Moon Geun Young’s Catalogue for Basic House Spring/Summer 2011

It looks like Moon Geun Young did multiple photoshoot concepts for Basic House. The official release had her looking very preppy, but these for the catalogue are channeling a very feminine, SoHo shopper, girl-in-the-city vibe. She really is a chameleon in everything she does, creating whatever image and persona is required of her.

I stared at these pictures for a good long time – lusting after all the clothes simply because Moon Geun Young looks so drop-dead gorgeous in them. She definitely did her job for Basic House, she made me want to buy their clothes.

I looked really hard, but there isn’t a trace of Wi Mae Ri in these pictures. In fact, she’s channeling Seo Jun, LOL. She’s so purty. If I were I guy who adored her, I would snap her up in a heart beat. *Hint, hint*

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Moon Geun Young’s Catalogue for Basic House Spring/Summer 2011 — 101 Comments

  1. First. I love you Ockoala, you always seem to post something about him followed by something about her or vice versa or together. Thank you.


  2. Ok I took a look and they were nice but OH MY LORD! the camera loves her. She could wear rags and still look good.


    Sorry, I am in love with the way this girl/woman looks.

  3. I love the one of her in the blue shirt and shorts with the jacket. Sheesh, if you need anymore proof that life isn’t fair, look no further: how can she be gorgeous and stunning in everything she wears?

  4. Been a long time reader and big admirer of your site ockoala, but just had to de-lurk to say this


    Been a big fan of hers for a long time, but she looks absolutely stunning in these pics. Gorgeous and SO incredibly talented – go MGY! =D

    Thanks ockoala!

  5. Thanks ockoala for these pretty pictures of MGY! I agree she modeled those clothes so beautifully. Aside from the clothes, aren’t the shoes/sandals georgeous?!

    Love your “Hint, hint”….
    Paging, paging JGS… JGS: Have you seen MGY lately? Did you get ockoala’s hint? Hurry, please! 😉

    • Girl’s got a set of nice legs!! and seriously, some hot looking shoes. and i love the red jacket. must go find similar items…

      tx koala! i came home from a long day of work + opera extra duties and what a treat it was to see a mgy and jgs post! 🙂

      • same here… after a long day at work… JGS and MGY… they are definitely a good rub down for the day…
        Kamsahamida… cheers

      • yeah… this post really disturb me from my work, thanks GOD it finished by the time… hehehe

  6. I’m speechless. Why I can’t be as beautiful as MGY? LOL

    She’s hot. I’m of the fairer sex, but seeing her..damn, she’s hot.

  7. she should have looked just a little bit like this in MSOAN … then my brain wouldn’t have a hard time reconciling why two pretty guys are fighting for her, lol.

  8. Oh my.almost in every picture I didn’t recognise her.who is this drop dead beauty only in one picture I get that MR eyes.
    oh I hope JKS see all of this or perhaps,which I’m sure he already have the copy mind you..go get her already!make the world know that she’s yours so that all mens will back out for trying to get her.
    that photographer knows her best angle and makes her looks tall.,makes her legs like uhmmm fine darn sexy.

      • That’s so true to truth!!! ha ha ha…

        If I am to be reborn, I shall fill in form and specify that I WANT MGY’s LEGS for sure… LOL..

      • Yep yep yep and rite now he smile zillion watt smile while looking at the copy while his hand stroking miss moon’s hand because he see it with the model herself beside him in the cozy sofa.

  9. Gorgeous, perfect, beautiful, flawless etc

    And OMG I want her hair in the first picture

    /grabs curling iron

    Thanks for sharing Koala ♥

      • Forget about getting the hair right, I’d pull a Jo and sell my hair if that’s what it takes for these two to date publicly and film “Life of the Geuns: The Reality Show”

      • @hachimitsu, I’d pull a Jo and sell my hair if that’s what it takes for these two to date publicly and film “Life of the Geuns: The Reality Show”………hahahahaha…u’re rock……
        dams….she’s hot georgeus……come on Sukkie, what took u so long????? just grab her n make ur mine… least just let all d’ pple around d’ world know that u are in love each other..b4 u’re late coz that so much damn hot mens out theres are waiting 4 her love…..
        @ockoala…..thx 4 any news ’bout Geuns as always……luv u….:)

