Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok at the KBS 2010 Drama Awards

KBS held its 2010 year end Drama Awards today, and our Mae Ri and Mu Gyul donned their finery to attend the banquet. Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok are such a perfect gorgeous acting couple, I have a new theory for why Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) sucked. Because the drama gods cannot allow such perfection to work together lest the universe implode, hence their first onscreen coupling must be in the form of a drama turkey.

Regardless of my ultimate feelings about M3, it doesn’t change how I feel about either Jang Geun Seok or Moon Geun Young. In fact, I’ve not liked most of either of their drama projects prior to M3, but I look forward to their future film or television projects because their acting really blows me away. So natural and effortless in channeling emotional nuance and making me believe even the most ridiculous of drama scripts.

Our OTP collectively won four awards – Best Couple Award (shared with a few other notable KBS drama couples), Netizens Award for Jang Geun Seok, Female Popularity Award for Moon Geun Young, and she also nabbed a Top Excellence Actress Award  for Cinderella Unni (if you thought it was for M3….tee hee), which she humbly accepted with genuine tears even though these awards are pretty much industry slaps on the back and not much else.


The point of this post? To celebrate a happy end to M3 for Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok, who did the best they could, clearly loved working together for the first but hopefully not the last time, and delivered a drama that did manage to make viewers happy with their performances and the characters they brought to life.

As for their attire – both outfits are utterly snark proof. I love Jang Geun Seok for going with the clean classic tux and tying his long hair back, eschewing his more typical flamboyant style for awards shows for a dashing gentlemanly look. Moon Geun Young’s strapless white dress is perfectly fitted to her lithe figure, and paired with a sleek and simple low ponytail, gives off an understated elegance that is age-appropriate and sexy. All I can say is – wowsa, looks like hiding underneath the mounds of Mae Ri sweaters, scarves, and hats was always a va va va voom little lady. Kang Mu Gyul, you lucky dog, you!

I’m back, but haven’t had a chance to watch the final episode yet. The recap will be up in due course, with my thoughts and closing remarks on M3.

[Credit: all pictures from the respective news agencies as marked, and from Baidu Mary Stayed Out All Night bar]


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  1. Congrats to both Geuns for their hard work and effort. It’s good to know that they are appreciated. Moon look so beautiful tonight and Jang looks handsome, I hope they will have a chance to work together again in the future (both my fingers & toes are crossed).

  2. Welcome back dear ockoala! Hope you had a wonderful vacation…
    Thanks so much for this post!!! Oh, what lovely pictures of our favorite Geun-Geun couple!!!
    Looking forward to your recaps of the last episodes of M3 and for the future posts in the new year!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Awwww…she is so damn gorgeous…and she totally deserved that award for CU…no matter how it turned out….i’m becoming a huge MGY fangirl….i already was a Geun Suk fangirl…though i think he needs to step u his game in the upcoming year….also its good to see him dressed normally for once at a formal event….lol…..Happy New Year Koala!!…hope you’re enjoying your vacation…and yes i hope those to get to do another drama or movie together….maybe something a lot more angsty for a change

  4. Welcome back, dear Captain, and Happy New Year!! ^o^
    The Geuns looked gorgeous, and their interactions off-camera still gives me the flutters ^^ I hope they would work together again in a better project. I don’t mind the universe imploding if I can see/feel their chemistry again lolz

    Will be waiting patiently for your final thoughts about M3 ^^

  5. Wow! It’s the first time in a very long while that I’ve seen JGS in an awards show without wincing. Maybe it’s inversely proportional to the success of his dramas? The more successful his drama, the more wild his outfit is on the red carpet? 😉

    • I think he chose a style that’s 180deg from what Mu Gyul would wear, to separate the actor and the character. MBC 2008, with the fur and leathery suit was something Kang Gun Woo would never wear in his lifetime LOL

  6. I was certainly impressed with what Keun Suk did to try save the sinking ship for ep 16. With only 10 hrs before airing time, add his young age, I must say he’s certainly someone who honestly strives for the best in all that he does. Bravo!

  7. i almost teared looking at JGS’s photos cos he finally looks normal.. and MGY so pretty – hope they’ll have another go at – more successful- project together!

