Moon Geun Young’s Basic House Ads Revealed in Stores

Additional pictures are beginning to come out from Moon Geun Young and Won Bin’s Basic House Spring 2011 ad campaign. Moon Geun Young looks the very definition of a “pretty baby” above, and I get the sense that the couple shots are going for more preppy and casual. However, Moon Geun Young’s individual shots below appear to channel flirty and hip, which I absolutely love. She looks magnificent, I am all over this this ad concept.

Just for some reference, Basic House is less a Korean Gap, in that Basic House’s price point is actually pretty high, and I would call it more the Korean J.Crew. The spokescouple for Basic House in the last two years have been Yoon Eun HyeHyun Bin in 2008, and YEH with Kim Hyun Joong in 2009. Now, will someone, anyone, put Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in an ad together. Maybe for like, lip balm, or some similar product that requires lips to meet. Bueller? Bueller? *runs off to watch M3 episode 8 again*

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Moon Geun Young’s Basic House Ads Revealed in Stores — 112 Comments

  1. She’s gorgeous! *___* And I second your request/prayer/dream of seeing an ad with JGS and MGY together. Come on, we got LMH kissing random actresses, can’t JGS get the same treatment and by same, I mean only with MGY?

    • You know – this is the worst I’ve had a shipping in a LONG time. It’s simply unfathomable for me to consider either JGS or MGY doing a love story with anyone else. Even something as innocuous as an ad – betrayal if its not with each other!

      Sigh, I’m hoping either MP or DH crack gets me less shippy on M&M so that I can move on. But know that they are secretly madly in love in real life and dating and making plans to have the world’s cutest babies together.

      OMG, this reminds me, must post awesome mash-up vid of the Geun-Geuns and a baby!

      • Wow Captain, you have it bad too! And here I thought you were doing these Holiday Couple posts because you felt sorry for us and wanted to give us a place to squee and mope together. Thank you!!!

      • I SO hear you! I have it bad, too. I just…they’re soooo adorable, omg!

        I doubt MP or DH can replace my love for them. They may distract me (MP is sooo good. Will start DH tonight. I promise, tonight), but the Geun/Geun love won’t die for me. I’m fairly sure of that.

        I’m just as obsessed with KyungTae, but at least they’re canonically a couple and I didn’t cross over to RPF with LSW/SCU. Which I may or may not have done with Geun-Geun. *coughcoughcough* *bats eyes innocently* Seriously, if JGS/MGY are secretly dating? Too many fangirls may faint from the shock/happiness and I may be among them. *g*

        Do you know I’ve been thinking about that sageuk with these two for much too long? How is it fair that the kdrama gods haven’t even considered doing that kind of kdrama with geungeun?

        Oh viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! *rubs hands in anticipation*

      • @momosan
        ACK, I hadn’t considered that angle. *pouts* BUT have you seen the entry Koala posted? The one with all the pretty pics of our GeunGeun couple if sageuk garb?

  2. “Now, will someone, anyone, put Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young in an ad together. Maybe for like, lip balm, or some similar product that requires lips to meet. Bueller? Bueller? *runs off to watch M3 episode 8 again*”

    ha, ha… oh please let be so…. a lip product!! you’re wonderful koala
    and mgy looks beatiful
    komawo 🙂

  3. Thanks much ockoala. I too am struggling to move on from M3 bug. But I managed to follow your MP recaps and written previews. Love the written preview for ep6!

    Me too, I hope JGS and MGY do a CF together. This brings a question I’ve been meaning to ask…If the actor/actress says they’re going back to school, does that mean during that time, they will really be out/away from the cameras? If they’re going back to school, can they still do guest appearances in TV shows or do CF?

    Thanks again for the pretty pictures above! 🙂

      • Thanks antonia for the reply. You’re right; I just remembered JGS recently went to Thailand for a promotion. So, there is hope then we would see/hear news about JGS and MGY activities even though they are going back to school. I just need something to get by the withdrawal symptoms until their next project. 😉

      • so JKS will be back to school too in 2011 ? least we dont have to see him with another actress..i dont mind if he release an album or something…but not to drama and kiss another actress…i dont like him to cheat on Maeri

  4. I just came here to say that I’ve been avoiding looking any photos of this ad because it makes my heart ache to see her with anyone other than JKS. I also tried to watch one of my favorites,YB, to get me through M3 withdrawal and I couldn’t even get through 1 ep. Maybe it’s a good thing both of them are on drama-hiatus for a year so we have time to recover and prepare ourselves for seething them with others. WAH!!!!!

