Mary Stayed Out All Night Episode 15-16 Recap

The Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) Roller Coaster has finally come to a complete stop, ladies and the occasional gentleman. This was one wild ride, and I feel mentally drained from the combination of the crazy on top of the mind-boggling.

Watching a live drama has its drawbacks, one of which is the inability to predict the trajectory of the drama journey. M3 encapsulates the worst feeling that can befall of fan of any live drama – when the writing, directing, or acting goes into the crapper, your guts get yanked out of you and you feel like shit.

I know that legions of folks have already jumped off M3 prior to its second half, but for those of us who stuck around for one reason or another (okay, one reason only, the amazing Geun-Geun once in a lifetime coupling), it becomes an internal struggle to find the silver lining.

When I watched episode 15 and 16 together, it created a bookend of sorts, taking the drama into wholly unpalatable insane territories before coming in for a safe landing. I can’t deny that the second half had been losing steam for me, rather quickly to be honest, and only the desire to see where the drama took Mu Gyul and Mae Ri (and finish the recaps) did I stick around.

I don’t regret it, but my heart was no longer thumping wildly week to week, building up momentum for an awesome ending that I knew was surely never to come. Surprisingly, the actual ending (the final sequence of events) was completely lovely and reflected the mood and affection of the magical chemistry between the OTP. It was a shame that neither writer 1 nor writer 2 understood or could deliver the script that was worthy of this very rare collaborative opportunity between the two top-acting K-stars of the same generation.

In the business world, there is a phrase called “I2E”, which is shorthand for “idea-to-execution.” A good strategy requires both a solid idea coupled with a well-thought out and well-implemented execution of said idea. Neither could succeed without the other. A drama is much the same way – a great idea needs proper execution to become a successful drama.

M3 failed wholly on the execution portion in my mind. No one knew how to execute this thing. By haphazardly stacking random plot points and throwaways scenes one on top of the other, the drama never had traction, finally getting eaten alive by a rush to find plot when there was never any.

We had lovely characters (Mu Gyul and Mae Ri), intriguing (on paper) second leads (Seo Jun and Jung In), and a pretty wacky but fun concept (double marriages with careers and futures on the line). Except for the Mae Ri and Mu Gyul part, nothing else was properly developed. In the end, it devoured even the characters of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul, turning them temporarily into caricatures forced to act out an emotion that never rang true to their early incarnations.

That was upsetting to watch, seeing characters I love acting in ways I couldn’t accept. Thankfully, episode 16 managed to wrangle an ending that I do appreciate, even if Mu Gyul had to run all over Seoul to get there. M3 might really be qualitatively one of the worst written dramas I’ve ever watched, but I choose to continue to love it because I accept that what made me happy came with the aforementioned shortcomings.

Episode 15 Recap:

The episode opens not with the frozen hug tableau but moments later. Jung In opens up the ring box to find Mae Ri’s ring’s inside. Mu Gyul is storming down the street while Mae Ri runs after him, pleading with him to listen to her. She tries to explain that she was resolving things with Jung In, but he won’t listen to her reasons. He asks her what type of resolving her situation with Jung In she was doing in the middle of an embrace. He walks away from her, needing time alone to stew in this sudden onslaught of anger and jealousy.

Mae Ri heads back to Mu Gyul’s apartment, finding it still empty. She gets a call, hoping that its Mu Gyul, but its their friends who have gathered together to celebrate the holiday. They invite her out, but she declines, saying that she has to wait for Mu Gyul. They can tell that her voice sounds off, and worry that the couple had a fight.

Mu Gyul takes the bus home, and he’s recognized by the other passengers who not-so-subtlely take pictures of him, which leads him to get off the bus. Mae Ri looks around the apartment, spying the curtain that she tied back with a heart shaped tie, leading her to recall Mu Gyul asking flirtatiously for his present to be curtain removal surgery.

She turns around when she hears him come home. He ignores her, but she pleasantly tries to pretend everything is going to be okay. She continues to explain herself, that she asked Jung In for a divorce. Except Mu Gyul refuses to process a single word she says, allowing his own hurt to overwhelm Mae Ri’s sincerity and honesty. He blows up at her – telling her that he’s sold out his musical style for her (WTF!?! Kang Mu Gyul, your lack of logic blows my mind since you made the choice to sign with JI Entertainment yourself).

He asks her what Jung In means to her, and accuses her of being a stranger to him today. He asks her to leave, telling her that he needs some time alone. Mae Ri leaves, and my sanity goes with her. This entire sequence of events (from the hug to this moment) makes ZERO sense. None whatsoever. Not in terms of logic, character consistency, or even plot development.

One single back hug is enough for Mu Gyul to doubt Mae Ri? I refuse to swallow this bag of baloney the writer concocted purely for angst and conflict. It was not like he caught Mae Ri hugging Jung In, which would be a whole nother bag of tricks. Her allowance of his hug may be hard to stomach from a jealousy perspective, but nowhere warrants the level of pissed-off-martyr syndrome Mu Gyul is acting out. All courtesy of the writer’s pen. Sigh.

Mu Gyul sits down, finally noticing the things that Mae Ri prepared. He’s in such a snit that he just rips the decorations off the wall. Mu Gyul’s mom sees the wedding invitations for Jung In and Mae Ri’s marriage, and she runs off to tell Mu Gyul. Mu Gyul at least has the decency and semblance of his normal brain back, and defends Mae Ri as not a two-timing golddigger to his mom.

Mu Gyul tells his mom to move out of Mae Ri’s house because he already paid back the ring. She calls Mae Ri’s dad to gloat, and throws in a dig about him selling his daughter off. Mae Ri comes home, and her dad can tell that something is wrong. Mae Ri tells her dad that she asked Jung In for a divorce, which makes her dad upset again. She finally loses her temper at her dad, asking him to please not start this discussion again today, she is bone tired and wants to rest.

Mae Ri goes back to her room and blinks back her tears. Jung In sits in his darkened bedroom, deep in thought. Poor Jung In. I really do love the potential his character has, and how much charisma Kim Jae Wook imbues his flimsy construct of a character with. The next morning, Mu Gyul goes to confront Jung In at work.

He accuses Jung In of having a game plan from the start – having Mae Ri try on wedding dresses, passing out wedding invitations, Jung In was clearly planning to forcefully have this wedding one way or another. Jung In candidly tells Mu Gyul that the wedding preparation is purely his father’s work. When Mu Gyul asks Jung In whether he loves Mae Ri, Jung In hesitates for a moment, and replies that he cannot deny it.

Mu Gyul’s face freezes while Jung In asks him not to misunderstand Mae Ri, who only went to see Jung In at his behest. Jung In hands Mu Gyul his upcoming schedule, and Mu Gyul quits and walks out. Mae Ri leaves the house the next morning, and has a rational conversation with her father. Loser daddy asks her to seriously consider marrying Jung In, since love and marriage are different things in reality and he just wants her to be happy.

Mae Ri goes to the bookstore, her refuge in times of emotional turmoil. Jung In joins her, but sits a few stacks away without alerting her to his presence. Mae Ri turns around and sees him, but he’s called away due to the office being unable to find Mu Gyul for his upcoming performance engagements. Mr. Sulky Rocker is off playing angry guitar with his band mates looking on.

His electric guitar strings are pulled, as Jung In finds his rival and star asset. He accuses Mu Gyul of being irresponsible (and might I add – unreasonable, self-absorbed, and immature – but this is only the episode 15 incarnation of Mu Gyul, and not my impression of his character for the first 14 episodes). Jung In thinks that if Mae Ri likes a guy as irresponsible of Mu Gyul, then perhaps he really has a chance with her?

Jung In tells Mu Gyul that he cannot hand Mae Ri over to a guy like Mu Gyul, which leads the latter to question what right Jung In has any right to dictate where Mae Ri goes. Jung In asks Mu Gyul to consider what he needs to do in order for Jung In to decide to give up Mae Ri. Ooh, gauntlet thrown. Too bad it has such little emotional impact at this stage. All of the writer’s attempts at emotional conflict ring false and lacks any real tension.

The friends plan to bring Mu Gyul and Mae Ri together so they can resolve their issues. Mu Gyul arrives first and sees the romantical gestures strewn around, easily guessing the true reason he was asked to come. He turns around and leaves, running into Mae Ri right outside the restaurant. She tries to talk with him, but he shuts her down cold. Kang Mu Gyul, you are such an ass of the first order.

Mu Gyul goes home and kicks a box on the ground, and out spills the hair conditioner Mae Ri bought as a present for him. Seo Jun calls Mu Gyul out for a drink, telling him that she covered for his absence today. She realizes that Mu Gyul is in a shitty mood and wonders if he had a fight with Jung In. She encourages him to attend the company work shop tomorrow.

Mae Ri has been asked to attend the work shop as well. When she arrives at the bus, all the company employees have received wedding invitations and acknowledge her as their boss’ fiancée. They urge the couple to sit together, and take pictures of them. Jung In falls asleep on the bus and his head repeatedly rests on Mae Ri’s shoulder despite her attempts to move it back.

Mu Gyul is at home sulking. Gee, what else is new today? Seo Jun is with the band mates, and call Mu Gyul to urge him to attend the work shop. He refuses. Seo Jun confronts Mae Ri at the work shop, and accuses her of continuing to hurt Mu Gyul and making his life difficult from the moment he met her. She asks Mae Ri to end it with Mu Gyul.

Mae Ri walks off and heads up the mountain for a walk. By the way, I am coining a new phrase today. Henceforth, every time a drama writer makes a character do something pointless and random to create plot angst, I will call that plot device “X goes up a mountain.” Jung In sees Mae Ri and follows her mountain trek, which allows Mae Ri to reflect back on her memories with Mu Gyul.

