A Picture Homage to Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in Historical Dramas

Who has watched the epic drama this photoshopped imaged of our beloved Geun-Geun Couple is paying homage to? These photoshopped pictures are courtesy of the magnificently talented zitalei (ๅฐ่•พ) at Baidu’s Moon Geun Young Bar. Can I just tell you – the thought of either actor doing a wuxia drives me insane with want. Only because wuxias are so angsty, it’ll likely make me unable to ship any other couple but them for the rest of my drama watching life. Okay, I’m exaggerating. Maybe just a little.

I’ll be nice and tell you all – lei photoshopped Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young into the most famous wuxia love story of ALL TIME, between a pair of star-crossed lovers that span decades and eternity. It’s from Return of the Condor Heroes, a wuxia novel by Louis Cha, which has been adopted into dramas more than a ten times (at last count) from about 5 different countries. The most recent adaptation came from Mainland China, and was released in 2006, starring Huang Xiaoming and Crystal Liu Yifei. The 2006 version is also where these original shots came from.

I’m actually not itching for the Geun-Geuns to do another modern drama. I want them to do a sageuk! Moon Geun Young won her Baeksang for her performance in Painter of the Wind, and similarly Jang Geun Seok make quite an impression in both his sageuks, Hwang Jin Yi and Hong Gil Dong. Lei also spliced together some awesome pictures of our Geun-Geuns from their sageuk performances, which I hereby bring for your enjoyment. All credit goes to lei, who was happy to share her work with all Geun-Geun fans the world over.

If you want to take any of these pictures and repost them, be sure to credit zitalei. ๐Ÿ˜€ I totally squeed like a five year old going to Disneyland for the first time when I saw these awesome photoshopped pictures. I’m so easy to please.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of zitalei at Baidu Moon Geun Young Bar]


A Picture Homage to Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in Historical Dramas — 65 Comments

  1. My dear koala

    Am dumbfounded.. you never fail to amaze me!! Thank you for seeing JGS&MGY through our eyes.. For that, I salute you yet again! Yes Yes & YES!! anything to bring our favourite OTP together again. Only thing is sageuks are a bit clean cut and not much intimacy as in modern day drama. boating? yes ? no?

    On another note, a bit sad to read about our cutie JGS that he is not much favoured by the middle-aged people in Korea. That is why ratings are low for YAB and M3. JGS sez he would like to stay in Thailand,’cos they welcome him with open arms. He sort of lament that he is liked more overseas than in his home country. Do feel a bit sad for JGS. Is there reason to believe? If that’s the case, those ahjussis and ahjummas had better lighten if you need to catch up with the times, really!!! How is it that they cannot seem to identify with his acting with finesse. I find this strange or am I being bias…

    • tangee, i echo every single word of yours here…thank you so much for articulating what has been on my mind for so long… (”,)

      ockoala, i thank God for you, and for what you have done to cater to the Geun-Guen fans the world over…i am just over the moon with these photoshopped and spliced photo of (to me, at least) the most believably perfect couple in Kdramaland… (”,)

      thank you so so much ockoala and hope that you would continue to search for more news and photos of our beloved Geun-Geun couple in the future and put up here for us to enjoy… (”,)

      oh, i am STILL in major Geun-Geun withdrawal mode…when am i going to get over this love????

      • dear KDL
        You are most welcome… Glad that many of us are in this together..
        “oh, i am STILL in major Geun-Geun withdrawal modeโ€ฆwhen am i going to get over this love????”
        Answer: Maybe never!!!

        Hey, chingu, you are not alone. LOL!!

      • dearest tangee, my chingu (”,)

        God bless you for being my kindred spirit about this major, major addiction…
        i agree with you!!! totally!!!! at the rate im going, i may NEVER EVER get over the Geun2 couple…arrrggghhh….

        but…its not as if i WANT to get over it…. hehe….hmmm…im mooning over them now…aaahhhh….such beauty….such perfection…how wonderful….hmmmm…

  2. WOW, that was some fanart!! I had trouble breathing when I first saw it. Amazingly well done ^.^

    Oh, I would love for them to make their version of Yang Guo and Xiao Long Ni. Or any saeguk drama. Or any drama as long as they got paired up again (with MUCH MUCH better writer please). I

    Thank you for bringing these pics here, Koala… I’m going to stare some more… ^^

  3. Disclaimer: The author sucks at storytelling. Enough said.

    One random adventure of a dodo….