    • oooh… poor LizzyD, be strong girl!!! U’r not the only one… same here ;'(
      you know I finally got a chance to watch step-up 3 last night (ya, waaaaay to late huh?) but why do I see the lead-girl (natalie) as MGY? aishhh… so blinded by her… & the kiss scene with Luke, ohhh… so hot… I imagined him as JGS… crazy crazy crazy………

  5. She’s a gorgeous babe.yes captain put on that one,geun2 with babies.remember they already had married in kbs awards so now we expecting a come no ads with geun2 couple?are they blind or something?can’t they see tons of fans want them in same screen again?should I withdraw my cash in swiss bank to make hundreds ad with geun2 in it with extra fans service like flirting,doing hip dance and kissing,ah I know make ads for baby product and geun2 as that way we can see their life after marriage.hehe oh I’m nuts when MGY/JKS name pop in.

    • “should I withdraw my cash in swiss bank to make hundreds ad with geun2 in “should I withdraw my cash in swiss bank to make hundreds ad with geun2 in it with extra fans service like flirting,doing hip dance and kissing,ah I know make ads for baby product and geun2 as family”

      erika you’re my hero!!! for such an altruist and unselfish aim… i’m totally in!!!;) … (not that i have a swiss account… but who cares, to follow a dream i’ll get one anyway)

      • We are not a selfish fans right?I know we all do have bank account everywhere..dun worry I put the name under geun2 couple and you know the id..nyehehe.we just need a pd&crue to film the ads or better why don’t we built up a crue and make our own drama.we can make a better plot…where we let them do lovey dovey all the want to express their love.

      • Antonia Dear, Erika Dear

        What the awesome idea that u’re have. Please make it come true
        if not… the mental hospital will be full of us.

    • FUNDRAISER!!! Can fans hire the stars for an ad? If we have enough money, why not, right?? They don’t need to know that the priest is real and the autographs they’re signing for fans are actually real marriage licenses, right? We’re just helping them out!

      • Off course we can.that would be good Idea.we all going to attend that signing session.they think the fans invited to watch&support them..don’t forget we must put the priest undercover and they must not read the real contract,just distract them and when they done sign,we along with the priest say it out loud :“AND NOW YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MARRIED,YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE”now is that scenario ok with you LizzyD?

      • I was thinking, what if after the undercover ceremony, they just laugh at us: cause they secretely got married after de Kbs awards!!! seriously i think they might did it. they were dressed for their wedding ;)…. well, one can dream

      • Haha If that happen antonia,it would be double surprice then we will held big party which only us loyal fans can attend it.

      • Dear cheery one
        You never fails to surprise us. Count me in for fundraising!!! Am giggling to myself. I’d better stop that now, got people passing by… HA HA HA.
        You’ve made me giggle like a kid.. can’t believe that… thanks dear….

    • Hi Erika,
      Thanks for making me laugh (a zillionth time)! 🙂 Didn’t know we have big shots/big money in our “Geun-Guen Anonymous” exclusive club. Swiss account? Can I withdraw some cash too? What’s the account number?
      No wonder, I keep coming back to AKP. Thanks again Captain ockoala for AKP.

      Hey, count me in if the club decides to petition an Ad with JGS and MGY.
      Sorry no dinero so I cannot help in that regard.

      Back to slaving away…

      • Bashful dear.ah so sorry to not mention it,it suppose to be secret but since its hard to find them in the same screen together so I better announce it.hear ye hear ye..we are having big shoots at swiss bank,world bank.purpose to use it to make geun2 project.the detail see above message.hehe cheer.

