BTS Footage of the Mary Stayed Out All Night Prayer Ceremony with Geun2 Cuteness

Sometimes you find the most random nuggets of Geun-Geun goodness in the weirdest of places. I never thought to check out the BTS footage of the prayer ceremony for Mary Stayed Out All Night. When I did, voila! – instant GG tidbit so full of wink-wink it must be shared.

Transcript of Prayer Ceremony BTS:

Monk: Blahblahblah, pray M3 is a success, blahblahblah.

Various people take turns praying (memo to production team – you might want to spend more time writing a good script rather than praying – just sayin’)

Now comes the good stuff…..

JGS: (to camera) Are you filming BTS footage? (smiles)

MGY: (manager turns her towards camera) What do you want? (acts silly for the camera)

JGS: (walks over to MGY) Geun Young, did you look at the picture I sent to you?

MGY: Yes. But what’s going on (in it)?

JGS: (grabs out his handy dandy cellphone and easily retrieves said picture and talks to the camera) Moon Geun Young-shhi looks like she is trying to kiss me.
(JGS shows his phone to the camera, which contains the picture below).

BTS of M3 prayer ceremony here. So based on that little interaction, we know (1) Seok calls her Geun Young when he talks directly to her (without the honorific sshi – though he uses it when he’s talking about her to a third party), (2) he texts her pictures, and (3) he checked out the pictures of them during the press conference, and found it noteworthy to send a picture where it appears that Moon Geun Young was going to kiss him to her for her viewing enjoyment.

Boy, stop being so obvious and totally in love. I’m happily going blind from too much cuteness between you two. The second half of the BTS was actually filmed by Kim Jae Wook (which is why both Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young were friendly and joking with the camera since Kim Jae Wook was behind said camera).


BTS Footage of the Mary Stayed Out All Night Prayer Ceremony with Geun2 Cuteness — 106 Comments

  1. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! Too cute for words! Omo, seriously, JGS’s voice makes me melt…and when I heard her name come out of his mouth all familiarly, *shivers* so cute! They totally need to be together. They really, really do. Even if they don’t know it yet. D’you think if we started a petition we could convince them to give it a shot?

  2. Banmal? OMG I may actually start crying if I hear them talking like that. *waits patiently for Tudou to load the bts* *taps foot* Come on, come on!

  3. he called her ‘informally’ also in the last day filming BTS where she stuffed the snowball into the director’s shirt.. think it’s the same age thing… anyone has ever heard how she addresses him?

  4. Ockoala you crack me up. You actually paraphrased a monk “blah blah blah M3 blah blah.” Now the good stuff. That is too funny.

    Moom, she calls him honey in Korean but I can’t spell it.

      • Refer to YT link up there

        2.00 – did she call him geun seok? or just some other words that sound geun seok?? haha i cant understand korean but i think i heard she said geun seok

      • RM, yeah… me and all my kdrama-addict’s friends (we all female) love it too
        now we all use that word everytime we texts to each other, just as reminisence how cute and funny it is the way MaeRi say the word… Jagiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa… out loud
        kyaaaaaaa….. now I laugh at myself remember that…

  5. Argh!!!!! You guys are killing me here. My sister talks to me all day about Geun Babies marrying Binnie Babies and then I come here and everyone is equally squeeing. How is a girl supposed to study?!

  6. Thank you for the regular doses of GeunGeun goodies, Koala-sama ♥

    The part that made me go all asdfghjkl! is that he saved a picture of them together in his phone…d’awww! The guy is such a fanboy. I bet he’s sent her GeunGeun fanarts and fanvideos as hints, ha!

    Also, since I’ve gone all Sherlock Holmes on the Geuns, I thought I’d share this little fanaccount of his Lounge H Halloween party he did last year. Apparently people overheard him calling MGY on the phone during the event, because he was referring to the person he was talking to as “Mary ah…”. The boy was thinking of her on Halloween night and tried to be discreet amongst his eels but failed, haha ~ squee!!/note.php?note_id=460517567848

    • Thanks @Hachimitsu for this fan account. Good detective work! 🙂

      If indeed it was MGY whom JGS phoned in that Halloween party, then there is a possibility that JGS was indeed also thinking of Maeri/MGY while in Thailand. Forgot where I read it but did JGS said (must be thru his tweets) while in Thailand that he missed Kimchi? And since MG and MR made kimchi in M3, someone interpreted this remark as JGS missing MGY. 😉 Sorry, if I mis-read that article/post or did a wishful thinking. But I think all these fan accounts and BTS boil down to are mounting evidences (exhibit A,B,C,..Z) from many sources of a undeniably Geun-Geun romance! Aaaaaaaaaah!!!! Can someone make it official, please?

