A Discussion of the Dream High Love Triangle

My Princess may be all about the OTP, but Dream High is all about the love triangle. Six episodes in, I not only haven’t and can’t pick a ship (well, I pick a ship at the end of this post, but may be subject to change), the drama is being stingy by keeping both boys on a level play field with respect to screen time and wonderful character development scenes with their leading lady. A great love triangle is that quintessential double-edged sword – you love it because it’s so juicy and thrilling, but you hate it because you are kept in a state of constant emotional limbo.

In any romantic plotline, the viewer is already curious as to how a couple gets together (the whys and hows), but when the drama throws in the giant if, it compounds the stake exponentially. Some of my favorite dramas, to this day I still have arguments with friends about who the leading lady loved, guy 1 or guy 2. DH can either have a Nobuta wo Produce ending, an Over the Rainbow ending, or it’s own twist on the “one girl, two guys, who’s gonna get her” age-old conundrum.

To help myself sort out the tangled mess, I hereby bring the first ever Jin Gook v. Sam Dong Love Tally (this is up to episode 6). I break down how they stack up against each other.

SD: Pulled then-a-stranger Hye Mi onstage to duet with him
JG: Rescued then-a-stranger Hye Mi from debt collecting thugs

SD: Took her to the outhouse and waited with her, listening to her sing
JG: Barreled into Hye Mi on the train and dipped her in a flourish

SD: Even though he was the one potted on the head, he put Hye Mi on his hospital bed when she slept, and he sat next to the bed and watched over her.
JG: Gave his shoes to Hye Mi, but she rather wear empty tissue boxes thank accept his help.

SD: Fell into mad adoration of her within a 24-hours span of meeting her
JG: Has adorable childhood story with her – whereby he was getting dropped off at the orphanage and met her, and she give him his fake birthday as Christmas eve, and sang a birthday song for him

SD: Chases after Hye Mi on a departing bus, and daydreams that he had the guts to kiss her.
JG: Gets beaten to a pulp by the debt collectors who are after Hye Mi because of her dad’s outstanding debts.

SD: Took a leap of faith based on her throwaway claim that she liked him, following her to Seoul and enrolled in Kirin High
JG: Gave her half of his earphones to tune out the naysayers around her

SD: Punched out Jin Gook for exposing to the class that Hye Mi had Baek Hee’s K pendant
JG: Put a helmet on her so she could cry without being seen

SD: Took a flower pot to the head to protect Hye Mi
JG: Got Hye Mi to give up her sudden dependency on the K-pendant

SD: Was made over by Hye Mi, and listened to her childlike insecure side show up when her father called her
JG: When he saw Hye Mi putting umbrellas to cover his motorcycle, he picked up and umbrella to shield her from the snow

SD: Painted over the evil Hye Mi mural, transforming it into the angel Hye Mi mural
JG: Wiped blood off her hands when she was at the hospital worried about Sam Dong

SD: Tried to protect Hye Mi against her daddy’s debt collectors
JG: Ran after Hye Mi and held her in the middle of the street against passing traffic

SD: Hye Mi hugged him for saving her life
JG: Hugged Hye Mi to comfort her

SD: Hye Mi smiles a lot when she is with Sam Dong
JG: Hye Mi cries a lot when she is around Jin Gook

SD: Dreams about singing a duet with Hye Mi
JG: Makes pact to debut onstage with Hye Mi

Both Jin Gook and Sam Dong are generally too awesome for words, and I love how much I adore Hye Mi and think she is good and good enough for both of them. Yay for a compelling love triangle – the first I’ve seen in a long time from any drama.

For those of you who have asked, I think DH reminds me a lot of What Happened in Bali, ONLY in the sense that there is one leading lady and two leading men, without an ability to suss out which of the two guys is the real lead. Yes, Kim Soo Hyun’s name comes right after Suzy, but that really doesn’t mean much since Taecyeon’s Jin Gook has got way more screen time at this point.