  6. LizzyD you’re so clever, they’ll think they’re signing autographs and instead get married!!!! it will be like a real drama, so m3!!!!! i LOVE it

  7. LOL, it seem like alot of us are imprinted by the holiday couple. I’m currently watching and enjoying MP, but I don’t love it because the lead actors don’t have the deliciously real chemistry that Moon & JGS have together. We really need help.
    And wow, Moon looks gorgeous in the ads.

    • Its amazing huh?while lots other hate MSOAN/didn’t like geun2 together because they think JKS way better with his previous co-start but we find its hard to get them out and say bubye to the couple.end up always compare them with other pairings.I love MP and chemistry quite good but its not the same with geun2 right?

      • I just have one question that always pop up in my mind…

        Are the fans in Korea also going crazy because of these two? I think if they show soo much interest for these two, then our dream might become true one fine day…

      • I don’t know bout that in Korea…but seeing no next project of both of them in it I guess they are not that loving for them…so sad…

      • ouh really? then pity our Geuns..
        Their chemistry is really one of a kind…
        but they won the best couple award right, then the fans in Korea might love them, no?

        i always thinks that the rating in Korea is always depends on timing. haha.. having Giant and Athena as MMM rival, then it was hard for MMM to get high rating.

        Plus the TV might be controlled by the parents. If only online ratings could be counted… sigh…

      • no berry dear…
        best couple was voted fr all fan not korea only
        i also voted them he he he

      • Hahaha i also voted them like crazy i tell ya…

        i guess all of us are crazyyyyyyy hahahahaha
        i want my life back… sighhhh

        but they are really… SUSPICIOUS.. Having the same pose quite few times, updated the same interest in music in one night… they are really, FATED…

        Can’t help, but fall in lovee…

      • same here..we’re going to crazy
        actually, i’ve the other drama in my hand but can’t watch it.
        always always miss geungeun n find Ockoala blog for entertaining.

        don’t u know we have booked rooms in the mental hospital ??? wkkkk….

      • awww guys….don’t book any rooms at mental hospital because we still have to wait for their announcement..if by the end of the year we don’t have cute babies from them then we can all book..that would be one hell of hospital..they might release us sooner because they can handle all of us..wkwkwkwk

  8. MGY sure has a lot of faces. Prior to M3, I dont really know her & her look in CS is quite different. She’s absolutely talented. And now, when I think about MGY, I think about her wavy hair, her character in M3 and of course the elegant lady during the KBS Award. She looks nice with long hair.

    To JGS, please propose to her ASAP.

  9. Erika, dear, yes better than ads is a drama!!!! with such a perfect otp and a decent script (i’m sure many of you can write – and write funny stuff) it will be a success!!!! but please we have to make sure the script will have many kisses and maybe a bed scene??? … or 2???? or, is it too much happines???? we could have a wedding scene where we frame a real wedding… and we can be extras???? i just putting some ideas…. but for sure we can do better than the hateful writer of m3 (i hope no one will hire her Ever)
    ….but the soundtrack must be jgs’ please!!!!

    • I’m sure we have a writer,a pd, a cameraman etc among us that knows the best to put a romantic drama because we are fans after all.hehe… yep yep 2-3bed scene,lots kissing.haha but isn’t this will lead to semi porn?not that I’m complain or anything.hehe

      • ha ha ha ha… Erika Dear .. u really make my stomach ache wkkkk….

        i can’t say anyword ha ha ha ha….

      • erika no porn at all. it will be very artistic ;), with good cinematography, etc, etc…. we will be very profesional and we know our geun-geun are profesional…so it will be a master piece!!!! and just imagine all the chemistry…. the set will explode!!!!

      • Haha.yeah its no crue will work art of beauty of geun2..ahh It will be amazing,antonia..when it will start anyway?

  10. ha ha ha ockoala dear… what what ??? Lip Balm? Lol

    Oooo… the lip balm will be selling well if Jang Geun Suk n Moon Geun Young be the CF

    • Sure I’ll buy the lipbalm, i tell ya…

      The Geuns really, they’re killing me softly.. hahaha…
      I don’t think I can get my life back.. Sigh…
      And knowing JGS and MGY plan to go back to school this year, I’m relieved.