      • I agree with you, just a few days JGS left Korea, could he really, really miss kimchi very much, maybe “kimchi” in question is a person. I hope it is MGY……LOL…..

        If we do not like someone, very easy to pretend to look like,
        But if we love someone, it is very hard to pretend not to like.”
        This phrase, I addressed to JGS……ha ha ha

    • Seems that this fanaccount is a die hard fan of JGS…and she’s not trying to fangirling to anyone…PSH or MGY…and from the comments below it obviously they havent see/realized/care abt the GeunGeun Chemistry especially becos they drama hasnt start airing yet…but this girl who’s been ‘focusing’ on JGS even noted that he call sumone in the middle of the party & after that he’s brimmong with happiness to even noted by this fan…and made her curious enuf to find out whom he’s talking to that made him so happy…and she found out its “Maeri” and best part is this fan account was posted before MSOAN presscon or the news/article abt how JGS & MGY nicknamed each other MG & MR even offcam & on the phone…see???

  7. I’m speechless….The new header which debut last night is still making me giggle, and now this, we receive this post (another evidence of Geun-Geun budding romance) plus the header now includes M3 ep 8’s epic kiss! What a treat! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Dear ockoala, you must be our GeunGeun fairy godmother always granting our wishes. Thank you so much!

    Is it too early to start predicting when they will officially announce they are a couple? 😉

  8. When will they marry? I want to see JGS having a girlfriend. He used to say that he is lonely when goes to Hawii. I pray for them. Get Marry then I will die happily.

  9. I’m loving this site seriously, with all GG day is not complete without visiting
    this’s just a dope bcoz of GG couple!!

    Thanks Ms Ockoala! you rock!

  10. awww….isn’t it JKS already give us hint from begining..he surely fanboying it..everynight he must be looking at that picture or better the video from alley kiss whenever he’s not having MGY beside him but when he’s back in Korea he just give a call/text her to come over to warm each other, cuddling and MGY would say : ” sukkie ah it’s HOT”..tee hee hee

      • That’s what I’m saying. Humanity gets better looking and since they both are all about peace, the outcome will be bliss.

  11. Moon Geun Young is sooo adorable….besides being a brilliant actress she also seems like the easiest person to work with just seeing how playful her manager is with her…..I think I’m beginning to love her more than JGS which if you asked me last year would have been impossible (loving any actor more than JGS was impossible for me following YAB)….and together they are just beyond amazing…if they really do get together whether offscreen or onscreen (again!) would be the best thing ever

  12. Jang Geun Seok officially wants to KILL ME with his words.

    At tonight’s fan meeting, when asked which female co-star he is most pleased/satisfied with.

    His answer: Moon Geun Young. Yes. *okay, you can all start screaming now*

    Why? Because they have very similar personalities, and both have a competitive spirit and doesn’t back down.


    I’m doomed, the boy refuses to just stop himself and keeps throwing crumbs at us.

      • hurrayyyyyyyy…. =)


        Omghggggsgsgsgsg words cant describe this beautiful feelings ..

        JGS JGS what took u soooo longggg

    • oh my God!! my dear Ockoala!!! how do i thank you for your undying love for the Geun-Geun couple?

      1. i just abt died seeing the latest banner on your log of the Geun-Geun EPIC ep 8 kiss in M3

      2. for the latest info on what JGS said abt being most pleased with MGY as an actress…

      3. the video of the BTS of JGS and MGY in the prayer ceremony

      4. the zitalei video of MGY, JGS and LMH

      5. the info on the latest commercials involving MGY and JGS

      Your wit, humour and endearing love for the Geun-Geun couple make me feel all warm and dreamy abt the Geun-Geun couple being a real-life couple…

      I just love how you said the following :

      “Monk: Blahblahblah, pray M3 is a success, blahblahblah.

