Jang Geun Seok Holds Fanmeeting in Seoul and Says Farewell to Mu Gyul

Jang Geun Seok held his Seoul fan meeting last night, performing all his recorded songs from the Mary Stayed Out Night OST, and shared some news about his career in 2011. Other than releasing his first solo album in March, he will be holding a series of concerts in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai) thereafter, and will commence filming for a movie in March slated for a summer release. He mentioned it was a movie that he had already accepted, which makes it the K-movie adaptation of the manga Kimi wa Petto (which has already been adapted into a J-dorama starring Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun). I’m not sure if Han Ye Seul is still onboard, but they need another slightly older, super sleek, outwardly cold but inwardly brittle actress.

 At the FM, when asked which co-star actress he was most satisfied working with, Jang Geun Seok didn’t even hesitate and just stated Moon Geun Young. In his mind, she’s an actress that doesn’t ever capitulate in her craft. He said that when they were acting together, they discussed their scenes, and even often quarreled. Moon Geun Young has very strong opinions, whether its towards acting, or in other areas. In many ways, they are very similar, making them friends who see things the same way. When they were filming M3, Jang Geun Seok was so surprised to discover another person that was pretty much identical to himself. He says they still keep in touch, and sooner or later will be going out for drinks.

Jang Geun Seok also confessed that his favorite song from the M3 OST is “My Precious”. I’ll be on record stating that even if they never confess to dating, I believe that they are genuinely good friends first and foremost who have a special connection with each other based on their personalities and career development. Hoping they have adorable Geun babies is just me having some fun shipping a truly magical young couple. However, my addiction recovery takes serious steps back everytime one or both of them do something like this. I can’t complain, they make my job tracking them fun. Oh my precious cuties, keep on rocking in your careers!

[Credit: FM update and picture from Baidu Geun-Geun bar]


Jang Geun Seok Holds Fanmeeting in Seoul and Says Farewell to Mu Gyul — 181 Comments

  1. Koala, brilliant minds think alike. I was just translating the same thing you did and posted it in the comments section in your previous thread. Did he really refer to her as “friend”? I’m sad if he did because he generally doesn’t lie, which means they’re not dating and there goes my dream of Baby Geuns.

    Although all those comments he made could also be construed as a public declaration of his affection and intentions… maybe I’ll go with that. hahahaha

  2. “I’ll be on record stating that even if they never confess to dating, I believe that they are genuinely good friends first and foremost who have a special connection with each other based on their personalities and career development.”

    “Hoping they have adorable Geun babies is just me having some fun shipping a truly magical young couple. However, my addiction recovery takes serious steps back everytime one or both of them do something like this.”

    Thank you, Ockoala, for stating your thoughts on record…it is exactly what is on my mind, and what i have said abt them in one of your earlier posts in your blog here on the Geun-Geun couple, esp from watching them on the KBS Awards Show and i echo your every word…

    However, anything is possible…true friendships can and have become more…besides, i am of the opinion that men and women cannot really be JUST good friends unless they are not attracted to each other physically and emotionally…and my husband can vouch for that…he said he has always felt it with the women he has known in his life…and before he asked me to marry him, he was sure to let me know abt it…

    btw, my husband and i did not start off as friends…in fact we clashed and argued so frequently…then, we found something in ourselves that bound our hearts together…something like what Kang Mu Gyul and Wi Mary went through in M3…which is why i LOVE them so much…they remind me so much of my husband and i…

    • Awww… you and your hubby…how sweet. I completely agree about the guys/girls can’t be friends bit if they’re attracted to each other, either already or potentially. As I half-jokingly say to my friends, hot guys are for dating and unattractive ones are for befriending. Why torture yourself unnecessarily?

      • haha, LizzyD, thank you so much for your thoughts… (”,)

        and i love how you phrased these words :
        “hot guys are for dating and unattractive ones are for befriending. Why torture yourself unnecessarily?”

        soo true…hehe… (”,)…
        which is why i keep my distance from any attractive guys i meet at work, which is, thankfully, a rare occurrence…haha

    • Kld, your romance sounds like a story from Mills & Boon, lol!

      I stroke my hubby off my list of potentials when I first met him. Till this day I never knew what made me accept his proposal but I slowly fell in love with him after we got engaged n then married. Now we have 4 girls and life is beautiful (that is, until I got hooked on the Geuns and it has been reduced to a non existent life…)

      • Sorry typo: kdl

        Here I am, sitting in darkness at 6 am, typing with one finger on my iPhone…. you see what I mean abt my no-life? If only Suk knows the effect he has on us, he would probably say we’re not Geunies but Goonies…

      • LOL!!! oh, F1968, you make me laugh my head off reading your post…haha!!! 1-finger-typing in the dark? haha!!! and how right you are – we are not Geunies but Goonies, Loonies, Zannies…but im not complaining cos i LOVE them so much…

        and how wonderful to have a happy family with 4 beautiful girls even though as you said you once didn’t consider someone husband material but then when you are fated to be together, nothing can stop it…

        altho my husband and i did not start off as friends, we are now each other’s best friends and lovers…and i am still hoping and praying that JGS and MGY will find in each other what the other needs to complement and complete each other…haha…

    • If he’s really filming My Pet, the character has long hair, so if they follow the manga then he probably can’t cut it until filming is over. I think that’s why he grew it out to begin with, then left it for M3. It’s not mentioned in anything I’ve seen so far from yesterday.

      • thanks for the input, LizzyD…(”,)

        very interesting…he did mention abt the need to lose 3 kg for his role in My Pet when he was in Spore for his Asia Tour last year…but not abt the hairstyle…

      • do too hope that he doesn’t cut it yet.. ohooohhh… the boy does have long silky hair… mama mia… sounds like a commercial…. ha ha…

      • haha…how i LOVE how you describe JGS’s hair…and how i agree wholeheartedly…haha…

        btw, ladies, do you realise how FORTUNATE and BLESSED MGY was for having had the ‘legal’ right (at least in Kdrama land) to touch, hug, kiss and basically paw at JGS so freely in M3???

        our dear Ockoala once said in one of her recaps of M3 that the 2 of them are the most touchy-feely couple she has ever seen in Kdrama because they seem to be touching each other in every episode…haha…just reminiscing abt sumtg so DELICIOUSLY appealing abt the Geun-Geun couple…haha…

      • Raarrrgh!!! they can’t seem to get their hands off each other. was rewatching some of the ep. today.. YES.. there is skinship in every scene whenever there is an opportunity…
        Maybe they are trying to show their TRUE affection that way? [ I mean, subtly like they are acting but they do FEEL something?? oopps! me going wacky again… stop it! stop it!!! LOL

      • my dearest chingu (”,)

        please don’t stop your dreaming…EVER…because like MGY said in her blog/website, when we have the same dream, it may just COME TRUE!!! oooohhhh…just dream on my dear chingu, for the sake of our dear Geun-Geun couple…

        and you saw for yourself how touchy-feely they were in M3 and who knows…what you said abt them expressing their REAL feelings thru their ACTING in M3 may be true, so we just have to wait and see if they confirm it…hopefully… (”,)

  3. …Aww that’s so cute XD <3

    But on the topic of the movie…I'm still not sure how I feel about it…I'm already loyal to the JDrama version and Matsujun…with hints of Eita….but I love Jang Geun Seuk…so i'm just going to pretend that it's not based off the same thing…I'm pretty sure they won't be following the manga though because it's too long to fit into one movie….XD

  4. Yeah, it looks like they’re really good friends. I hope they remain friends for a looong time.

    I’m afraid to admit maybe that’s all they’re gonna be (maybe they’re too similar?), but hey, we can still keep dreaming about the magical GeunGeun babies. XD

    • Celebrities need someone who can truly understand their situation, the conflict and all the hardship of being a public figure. I have a close friend who models and travels a lot, but her guy relationship does not last long. Eventually they get jealous and has suspicions that she might be cheating while away. Seems they don`t have the confidence. But with JGS & MGY, being in the same status and situations, I truly believe their friendship will eventually lead to love.
      I`m in denial for any other situations! Geun-Geun 4ever!

