Additional Stills of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok from the KBS Drama Awards

No doubt in my mind – the cutest onscreen couple I have ever watched in any K-drama. Oh, bring on the pitchforks people. As much as I unabashedly love Kim Hyun JoongJung So Min in Playful Kiss, the natural acting talent of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young vaults this onscreen duo to the forefront of the pack. Now that the KBS Drama Awards are over, I’ve finally compiled a set of stills from the awards that show how adorable the Geun-Geuns were during the ceremony.

It’s too bad that Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min barely interacted during the MBS Drama Awards the day before, because it’s always a treat to watch a beloved onscreen couple reunite in real life. Especially dressed to the nines and looking so gorgeous together. Sigh, I don’t envy the next actress that gets to act with Jang Geun Seok – I am going to have a hard time not comparing her to Moon Geun Young.

I really don’t care that the plot of Mary Stayed Out All Night went to hell in a handbasket. A week later, all I can remember are the sweetest of moments between Mu Gyul and Mae Ri. That’s a wonderful feeling, none of the bitterness, all of the happiness it brought me.

I’m waiting for my M3 Part II OST to arrive in the mail. The fact that I went ahead and bought it when I declined to buy Part II of the You’re Beautiful OST speaks volumes about how much I adore this coupling. I also have selective amnesia, and am able to block out everything crappy about M3, retaining only what I love. I suggest all M3-fans develop this ability ASAP.

It was also reassuring to see them both enjoying themselves during the awards ceremony. Joking, laughing, and generally in a happy mood. Especially after the insanity that was the M3 shoot for the last few weeks.

I still get bombarded with people shrieking when they find out that the new writer intended to kill Mu Gyul off in episode 15 of M3. The evil part of me now wonders what type of fan-pocalypse the writer would have created had she accomplished her goal?

When Moon Geun Young won the Top Excellence Actress Award for her performance in Cinderella Unni, the picture below is the look on Jang Geun Seok’s face as he watched her give her acceptance speech. Tenderness, happiness, and a sense of pride for his co-star. I am not fanning any shipping flames, only noting that they really seem to be friends now in real life, which is really lovely to see since they just seemed to melt so naturally into each other onscreen as Mu Gyul and Mae Ri.

I clearly haven’t moved on from my Geun-Geun love, and unlike PK, which gave me seven additional Youtube episodes to spend with Ha Ni and Seung Jo, I’ve been left in a lurch from abrupt M3 withdrawal. Here’s to hoping that 2011 brings great personal and professional accomplishments for the two actors who took me for a wild and joyous ride.

Can I just end with a teasing aside? They really are coordinated so perfectly – it looks like they are headed to get married. 🙂 Lots of folks still post comments about how much people are missing our Holiday Couple. You’re not alone. Me, too.


Additional Stills of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok from the KBS Drama Awards — 107 Comments

  1. Aaaaaaawwwwww you’re not alone, I’ve been unfaithful to GMN/HTK *sigh* these two, they just look perfect, and they really look like a married couple loool *hides*

    • You’ve been unfaithful? I tried to rewatch YB and had to stop because I felt like JSG/Mu Gyul was cheating on MGY/Mary!! I’m glad I’m not the only one with issues….

      • huaaa…LizzyD you know I don’t watch YAB or JGS other drama because I felt like he’s cheating on MGY/Maeri..ahaha yep I felt the same, if MGY playing with other I’m a bit okay because she never have the best chemistry with other that her Happy New Year

      • LizzyD, I think you are a fan of Shin Hye but I saw a picture of her in a wedding dress, no competition, MGY wins it hands down.

      • OMG.. That’s how i felt as well.. at first i want to see again JGS in You’re Beautiful but then it’s not appealing anymore compared to M3.. It’s like i’d rather watch M3 over and over again just to see GeunGeun Couple chemistry.. <3

  2. I just love them…
    Someone please tell me if they are really a couple
    are they really in a relationship ???? I do hope they are.
    Someone please, anyone please tell me that they are !!!!!

    • I wish them real couple too..lets cross our finger together..ehehehe some said that if many people pray for one thing, that might be happening…

      • Well Done! that’s positive thinking working on you and everyone else here, I believe..

      • No, cause he wouldn’t act the way he’s been in Thailand if he were in a relationship with anyone. The boy is wild. They even put a silencer on all his fans cause too much stuff was leaking that could be negative to him in Korea. But I am sure they will remain friends.

      • LOLZ rory’s mom, how do you know these things?? ^O^ Amazing… especially considering you live that far away from the center of the action ;P

  3. LOVE THE BIG PICTURE OF THEM… You’re the best Koala ! you with your love to them is representative of our LOVE to THEM too.. mmuaahhh

  4. Ahhhhh thanks so much…I was hoping some of m3 left over and I’m glad you come up with this…can you put link where they received the best couple awards???me want to watch it….aaahhhh I miss GeunGeun couple a lot…want to see them again…can’t they make like special episode like PK???oh I would pay billions to make that happen..too sad I don’t have billions in my account..ahaha

  5. Madame Koala,

    You have earned my eternal devotion for this post. I don’t love you like Mu Gyul loves his Mary Christmas, but it’s getting up there. 😛 Tomorrow is to be the day I assigned myself to disembark the Holiday Ship, so I am very happy you provided this opportunity to squee one last time (until the DVD is released heehee.). You are completely right in that all the lovely little holiday moments outshone the production craziness. That said, there are also some scenes I watch, while fingering my blunt butter knives….