      Various people take turns praying (memo to production team – you might want to spend more time writing a good script rather than praying – just sayin’)

      Now comes the good stuff…..”

      Haha…i ROFL because i absolutely agree with you!!! only things that has to do with the Geun-Geun couple are the good stuff…

      arrrghhhhhhhhh…..i am NEVER going to get over this insane love for the Geun-Geun couple….

    • OMO and now he can answer it bluntly…before if I’m not mistaken he always try to avoid it..and now he just declare we only wait for the love declaration from him and then press conference about they have really dating…and who knows wedding bell is up next

    • and i forgot to add :



      along with the rest of us always posting our love on the Geun-Geun couple…

      and I agree with you – JGS is officially KILLING ME with his words too…

      excuse me while i go scream my head off


    • Wait. Is there more?? I want more! I need to hear his tone and see how sneaky he looked when he said it!! Wah!! Is this a video or audio? And how long does it take for them to activate fanclub membership, geez! I, who have never even bought an idol CD before, actually signed up for his fanclub. There is no end to how far I’ll fall because of the Geun-Geuns.

    • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! It’s past midnight and I’m screaming at my computer!

      Thanks ockoala for this wonderful late breaking news. 🙂
      That was not a hint anymore; that was a DECLARATION OF LOVE!

      Can I scream again? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
      Oh, i don’t think i can go back to bed now… 😉

    • Haha, I love how so NOT diplomatic he is. ^^ If he wanted to keep the rumors down, he could have chosen a dozen different other more diplomatic ways to do that, but nooooo, he goes and says that. ^^ I’m not complaining, mind you…

      I don’t want you to get over your GG love, okay?

  13. omo, omo… now I won`t be able to sleep tonite.
    I`ll probably keep checking for updates. Captain, you`re keep throwing candy at us!

    • yes, Rich, i agree with you…JGS looks so good in any pose and at any angle in photos..and YES, next to MGY, i can’t decide who looks prettier either…haha

      • hehe…yes, Tangee, my dearest chingu…how is it possible that they both look ‘pretty’, right?

        but if you watch JGS with short, cropped hair as in Beethoven’s Virus, he looks LESS pretty…hehe

  14. fantastic news, ockoala!! screams with happiness!

    from the handsome horse’s mouth – he likes mgy becos they are so compatible!! i really really want jgs to have a girlfriend and be as happy as possible and not be lonely. hope they will date soon and let us all his fans share in their happiness!

  15. OK. you guys are all sleeping probably but everyone is talking about it on other forums.

    JKS said that he has kept in touch with MGY and they are going to have drinks after fan meets.
    Ladies, I think our prayers may be answered. I was too excited to sleep.

    • oh, rory’s mom, where can we find the info that you shared? and if our prayers are being answered, THANK GOD!!! (”,)

    • Thats good news.rory’s mom.sukkie reveal another hint!can’t he just stop that!give us the good news already.I never stop wishing,hoping and praying they will get together and I hope it will be sooner that hyun bin and song gye hyo to deliver the couple news

    • Yea yea yeaa i read that… OMG.. I was in the cinema when I read the news and seriously I can’t concentrate properly on the film anymore…hahaha

      See, I really really really need my life back.

      And please Sukkie, you should drink with Moon only. Just two of you! hahaha… It’s terribly unkind of anyone to disturb them… arghhhh they need some privacy…

    • thanks to you too… much appreciate your latest update… he he… grinning from ear to ear already…
      now maybe I should go a drink as well… LOL

  16. Ok I’m gonna be off topic but….. just received news Sukkie is coming to Singapore this year !!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! Needed to get that off my chest!

      • Hi 5 fellow Sporean! No, so far those are the only news I read on FB and Twitter. Will share if there’s more.