  5. I cheer them to get married soon or later. Ha ha ha
    1. JGS needs someone who understands him, speaking, dreaming, prefering the same.
    2. JGS needs someone who can be on his side, drinking maybe, discussing is ok.
    3. JGS waits his girl for long time, finally he meet her, as we know who is she.
    4. MGY is a good person, smart, bright, delightful, and mature.
    5. MGY understands JGS.
    6. I want to see them happy. I know somebody may not like JGS who is his or her idol to get married. Guy! you cannot keep him single forever.
    In addition, I believe that understanding makes a couple stay together forever. Some people may like to fight because they think that it is excited. However, you don’t want to keep fighting every day with your husband, right?Even though MR and MG are different, they have the same dream, having a happy family. She can fullfill him, and he can fullfill her. My husband and I , for instance, get married because we are the best friend of each other. We discuss about life, enivironment,and so on. Something we agree with each other, but something we don’t. However, we agree more than disagree. Guen-Guen Fighting.

    • waaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa,,,,I giving you 100000000000000000000000 score,,,,,,,
      I think like that coz’ total your reason are really true. I love them very much and when I see them so I am happy .I wish them become true couple in real life.The family wants husband and wife are understand each other for making happy family and they are similar each other in many way. Now I don’t have family and don’t have my boy friend that I want my groom is understand me and we are similar many way too. I hopefull GeunGeun met each other for in real life.Guen-Guen Fighting.

  6. I agree with you guys about a man and woman relationship . True! There is not much of such a close friend relationship last long between them, unless they hang out with the group of old friends . If only 2 of them to be closed friend, they will either date or getting away from each other latter.
    I just have a feeling that Geun Geun couple just can’t avoid to meet each other in their road of destiny . Each of their road of destiny will be crossed again and again because they are bright, and talented actors.
    Look, they will definately will meet again and again in many future events, like award presenting, KBS, MBC, SBS awards . I feel that eventually, they will realize they are meant for each other.

  7. Huaaa he already set for filming,is it going to be drama/film.why do I got the feeling of jealouse?JKS will be with other girl!I want MGY in kimi wa petto but that would impossible…I just pray that what happen between binnie and SGH will happen to them..

  8. Wow, my balloon just landed and I am sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and thinking “why did I read between the lines?”

    I am going to watch the news now, it has happier things.

  9. I don’t know how jgs manages to do so many things in short time… poor thing he’ll surely get skinner!!!! but i’m happy about the movie :D. we’ll get a lots of news about him for sure, between the album, the tour and the movie 😛
    btw i don’t think men and women can be just friends, both or one will end up in love for sure (the last option so sad). perhaps right now they’re just friends… but only time will tell if it’ll develop in something more ;). as pijaku said jgs needs a girl and who can be better than mgy???? me too want him to be happy (i’d make him happy, sadly me don’t know each other 😉 )
    finally, i love everything he said about mgy, so sweet of him… and the fact is they’re in contact and he wants to hang with her!!!!!

  10. I’ve decided he’s just diverting attention. Considering his current career path, did anyone really think he would make an official announcement that they’re dating? Even a person who would rather be honest will find that concealing the truth (or outright lying is occasionally necessary), especially in this industry. He wouldn’t be the first to do so. I see no reason for him to announce their plans to meet up except to provide cover if his stalker fans catch them together. I’m staying in my happy bubble, I don’t care what anyone says. Rory’s Mom- you are welcome to join me there.

    • Thank you, I want to stay in that bubble cause before I went to sleep I saw their 3 children in my head and I was so happy because the eels seemed receptive to his comments and no one has bad mouthed Miss Moon.
      Heaven help the anti that criticizes her because of him.
      BTW: the eels read this column so I now understand a few things.

  11. you know, somehow I believe they’ll end up being togather sooner or later
    after reading all u gals comment (also from his own lips) abt jgs attitude for mgy, and mgy to him, I really think that he feel something for her for real, if he said he texts her everyday I believe it’s true, not to mention he call her in the middle of his party? and he said that he’s been doing it for years, that attitude show his true feeling, conciously or not, what I’ve learnt in life is being togather is not just bcos love only, sometime a never-ending long-lasting love is start with a simple act called care, if he’s not being comfortable for each other, none of this behaviour would happen, it’s like killing u, or u feel missarable if u’r not checking out how/what the other person doing today, even tho it only a few minutes chat on the phone it’s already become a relieve just to know he/she’s Okey, this feeling will grow easily become love… so I’m not being imagining or else, it just it’s shows, and pretty obvious… good luck sukkie and geun-young sshi, hopely u both are going to find each other in a very fine precious day…

  12. When I first read the bit saying that MGY satisfies JGS the most, my mind went straight to the gutter, ha!

    That aside, I’m happy (though totally not surprised) that JGS acknowledged that they’ve been in contact since the drama wrapped up. Taking into account that he didn’t contact his previous leading ladies (Ha Ji Won and Park Shin Hye) right after their dramas ended, I take it as a sign that he sees MGY beyond the colleague stamp. What pleasantly caught me off guard, however, was that he openly said that he and MGY made plans to go out drinking. Assuming that this is something that they both arranged privately, it means they’re going on a date, people! And he told his eels about it! When two (flawless, perfectly compatible, heavenly etc etc.) people go out to have drinks, I call it a date. He may have said that for fanservice’s sake, but assuming it’s true, it’s super sweet that he’s making his time for her considering how he’s been working non-stop lately.

    Regardless, I too think that whatever it is that’s happening between them is not transitory, but a deep and meaningful relationship – galvanized especially by what they went through with production problems etc in M3. JGS did say that he “can really talk” to MGY, and I sincerely believe that they received gratification from working together by boldly challenging and complementing each other ever so gorgeously. At this point in time, I hope it’s not presumptuous of me to say that MGY is his No.1 leading lady in his eyes (or heart /unabashed GeunGeun stanning)

    On the downside, their personalities might be too identical for them to be romantically involved, but JGS’s in love with himself so mathematically he should be in love with MGY as well, ha!

    I want my oppa and unnie to be together for real, darn it! Delusional or not, I’m joining LizzyD and Rory’s mom in this happy bust-proof GeunGeun bubble.

    • That’s the spirit. But here is a thought.
      They are going to have drinks to try and convince her to do Kimi waPetto. She can play older than him. This is MGY were talking about and maybe the money dudes said wow we can make a killing with these two. After all, he had to go see her play with his manager and her manager before it was announced she would be Mae Ri.
      Off topic, say prayers for the Middle East especially Egypt. I would rather be here in Ockoala’s Playground than at Google News.

    • Hachimitsu – I love you for making me feel like I’m not alone. 😛 I agree withe everything you expressed so eloquently. Also, I would like to mention that JKS acts really wild and hyper but I think his words are very calculated. Sometimes you have to take what he doesn’t say into consideration as well. In addition, he has no problem dissing past costars so I don’t think what he said was fan service-y. Also, he could have flat out said she’s like my sister, as he did about PSH, and killed all rumors.