When she gets to the top of the mountain, she takes a deep breath and screams out words that really she needs to yell into Kang Mu Gyul’s ears and not into thin air. She tells him that she is sorry, for making his life so difficult. The fake marriage, the living together, it was all because of her. She wants to live happily together with him, but perhaps she is asking for too much. She apologizes again, and crouches down sobbing.

Jung In watches her declaration and breakdown, and his look registers a man who has made a decision and is happy about it. He helps her up, and they walk back down the mountain. Seo Jun calls Mu Gyul to tell him that Mae Ri and Jung In have been missing for a few hours now, likely lost in the mountains. Seo Jun wonders if it’s because of what she said to Mae Ri. No, it’s because of what the writer wants to do for plot’s sake.

Mu Gyul cabs it to the work shop retreat, and joins in the search party. Mae Ri and Jung In are lost but calmly making their way back in the dark. Mae Ri trips and Jung In grabs her as they roll down an incline and his head strikes a rock. Jung In is out cold and Mae Ri calls around for help.

Mu Gyul arrives and starts his own search, finding Mae Ri huddled over Jung In, trying to keep him warm. Lovely way to pour more fire on the Mu Gyul-Mae Ri misunderstanding angst, writer-shhi! (*psst, I hate you*).

Jung In is unconscious in the hospital and Mae Ri is watching over him. Mu Gyul is at the hospital and watches Mae Ri leave Jung In’s hospital room but doesn’t approach her. He goes home, and his mom has made stew for him to eat.

It tastes terrible, but Mu Gyul eats its regardless, stabbing at the food and thinking back at his time eating the same but delicious food with Mae Ri. He swallows the tears with the food, and my heart hurts for what the stupid writer is doing by making Mu Gyul unnecessarily angsty.

Seo Jun and the rest of JI Entertainment is doing their best to keep the drama production going and make sure no one jumps ship. Mu Gyul asks Seo Jun to dissolve his contract with JI Entertainment, and even she is sick and tired of his attitude. She accuses him rightfully of bailing. What upset her about their failed relationship is that Mu Gyul didn’t even confirm his suspicions before dumping her. She asks Mu Gyul not to so the same thing to Mae Ri. Seo Jun as the sole voice of reason? This episode has officially entered the Twilight Zone of M3 territory.

Turns out that Jung In should be awake, but no one can understand why he’s still unconscious. My guess? Because Kim Jae Wook is refusing to act out his scenes anymore, hence he was put into a coma. I would if I were him. And if Mu Gyul goes abroad in the next scene, we’ll all know why that happened. Bonus points if Mae Ri has full facial reconstructive surgery and the entire episode 16 is played by another actress because Moon Geun Young has quit. The dedication and professionalism of the M3 cast is truly commendable.

Mu Gyul has come to see Mae Ri at the hospital. Not to resolve his misunderstanding, that would be too quick and painless. He first apologizes for ignoring her and being so pigheaded. But he has come to give her an ultimatum. Either Jung In or himself, and Mae Ri must choose right now. As opposed to later in the day or when the other dude who risked his life to save her is not teetering on death’s door.

She explains that she feels terrible about what happened to Jung In, and can’t just abandon him at the hospital. Yes, that would be called human kindness and sensitivity, which Mae Ri has by the truckload. Therefore, Mae Ri is unable to answer his dumb trick question, and Mu Gyul turns and stalks off. Hey Kang Mu Gyul, I hope I see the real you back in episode 16, as opposed to the Bizarro world version of you.

Episode 16 Recap:

After Mu Gyul storms off, Mae Ri gets a call that Jung In has awoken. Woah, so this whole convo would have been moot had either of them taken a bathroom break before running into each other? Oh drama writer, you have truly outdone yourself in constructing utterly meaningless plot contrivances yet again.

Mae Ri runs back to Jung In’s hospital room, where the formerly unconscious one is looking so wan and gorgeous laying on that bed. I’ll be your nursemaid, Jung In! He asks to speak with Mae Ri privately. Back at the apartment, Mu Gyul is taking down all of the knick knacks that belong to Mae Ri. Wow, for a laid back dude, you sure do purge really fast.

Jung In speaks with his father, and asks once again whether this wedding is really necessary. He says the bride is not ready, and devil daddy says that she will be ready after the wedding. His thinking resembles logic as much as France is in the shape of a boot. Jung In confesses that he does love Mae Ri, which is why he wants her to be happy. Hallelujah, finally somebody understands what loving another person means.

Jung In worries that if he marries Mae Ri, she will not be happy, and they will end up even more unfortunate than devil daddy and Jung In’s mom’s unfortunate marriage. Devil daddy refuses to behave like a rational human being, and persists in the wedding.

Mae Ri runs to Mu Gyul’s apartment, telling him that THIS is her answer. He drops everything and grabs her for a body embrace, thanking her for coming. Even though it’s late, they wish each other a Merry Christmas.

You know the drama is rushed for time when the very next second Mu Gyul gets a call from Jung In to come and see him in the hospital. A reconciliation that calls for a make-out session is thereby thwarted. Damn you, writer who refuses to give me boating!

Devil daddy calls loser daddy to inform him in the same breath that Jung In is awake and the wedding is imminent. Even loser daddy is taken aback by this rush to the altar. Jung In thanks Mu Gyul for coming, telling him that he plans to go through with the wedding. But this will be Jung In’s way of having a honorable rivalry with Mu Gyul for Mae Ri. Mu Gyul doesn’t quite understand the circular logic, but Jung In tells him that he is being sincere.

Mae Ri is called home to prepare for the wedding. Loser daddy tells her that her mom married for love but was unable to be happy and live a long life. He wants his daughter to not have the same fate befall her.

Mu Gyul is at the apartment playing the guitar when Mae Ri texts him. She asks for three days to resolve things with Jung In, and asks him to trust her. He agrees, and they plan to meet at the playground in three days time.

Mae Ri and Jung In prepare for their wedding. Mu Gyul is oblivious to the impending nuptials and is at the playground performing when the friends find him and tell him to go stop the wedding. He’s initially incredulous but finally runs off through the snowy Seoul streets to play the part of the “I object” boyfriend.

Except when he arrives and takes one look at Mae Ri standing at the altar with Jung In, giving him a soft smile, his heart crumples and he leaves. When Mu Gyul’s eye fill with tears as his guts gets torn out of him, Jang Geun Seok’s acting is pitch perfect in the littlest of details. Mu Gyul’s early departure means that he misses the real show.

During the exchange of vows, Jung In speaks up that he cannot marry Mae Ri. The marriage was arranged by their parents, but they have chosen another path for themselves.

They walk off hand-in-hand to the outraged glances of devil daddy and the concerned looks of loser daddy. I wish this moment had more impact and oomph, but M3 has pretty much killed all momentum and subtlety with all its plot circles that I’m just relieved this forced marriage plot is finally over.

Mae Ri changes out of her wedding dress and heads out to find Mu Gyul. Jung In can only see her run off to find Mu Gyul, knowing that he is doing the right thing for all three of them, but only he ends up with the short end of the stick.

Mu Gyul goes home and wallows in his misery by crawling into bed. Seo Jun comes to rouse him, and gets a “get out of here” for her effort. She’s calmly informs him that the wedding was dramatically called off by the two participants, who not only didn’t get married, actually ended up signing divorce papers.

Jung In goes to discuss the aborted wedding with devil daddy, and reveals that he knows the insistence that Mae Ri wed Jung In is solely to satisfy devil daddy’s transferred desire to fulfill his own unrequited love of Mae Ri’s mother. Loser daddy happens to overhear this conversation, and that puts an end to any of his desire to have his daughter marry Jung In.

Mu Gyul runs to the playground to find Mae Ri waiting for him at the slide. He apologizes to her – telling her that it wasn’t she whom he did not trust, it was himself.

They tearfully hug, and head back to the apartment to warm up. Mae Ri confesses that Jung In concocted the dramatic wedding present as a way for Mae Ri and Mu Gyul to publicly be together. Otherwise everyone will think Mae Ri is cheating on Jung In.

Mu Gyul smiles, and ask Mae Ri to close her eyes. She teasingly asks whether he’s planning to trick her again, but complies nonetheless. Mu Gyul takes out the cat necklace he bought for her, and she’s delighted to receive the gift, giving her boyfriend a kiss on the cheek.

I love the return of affectionate Mu Gyul and Mae Ri, which just reinforces yet again how manufactured the conflict has been for the last episode and a half to keep these two apart for reasons that are contrary to the relationship they have developed.

Mae Ri leaves the next morning, having fixed breakfast for a still sleeping Mu Gyul. I refuse to believe these two didn’t sleep together last night. That is my story and I am sticking to it. Mae Ri goes home and her dad has finally stopped insisting that his daughter marry a rich guy she’s barely known, and is finally accepting responsibility and awareness of a disaster averted by the aborted wedding. She calls Mu Gyul, and expresses worry about Jung In’s situation. Mu Gyul teases her about her concern for her ex-husband in front of her boyfriend.

Jung In gets kicked out of the house, and he goes to sleep and work at the office. It’s so uncomfortable that he decides to invite himself to move in with Mu Gyul. His spacious office vs Mu Gyul’s basement garage apartment? Whatever, who am I to look an irrational gift horse in the mouth. Commence Jung In-Mu Gyul roommate hijinks.