    Once upon a time there lived a dodo who liked to lurk on AKP before bedtime. It’s become a recent habit, you see. On this particular night, the dodo just happened to be the only creature awake in her home and despite feeling a bit sleepy, she chose to refresh the page on her computer screen (yes dodos own computers and laptops –even iPods. Don’t ask us how we use them since we don’t have opposable thumbs like koalas, but we somehow we get by fine) when suddenly, she sees a new post with a picture of Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in wuxia attire.

    The incredulous dodo rubs her eyes and stares widely at the photo. She clicks the “read more” button and gapes in utter surprise when she sees what was hidden after the jump. Due to her impatience and curiosity, the dodo scrolls through all the words until she reaches the small gallery of photos–the gorgeous photoshopped photos of her favorite actors in a sageuk!

    After seeing these loverly photos, the dodo returns to the beginning of the post and reads every single word. She then scrolls back down to the photos, which eventually leads to ROFL’ing. It was a sight to behold. To her amazement, no one noticed. Ten minutes later, after staring a hole into the laptop, the giggling dodo takes the time to do a happy jig-dance-or-whatchoomacallit, forgetting that she needed to wake up early tomorrow. Even after tiring herself out with said dance, the dodo decided she needed to write. But what? The ideas swirling around her head were numerous! So much could be written, such as a fanfic of these two in a sageuk. However, after realizing that time was ticking by, the dodo decided to to save the creative fiction writing of her favorites for later and write up another story instead–the story of herself talking in third person.

    Minutes after posting her story for the world to see, the dodo awaits judgment for turning loony, hoping that spectators will understand that she didn’t mean to cause all this ruckus so late in the night. In fact, if you one of those who are lurking, please go easy on the dodo because these photos–containing some sort of magical spell–caused her to forget her Self. Thank you.

    The End.

    • LOL I’ve to wake up early tomorrow as well…but I read your post at the dead of night…the magic of Geuns can turn anyone crazy…haha

      • I totally did not post that, especially after seeing grammar mistakes all over the place. I swear you can blame my evil twin, who was probably tipsy off of happiness last night. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. The best photo I’ve seen of the geun2 couple .I wish they made a drama for real.
    Btw any news of any drama involving the couple?

  5. zitalei at Baidu Moon Geun Young Bar, how do i thank you for the wonderful work you have done to cater to the Geun-Geun fans the world over?

    thank you so so much for your hard work!! (”,)

    i look forward to more of such adorable photos of the Geun-Geun couple (”,)

  6. Hi ockoala.. i’m a silent reader and i love your recaps on MSOAN.. ^_^
    I’m happy you never stop posting about the geun-geun<3

    Anyway look at this pic guys!!~

    MGY pic is during CS and JGS is just recent. Wow!~ i it seems this two have something going on even MSOAN haven't started yet!!…
    this seems something more to me or maybe i'm just delusional.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    but i hope they're more than on-screen couple^^~

  7. You never failed bring our geun2 amusement.love it love it.is there any chance to show this to them so that they know they got faitfull fans that adore them as couple and individul?

      • Lets do that!ah I would never be able to say bubye to our holiday couple and have a huge difficulties watching them with other,although Iโ€™m ok wit MGY pair with other but if JGS idk why it makes me think heโ€™s cheating.hehe he is an ex playboy after all (KMG)while MGY with other only great friend with good chemistry because MR is a loyal lover.hehe.ah Iโ€™m in denial to leave this couple.

      • Erika, I agree with you!! hehe!! LOL!! how to say byebye to our holiday couple when they look so good and real together?? i agree tt from now on, any other female co-star of JGS will be compared with MGY…

      • @kdl so so so.its so hard so I gave up my bye bye to geun2 couple and keep my love and fangirling for them.haha he sure is,not only his next co-star will be compare with MGY but his previous one too..ah someone just get them married already.