      • hi 5 to you too, fellow Sporean!! thanks so much for all your posts and im looking forward to further info from you on anything and everything to do with the Geun-Geun couple… (”,)

  17. OMG, I guess their friendship is blossoming into more than just friends right now
    We just patiently watch and wait for another year for the lovebirds to become official
    HuyBin and Hye Kyo took 7 months to announce, I wish Geun geun couple would announce their relationship sooner !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “I wish Geun geun couple would announce their relationship sooner !!!!!”

      I totally agree with and echo your thoughts, Jess!!! (”,)

      • Shall we all wait and see what happens after their drink session.. maybe some v v important announcement will be made… fingers crossed!!

      • yes, dear Tangee!!

        let’s pray, wish and dream together…and wait patiently for the long-awaited news of their coming clean of their budding romance…aaahhhhh….just thinking abt it makes me feel all warm and giddily happy inside…

  18. …still waiting patiently for our Captain to get the most juicy good stuffs to feed me (us)..before morning comes. Yes! So there’s a reason for me to stay awake and keep refreshing this AKP from time to time.. hihi.

  19. Another exciting news, Suk announced he will start filming for You’re My Pet this March, due for showing in summer. Actress has not been named as yet (cr FB- We Are the Mighty SeOUL Sisters). The list of Asian countries he will hold Lounge H: Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Shanghai

    • could it possible for things to be even MORE insanely wonderful if JGS’s leading lady in You’re My Pet be MGY???

      • can we get that Petition rolling now? Oh gosh.. I can’t wait for it to happen. You’re My Pet supposed to starts filming last year but postponed. Could it be that…some ‘powerful’ men out there trying to test the water by pairing the Geuns in that they will be able to get the most perfect actress for the You’re My Pet? Oh having wild imagination again! Crazeeee!

      • @zz : YES!!! if the powers-that-be with the film You’re My Pet have seen MGY and MGS in M3, they should be able to SEE how wonderful chemistry they have together…wouldn’t it be out-of-this-world crazy to have it portrayed in the film?

        @F1968 : if they stick with the original and the leading lady is older, then they wouldn’t be far off because MGY is a few months older than JGS… (”,)

      • Dear KDL
        YES! she is around 3 months ahead of him… they may just choose her!!! High possibility, I’d like to think…

      • The story requires an older actress. I think han ye seul was rumored originally. In addition, MGY doesn’t film stuff during her hiatus periods.

        However, we can all dream/wish/hope/pray together. As Miss Moon said herself, if enough people have the same dream….

        Start dreaming ladies, night AND day!!!

      • my dearest chingu, Tangee (”,)
        yes…you are right! abt 3 mths older…

        LizzyD : yes, i am fervently praying, wishing and dreaming of seeing the Geun-Geun couple being together again, be it in a film or commercial…or better still, in a press conference announcing that they are a real life couple…like i said before, if they do become a real couple, i would be the first to shout for joy for them!!! hahaha

        but i hope they would go thru the right way – dating, marriage and babies…lots of adorable babies like them… (”,)

    • So sweet. I don’t understand the lyrics but it sounds pretty.
      Maybe I am overdosing on GeunGeun or lack of sleep but aren’t they the cutest couple ever. She is slightly more beautiful than him but they are both so very attractive. Au natural. lol.

      • RM, you can search thru YT look for JGY & MGY moments Part 3..from Vitriana. There’s the lyric paste by her..sooooo touching..oh i love it!

      • dearest chingu, Tangee (”,)
        i agree with you!! (”,) JGS is SO good looking that any girl next to him has to have something special to stand out next to him…and i think MGY has that something special…an understated elegance and sophistication…the X-factor?

        hehe…i just LOVE them both so much that i can only see how good they look together…

      • Dear F1968
        you’re adorable and honest too!!! … BTW, this is complimentary.
        another ahjumma… he he he…

      • Dear tangee,

        You just made my day 🙂 I read somewhere that JKS fans age range is 10-40 but my household age range from my 6 yr old to way past 40!

      • oh, don’t worry, F1968…hehe, I am a 1970 baby myself, so i am one of the ahjummas too…hehe…
        and i also feel that the others here are in their 20s or even younger…hehe…

      • JKS fanbase has just been upgraded from noonas to ahjummas! What is the Korean term for grandmothers then? I’m sure there are some… though they might prefer to remain incognito. Lol!!!!