      My sister brought up a good point- he knows his hard-core fans think he’s a God, so he just boosted his gf to his level by telling them that she’s JUST LIKE HIM. And yes, the boy is totally in love with himself (or at least very self-confident) and people like that need people like them. He’d be bored with anything else.

      My bust-free Geun Bubble is a great place to be. And if anyone wants to try to burst it, I still have those dull butter knives backing me up. 😛

      • Aww, Lizzy we’re in this together, riding in this happy bubble wherever the breeze/storm/hurricane takes us ^^

        The point your sister brought up is brilliant. He sings accolades to her and I really do think he puts MGY on a high pedestal (as 88.7% of other Korean men, ha). So seeing how close they’ve gotten while filming M3 and how confident he is with his charms, I wouldn’t put it past him if he really does start pursuing her seriously (as he already has in our GeunGeun-tinted minds)

        And about him dissing his past co-stars, I find that inappropriately hilarious. Care to share some anecdotes? Although I still don’t know many things about JGS, one thing that is flagrantly obvious is his frankness. A trait that is similar to MGY *wink wink* If these two aren’t soulmates, then something is wrong with the universe.

    • “On the downside, their personalities might be too identical for them to be romantically involved”
      That is my concern… most ppl like that end up being good friends.. little sigh…

      • yeah, too many similarities CAN be boring and predictable BUT it could be what binds a couple together because of the ‘SOULMATE’ factor – when we think, feel and act so alike, we found comfort and stability…something i hope that JGS and MGY have found in each other…

        JGS did say he’s surprised and glad that MGY is so similar to him, and i think that gives him something that he hasn’t found with any of his other co-stars…

        and i wanted to share what he said abt his ideal girl on a tv programme before – she needs to be very cheerful and kind…and in one of the interviews on M3, he said that MGY is the most cheerful person on the M3 set because she is always the first to greet everyone on set and she also always shows care and concern for everyone…so….MGY has both qualities he is looking for – cheerfulness and kindness…

        he also said before that he is comfortable enough to be really honest with MGY because he said she is able to take his honesty openly and sincerely, unlike his other co-stars…

        so, LizzyD, Rory’s mom, Hachimitsu, Tangee and other undying Geun-Geun couple lovers, THERE is still hope…after all, there is a saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder…so let’s hope that after being apart, both will come to realise how significant they have become to the each other…and how PERFECT they would be for one another…(that’s just me dreaming…)

      • Oh my.only left this bubble geungeun world and I miss a bunch.I like every words.,maybe JKS doesn’t remember what he had said before but everything on ideal gf he wants is in MGY.it only need one step,that is MGY put a verbal reply of a wink/hint that JKS drop here and there so that JKS will take major step,perhaps on that drink date?MGY sshi please drop a words for JKS hint of love so that on your drink date he will propose you and the day after that we all as you loyal fans will be in heaven..don’t worry bout your chubby cute babies,we will be nanny every time you are busy.

      • Erika, i second everything you said…please, Miss Moon, do find some way to drop hints to Sukkie to let him know how you feel…hmmm…which makes me wonder, dear ladies….

        HOW DOES MGY feel abt JGS???

        all along we have been harping on JGS to make a move and grab MGY…but what abt MGY????

        how does she feel abt JGS???

      • Thats what I’m saying!we need a word from MGY so that we know the boat is sailing and we’re not mistaken JKS hint is directed to MGY.its not that I don’t believe in our dream but one words from MGY then we can get our ticket to be in the ship of geungeun weds in cruise..

      • My dear chingu
        “””THERE is still hope…after all, there is a saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder…so let’s hope that after being apart, both will come to realise how significant they have become to the each other…and how PERFECT they would be for one another…(that’s just me dreaming…)”””

        Count me in !! I am joining your dream club!! he he… who knows??? we may have to disband this club when ONE DAY, Guen2 are hitched with each other?? Hope! There is plenty… We just have to keep it up.. LOL.. cheers..

      • Yeah chingu,absolutely right tange.there’s hope.beside up till night my match maker wish has never failed,back then cecilia cheng-nicholas tse = granted and they even had 2 cute babies now.Barbie tsu-vic chow=granted though now they are broken but I hope they will be like cecil-nic.Binnie-gye hyo= granted and I hope 2years after Binnie finishe MS we could hear weds bell and now all my wish,hope and pray all to geun2.hope they wont broke my threat.

  13. I’d like to think in my head that they’ll be having a lovey-dovey drinking date as opposed to a business one, haha. Technically she is older than him and it is actually rumored that she will involve herself in one project this year, but I’m not keeping my hopes up about her being in You’re My Pet. It’d be such a wonderful treat with Geun baby on top if that ever comes true though…especially since like other Geunies, I’m not yet ready to see JGS paired up with a non-MGY specimen.

    And yes, praying for Egypt…hope the unrest will settle soon without more death tolls.

    /setting up camp at AKP

    • Off topic.
      Yes, praying for worldpeace, that is what makes us more human than we are… OK… getting off playground .. back to reality[more prayers for those in need]…
      This blog is DE BEST…. fun and humane at the same time… Standing ovation to all….
      cheers to a good day..

      • yes, tangee chingu…i agree that seeing what is happening in Egypt, Tunisia and other countries, we really need to pray hard for world peace urgently…

        and i agree with you how WONDERFUL this blog is….thank you dear Ockoala for setting up his blog and allowing us Geun-Goonies rant and rave to our hearts’ content… (”,)

    • I agree, it’s just a flat out date. And now he’s written himself a preemptive excuse letter if they ever get busted on their date(s). Didn’t she already announce she’s taking the year off for school? Plus, I’m not very interested in this movie. I want them in a very romantic movie with lots of kissing scenes that don’t pan out just when things start getting good. I’d much prefer another drama but we all know that’s not going to happen unless one of us suddenly wins the lotto and can fund it. I’m also ok with them doing all their kissing behind closed doors as long as they show us the end product (read: Baby Geun). I’m still hoping for another JKS drama at the end of the year but his schedule isn’t looking good for one….sniffle.

      • LOL!!! oh, LizzyD, i just love how much love you have for the Geun-Geun couple…so much devotion… (”,)

        i do really hope that the Geun-Geun couple will become a REAL couple too that my heart hurts just thinking of any other women hugging and kissing JGS in his next drama and film projects…arrgghhhhh….

      • Dear cheery one
        You got me rolling off my chair!!! You’re such a dear..
        “””I’m also ok with them doing all their kissing behind closed doors as long as they show us the end product (read: Baby Geun).”””
        Totally agree with you 100000% on this… {We need LOTS of BTS, that’s all} he he…

  14. @ Hachimitsu, it was a pretty old article about a movie he was in awhile back with 2 very famous young Japanese actresses, Kuroki Meisa (I think she’s really pretty) and Maki Horikita. I can’t remember if they were actually famous yet, but definitely on the rise and many people would say they’re lovely. I can’t remember the exact wording but basically the interviewer guy pretty much called him a lucky bastard for having those 2 costars. His reply was something to the effect that yes, he “heard” that they’re supposed to be hot and all that but he didn’t really see what the fuss was about and hardly even bothered talking to them on set. It totally cracked me up because both of those ladies were way more famous than he was. I am not sure if he maybe he took issue with the way the question was phrased, since we all agree he’s rather conceited.

  15. OH! I really love this news.
    In 2011, we are listening/seeing JGS a new solo album and a new movie.
    I am quiet happy now that he will be in “You are my Pet” movie, it will come true.
    I like the way he talk about MGY his co-star in M3, feel like he found the good mate/good friend to be hang around……but who know how they will end up with…..
    As long as they both happy with seeing each other I am sure that all of their fans will be happy too.