  10. Erika dear, I bet he already had a copy of those pictures.
    The fact that is hobby is surfing the net, I’m sure he’s quite aware
    of Miss Moon activities. Hehe. And I do hope he can read
    all the ockoala’s posts all the comments we put in here.
    Miss Moon is beatiful, indeed. I love her shoes, her tops omg.
    Should I go to basic house outlets and find those? Hehe
    Quite expensive though. And I wonder if my country have this brand ;p

  11. I’m been a lurker here for quite awhile now to know what up with the
    gorgeous GG couple…love love this pairing!

    Now, I’m unlurking to comment on this post.. and say OMFG..MGY
    me in these ensembles, everything looks perfect on her! and yup,
    she is definitely one HOT lady!

    Lucky you.. JGS!

  12. Guys you made me laugh so much!!
    mgy looks SO gorgeous, love the clothes and specially the shoes. wanna buy them all!!! sadly no money at all…
    thanks koala

  13. nobody can resist her charm, even a girl like me. I want to look like her immediatly after i saw those pictures. She is very cute, sexy and classic.

  14. Sorry for this out of topic comment but this vid in M3 presscon.. i’m sure everyone here seen’s one of my fave, coz i can’t stop looking at MGY expression when the interviewer questioned about hearing a romance rumors..look at MGY reaction
    to it, like surprised or tongue tied she is..her eyes got big? glad her night and shining armor the rescue and misled the interviewer protective indeed.

    And another thing in this vid, when the interviewer asked about who you consider marrying someone..fake? before MGY answered check out JGS eyes moves to
    the right of his corner directing at MGY.. idk but i find it really giggling the way
    he moves his eyes at GY like he is sneaking a look at’s like his expecting,
    you shud chose me! ahaha… starts @ 2:58

    • My favorite part actually had to do with the interviewer asking him to comment on the fact that it’s hard to pull off animal prints and JGS responding that his mom told him not to get it dirty since she would be wearing it the next day. Ha! Love that the boy has a sense of humor! Really, he’s too pretty.

    • lol. you are all so csi, amazing!!! i must not be the close watching kind of person, cause i never notice anything. thanks to you i’m learning a lot!!!!

      “when the interviewer asked about who you consider marrying someone..fake? before MGY answered check out JGS eyes moves to
      the right of his corner directing at MGY”
      true!!! fan squealing!!!

  15. Thank you okoala for the post! I saw these photos last night, gasped… She is DROPDEAD GORGEOUS isn’t she? Hey JKS, go get her already! Wait, before u go, ban the Basic House catalogue from men 18yrs or older. Oh man you in big trouble now Suk. Go now! Oh, and don’t forget to take that handcuff with u.

  16. She’s so lovable and she looks so good and made the clothing look great….but I don’t know about buying the clothes cuz I am very sure I won’t look great like her.

  17. She looks great because she has natural grace and elegance. If you think about it, she’s really not all that type so her legs can’t be all that long. But she looks so lovely because of how she carries herself and she gives off this aura of classiness. I think I’m in love with her.

    Did someone warn JKS that he’s got serious competition? This boy is not only cute, he’s a proactive go-getter as well! Look at how he eyes her from across the table and then sidles up to her. Too cute. hahahahah

    • LizzyD, you are so cute. When I first read your message I thought “OH NO! There is really some other Korean actor (and we know most of them are pretty good looking) seriously interested in MGY and going to compete with JGS for her attention.” Until…. I watched the video. Yes that little boy is very cute and he was looking at MGY from the front of her. But when he couldn’t get her attention, he moves around the table to get right up to talk to her. MGY seems very gentle and sweet to kids and JGS is the same too (BTS in M3). Our GeunGeuns are popular all round and they are truly kind and warm people. You are right about being excited to see baby Geun – I am sure he/she will be super, duper CUTE.

  18. Waaaaah, even if I am not a big fan of MSOAN( dropped watching it after 3 episodes but followed your recap), I fell in love with MGY. She just looks so gorgeous here in these pics. Her hair reminds me of Inoue Mao(she’s my ultimate love)’s hair in 2009 during the shooting and showing time of ‘I’ll give you my First Love’ movie.