      MGY got so many projects last year, it’s time for her to relax and just focus with study.. And if both are going to school this year, then they dont have to kiss other co-star in any drama.. haha my heart can’t take it as at now or maybe in the future.. sigh.. im crazyyyyyyyyy…

      And thanks koala for all the MGY JGS goodies.. I always check ur page first to check any updates. I swear!

  11. ROFL!!! You guys are just SO CUTE! it’s so entertaining how you feed off each other with those zany ideas! LUV it! Ok, I just read updates from tweeps that JKS who is in Japan has announced that he has completed his album recording and that it will be released in March… He’s having lots of fanmeets scheduled I wonder when he will have time to study…

      • yep…no Kissing with other actress or else he will be facing mad MGY…ehehehe or is it us??

      • Erika Dear… Did it means that we will be become like sukhye fan who keep bashing our couple ? so, we’ll be crazy like them ?
        actually, i don’t wanna be like that.

      • violette dear…sukhye??ah you mean the one in YAB????their are jealouse because deep down they know that Geun2 looks more cute and made for each other couple so that they are denying it..but we are not like them…we don’t bashing on other couple we just saying that we always compare other actress not as good as MGY, we are nicer than them right?

      • To be honest, sukkie with the previous co star more look like simbling, but to moon, he act like man to a woman and it too obviously show. and he admit it himself if he was happy when he knew his co star would be moon since they are in the same age

      • I always set my mind to think that way..

        JGS and his previous co-stars look like siblings.

        But he looks different when Moon is beside him… Totally different, just look at the BTS of their kissing scene…

        After that scene JGS was like… he was on silent mode! haha… i saw his previous kiss bts and after he kissed his co-star he was like playing around with them… but with moon, the atmosphere is different.. omg im crazyyyy…

    • Thanks F1968 for this good news…Did JGS announce the title of his albums? Will he go to other countries for his fanmeets? Did anyone ask him about MGY? What did he say?

      P.S. Please feel free to chime in with your “zany ideas” about our fav Geun-Geun couple, assuming you’re a fan too. The more the merrier! 🙂

      • No he just love to bait and tease his eels… He just said that he’s excited about his album release. Since I’m not a member of his fanclub (the hassle to be one…sigh) I’m not privy to his personal updates and his management co, tree-j has announced that his comments should not be reposted elsewhere. He has very obedient eels… All updates thereafter were from his tweets from his Japan FC acc. Thank God for Twitter!

        Don’t get me started on those zany ideas…since the idea lip-balm came up, I’ve been fantasizing about his lips brushing mine everytime I apply it…. forget MGY! and what follows after that is just too err…errr… to print here…

    • where did you read that??? i love the idea of a jgs album, i’ll buy it for sure!!!! and march… so soon, thank you for the happy news

      • It was tweeted by a Japanese fan who translated his tweets. If u hv an account, follow rinsukkie 🙂

        There has been mention of fanmeets with/out Lounge H this 29th, 4 shows in Japan in Feb, Thailand in Apr or May and he’s looking into big scale performances at the end of the year etc. During his Thailand interview he mentioned movie filming too and countless CFs… I repeat, when can he squeeze time to study??

      • thanks for we know that it is sukkie that move his chair so that he can have MGY sit close to him..hhehehehe

      • and we are the happiest fan… please check ockoala’s latest post!!! ahahahahah squeeeeeeeee

    • Thank you so much for that video, I have been looking for something that shows where he or she moved their chairs. She moved hers slightly and then he felt comfortable enough to move his closer to hers. Do you see how comfortable he feels to touch her ever so lightly and then hug her.
      Ok now my mind is racing again! I wish they knew how much their fans want them together no matter what.
      They certainly have some kind of affection for each other.
      Reading a fan site back in 2008 his fans wanted them paired. Ok I just took two steps back from my recovery.

      • yep..MGY move her chair a bit then JKS move his chair much to our like..hehehe so that’s how they got their chair so close…
        fan site already wanted them paired in 2008??on what based??I never imagine them together before MSOAN…
        aw rory’s mom you miss a lot of fun her…

      • Finally!! Phew! I terribly missed the Geuns. Thanks for the latest vid. Pls keep it coming.. 🙂

        It seems that JGS really protect MGY. His body language says all. He cant let go of MGY, not even a sec! I bet he’s the happiest man on that nite. happy too.