      • LOL!! my dear Erika!! you really cracked me up with all your words, especially the following :

        “ah someone just get them married already”

        i was literally laughing my head off, rolling on the floor and what have you!!! hehehaha!!! and YES!!! how true that Park Shin Hye being his previous co-star will now be compared to MGY…after MGY, i dont remember how PSH was like with JGS…i am just so consumed with how PERFECTLY MATCHED the Geuns are…hehe

        Erika, i think we really need to set up a special site for the Geun2 fans out there to rant and rave over them at our hearts’ content and keep ourselves updated on the latest news and photos on the Geun2 to feed our incurable addiction to them… (”,)

      • oh my dear KDL that would be a good idea…a web only for the lovely couple so that we can spam bout them and who knows that one day they see it and secretly join, keep visiting it and eventually the geuns start to hang out more and the love blossom will blooming and we will get the invitation to their weds..reserved only for their loyal fans..hehehe

      • yes, yes, a million times yes to every single one of your words above, Erika!!! how lovely to see the lovely couple become even lovelier by being in love for real and have lovely babies???


  8. OMG. What lovely pictures! ( ^ ^ ) Thanks much ockoala for alleviating my craving for more of anything related to Geun-Geun couple!

    MGY’s picture above where she pretended to be a lady entertainer was one of my favorites from “Painter of the Wind”. And of course, who would forget our deep-voiced and favorite prince/king in Hong Gil Dong, waaaaah!

    The other day I had a brain wave…How about a drama with JGS, MGY and Won Bin?
    Now with your suggestion above, how about a saeguk drama with JGS, MGY, and Won Bin? Oh what epic drama would that be?!!! (Gasp.)
    Can we write lots and lots of petition for this saeguk drama? To whom do we write?
    K-drama gods? What is their address?

    Oh, I’m so glad I woke up early today to see this treat. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a good day everyone!

      • oh my if that happen…I’m sure none I mean NONE drama will match their greatness, awesomeness and will break all the high rating ever had….

  9. aksjhsldkgfalsdhalkshdlshdalsdha


    OH.MY.GOD! I didn’t think I needed this until I saw the pics. Now it’s ALL I WANT! LAKJFLAHSDLGASLHGDLASDLJADL

      • Can we start a petition? Can we write the script and send it to the kdrama gods? Please! We need to make that drama happen somehow. I just…OMG, bb. *quivers*

  10. Yes, yes, would love it if they make an ancient theme drama together. I can’t enough of these two together. Fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed for wishing that this may happen.

  11. Thanks ockoala. Pleeease KEEP ON and CONTINUE posting write ups about our sweetest, most awesome JGS & MGY couple – can NEVER have enough of them!!! I will be so eternally grateful if you do!

    Love wuxias but I would rather JGS be Ling Hu Chong and MGY be Ren Ying Ying in Xiao Aw Jiang Hu. JGS would fit Ling Hu Chong to a T with his outgoing, heroic and flamboyant style (not to mention the megawatt charming smile), while MGY would be perfect as the highly respected and 100% passionate and devoted to Ling Hu Chong, Ren Ying Ying. The best part about the story is that the couple lived happily ever after and didn’t have to wait 16 years of separation before being reunited in the Return of the Condor Heros. Xiao Aw Jiang Hu is my personal favourite amongst Louis Cha novels.

    JGS totally and completely won my heart with his portrayal of Chang Hwi. It was the character that left the deepest imprint, focused attention and created the want to see more of his works and his personality. The rest is history.

    I also enjoy immensely reading everyone’s input and comments about our most adorable couple. Thanks everyone, you guys make my day!

  12. I’ve been saying that i want them in something angsty for ages now….image Eun Jo’s intensity (CS)+Chang Hwi (HGD)= hot hot hot…only thing is that i wouldnt be able to watch it if it gets too tragic a la Damo or Chuno


    so freaking GORGEOUS!!!…I can’t breathe….This dream has to come true now!
    Korean directors can you please think like the amazing zitalei…

    Thnks for the post koala <333

  14. I’m here I’m here!! What did I miss??!! For the record, I’m not as picky as all of you. I am happy just to have them on my tv screen. I don’t care what genre, what time period, or who else is there, so long as they are the leads and there’s a happy ending.

    I actually think JKS would suit the Yang Guo role quite well because that character is supposed to be a bit of a trouble-maker with an irreverent sense of humor, as well as a darker side. The Ling Hu Chong part in Xiao Ao Jiang Hu might be too easy for him and you know our JKS loves a challenge. Plus, Ling Hu Chong did learn to fall in love with Ren Ying Ying, but you can’t compete with the epic love that Yang Guo had for his Gu Gu! I would die for the opportunity to see him do the cliff scene when he realized they tricked him and she has most likely been dead for 16 years after jumping off that cliff (to save his life)….and then he jumps as well….sigh AND squee.