    • yes, yes… looking at them again today.. they are so freaking gorgeous.. love that finally, Suk is doing justice to his own looks by wearing something smart and simple..

      and Moon, wow.. she really looks great, simple elegance.. love that little shiny stud on her right ear and her ponytail.. she looks just perfect 🙂 and her figure now.. just nice ( she was looking anorexic in last year’s awards)

      • She looks lovely. I had no idea she had a figure underneath the 6 layer Mary uniform. And I vaguely remember she looked way too thin in last year’s (??) award ceremony, so this is a huge improvement.

  8. we missed u,dear captain!had a blast watching d KBS awards show last night.JGS looked so dashing *swoon* and MGY was so ethereal.they’re such a beautiul pair.hope they get 2 work again someday.but I hope this year, suk picks a drama that will challenge and showcase his acting chops.

  9. Hi! I’m glad ur back Koala =) Can’t wait to read ur recaps for the last two episodes.

    I just wanna say…I’m glad JGS went with a more traditional look this time around. But then again, no matter what he wears I will always think he is HOT!

    Btw, I saw pix of JGS pointing to himself during MGY’s acceptance speech…does anyone know what that was all about? Thanks =)

    • It’s because MGY was saying her thanks on the stage and haven’t mentioned him. Keun Suk was sitting and smiling at their table when he glanced and saw the camera was looking at him. His playful side took over and he pretended to be angry and pointed at himself, as if saying “me, me, me” LOLZ From fan account, it’s said the audience were laughing seeing his antics, and MGY did mention him later on ^O^

      • I tried listening intently.. but didn’t manage to hear her mention JKS name though.. not sure if she even thanked the rest of the mary cast.. she had to go through 2 drama serial’s worth of people to thank, LOL

        Also read that she mentioned in her speech that a drama’s worth should not be measured based on it’s ratings but should be recognised for the hard work the whole crew puts in etc… atta girl… she is awesome and candid.. my respect for her has increased manifold…

      • Thanks, Shiro and Mooom…I was wondering what that was all about…I really got to learn my Korean with more speed and skill =) but thank u so much for the info!

  10. I’ve decided they’re dressed like that because they’re going to get married on their way home. Followed by some cute holiday babies. It IS New Year’s Eve after all!

    Seriously though, she had to have dressed him or at least heavily influenced him. There’s no other explanation for his awesomely sane and handsome get-up. Unless he was too depressed to put in the thought and energy required to created his previous style of award wear. I like my wedding theory better. I’m sticking with it.

    • LOL! Love both of your theories! 🙂
      Happy New Year LizzyD! Thanks much for your many funny and serious insights on MSOAN, as well as passion for JGS’ fandom. If ever there is a need, please count me in as one of your “reserved army”. As bashful though, I don’t have much skill or bravery but for peace and justice in k-dramaland, I’m willing to help. 🙂 Happy New Year!

  11. I LOVE these two, Jang Geun Suk and Moon Geun Young <3 They look so dashing and adorable together. It's awesome that they are such good friends off set. If they dated in real life, that would be uber cute 😀 I too look forward their future projects.

  12. Gaah this makes me love MGY.I never loved any girl unless Song gye hyo but MGY put me under spell and seing them on the same table makes me go aww.they deserved as best couple.hope in the future god of drama will give them 2nd chance to be in drama together with excelent script.somehow I see MGY wearing a weds dress and JGS wear tux match it,they plan M&M weds at that awards.hmm yes they are newlyweds

      • She got me in my little bride then she had me under her spell on now I have 2 love on girl and believe me I tend to picky to love an acctress

  13. Congratulations to both! The show was such a delight to watch and was so glad that they won some awards ^^ As for the Best Couple award, from the voting website I believe there were around 12 couples as nominees, so I guess the 5 couples who received the most votes won.

    Aww, seeing JKS and MGY interactions during the show and in off-screen pictures makes my GeunGeun heart all giddy. They looked happy throughout the show and the cameraman liked to get them and their reactions for each other on screen, which was cute. So precious together and I noticed that when MGY won the Top Excellent Award, JGS was the first to stand up for her and clap like a proud chagiya. Oh these two.