      • Oooo… that’s right… totally right.
        Not only mouth can speak. Body n Eyes also can speak…

        How happy am I? am i going crazy or already crazy ???

      • someone sez that it was MGY who moved her chair and I said then that she has the hots for JGS. Now that it’s evident that he’s moved closer to MGY than she to him, seems like our JGS has the hots for MGY.
        Aah! What the heck… it doesn’t matter anymore!! Am waiting for her announcement that she is with child to the world!!! Obviously, her accomplice would have to be none other than JGS!!! HA HA HA… LOL

    • hey guys… Vitriana’s quite sharp. i love her MV
      Don’t u realize at 09.00 How sukkie walk toward MGY ?
      His step is clumsy, Just People in love will walk like that step.
      If u have guy who fall in love in u, he will walk like that toward u.

      I ‘ve realized before, but i think it’s just me realize that. Vitriana also realized it.
      I’m happy ha ha ha….

      • Owh..when JGS shaking hands with MGY..the handshake was damn long and JGS was multitasking too – shaking hands with MGY and talking with the people at the same time but refuse to let go of MGY..just so that others wont get the chance to get to MGY not even close.

        Btw, I read in twitter “geunsuk_updates” that he’s a jealous type. JGS, we knew it. You portray it so well in M3. Oh, I re-watch M3 again for umpteenth time but this time not as a mere korean drama viewer but more to analyzing every single move, acts, script..and actually, the first episode seems that it is actually their story. Both of 24yo, both are taking leave from school, both are cute in their own ways, MG in real life have lots of fans and gentle too, MR in real life is cute kind and respect (in M3, she respect the elders), yeah, pretty sure it’s their story…impliedly.

      • zz dear regarding this below, i’ve observed.
        Oooo… haven’t u read it yet ? I’ve post in Ockoala MV subject

        ” Owh..when JGS shaking hands with MGY..the handshake was damn long and JGS was multitasking too – shaking hands with MGY and talking with the people at the same time but refuse to let go of MGY..just so that others wont get the chance to get to MGY not even close. “

    • Aha! Caught on video clip; clear proof that JGS likes MGY!! 🙂
      Love also 2:30 where both JGS and MGY were laughing at KJW’s blooper.
      Oh, those two…
      Thanks Violette for this treat!

      • Oooo.. of course they have something that have not yet been shouted out.
        Ok.. Let me list below
        1. Why JGS turn his head over over n over to stare MGY in the end at KBS Awards.
        2. The long handshake.
        3. MGY got teary eyes, What that’s mean ? ( We have observe it right ?? )
        4. Why JGS is happier when MGY receive awards than himself ?
        5. The chair ….
        6. Clumsy step
        7. Why MGY always in his eyes ? always … only MGY in his eyes at that night.

        any other pleass add … ha ha ha

      • Thanks Violette for your reply! Your CSIlike analyses of JGS actions are killing me! 🙂

        We need to send these analyses to the proper authorities so that JGS and MGY confess once and for all…So that we crazy or drunk (hiccup) or sleepy fans can finally be at peace!
        (he he he)

        Oh, I love AKP…Thanks ockoala for this place.

      • Bashful dear…, we couldn’t just speak out with no evidence right?
        we should have evidence in hand, if it’s no evidence it’s call bullshit.

        thank for liking my analyses so far..

  12. Erika, since there is nothing else on them except here, I have been reading JKS post on one of the forums just to get to know him better or because Moons Club is in Chinese and my computer has a hard time translating. I am at the end of Oct 2008 only but he was finishing Beethoven Virus and fans were wondering what his next project would be so they started giving their opinions on who his next leading lady should be and the majority wanted MGY cause they would be so cute together. That blew my mind cause here we are and they went beyond looking cute together.
    Yeah I miss being here but I gotta recover cause I am dreaming them. Not good cause if I see him or her with another, I am going to be one angry lady.