  19. Because every JGS/MGY post in AKP is a GeunGeun post (to my delight), I’ll just post my query here. I heard the word “yoja chingu” (girlfriend) being thrown about at the beginning of the Samsung Galaxy showcase interview JGS did last night…was he hinting something again and being a darn tease about it? I don’t actually understand what was being said so I might just be hallucinating, but can somebody translate that bit for this curious little Hachimitsu? ♥

    It starts at the 2:07 minute mark (the image and sound are not in sync though…)

    • I would like to add a pretty please with Geun baby on top to that request for a translation!

      I bet the guy asked him if he has a gf and he says, “All the ladies here are my gf.” Something like that.

      • From I love Jang Keun Seuk Forever site:

        Emcee: Where have you been recently?
        JKS: China, Thailand and Japan not too long ago.
        Emcee: Who did you go with?
        JKS: Definitely not by myself.
        Emcee: Don’t tell me you went with your girlfriend?
        JKS: Closer to me than girlfriend… … I went with Samsung Galaxy player!

        My conclusion: JKS and MGY eloped already. Hence closer than a gf…….hahahah

      • Thanks Lizzy ♥

        Ha, I take that as an indirect admittance. He was itching to get the word “girlfriend” out of his mouth and tell the world they’ve been getting it on ay?

      • I would also like to point out that he didn’t deny having a girlfriend. He has in the past said he doesn’t have a gf and/or he really wants a gf when asked this question. “Getting it on” woot woot! Geun Babies!!

      • Didn’t he say that if he got himself a girlfriend, he won’t keep it a secret? This guy is just waiting for the right time to drop the bomb after all these subliminal, I-am-in-love missiles…assuming it is the low-profile MGY, he’s just trying to repress himself from hijacking CNN and make a live broadcast declaring his wuv.

        I think we’re going to have fun dissecting every single thing he has to say at his Mugyul FM tomorrow, hee.

      • ‘I think we’re going to have fun dissecting every single thing he has to say at his Mugyul FM tomorrow, hee.’

        Yes Hachimitsu! that was my thought too. He’ll definitely sing Hello Hello, right? Plzzz JKS, ‘I love u Mea Ri’ or ‘Geun Young’ or even ‘Merry Christmas’ whatever the name u wanna put with, just shout it out!! Valentine’s Day is approaching honey!

      • I think he is totally the type to declare himself. I vaguely remember him wearing what we all thought was a couples ring a number of years back. Then one day he stopped wearing it and it hasn’t showed up again since. However, with his new music career about to launch, I really think his manager would sit on him and duct tape his mouth shut if he tried to declare his love for anyone other than his eels right now. Hopefully that won’t stop him from making hinting though so we’ll just have to pay really close attention.

      • Haha…thanx LizzyD…

        Didnt I mention before to check out what MGY’s was doing between Jan 8th to 12th…hehe…especially when JGS fren KURT was only noted being in Thailand on the 8th…and JGS was adamant not allowing anyone using camera or flash in the club…He even threat them if he saw even once he’d leave immediately….now was it really his style? Didnt he like to take pictures with fans? In the Lounge H Halloween fanaccount didn she state he took pictures as soon as he arrived at the party…so why was he being so petty in Thailand? Afraid that some cam wud capture a girl who’s not suppose to be there but was there in the dim light? Just a tot…

  20. seeing how much this GeunGeun couple is loved, someone really should explain to me why is it so hard for me to find a GeunGeun fanfic… I mean, the literature-addict in me yearn for it… Well, okay I know there are some, but but but… enough is never enough for these two, no?

    ahh… these two are just too lovable, and thank you Captain ockoala to provide us this ship to follow their romantic journey (even maybe is only fueled with dreams and imaginations and over thoughts analysis haha! -I love them to the max!)

    anyway, hello! I’m new here, no worries, I’ve learnt and took a good look around the ship. (Yeah, I’ve read each and every articles about MMM and this lovely GeunGeun couple ;D *waves*

  21. Watching this vid he is annoyed at someone on the floor and waves a no with his finger. See at about 3:21. Were his fans allowed in? Just curious.
    Back to looking at her, I wish I had knees like her.

  22. Dear ockoala,

    You’re awesome! Just noticed the rotating headers…All pictures of our favorite couple. Love them!

    Thank you so much! 🙂

      • Indeed they are so cute. Thanks again and also to @betch.
        In addition to the cute pictures, I love the speed that they move to the next. I thought I just had an upgrade of my dial-up connection… 🙂

        Have a good evening ockoala and thanks again for your many good works!