    JGS said that he’ll go back to his studies in 2011, so that makes him and MGY. Which is good, but pretty sad that their future projects together won’t be anytime in the near future.

  14. Thanks for posting kbs award.
    I am very glad to see happy moment of Jang Keun Suk and Moon Geun Young.
    Congratulation to both of them winning awards at KBS.

  15. hi everyone.. I’m a BIG BIG BIG fan of Jang geun suk.. i love him and I follow all of his dramas, movies etc.. I was just wondering if You’re my Pet will go through this year? any news? I’m really looking forward to it.. I wonder what his next project will be.. anyone knows?? Please.. hehe I’m dying of anticipation.. 😛 Wish he could visit the Philippines so I can see him just once.
    thanks in advance.. and ockoala… I love your recaps, always looking forward in reading it after every episode of Mary stayed out all night. 😀

    • hi donna18!! you’re from the Philippines too?!! 🙂 just like you, i’m also a BIG BIG BIG fan of Jang Geun Suk… nice to know you here..

      To OCKOALA

      Thanks for recapping MSOAN.. and i’m glad i found this site with my same interest.. I enjoy reading all recaps and comments here..

      Congratulations to Geun2 couple!!!

      Godbless everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 😀

      • hi migrap 26! 🙂 yes, i’m happy too that someone from our country’s here.. 🙂 I super love JGS.. of all korean actors, i love JGs the most and of course lee min ho.. hehe.. i am really looking forward for his next project.. and again, hope he can visit the philippines soon.. FIGHTING!!!!! hehe

  16. God bless you, ockoala, for posting the adorable photos of MGY and JGS and for all your posts on your thoughts and feelings on all the episodes of Marry Me, Mary so far!! 😉

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your superlative take on the drama and agree with you on everything – what you like or dislike or loathe or get frustrated over regarding this drama. (”,)

    You have a natural gift with words and I hope you will continue to post your thoughts and feelings on the dramas in 2011 because I will look forward to reading them. (”,)

    I also look forward to reading your review of Marry Me, Mary’s final episode and your final thoughts and feelings.

    Happy 2011!!! May your 2011 be filled with blessings and everything good and fulfilling for you and your loved ones. (”,)

  17. Welcome back captain!!! missed you so much, hope you had good times
    i do love every pic and video of kbs awards. mgy and jgs look awesome together.
    so nice jgs put himself in a nice and elegant outfit for once… and love his hair style too. this guy is so so handsome. i’m expecting their new projects too, hope they’re good and succesful ones
    looking forward for you’re 2 last recaps!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

  18. Welcome back! You were missed. I agree with you about the universe imploding. They are too cute for words. Like you I was impressed that JGS chose to go with the conventional tux. MGY chose well too. I want to believe that MSOAN matured him.
    BTW Kim Hyung Joon always handsome and debonnaire, I agree.
    Happy New Year!

  19. LOL…Only a few days but everybody here misses u so much
    BTW I love their new nicknames in FB: Barbie Boy and Barbie Girl…So cute
    Barbie Boy…
    Barbie Girl…
    Arriving the Red Carpet…
    How I wish they become NewlyWeds hehehe

  20. Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

    Ockoala, hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, glad to see you back!

    Congrats to the MGY and JGS, winners in one way or the other, they look great on the red carpet too

    Their on-screen chemistry as a couple and off-screen chemistry as good friends are both just as endearing

    • Ockoala, can’t wait to see your recap and closing thoughts on MSOAN, I have just finished watching the final ep, will post my final thoughts on MSOAN as well after your recap is up-

  21. Happy New Year !!!

    Love how JGS and MGY looked at the awards show. Only one word can describe JGS that night – HANDSOME. MGY look so Calvin Klein, clean, chic and glowing. Together, they looked the PURRFECT pair!

  22. Just noticed when JGS receiving the award MGY eyes looked exactly the same in episode 14 while JGS is singing…its so sweet like she’s really proud of her chagiya…oh well just observing…we can wish right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. hi ockoala its wonderful to have you coming back and the website being more active and a big Happy New Year 2011 to everyone here. Also MGY looks so gorgeous in her gown and thanks for the person who posted the link of her receiving the award, i really enjoyed watching her receive the award, she is such a wonderful person and your thoughs capture the honesty in her wonderfully and i really can’t wait for her next show. I first watched her in Little Bride but didn’t think much of her until Cinderella Unni and MSOLN, although i have to confess i dropped the latter in the first few episodes beacause the plot was going nowhere. As a big fan of hers i really really wish she picks up another drama this year.