Furthermore, the subject of the drama being the pursuit of dreams as well as a coming of age story, Kim Soo Hyun could absolutely be the lead, and still not end up with Suzy. Like I said before, if he’s K, then he gets the fame, and likewise Jin Gook probably gets the girl. Or vice-versa. Which would make both guys have a equally riveting character arc, and make the equals and not necessarily lead one version lead one. Does that make sense? No use saying that Sam Dong’s gonna get the girl because pre-press reports make it appear that Kim Soo Hyun was the male lead.

I love how the misfits-become-stars storyline is actually well thought out and compelling, marrying the emotional (family torn apart, leaving home to pursue your dreams) with the realistic (jealousy, failing first in order to succeed later) elements of achieving a dream. Aside from Baek Hee, who I find a very hard to stomach character, I genuinely like and enjoy spending time watching all the other main characters. Eom Ki Joon is nailing it big time as Teacher Kang, whose confidence and experience grows from helping these kid.

It’s so rare for a drama to start off with four episodes of just okay, and then in two short episodes become mindbogglingly good. I’m dying for my next DH fix, which was curtailed this week with only one new episode of DH. However, today’s new episode convinced me that I need to raise my own stakes in this drama. I know I just wrote an entire post about loving both boys and being unable to choose, but I’ve decided after today’s episode 7 that I need to choose. I reserve the right to change my ship, even from episode-to-episode, but for now. I have decided to be on Team Sam Dong-Hye Mi (SamMi, as opposed to MiGook).

Why? Because I’m currently pissed at Jin Gook, and because Sam Dong was too adorable for words in this episode. I hereby present to you a picspam of SamMi cuteness in episode 7 of DH in honor of my picking my DH ship:

An arts and craft session turns into a prime opportunity to snuggle the girl of your dreams. Sadly Sam Dong has no clue what to do, except adorably cradle her and shush Jin Gook when he comes by.

At the fake show case, Sam Dong confesses that his mom was told that his relationship to Hye Mi was akin to Chun Hyung with Mong Ryong. LOL, boy has got some storytelling skills. Hye Mi agrees to pretend to his Chun Hyung for the day. Yay! They dress in contrasting black and white, and hold hands to go on stage and sing a duet. But not before Hye Mi tries to give him a high-five, which Sam Dong mistakens as an attempt to hit him and/or a call to salute. Poor simple little adorable boy.

Their entrance and outfits were understated and perfect – especially when contrasted with Baek Hee and Jin Gook’s tawdry little number at the real show case.

Yup, SamMi are my sweet cute darling (for now). Jin Gook has to do some serious groveling before I deem him worthy enough to get back into Hye Mi’s good graces.


A Discussion of the Dream High Love Triangle — 57 Comments

  1. You know, I’m completely torn. I really am. I totally adore Sam-dong, and I think he definitely deserves the girl (what, like she’s a prize or something) more than Jin-gook at this point, and I agree that Jin-gook really needs a good groveling session to get back anywhere near Hye-mi…but I also think that Hye-mi and Jin-gook just click better. *ducks flying anvils of anti-shipper fury* Yeah, I don’t know what it is, but for me, despite my unabashed and undying love for Sam-dong (who is really too cute and of course Kim Soo-hyun is acting the pants off of him), it just seems to be that way.

    But who am I kidding? My TRUE ship is definitely, definitely Pil-sook and Jason. Omo, they are too, too cute together, and I die every time they interact. Seriously.

    • Who am I kidding? MiGook have killer chemistry and an awesome childhood memory. I’m just pissed at JG right now for dressing like a tranny back-up dancer and wiggling on stage for Baek Hee.

      TBH, I’m still torn between them. But have decided to stick with SD until JG grows some balls and fights for what he wants – his dream and Hye Mi. Cuz that is what SD is doing, and I adore the boy all the more for it.

      • But I think that Jin Gook does realize he must grow some balls as a result of his experience onstage. He even sets out to get on the right foot with Hye Mi when daddy’s minions show up.

        Also, in your Samdong/Jingook tally, you totally left out that Jingook gets beat to a pulp for Hyemi in his rescue attempt #2 for which he actually walks into the proverbial lion’s den willingly despite knowing full well what’s he has coming.

