Dream High: I Must Be High, Cuz I Kinda Like This Dream

Wow. I am really beginning to get into Dream High. The first two episodes were okay, competent at best (pretty to look at with stiff acting from the youngsters and a certain Yonsama), but didn’t really convey any heart and depth. It was glossy and slick, just one step above all style, no substance. But it was good enough, leaving me curious to check out two more episodes this week.

Two more episodes later, the drama isn’t getting any qualitatively better (either in the acting or script department), yet I’m even more charmed by its approach to the subject matter of young kids working to achieve their artistic dreams. I don’t get the sense the drama will ever be awe-inducing, but so far its not yawn-inducing, and has some biting characters who seem interesting enough to keep me watching.

I’m a lot frightened of the impending shipping wars and potential idol-fan clashes, but I find that if I stay above the fray, I’m rather happy to enjoy DH without any preconceptions since I don’t follow K-pop and can’t tell you who the other members of 2PM are other than Taecyeon.

My first impressions of the leads in DH: I like Suzy‘s performance as Hye Mi and I like Hye Mi, I think Eunjung‘s Baek Hee is the best acting of the bunch but I can’t stand Baek Hee, Kim Soo Hyun is acting circles around Taecyeon, but I like both their characters equally and am happy to see the love triangle develop between Sam Dong, Jin Gook, and Hye Mi. I find both guys have lovely chemistry with Suzy, so I’m leaving it to the story to convince me which coupling is the best.

DH reminds me of a school J-dorama, in which case no one would end up with anyone else since the love aspect is usually unresolved by the end of any such J-dorama. I’d be fine with that as well, since I’m starting to get into nitty gritty and school yard dynamics of how these kids pursue their dreams. In short, DH doesn’t suck, and appear to have quite a lot of plot (however tried and true formulaic stuff recycled from other such fare) to keep this drama going without feeling like its spinning in circles and growing stagnant.

My prediction – K is Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), and Hye Mi will end up with Jin Gook or neither of the boys. Let me put it this way, whomever K turns out to be, either Sam Dong or Jin Gook, that is the guy who doesn’t end up with Hye Mi since he’s off conquering the music world. This is just my wholly unsubstantiated impressions of the ending.

The mediocre acting aside, DH is really easy to watch, with a story that moves quickly and characters that appear to be evolving and growing, both in good and bad ways. I’m not waiting with bated breath for the next episode to drop, but find myself mildly excited when a new episode loads for me to watch. All in all, not a waste of my time, and has given me some solid entertainment here and there.

I was worried that I would force myself to watch DH solely to enjoy Kim Soo Hyun’s first major starring role, enduring an abysmal drama to spend time with an actor I love to watch. It’s to my utter relief that I’m getting into the story (especially Hye Mi’s rivalry with Baek Hee, and the latter’s apparent turn into neo-bitchville), and find the other characters serviceable onscreen. I think the natural charisma of the leads are beginning to patch the cracks in their limited acting repertoire, so much so that I’m cutting them all some slack, and hoping for some toe tapping performance in the coming weeks on DH.


Dream High: I Must Be High, Cuz I Kinda Like This Dream — 11 Comments

  1. 🙂 aaah ockoala aboarded the DH-ship ^^

    i agree, it’s ok entertaining, nothing spazz worthy, but a nice k-drama distraction!

      • hahahahah he IS nice…. i actually didn’t like him @first because they’re hyping him so (esp. after Jaebeom left the country)… but i have to admit, unfortunately for me, he’s quite charming here 😛

  2. LOL. I like your explanation of the title. That’s how I feel too.

    I’ve only just watched episode 3, so I dunno if I like Hyemi yet, but I do know that I LOVE Sambong. And Taec is serviceably cute, although at this point I’m picking up major slashy vibes between him and Jason. Which is fine, except I’m shipping Jason with Pilsook and refuse to accept another outcome to that, even a slashy one. 🙁

    This appears to be the season of crack dramas for me anyway. DH, MP, IODG..

  3. yeah you must be high cause you like this drama…overall, it’s not that bad and it’s those type of dramas that you only want to watch once you know what i mean, well at least to me….

    but the acting is okay and the storyline so far is alright so we’ll see what happens

  4. the only one who has impressed me before here is Tacyeon and that’s ‘cos of Cinderella’s sister. He was the hunky adorable one at that time. Dont know much about the rest of the newbies.
    Only watch once like Angskeet sez..

  5. hi ockoala!

    it seems like you’re on board for Dream high. to be honest im bit surprise that i like the first 2 episodes of DH. the acting doesn’t suck and the set up in the school is laid out pretty well. and episodes 3-4 step up its game! rivals are officially announced and love dynamics are starting to form. i really hope some good stuff will come soon!

    i suddenly wonder if which ship will i board, coz as much as possible i dont want to be bias because i like Kim Soo Hyun so much. he’s one of the reason why i tuned in for DH.
    so, as of the moment i will just sit back and enjoy the ride of the love triangle or love square that i think will happen in the near future!

    and by the way, its nice to be back here!!! i miss flooding the AKP thread! hehehehe!
    i hope you won’t kick me out ockoala!

    see yah around!!!

  6. I downloaded the first 2 episodes, haven’t watched them yet… I might watch the whole serie once it’s over I don’t know…

  7. I agree with you… the charm of the characters are patching the hole on their acting abilities… enough to catch my attention too. ^^

    I am loving this drama so far. It’s cute, entertaining to watch and light… it doesn’t give me the heavy heart after watching it cause the story is just light. 🙂

  8. i havent seen this drama yet but i like the boy of cindirella unni and the girl from coffee house , so my question is who are the OTP in this kdrama , the girl of coffee house is the bad one? 🙁 but i saw a kiss between the girl with the little sister and the country boy in kpop ? so is he the second lead ? ahh to many questions , please Koala help 😛

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