      • I have a request. Dont change your headers..but add more of our Geuns’ pics. hehe.. I just loveeeee it! Thanks Captain! 😀 I’m happy to the max now..oh, the real work on my desk can wait. Not! 😀

    • Ditto : Bashful, ZZ and LizzyD – LOVE your rotating banners of our GuenGuens, Ockoala! Couldn’t keep my eyes off them and SOOOO happy to see both of them in such cute, beautiful and fun pictures. Why do they always look as if they are in the same photoshoot, when they actually are not? They must be a perfect match by nature, by the heavens and by the universe!!! Two phrases: Don’t Change and Add More Please!!!

  23. her legs look so long and lovely.. and she looks fantastic.. she should always wear that kind of eye makeup….The Maeri look really does not do her justice..

    what do they say abt people in love? they always look radiant 🙂 😉 🙂

    Ockoala… LOVE LOVE LOVE your headers.. i come here a few times a day just to stare at them and grin like a loon… sigh.. you’re making it very hard for me to lose the geun2 longing.. danggit..

  24. I found this on a forum, a reporter asked JKS about working on MSOAN, of course he was asked the scandal question and I do not see a denial. He didn’t change the subject and answered.

    Q: There are rumors about you and Moon Geun Young that you and her are like real lovers , don’t you worry about this? is there a possibility?

    JKS: “I still dont know. Maybe because Moon Geun Young and I have a lots of commons, were the same age , were really close and rumors about us is equal to ease” he said

    • I don’t understand that last part “equals ease” Does that mean they were so comfortable together that the rumors indicate this?

      • I think he meant “rumors about us will naturally happen because we are so close…….”

    • His words is ambigue..still very carefull with it..I hope this a positive answer.he doesn’t deny it like usuall when a rumour bout him and his co-star.

      • Well, IMHO, “I still don’t know” indicates that he’s not denying that there’s something between both of them, it’s just that they need some time so that their fans will finally accept their ship. Whilst “equally ease” IMHO is that both of them can accept such gossip/rumour because such gossip are not a mere gossip but fact. Just that they need couple of weeks/months perhaps so that the fans can adjust & adapt to the new JGS+MGY ship.
        *praying hard that GG will be together forever!*

      • Yeah…he’s very careful with words yet he never deny…its really a good sign…I mean in other cases with other costars, he often said “No, we’re just good friends” or “she’s like a sister/brother/sibbling” but never said this way…”Very close” has a very deep meaning especially between friend of different gender…cud any guy be closer to another girl other than their gf?

  25. @ Rory’s Mom, regarding that Samsung Galaxy “interview”, I just watched it with subs. The part you thought he was mad, I think he’s gesturing to the person who is holding the cue cards. I’m positive he’s reading from cue cards even though he’s trying to be discreet. They’re off the stage to the right is my guess. I think that he’s kind of going along with it, but not word for word, which makes it a little hard for the person holding it (or controlling it if it’s video feed) to know when to jump to the next one.

    I think also that’s why he’s not smiling/bouncing around as much because he’s pretty much reading the entire specs for that gadget. I laughed out loud at the Q&A section with questions from fans. “Keun Suk Oppa, which interesting software would you recommend?” hahaha I’m SO SURE that’s the first thing a fan would want to ask him.

  26. You know, I can’t really think of Moon Geun Young as “HOT!” because of AimH, but damn. The pictures… o_o *wipes drool*

  27. @ pipa….
    Actually I’ve posted a few caps & comments on the presscon clip you posted…so just sharing…
    ~Check out GeunGeun reaction when the host open the topic of their ‘Romantic Rumour’
    ~MGY look a little surprise & worried…JGS smiles becomes wider before broke into laughter…MGY looks kind of puzzle & she was actually gaping for quite a while…she just look down looking worried yet she was still gaping…
    ~MGY still gaping & look confuse while JGS all smile began to say sumthing…then it be dawn to her what he was trying to say or do…and she seems to relax & smile
    ~And burst into laughter when she realized what JGS was talking abt…and I think she finally understood what he was trying to do…

    I mean for heaven sake, what does their future romantic rumours has got to do with how they dress at the presscon that day? Or so what if they skip lunch just to go to their saloon to get all dress up? He was talking abt tis & tats which were so irrelevant I guess even the host forget what his question was in the 1st place.. I mean they were ask abt their forthcoming romantic rumours, he went all the way from the set to the saloon just to say they all looks so nice/different from the set that they almost didnt recognised each other…C’mmon…and of cos from then on they were talking abt his tiger print jacket…now again how is that relevant to their romantic rumours?