        And for everyone who points to Samdong taking the flower pot on the head, I’ve no doubt that Jingook would have done the same thing had he discovered Hyemi first.

        AND I also agree with estel that Hyemi and Jingook get each other. Really get each other. And I’ll be sooooo pissed at the show if the show effs that up with some forced misunderstanding, forced rift, or forced no point of return.

      • I can’t say I’m adverse to Jin-gook growing a pair and doing a little groveling to get back in Hye-mi’s good graces. Maybe if we all throw our support behind Sam-dong, Jin-gook with get the message and get his act together. Heh heh. ^__^

      • MiGook does have a good chemistry but I’ve been shipping SamMi from the start. Omo! how cute is that boy, Sam Dong. I do love a bad guy, but in this case, I just feel like Sam dong deserves HyeMi more than anyone else eventhough both of them (jinGook and SamDong) has been upfront from the start about their feelings for HyeMi, Sam dong has always been pure of hearts towards her. I do have this feeling that Hyemi will end up with jin Gook at the end cos they reciprocate each other’s attraction to each other to this point, but I did watch and love nobuta wo produce, and I LMAO when the OTP became the ultimate bromance and Nobuko ended up independent and more confident of herself, so i’m not really keeping my hopes up as to who’s going to end up with whom but If I have to choose, it would definitely be SamDong the cutie.

  2. I’m totes enjoying this triangle. Every time Sam Dong has a scene with Hye Mi, I’m giggling and thinking how cute Kim Soo Hyun is. I find myself rooting for the love-at-first-sight, country boy meets arrogant but good-hearted city gal. Their interactions are just too adorable for words.
    But then Jin Guk comes in with his intense and decade long loyalty to this girl and I’m shipping them now. Them with their meaningful birthday songs and non-existent music players trying to fool everyone. Ugh.
    It’s come to the point where I want the couple that will have the least broken-hearted second lead. If that’s not a backward way to ship a couple, I don’t know what is. So in this scenario, I think Sam Dong is more ~sensitive and will have a harder time not being with Hye Mi than the tough and independent Jin Guk.
    Unless next episode, Jin Guk is all angsty without Hye Mi….but the preview with Sam Dong is so sad already.
    Never mind. Forget it. I love them both. There’s a reason why ‘Open Relationship’ is an option on Facebook, and this is it.

    • I’m way too invested in this drama, leaving comments all over the place about this OTP debate. Gah!

      Anyhow, I actually think Samdong, were he to lose out on Hyemi, has more wherewithal than Jingook. Though he grew up without a father, he at least had a very loving mother and a happy childhood. Jingook – no such thing. The first thing of joy and tenderness he ever experienced was with Hyemi. Though Jingook may be tough and independent, he’s so much more fragile inside. He’s much more likely in need of some good in his life, and he has not much good coming in the way of his father, Baekhee, and all the Kirin machinations. Hyemi, the Misfits, and his pursuit of his dream with integrity are all he has potentially going for him.

      • @anais

        Totally Agree with You.
        I love SB. HM and SB looks cute together. But my heart flutters watching JG and HM “moments”. They feel each other pain. SB love for HM looks more of an innocent crush. But JG and HM to me feels like soul-mates. It was so painful watching BH and JG together in Ep.7 I want more of HM and JG.

        SB is destined to be K and makes his Mama really proud.

    • That’s cheating. I call cop-out, momosan! 😛

      I adore the Milky Couple, too! But you have to have stakes in the JG-HM-SD shizzle.

      • I ‘m with you momosan Jason and Pilsook all the way. I mean how cute were they post-noraebang?

        If I have to have a stake in the triangle though, I am all about HyeMi and SamDong, although I will admit my Kim Soo Hyun bias is playing a major role in this shipping.

      • WOAH!..
        There’s MILKY coupe shipping here.