  16. i agree unni. every time i read tidbits like this between Seok and Geun Young, I feel compelled to think they are really dating!! THey are just really adorable together. It is nice to know that they are genuine friends even outside of work.

    How I’d love to follow JGS and MGY if they both have twitter accounts!! I think I’ll explode from delight when they start tweeting each other. Right unni?!

  17. here I am wondering, will someone actually interested if I write a GeunGeun fic? I mean, well.. I have this idea… I can’t seem to get this off my head so maybe I’ll just write it out anyway, but it would be lovelier to know that someone will actually read it, heheh… (yes, the literature-addict in me is talking…)

    and oh, think I’ll share this GeunGeun fic I found, kinda good, gotta say, it’s the best around I found 🙂


    No, that wasn’t mine, I swear! Ha 🙂

  18. As long as JKS cannot find any girl who can be compared to MGY, he will definitely end up dating his best friend Moon.
    I once asked a 70 couple why they can live as a happy couple for so long, the husband said it’s because he has married his best friend

  19. btw, Ockoala, i noticed that you changed the banner of Koala’s Playground…from the epic epi 8 kiss to the ‘friend’ly atmosphere between the Geun-Geun couple during the KBS Drama Awards ceremony…i wonder why????

    could it be because of what JGS said abt him and MGY being FRIENDS??? hehe…
    your addiction has cooled down a bit??

  20. I think what’s important to me is that JGS is proud to say to everyone,
    especially to his fans/eels what he feels about MGY. That they are good
    friends, remained in touch and still has a time for each other despite their
    busy lives. I doubt he said or does those thing to his past LL. And that alone
    gives me the security to think my geungeunship are intact and completely
    wishing it will lead to something deeper 🙂

    Oh and yeah..his favorite song in M3 is “My precious” hmmm.. my gut
    tells me..his referring to MGY, his Mae-ri 🙂

      • Oh isn’t about MR, but for his hair? oh shoot! so the way
        he is singing it at that playground, he seems really into
        it huh..he must have really love his “precious” hair
        over anything hahaha..

  21. I still believe in the power of GeunGeun’s chemistry. I knew JGS just wanted to cover up both of his and MGY’s career so that fans will support them no matter what. I just wish the both of the Geuns answered this question: “Are the confessions thrown at each other during M3 are real?” Can someone ask them please. LOL

    Oh, since JGS had this fan meeting, I wonder why MGY was not present too? And I wonder..after all the hints and gestures dropped by JGS, do MGY reciprocate the same? Apart from KBS Awards Night and the BTS, what else? She seems to be quite reserved in portraying her feelings openly in public. Any hints?

  22. Over at Jangkeunsukforever.wordpress.com they give a list of his schedule for 2011. In that schedule is mention of a drama he is still in talks about but for the last part of 2011.
    He is shooting in London and the Czech Republic and all his fan meets plus the movie.
    My point is school!?
    His career is doing well, yay for him.
    Looking forward to Miss Moons graduation.

    • I don’t care about the rest! I just want lots of happy romantic dramas to watch from all my hottie bfs. Although I did buy multiple copies of his cd/dvd thing that doesn’t actually even exist yet. Still not sure what I’ll do with them. He needs to stop traveling so much and stay home with his gf!! There’s a line of suitors at her door and I don’t like it one bit!

      • I’m thinking he would not have mentioned that drink without a reason behind it. I mean he could have just said we keep in touch.
        I will keep hoping.

      • I’m telling you, it’s a cover in case they get seen together later. He can say he already told everyone. The boy is very tricky like that.

      • “””I’m telling you, it’s a cover in case they get seen together later. He can say he already told everyone. The boy is very tricky like that.”””
        Thanks for bringing that up…. I do see a lot of sense in it {if they are caught toge., he’d probably say don’t say I didn’t preempt you on this!!!} Our cutie boy is REALLY clever, isn’t he??

      • my dear chingu, Tangee, i agree with you (and LizzyD) totally…our cutie boy is indeed REALLY clever…i guess its a result of being in the public eye and in the entertainment industry since a young age…survival instincts… (”,)

    • Then does it mean that JGS does not intend to keep his promise then..of going to school too? Oh.. ok..now the ending of M3 seems real. MGY with her thesis, and JGS with his singing..and they still be with each other (delete that break up for 12times tho). Ouch!

      Come to think about it, the real reason why JGS re-write that Ep16 to his (and our favor) is because he cant accept if he couldn’t have MGY. He must have her no matter what. Oh gosh.. I need to watch M3 again for hundredth time! Can’t get enough of their cuteness. Gosh!

      • I am so with you on that view. Maybe he is superstitious or did not want not to end up with her.

      • Two thumbs up *Nodding Head*

        100% Agree….cant stand to have himself dead on the 15th episode or MGY falls into another man’s arm in the final episode on their 1st collaboration…he wants ppl to remember them as the best & sweetest couple ever..haha

      • “”he wants ppl to remember them as the best & sweetest couple ever..””
        Can’t help but agree ‘cos right now, they ARE the sweetest couple in Kdrama kingdom, at least to me….

  23. London & Czech Rep? Romantic yet very cold, I think “somebody who is his best friend” is gonna visit him while he’s shooting there… Hehehe… To warmth his days & fill his lonely feeling… with kimchi too perhaps… hehehe…

      • She could totally fit in his suitcase. Actually, I’m about her size so I can fit in his other suitcase. I love Prague!! I’ll take the pictures for them!!

      • They’re both lying. They’re taking breaks so they can date. The semester should have already started! hahahahah Am I getting too obnoxious yet?

      • no, LizzyD…you are just so full of LOVE for the Geun-Geun couple…and we wouldn’t want you any other way…no, no…. (”,)

      • Dear cheery one
        You crack me up with your ‘may happen’ analysis…
        Well done! Keep it up!!..

        & Yes, dear KDL is RIGHT… we wouldn’t want you any other way.. for sure!!

  24. @ KDL There’s another interview he did in Oct in Taiwan which means he already started working on M3. I actually subbed it but still haven’t gotten around to timing it. He was very specific about his ideal:

    1. Big eyes.
    2. Beautiful slender neck
    3. Someone really suitable for dresses. Someone who looks better in dresses than pants. When she wears a bikini, she gives a feeling of being shapely. When she wears a skirt, her legs are very beautiful.

    I’m sorry but I can only think of one person he had in mind when he said this.

    • oh, wow!!! you are soooo right, LizzyD!!!

      all of the physical features describe our dear Miss Moon so PERFECTLY!!! hehe…or am i just so deliriously mad abt wanting the 2 Geuns to be an item that im seeing what is not there??? haha…im so in need of professional help…haha…

      • My dearest chingu
        here’s my proposal, should you need to check into institution, you know who to look for company!!! …. ha ha ha LOL….

      • My dearest chingu, the one and only Tangee… (”,)

        How do i thank thee for thee’s loyalty to thee’s chingu, to the extent of being thee’s chingu’s companion in the land of the Loony Geun-Geun couple lovers a.k.a. the mental institution?
        haha!!! LOL!!!

    • On top of that, in one of the YT (can’t remember which one), JGS was asked to draw his ideal gf. He draw ‘her’ as having big eyes, wavy hair and chubby. At that point, most fans commented that it must have been none other than PSH.

      BUT at the time am watching the YT, it was the time when M3 was aired (I googled YT on whatever that has our GG coz I need to know if they have any relationship coz I can’t believe that I finally found a Perfect chemistry in a drama) so in my thinking, after watching that YT, my mind goes straight to MGY. So IMHO, when JGS draw his ideal gf, he was actually referring to his precious MGY.