    I’ve also decided that these two are dating in real life and I’m saving up my money for the plane ticket to crash their wedding in Korea sometime later this year. 🙂

      • Thank goodness lizzyd, you’re more extreme than I am.. but I thought YOU are his girlfriend 😛

    • they are dating…it’s just that they need time to rethink again in real life…perhaps a short of time separate from each other will make them realize they love each other like what happen to Hyun Bin and Song Gye Hyo..and when I’m hoping my fave OTP become a couple most of the time it happen like when I want Vic Zhou and Barbie tsu in Mars (sadly they break up at the moment), Hyun bin and Song Gye Hyo,
      so lets keep praying and I’m sure we can be sure that we can hear good news a year from now….a wedding invitation maybe????

      • he he he
        Your wish may just come true ‘cos I gather JGS likes older girls and perhaps, MGY would suit him to a T ‘cos she is about 3months older than he is!!! Am sure all of you are aware that dear MGY made him mittens. Have not heard of his other co-stars making anything for him with personal touch like our cutie MGY. She is definitely a notch up above the rest.

        I know it’s wishful thinking but guess, you never know. Maybe, they need some time of separation like HB and SHK. Like the saying goes, “Absence Makes The Heart Grows Fonder” Let’s keep our fingers crossed, shall we?

  6. awww, cute. I sadly gave up on M3 after ep 13 or so, but thanks to your recaps i at least know what happened. damn shame, but hopefully their next project will be better. I’d love to see them do a movie together in a couple of years – it could be amazing!

    p.s. i read about plans to kill off MuGyul. My thoughts – had the writer laid a decent foundation, *maybe* it could have worked. but it would have been like jumping a whale, as the show had already jumped the shark multiple times over. *sigh* i’m gonna go listen to My Precious and think happy thoughts.

  7. now am also looking forward to your blogs of the geun geun couple! I have been a fan of moon geun young but i never link her to anyone not until i saw mary stayed out all night and learned of the promise they once made when they were still young (saw that too) they are good friends offscreen and I was glad that mgy accepted the role of mary i was surprised to learn that JGS shouted hooray when MGY accepted the role, although she’s someone you will really hope to pair with because she’s a very good actress. Sad that MSOAN ended already but I still watch it on cable channel, after the kbs drama awards am looking and searching for more new stories about them…there are many detractors of the geun geun couple because of the PSH/JGS tandem, I just hope they’ll understand, I hope they’ll end up together in real life for MGY doesn’t want to get married if at the age of 25 she will not still meet the man of her dreams, i hope JGS will see through MGY beauty the kind of the girl he’s looking for. Thank you for the update and don’t stop researching for will always want to update what’s new about the couple.

    • Hello Patch,
      Wow love the way u describe MGY and JGS – – i agree with you love them so much
      when watch MSOAN and so far all the dramas i hv seen , they are the most compatible couple in Korea. Thank God both MGY and JGS agree to act together and they hit so will I praying hard that they will appear together in movies and dramas and may they again win the best couple and excellent acting awards together. Me too love updates of them if any.
      Lets cross our fingers for both of them to in love in real life. Fighting

  8. hi ockoala,

    If in case you have news on upcming projects of JGS…. please please please post it here…. I am really waiting everyday for news on what his next project would be.. you have any idea if you’re my pet will go through this year?? lots of love to JGS…
    love love love… ^__^

  9. They are the only reason why i stayed with m3..they are really cute doesn’t even feel like they’re acting..

    And what’s the deal with the writer wanting to kill mu gyul???

  10. i know how you feel dear!! me also going ballistic missing our Holiday couple!!
    i still cant get over them…and everyday, im browsing the net searching damn news bout them! WHAT SHOULD I DO??

    • Me too, shame on me, but i really can’t get over our holiday couple.
      Thanks a lot koala, i love this post, the pics are gorgeous, and is a gift to look at them together in real life and to remenber them as mary and mu-gyul. I miss them so much!!!!!

  11. it doesn’t help my MSOAN withdrawal with the dawning realization of what could have been. But Koala, you’re right. amnesia…happy moments…. ahhh, feeling good again. : ) LizzyD, take me with you to attend their wedding!

  12. Thank you for posting above still pictures.
    I think, JGS had a lots of funs on KBS drama award night.
    I like JGS and so happy to see with hair style that he had on that night. I am sure that he still keeping the long hair.
    Wishing him all the best in 2011 and every success in future career.