        To be honest at first I am a JG/HM at first but after a few episodes I just can’t help but be pulled to SD/HM ship.
        I just can’t resist how awesome SD is and his child like wonder and innocent love for HyeMi.
        The preview for episode 8 solidify my ship for SD/HM.
        SD’s reaction to HyeMi is EPIC, i can still hear it. “STOP IT!”
        Ohhh.. HyeMi don’t ever break our poor boys heart or I will take revenge. hehe

      • I knew it was a cop out, but how cute are they? Lollipops on the locker and duets.

        Oh okay….JG and HM because angst beats puppy no matter how cute the pup.

    • Yes. YES YES YES! They are too cute together! And (thus far) are witchy-evil-girl-machinationless. Which I count as a refreshing change from all the rest.

  3. LMAO!!! you did a LOVE TALLY!!! I tried to do one too but gave up in the end coz it just wasn’t helping. i am still as torn as ever*sigh*. both SD and JG are equally as awesome and they both deserve the girl, it’s too cruel to ask a girl to choose between them. gawd, they should just go down the Nobuta-route and spare us fans the heartaches.

    But if i was to held at gun-point and choose one, i would go with Samdong&Hyemi, because i really think SD can bring out the best in HM. JG may understand her more, but i think the one who can make her truly happy is SD. and also because i just love the whole Country-Bumpkin-with -Heart-of-Gold + Arrogant-Bratty-Icy-Princess dynamic. ^^ I still haven’t watch ep 7 yet, but after reading the spoilers (which i really shouldn’t have), it looks like the show is steering towards this side as well…><

  4. It’s like the drama gods want to help me validate my ship.

    This video of the gang during the prayer ceremony hint strongly at the coupling – insofar as HM-SD pray, then JG-BH pray. Again, not definitive, but some hints.


    But the cutest part of this video is when Suzy is asked which guy she prefers in real life – Soo Hyun or Taec. And Suzy actually picks! She picks Soo Hyun, which makes Taec all pretend upset. LOL, and Suzy is then told that no one actually picks, the actress is supposed to say something like both guys are great in different ways. Except Suzy’s crush on Soo Hyun is so obvious (which you can also see when the cast was on Happy Together a few weeks ago).

    Sigh, I’m happy with whatever ending, with whomever, as long as narrative-wise it makes sense.

    • hahaha..
      I’ve watched it. ^^
      Laughing so hard even though I didn’t understand anything.
      Suzy’s cute in choosing Kim Soo Hyun, and look at his face when he was picked.
      So proud of himself. hahaha

      Taecyeon is soo dissapointed he walks out. wahahahah..

    • thanks ockoala for that vid!!!
      really? in real life suzy have a crush on kim soo hyun? woah!!!
      that is so cute!

      its really hard to pick which ship to board but im you with regarding samdong and hye mi! i know ji-gook has his own brand of awesomeness but im gonna be biased (hehehehehe!) coz i love kim soo hyun and him playing samdong with such country boy adorableness makes me root for him!!!

      i love how the story of DH shaping up, im excited for whats ahead whether jin gook will really turn over to the dark side of baek hee (whom i wanted to create a voodoo doll for, just in case that my hate level for her would go so beyond my limit!) or will he make some great testaments or gestures to redeem himself.

      and its really such a bummer that we have to wait for another week to have our dose of DH and SamMi crack!

      so see yah next week DH!

  5. I am annoyed at JG right now but I find the whole concept of SD/HM very much not my thing (he is so simple! and naive! and clueless! my idea of a nightmare boyfriend, however sweet he is) so I am shipping neither.

    I do think narratively-wise the drama is leading to JG/HM. As of ep 6 I would have been ecstatic, as of ep 7, I don’t care.

    • I agree JG’s character is much more layered and I find his story much more compelling. SD is more like an adorable puppy dog (love him). And although you love your puppy you don’t fall in love with it. I will be really angry if HM falls in love with a dog! Go MiGook!!

      • I sailed with the MiGook ship since episode 1, and that was just after reading the recap!