Actually, it’s more of a low key rivals/colleagues/pseudo-friends dynamic. Jung In doesn’t want to sleep on the sofa, because he can only sleep on a bed. He suggests a curtain dividing the bed, and is shot down by Mu Gyul who uses the same words back to Jung In – my house, my rules. Jung In grudgingly complies.

Jung In ends up playing manager to Mu Gyul, as they drive the rickety van to all the engagements, bickering along the way. Jung In also has to help ward off screaming fans. I would totally be pawing at both guys. When they get home, Mae Ri is surprised to see Jung In, and both are rather awkward around each other. She offers for Jung In to eat dinner with them.

At the office, Seo Jun wonders why Jung In let Mae Ri go. Isn’t loving someone holding on to them. Perhaps Jung In wants success more than love, and holding onto Mu Gyul as a meal ticket is more profitable. Jung In replies that he just want to be independent, in love and in his career. It’s time he stepped away from his father’s dictates. Bravo, Jung In!

Mae Ri sees Mu Gyul’s performance on TV, and notes that he’s too skinny. She resolves to go catch a chicken, which she then makes samgaetang (ginseng chicken soup) for all three of them to eat.

She gives Mu Gyul her drumstick, and when Jung In looks on a tad enviously, Mu Gyul gives him a date from his bowl. Jung In then offers Mu Gyul some kimchee, which he declines, and then Jung In hilariously dumps a saucer of salt into Mu Gyul’s chicken soup while Mu Gyul hisses at him.

Afterward dinner, Mae Ri is reading on the swing, Mu Gyul is playing darts, and Jung In is checking the news on his tablet. Jung In gets a call that Wonderful Day is a success, and both congratulate Jung In. The boys shake hands.

A bus passes by with a Wonderful Day poster on its side. Mae Ri and Jung In’s divorce decree is approved by the courts. The gang host a party to celebrate their divorce.

One year later, and Mae Ri is filming a couple discussing love and marriage, and the couple get into a fight on camera. Mae Ri walks away from the screaming couple, as she voiceovers, wondering whether a couple in love has only marriage as a happy ending. She has been using this topic to write a script, which is keeping her exceedingly busy.

She looks up and sees Jung In standing there, and damn the boy looks FINE! Jung In tells her that his dad is back in the country, and is doing much better, and has asked about her. Looks like father-son have reconciled. A guy calling Mae Ri sunbae comes over and wonders who Jung In is. Both confirm that Jung In is Mae Ri’s ex-husband.

At first the guy doesn’t believe her, and finally says that he won’t let Mae Ri’s divorced status influence him. He has written a song for her. Mae Ri smiles and says she’s got quite a few songs written for her. Jung In also smiles, noting that musicians seem to like Mae Ri a lot.

Mu Gyul is sitting in the park singing “I Will Promise You”. Mae Ri walks up to him, hidden in the crowd watching him perform. She voiceovers that they are the same. They have broken up twelve times, and this is their thirteenth time getting back together. The only difference is that Mu Gyul now has lots of self-confidence.

They are sitting in the same apartment, which Mae Ri complains is too hot because Mu Gyul can now afford heat and keeps running the heat. Seo Jun is now an even more famous actress, still difficult to work with, but has developed a reputation for being loyal.

Mu Gyul and Mae Ri walk arm in arm through the streets of Hongdae, chatting and sharing one set of ear phones. Mu Gyul is wearing the exact same outfit he wore in episode 1 (so poignant, and might I add that Jang Geun Seok looks wonderful).

They laugh and smile, and Mae Ri voiceovers that they are just twenty-somethings, standing at the crossroads of their life, choosing to make a new choice. Mu Gyul leans in to kiss Mae Ri on the cheek, and the camera freezes on that very moment.

Thoughts of Mine:

Watching the last two epiosdes of M3 left me emotionally drained, on top of my jet lag and general vacation fatigue. It wasn’t emotionally drained in a good way either, which happens when you watch a drama ending so meaningful that you feel like a part your heart was constricted by the feelings of either happiness or sadness, depending on the ending. M3 left me lethargic and wanting the drama to be over, my enthusiasm limping to the finish line the same way to drama did.

But watching the actors, especially Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, gamely soldier on, delivering their final scenes with their usual level of technique and enthusiasm, cheered me back up. When the story sucks, but the acting is sublime, I simply must raise my own game. If the actors can deliver M3 to the end, then I, too, can deliver a recap worthy of the Geun-Geun’s performances as Mae Ri and Mu Gyul! That was my vow going into this recap.

Episode 15 was a giant mess of the first order, and the less that is said about it is better for everyone all around. Nothing happened that was worth analyzing, since it was all empty plot with no depth. Episode 16, on the other hand, had the trademarks of an early M3 episode. It had great character interactions, funny interludes, and moments of genuine emotional connection with the viewers.

As a whole, the final two episodes of M3 was serviceable, which is more than I had expected, but less than I had hoped. This leaves me with no choice but to declare M3 a poorly made rom-com, having all the right ingrediants but lacking a competent chef to prepare the dish. At most I will remember M3 fondly for giving me Mae Ri and Mu Gyul, but I can’t muster up the desire to re-watch anytime soon.

This in no way dimishes how much I LOVE both Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young’s performances in this drama, their characters individually and together, and their unbelievable chemistry with each other. It was truly magical for me to watch, and I will never regret being so taken with M3 during its airing.

Did I mention that I loved the final moments of the ending? The last 10 minutes? That was more than I had hoped for, almost it belonged to a much more sophisticated drama and somehow accidentally wandered onto the set of M3. I was expecting a wedding of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri, to tie back to episode 1. It would have been conventional, but I never thought M3 was ever unconventional.

Except the real ending, of Mu Gyul and Mae Ri dating, breaking up, in love, in fights, pursuing the careers of their choosing, walking along the streets of Hongdae – that was just a poignantly sweet conclusion. It wasn’t an open ending for me, because they are together, choosing of their own free will to be in love, make a relationship work, and walk their life’s journey side by side.

If M3 used marriage for anything, it’s to show that it can’t be forced, and being married doesn’t mean happiness, security, or longevity. Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are HAPPY at the end of the drama, and so am I. I want to just forget episode 15, the kidnapping, the pawned ring, the unlocked doors, the running from dear old dad, forget all of the things that really marred my enjoyment of spending time with my favorite couple of the year.

Kim Jae Wook needs, nay, is absolutely due, for a leading man role next. Both Kim Jae Wook (for Bad Guy) and Yoo Ah In (for Sungkyunkwan Scandal) were my two breakout stars of 2010 (Jung So Min as well, but she already got her leading lady role in the same year as her breakout supporting role). Just like after Hong Gil Dong and Beethoven Virus, Jang Geun Seok was clearly due for his big break – Kim Jae Wook gamely played the wonderful second lead in M3 with as much charisma as he could muster for such an unevenly written role, and he’s definitely ready to get the girl now.

Acting is just like every other occupation out there. Not every project is a winner, not every performance is a keeper. Sometimes it’s easier to shine in a low-rated uneven drama, which allows the actor’s talent to rise to the occasion. For the record, M3 was my favorite performance from both Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, even though this drama was neither’s best drama acting performance by a long shot (that would be Hwang Jin Yi for the former, and Painter of the Wind for the latter).

I credit my love of both of them in M3 to the fact that they acted opposite each other, creating not just acting excellence in portraying their characters, but that something extra called couple chemistry. This is what I will always remember M3 for. It really was a shame that the drama was such a dreadful mess. Both are so talented and well-regarded by the industry that this is barely a blip in their careers, and hardly something to bemoan other than as a wasted opportunity.

M3 is the second K-drama that I have recapped, and I hate to leave it on such a down note. I choose to commemorate this drama for the things that I did love about it, starting from the acting chemistry as mentioned above. I did love certain scenes, though in hindsight each moment was really stand alone and didn’t mesh into a complete picture as a whole because the plot was so disjointed.

As a rom-com, M3 did in fact make me feel rommy and commy at times, and recollections of those moments still make my heart flutter and my grin giddy. My fave romantic scenes from M3, in no particular order: (1) Mu Gyul and Mae Ri’s first meeting when they get drunk, stagger outside, he gives her a kale bouquet, and a kiss on her Harry Potter scar, (2) their date to the beach which ended up at the campsite and he teaches her the guitar, (3) when Mu Gyul wears the sweater Mae Ri knitted and they meet up at the ice-skating rink, (4) when Mu Gyul dedicates the song and calls out his love for his Merry Christmas, and (5) the handcuffed alley kiss.

I also laughed a lot during the early episodes of M3, none more so than the scene when Mae Ri walks in on Mu Gyul in Jung In’s bed. That moment was truly immortalized in my mind as what could have been with M3, all that tension and possibilities never tapped into. After writing this recap, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not bitter as either a drama viewer or a fan of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young.

There are good times and bad times, things that go well and thing that go wrong. It’s how we choose to move on and learn from it that makes us stronger. I find that the perseverance of the actors in M3 in soldiering on and making the best of a sinking ship really touched me, and left a stronger impression than if the drama has been an okay production with solid but not exceptional results.

I bid a fond farewell to M3, a drama that I will always remember for the things that I loved about it. It was a pleasure to recap M3 for all the fans of said drama, and I hope the next drama I choose to recap turns out to be less of a trainwreck. But I think that it’ll be a long time coming before another OTP resonates so strongly with me (and so immediately – I fell in love with Mae Ri and Mu Gyul in their first scene together), and that is how special Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young’s first drama collaboration was for me to watch.


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  1. Wonderful recap. ‘Tis loverly.

