Yamapi’s Drops His Latest Single “Hadakanbo”

A big thank you to @Anona for alerting to Yamapi‘s latest single dropping its PV. The song is called “Hadakanbo” (which means naked baby), and has a very Big Band crossed with J-pop vibe. In the video, Pi wears a sequined pink suit, sings for a Twenties-era speakeasy, and does other assorted lounge-esque escapades. He also dons all black with a fedora, and dances on a chair.

Not my favorite song or video concept, but Pi looks much more comfortable and having fun in this video than when he had to be a sleazy club DJ and mack on Eastern European chicks in the “One in a Million” video. I almost forgot to mention, unsurprisingly Johnny has Pi topless for no discernable reason at one point during this video (I’m totally not complaining). Check out the stills and the video.

PV for Hadakanbo:



Yamapi’s Drops His Latest Single “Hadakanbo” — 4 Comments

  1. about Pi being topless, ‘coz there’s a part in the song where there’s a “nude call” –> nuide, nuide ( take it off, take it off)

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