      • LOL!!! F1968, you are too precious!!! and you just might be right abt the grandmas who love JGS but preferring to remain anonymous, for the sake of their own sanity… (”,)

      • Dear F1968
        Am glad I made your day!!! It’s a good thing to bring joy to the world especially when the real world is kind of harsh nowadays, don’t you think?? To me, you’re still a babe as long as we are young at heart…. he he he…

        Dear KDL chingu
        I always maintain to the early 20s-30s. In my eyes, they are all babies as long as they are younger than me even by a minute.
        So my dear chingu, To me, you’re a baby[a most youthful one]… Now, sleep tight, my dear…

      • Dear KDL
        Nope, you’re not there yet as ahjumma… No way, Jose… Lee Byung Hun (nicknamed Asian James Dean) is 1970 child, he is NO ahjussi BUT superstar acting in Western movies…
        So you see, how can you be ahjumma??

        Hope this makes your day!! Cheers..
        from the real one… he he he…

      • My dearest one and only chingu, Tangee!! (”,)

        There are no words to express how grateful and thankful I am to you, dear chingu, for your kind, kind words in your posts which i attach below :

        “Dear KDL chingu
        I always maintain to the early 20s-30s. In my eyes, they are all babies as long as they are younger than me even by a minute.
        So my dear chingu, To me, you’re a baby[a most youthful one]… Now, sleep tight, my dear…

        Dear KDL
        Nope, you’re not there yet as ahjumma… No way, Jose… Lee Byung Hun (nicknamed Asian James Dean) is 1970 child, he is NO ahjussi BUT superstar acting in Western movies…
        So you see, how can you be ahjumma??

        Hope this makes your day!! Cheers..
        from the real one… he he he…”


        My dear chingu, Tangee, not only have you made my day, you have made my YEAR!!! thank you so much, dearest Tangee… (”,)

        Tangee, i hope you know that you are truly a precious, much treasured, cherished and one-of-a-kind gift of a friend from God to warm my heart and soul… (”,)

        May God continue to shower you and your loved ones with His Infinite Blessings for you deserve the best from Him because YOU ARE THE BEST, dearest Tangee!!! (”,)

        and btw, to me you are NOT an ahjumma and never will be because your heart of gold will always keep you youthful and beautiful, inside and out, as you are now, for all time… (”,)

        have a good rest and sweet dreams, my dear (”,)
        looking forward to your other posts in this blog because reading them always make my day (”,)

        Love you and *hugs* and *kisses* from your chingu (”,)

      • Sorry I just read your posts KDL n Tangee… I really can’t keep up with the so many threads on this blog alone…what with my 1-finger typing….

        Both of you are so sweet and heart-warming…. I feel like all of us are like family or at the very least very good friends. Sincerely thank koala for being the platform to get to know each other and hopefully we’ll develop to firm friends regardless of race or religion.

  20. There are couple of versions (maybe a translation issue) of his words going around. I’m waiting for something official because the wording makes a huge difference!! For example, some sites are saying he said “in a several days” while others are saying “sooner or later”. I don’t like the former bc why would you need to set a date with someone you see all the time, whereas the latter serves no purpose except as backup in case they get caught together in the future. heehee Also, does he refer to her as “friend”, “costar”, or “colleague”. That also matters a lot.

    Lastly, there’s a longer translation floating around, unverified, but I’ll translate it anyway. Courtesy of baidu JKS site, translated from Chinese by me:

    He says MGY is absolutely not an “easy” actress who is completely obedient (as in she has strong opinions when it comes to acting). When acting together, the two of them discussed a lot and also “argued” a lot. MGY also has (as in he’s like that too) a strong sense of self-confidence/self-belief. Not just in acting style, but in every other area, she’s very similar to me, so we’re especially compatible friends/costars. (Note: This is where some ppl translated costar/colleague/friend). During filming, JKS said he was very shocked because he discovered (this) and wondered how is it possible that there’s a person who is exactly like me? The two of them have kept in touch and have already agreed to meet up “sooner or later” for drinks.