  24. OT : gosh, I just read a translation of a live chat that JKS had with his fans, done a few hours ago.. If the translation was done correctly,

    apparently MG was killed off in epi 15!!!!

    JKS shared abt M3 and how he argued with the actors, director,scriptwriter and the TV station and that the actors changed their lines in their scenes. He talked abt how they practically re-wrote the whole epi 16.. discussed a lot with MGY and KJW.. sorry, i can’t give a full summary..i’m sure it will come out soon enough..

    M3 sounded like a real battlefield.. no wonder they were all looking so exhausted and gaunt…poor things.. so that is why M3 was so schizophrenic… the actors were practically just ad-libbing their way through, it seems…such a great pity…

    a pity I can’t understand korean; i also don’t know where to find the live chat recording ( if any) but here’s a link for those who read mandarin

    • I’m hallucinating, right? That link you just sent me is a joke. It’s gotta be. Either that or JSG is drunk!! hahaha OMG, I have no words. Should I translate this?

      • Thanks LizzyD, please do.. actually I did think if he was intoxicated because the stuff he disclosed abt Mary may be potentially harmful to him, ie KBS blacklisting him for washing their dirty linen in public etc

        but it seems he is really troubled by this whole Mary fiasco and had to share with his eels why the whole drama was so terribly executed.. I feel really bad for the cast…:( I can’t imagine how the writer was planning to end the drama if she had her way..

      • He deserves a drink after this debacle! Heck, I don’t even drink and I want a whole bottle of vodka just reading about it! We should send him several crates of.. whatever his favorite alcohol is. I volunteer to personally deliver it…and hand-feed it to him…along with some cheesecake…also handfed by me. I am a VERY dedicated fangirl.

      • Keun Suk is known to be very honest saying what’s on his mind. Diplomatic but honest ;P
        So that’s what he’s talking about yesterday. He said this long lines when usually during the live broadcast he just joked with fans and sang some songs. Thanks for giving light to this, Lizzy and moom ^^
        I think because of this too that he wants to do a small gathering on Jan 29. He said he wants to impart his last thought about M3, sing Mu Gyul’s songs and welcome the official members of his fanclub (Hope I can go and join you, Suk ^^ *crossing fingers* )

      • @ moom, JKS should be the one who should blacklist KBS and M3 production team for foisting off such a rotten script.

        don’t think he will ever work with those writers again

      • and if KBS thinks their original script is way better than the changes the actors proposed, then, like what JKS said in his live chat, take out the original script and compare it to the revised one.

        let KBS see for themselves what fans and viewers think of their original script if they are so confident theirs is better ….

    • Translation and summary (done very quickly, sorry for typos) by me. Credit to me! Heeheee Original post on baidu sukbar.

      There’s a whole huge long paragraph during which he more or less repeats his previous comments- that he picked this production because he fell in love with the MG character. Now he realizes he can’t be so arrogant (about making decisions) and that besides a good character, you need to make sure it’s a good product overall (ie. script).

      Here’s the part about M3:
      During filming, there were lots of arguments. Arguments between actors, arguments with the station (KBS), arguments with the screenwriter and also with the director.
      During filming, there were many times when I thought, “For this part, I can’t film it like this.” In this way, the actors lines were changed one by one. Of course, it’s not ideal for us to be making up our own lines; but this time, we were facing this type of problem…this kind of dialogue, we…have our own reasons. After seeing episode 15 (script), I was really conflicted. Maybe you guys don’t know, but in episode 15, Mu Gyul dies. When I saw the script, I really couldn’t accept it. I’m not saying I couldn’t play that scene, but I felt it was too….There were only 3 days left and I was still working nonstop to change the script. The actors were doing the same. During ep 16, I went with KJW Hyung to the banquet set up by the fans. Later, episode 16 was completely changed. The morning of filming, I suggested we use Mu Gyul’s car. But the station (KBS) said no. At the end, about one hour beforehand, the finally switched to using Mu Gyul’s car for filming. When we filmed it, I thought it was funny. Jung In was thrown out by his dad, where would he get the money, right?

