to see another wedding scene next week *cross fingers*

    My favorite is also I Will Promise You. I’ve been listening to it for 2 days now… ^.^
    No idea what the lyric said, but his voice, the emotion, everything in it was just hitting my right chords. I thank God the day he asked the Music Director to let him sing this song… ^.^

    Love Hello Hello too… that’s one catchy song and would make a good ringtone ;P

  13. I’m staying away from the new OST songs coz I wanna watch Kang Mu Gyul performs it first in the drama. Hope so much that he will.. or has he already? I’m restraining myself from finishing all the episodes at one go right now so I’m a bit behind.. ^^”

  14. Loved the song and my favourite in M3. So great of you to post JGS’s and the Original singer’s versions here. Both sound equally good, of course in a different way. JGS’s voice really melt hearts and he is singing even better than before too. Lyrics to the song is so sweet and appropriate to our MG & MR. Sigh, love the couple to bits!

    Also think that perhaps on the final ep, we will see a wedding linking back to the 1st ep. If that’s the case, then MG won’t be cutting his hair. Thats’ JGS for you – he won’t cut his hair until he is good and ready not matter how/what his fans or critics may comment about it. I think M3 played his current longer hair style to the maximum benefit. Even I am convinced now that he looks handsome with this hairdo.

    Could you tell me where to buy the OST? Thanks.

  15. i have been listening to hello, hello for two days now. i love love love it! to me, it sounds like JGS is smiling all through out the entire song. i think its the perfect song to show the smoothness of his voice.

  16. I had to listen to the song twice and it really is very touching. If they released this as one of the OST and Mae-Ri don’t end up with Mu Gyul, then the drama really lost its mind. =^.^=

  17. i love this song. have no idea what it means but just love the way it sound. sooothing… make me feel i can fall over and over again….. love it. will be my fav. love love

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