Moon Geun Young’s First Picture From the Basic House Spring 2011 Photo Shoot

Moon Geun Young‘s first picture from her Basic House photo shoot (partnering with Won Bin) has been released. She is getting more beautiful by the day. Shedding Mae Ri’s excessive amount of hair, she’s going for a look that is both youthful and striking. I can’t say sensuous, but she’s looking more womanly lately. Cannot wait to see the entire pictorial.

I’m hoping the entire collection drops in the next few days. I’m going to have a field day squeeing over all the swoonworthy pics.


Moon Geun Young’s First Picture From the Basic House Spring 2011 Photo Shoot — 12 Comments

  1. Wow! They look good!

    Seriously, they should partner up for a kdrama together and I know, okay? I know that will never happen because Won Bin is a movie star and all. Maybe a movie together? That could be doable. *daydreams*

  2. she looks gorgeous… i love anything about the geun-geun couple, alone or together (better together :))
    i have to say i never watch any of won bin works, but he’s so cute alright!!!! good for the eyes 😉

  3. ranks MGY as #24 out the 50 most beautiful people in the world. Some of the others are Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman and Beyonce. WOW!!

    • Actually, I hope it is JGS. Just hope that young man will somehow realise that by now. He may have seen the pictures too… Missed a heartbeat!

  4. Awesome pics. Moon is getting more and more beautiful. She totally blows me away with her acting. I’ve always thought Won Bin was gorgeous in Autumn in My Heart, he’s even hotter now. Whoever chose them for Basic House shoot have great taste.

  5. Love the pics. Won Bin, wooooo! Moon Geun Young is beautiful as usual. Her makeup though with her clothes seem like a mismatch. Oh well. Still think they’re the prettiest couple ever.

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