      All that is left now is…for MGY to please give your Prince Charming a YES, I DO to a question the whole world knew : “Marry me, Mae-ri?”.

      • Yes I remember watching the clip…and I remember he was saying or t least the translation said ‘chubby face’ not chubby on the whole…Of cos PSH fans mostly gets all excited but I think in accordance of Korean stars std, PSH is on the chubby side on the whole while MGY though has a chubby face, she has a slender & small body figure…which made sencse than JGS specified ‘chubby face’….JGS also said she likes a girl who is below 170cm becos he feels intimidated by tall girls…and MGY is only abt 162cm…just rite to lean her head on JGS’s shoulder whenever she likes…

  25. london.. i’m here.. when is he coming? maybe i will stalk him and just ask him if he is /or considering dating MGY.. maybe he will tell me or i can persuade him.. hehe

      • hmmm.. i can stuff him in my large china canvas bag..punch some holes in, throw in some pot noodles and lots of alcohol and deliver him to MGY personally in South korea.. you ladies gonna help sponsor my ticket ? and who is doing child-minding for me ? .. i have 3 lovely monsters 😛

      • LD.. you’re on.. i def need the help of a sweet young thing to lure him into the canvas bag in the first place.. and you can do the extraction in my home.. that way, no one can hear his howls above the din in my personal ‘london zoo’ 🙂

    • We Sporeans may just beat you to it! Lol!!! We may just pull the kidnap stunt just like in M3! Then we lock him up like in Manager Ma’s fantasy in YAB!

      • YEAH!!! i am with you 100% F1968!!!

        we, Singaporeans, are a tough and tenacious lot…

        so watch out, london, here we come…with every conceivable contraption you can imagine to entrap our beloved Sukkie for our dear Miss Moon… (”,)

      • Oh!!! stop it!!! you adorable bunch with highly creative suggestions on how to kidnap that cutie boy… Confession: My stomach hurts!! You guys are funny!!!
        NO! Please keep it up!! Am having a ball just reading all your comments!! LOL… entertainment at its best at Ockoala…

        Thanks your Koala Highness for the 1000th time for this site…

      • my dearest chingu, Tangee!!! (”,)

        so glad to know we could make you hurt from so much happiness…but you know what?? YOU, Tangee, never fail to make MY stomach, chest and whole body hurt from so much happy-laughing from all the hilarious, zany and out-of-this-world ranting and raving over our love for the Geun-Geun couple…LOL!!! (”,)

        so, if you wish to continue making me happy-laughing, please do continue with your precious sharing, dear chingu!! (”,)

  26. Please keep going cause I am like Tinker Bell, the more you believe the more I come to life. I was so depressed. I love you Ockoala but your comments were sobering and my stupid imagination said she knows things that she probably can’t spill but NAH you would tell us I know cause you are the No. 1 fan of GeunKeun.
    So let’s all keep thinking as LizzyD does.
    Please notice: The girl has made no statement even on her Cy page. That I know of.

    • I’m here to spread the Holiday Cheer!! Captain Koala can ban me if I become too…festive for everyone. hahaha

      She hardly ever posts messages and never anything personal anyway. Very private. Works out great because it leaves me free to imagine whatever I want.

    • well.. for what it’s worth.. she did change her background music on her cy world to songs of some korean indie bands.. a nod to JKS/KMG FM or a nod to KJW’s new album.. think what you will

      Baidu GG forum was having a field day linking all the titles of the songs and it’s ‘message’ to JKS.. 😀

    • Hahaha stop stalking his gf! She has a nice figure, except for a period when she was too skinny. She looks great right now.

      Btw, some fan on baidu quoted an old interview where Mr. JKS said that he thinks guys and girls can’t be “pure friends”. hahaha He really needs to keep track of what he says because someone will remember and dig it back out to use against him. LOL

      • yeah!! so, let’s all continue stalking his every word and action to catch him doing the exact same thing he said – that he can’t be “pure friends” with MGY!!!! yahooooo!!!!

  27. He said that he already got the physical and will be serving in the regular army. I think this will happen 2014/2015 for all born in 1987. Hyun Bin is 5 years older and is barely going in now. Unless there is a war or he wants to go sooner.
    May I say I HATE THE DRAFT.

    • Yes, my sister and I decided we should write a petition so that all the hotties shouldn’t have to do military service and that the useless men (ie the ugly ones) should have to serve as many times as necessary to make up for the numbers. Most of them just go and serve as “entertainment soldiers” anyway! Speaking of which, I’ve already asked for a few entertainment soldiers for my birthday this year. A couple of my bfs are there right now. hahahah

      • Laughter in the middle of the night, they will lock me up. My hurt was Kim Rae Won and Lee Ki Woo.

    • oh, no!! yes, i second you, rory’s mom and LizzyD – I HATE THE DRAFT!!!

      all the hotties either have left, are leaving or will be leaving soon for the draft…arrrgghhhhh…

      • 1stly, dear KDL chingu
        I 2nd your second!!! Count me in…

        & Lizzy Dear [the cheery funny one]
        You echoed exactly what I had wanted to say…
        “”the useless men (ie the ugly ones) should have to serve as many times as necessary to make up for the numbers.””” That is SO true to truth!!

        Hey Cheery one
        Maybe we should sent a letter to the SK Military to propose your suggestion re the above, what do you think?? Do you think they will buy it?? LOL…

      • dear Tangee (”,)

        thank you for seconding my seconding…haha…i never thought i would ever say something like that…haha

        and i would be right there next to you sending the letter to the Korean military to request for the exemption of the hotties from the entertainment industry from being drafted…
        not that i think my being there would carry any weight…
        but for the sake of supporting my dear chingu, Tangee and the hotties, count me in!!! (”,)

  28. okay it’s getting late here in California and I need some shut eye.
    But please keep the thread going…I feel this place is my happy bubble.
    Ms. LizzyD please make sure no will burst it.

  29. dear ladies…there is one question no one has asked :


    all along we have been harping on JGS to make a move and grab MGY…
    but what abt MGY????

    how does she feel abt JGS???

    anyone? LizzyD?

    • That’s what I have been asking previously. MGY seems not too cooperating with her JGS. JGS has to do all the cover up, been protecting her..etc. We knew that JGS wanted to protect her from his rivals and from his fans who worship other actress apart from MGY coz he wanted to have MGY all to himself…but MGY seems to have 80% of MR characters – reserved, undecided & little bit confused or rather unpredictable..but I really really hope that her answer on the question of “Out of faith, love, hope which one is important?” i.e. “Loyalty” remains. Hoping & praying that she remains loyal with JGS. Likewise. Amen.

      • yes, ZZ dear…thanks so much for your thoughtful words…

        and i agree with you totally…i wonder why MGY has been so reticent abt JGS’s effect on her…could it be because no one has asked her directly how she feels abt JGS??