      • SAm DOng, has an issues about his brain conditions because of hye mi’s rescue accident. Perhaps It will be arise an angst between Hyemi and Sam DOng, and I’m sure the writers will create this issues (and it will become more complicate, in love triangle plotline, LOL) . And maybe u will see that Sam Dong is not as simple as we thought (like Bo Kyung char in Harvest villa, some twist). He is not Naive at all, because he knows Hye Mi’s character (and tries to understand Hye Mi) and not blind with Hyemi’s Feeling towards Jin Gook. It’s not a sign a naive boy at all. AS a country boyy, he is smart and sensitive enough. He is not as simple as we think.

  6. you hit the nail right on its head. this was the imaginary list that i’d been mulling about since yesterday. since ep. 1 i’d been rooting for the JG-HM team (it’s more intriguing and has many interesting angles) but after ep. 7, JG lost some points i think. he’s really gonna have to do something drastically awesome to resume his former standing (and convince HM he’s worth his weight in gold).

    on the other hand, i’m really not all that glad to see SD being nudged out of the picture either. it’s like kicking a helpless puppy. oh well. we’ll see what happens next.

  7. ockoala you also forgot about Jin-gook offering Hye-mi his shoes (ep1)!

    despite Sam-dong’s downright adorability, i still found myself leaning more towards Jin-gook but his softness towards Baek-hee was beginning to veer me towards the SamMi ship.

  8. Even though I’m just as confused as you are on which ship to join, I’m also leaning more on Sam Dong – Hye Mi match because:

    – Baek Hee likes Jin Gook; although Baek Hee’s annoying as hell right now, I think she’ll turn into a poor loser later which will somehow make us feel sad for her. So I think it’s somehow good for her to have a partner in the end too.

    – Hye Mi is Sam Dong’s dream…

    – Sam Dong is willing to sacrifice himself for Hye Mi…

    – Sam Dong right now seems to be sick or ill or whatever making him unable to be “K” in the future… Jin Gook on the other hand has too much to prove for his Dad. So in the end, it’s much better see Jin Gook up there so his Dad can be proud of him then Sam Dong can have Hye Mi.

  9. i cant really tell who i support to be with hyemi now. because it keeps changing in every episode. well, both men have their own way to show their care and their love to hyemi. when jingook revealed that hyemi has baekhee pendant (it totally pissed me off, btw. because started from there baekhee in love with him) jingook wants hyemi to realised that she has ability and her lucks are not depend on the pendant, on the other hand samdong believed that jingook doesnt need to revealed in front of all the people and after she had the pendant he saw hyemi smile for the first time. both of their way to show how much they want us to know hyemi meant to be for them are really sweet.

    but i have to say that same as like u, from episode 7 i become more to samdong and hyemi 🙂 what jingook thinking recently really pissed me off. starting from when baekhee pretended that hyemi wants to hit her and how can HE BELIEVED HER! well i really disappointed with that. and just know, even though he’s bothered with his father words, he doesnt need to go to baek hee in front of hyemi, after all what he has said to her yesterday.

    but overall i enjoy every moments with samdong-hyemi or jingook-hyemi, u cant parted it from one to another because with those two stories it what makes it perfect 🙂

  10. Yay for Koala’s post….I too am PO’ed at JG and annoyed at Bh calling him Kuka this Kuka that, they are not freakin’ friends!!! hahahaaa ok i get it they’re same age so it’s ok to do so but am still annoyed with that bit! But why can’t SamMi-MiGook just be a threesome….LOL was me at SD and JG getting his undie back!! I know i’m sick so i shall leave while not yet sucked in like quicksand into gutter mud! oh hey i was lol-ing after reading Koala’s reply with prayer vid, that i sorta got the gist of that vid…Suzy picking Soon Hyun over Taec tho my understanding korean is near nada!

    Thanks for all’s comments and Koala thank you for sharing anything DH related AND JGS/MGY and LJK, always enjoy what i find in KP.