      (PS. I think he mentions this as an example of the little things he changed that people didn’t even pick up on. It’s true, if JI is tossed out on his butt, where does he have money for a car? That makes sense that they used MG’s car at the end to go to those promotional activities).

      The next part is about the scene where his mom makes him the bean paste soup. I can translate it later if anyone is interested. Basically, he changed this whole scene (and sounds very proud of himself, rightfully so) because he felt that the way it was written- a mother would never talk like that (he says). So after discussing it with the director and “other seniors” (not sure who he’s referring to, but someone above the writer I’m sure), it was changed and the flashback with Mary was added and the mom’s lines were changed.

      I loved this scene by the way. Sigh. I am once again very upset and sad for all of the actors, and the director as well. I am not going to respond to the writer attempting to !#!@$!@#!@ KILL HIM OFF because it’s bad for my heart and raises my blood pressure. I worship on the JSG altar, I do. (Fangirl AND real girl talking)

      • wow you’re fast.. Thanks so much

        there is a later part where he talks abt re-writing epi 16. what did he say abt MGY and KJW? he discussed or argued with them abt it? I just feel so sad thinking that the actors may have fought abt the plot.. cos if it was the original and MG died, KJW will get the girl.. so I wonder if all three were in agreement abt it..

      • lizzyD, you just killed me with your cheescake and alcohol comment … yes, do hand feed him… he sounds quite lonely and depressed and would prob be very happy to have a lovely young lady like yourself for company.. you are just too adorable..:)

      • Thank you very much. Yes, bean paste episode too, please.

        Yeah, I totally worship JKS and the WTF! thing about M3 is that I can’t even re-watch it ( to cope with withdrawal/loss) even though I miss Mugyul to death.

      • Oh, and I am so happy that JKS loved Mugyul enough to defend Mugyul’s life ! Seriously, WTF did the writer drink, snort or inhale??? Yeah, NO WAY can MG die!!!

    • I know this is off topic…but just wanted to know what site JKS uses to chat live with is fans? And do only OFC members chat with him or non members also? Really curious…

  25. Here’s the rest. Again, translated by me.

    Next, in regards to Mu Gyul and his mom’s parts. It became a hopeless situation. (I think he means they wrote it so badly it couldn’t really be fixed). Mu Gyul seemed to become really petty and how could Mom say those kinds of words? With these questions in mind, I went and discussed with my seniors and also the director. We decided to change that woman’s (his mom) scenes and even Mary’s scenes were changed. While eating the bean paste soup, Mu Gyul thought about the bean paste soup Mary once made for him. In addition, facing this, his emotions exploded. Although his eyes filled with tears, absolutely…
    Why does Mom like ice cream– a grown-up kid? Oh, an adult who’s kind of like a kid, a little like that. An immature adult? Yes, an immature adult. Let’s make a comparison between the soup made by the immature adult Mother and the soup made by Mary. Mom’s soup tastes really bad. Even though eating it is difficult, but the feelings he has for Mary, although he remembers all of it, he can’t go back to her side. That’s why he forced himself to eat the soup. Based on this (these ideas), I changed the script.
    There were many other similar occasions, even though I can’t list them all here. From doing all this, I really learned a lot. Through this drama, I really learned a lot, and tried many new things. Because of this, I am not blaming anyone (translator note: don’t worry baby, we’ll do all the blaming and murdering for you!) Yes, I don’t blame anyone. I just think that the respective opinions were different. Since we all had our own ideas, at that instant and moment, because of the differing opinions, this lead to a very pitiful end product. But it’s a product all the actors worked really hard on and learned a lot from.

    In a happy life, you may come to different realizations. There are lots of attacks (or setbacks) and unknowns. In truth, I learned this once again through this production of Marry Me Mary. So, I’m not going to do things the way other people want. I’m not going to just do what people have prepared for me. The reason I can’t become arrogant is because of these reasons. Actually, there are lots of things I want to say, but most likely there won’t be time to say it. There’s very little time for us to have a discussion. That’s why today, we’re having this special get-together. As we say goodbye to this TV series, I wanted to do this (have this fanmeet and talk) for everyone.
    What I wanted to do created a lot of changes. In fact in ep 16, there were lots of different occasions. From Geung Young, I accepted/received a lot. KJW Hyung also listened to me say a lot. If there’s a chance in the future, take the original script for ep 16 and compare it to the one I made. It would be very interesting to see them side by side.

