Full-Length Trailer for My Princess

My Princess held its press conference yesterday, and is slated to premiere tomorrow on MBC. The production released a full-length trailer during the press conference, which I have embedded below.

I can’t help myself. I was grinning the entire time during the preview. It wasn’t love at first sight, but darn it, this drama looks charming and sparkling. Not deep, but who says paddling in the kiddy pool can’t be a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Full-length trailer for MP:


My first impressions: Kim Tae Hee is adorable, Song Seung Heon is as wooden as ever (oy vey, oppa, please emote more!), Park Ye Jin looks smashingly tough-as-nails, and Ryu Soo Young makes me melt with his charming professor vibe.


Full-Length Trailer for My Princess — 25 Comments

  1. It is true that he has only 3 expressions (happy, sad, no expression); however, he has other ASSETS to be appreciated. Besides, it would be a sin to be that gorgeous AND be a good actor on top of that. Gotta spread it around a little.

    • Everyone keeps asking. 🙂

      I really don’t know, about recapping this or anything else. Honestly, recaps aren’t my thing. I don’t even know how I got into doing recaps in the first place, LOL.

      If a drama inspires me to talk about it, I’ll likely recap it.

      • yooo ockoala, i am giving you full support for recaping this, i guess i start to like it too, specially someone recap it hahaha

      • please.. recap this drama. I really enjoy your recap…This drama will be awesome and funny…

  2. Thank you, sweetie!

    I’m grinning mad as well watching the clip. I’m fine with Mr Pretty Roboto not emoting though, he’s univerally the prettiest cardboard cutout. I have a kneejerk reaction to his screams or wails as in bursting out BWAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, it’s very inappropriate, esp when watching AiMH with fangirls of SSH and SHK

    I can’t help but wonder, but is the K Zettai Kareshi still in the works?! SSH is earnestly auditioning.

  3. OMO, she really is adorable! You were expecting him to emote? HAHA. But you know what? He’s less wooden than I remembered, which hey, that’s unexpected. For some strange reason, I’m excited about this drama. 🙂

      • Hey guys
        If you want Mr Wooden try watching the classic Autumn in my heart! Bet he was chosen for his 6-pack even then!!! ha ha!

  4. so it is true that it’s pretty amazing that he wears the SAME expression in just about all the scenes they displayed of him in the trailer. but they all look so beyoooooootiful it is so difficult to insist he emote more! hahaha. i still believe that Ryu Soo Young deserves to star in a drama as First Lead and not Second Lead (he gave me such terrible Second Lead Syndrome in Lawyers of Korea!) but needless to say, all in all, the trailer has me curious into tuning in when it airs!

    • I think we need to all agree that emoting with the face is overrated. He’s emoting all sorts of things with his abs. That’s good enough for me. Yes, I’m shallow. It’s true.

      • Since the beginning of time, we as a gender have always and forever will succumb to eye candy. It’s PURFECTLY OK to be shallow and shameless about. Cheers to that..

  5. aww!!! i’m gonna watch this one. after the heart breaking end for me of m3, i deserve to be happy once again just like pk days. heheh! gee!!! how i miss the hyunmin couple.

  6. Dear Ockoala,
    Thanks you for posting about MP.
    I like MP since you posted about it first time, I think during NOV,2010.
    I am sure that now I will be really enjoy to watch this drama after I saw long trailer.
    Pls kindly consider for recapping My Princess. I would love to have fun time again as we all had with you in PK time.

  7. ooh me likey:)
    am i the only one in this, but why do i feel that kim tae hee’s character is like an older version of Oh Hani, haha??? same style of clothes maybe?
    its like..a combined version of Goong and Playful Kiss but with older characters.
    i feel like if i try to move on from Playful Kiss by tuning into this drama, Im not really moving on but moreso just projecting my love for PK with an older version of it. sigh~

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