  11. I think the easiest solution for the producers to make is to have a Nobuta wo Produce ending…Have Samdong and Jingook play in the beach together in the end XD

    Although I can’t help but be a Samdong and Hyemi shipper XD They won me over <3

  12. me too is having a hard time choosing which ship to board. both guys are great in their own ways. i love how you made that love tally, ockoala. but the more i keep on weighing based on it, the more i’m lost. at the end, i ended boarding SamMi ship by simply looking on the negative points both guys might have earned. JG scored two points. first was when he got HM humiliated in front of everybody especially BH by revealing that the pendant was with her. he could have at least talk to HM in private first. second was performing on stage with BH when it should be with HM since it’s their first performance and he and HM have treasured childhood memory. he did not just fail to consider her feelings but his whole group as well. with SD, i cannot think of any action he might have committed that can lessen his well-favored points. thus, this made me jump to SamMi ship. but this doesn’t mean that i won’t go for MiGook team. once JG redeem himself, i’ll surely be boarding the MiGook ship. heheh! i’m really torn between these two hot guys. 😀

  13. I’m totally a Hye Mi – Jin Gook shipper. I love how he’s so protective of her in so many ways. And like someone said earlier, they really get each other. I can’t help feeling like they belong together.

    And isn’t it a k-drama rule that the girl will fall for the guy who has seen her naked or whom she has seen naked? (Think My Girl, Prosecutor Princess, etc.) I’d take the dropped towel in episode 3 as a sign, hehe.

    • lol i totally agree with you, even though im really pissed at jin gook i still cant imagine him not getting the girl! They’re made to be together! 🙂 Dont get me wrong Sam dong is really cute but im still a MiGook fan xD

      • everyones mad at jin-guk but i really think he has a legit reason for the way he’s acting. maybe its all a cover up for some really self-sacrificing, honorable reason?

  14. jg comes with too much baggage. i’m a sd shipper 😀

    actually, it’s the angsty tough guy that’s always got the girl. something to do with girls and broken things >_< and the nice, sweet, mentally-balanced guy always gets left in the dust. this time i'm going with the sweet one, 'though i feel like i'll get heartbroken in ep 8 🙁

  15. I think that Jin Gook tends to understand Hye Mi better. Although Sam Dong is the sweetest guy you could find out there but for Hye Mi in particular Jin Gook is the one who can match that tough personality of hers. Sam Dong might back down in front of her but Jin Gook won’t. In Hye Mi’s case she definitely needs someone who can add strength to her already strong character. In Sam Don’s case I am afraid he might back down when Hye Mi gets mad at him or something.

  16. I’m love Sam Bong, really, wish him to get the girl, from the bottom of my heart, but I recognize that when have Hye Mi and Ji Guk scenes, I see something on the air that I don’t see in Hye Mi and Sam Dong’s scenes.. T_T

    Hye Mi and Ji guk = stares to each other, they both have sparking eyes.
    Hye Mi and Sam Dong = Hye Mi -feeling grated- and Sam Bong with sparking eyes.

    Sigh, but I still have hopes…

    I have a feeling Sam Bong will just be used to comfort Hye Mi while her and Ji Guk don’t get together. I’m sure she will stay with SD because of the flowerpot incident. She feels guilty so she ‘gives’ SD a chance. Really can’t take it. Hope this show is different.

    If Hye Mi gives Sam Dong a chance just because she feels guilty, I wish she doesn’t do this. If you don’t like the guy, then don’t give him hope, no you won’t like him after some time, if you like other guy, no you won’t make him happy, will just make him, you and the other guy suffer.

    ok then, kisses and see you!
    Oh please show! Please! *praying*

  17. I think Hye Mi and Jin Gook understand each other in a way that sweet, innocent Sam Dong can’t. Hye Mi and Jin Gook both have gone through traumatic life experiences, while Sam Dong has lived securely knowing his Mother loves and supports him.

    I think this helps Hye Mi and Jin Gook connect on a different level.

    I like both guys in this love triangle, but ship the Hye Mi-Jin Gook connection slightly more.

    I only hope the drama writers don’t give us a horrible open ending for the love triangle like My Love Patzi’s.

  18. My favorite part of this post is that there is an actual in-depth (for dramaland Anyways) discussion on who will and up with who and the reasons why they need to end up together.

    What I like about this drama is that the audience does not have a clear OTP yet. All of us keep guessing and keep changing sides. It’s making me nuts. I need to know who Hyemi ends up with.