    And a poster responded…
    don’t know if it’s a trait that MGY unconsciously incorporated in Mary but in the drama, she does the same thing whenever she gets shy/self-conscious. I think it’s cute.

    From episode 11 for example, this was when their friends were teasing about them living together

    ~And this was when their friends persuaded them to kiss
    ~So I take it that MGY was very shy when the reporter asked her and JGS about their romance rumours (the question to which JGS lol-tastically averted). Why would she feel so shy and sheepish if there wasn’t any truth to those rumours? If somebody asked me a question regarding romance rumours with a guy I have zero interest in, I’d be more annoyed than shy.

  28. LizzyD says…
    “Emcee: Where have you been recently?
    JKS: China, Thailand and Japan not too long ago.
    Emcee: Who did you go with?
    JKS: Definitely not by myself.
    Emcee: Don’t tell me you went with your girlfriend?
    JKS: Closer to me than girlfriend… … I went with Samsung Galaxy player!

    My conclusion: JKS and MGY eloped already. Hence closer than a gf…….hahahah”
    Now why am I feeling as if JGS was having a hard time supressing what he truly wants to say….I mean we & everyone else know he has mgr & a bunch of staffs with him when he went to China, Thailand & Japan recently…but why was the way he answered he’s implying someone else…”Definitely NOT by myself ” indeed….I know he wanted to promote the Samsung Galaxy but the way made it sound…

    And when the mc playfully asked if it was his gf, he NEVER deny it…hw cud have said “No but closer to me”…blah, blah or I dun have a gf but this is even closer to me than a gf….or sumthing along the line….

    Yeah I agree with Lizzy…our Geun2 have started the Korean Celebrity trend of Secret Rendevous round the world…..
    Actually what made me even more curious abt JGS recent Thailand trip was the collective seperate fan accounts…after browsing tru their ‘sharing’, roughly I can overview the whole scenario…

    JGS went to GZ on 1st Jan till 5th Jan for the Zegda cf…at the same period we didnt know of MGY whereabout or her activity, until her 1st batch of BH pictures came out, which was abt the same time as JGS Zegda cf picture was released, so I assume MGY did the BH shoot abt the same time JGS did the Zegda shoot in GZ…of cos MGY wasnt physically seen/reported…

    He arrived in Thailand on Jan 5th or 6th…and he had a scheduled pack of activities from cf filming, photoshoot, fanmeeting to series of interviews within the next 2 days…Now between the 7th midnite to 8th early morning, JGS had been surfing the net leaving certain mssges implying he’s missing home & kimchi…

    Now what interesting was, a few stalker fans who were stalking all day at the hotel lobby saw his close non-celebrity Lounge H friend, Kurt, walk into the hotel around noon…I mean even if he’s not a celebrity most of JGS die hard fans wud have recognised him from their Lounge H activities, and these fans were among them…but sumhow they found out that Kurt wasnt staying at the same hotel as JGS but was there just to meet up with JGS…they also mention that Kurt has just arrived from Korea that day on the 8th…not long after JGS came down with his mgrs & his officials to go for his Ole fanmeeting…no Kurt was mention again…the fanmeeting too place on the whole afternoon continues with series of interview…then via another fan account saying that JGSwent directly to a club where he meet up with Kurt for their Lounge H activities…

    Another fan account whom is also an active members of soompi actually was at the club & she shared her detailed account of whats happening…it seems that JGS jump on the table to talk to his fans & WARN them NOT to take any pictures or use flash at any time he’s there & if he sees even one camera he wud immediately leave the club…Now I wonder why he was so petty abt it? May be I’m wrong but I often see & think that JGS is always generous to his fans…he always let them to take his picture even posing nicely for them…but why was he so adamant this time…anyway fans were worried abt his threat that they even warn each other not to use the again why was JGS so petty? Its not like he never had this kind of activities with his fans before & they took his pictures all the time but this time he even warn them..and according to the fan wasnt long at the club…abt 1/2 an hour or so, his mgr signal him to leave, 15 minutes or so later he said his goodbye & leave…