  13. Thanks for these Ockoala! I miss them a lot. I really love the photo showing JGS’ reaction while MGY was accepting her award. “Tenderness, happiness, and a sense of pride for his co-star.” Yes, you got it all right. He looks really proud of MGY, and he probably still has a lingering Mu Gyul feelings for her… =)

  14. Thanks so much Koala.. am still having severe Holiday couple withdrawal.. and gasp, in my grand old age of 30 something.. i’m becoming a ‘couple fan’.. been scouring their respective forums for news.. ‘slaps forehead’.. am I slowly becoming a basket case?

    Below is a link of a JKS fancam while MGY was giving her acceptance speech.. if I am not wrong, they are at least good friends.. see his delight when her name was called? apparently, he actually pointed to himself a few times while she was speaking.. whether it was really to ‘remind’ her that she thank him in her speech or to make her laugh so that she would stop crying, only JKS will know..

    I am a little ashamed to admit that I wish they will be a real couple but I know it’s far-fetched.. if they remain good friends that can call on each other to be guest stars for their fan meetings.. i’d be over the moon.. or better still, if they get together for another project.. please please please 😛

  15. the new writer intended to kill Mu Gyul off in episode 15 of M3.

    Wait, waht? WHAT? WHAT?!? I…OMG…wait, my brain is temporarily offline from the shock. WAS SHE INSANE? Omg the rage…I’m so thankful to whoever stepped in and STOPPED FROM DOING THE UNTHINKABLE!!! ZOMG, Mae-ri/Mu-kyul WERE the heart of the kdrama. I wouldn’t have watched that thing if the OTP wasn’t that strong and adorable. And…OMFG WHAT IS THIS? Ok, okay, deep breaths, Self. Deep breaths. M3 is over and they were together in the end. I…omg, I can’t seem to pull myself together. /o I…just…er, you just broke my brain, you know? Also, now I’m so curious. You mean kill off literally? Like, during his kidnapping? OMG OMG OMG I don’t even WANT to know if you meant that in the literal sense. JFC! What were they thinking?

    I also have selective amnesia, and am able to block out everything crappy about M3, retaining only what I love. I suggest all M3-fans develop this ability ASAP.

    HA! I developed that skill (is that a skill? I’ll consider one) a million kdramas ago. I think you need to have that in order to survive in kdramaland, don’t you think.

    I need to lie down now, bb. I’m still in shock about the MK thing. WTH.

    • I guess you missed the uproar last week about this. Man, was it just last week? @#%$%$^#$*& Frak, time flies.

      Killing off MG in episode 15 (how? I don’t know. He accidentally gets electrocuted by his guitar?) was the height of idiocy and I can’t even wrap my mind around how any writer could justify that.

      • I was trying to remain spoiler-free last week so I avoided any posts that had Mary in the title, even if they weren’t related to M3, just to be on the safe side. *is paranoid*

        The only way he might have died was, maybe, if the kidnapping went wrong, but as far as justifying his death to the loyal viewers? That was a tad more difficult to do. My explanation? The writer is touched in the head.

    • I KNOW RIGHT??!…if she did that she’d get hell from me…..i’d be at her doorstep 2 days after that episode aired…..i wouldnt care hw much that ticket would cost me!…lemm guess….was the crazy dad involved…see now if she planned on killing him off..i wouldnt mind (Like KJW suggested in one of the BTS vids)

  16. Dear Koala

    “”I clearly haven’t moved on from my Geun-Geun love, I’ve been left in a lurch from abrupt M3 withdrawal. Here’s to hoping that 2011 brings great personal and professional accomplishments for the two actors who took me for a wild and joyous ride.””

    Thanks for all the compliments on Geun-Geun. totally agree!!! Thanks so v v much for posting those lovely pictures of natural chemistry between the two cuties. I salute you, my dear…

    Dear people [I mean loyal fans of Geun-Geun]
    I am feeling good about all of you having withdrawal symptoms!!! 3 cheers for the holiday couple. Great feeling to know that I am so not alone on this.. ha ha ha.

  17. Dearest Ockoala-
    i visit your site everyday just to see if there’s any thing new about my dearest OTP or not.
    Thank you!

  18. Thank you Koala for this post, still checking for any geun-geun news bits in here. It’s good to know i’m not alone in selective amnesia boat and that I’m not going crazy for still missing these two together our Holiday couple. 🙂 I’ve seen these stills many times before but enjoyed it again and again since they look even more gorgeous dressed to the nines after watching them drowned in sweaters in M3. I seriously felt like I melt right along with them as they melt into MG and MaeRi on screen. hahahaa I know pathetic right, but that’s how much i enjoyed and am missing our Holiday couple.

    Thank You!

  19. Ockoala, LizzyD and Moom: I miss you ladies! I know we are countries apart and do not know each other but we had a common path for a bit in MSOAN and now the GeunGeun couple. LizzyD you are hilarious so I think about your posts the most. Thank you Ockoala for keeping them alive in your blog. I check everyday for news and get so down when there is nothing new. Of course you can always read about JGS but very little has been reported about MGY.
    JGS wrote that he hadn’t heard back from his CF sponsors in Korea because of low ratings and so he was looking into advertisers in Thailand who are very interested in him but soon after that J Tree put a ban on news leaks.

