Chidren Holds its VIP Movie Premiere with A-list Stars in Attendance

I knew this movie was coming out soon, but I didn’t realize that it held its VIP premiere last night until I read that Moon Geun Young had attended the event. I am a bad movie buff these days. Sigh, dramas, what’chu doing to me! The cast and crew of the upcoming movie Children held its star-studded VIP premiere last night, and some stars I enjoy watching showed up to support the production.

Children is also known as the movie about “The Frog Boys”, which is based on the 1991 true horrific parents-worst-nightname gripping tale of five elementary school boys who went off to catch frogs one day, and never was seen again. This case remains unsolved to this day. Click here to read a Korea Times article about the movie and the case.

Children stars an entire cast of heavy-weight actors, with its two leads being Ryu Seung Ryong (last seen as the museum director in Personal Taste) and Park Yong Woo (having delivered a bravura performance in Jejoonwon last year). I just realized that this movie title bookends Won Bin‘s Mother, and now all we need is a Father movie to make a titular trilogy.

I’m sure this movie will be heartbreaking, so I will have to wait and watch it when I have some tissues. A lot of stars showed up for the premiere, and I’m only posting the pictures of folks I follow, so this is not a complete list by any means.

Moon Geun Young showed up all bundled up on top, but with her glam legs looking wow wow gorgeous as always. She looks really happy to be there, and is genuinely glowing on camera.

Nam Sang Mi was at the premiere, always understated, elegant and approachable. I do adore her so very much.

Han Chae Young showed up looking as drop-dead ravishing as usual. Does the woman ever look anything other than a Korean bombshell?

Jung Ryeo Won looks like a deer in headlights – albeit a very stylish, pale, and pretty deer.

Lee Min Ho looks as he always does – fraking OMG gorgeous. All black suits him. Everything suits him actually. Love seeing him in support of his hyung Ryu Seung Ryong.

[Credit: all pictures of the respective news agency as tagged]


Chidren Holds its VIP Movie Premiere with A-list Stars in Attendance — 13 Comments

  1. unrelated but WonBin won me over w/ his performances in both Mother and Ajusshii. But my family did think I was crazy when watching Mother. 😀
    I hope this one gets subbed. It sounds interesting and heart-touching.
    and I love MGY’s Scarf!!!!

  2. This movie sounds interesting and will bring tears.
    out of topic.hmmm we need JKS there so that our korean summer desire casting complete.tee hee hee

    • hehehehe

      Erika dear, if JGS was there, then all Geuns2 fans will only notice those two and start observe their actions etc etc etc…
      Oh god, when are these two will show up together again?? any VIP premire, CF, fanmeeting… sigh.. so many events but so hard to catch them together.
      Erk I just hope that they will promote MMM in Japan together..

      • YES YES YES!!!
        “””I just hope that they will promote MMM in Japan together”””
        Just hope that Japan will come a calling to both JGS/MGY very soon….

  3. Oh my. Unsolved case in real-life? That is so SAD 🙁
    anyway, they had released ‘Father’ movie few years back. The one with Daniel Henney?

  4. Thanks ockoala for this news and pictures. The movie does sound interesting although sad. Even though many years have already passed, I hope someday the case will still be solved…

    With Park Yong Woo ( who I agree portrayed the lead role in Jejoonwon convincingly), I will not be surprised if this movie is later nominated for several awards. The other male actor in the picture above looks familiar. Was he also in “Painter of the Wind”? He looked like the merchant character who made money off the paintings of MGY’s character. If he is not, sorry my vision is weak these days… 😉

    Looks like MGY has a new hairdo…Her bangs under her bonnet looked different. Regardless, she looks pretty. Erika is right; it would have been nice if JGS was also in attendance to complete the “Summer’s Desire” trifecta! 🙂
    Off to Geun-Geun dreamland

    • Yes, Ryu Seung-ryong was in “Painter of the Wind”. I didn’t see that show, but he’s a fabulous actor.

      I also hope the movie gets nominated and maybe win some awards because Park Yong-woo’s projects lately haven’t been doing financially well. Jejoongwon was awesome, and Park did really well but sadly it didn’t garner much attention.

      • Thanks lovepark for confirming Mr. Ryu was in “Painter in the Wind”. Yes indeed his acting was excellent in that drama just like MGY’s.

        I agree that it is a shame that Park Yong-woo’s performance in Jejongwoon was not recognized during the Drama Awards. Hopefully he’ll be rewarded by leading a new drama this year. Didn’t know him until Jejongwoon. So now I’ll be sure to tune in for his next drama project.

        Have a good day!

  5. MGY looks fantastically cheery and glowing… LMH is such a OOOH Aaahhh!!! I’m speechless. The boy looking good is an understatement… Just yummy…

  6. More than the star power, the plot is what intrigues me. This things happen sometimes. My friend went climbing up in one of our country’s mountains with another friend. In the middle of walking, the said friend vanished and was never to be found again. There was no body.

  7. Lee Min Ho looks WoW!what can I say?,,I’m waiting for his next Proj. CityHunter;Seems his co-star is Park Shin Hye/Gominam !..hopfully it will become big hit!

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