    Then on Jan 9th, another fan account said she heard rumours that JGS was drunk that night, so she & some friends went to wait for him at his hotel as early as 5 am just to give him some remedy soup for post drunk effect…yet he never came…around 7 am, his staffs came down with their lugage to check out..abt the same time JGS walk into the hotel all sober but he still took the soup the fans gave him…not long after he came down again, thanking the fans before checking out…no official stmt stated where he’s going or activities recorded here after…there’s no more fan ccount too…however some fans heard JGS was leaving Bangkok but they didnt know his destination for sure…some said he’s going to Chengmai & some said he book flight to Phuket..

    Therefore most fans encounter & official activities recoreded were between Jan 6th until Jan 9th morning…So what happen between Jan 9th to Jan 11/12 when he finally resurface at Bangkok airport?

    My bet is he went for a private holiday with a few friends, one in particular that made him so adamant & serious abt fans not to take any pictures while he was in the club….who? Why? The club not only must have been crowded but also dim..its hard to see who & who were there with him in the club…however if there’s pictures of him taken, he’s scared that sumone might accidently snap a picture of a person who wasnt suppose to be there…

    OK so let just call it my *delusional theory* while JGS in GZ, MGY did he NH shoot…on the 8th together with Kurt & few friends they flew to Bangkok…check at seperate hotel from JGS, they sent Kurt to look for him at his hotel…JGS left for his fanmeeting, Kurt return to their lodging, together with MGY they waited for JGS at the club,…then they leaves together for their own activities & perhaps JGS stayed at the other hotel where Kurt & the rest were staying until morning…rtn to his hotel, check out & leave for private holiday together..hehe

    • Additional points…

      Have you ll notice that when MGY eventually expose herself in Korea recently, both happens when JGS was back in Korea…

      The 1st was when she received the award on Jan 17th…JGS rtn from Thailand on thw 12th….he posted his picture from Japan on the 19th…his secret trip remember…and it wasnt posted by fans by by himself…honestly his picture with the elderly man, I dun think its his fan…more likely sumone he’s working with in Japan…therefore I assume he went to Japan on the 18th or so…or else he wud have posted his picture earlier..

      He rtn home from Japan on Jan 23rd &on 25th MGY was seen again in Korea at the ‘Children’ vip premier….what I’m trying to say is that lately MGY only resurface in Korea when JGS is in Korea…I wonder where she was while he wasnt in the country….anyway why was he so secretive abt his recent trip? Is it just a mere coincidence? Or it happens for a reason…perhaps she wasnt around as well…like the real reason for his secret trip becos of her….what do you all think?

      • hmmm that kinda make sense…why would MGY have activity while JKS in korea only..hmm maybe she was in JKS big bags or hidden in his private room so that no one will know she tagged along with him..ahahaha crazy thought of me..

      • Good one erika! check if that huge orange bag is missing from KBS strage room. lxandra, u just dont want me to go bed right? cant sleep with all these exciting new developments u provided. ( K, its invisible developments…who cares!!)

  29. BTW has anyone ever wonder out of so many accessories, rings, pendants & necklace he came to Bangkok Ole fanmeeting wearing a handcuff as a pendant?

    I was really surprise….no shock shud be the word..I know JGS can be flamboyant at time but wearing a handcuff at as a pendant??? Who wud ever tot of that..if he clip it on around his belf it’s quite understandable…but still a handcuff??

    Of cos the 1st thing that came to mind is that he just dunt want to forget the most important & a turning point in MG-MR relationship in MSOAN which was while he was handcuff to MGY a.k.a the epic kiss…

    But looking at a symbolic view, its like he wants totell the world “he’s no longer a free man” or ‘he’s captured by someone”

    Anyway, as I remember none of the host/interviewer/fans said or mention anything abt MSOAN or MGY…but they did mention YB several times..I think the fans & media there were just having the YB fever & still not aware of MSOAN yet…but still why wear the handcuff at Ole candy promotion fanmeeting? He’s not even promoting MSOAN….Again my mind immediately its his way of having his partner in crime who was recently handcuff to him while sharing one of the hottest kiss in the year….

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