    JGS seems outspoken (good for him) but that can backfire. After reading everything he has planned for this year, I keep asking myself “How is he going to have time to go to school?” Anyway my point is that he is eroding my GeunGeun fantasy.

    I watched all of My Lovely Sam Soon. That was a romantic comedy of the best caliber to me. Love all the actors and story. Made me laugh so much that I had to be careful not to drink or eat while watching. It was great therapy.

    • Awww thanks!!! I just popped on over to pass on that my sister has volunteered to plan their wedding and EVERYONE is invited!! I’ll volunteer to go “pick up” the boy. If we’re a little late…it’s just the bad traffic in Asia…I SWEAR!!! 😛

      Also, please stop coming at me with sharp objects that have the potential to burst my happy bubble, ok?? hahah Seriously though, now I’m dying to know what the boy is doing in Thailand. I have to admit, the ladies there are very very pretty. Plus we know he gets very very drunk rather often. Tell tell!!!

      • Awesome. So can’t wait for the wedding. It will be a fun filled affair. And of course you are late only cause of the traffic lol.

  20. LOL. I’m with everyone else here missing Mary & Mugyul like crazy. I know it is farfetched that they can become a real couple but one can always hope can’t they. They look so compatible and sweet pictures together, thanks Ockoala for keeping them alive.

  21. JGS does an H Lounge where he DJ’s and other things. There are pictures that were leaked on several of his fan sites. (Yes I visit them all). Pouring alcohol on himself is one and mostly older looking women he sings and dances to. He is going to do this on 8th in Thailand. Also he will be doing this in Japan in Feb. and lucky Korea gets to see him on the 29th of Jan.
    Don’t get me wrong. I have a mental picture of MGY and JGS being a couple. Now that I saw Ockoala’s post about Ayumi Hamasaki marrying her leading man, I am saying please let that happen with MGY and JGS, PLEASE.

    I read how he has been blacklisted sort of in Korea because of his outspoken nature and from what I understand, Korea is deeply rooted in respecting your seniors and no backtalk will be tolerated. He has more fans abroad than in Korea where he lives. In Korea that would be the younger ones of which youth is not the major population of Korea. The older folk do not like him but I live in the US where it is our right to speak our mind so I find it difficult to understand that kind of thinking.
    I wish nothing but great things for JGS and I have idol worship for MGY who, to me, can not help but be a great actress.

    • I think I know which pictures you’re talking about. Totally cracked me up. The guy is 23- what’s wrong with a little alcohol? I think most people have had their wild days. I spent 80% of my college days drunk (the remaining 20% I was unconscious). People have designated drivers for clubbing nights? My group of friends had a designated “carry Lizzy home” person for each night. I don’t want to be the kettle or the pot calling anyone black.

      I am Asian, and it still bothers me a lot how you have to act a certain way, always. For example- based on Kdramas, you’d think 90% of the women in Korea have never been kissed before the age of 30!!! Plus, alcohol is practically free in Asia!! And anyone who has been to the Asian clubs know that they’re insane. As much as I love how free spirited he is, I guess it’s probably a good idea for his career to at least stop taking pics/talking about these kinds of “occurrences”. That’s why he needs MGY… to tame him a little bit. His behavior at the KBS awards was the most subdued I’ve ever seen him.

      P.S. I think it’s very funny they’re trying to put a gag on his fans instead of the source himself. I guess he’s “ungaggable” hahahaha

      • LizzyD. I was having lunch and I almost choked on my food. You are just Too Cool. How the heck did you ever graduate?

      • I wouldn’t call it cool considering I have bad reactions to alcohol. My cure for that at 18 was to just drink through it. 😛 Now on the very rare occasion when I go out and see a young drunk girl, I shake my head and laugh a little on the inside. I have no idea how I graduated, it’s all a blur. I also have some regret that I wasted so much money on a private university and didn’t learn very much. Grad school is a whole different story.

        Please note: This story is not intended to encourage young people to drink! Do as I say, not as I did, ok? However, if you’re going to do it, do it responsibly…unless you’re at one of JSG’s wild parties and then all rules are out the window.

      • lizzyd.. I think he still wants to be open and honest with his fans but becos anyone can read the stuff that leaks out in the public forums.. his words can be taken out of context and used against him by antis etc hence the gag on fans, instead of Mr Recklessly Honest himself

      • RM dear.. how does one ‘bag’ someone.. i’m afraid i’m not clued in on the lingo..

        lizzy.. you go girl.. RM and I are out of the market.. better the devil you know.. hahahaha

      • Awww I so love it here. I miss all of you guys comments. Totally love it and miss it.

        I also love that he wants to be honest with his fans and say whatever he wants which is awesome but sometimes you can’t. Its just in asia I think I’m sure there are tons of things that all actors would like to say but wouldn’t because it will come back at you. It’s sad that the world is like that but it is so for his career’s sake he really should stop. Maybe he could say it some time along the road but not that soon afterwards.