    • Aw rory’s mom its ok because our captain and others feed us with geun2 love.
      somehow I felt ashame for not noticing this.back then after I watch YAB and then CU,I thought that too bad that JKS and MGY co-star don’t have that something,something thats missing but can’t figure out but after MSOAN I realize its the love chemistry that comes from the heart.yeah thats you are not alone

  13. I love MGY here and of course WB. But for the JGS/MGY, maybe it’s just me but I could only see the vibe as siblings instead of couple. I prefer MGY more with CJM, the Pie.

  14. Maybe the next Etude House CF…am not sure who is current but I have seen JGS with PSH in the lipstick CF of Etude House where they danced and having an intense kiss…oh lovely! maybe the same for GG couple too…

    MGY looking beautiful and very mature in that shots….

    • hahahahah i think all of us here are crazy… we look into very details of their action,,

      keep them comin guyssss… love u all…

      • totally agree. Luv the way all of you scutinise every single little movement of Geun2. I salute ALL of you. Gee, there is just too much fun around here. Thanks, my dears….. My stomach still hurts.. ha ha ha….

      • Berry dear… i always see someone detail, i don’t know maybe i’m picky person. when i look at ur face, i know little about ur character than when i speak to u i can know more ur character.
        that if i become ur friend(in real life), i’ll know how the way u thinking. ha ha ha

  15. Dear Koala

    Like LD said “””Wow Captain, you have it bad too! And here I thought you were doing these Holiday Couple posts because you felt sorry for us and wanted to give us a place to squee and mope together. Thank you!!!”””

    It is awesome to think that our dear Captain is so in sync with us all on Geun2. Cheers everyone!!! Standing ovation to all…. luv the positive and enthusiasm of everybody…

  16. id like to extend my heartfelt thanks to ockoala for all the previews and recaps of M3 that has been shared to did a really wonderful job…my heart keeps beating for JGS and if ever this time he’s inlove for real ill be happy for him..i just hope that he will continue doing great dramas and wont forget people that supported him people that liked him a lot…GOD BLESS and ockoala please dont get tired sharing your thoughts and enthuasism toward kdramas and others…

  17. after watching and re-watching the video posted by our dear Violette, i am afraid to be the lone voice who might have a different opinion abt the “moving the chair closer” by JGS and MGY…

    i observed JGS’s body language and facial expression at the precise moment when he moved his chair closer to MGY….and from what i have learnt abt body language – body language tells abt 70% of the message in a person’s mind, while words mostly abt 30%…

    even though i will be among the first to shout for joy should the Geuns do fall for each other for real and live happily ever after, the vibe that i got when i saw JGS shifted his chair closer to MGY was more to have a more comfortable view of the stage – his seat forced him to turn his head awkwardly to his left throughout the ceremony…and after a while, he shifted the chair closer to where MGY was sitting because it minimised the need to turn his head so unnaturally to his left to face the stage…

    this is evidenced by the end of the ceremony, when he was finally fully facing the stage without having to force his head to turn to his left…

    his calm and relaxed demeanour, freely-given smiles, the warm, cosy and close physical proximity in his verbal exchanges with MGY throughout the ceremony, the casually- and easily-given side hug for MGY when she was going up to accept her award, and the soft, proud smile when he looked at MGY on stage – all seemed to point to someone who is a very, very, very comfortable, close and sincere FRIEND…

    another proof to this is when i compare JGS’s behaviour in the ceremony to his reaction when he was sharing his thoughts on Soo Ae as his ideal woman on a Korean entertainment programme recently – at that time, he was given a chance to say something to the camera as if he is speaking to Soo Ae should she get to watch the programme – he was so different then – he was literally fanning himself with his hands, his smile was tremulous, his voice became husky and soft, his body movement and language showed how strongly his emotions were affected by the thought that Soo Ae might be watching his confession and finally the words he said to the camera (directed at Soo Ae) : “i hope when you get to watch this programme, you will know how i feel”.