      • Now, my dear ones
        Let’s see:
        1) MGY had only 2 screen kisses so far.
        2) She’s not had any bf in her adolescent years, NOT that we have heard of..
        3) Romantic things is probably quite new to her – lack of experience in that department, maybe?? Need some lessons, anyone want to be tutoring her about the birds and the bees? he he..
        4)What can I say, the goody goody girl has done more charity than anybody her age…
        Conclusion: she is probably shy to show even a bit.. She may need to warm up… JGS will need to make initiative and show support and guide her in that department… Well, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, cutie boy may want to grab the opportunity to do something about it[that is if he wants to have her for good]

      • my dearest chingu, Tangee (”,)

        thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on MGY and i wish to say that i agree with everything you said… (”,)

        after thinking abt it, i thought of the same thing that you said and here is my take :

        i believe MGY is a very private person and since her profession is so much in the public eye that her every move, thought and word is scrutinised with minute detail, all the more she cherishes every chance she has to keep her private life just that – private – and as much away from public scrutiny as it is humanly possible… (”,)

        after all, matters of the heart for actors, actresses and celebrities such as herself is much like a minefield – damn if they share info and news abt it and damn if they don’t…
        they just won’t be able to please everyone…

        esp for male actors like JGS who has legions of rabid female fans who may or may not attack their love interest and the impact that would have on their and their love interest’s professional and private lives…

        i myself cannot even imagine having to live my life so much in the public eye like the actors/actresses and celebrities…
        and so i can’t say i understand the motivations behind their actions or words…
        but what i hope to do is let them live their own lives the best way they know how…
        and just pray and wish the best for them as much we pray and wish the best for the people we love in our own lives…

        in fact, i admire and respect MGY and JGS more for their care and consideration in their words and actions, esp if they involve fellow actors/actresses…

        i vow now to just be contented with reading the news and viewing the videos abt the Geun-Geun couple’s professional and private lives and not expect more from them than what they are prepared to share, or when they are prepared to share it, while continuing to cheer them on and support them in whatever they do and with whoever they choose to do it with… (”,)

        go Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young!! (”,)
        may you find the happiness, peace and contentment that you deserve in whatever you do, with whomever you choose… (”,)

      • Tangee: did she have 3 or 2?

        I thought she had one in CS, then her play “Closer” then in M3
        there was rumor that she did have a kiss scene one of the movies she acted in the past but it wasn’t shown due to her image.

        Love her acting, actress, a person 😀

        Maybe one can wish that one can be friend with such a wonderful character 🙂

      • Vorticella dear
        Thanks to all for rectifying the # of screen kisses that she had.

        1stly, Yes, CS – 1, M3 – 1 and Closer [didnt add in earlier ‘cos include Kdramas only]
        With movies, am not so sure ‘cos during CS BTS, CJM was asked what it was like to give the “nation’s little sis” her 1st screen kiss ever… [that was what I understood from the question posted by the interviewer].

        Like what LizzyD said for the # of kisses incl. BTS and rehearsals and what not, there would be many, I believe. Depends on how many NGs there were… he he…

    • Agreed that MGY is classy and different from other actresses..it’s just that I need my normal life back..LOL. The Geuns are driving me crazee with their cuteness, shyness and perfect chemistry. There’s not much BTS on M3 that can accommodate to ease my withdrawal for M3-MR-MG-JI.

      But still, as KDL & the rest of chingus here, I wish & pray that both of them will succeed in their life – career wise & love life. Should both of them find happiness with each other, maybe our Captain can do us a favor – of compiling every posts with comments left on them and give them to the Geuns..as a keepsake that – when everyone dream of the same thing, that dream will eventually will come true and that’s where love begins.

      Thanks everyone for your wonderful thoughts on our loved Geuns. 🙂

      • dear ZZ (”,)

        i echo all your kind thoughts on the Geun-Geun couple… (”,)

        and thank YOU for YOUR wonderful and heartwarming thoughts on our beloved Geuns (”,)

  30. I wish there will bts vid of M3 pop up out nowhere seeing JGS and MGY,
    discussing a scene or even the quarreling moments …i want to know what
    is the atmosphere in the set and how they settle it. hehe 🙂

    • Wehooooo! I hope that will become real. Ladies, get all your fingers crossed and let’s pray for another GG appearance(s). Yess!!

    • Really?oh my.I will pray hard and drama god/film will consider and convinced MGY to take this role!who know we don’t have to wait long to see them again on screen and do mung mung nyaung

  31. While I am MGY No. 1 fan and would love this to happen, there is a high probability someone is pulling our legs. Camera angles can make anyone tall. Remember Lord of the Rings, there are no such things as Hobbits yet we saw it didn’t we.
    I think this is someone playing a cruel joke cause he probably knew who the actress was last night but just could not say per his manager.

  32. Re: MGY, the reason I like and respect her so much is because she’s so different from other actresses of her generation. She’s not a flashy, sleazy, cheap, attention-getting star with low self esteem. I like that she has a fun, age-appropriate but also classy style. (Probably because her clothes are exactly what I wear too. heehee) She’s also a very private person who never talks about her personal business. I think it’s partly because of her family background and also because that’s just the way she is.

    She has mentioned in passing that she’s been in love before, she just never talked about it (publicly). I also don’t think she’s as sweet and innocent (in a good way), as the flawless image created by her manager/company (JKS could use that team on his side!!) would have us think. Even her Geun bf seems to have be surprised by how much more there is to her than meets the eye. 😛 In any case, I do not think we will ever hear anything from her side. That does not mean that she’s any less in love. There was a message she posted in Oct before M3 started filming where she talked about love and wanting to be in love. I think JKS timed everything perfectly. 😛

    • Dear LizzyD a.k.a. cheery one
      “””Probably because her clothes are exactly what I wear too.”””
      1)1st things 1st
      I think you dress with finesse ‘cos in my eyes MGY does…[complimentary to you!]
      2) I see you have lots of respect for her…. ditto… I not only think that she is in a level of her own when it comes to her talented acting amongst the young actresses BUT also that her humanitarian acts have further catapulted her to an all-time high at least to me.. that is, especially when she did it quietly. Well, she tried to be as inconspicuous as possible until someone found out… clearly no fault of hers.

      After all that has been said, I guess, I have to come back down to earth and acknowledge that the girl is very private about her life and that she values it very much. GOOD on her!! Being a public figure is no easy task, I think we all would have agreed in unison about this.

      Dear LizzyD
      Thanks for your detailed explanation and latest update. It is clearly proven that you ARE a huge fan of hers, needless to say.. he he…

  33. Here’s her post from Oct, reposted from Moon Geun Young International Fansite. I didn’t translate it. If you compare to JKS’s early messages before he was forced to shut down his site, she pretty much sounds like a male version of him.

    [2010-10-01] MGY Cyworld Entry
    I have to love truly.
    A true love that it seems so right.
    I would like to feel the love
    I love the happy endings would done in yours.
    To be loved is a desire.
    I would like to feel that.
    To Love each other and did things we touch eases.
    Loving each other and it may sure affect.
    Til mature love for each other is going to be affected..
    i can feel it, through your eyes.
    I know your eyes never lies.
    Love is we want to receive.
    Love starts to knowing each other.
    And were able to do so.
    Love is a desire and to be loved is another one.
    Love is a freedom.
    A freedom thing to choose who we love.
    Love is going to live together.
    And we can feel the love when were living.

    MGY: Hahaha. My mind was able to be full. So i just wrote this. what the words cannot ever express is not enough. I Love this! I will never forget. Never forget.
    Thank you so much for everyday you make me smile ^-^

    • Wow, could Moon be writing about her love for Jang Geun Suk. I understand that they were very close even before they started filming MSOAN, maybe they were in love already. That’s why she was willing to participate in a MSOAN when she was planning to take a break, so she can be near her sweet JGS. Oh my, my imagination is running wild again (or is it).