        Yes he does need MGY to subdue him. I think she would do a really good job with that.

        But yeah it is funny them trying to gag fans instead of himself but guess they can’t really gag him.

        Yeah he’s 23 so he’s allowed to drink and have some fun. I always find it funny that the media makes such a big deal of it. He’s doing what other 23’s are doing.

    • RM.. this boy is doing Lounge H cos he likes these wild party things AND it pays the bills.. he is just milking his popularity while he can.. I think a lot of the ‘wild things’ he does is just to fan the fans’ fervour and get the ladies screaming..

      some time back.. there was a girl in soompi who sorta knew him personally thru Big brother… the guy he does Loung H with.. she met him a few times at parties and notes that he is actually quite a nice, pensive type who during nights out with the boys, usu just sits, smokes and drinks.. nothing too flamboyant.

      abt his ‘umpopularity’ in Korea.. I think he just way too outspoken.. he does not try to hide his true feelings and that annoys people I guess.. he had to close his CY world in ’08 cos he was writing poetic prose and posting pics of himself in his mini blog and somehow, he gained ‘antis’ and earned a nick name of ‘show-off Suk’ what has he done in thailand now? he claims he has not gone to the clubs so far..

      • That is what I read from all the twitter accts and bigbrother that they are clubbing. They drank kamikazes and the club has a number for a name. I agree that he is young and needs to enjoy his life but what scares me is some dishonest girl bagging him thru the conventional golddigger way. Do they have that in Asia cause it happens here.

      • She’d just get paid off like the ones here do…. 😛 Sigh… do you want me to just go there and keep him busy? If he’s going to get “bagged” might as well be by one of us, yes? hahaha SO KIDDING.

    • Thank you, thank you Ockoala for this blog and another review of MMM.
      I was very happy to read messages from moom, rory’s mom and others. You girls are awesome! Everything I was thinking about for a few days after I finished watching MM.
      Did you watch his interview in English by TV Pool in Thailand?
      Interview starts in the middle of the clip. He mentioned that he drank and love female “too much”! He looks great though! Did not look like he was wasted the day before.
      I really hope that he has this drinking and parting under control. I am sure it is age related and temporary.
      It really looks so, he has a lot of plans and he is very responsible.
      Cheers everybody!
      Best wishes for JKS. 2011 is his year ( rabbit)!
      (Sorry for my English, it is my second l).

  22. I saw in fb that MGY had a photo shoot with her Autumn Tale co-star. I hope that MGY and JGS will have another drama. Anyway,
    Hi ockoala, do you know how to read Korean scripts? I saw this Thailand vid and JGS changed the sign the fans were holding. It seemed they had an honest mistake which was cute when JGS saw it. What was written on that sign anyway?

    • lovie, I read abt that.. a fan did a placard of his name and did it wrongly ON PURPOSE.. so she was rewarded when JKS marched up and ripped off the character and pasted it back correctly for her.. the fan who did it is the one whose fan cam you posted.. she is regretting that she was not the one holding the placard LOL…becos apparently, JKS remembered the placard holder when he came out later.. ha

      I have seen the MGY pics with Won Bin.. she looks fantastic !!

      see see.. i am spending way too much time on these b$%&)& fan forums

      I want my life baaack….

    • @ moom- who says I’m on the market? Have you never heard of the “One Exception Rule”? Basically you get to pick ONE fantasy person with whom it’s ok to cheat on your real boyfriend with. hahahah @ Rory’s Mom- I will have to evaluate whether JGS is worthy of that spot. He’s not really my type…not that I’d kick him out if he fell into my bed or anything….well, unless Gong Yoo shows up… then all bets are off…or maybe I’ll just get a bigger bed….HAHAHAH

      • LOL lizzyd.. I have a better idea.. why don’t we write to MGY and ask her to take care of him ( and his bus)

  23. thanks so much to all you people on topic JGS. Laughing quietly to myself. he he he!! You guys rock!!! Real funny. Just a statement that all of you love the boy!! Strange, I thought I loved the boy in You’re beautiful. Now, have cultivated this @##$% interest in anything JGS after M3. Am I crazy or what?

    Korean press may be a bit harsh on JGS. they go much on the respect for senior . basically, it is an Asian thing. RESPECT. Guess, it’s important all around the world but believe me, it’s kind of big in Asia. It’s that “no talking back syndrome”. There are some actors who choose to play it safe and say what the press wants to hear but I think JGS is quite the opposite. He is probably “what you see is what you get” kind of person. being honest, basically.

    RM is darn right, Young boy is wild and having fun, at the same time, like Moom sez he is probably milking it for what it’s worth. I would do the same if I were him! I would pay $1MILLION to be 23 again. Gosh, how I missed those days. sometimes drunk BUT have been sober for years now. It IS those experiences that make us wiser later in our lives. Sorry, sound of ahjumma talking here… he he

    Yes, being outspoken is good but then again, the press IS powerful. They either support you to the max or wipe you out to the max. Maybe, our dear boy need to be cautious with his words and actions to be on the good with the press. On the other hand, I wouldn’t change the boy a bit. He IS 23 and entitled to have fun. Who knows what happens tomorrow, right?