    • Thanks LizzyD, for translating. Omg wow, it does sound like a nightmare. he would have never thought that the script would have turned out like this. I loved that the did what he thought was best for his character and the show. Seriously though what was that writer and KBS thinking. Really thinking maybe the writer change screwed things up even worse. So so proud of him though and guess he really feels responsible to his fans for the end product and wanted to explain why it ended up the way it did.

  26. No wonder he’s so depressed. I’m depressed just translating it!! @#!@$@!#!@#!@$!@#@$%#$R@#$%#$^#^#$ Are you listening, writer?? I’m talking to you!!!

    I was wondering why he was so subdued during the awards ceremony and now I can see why. It sounded like a complete nightmare. On the one hand, I’m proud of him for speaking up for himself and the other actors. But, I’m not sure they’re going to thank him for it. And the studio + crew cannot be happy with these comments. I can’t decide from his comments if he means next time (hopefully there won’t be), he’ll speak up sooner? And it does seem like there was some conflict between the actors as far as ideas/directions as well. That’s why there’s supposed to be a screenwriter! Because actors are generally going to side with their characters and have different ideas of how they should portray them.

    • Hi LizzyD,

      Thanks for the translation. This news is a little saddening to me too. I hope JGS is alright. But I did wonder why I did not see other cast members of M3 in last night’s KBS Drama Awards night. Hopefully, it is not because of some lingering internal conflict among M3 cast and production members…I hope peace and harmony prevail.

    • Thank you very much for translating.

      Yeah, he was very subdued at the awards ceremony. The thing which made me sad was that M3 could’ve been great..and they could’ve gotten more awards. I think it was sad that JKS didn’t get an acting award–well, realistically, that would’ve been a far shot. I hope that his next project will be better.

      Btw, I’m thinking that the next Baeksang popularity awards may turn out to be controversial…in a way, it would be good if Yoochun wins ( as opposed to having another JKS vs KHJ mini-war– I love both of them to death)…oh, there’s Lee Seunggi, Lee Minho and the Baker guy too…

      • And it’s NOT good if Yoochun wins. If it’s not JSG, I want for my other boyfriend Yoo Ah In. Ok? Thanks.

    • Yes, M3 BTS must have been a complete nightmare to JKS and actors. To be presented with a senseless script and MG-dying-in-Ep-15 ending that does not deliver on all its earlier sweet promises, no wonder JKS feels very conflicted.

      JKS is JKS – i am proud of him, and admire his guts for standing up for what he believes in. who cares if the rest thank him or hate him for it? i do think that JKS is right in doing what he has done for M3 – the writers and KBS can go to hell for all i care.

      The script IS the responsibility of the scriptwriter. The writers have failed so abysmally, leaving the actors floundering and trying their best to keep the drama going. i am not a know-all drama person, but surely it is not normal procedure for actors to turn scriptwriter in order to save the sinking ship?

  27. I think he grew up (wised up) with MSOAN. I applaud him for taking the steering wheel of this out of control car and bringing the car to a complete stop right before the edge of that cliff. I read that he did not expect to win any awards and was startled when they called his name. I didn’t know romantic comedies involved death.

    • Actually, I didn’t translate that part but that’s exactly what he said. He said that based on the reactions, he really didn’t expect any awards and was shocked when they called his name. He said that he is even more appreciative of the precious award because he knows that it was due to his fans voting for him. He thanked everyone for a good long while.

    • Yep definitely applaud him for doing all he did to save the script. I also didn’t realize that a romantic comedy had death in it. Well his fans realize that he did the best he could in his circumstances and love that he really appreciates it.