    There is a conspiracy to prevent me from moving on past this Geun Geun/Holiday Couple. I want and need my old life back.

    • Hey dear Cheery one
      “I am happy just to have them on my tv screen. I donโ€™t care what genre, what time period, or who else is there, so long as they are the leads and thereโ€™s a happy ending.”

      Ditto Ditto, you are darn right. as long as they are the leads, me very fine too!! If ever there is a MAGIC POTION whereby we can move on and have our old lives back, promise you will share it with us?? Ha ha…

      Cheers and good day to all at Geun2 camp…..

    • hehe…LizzyD!!! you are TOO precious!!! LOL!!! how do i thank thee for all your hard work putting in translations of what JGS said abt the script in the other posts in the truly fine blog that is A Koala’s Playground here with our dear ockoala and the other fine contributors to the comments here… (”,)

      i thank God for introducing me to this wonderful, wonderful blog and meeting wacky, hilarious and thought-provoking discourse here… (”,)

      i have enjoyed myself immensely reading the comments, opinions and insanely funny raving by all the contributors here and i agree with all the highly entertaining and unforgettable comments, opinions and raving because i am EXACTLY like that!!! soooo glad to meet kindred spirits right here, raving over the Geun-Geun couple!!!

      please do continue posting more news, photos and updates on the Geun-Geun couple…i am in MAJOR withdrawal mode…but its not as if i EVER want to get over the MOST BELIEVABLY ADORABLE couple EVER in Kdramaland – i agree with ockoala totally on this!! (”,)

  15. oh god!! i love you zitalei!!! and thank you ockoala for sharing these… PoTW, HGD and HJY along with RoTCH (read the manga & anime version though) was among my all time fav. *flail*

  16. ” I totally squeed like a five year old going to Disneyland for the first time when I saw these awesome photoshopped pictures. Iโ€™m so easy to please.”

    well, give me anything about our holiday couple and i’ll be Happy :D. thank you so much koala, i always come to this playground in hopes to see anything about the geun-geun, and am usually rewarded.

    right noe i’m happy and content and smiling and shining!!! gomawo!!!

    lovely pics, wonderful work, hope to see them sageuk or not very soon.. crossed fingers and praying to the drama gods too…

  17. wow! I heart!!!! I thought I died and went straight to Geun-Geun heaven. Thanks zitalei, this is pure awesomeness. I’m ready to sign a petition now to have this two on a sageuk just in case you guys think of starting one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. word. i can’t wait for MGY and JGS next projects, and hopefully they will collaborate again soon!! I just finished painter of the wind, and her other 2 movies innocent steps and my little bride (i did like this one better than the hk original). Yes, going through the holiday couple withdraw….

    • “”my little bride (i did like this one better than the hk original)””

      Ditto Ditto, totally agree. Not that Charlene Choi wasn’t cute enough. Just that MGY’s acting chops seem to be a level ahead. Even Kim Rae Won was some eye candy!! Paraded his 6-pack in one of the scene!! Yummy!!! Happy and full of sweetness kind of movie….

    • Ooops!!! Forgot to welcome you to the Holiday Couple withdrawal club… you may fill in our official form!!! LOL… Just pulling you leg!

      • Sorry! poor spelling…. I meant “Just pulling your leg!” Withdrawal symptoms is to be blamed… no fault of mine!

      • yes sign me up! I’m not a Charlene Choi fan, and found myself eye rolling whenever she came on screen…haven’t watched any of her recent works, so hopefully she isn’t as annoying now as she was back then. lol

        for PK, the extra youtube episodes kicked with PK otp withdraw. Wished they did something similar as well. ๐Ÿ™ I’m watching SG and started on MP so hopefully they can fill my void.

  19. LizzyD, I know what you mean by Yang Guo and his Gu Gu sharing an epic love story. Its just that the Return of the Condor Hero had too many unfortunate events happening to the couple that I see it more of a tragic love rather than a happy, complete and fulfilling union. First off, Yang Guo had to lose an arm – sad that he would not be able to fully embrace the woman of his love. Second, Gu Gu was raped – highly regretable for she would have wished that IT had been saved only for her one true love. Third, their relationship was deemed inappropriate and unacceptable by the social norms of the period and thus did not receive the blessings of society at large. Finally, the 16 years wait – a very, very long period of longing and loneliness. All this and more ingrained permanently on me that the Return of the Condor Hero was a tragic love story and I don’t wish the same happening to our HOLIDAY couple.

