My Princess: Official Posters, Character Stills, and Preview

It’s the first week of 2011, and also premiere week in K-dramaland. A spate of new K-dramas are making their bow this week in various time slots, and I’ll likely check out the first episodes of the ones which interest me (in addition to catching up on some great currently airing dramas I’ve put on hold during the holidays).

I’ve already posted about KBS’s Mon-Tues offering Dream High, and now it’s time to check out the official goodies from MBC’s Wed-Thurs production My Princess, starring Song Seung Heon, Kim Tae Hee, Park Ye Jin, and Ryu Soo Young. Above (which is my favorite of the bunch) and below are the official drama posters.

The written preview for episode 1 is out:

Diplomat Park Hae Young, while conducting a diplomatic meeting with foreign guests, has an unpleasant run-in with Lee Seol, who is working a part-time job. Afterwards, they coincidentally run into each other at a department store. Hae Young is shocked by Lee Seol’s unusual request…..

On the other hand, the Blue House (the Presidential office) makes an official announcement that it intends to use the Prime Minister’s power to force the citizens to vote on re-instating the Korean monarchy.

After this news is announced, the President of Daehan group, Chairman Park, tells his grandson Hae Young about “the existence of a person he owes a debt to”, and asks Hae Young to immediately start looking for that person….

There are two sets of official character stills released by MBC. The first set is above, and the second set is below. As much as I am a total Song Seung Heon fangirl, the most interesting character conveyed via the stills is Ryu Soo Young’s archeology professor. I have a total thing for Indiana Jones, and Ryu Soo Young is channeling both the nerdy professor and the swashbuckling adventurer. Suddenly everyone else looks meh, and I’m already second lead shipping. Doesn’t hurt that Ryu Soo Young is back from MS looking HOT. What two good years of military service can do for a movie star’s physique. Rawr.

I’m sure once the drama airs, I’ll be back to snuggling up against the computer to be in closer proximity to my robot oppa. I also find comedy likely suits Kim Tae Hee, as her facial expressions in the stills and the previews don’t annoy me. Her attempts at serious “acting” is what really pushes all my hate buttons. Now have another trailer for MP!

Second trailer for MP:


To be honest, I’m not really feeling (my) love for MP. But with no expectations and a low chance that this drama (or any drama) can be more insane than Mary Stayed Out All Night was towards the end of it’s run, I’ll be watching MP with an open mind and a mild hope that it’ll turn out to be entertaining fluff.


My Princess: Official Posters, Character Stills, and Preview — 9 Comments

  1. hey koala welcome back. i hope you will have fun recapping and posting about korean drama as you did with M3 regardless of how it ended. I found your website when i was looking for anything to feed the “M3 beast” inside me. Regardless of how M3 ended i had fun with and most of all i found your blog. I like your writing so much that i always recommend it to other kdrama lovers. anyway, i look forward to reading more of your blogging. your blog always remind me of seung jo’s mother in Pk, who was a power blogger.

  2. Thanks for posting about MP. I like to watch this drama its look like I am going to have fun , hopefully I will enjoy with it. Hummmmm…… you did not say about recapping for My Princess. I will wait with patience to read 1st Kdrama from my dear Ockoala in 2011 recap.

    • Ohhhh! I love your Current Koala Love. The picutre of two Guens is really outstanding, so cute, so pretty and lovely. Good on you.

  3. hi koala
    Welcome back, our chief in command for M3. Found your blog interesting and most entertaining as always. Am also curious to know if you are recapping My Princess? Totally agree that we are into it with little if at all, NO expectation from it. Soft spot for eye candy. Though, am sure that can’t find nobody to beat chemistry of JGS&MGY.

    Jumping on the bandwagon that your style of blogging suits us to a T!! Just so you know how much we appreciate your recaps as always. Needless to say, we had a wild ride with M3 and glad you were there to steer the wheel.

    Thanks again for your honest and humorous comments.

  4. Layla? Rly? Srsly? Okay, any show that is gutsy enough to use that in their trailer gets at least a one episode visit.

    And boy, didn’t Ryu Soo Young come back from MS looking trim and fit and well….well.

  5. I think I’m going to check this out.. who wouldn’t? This drama is full of beautiful people. ^^ I won’t be expecting that much though so I won’t get my hopes crushed in the end just in case it didn’t turn out pretty well. I’m just going to enjoy the drama. 🙂

  6. Oh yeah, Ryu Soo Young really brought it there…I was ooh-ing over the Indy-ish shot the first time, but then I found out that no matter how many times I looked away and then looked back I’d still go “ooh” over his picture

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