  28. When Mary received her award and started crying and thanking people (from Cinderella’s sister), JSG jokingly pounded the table and pointed at himself to indicate she should thank him. She didn’t. This is what she said instead: (translated from Baidu Chinese translation at the Mary site):

    No matter what the situation or circumstances are, when the production team and actors go through a lot of sufferings together, it improves the path of their relationship. The director works very hard in producing the drama. Lots of unexpected situations and problems occur during filming, but everyone worked very hard to make changes. I believe that by judging a drama based solely on ratings, you’re overlooking the valuable results of the suffering, sacrifices, and creativity that go into producing the drama. Although Marry Me Mary had low ratings, I think that through everyone’s hard effort, we were able to turn in a satisfactory end product. We can say without regrets: “The hard work put in by the production crew, actors, and broadcasters is worthy of recognition.”

    Good for her! She’s a lot more diplomatic than my (ok fine, OUR) boy, but she still got her point across. Seems like KBS wasn’t too nice to them after the ratings tanked? I wonder if funding was cut towards the end too. That would cause additional problems.

    • KBS should shoot themselves in the head – it was because of their own inability to deliver a sound script that caused the ratings to dive, not because of those actors who were struggling with the rotten script. #@!#&%!! WTF!

      So mad with KBS!!!!!!!

    • I do love how diplomatic she is being but yes what was KBS even thinking? This whole thing is just so horrible for the actors. They should not have to accept such a script and they did the best they could to save the end product. So mad at them.

  29. A million thanks for you to translate this, LizzyD. I’ve never been more proud of my (ok, our…) Keun Suk. I hope I can hold myself when I see him on Wednesday ;P
    And I’ve never been more inclined to go to Seoul and mince the writer to a paste. AGHHHHH

    The writer must really have all of her brain removed!! To kill off Mu Gyul, how many people would watch ep 16?? So the guy she loved died and MaeRi directly hopped to Jung In’s arms?? How does that make MaeRi look? Does she not know it’s a romantic comedy, not a melodrama?? No words for this writer. I’ll NEVER EVER watch her drama again…

    • shiro, you’re seeing JKS on Wednesday?????

      same here. please let me know the names of those 2 writers and i’ll avoid their works as if they have the plague of the century ….

      • Keun Suk is being appointed a representative of Ole Candies in Thailand, and he would go there for CF filming, press conference, and small meet n greet session starting Jan 5.
        And yeah, I’m going there to see him ;P

        Jnt1024: if it’s like last year, Cri J doesn’t announce your status. You go to the OFC and try opening up schedule or his message. If you can, then you’re upgraded. Usually it takes a week after you left your comment. is his official website (OFC). is the fanclub. Staff posted notices, schedules, pics, videos at OFC, and Keun Suk left his messages at cri-j. Your membership status is valid for both sites, and you register through the OFC.
        Navigating through cri-j is confusing at first, but once you know where everything is, the site is pretty cool ^.^

        haru: it was like a podcast. Usually he talks, chats, sings, plays music through a website, and we have to download a certain file (which usually was given in the comment of his message) or registered through the broadcast website to listen to him.
        The event on Jan 29 (which would be held at MelonAX hall, where YB concerts were filmed) would be a small gathering between him and the eels. He said he would talk about his final thought of M3, sing Mu Gyul’s songs, and welcome the official members of Cri J. The details of this event would be announced later.

    • @Shiro: You’re going to see JKS on Wed????!!! I’m sooo jealous! Now I’m wishing that I lived in Korea or at least in Asia where JKS has his fan meetings. Btw, I applied for OFC membership thru since I’m a foreign fan but haven’t been able to access all parts of the site =( I’ve wired my membership fee and everything. Do you know how I could get a hold of a staff member to inquire about my membership status? Also, i know JKS has another official webpage which is all in Korean so I can’t understand or navigate through the site very well. I tried to register on that site but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I know that JKS posts most of his messages on that site…when I get my official member status will I have access to that site also? Thanks for any info or help you could give me in advance!

    • …just wanted to ask… so, JKS went on a radio show or was it a podcast? will the AX Korea thing on the 29th be an online radio only thing? How does it work technically–is it like skype?

      • shiro said it’s a podcast that can be downloaded once you’re a paid member of the official website.

        The MelonAX event on 29 Jan is a face-to-face meeting with fans in Seoul, just a meeting with talk/interaction. It’s not a concert, no performances etc. After the talk session will be a Lounge H party.