    the way i see it, when a man REALLY IS INTO a woman, he would have reacted differently than how JGS behaved towards MGY during the awards ceremony – he would be a lot more guarded, tense, self-conscious, embarrassed, shy even…until the woman reciprocates his feelings…

    the vibe that i got from JGS’s free, easy and laidback demeanour with MGY during the awards ceremony highlighted to me how deep his affection he has for MGY – but more of an affectionate friend, brother, comrade…

    my sincere apologies to everyone here who violently objects to my observations because i did not say them to offend anyone…just giving my perspective… (”,)
    and especially because i LOVE the Geuns to death and think that they are such a perfect match and really wish they would be a real couple…. (”,)

    but the heart wants what the heart wants…
    who knows who JGS’s heart wants now… (”,)

  18. I have to be working (i have lots of work) but here i am stuck in this akp, and trying to hide my grinning face so no one around will notice… i wasn’t like this before… i swear… it’s all geun-geun + m3 fault!!!!
    the truth is: LOVE the mvs and all the chairs thing, and everytime they drew near or speak to each other or look at each other or when jgs touches her… i’m going crazy and i’m so thankful for all your analisys… you’re awesome guys
    last night i was thinking about their baby… she/he will be thin for sure, and tall like jgs and with mgy’s big eyes… and so on… what a lovely baby!!!!
    i really need a life!!!! and i’m not the only one 😉 thank you girls for sharing!!!

  19. don’t you think our eyes become sharpen every time we see geun2 on screen,scanning every gesture detail?
    same her,never been a stalker before,a sick stalker thank you,but here I am checking every mins of geun2 update.sigh.

    • erika you’re right, every little thing every gesture is so important!!!! and being a sick stalker is not a bad thing… cause i’m sure we all are good girls

      koreandramalover, as much as i respect your opinion i need to disagree!!! (really need it) and you know when love is beggining what you say is true.. but they know each other for a while and i think now they’re confortable with each other, so they don’t need to be nervous… i’m still hoping!!!!

    • violette dear
      think I can identify with you now that they’re like buddies?? kind of sad, huh?
      Well, all’s not lost yet, maybe they had prior discussion before the award ceremony about how to behave as normal as possible in front of the public?? Perhaps, that is used as a decoy to protect how they really feel about each other? We may never know, so you see, my dear… all may not be lost yet, I’d like to think… Fingers crossed.. What’s your take on this? anyone?


      • Tangee Dear…u’re so lovely, how wonderful ur words.
        your words really comforting. really.. really gomawo.

        After read kdl analysis, it’s clear my mind little by little…
        despite feeling so sad. People said that Fact is hurt right ???
        ha ha ha…We all should back to life. Gomawo Kdl dear…

      • my dear antonio & violette
        most welcome, anytime… sigh!! life must go on, you are right..

  20. OMYYY she’s gorgeous! So much prettier than in the mashup picture, her more mature look really do flatter her! I’m so buying everything she has to sell lol

  21. You guys or rather gals are soooooo cute with all that DETAILED analysis, EXCITING extrapolations and CREATIVE imaginations!

    Thanks ockoala for the lovely pictures and Violette for that amazing video:

    1) While Won Bin looked cool, lean and tall, he somehow made MGY look wide (face big) and short standing next to him. They seem to represent different styles. Compare that with JGS and MGY in the video, on stage facing the camera together and we can clearly see PERFECTION. Perfection simply could not be superseded.

    2) Love the 4th picture from the top with MGY on her own in black and white. She is so gorgeously playful and JGS could so fall in love with that look!