    Thanks for being such a trooper to recap this. Goodness, I can’t believe you were still able to analyze this after getting back from your trip. My Unni’s got skillz! ^^ I completely got off the M3 train after like, episode 11 or 12? Can’t really remember and I can’t say I care enough to look back on this. I really wanted to enjoy this show from the get-go but alas, things just don’t turn out the way we want to. It had some great moments, as most dramas do, but it wasn’t enough to save the inevitable wreck from happening after the writer switch.

    Anyway, hopefully the next drama you recap and/or spazz about will be one where we can spazz togethers! 🙂

    • Your unni made a promise to deliver this recap, and Koalas never break their promises. Not quite sure how I managed to analyze utter insanity. I need a second vacation now. But glad you liked it, even if you wisely bailed on M3.

      • Haha yeah. You did fulfill your promise, which was awesome. (Heh, I was gonna randomly quote a line from Aragorn in LOTR about promises fulfilled but I’ll save it before the rest of these lurkers think I’ve gone loony. Wait — 2010 already made me kinda crazy! Lol.)

        Ah well, at least I still finished M3 to the end, even if I did FF through most of the scenes. As far as 2010 goes, I realized I watched a lot of sugary fluff (More than 2/3 of the 30 dramas I watched were crap) and lately, my stomach has been protesting vehemently. Seeing as how I’m not particularly blown away by the 2011 lineup, I guess 2011 would be a good time as any to pick up all the good stuff that I dropped. And you were totally right — it was a “shitty tradeoff,” dropping gems like Comrades for Bad Guy and Personal Taste. Don’t even get me started on the latter. But as long as I learn from my past mistakes, it’s all good, no? 😛 Off to watch FoD now and then to read some Classics. Need to watch/read quality stuff for the next several months or else my mind will explode from too much fluff! Gotta balance the good vs. bad. Everything in moderation is always good for the soul.

  2. “Turns out that Jung In should be awake, but no one can understand why he’s still unconscious. My guess? Because Kim Jae Wook is refusing to act out his scenes anymore, hence he was put into a coma. I would if I were him. And if Mu Gyul goes abroad in the next scene, we’ll all know why that happened. Bonus points if Mae Ri has full facial reconstructive surgery and the entire episode 16 is played by another actress because Moon Geun Young has quit. The dedication and professionalism of the M3 cast is truly commendable.”

    LOL – in complete agreement. KBS and the production team would have had it if all 4 leads quit on them, alas but that the actors are dedicated and professional to see the drama to its end.

    and a great, big thank-you to the Captain of the sinking ship, koala, for completing M3 recaps for us and sharing with us your hilarious insights. M3-watching has been so much more enjoyable here in your Playground, together with all the friends here.

    Thanks, everyone, and a Happy New Year!!

    p.s. koala, please take a nice long break and hope to see a refreshed, energetic koala in the New Year!

  3. Captain Holiday is back!!! OMG I have never in all my years of watching tv, ever been so utterly traumatized by anything like this before. Translating JSG’s words about the production and the writer’s attempt to kill him off in ep 15 (please see thread for MGY + JSG award) was the last straw. I love JSG but he’s got to start letting go so WE CAN LET GO. I can’t take much more of this.

    That said, thanks for suffering through this with us Captain. I only wish you could have done so with us in real time. Hope you had a wonderful trip too!! Thanks again for not just M3 but also PK (I read all your recaps too but didn’t post). I love how everything you write has some snark but mostly heart.


    • “I love how everything you write has some snark but mostly heart.”

      Yes. That.

      I ended up not watching after episode 6. I was way behind on drama watching and by the time I could watch, the drama was starting to unravel. Decided to just keep reading the recaps to find out how it ended. I got what I wanted…Jung In grew a pair. Yay!

      Thanks for the recaps, Koala! I’ll look forward to your next choice for recaps…and hope that the writers treat you better. 😛 It still boggles my mind that these shows are picked up without even knowing what the full story will be. I can understand with longer dramas, there is more time to play with. But 16 episodes is too short for that kind of uncertainty…

  4. Thanks for coming back and finishing the recaps with us! I have never watched a show and felt this way before either. I also love JKS so much but I agree that he needs to let it go too. I just don’t wanna know anymore about what could have happened. It was already bad before knowing about the Ep 15 thing. I’m just thinking about the good little bit of the ending of ep 16 and think of lovely moments of M3 about the holiday couple.

    I love reading your thoughts and hope you get to have some good rest and great new year!

    • That’s exactly how I feel. I just want to be able to rewatch all their sweet cute moments together and skip ep 15 and go to the happy ending. I don’t need anymore heart-attack inducing big bts reveals. I know he needs to get it out of his system but there’s got to be a better way?… I think he needs a girlfriend. Yep, that’s exactly what he needs…..hahahah what? I wasn’t nominating myself, just a general statementl!

      • Totally agree LizzyD, I also understand why he needs to get it out and wants to be truthful with his fans but I agree there has to be another way he can get it out. I know already all I need to know about the writer problems of the show and only need to know the ending that actually aired. Lol some part of you wants to be his girlfriend I think lol. I mean I do too lol. But generally thinking I think that having one would do him some good though.

      • That position is currently filled and no applicants are being considered at this time…hahaha kidding!

        JSG is very delicious and I believe he would succumb to my innumerable charms (eventually after I lock him up long enough). Alas, I wish to live a long and fruitful life filled with many more yummy kdrama hotties and have no desire to die a premature death at the hands of his many diehard fans.

  5. “Because Kim Jae Wook is refusing to act out his scenes anymore, hence he was put into a coma.”

    Aaaand right there is where me + soda + your recap managed to nearly ruin my keyboard. I think the snark is the only healthy way to handle such an unhealthy relationship as whot we all got with a drama of this (un)magnitude. Such a complete waste of all the actors, really… and you’re totally right about JKW deserving a leading-man role. He’s certainly suffered enough for his art already.

  6. Happy 2011! Welcome back koala and thank you for a wonderful last recap. I’m glad I stuck it out to the end and it was a lot of fun watching/reading everyone’s comments along the way the past 2 months. Looking forward to the next drama you recap! I love JGS and MGY even more and will be looking forward to their future projects. Hopefully they will work together again!

  7. OMG!! thank God you recap iT!!!
    im sooo out with maeri i cannot believe how they suck it!!!!
    everything was fine!!! good!
    good ators create story! and they suck it!!!
    that make me thing that nothing is writing in this word!

  8. Happy New Year, Thanks for taking the time out of your hollydays to recap’ lol I especially love your thoughts at the beginning,

    since I’ve only watched ep 15 I’ve only read recap 15 (seems lile I still care greatly about this show lookadat I’m avoiding spoilers dammit) and will only comment on it.

    Like you said, MG’s behavious makes and doesn’t make sense at the same time! Yes, he has issues his mother always put him 2nd to her ‘guy-of-the-week’, so of course he wants MR to chose definitely BUT it’s so out of nowhere, for a hug? I really thought MG would let MR go because he can’t provide for her BUT now he’s successful and he can, so ok let’s fight over a hug… But UGH whatever you said it better… It just doesnt make sense… Oh and Jeremy’s magic bus? It’s been a long time loool

    SJ is back to being the cool one I adore one second, and back to being annoying right after!!! What with the talk during the workshop? watching without subs I really thought she was asking MR to fight for MG lol Ans then she’s cool again kicking some sens into MG’s head… *sigh*

    With MG being a * (I know it’s for the plot but still so unnecessary)I thought that bus scene with the geeky PD was the cutest thing, I seriously thought I’d jump ship right in that bus: JI was his adorable geeky self.

    Since you said the finale was true to the characters I’ll eagerly wait for the subs… And come back for your recap…

      • NO!!! Bite your tongue. It’s like this one romance novel I tried to read and only got as far as, “Mr. X had a receding hairline…” Um, no thanks! Might as well just walk around in real life then. I watch Kdramas for the perfect heroes! Like Gong Yoo’s hair in his new movie- UNACCEPTABLE. There are so many unattractive people in the world, I do not understand why people want to detract from the attractiveness of the few attractive people? That said, JSG could probably be geeky AND hot and still delicious and I’m still on board. heehee

      • I totally agree that it would be nice to see JKS in a dorky role but I don’t see why he can’t be a dorky character and still hot lol. Don’t think he has to change his looks much lol.

    this is the first time im watching a korean drama live and it has been great fun anticipating the earlier episodes and reading your recaps. it really hasnt been the best of plots and the last few episodes were awfully tedious but jgs and mgy really made it worth the ride. thanks for sharing your thoughts with us 😀

    thanks to everyone else too for all the comments. glad to know that im not alone in fangirling the three leads. hah.

  10. Hey LizzyD, you’re getting pretty famous! : ) I see you on the Facebook threads and stuff for MSOAN! And i agree with your remark earlier, JSG does need to let go so we can let go. BUT, if I was an actress that was placed in the same boat as him I think i’d have a very hard time letting go as well. Just for kicks, I hope JSG would give the original script to someone to leak it out so we can see all of it. but man, when you thought it could not get any worse boy were we wrong! i suppose that the altercations behind the scenes between the actors/actress were not that bad because they were still talking to each other at the reward ceremony.

    although JSG just unloaded a crap load more drama on us, i’m sort of glad to find out because 1) we can see the original direction it was heading towards 2) a warning for other actors/actress from picking up with the network in the future. i suppose KBS won’t be working with JGS anytime soon….

  11. p.s.
    if they wanted to kill off MGY i wonder how. were we right when we predicted that J would roll down the hill with MR and dies while saving her? Except it was really MGY in the original script and later on switched out to MR running into J and him getting hurt??