    LizzyZ dear, you’re the best. thanks for sharing your experiences with that touch of humour. Love it!! Lastly, you are so right.. That young boy needs that young girl by the name of MGY to be by his side for some stability. I am going goo goo and ga ga over them pairing in reality like a teenager!! Insanity has sunk in!

    OK, back to reality!! Thanks to everyone for their comments. enjoyed it to the max for sure. Am smiling from ear to ear after dosage of GeunGeun talk. Kamsahamida.

  24. Thank you soooooo much dear ockoala for these beautiful pictures of our favorite Holiday couple!

    Well like many of you here, I too am missing the MG/MR couple so much that I had to go on a mini-grieving period… Ok, the truth is work has taken over my life again but it’s weekend so I’m baaaaaaaack! 🙂

    Just can’t help myself giggling over the picture of JGS looking on MGY while she accepted her award. Ockoala’s description “Tenderness, happiness, and a sense of pride for his co-star” of that picture beautifully sums it up. I wonder if MGY saw JGS then. He’s looking at you kid. Oh, I admit I too am wishing these 2 lovely kids do end up together for life! 🙂

    Thanks again ockoala for kindly inviting us all in your playground; letting us express our k-drama views, dreams and passion! Thanks also to everyone who posted thus far. The news about JGS and MGY, your avid fan support for both, and your humor always brighten my day!

    Have a good weekend everyone!

  25. OMG. I was keeping low profile ’cause I’d never posted any comment on anywhere (well, I did in here a few days ago for the first & last time) and because I was embarrrassed to show my ESL level. But! since u okoala posted yet another piece about JKS-MGY (Thank you, Thank you! with Hello Hello melody plz) I just couldn’t sit back and giggling myself (getting a bit creepy lately). Anyways, I’ve been checking everywhere for the KBS award thing. Those two’s loveliness that night was priceless. U Knw, MGY is all boy’s idol, especially to the boys in her generation. Like class vice president with her beauty, sweet personality and brightness. All boys are just dying to have one little chat with her, boys like Yesung the Super Junior guy who sang Cinderella’s siser OST admitted he was following M3 and was jealous of JKS cause MGY is his all time dream girl. Or like many fancams caught the moments of other guys at the same table looking at her that night. But this class president JKS was literally blockng other dudes from her by constantly chattng with her, by showing the biggest and happiest reaction in the hall when her name was called by the award presenters. There really was no space between them for the other guys to cut in, maybe except for Kim Gap Su. (LOL) I liked MGY’s reactions to JKS’s ‘My Girl’ atitude. Not so princessy, just being confortable, smiling. And Oh! that side hug!! He offered MGY a handshake then pulled her in his arm, and MGY naturally put her hand on his waist! I knw I have to stop right here before I tarnish your blog’s reputation with my die-hard fan ahjunma behavior but one last thing! (or two!) THE BEST COUPLE! of all 5 pairs, they were the happiest couple. Standing close each other with genuine smiles on their face. They showed that now-famous twins- like shyness, expressions. When JKS sang Take care my bus, MGY silently sang the last part together! was soooo sweet! And, and one trully last thing is that, right after the Award finished, fancam caught JKS offerring MGY a long long hadshake. Lasted like 10 seconds? That was the longest forever handshake I’ve ever seen. The boy didn’t want to let her hand go! LOL. Well, don’t know if they will become a real couple or not but I definitely believe that Moon Geun Young is JKS’s one precious female friend and Jang Geun Seok is a trustful, reliable, lovable (keep going?) and handsome male friend to MGY. Priceless, priceless.
    K. Now I go…. Thks ockoala and ladies, for giving me the sweetest holiday season. I love your work!!

    • ahahah i like ur comments and long but enjoyable ramblings about GG Couple.. Coz i feel exactly the same with youuuuu!! kudos.. i can never get enough of them.. hopefully they meant to be with each other..

      • thanks. happy to knw there are so many like us. my sister sent me Hong Gil Dong, Baby & me and Happy Life dvds but couldn’t go there yet ’cause one G is missing…..

  26. Rory’s Mom,

    This is mostly at you. I think you said there was gossip about our boy partying it up in Bangkok, but I just read his message from yesterday and he said, “as for night clubs, I wouldn’t even dream of it.” Actually his whole message sounded really lonely and he said he misses home. I think he misses Mary. 😛 Not sure who is spreading those rumors but he just went shopping and swimming at the hotel pool. Just thought I’d share that with you. 😛

    • LizzyD:
      I just woke up in the middle of the night cause I had a dream. We won’t go into that but I went to a fan site where I read the same thing you are saying. Also I read that MGY updated her music on CYworld (really not sure what that is) with the SG OST and that JGS mentioned SG to his fans. I think I can go to sleep now knowing that he is not defecting to Thailand and that he misses his home country. Of course my mind is saying that he misses MGY. PLEASE let it be true.
      What is wrong with me? I have MGY and JGS on my brain. NITE!