    • Thanks @LizzyD for the translation…Love it! His description of MGY as an actress and his comparing her as “similar” to him suggests ( I think ) that he has cared enough to reflect and think about MGY! 😉

      Also, I am a little suspicious that there may be fans in Seoul who like us adore JGS/MGY pairing. Coz, I do not know why he would be asked which actress is he most pleased/satisfied with, if not for fans trying to get clues of his relationship with MGY. Or is that question a standard/regular question during a fanmeeting? Seoul fans: Stand up and be counted! You’re also addicted to Geun-Geun couple, aren’t you?

      Oh, just saw Captain ockoala’s new post on JGS’ fanmeeting in Seoul. Got to read that now…

      P.S. Thanks for adding 2 more to our running list of evidences/hints of Geun2 romance. 🙂

  21. thanks koala. maybe this couple only exists in our dreams but anything could happen and i’m just happy thinking of them together and having a future….
    and as everytime you post a geun-geun header: Awesome!!!

  22. Hello everyone,

    I am newbie here. YOu girls just cracked me up badly by reading all your posts but I love it 100%. I thought I am the one that’s so crazy about KeunGeun couple but I am so pleased to see there’s so many of you who love the KeunGeun couple so much.

    I keep praying everyday that one day the two cuties will officially announce their romance to the public. I believe if everyone is wishing for the same dream, our dream will eventually become true.

    JKS and MGY are just too perfect together. The cutest couple ever, I am dying to see them together. Let’s keep praying until our wish get granted.

    • Dear ninjamickey come to the right playground.we all geungeun will have fun and get all crazy more but is ok because you are not alone

      • Now, let’s see, there is this registration Geun2 form that you will have to fill in….

        Only pulling your leg!!! ha ha ha…
        Cheers to all geungeun shippers…

    • hello there, ninjamickey!! (”,)

      welcome to the playground-land of the Geun-Geun couple lovers!! (”,)

      the more there are people like us, the merrier!!

      and i echo your every word on the Geun-Geun couple… (”,)

      so happy to have you here joining us and rant and rave to our hearts’ content abt the Geun-Geun couple, courtesy of the kind permission of our dear Ockoala, the owner of Koala’s Playground…

  23. Koala…may I add another couple of points from your observation on the prayer clips?

    i) Males usually dun bother much abt details in pictures…and he must have like the picture so much that he took the trouble saving it before sending it to MGY…sure he likes to be playful but to purposely created a scandal for himself? It really made me believe at this point of time he is not involve with anyone unless if she’s MGY herself…and the way he teased her was more of a way a bf teases his gf…I mean what guy wud store this kind of picture if he likes someone else…

    ii) JGS refer to MGY without the honorofic ssi…why am I not surprise? He is far too familiar with MGY even in the beginning of their filming..I believe the filming shud began after the prayer ceremony yet he has drop the honorofic speech with her…As i said in other Koala’s topic, I heard JGS refer to MGY without the honorofic ssi twice in SBS reheaesal clips when he tot the camera didnt capture what he said…however it did..and I heard him…and this time again he drop the honorofi becos it was KJW who did the recording…perhaps he never tot that this clips wud be released to public…however in another report JGS said both he & MGY used informal language on set of MSOAN off cam so that they’d look more natural as MG & MR…c’mmon…who are they kidding? They’re professional actors..they cud be showing a snowball in the crew’s jacket, yet as soon as the director said “Go” they’ll cry like river & immediately after the director shout ‘Cut’ they’ll continue gigling & chuckling..and they still need to be informal? Was it really to ‘build up’ natural chemistry or just as ‘cover up’ for their usual informality ways with each other? I mean its easy to talk formally with ppl they usually informal with once in a while but to keep on doing so for almost all the time they were together on the set? Was it easy to watch their language all the time? Surely they wud slip & surely they’ll be ears listening..therefore the best way is to drop honorofic speech all together with a reasonable excuse….

    My point is how cud they have drop the honorofic speech before they even starts filming unless they’re already close before MSOAN…and how cud JGS teased MGY this way if 1) he’s not close to her ..2) He has no romantic interest in her…3) He’s involve/interested in other girl beside MGY….

    • yep it’s way too friendly when JKS and MGY are together..esp when they think that camera is not filming them, they drop all the “formal” act…suspicious here..hehehehe

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