    • Wow MGY such a classy girl.somehow I can’t read her mind/action when it comes to love,so secretive..now I wonder how will JKS nail that onethat is if he really have feelings for her.aah I need just tiny words from her in love department with JKS

  34. Our boy JGS is a charismatic enigma, isn’t he? His thoughts run far deeper than his Lounge H persona would have us believe. I want to emphasize that I truly see NOTHING platonic about the way how GeunGeuns react/respond to one another at the awards show. What he is saying is that clearly MGY is someone whom he connects exceptionally well with on a mental and emotional level. She challenges him. Add physical attraction (can anyone honestly say that neither one of them are physically unattractive???!!), and we have all the best ingredients ready for LOVE:)!!! I have faith in our GeunGeun ship. They are trying to steer carefully and steadily over the rainbow (to find that pot of gold of everlasting happiness), whilst all the time keeping a cautious eye on the potential rising waters. I like to think that JGS is laying the ground work for a MuGyul/Maeri future together. Didn’t he just CONFIRMED that JGS & MGY have CHEMISTRY off screen, in real life too?

    • Yes! Yes, totallllllllllllllY agree.
      They are both still young and there are fans that worship them as single idols.
      They need to carefully tread thru the waters and gradually have all fans accept them.
      We here, need to give a loud shout out on every possible geun-geun site and show our love and support!

      JGS will surely pick it up while doing his searches on the net!

      Geun-geun 4ever!

      • Both of you are darn right… they are carefully treading through the waters gradually… slowly coming to shore one day, I hope!..

  35. @ LizzyD, I do love your term “her Geun bf”. It makes them sound so close and linked together, no longer lonely, having each other for support, warmth and laughter. Also agree with you that she can’t be that goody two shoes as her managers would have her portrayed. Being an actress (and a very good one at that), she needs to be very connected to her emotions and able to be so much more expressive than the average joe. This state of being cannot be achieved if she were as conservative and reined-in as a regular person in a conventional environment.

  36. It is probably true that MGY did have feelings (love) for someone (maybe him), didn’t we all? There was that program she was on where she said that she wanted to be sexy to get a boyfriend. Ladies, men are men and unless we are curvaceous and uninhibited we are not going to attract the guy that wants that. Maybe she is shy and we all saw her growing up (I love her so forgive me) with not much of a figure until the last two years.
    He was not looking at her probably in the way she wants to be seen by him.
    If anything were to happen, the one person that matters most, his mom.
    Jeez, I just wrote a drama.

    • When Ms. LizzyD quoted this:
      ” There’s another interview he did in Oct in Taiwan which means he already started working on M3. I actually subbed it but still haven’t gotten around to timing it. He was very specific about his ideal:

      1. Big eyes.
      2. Beautiful slender neck
      3. Someone really suitable for dresses. Someone who looks better in dresses than pants. When she wears a bikini, she gives a feeling of being shapely. When she wears a skirt, her legs are very beautiful.

      I’m sorry but I can only think of one person he had in mind when he said this.”

      JGS is giving the thumbs up to his “Precious” this is what I want and what you are…geunyoung~you don’t need to be sexy for others, you are already sexy to me…
      what was that they shouted on the bridge….”you’ve had me”? “I’ve fallen for you”? Exactly!

      • My thots and interpretation of what jgs’s said. I’m sorry, Ms. LizzyD, it was not my intention to offend you.
        Please forgive me for my lack of writing skills.

    • I’m not sure I fully agree with that. There have been guys declaring their love for her since 2004 (our boy included) before she had much of a figure. What you check out in a bar (ie breasts) is usually not what you fall in love with. In addition, the interview I quoted I just cut and paste the main part. The bikini part was kind of half joking because of what the host said in reaction to his “looks good in a dress” statement. I’ll try to sub the whole thing properly when I have time in a week or so. It’s a really funny interview and I love him to bits for being so honest in it. And to be honest, if you want a girl with large breasts, you’re pretty much out of luck in Asia. So I think most Asian guys have learned to look at other things? 😛

      Let’s hope JKS’s mom doesn’t have any say in this because she’s already picked out PSH for her daughter-in-law….

      • thank you in advance, LizzyD, for all your effort in translating interviews with JGS and any other info you have shared with us, the Geun-Geun lovers here… (”,)

      • LizzyD *wink*
        Most men everywhere loves to drool at big boobs & long legs of OTHER woman….but not their woman…what their woman has is only for their own eyes & their own pleasure…haha…

        I remember in Champagne WC, when he choose Soo Ae as his ideal, he said I dun care if she’s tall (becos he doesnt like tall girls) or if she’s thin, I just like her…so in other words once he likes a girl it doesnt matter if she fits his ideal girl image to a T…but the way I see it, he always describe MGY to fit his ideal girl img…hehe

      • P.S. that disagreeing part was at Rory’s Mom (“He was not looking at her probably in the way she wants to be seen by him.”), not you MikiMouse.

      • Oh, thank you for the clarification. I want to be part of happy bubble, don’t want Ms. LizzyD coming after with a butterknife…LOL

  37. Hello,

    I am a newbie here. Ockoala, I saw your blog’s link on Soompi so just came here to check it out. I have to say, you girls are awesome. Your posts just cracked me up badly but I am really glad that I came here.

    I thought I am the only one that’s dying to see these two cuties become real couple. But seeing all of you here being so encouraging and truly believe that someday they WILL (100% positive) fall for each other really cheer me up. I have been praying for the same thing over the past 2 months. And I truly believe that God is listening. If one voice is weak, then maybe 100, 200 or even more voices will shake God’s hands to make this dream become real. FIGHTING!!!!!!

  38. Koala…thanx for sharing…luv it..

    Luv that JGS without hesitation telling everyone MGY is the best actress he’s worked with…he cud named a few others he’s work with to avoid speculation with but he did not…

    He admitted still keeping in touch with MGY & is going to have a drink with her anytime soon..ok, sooner or later..which means the same to me…and the best part he didnt even tried to avoid scandal like he did in Taiwan when the host asked if he went out for drinks with PSH, & he said yes but NEVER with her ALONE…only in groups…but he never said such thing rite when he reveal he’s going to go for their drinks, rite?

    You are not quite happy becos he refer to MGY as a ‘friend’? Why? Cud he have refer to her as his gf rite there on stage among all strangers from all over the world? Especially in their line of career? Its way much better than how he refer to CSJ Steffanie which is ‘his brother’ or PSH as ‘his dongsaeng’…friends is a good thing..and I agree with KDL that close friends between 2 ppl of different gender cud hardly be just platonic…JDG married his ‘close friend’ KSY & so was KSeungW & his friend KNJ…

    Anyway even non celebrity like us on a date, met friends/relatives we’re notclose to, so introduce our date to them like ” Hi, this is my friend….” rite? And here we are talking abt Korean tops stars…and not to mention if his gf is also an equally famous too..he cant be too selfish…celebrities in open relationship can jeopardise their career…and usually it affects female celebrity more than males…just take Kim Hyo Jin for example…she’s beautiful & very talented yet she doesnt get to work as much as Kim Tae Hee becos she never hide her relationship with actor YJT…and frankly she’s way much better than KTH in terms of acting…I feel sad that she’s known more as YJT’s gf than a talented actress..not to mention cf offers…look at SHK..after her relationship with HB being in the open she never work in a Korean production again, even seeing her less in cf…no to mention being bashed by HB-HJW unreasonable fans…I dun want this to happen to MGY…and I dun think JGS wants this to happen to her too…afterall even if they’re in love they’re still too young to get married..JGS still has not done his military duty…and frankly I prefer them to live their life just like MG & MR in the final episode..being in love yet no pressure to get married until they’re both wholly ready..enuf with them hinting to us here & there…perhaps pictures of them together going to vip premier once in a while or news of them visiting each other on filming set…

    As for ‘My Pet’ I dun think age wud really matter in choosing the actors, so long as they’re good they can perform whatever their character requires…and I’m sure if MGY has to act as older woman she will do it perfectly…I mean 24 years Daniel Choi can acted as 35 years old man or if 27 years old HJW can be 18 years old HJN why cant MGY? However I dunt think she’s going to do it so soon after they acted together in MSOAN…its just not the Korean way…even if the want to collaborate again I think they need to wait for at least another 2 years or so…or at least that’s how I see the trend in Korea…If they can work together in a cf or mv anytime soon its already a treat for us…

    • Just to add…

      Tangee…in her stage play presscon MGY said that she has love before or being in love, its just she never talk abt it….so what do you think abt that?