    Xiao Ao Jiang Hu on the other hand has honour, betrayal, sacrifice, unrequited love, adventure, comedy and being grossly misunderstood and ostracized by respected teacher and family. Plenty of fodder for JGS’s stock of acting talents. Ren Ying Ying is one of the most fortunate female lead characters written by Louis Cha. Best of all, the story had a strong OTP living the carefree and independent life in the end, much like the wuxia version of Mae Ri and Mu Gyul in M3!!! A very happy, filled with contentment and well rounded conclusion.

    Also realized that I don’t EVER want to see JGS handicapped or killed in any movie or drama (or in real life too for that matter!). Can’t bring myself to watch Hwang Zhen Yi.

    On a separate issue, hubby read that JGS said he will be cutting his hair short upon returning to Korea from Bangkok. Does anyone know more about this? Love to see what kind of a look he is going to come up with next.

  20. Awesome pictures, I wish it were real and could get a poster. Thank you to zitalei for having the love and vision to do this.
    Thank you Ockoala for keeping them alive in our hearts and minds.
    News about JGS is rare nowadays, so staying up late, where did your hubby read this?

    • Wouldn’t it be waste to cut it all off? OR does he want to 4get KMG so quickly? Maybe, the boy’s next project require him to do so? Is that the case, anyone?? Do tell….

      • tangee, my chingu, i echo your thoughts…if anyone has the latest news on JGS, please do update us here…thanks in advance to the kind folks who help us to be up to date on anything to do with JGS..and MGY as well… (”,)

        btw, i saw in a YouTube interview a few years ago in which JGS said that his ideal woman is Soo Ae…he looked so enamoured of Soo Ae…he was fanning himself and blushing so adorably and he said that if Soo Ae was watching the video, he hopes she will know how he feels….wow…

        here is the link :


  21. Hubby read the The Manager – a Thai daily. The paper interviewed JGS on 10 Jan 2011 whilst he was in Bangkok doing the Ole Winky Eyes (a kind of sweet) CF.

    During the interview, JGS said that he liked the tie back hairdo best in YAB (one that shows his face fully. I did read previously that he thinks his expressions whilst acting can be seen clearer that way.). He added that short hair will make him look more manly. He will cut his hair when he goes back to Korea.

    Anyway, we will wait and see if he will be sporting a new look soon!

    • Heard about this too. Could be he’s going to do it for Jan 29 event? He said he would be officially saying goodbye to Mu Gyul then. And what could be more definite than cutting off the hair that’s so much part of Mu Gyul? Gonna be sad to see his lustrous hair gone, but I can’t wait either to see what look he would sport next ^o^ (he also said he would be preparing for his next movie afterward ^^)

      • i also read about it. but i understood that he would cut his hair “a little”

        “During the interview, JGS said that he liked the tie back hairdo best in YAB”
        Agree!!!, he looks amazing in any look he choses to wear, but this is the top one for me!!!!

  22. Dear Antonia
    “Agree!!!, he looks amazing in any look he choses to wear” That cutie boy looks good in any new look that he sports. Not many actors could follow in that footstep. I think somehow there is this charm about JGS that he can carry any style well without effort, really… Hah I’m being bias again, can’t help it!!!

    Still, am gonna miss his Mu Gyul look with the hair snipped.. Hey guys, Maybe, he wants to move on from Mu Gyul so that he can put Mae Ri behind. Perhaps, he has Mae Ri withdrawal symptoms, anyone? LOL.. you never what’s goes on in that brain of his! ha ha ha..

    • It’s fine if he has the Mae Ri withdrawal syndrome but deep down in my heart, I still hope that he will never let go of Moon Geun Young.

      To tell the truth, never had I had been so obsessed with any other k-drama and k-actor/actress like MGY-JGS in M3. This is the only drama that intrigues me on which one is real and which one is a mere acting. I can’t tell from their acts on screen obviously.

      If I am being given the chance to interview GeunGeun couple, one of the many questions is this : “Of all the lovey-dovey scripts exchanged between them, do they actually mean them as if it were coming deep down from their heart that they can’t convey to the public but through the screen instead? Does the confessions real?”

      And I hope the answer is YES. (Coz I won’t ask more questions after that. All are deemed self-explanatory!) LOL

      • oww that would be a lovely question and if their answer is yes then we will squeeeling like crazy..

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