    3) Koreandramalover/kdl, your explanations about JGS’s body language are all very logical and objective. However, consider this:
    a) JGS’s emotional expressions while talking on camera to Soo Ae could be viewed in the context of something similar to a fan confessing his admiration for his idol. I believe Soo Ae (supposedly a veteran actress) is an ideal female role model that JGS puts on a pedestal rather than someone he would actually love to hold and keep warm by his side.
    b) as to fanning himself and using his hands to cover his cheeks in embarassment, both JGS and MGY have done exactly that, in tandem and in the presence of each other on several previous occassions such as during one game show a few years ago, the BTS of the first kiss scene in M3 and during the press conference of M3!
    c) looking at how they communicated in the video, MGY leaning towards JGS and JGS lowering his head to put his ears closer to her lips did examplify a warm and loving (or at the very least, affectionate) relationship. Platonic friendships don’t display such physical proximity.
    d) it is also true that JGS behaved quite differently in BTS with MGY in M3 compared to YAB. In YAB, he was the senior and he mostly chit chatted or played around with his costars. After the kiss scenes, he simply laughed and then went on to “what’s next?”. But after kissing MGY, both of them were embarassed and they covered their faces with their hands. He also wanted to drink with her. They drank for real during the filming of the 1/2 eps.
    e) finally, you are right. When a man REALLY IS INTO a woman, he would be a lot more guarded, tense, self-conscious, embarrassed, shy even…UNTIL THE WOMEN RECIPOCRATES HIS FEELINGS. In this case, JGS is fairly confident of his charms and the fact that MGY likes him (her body language certainly does not indicate that she is keeping distance.) He is also responding to her in a manly not just friendly manner.
    Therefore in conclusion, for those of you ROMANTICS out there, your creative junctures are not completely groundless and without justifications! JGS/MGY may or may not be an item now, but they certainly wouldn’t write each other off as possible candidates for LOVE.

    Valentine’s Day is coming up, go ask MGY to be your valentine, Geun Suk! And MGY just visualize Geun Suk with his wonderful smile standing at your door step!
    (On a side note because I so very much want to see them together again, a valentine’s day CF with the two of them would blow the world away in pink rose petals. Yay!!!!).

  22. Staying up late:

    U must have been staying up late for comforting us..thank you for your sensible thoughts & analysis on the Geuns. I agree with your observations.

    KDL :

    Ur point of view are right too. It is just that some gestures and body language of both JGS & MGY on & off screen are somewhat different i.e. more like a couple who are in the process of getting to know each other. Indeed, some of the gestures made are just a normal gesture that one might have shown to a person who’s dear to him. But his confession that he regard MGY as special best friend, it denotes something fishy is going on to both of them. Taking into consideration that MGY knitted JGS’s mittens for real, I’m sure that both do have that lovey dovey feelings. MGY’s mittens are in red color, while JGS’s are in blue color..and both are the same pattern. Why it has to be the same pattern as MGY? The fact that MG mittens was knitted by MR, I wonder if it really is in the script or manhwa.

    I believe that your observations on the scenes (on that award night) are neutral by putting yourself as a normal person and looking at possibilities of them being special best friend only. But anyhow, I believe that you are still with us, checking on good news & updates of the Geuns as we are deeply affected by their perfection.

    But…I am still dying..with the unexplainable feelings for both the Geuns. I never became a fan of any artists..not even from my own country! But the Geuns..they are special. Perhaps when they are together,their sincerity on & off screen shows. It touches the heart of many. And I love it. Perfect.

    • yep…that mitten is another prove, don’t they????she never done that before to her co-star???why suddenly change all that???and the choice of color and pattern…it looks like a couple mitten and that time when the episode filming, they are still in friend territory right? so that’s just MGY way showing her affection…

  23. hello all! I enjoyed all your analysis and speculations of the holiday couple. I see the point that KDL made and everyone else shipping the geuns, as I am 🙂 However I’d echo and reiterate what others have stated that they’ve gone past the shy awkward stage of starting out liking someone. So they have clearly moved onto next stage of just being comfortable around one another. Also I’d like to point out too that a relationship means so much more and tends to last if you start out being great friends. Geuns forever! Oh I don’t want to know how many times I’ve watched M3 ep8 last scene….so I’m not crazy after all since y’all have been doing the same! lol may our fangirly-ing/mooning etc last forever and hoping beyond hope for that Lip balm CF!!! argh back to M3 ep8 yet again…hahaa! thank you all for sharing and for Koala for feeding our geuns cravings 🙂

    • Dear MJShinshi
      “””Oh I don’t want to know how many times I’ve watched M3 ep8 last scene”””
      Believe you are NOT alone on this!!!…. LOL

  24. GOOD NEWS! GOOD NEWS! JKS will debut as a singer in Japan on 23 Mar and will hold a big event on 27 Mar! (you will notice I reposted this on the more recent koala posts too just in case some of you miss it)

    I get my updates from Cri-J Indonesia on FB which posted a Japanese newspaper cutting.

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