    Plus, I ship Pil-Sook/Jason and that’s all I need.

  19. It interesting how most people naturally falls in love with the main leads characters whatever the reasons. Everybody likes Hye Mi despite her being difficult and sometimes harsh and mean (with words) but dislike Baek Hee when she turned from good to bad. I admit that Hye Mi is actually a good girl but is just covering that up, maybe thats and the reason that both guys likes her.

    I like to see the transition of the characters and their development. Kill me but I like Baek Hee and I hope she will find her way out if the dark side. I saw a picture of the four leads characters and I think I would like it if in the end this both couples really happen. Besides Hye Mi can`t have them both.. even if she wants to. (I would like to have them both 😀 )

    As for Jason and Pil-sook – they are just adorable. Can`t wait to see how they are going to develop.

  20. aghhh! i dont care who hye mi ends up with as long as jin-guk doesnt end up with baek hee. for some reason i just cant stand her! hahah but im definitely more on the Jin-Guk and Hye-Mi ship… Sam-Dong is great and all but id rather the other two. gahh cant wait for the next episode!! (:

    • ^agree with everything you said.
      i don’t care who hye-mi ends up with, because samdong and jin gook are both good.
      but as long as jin gook doesn’t end up with baek hee asdofhdasofjoasdn

  21. their love triangle is really a twist … but, who’s K is also a mystery.

    pilsuk is so cute!!! love her …
    i really enjoyed watching them…

  22. gaaawshh,its killing me cuz it sorta seems like its gonna be Hye Mi + Sam Dong.
    Sam Dongs cute and he really cares about Hye Mi but I still cant help but stay on team Jin Guk. Hye Mi and Sam Dong are cute together..but I just cant imagine Hye Mi and Jin Guk not being together! They just have so much chemistry and have a childhood past together…GO JIN GUK!<3

  23. God! This writers is so good to make us viewers FIGHT and debate for their favourite pairing in love triangle, I LOVE THIS SHOW!! Hahahhahahha

    The first time I’m so excite about love triangle’s tory, I MEANT IT!

    Right now I’m SamMi Team, the reason is the same with Ockoala.

    Who could think this drama will be this good? GAH
    Drama with full of idols is not that bad after all, as long as the storyline is very compelling 😉

  24. I could be wrong, but I think that JG WAS aware of who HM was when he pursued her. He saw her ID in her wallet when his friend tried to steal it, and then he pursued her. I think he remembered her name from when he was a kid–otherwise how could he have inspired her to sing that song she sang to him on his fake birthday?? Also, he’s tried multiple times to kind of hint at her the history they had together.

  25. I am going with the SD-HM ship….even though JG and HM may get each other so to speak, HM is just not happy with him and doesn’t smile too much either….just sadness and understanding is not enough, u need light and happiness as well…and HM and JG are too similar in nature to actually work out…its like living and being with a depressing counterpart of yourself…which is not cool…
    and SD is very layered as we have seen in the current episodes….there is so much more to this guy….and Kim Soo Hyun is doing a beautiful job bringing it out on screen for us to see…..
    Also….the growth in HM as a person and her change in nature….SD has such a huge role to play…he brings out the best and the worst in her….which is what a partner does….
    i see HM and JG as more of the pair who connects because of a tragic past….but what beyond it??? they have nothing that i can think of to help them move forward in life with each other….

  26. you know jinguk and hyemi have a better chemistry!! but for me i really really love samdong with hyemi cauz samdong cares a lot about hyemi and i know samdong deserves to be with her…. and also i really really adore samdong coz he’s a adorable guy…. and i really really love him!! <3

  27. huhuhu… sam dong and hye mi do not look good together… i really think that jigook and hye mi are better partners.. they look like fated because they alreay met since they were kids but never knew .. hye mi is beautiful and jigook is handsome. they really look good.,

  28. wahahahaha… i really think most of us vote for hye mi and jingook… wohoooo.. but only a few votes for hye mi and sam dong., yipeee. but i hate it.. hye mi will end up with sam dong.. i’m so sad about it… huhuhu

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