      For me he can be JGS or he can be sumone else but for sure she has been in love even before July 2010 when the presscon took place….of cos I like to think its JGS since 2009 perhaps earlier…hehe..especially after sseeing them in SBS awards…

      • Dear Lxandra
        Thanks for your detailed analysis as usual.. Something I forgot to mention that she must be a very private person indeed and with her kind of fame, the more she will value her privacy and so does JGS. Much as I like these two cuties v v much, I am aware that we also respect their need for privacy if we are REALLY their fans… right?

        You are definitely right about SHK. She went to China to film with multiple award best actor Tony Leong [some kung fu flick, in fact she’s learnt how to fight a little, SHK, we are talking about here!!, me looking forward to the release of that movie] .. No news about Kdrama for her.. I mean that pretty girl can act too. Same for KHJ.. Agreed, she is better in acting than KTH..

        Perhaps, this Geun2 couple will have to be very careful about this ‘cos it will affect their image somehow.. sadly… They may like to show more but outwardly, perhaps, cautioned not to show too much in public.. price of fame, I guess.. Am quite sure they are being advised to the max by their managers and loved ones even on how to steer their careers the right way and honestly, that will include being told the truth about romantic stuff which may be a hindrance to their careers..

        You know, at the KBS awards, when the 5 best couples were on stage, just to prove a point, JGS&MGY were the only couple who were standing OOOHHH so close to each other. The other 4 couples do have some distance between them .. Ohhh! do tell me I was right and that my eyes didn’t play up on me..

        I’d like to think that JGS is protective over MGY and vice versa. Sometimes, they may leave a hint or two and then again, on advice from their managers, they cannot but hold back again just so to protect their careers, you think??
        Going for drinks is probably as big a declaration as can be for him… who knows.. when he gets to the car, manager will give him a little piece of his mind to hold back and how to this and that…
        Choices… choices… We all do that everyday. I think somehow it is unfair to the fairer sex ‘cos it will affect them more than the guys.. I mean, look at Jang Hyuk… with two sons in tow and a wifey AND his career is riding high… How is that?? Do tell, am all ears..

        Gosh, I am being so grounded after having said all that.. little sigh… Ok, I want to go dream a bit…

      • Also, much as we all wish that they will collaborate soon in another project… that’s not how it’s like in Korea…

        Sorry, folks… . truth is we may have to wait a few years like what Lxandra said OR maybe even after his military service for them to work together again… Guess all of you can send hate mail to me now…[oops. there is a long queue..] he he..

        ”’If they can work together in a cf or mv anytime soon its already a treat for us… ” YES, anything would do for now…[desperado!]

    • There you are Lxandra. (sorry I addressed you as Ixandra in a couple of posts before) I was too, not so happy about JKS calling MGY ‘A Friend’ but as always, your profiling of suspects(!) JKS and MGY convinced me to stay in the geun-geun bubble little longer. I was thinking, okay, they may be too good friends to see each other as gf/bf. But then what abt JKS’s sweetest expressions toward her at the KBS award night? And MGY’s dreaming eyes looking up JKS on the stage at Best couples moment? I like your JKS-MGY were together in Thailand theory in the other thread. He was off to the tour few hours after the award show ends and came back to Korea like Jan. 13 or 14th? He then went to Japan for the MV shooting, came back again, did galaxy promotion and this fan meeting. Gosh, when did he have time to ‘Keep in touch’ with his so called FRIEND? Just calling her saying what’s up? K, even if they didnt meet each other during that period, you don’t say ‘Kept In Touch’ unless they talk on the phone every day. Talk on the phone every day with a friend of the opposite gender is not just friend anymore. I would leave my bf or husband if he has that kind of female friend. Now, I will stick with my theory that JKS’s Pink and White bracelets (I actually thought they are too girly and slightly off his taste when I first saw) and the earrings are MGY’s (or co-own). He goes ‘Can I wear these today? U can wear mine’ !!

      • I actually imagine that they stayed together few days/nights a week on the same bed with a very thin curtain in the middle. So all her stuffs was at his place, likewise.

        Let me dream and stay in the bubble. Care to join? :p

      • well said zz. that was my story too. (same bed but no curtain. no no, u cannot pound a nail into hotal room ceiling!)
        BTW, did u guys check the new KBS award MV by vitriana on youtube? Its soooo beautiful. Nobody believes that they are just friends after seeing that! All four KBS MVs by vitriana are my bed time stories now <3

  39. tangee….not only they are the only couple who stood so close together, I mean beside the odd SKK Scandal male couple, YAI & SJK , they’re the only couple who whisper to each other even on stage…so couple-like…

    And I wud like to add, during the fanmeeting JGS mention how he realized that MGY is very similar to him in most aspect…I think he was talking abt her work ethic…I mean even if he has known her for quite a long time, this was the 1st time they really spend their time working together…usually even with ppl we’re close with, if we never work with them, we never really know how they are while working…sumtime while working they’re quite different than on leisure…I believe this was what JGS means…now he knows that MGY too is very passionate abt acting & wud do adlibs to improve their charcters & acting just like he does…

    And I also agree, they both being advice not to reveal what their relationship really are..especiallly MGY is really a shy & private person..if she admitted has an experience of having a bf yet we never knew when & who, when she practically grow up in front of our very eyes, she must have gone all the way to keep her private life private..

    But JGS on the other hand seems having a difficult time to supress his feeling for MGY…excitedly revealed to go for a drink with MGY..he didnt even bother to deny rumours, in fact saying he doesnt know how he really feels yet…hehe, even if he has known all along I dun think he’s ready or he can share it with us yet…same goes with the drink…even if they had go for a drink, I’m sure he’s not going to tell us openly…actually telling us he’s gonna have drink with MGY in the future was a way to prepare in case fans caught them at club/bar together…at least he can say “oh…this is the drink we promise before” or sumthing like that…I can bet after the KBS award they went to celebrate as often done by most celebrities…perhaps not just the 2 of them but with the whole group…

    And oooh…I heard these days JGS hasa sudden interest in ‘Butterfly’….his recent Lounge H logo suddenly to ‘butterfly’ in 2 colours…pink & blue…he even tattooed a butterfly behind his ears…and what do you know…MGY happens to love butterfly…she wore her butterfly ring during sbs award last year & KBS award recently…No connection? Huh!!!!!

    Btw have you all check here….I’ve posted my own speculation abt his recent trips…

    • lxandra
      Much appreciate your sharing..
      do agree that JGS may not be have it easy ‘cos seems like he loves to share or maybe he just love his fans v much, so he can’t resist but share and happy to do it only realising after having said what he has said, he realised SHARKS! me in trouble [in public view] for saying some things…

      Re his recent trips, They may be together??? possible??? I shall dream on….
      cheers to a good day..

  40. When I found out that JGS got the part in the Kimi wo Petto k-movie.. I was like… what a casting coop! He’s perfect for the role! Hope the storyline will be good too.

    He’s gonna come here??? For a concert or a fanmeet?? *goes berserk*

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