    • I’m guessing he would have been the one with his head hit on a rock. Then all the bad guys win. I think the writer failed Screenwriting 101.

      I want to see JKS write/produce/direct a movie. We could use him here in the US.

    • Nevyn and I made a prediction that Jung In wasn’t in a coma because his head hit the rock. Rolling down the flat hill, he accidentally swallowed a poisonous mushroom when he tried to scream. The mushroom which Bad Mommy also used to poison her son (which is why the stew tasted bad). So Bad Mommy died first (yay!) and JI and MG were both in a coma. The doctor only had one dose of antidote and asked MaeRi to choose which one to save. MaeRi chose JI because she felt guilty from her plan to run away with all the money (there’s got to be some advantage to being married to a chaebol). That’s why in ep 16, Mu Gyul was crying in his mom’s arms… before he kicked her to hell where she belonged and he walked his path to heaven…

      • Wait, can we have MG crying in Mary’s arms at least before he goes to heaven? Then your story would be fine, or at least better than the original. 😛

  12. Thanx for the recap.yeah ep 15 is a failure,unnecessary angst and make me hate MG for a while.I love MR all the way and I must say I love KJW for making me believe that after m3 he will get leading role.this drama have special spot,my hate only 5% and that is on ep15,I will return to rewatch it again and yes that include ep15 with lots skip just to smirk and laugh at ass writter way to put angst.yes I refused to believed they dun have make up sex,the writter just in rush to put the ending..come on,no curtain,bed cover only one,MR leaves in early morning after making breakfast and tuck in MG who smiling full in content.the sad part I wont be able to see geun2 couple chemisty again,no monday tuesday anxiously waiting for new episode and no you guys and captain to share our madness..suddently felt empthy..I wonder if we can get more crazier over drama than this.its nice hanging out here.

  13. Thank you again and again for recapping m3 and for this last effort, Captain. i’ll miss the drama and m3′ playground a lot!!! (hope for another soon)
    you know for me m3 is like the guy you’re so in love that even when you know he has flaws, you can’t stand anyone criticizing him, cause you’re the only one who can!!! so i will always defend m3 and the holiday couple, no matter what. yet i can understand when you rant a little cause i think you love m3 same as me.
    this was a wonderful ride, yesterday I began to rewatch m3 from the begining (i’m in epi 3) and i enjoyed every minute!!! every mg and mae ri scene!!!!
    episode 16 left me with a smile and the whole drama makes me happy, what more can i wish?

    “Mae Ri leaves the next morning, having fixed breakfast for a still sleeping Mu Gyul. I refuse to believe these two didn’t sleep together last night. That is my story and I am sticking to it.”
    me too me too!!!! 😉

    happy new year to all of you!!!!!

    • I would also like to mention that after the morning after scene, she goes back to her dad’s place and it’s clear that’s the first time she has seen him since the wedding. Obviously she didn’t sleep outside in the snow….heehee Plus, she then calls MG and asks him if it’s ok that she stay at her dad’s place for the night since he’s not feeling well. She promises to come back the next day. You read between the lines.. or just read my analysis and nevermind the lines. hahahah

  14. Wow, ockoala!!! I am truly floored by how eloquently and perfectly you have recapped this whole drama!!! There are really no words that can aptly express how much I admire your gift for expressing yourself with words in your recaps, showcasing your objectivity and insightful take on M3.

    I agree with every single word, comment and expression you wrote on M3, especially abt how much of a mess M3 is thanks to the inept writer/s, but most especially because of how much I concur with you regarding the professionalism, courage and perseverance demonstrated by Jang Geun Seuk and Moon Geun Young throughout this drama, despite seeing it unravelling plot-wise all around them…

    Thank you for articulating everything that was on my mind abt JGS and MGY – how THEY are the ONLY reason I watched M3 right till the end, how their off-the-charts chemistry is simply out-of-this-world but so believable for me, how much I admire them both (despite being so young) for teaching me a lesson about loyalty to a cause – they have signed up to do the drama and they will do it till the end, no matter how much they might wish to drop it once it became clear how much of a disaster the drama will be…

    I think what stood out for me is the concept of “loyalty” that was the main thread in M3, that was shown commendably by both of them in soldiering on with their respective roles because they are loyal to their craft and to their word and their cause – so wonderful to see such admirable traits in such young people nowadays, because it is so rare.

    I especially agree with you about how I really LOVE both JGS and MGY in this drama because when I see them together, I feel all warm, happy and comforted inside. Their acting come across as so believable that I cannot help but feel nostalgic and misty-eyed about my own experience with my first love and how grateful I am for what I have experienced because I am who I am now because of all my experiences – positive and negative ones. And I completely agree with you that JGS and MGY is my FAVOURITE couple of the year, if not ever.

    I agree wholeheartedly with every single word, comment and expression you wrote in your recaps and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work in your recaps. (”,)

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recaps and have benefited so much from your sharing, thoughts, ideas, expressions and opinions, and I hope you will continue to share all your mind-gems with us, readers of your wonderful blog. (”,)

    God bless you and your loved ones and hope 2011 will be filled with blessings and fulfilment for you in your personal and professional lives (”,)

  15. This drama is very special to me since it made me realize that I love GeunGeunCouple much more than the drama itself, but thanks to this drama since it brought the cutest sides of them together. OMG I missed them so much already, how can i let this feeling out?

  16. thanks for the recaps- I always enjoyed it! though ep15 was senseless, at least they still got together- thanks to jgs. i loved the scene where he saw her smiling to JI at the wedding- yep, he made me tear- can really feel the “I can’t hold on to u coz I dunno wat I can give u” emotion…it was so heart aching. and the scene where he found maeri at the playground- when he keep apologizing for everything, that made me ache too- coz he was sooooo sorry to maeri for the first time….as much I wished there was a passionate kiss when he gave her the pendant- his cute “yeoww” made up for it, hee. did u notice they already used a bigger bed for mu gyul then! ha… the final scene was very sweet, and the song fits perfectly- I’m always grateful to jgs for bringing so much joy to my life thru his acting and singing! may they hav a chance to work together w a better script!

  17. to Lizzy D:
    i finished HGD, what a rollercoaster!! so exciting!!!! i really enjoyed and loved it!!! the ending made me cry almost like i’m dying, so mixed emotions and thoughts about it. i didn’t dislike it, it hurts me a lot, i kind of understand it, but… even knowing beforehand that enok and hgd die, and that chang hui was responsible of it, i was always hoping he would change his mind. i know he regreted his decision and i hope deep down he is a good person and would become a good king, but the truth is i’m not certain… i’m so confused, i have to wait until i digest this last epi.
    the thing is in real world that’s how a king would act, and in real word a hdg always die…
    Do I regret to watch hgd?: no. Do I love the drama?: yes. Do I love Chang Hui?: with all my heart
    on happier thoughts i laugh so much at your finale!!!! thank you for sharing, it was hilarious 😀

    • Oh man, my heart can’t take a rewatch of that. I cannot believe all the tears he shed. I’m glad you made it through and enjoyed it. I’m going to go visit Tae Kyung instead.

      • kkk, just finished watching You’re Beautiful with my 13-year-old little sister. It took her a few episodes to get into it, but in the end she loved it! But then again, who wouldn’t love JGS??? (Except I think my sister was way more into Hong-ki’s character, Jeremy. But she is 13.)

      • of course tae kyung will be my next… i love him so much in yab, and i need an extra dosis of jgs now that m3 is over

  18. Ockoala, thanks for coming back with the ep 15-16 recap, hehe, I had to really LOL at the remark that ep 15 entered Twilight Zone of the M3 territory, but how apt and how true a description. Am I glad ep 16 returned the drama back to planet Earth, and while by ep 15 I was not even trying to think how ep 16 would end, I was certainly relieved to finally see the happy ending that had been hard earned and hard fought for

    Final thoughts of mine:

    I’m a sweet tooth person, and am not hard to please when it comes to candy. Watching M3 was like eating a bag of different flavours of candy for me. While it had not been gourmet candy for me, but it was still candy I could enjoy nonetheless. However, in finishing the bag, there were a few pieces of candy that I had to forced myself to swallow despite its unpleasant aftertaste, that made me think if I could have returned back in time, I might not have opened this bag of candy for consumption after all

    As mentioned in my previous pre-ending thoughts, one of the reasons M3 had been my drama crack for this year, was largely due to the sizzling and endearing chemistry of the Geun-Geun couple from Ep 1. By Ep 9-10, the drama progression was pretty much resting its laurels just on the Geun-Geun couple interaction, with the storyline was going in a directionless circle, and next thing we knew, a new writer had come on board from Ep 11. The change had started out on a positive note, with the plot and character development looking promising. However, looking back, I think it might not be wrong to consider that the writer could be already toying with the idea of an alternative pairing, when she started bringing out JI’s character with more feelings and in a more positive light. Unfortunately, what she had failed to realise is that you can’t just throw away the buildup of the MG/MR relationship for the first 10 episodes and start on a fresh clean slate from Ep 11, it would not make any sense, drama plot wise. Given, JI’s character was so under-developed under the old writer, and he never
    had much of a chance to break the OTP, but with just 5 episodes left to go, the next best thing the writer could have done through his character development was to give him an alternate happy ending (successful in life, free from his dad’s financial clutches, friendship bonding with MG/MR). I’m glad that by the end of ep 16 it had happened, but based on the premise of Ep 15 alone, I think if not for certain timely intervention on the script, we would have seen a different ending that we would have either threw whatever fiery darts we could have at the new writer, or hunt her down till no end. If the ending had turned out exactly the way the writer had penned, I would have said it did totally no justice to any of the characters in the drama, be it MR, MG or JI. By the way, Ep 15 in my opinion was a tad waste of time in terms of the drama heading towards the finale. If you had skipped directly from Ep 14 to Ep 16, I would think that there will be no loss, story wise.