      • My dear ladies, Rory’s Mom & Lizzy D
        This is so exciting. RM, NO you are perfectly alright. I think we just happen to have this huge vacuum after M3 ended. LizzyD, I do too hope he misses MGY like hell. Maybe, text or call her from overseas, hopefully he may win her over. Maybe, he’s holding her mittens on his chest while he sleeps? It’s ok, I’m wacky too!!

        If you think you’re a bit off, then, I can assure you that you are definitely NOT alone and that you have lots of backup from the whole troop of us here in this playground…

        Have a great weekend

      • Oh! I get it, maybe we could say a little prayer for them to get together, cohabit, have double dose cutey babies etc.etc.

        Just kidding! Oyasu minasai!!

  27. P.S. Here’s the translation (I figure you’ll want to read it). Original post on JGS sukbar, translated by me from Chinese. @ OCKoala – if you want me to stop posting this stuff, please let me know. I don’t want to offend anyone.

    subject heading: Ah.. so tired.
    This is my first time in Bangkok, so I really wanted to go look around and go shopping.
    I also wanted to go swimming, and play freely.
    So I wanted to really experience the joy that makes people come here and never want to leave.
    When I was shopping, because the Thai eels were all gathered outside the mall, I thought about leaving for safety reasons.
    With the male members of Tree-j (his management company), I went to the hotel swimming pool. We swam a bit and then because it was too cold, we left. As for night clubs, I wouldn’t even dream of it.
    The sincere longing for home…Aigoo..wah! wah! (He actually wrote out the crying sound.)

    So here I am again.
    I’m going to be very honest…
    don’t have that something…
    But…..maybe it is???
    What am I saying…. —

  28. I tried looking for your e-mail address so I can send you a private message of thanks but I can’t find it anywhere. So here it goes:

    Words are not enough. I’m on major Mary withdrawal mode (like you), my only excuse for sending you my thank you message this late.

    For the recaps and everything else Mary, I will forever be grateful.

    I’m obsessed with Jang Geun Suk ever since You’re Beautiful aired here in the Philippines. I finished it online in no time and proceeded to finish all his movies and dramas except for the two historical dramas he did. For some reason I can’t make myself watch sageuk dramas.

    Just to share, this is my Facebook status the night the show aired it’s final episode:

    “Mary Stayed Out All Night, how I love you so. Now that you’ve ended and pretty much left my brain short-circuiting still for all the insanity your scriptwriters forced on us loyal viewers, I still will love you no matter what. Though I’ve only just read the live transcap and still waiting for the raw video of the final episode, I thank you, show, for the two months you had me under your spell. 감사합니다”

    And to you, ockoala, MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT SA ‘YO! =)

  29. “selective amnesia, and am able to block out everything crappy about M3, retaining only what I love. I suggest all M3-fans develop this ability ASAP.”
    post traumatic stress disorder with those crappy parts so they have long been forgotten ;P

    these two will & are still being terribly missed . at least we were allowed
    to be weaned off of PK with those YT editions . =T

    M3 OST is all i have to console me 😛

  30. Aww, this post and comments made me happy, thanks everyone. I too am all aboard the GeunGeun-must-get-together-in-real-life-and-make-cute-babies ship, and I’m so glad I’m not alone. They seem to compliment each other perfectly and the chemistry just oozes out of these two. Surely at least they have some affection for each other, and I notice MGY usually mentions JGS in little articles relating to MSOAN, whether about how well they connect with each other or how great he is or how happy she is to meet and work with him. And I’m sure JGS cares for her and treats her well, as evident from the Awards show.

    Regardless of the story, MSOAN still gives me the warmest fuzzies thanks to the utter perfection that is the Holiday couple.

  31. this page is burn’n great people..does this page show up in korea,coz, for xur it’s somthng 2 b proud of…specially 2 dear lizzie,ur great gurl…lyk i wana b lyk u frm now on.,grow up lyk u wen ill be 13?..but w8..we’r talk’n bout JGS ryt..haha,my mind just blasted coz’ of ds crazy conversation w/ ds amazng people…haha,i never really had a chance 2 see forum lyk this yet not until ds moment..c im now compar’n..but it really is great,lyk i wana b in a group w/ u guys,dat woul b an honorr..from di botomest hole in ma’ thin walled heart(dats bcos JGS dug in so much that it may collapse @ any tym i hear a news bwt him hurting or or destructv or someth’n)…
    saranghaee guys,noona…..muaamua!,haha

  32. my 2010 couple is Geun-Geun…so it is great to see more photos of them..and the continuous discussions about them or M3 related…I still could not detach my myself from M3….unlike PK…I think I have already put them aside after the bonus eps on Utube….I think words are not enuf to put what we are all going through now…hehehehe

  33. Thanks for posting this, dear Captain… it makes the withdrawal easier to bear, with so many like-minds here ^^
    And they really do look good together, on-screen and off. I feel like all the people there were attending their wedding lol