        Not sure how it’s going to be like, being at a party with JKS!

      • Partying with Keun Suk is unbelievable. His party/DJ persona is so much different from his other sides. The Japanese eels said he’s a WhitePrinceSuk during the FM, but he’s a BlackKnightSuk during Lounge H. And I wholeheartedly agree ^O^

      • Shiro- very intriguing, please tell us abt BlackKnightSUk.. is he very dark and scary in Lounge H? 😛

      • Not dark and scary… I don’t know how to describe it lolz… unlike the FMs, he didn’t have to maintain his image in Lounge H. So it’s all him. He’s wild and hot and the live of the party.

        I went to his South Africa in Lounge H (during World Cup season) in Seoul, and it’s amazing to see how he shouldered all the responsibility in making sure the party was as smooth and exciting as possible. Seeing him walking back and forth instructing the staff, looking over the floor plan and adjusting this and that, greeting the media and his personal friends, it was captivating… lolz ;P (and even more amazing was how the fans never once tried to bother him or touch him even when he’s not even a meter away. They looked and they squealed whenever he walked past, but never blocking or hindering him from doing his job)

    • Shiro, u are soooo lucky to be attending that even with Sukkie…I would give ANYTHING just to breathe the same air as him for one night, ANYTHING! Sigh…maybe someday I will make it to Korea and hopefully he will have a fan meeting or event that I could attend. A Lounge H event sounds AWESOME! I wanna party with Keun Suk =)
      BTW, I went to the OFC and I still don’t have acces =( I received confirmation that the bank transfer was received last week. I’m a bit worried…

  30. WoW!they must have suffered a lot.Why must Mu Gyul die in ep 15?!Even though I don’t mind sad ending,but in rom-com this shouldn’t be happened.ARR!!thinking about this make me feel angry!!Good that JKS changed it.He is smart.^^
    Hope the nightmares will disappear quickily for him.OPPA!hwaiting!!

    btw,I heard that he will be studying again in university.It will be his final year right?
    I really want to see him with Academic dress.LOL

  31. baidusukbar is a saviour.

    The KBS awards ceremony with English / Chinese subtitles (JKS cut).


  32. Thanks LizzyD! I’m even a bigger fan after reading the translations you posted, the guy’s awesome…

    Now for the award show, they both look stunning, especially MGY, her dress is fabulous!

  33. thanks LizzyD for the traduction, you’re my hero. shocking news indeed. to kill mg would’ve been a crime, she must be punished by never hiring her again in dramaland. i hate you writer!!!
    jgs i’m always by your side, i respect you so much, bravo jgs for standing your mg. to think of all the hard times he and the other actors had endured… no surprise they all look tired and wasted on the bts
    btw shiro: lucky you!!!! i live in venezuela so i know i never ever get the chance of seeing him, but i’m glad for the ones like you who can
    too much information for my tired brain, to think i have to work tomorrow…. 🙁

  34. shiro from your post…..
    Keun Suk is being appointed a representative of Ole Candies in Thailand, and he would go there for CF filming, press conference, and small meet n greet session starting Jan 5.
    And yeah, I’m going there to see him ;P

    Please tell me more detail…I want to see him too, I’m in BKK.
    Thanks so much.

    • He would arrive at BKK at 5 55 pm on Jan 5. I think he might have a filming to do on Jan 6. On Jan 7 Ole would have a welcoming party for him. 500 eels who bought Ole t-shirt can join in this party. And he would have press conference on Jan 8. I think you have to make and register a lightboard to enter the press conference. Then 100 lucky people would get to join his Meet and Greet.

      To be 1 of the lucky 100, there are 3 ways: (1) make a lightboard and join the lightboard contest (deadline Jan 4)(50 winners) (2) accumulate points by buying Ole products (deadline was on Dec 31)(45 winners) (3) upload pics to Ole Winkyeye website and asked for votes (deadline was on Dec 31)(5 winners)
      The 5 people who get the highest points for the lightboard contest would win dwaejitokki and get his autograph. The 1 person with the highest Ole point would get to take pic together with him.

  35. LizzyD, love your theory about they’re gonna get married on their way home, but somehow, I got the feeling that they already married before they went to the event… >_’

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