    I have said this before, and I still hold to the same belief after watching the final episode, that the show premise had such promise and potential for plot and character development. One of the most classic scenes of this drama for me had to come in Ep 16 where JI lost all financial backing from his dad and resulting in his shared accomodation with MG, and all the hilarity that followed thereafter. I think from Ep 6 onwards, we should have been seeing more of these relationship building and bonding scenes between MR, MG and JI amidst all the simmering romantic tension, it would have made the conflicting emotions, situations and feelings faced by them more real and relatable. SJ’s character was more or less redeemed fully from Ep 15 onwards, but I think if her character had been kept consistent from start to finish, her character had no necessity for redemption, and instead, potentially developed as a character who would serve as the potential bridge for the friendship bonding between the characters.

    A lot of interesting revelations have surfaced in regards to the drama, be it in production, or the ending, issues between cast, crew and management. Suffice to say, I think whatever issues surfaced during the filming of M3 had hurt its prouduction, but I would have loved to congratulate the M3 cast for their dedication in making it this far. While the rating numbers have not been anywhere near stellar, the 101% performances by its cast brought forth a drama that had a small, but fiercely loyal group that was willing to see it through despite its flaws. To the M3 cast: Job well done, I am very touched that you had the love and passion for this drama to fight for your character and your story, to me, therein itself lies the reason why I had steadfastly held on to M3. With the kind of passion you bring into your art, I believe your future endeavours will be much brighter moving on ahead!

  19. Thank you so much ockoala. Last year I told EG I owed her a serious adult beverage for sticking out TnK. It’s early yet, but I believe I may owe you one for not only sticking it out, but recapping M3. I continued watching in sheer disbelief and some horror, and for the GeunGeun – who were just too adorable together. But yeah, the minute that episode was over, my mac was making paper scrunching noises as M3 went to the big harddrive in the sky.

    Bless their hearts for professionalism and improv on the fly.

  20. Dearest Captain,

    It’s so good to have you back and weighing in on our lovely Geun-Geun couple! As always, I loved your recap and admire you for writing in the face of the total insane~ness that was episode 15 and half of 16. I weep for the lost potential of not only the premise, but the actors and their chemistry as well. Someone needs to make a fanvid of all the sweet MR/MG moments, with maybe a bit of JI thrown in, because that’s why we all watched this drama anyway. I can only hope that in the future JGS and MGY will reteam and bring us more fabulous chemistry with a better plot.

    Once again, thank you thank you thank you! I was very glad for this little oasis to talk about this drama sanely – loving the good things about it while also recognizing its flaws. I think in the end, though, I’m still glad I watched it. ^_^

    Mae-ri Christmas and Happy New Year!

  21. I am very glad you are backed and showed what u did promise to us.
    Thanks so much Ockoala. It is really worth to wait to read your awesome recap and thoughts.
    I have not much to say about M3 story line it is good that end up with happy ending.

    I am quiet happy to see Jang Keun Suk at KBS award 2010 because his hair style is what I have been waiting for and he is really handsome. JGS&MGY look quiet happy and having good time there. Its really fun to watch KBS award and both of them make their fans enjoy by seeing that.

    Does any of u know JGS to make new movie ” you are my pet” it is Japanese comic I think, who is the female lead and did he flimed it or not. Pls share if there is any, I would like to know about it and I cannot find any news of that.

    • The K-movie adaptation of Kimi wa Petto is on hold. No word on whether it’s been temporarily or permanently shelved. Supposedly a financing problem with the production company. It was to have starred Jang Geun Seok and Han Ye Seul.

      • Thanks u so much for your reply. I don’t know the actress but I will search her in google. Hahaha……
        That process to make that movie is a bit wied for me. Firstly they choose Kim Hyun Joong (I am not sure he confirmed or not) for male main lead then fans choose Jang Keun Suk and he accepted the offer. Till now nothing happen yet .

        Ockoala, did u watch Athena up to date yet.
        Then pls let us know how u feel about that drama. ASAP….hahaha…… I am joking…
        Just want to know ur decision ……. but I am not pushing … pls take ur time.

      • It’s the second time in a row that Jang Geun Seok could have played a MatsuJun iconic role and ended up not happening. Perhaps the third time’s a charm. I suggest a K-drama remake of Natsu no Koi. Perfect for Geun Seok. 🙂

      • Why do Korean series/movies like to pair older actresses with younger guys? I feel like that happens a lot.

      • The older woman-younger man dynamic is as prevalent in K-dramas as its anywhere else (US shows, J-doramas, TW-dramas, etc.). Its currently trending, but still occupies a small fraction of the romantic OTP landscape.

        As for K-productions, it’s about in the single digit percentages of the dramas which air. Perhaps it feels like its a lot because the younger generation actors that you follow have been acting opposite some older actresses recently. But this is still a small fraction of the drama landscape.

      • Once in JGS’s interview, I think it was after he finished YRB drama and he said that next drama or movie he wanted to be in the role of young man deeply in love with older woman/may be noona age. (his real life he has no sibling and he said that he likes to have relationship with older women)
        I have seen Kimi wa Patto japanese movie. If U are my Pet could make movie korea vesion, it will be hit for JGS because he was looking forward to that kind of story. I really love to see JGS in U are my Pet. But……..

      • @LizzyD

        Well in the manga, the leading lady is older than the leading man, not giving out more to avoiding spoiling anyone… *crosses fingers for Kimi wa petto*

  22. I just finished re-watching ep 4 of MSOAN and I keep asking myself why did they create such love and loyalty between these two wonderful characters if they were gonna kill him in the end. I do not understand scriptwriting since I am not a writer but in ep 4 I saw the answer to the question (Will they fall in love and live happily ever after?) (YES!)
    Did they plan it all along or did JGS get on someone’s nerve?
    I am probably repeating what everyone else is saying but my problem is I am missing the holiday couple and I am pissed off at KBS2 for ruining a beautiful love story. If they hurt his career I am also pissed off at that too.
    Sorry LizzyD, I am truly in fanatic crush with this boy/man.

    • Rory’s Mom,

      Why are you apologizing to me? 😛 My guess is that wasn’t the original plan. I highly doubt JSG or MGY signed up for a happy little rom com where he gets to die and she loses the love of her life and marries the rich fellow. For whatever reasons, things fell apart. I’ll never understand how it could get THAT bad, but it did. I will still rewatch for how cute they are and be happy I have that and the happy ending we did get. Plus, the boy is 23, I’m expecting great and greater things from him (hopefully in large quantities) in the future.


      • I also agree that it couldn’t have been in the very first plan that he dies or else I don’t think she would have signed up for it. I don’t get how it got that bad but I would think that it probably had to do partly with the writer switch and the writer got a different ideal of what the story should be. But I will too rewatch it for the happy ending that we got and all there many cute scenes.

    • y’know, RM, i was wondering that myself.. maybe the boy pissed someone off somewhere.. there is no way they would sell this story with 2 geuns as major selling point overseas and kill MG off in 2nd last episode. JKS seems like a very candid and sometimes too straightforward a person. Perhaps he offended someone or there were some murmurings abt the writer and shady dealings.. no one knows..

      It is confirmed now that he is running his own management agency ( from his live fan chat) .. basically he is his own boss, hence he does not have the support and financial backing of those huge artiste agencies in Korea.. i can understand the tremendous pressure he is under, hence he always needs to make sure he has the support of his fans, without which he has nothing to fall back on. Prob why he is so upset abt Mary, as a lot of fans were very unhappy on how it turned out.. poor guy

  23. thanks for the recap! hope you enjoyed your holiday 🙂

    i agree with the uneventfulness of ep15 but imagine if that rumour about Mu Gyul getting killed off at ep15 was what you had to recap! i bet you’d rather have this episode than that!

    i was also looking forward to a wedding at ep16 but I guess you’re right, they’re trying to send the message out there that marriage isnt something to rush into, that you can still enjoy love and life and fully prepare for marriage.

    looking forward to your next project.
    thanks again

  24. This is way old, but I was re watching MSOAN and have a weird question about a scene in ep 2. MR and MG are both drunk, MG has kissed MR’s scar and disappeared, MR finds him sleeping in an alley next to a white bicycle, which I never noticed the first time I watched. Where I come from a white bicycle is placed as a memorial at the scene of a traffic death involving a bicyclist, so I’m wondering if the white bicycle has the same meaning in Korea? If so that’s pretty creepy. Anyone?

    Thanks, love reading the recaps/comments and really liked this drama in spite of all the “drama”

  25. Thank you so much for recapping the last two episodes so soon after you’re back from your vacation. The jetlag and fatigue must be hell to deal with, so I appreciate this awesome recaps a whole lot more ^^

    I think I’m echoing most of the comments here.
    I kind of understand why a guy would behave that way in the throes of jealousy (wisest course of action would be giving him time alone to calm down and think ;P), even though it’s out of character for Mu Gyul to be that way (Oh, how I HATE the writer for sabotaging Mu Gyul’s character). But yeah, even if we scrap ep 15, we’d lose nothing in the storyline (except to see how awesome JKS’s acting in the eating stew scene).