    Reading the comments, I just want to stress on one thing. Keun Suk was never disrespectful toward the older generation. Yes, he’s outspoken, but he’s also known as one of the most eloquent stars there (watch Champagne show where HeeChul called KeunSuk). From what I know, what caused the “disrespect” talk was actually a leftover reaction from Beethoven Virus, because Kang Gun Woo went against KangMae, his mentor. And somehow the dislike was transferred to the actor. (Actually he’s very very polite to his senior. In the autograph event in HK, when he saw his fan was an older lady, he immediately stood up and bowed to her while shaking her hand with both of his)

    Anyway, thanks for creating this wonderful playground, Koala… and sorry for making it more like JKS forum… ^^;;

  34. Ockola…thanks for sharing your recaps & view on MSOAN & GeunGeun couple..the very last picture you posted at the KBS award really looks like bride & groom, MG & MR are having their wedding dinner…how wonderful it was that JGS choose to wear a traditional black tux instead of his usual flamboyant style while MGY choose to wear a long white simple yet elegant gown that looks a good as any bridal gown..she simply looks womanly with a touch of innocence..

    I dunno if they actually have a love relationship but they cerainly have chemistry that only people in love wud have…and they’re no strangers to each other..JGS claimed that MGY is his special best friend, whatever it means..and he even went to watch her musical show Close..and during SBS 2009 awards bts/rehearsal, there was even a part where Lee Hong Ki teased JGS with MGY & JGS playfully hit him to shut him…

    And to see that he was brimming with pride while MGY did her speech, at one point trying to control his own tears, made me assume they’re more than just friends..

    Abt his partying & drinking..I believe he never lie abt it..he said so many times he loves to M3 bts he said that too..I remember when the reporter asked if he often went out drinking with MGY, he evade the question by saying MGY loves drinking too (which made me suspect they did even more)..and as MGY CS casts too said MGY often went drinking with them, we know both JGS & MGY loves drinking..abt the clubbing in Thailand, I tot he was assign as dj that night..ok may be he was drunk that night but I believe he has his manager & his trusted ppl to take care of him..afterall this is his official visit, I’m sure these ppl wud ensure he wudn do anything he’ll regret later..I believe this is his way entertaining his fans..may be a bit too much but he knew he is safe becos he has his ppl…if there’s truly somthing between him & MGY I am sure they know each other long enuf to know how much trust & faith they have in each other…

    BTW what exactly did JGS said abt Secret Garden?if he was partying all night until 7am as clAimed by some stalker fans when did he got to write his mssg on the net? and also does anyone know what MGY has been doing between Jan 8 to date? I know she did Basic cf shoot sumtimes before Jan 4 becos the 1st batch picture came out on the 4th..I’m sure she did the shoot with WB on the same day but release their picture together slightly later..anyway the pic with WB was out on Jan 7, so she must have done it before Jan 7…so what has she been up to until now? On vacation perhaps?

    • love ur post, btw would u show me d’ link of sbs 2009 bts??? (during SBS 2009 awards bts/rehearsal, there was even a part where Lee Hong Ki teased JGS with MGY & JGS playfully hit him to shut him…)

  35. I heard that JGS will do the Farewell concert type of thing as Kang Mu Gyul later this month. Can anyone confirm? If that’s true, I hope Mae Ri will be there too! No way for me to go Korea but will check youtube like crazy.

  36. hello ockoala!!! Just want to share my videos. Hope you like it. And thanks for the post.


  37. i love how Mae Ri looks to MuGyul performing on eps 14 of MSOAN.. She seems genuinely in love with him *who wouldn’t??* and the way he sings it to her is just sooo meltingggg.. GAHHHH!!
    There was clearly something there between them.. ^^

  38. Hi, Ockoala. Thanks for the additional information about the Geun-Geun coouple…

    I really miss MG and MR…I am still having withdrawal syndrome…I watched the whole episode of M3 again last weekend… How I wish they will have another k-drama project together this year….

  39. 2009 SBS Awards bts link
    Check out beginning from 0:25 I think HK was surprise to know that JGS wud be the mc for the night…just a rough translation..
    LHK: Seriously MC?
    JGS: dunno?
    LHK: Really?
    JGS: Moon Geun Young too (in a low voice, wasnt clear unless listen real carefully)
    LHK: Aaah…right, Moon Geun Young ssi…(in a loud voice)
    JGS was abt to sit after he mumble MGY’s name but when LHK repeated MGY’s name out loud, he stood up again & playfully push LHK & they both chuckles…I believe knowing the camera was following them JGS intended to mention MGY discreetly to LHK..he didnt want to be caught oncam mentioning MGY’s name while talking to LHK but of cos LHK seem to purposely repeated her name loudly..and the way he put it…that’s right, MGYssi…confirming JGS just mention her name…that’s why he playfully push HK to shut him up…

  40. It’s good to see this page again. Omg, i have not gotten over them yet… I still wish i can see them together again in a well written drama… Hope springs eternal.

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