    I’m the kind of person who needs an ending that’s satisfactory to me in order to re-watch a drama (which is why I can never re-watch Hong Gil Dong to the end, because it would give me heartache again). If this drama followed the course the worst-writer-in-history had outlined, you can be sure I would never watch this drama again past ep 14 (scene where MG asked MR for a bday present). So I’m really thankful that the ending redeemed itself. I’ve re-watched the last 10 minutes of the ending several times now… kudos to Jang Keun Suk for making the end so reminiscent to the first episode where I fell in love with the Holiday Couple.

    In my mind M3 would stay as one of my most memorables because of the superb chemistry between the Geuns, the awesome actings of the three leads (KHJ didn’t show much here), and how rollercoaster-y I felt during the whole watching/waiting experience.
    And I really have to thank you for taking said experience to a whole new level of enjoyment with your insight, witty comments, and most of all, HEART.

    My top 5 M3 scenes in no particular order:
    (1) the concert scene, when Mu Gyul dedicated Hello Hello to his MaeRi Christmas and told the whole word he loved her. And the wink ;P
    (2) THE kiss
    (3) the wife finding out her two husbands spent a night together LOLZZZZZ
    (4) the ending when he snuggled to her and the kiss on the cheek
    (5) the paper plane scene (or when MG asked MR for a bday present ^O^… can’t decide ;P)

    Can’t believe how hard it is to choose 5 of my favorites. I think I need to make it top 10 ;P

    • Btw, that last scene when they’re wandering off into the sunset together (ok fine, walking along a cold snow-covered street and trying not to slip), is that the same street she ran him over on when they met? I think it is…

    • Hm. I would think it might be the same street. It would totally fit in with making it like the first ep.

      I also have so many favorite moments between the two of them in the show.

    • @Shiro: I agree, it’s really hard to choose just 5 fave MG/MR scene…If I were to add, loved that scene where MG tell’s MR his bday wish =) His expression was priceless! LOL

      Oh and I never finished HGD too…that drama just tore me up to pieces and spit me out…everytime I saw Prince Changhwi cry my heart would break into tiny little pieces. I liked Enok with HGD too since the lead character was so likeable as well. But being a die hard JGS fan, I couldn’t stand to see him be so sad so I bailed on HGD two episodes shy of the finale. The closest thing I got is to read the recaps so I can at least know what happened in the end.

  26. The ep15 and 16 drama has been reeling in me since it ended its run on Tuesday night. Since when the first writer hasn’t done M3 justice before she bailed, I began watching SG concurrently with M3 (I needed to make my week more bearable). Now at Ep 16, SG story start to unravel (I won’t provide any spoilers here, for those who are interested and needed an outlet from M3 withdrawal, i think SG is worth a shot!). What I’m trying to say is its storyline is VERY simple, just SG writer has packaged and is continuing to deliver it in a typical romantic drama fashion (lavish set, romance bet 2 almost-impossible pairing in real life: stunt woman and a rich-woman’s son). Of course, the chemistry bet the OTP as well as the supporting leads are also impeccable which is making it a success. M3 started with an (even) interesting concept – the fabulous Geun-Geun couple (1st drama project together), KJW, Hongdae scene, all formula for a potential hit show. Alas! It landed in hands of a horrible writer (no, TWO of them!!) with bad execution ideas and the viewers (including us, the staunch M3 lovers) were left with disbelief, disappointment and dismay! Eventually many of them stopped watching this drama altogether….sad!

    Geun-Geun, KJW, pls know we love u and will support u! FIGHTING!

  27. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. I patiently waited for your recap :]

    “The dedication and professionalism of the M3 cast is truly commendable.”
    they are awesome for that

    “I refuse to believe these two didn’t sleep together last night. That is my story and I am sticking to it.”
    oh yeah LOL the making up process ;P

    “Jung In replies that he just want to be independent, in love and in his career. It’s time he stepped away from his father’s dictates. Bravo, Jung In!”
    his character had so much potential to contend against Mu Gyul early on . what a waste =T BOO WRITERS !!

    “But watching the actors, especially Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young, gamely soldier on, delivering their final scenes with their usual level of technique and enthusiasm, cheered me back up.”
    they are the reason i stuck around & am proud of them and the entire team who did their best ’til the very end

    “a poorly made rom-com, having all the right ingrediants but lacking a competent chef to prepare the dish. At most I will remember M3 fondly for giving me Mae Ri and Mu Gyul,”
    Geun-Guen couple !! <3

    "This in no way dimishes how much I LOVE both Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young’s performances in this drama, their characters individually and together, and their unbelievable chemistry with each other. It was truly magical for me to watch, and I will never regret being so taken with M3 during its airing."
    def no regrets :]

    "If M3 used marriage for anything, it’s to show that it can’t be forced,"

    "Mae Ri and Mu Gyul are HAPPY at the end of the drama, and so am I. I want to just forget episode 15"
    i almost died after watching ep 15 . it was so difficult to get through & attempting to reflect on it just did more damage . DELETE

    "Sometimes it’s easier to shine in a low-rated uneven drama, which allows the actor’s talent to rise to the occasion."
    they are truly talented . compared to the script/plot they were given . GEEEZ .

    "couple chemistry. This is what I will always remember M3 for. It really was a same that the drama was such a dreadful mess." MONG MONG ! YEOW YEOW ! <3

    AGREE with all your fav scenes but all their cute lovey dovey scenes cannot be forgotten but you did choose the highlights <3

    "I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not bitter as either a drama viewer or a fan of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young." COMPLETELY AGREE <3

    "I find that the perseverance of the actors in M3 in soldiering on and making the best of a sinking ship really touched me, and left a stronger impression than if the drama has been an okay production with solid but not exceptional results."
    all of us who stuck around since the first EP could only do so with perserverance ! <3

    "I bid a fond farewell to M3, a drama that I will always remember for the things that I loved about it."

    "I think that it’ll be a long time coming before another OTP resonates so strongly with me (and so immediately – I fell in love with Mae Ri and Mu Gyul in their first scene together), and that is how special Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young’s first drama collaboration was for me to watch."
    i don't expect any OTP to appear anytime soon to captivate me the way they have

    thank you so much for your hard work in enduring the recapping . you got me through a lot of RAW episodes when i wasn't patient enough to wait for the subs . it's been a pleasure reading all your recaps .

    until we meet again at a mutual love for a drama , i bid you adieu .

    (i will continue to stop by frequently ;P) <3

  28. Thank you for your recap, ockoala! It’s been a fun and insane ride on this M3 bus. I might need a break from dramas for a while – M3 was really exhausting to watch. Or maybe I need to watch another drama ASAP. I’m not sure which is the best cure. I’m looking forward to your next set of recaps! =)

  29. Thanks so much for your recap Ockoala, now i need to re-run YAB again to get over the traumatic MSOAN, i am only regret it due to stupid writers ruin it all (both 1 and 2) but for sure, i am gonna miss or Maeri and Mu Gyul, JGS baby and MGY.

    I guess, just like Maeri and Mu Gyul loyal to their love, Geun couple loyal to this drama, we are as fans also need to show loyality to them and drama itself and wish all the best for both of them also thanking them for all effort them made to finish the drama, welldone. that’s what we call unconditional love and loyality.

    And last, thanks to you too for your loyality to complete the recaps, welldone even it might hurt you a lot like pain in ass …but for our baby sukkie, thanks for the wonderfull recaps. i am gonna enjoy whatever you recaps, hopefully a better drama, much much more better.

  30. Hi ockoala,

    Thanks so much for the recaps of ep 15 and 16 and for the post-mortem on MSAON drama. They are just what I need for my severe MSOAN withdrawals since the drama ended, even though mom and I marathoned MSOAN on New Year’s Day. Mom saw it for the first time and it was my second time. 🙂

    I like your “I2E” analysis of what happened to MSOAN. It reminded me of my initial reaction to the episode (I think ep 7) where MR confessed the fake marriage with MG. I thought then it was too soon for that confession and wondered how the drama will continue without the “conflict” brought about by the fake marriage. Since I am still new to K-drama and had not read other viewers commenting about this early confession, I quickly dismissed this thought. But with your “I2E” analysis, I think now that having MR confess early the fake marriage with MG was the start of the failed execution. After the confession, if I remember correctly, we began to see the repetitious scenes (e.g. MR’s dad trying to catch MR and MG) or the lack of plot movement. How about you – how did you find MR’s confession of the fake marriage done on ep 7? Was it timely? Or late?

    Also using “I2E” concept, I wonder now if MSAON was founded on a well developed idea. In my workplace, execution often fails when the idea was not fully researched and planned. Did the first writer or the drama production team know the ending of the story before they started filming? Again I’m a novice k-drama viewer, so please excuse me if I’m asking a “duh” question. Do k-dramas normally begin filming without knowing the ending of the story? How can they assign the number of episodes if they do not know the ending of the story in advance? Were the lack of direction in the plot and character development proofs that the ending of the story was unknown before the last episode?

    Like you and many loyal fans, I do not regret watching MSOAN. JGS/MGY’s wonderful and convincing portrayal of their characters was enough to satisfy my k-drama addiction. The heart-stealing KJW’s portrayal of JI in the latter episodes did not hurt either.

    Thanks again ockoala for your wonderful coverage of MSOAN. If you have time, I love to hear your thoughts on my questions above.


    • Hi Rinoa,

      I’m not sure if you were asking me….If you were, sorry, I’m not. But I have been to Italy and it was there where I learned the word “Ciao!”. I also learned “sorella”, “mangiare”, “boun giorno”, “buona serra” and “brava”. Speaking of “brava”, BRAVA to Korean Dramas!!! for having fans all the way in Italy! Are you also a fan of JGS? If yes, BRAVO to JGS!

      Wow! Korean Drama fans in Italy is really impressive! I got to tell my co-workers tomorrow about this; I’ve been trying to persuade them to watch Korean dramas but they remain lukewarm.

      So, what’s the next Korean drama you’re going to watch?
      I’m still having MSOAN withdrawals…

      Bouna Serra,

      • “Ciao” bashful :)… you are so nice and also your Italian is good ^-^. Yes, I really love korean drama and of course, I am a big fan of JGS :)!!! I’ve known “drama world” through Internet… because in Italy, Asian shows are not aired :(… But I know there are so many people here in my country that really love them. We have many blogs where we can find informations and reviews and funsub groups that work very hard to make italian subtitles. A few month ago, we signed an online petition to ask our national broadcaster to buy rights for Boys Before Flowers… very sorry but the answer was not good. They said that it is not possible to air a show with subtitles (all the show are dubbed here 🙁 )…and now I’m so disappointed and I’m also asking..maybe are Italians all blind? No, I don’t think so… I think sometimes Italians are very lazy and not quite open towards other cultures. Actually I’m very happy there is Internet :)!!! I also know that intellectual curiosity is the most precious thing in life and I feel sorry for people that lose this opportunity. I’d really be happy to travel through Asia….:)

        “Sarei felice di conoscerti “-> I’d be happy to meet you
        “Felice anno nuovo a tutti “-> Happy new year

  31. Finally forced myself to watch ep 15. I had to watch it together with ep 14 and ep 16 – therefore needed 3 hours in a row because I didn’t want to be stuck with a lousy, rotten feeling, if I were to have only enough time to stop at ep 15.

    Because of the ending in ep 16 (largely fought, rewrote and saved from TRAGEDY by JKS), I am buying the DVD with directors’ cut, if ever there is one. Wait a minute…. maybe a director’s cut is not such a good idea. Would there be a JKS’s cut? In that case, I will buy a carton!

    The chemistry, comfort and affection delivered by JKS and MGY for each other in the drama is priceless. And that cannot be taken away from M3 even with the seemingly unsynchronised writing. In any case, it is clear that the actors understood their characters well and ran with it when they find the script becoming increasingly illogical.

    There are many beautiful & wow moments in M3: the Harry Porter forehead kiss, the fighting over a pot of instant noodles, the holding of raise hands when MG declared that “we are married and this is my girl”, the termination of fake marriage, the KISS in the alley, the night out (especially MG throwing paper planes at MR’s window) and camping trip, MG’s fantastic SHOUT out declaration of love (the amazing thing about JKS is that he finds so many different ways of doing the same thing. In YAB, TK whispered his love in Minam’s ears), the sharing of bed and MG wiping MR’s face, MG thinking of MR and her soup whilst swallowing his mom’s with his tears (great portrayal JKS!) and finally hug/snuggle on the couch just before the end – just to name a few. Thinking back on all these precious moments makes Staying Up Late (in fact increasingly all through the night, just waiting for the raws and reading this blog and the live transcap at rebelsouls) all worthwhile.

    JKS’s ending is just right for the characters involved. MG and MR are young, there is no need to rush to get married. As I have said before, MR would rather get the chance to just live her life, pursue her dream and built a future together with the one she loves. MG is also doing exactly that. He doesn’t want to be an idol or overwhelmingly successful for that would leave him little time and freedom to do the things that he really likes and want to do (like spend time with MR 🙂 ).

    At this point, I need to compliment LizzyD on how brilliant you are in deciphering the “breaking up 12 times” code. At first I thought to myself – hey, that doesn’t sound good. But on reading your explaination, it all makes sense. The couple continues to have their little squabbles and MG is still feeling the need to break out once in a little while but he is always going back to the same girl because he would have no other. That’s how we live with the people we love, with its ups and downs but still always wanting to be together. For me, this is the perfect end – MR and MG happy and having each other for life.

    Shiro, I am also impressed by how perceptive you are with regards to JKS’s award ceremony dressing. That he dresses the opposite of what his character in the drama at the time would wear to differentiate himself as the actor/person and the in-drama character that he plays. I totally agree. I’ve always thought that he had a purpose for dressing the way he does outside dramas. He does not want to be “perfect” all the time because no one can be. If his fans/audience could still love him for the times when he appear “less than perfect” then he will have a wider berth to work with. He can be more versatile with his looks and the roles that he may choose to play. Having keeness and courage to try new things and push boundaries is an admirable and distinctive characteristic of JKS. Also read that Shiro, you will be meeting JKS? Should you have the chance, please let him know that with drama, movies and all other kinds of things in life, there will be hits and misses. The important thing is to look at the long term. Perseverance coupled with his deep talents and passion will blaze a steady path of greater success. Also find his true love (absolutely necessary to stay grounded and balanced), get married and have a happy life. A happy Star shines brightest and frankly I could see no other now or in the future.

    Thank you Ockoala, you have a gift with words and its fun being at your playground.

    • Exactly! I think it’s good for an actor to try new things, and I love that he’s all for it. It broadens his scope and it’s always good to let the people see him differently from time to time.

      lolz, if only I can meet him ;P The last time I met him face to face, I was star-struck and my brain cells were all dead for several minutes until he moved more than one meter away from me ;P But I’ll pass him your message in the card I’m giving him with my present ^^

      It’s always been a pleasure reading your comments, and this time is no difference… ^^

  32. Thanks ockoala for the great job. Even though M3 has ended but i still have the urge to visit your blog. You make me addicted to you.. i miss M3!!! waaaa~

  33. Same here. Thanks koala for the space to spazz about MG and MR!!!!

    I feel though that there’s no closure…like, I normally don’t read fanfic–but this time, I want MORE than what the ending gave us.

  34. Thank you so much for this recap! I watched the last episode without subtitles at first and I was miserable, not understanding a single sentence but I just couldn’t help myself! I even dabbled with making amateurish MVs before new year getting my mind off waiting for this (I saw lots of great vids especially those showing bromance that made my MVs like a kindergarten’s). I was sorely waiting for you to be back and read your recaps. I so missed you! Then I was suddenly busy… Anyway, I’m glad I have the luxury to read this now!

    Well, it’s finally over but I am really happy about it. M3 saved itself through the last episode and I know that even if the writer decided to take this drama into the abyss, it will never be lost in oblivion. I will never forget Mu Gyul, Mae Ri and Jung In, and I strongly believe it is not because of these characters alone but rather because of the actors who played them. I so love MGY, JGS and KJW, well, especially the hot Walrus (KJW)! I love MGY and JGS a long time ago but KJW just grew on me! The guy is just so loveable and wow, the gorgeousness! Even ranting about him now makes my face feel hot it’s crazy ha ha! What’s with these Korean guys?

    Thank you so much dear Ockoala!!! You’ve made Korean dramas a little more interesting with your recaps and those “thoughts of yours”. I love reading them! I hope you’ll never tire of this hobby/ passion, whatever you may call it. This site always puts a smile on my face.

    Now I wonder what’s next…

  35. Thanks for sticking with the show, it was nice to have company there at the end. To be honest, I only got through the pointless angst-fest that episode 15 by pausing and reading your review before each scene so I knew what let-down to expect next.

    But I’ve been disappointed by the endings of shows I loved before, and I’ve learned to just kind of pretend that the offending episode or in some cases, entire next season, don’t exist, and just enjoy the parts I loved.

    I’m so glad that the show recovered to give us a wonderful final episode with all the great things that made us love the show in the first place. I even decided I wanted a few more episodes with Jung-In living with Moo-Kyul (and Mae-Ri).

    It’s been a wild ride with MM3, which I wasn’t expecting from the little K-drama that made me laugh and squee, but all in all it’s been a good one, and I’m glad it ended on a note that made me remain almost if not entirely (since there are all those out of character bits I’m erasing from my memory) as fond of it as I was when it began.

  36. Really like you’re recap, it makes me laugh and nod in agreement. And thanks for watching it to the very end. I did, and I did like it and just have an amnesia moments when the story went from good to bad. Though the ending left me hanging, like it felt… ah… *crumbles in frustration* , the songs makes up for me, though.

  37. Thanks for the recap……
    Actually I read it after already seeing the episodes…but I just wanted to know the impressions about those two episodes ^_^, because I was really disappointed and cofused about them, so let me start from the good point.
    At first I was annoyed when I saw that they didn’t marry after all that fighting for thier love so I considered it as an open end ( Which I disliked) , but after thinking about it I ‘ve found many cheerful points which make it a reasonable end and showed that they are already on the way… for ex. they have broken up 12 times and get back again that doesn’t mean the weakness of their love<<>that they have a very strong love which makes a person like Mu Gyul stayed for all that time with Mary and getting back always to each other so we can consider it as an engagment period to let them know each other well before marriage ….and please don’t tell me that( marraige doesn’t mean the happiness) because I know that so I agreed with her to not marry Jung In, BUT also living with only love without marraige will never be the happiness too… especially for the long term relationship…. but we can say marraige is the correct shape of the love so they can live together naturely and do their things freely without feeling ashamed or hidding from the others, because that is the basic nature of the human.

    I think those two episodes were completely mess and as you said ( the Chief didn’t made them well) , although they had some good hits but they didn’t use it well . They made me lose the streamline of their feelings , for ex. it was so elongated when Mu Kyul’s refusing Mary so many times , also when they get back again it wasn’t that convincing .

    I’m totaly agree with you that Geun Seok and Moon Geun were really very awesome during the whole episodes (and that was the best of this drama).

    I really liked too much the couple Mary and Mu Gyul , so I was expecting a better end for this drama.

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