Picture Spoilers for Episode 9 of Dream High

Pictures spoilers for the upcoming episode 9 of Dream High after the jump. I have to say that I’ve missed this feeling of wanting to go to sleep early so that I can wake up to watch a new episode of a drama. DH is my latest obsession, and its proving itself episode-by-episode to be worth my growing devotion to it. The story is really ramping up, and each episode the kids develop their talents further and push their own emotional maturity one more step. I love it.


This is freaking adorable! What is this, the K-drama version of Black Swan? With Team Misfits as Odette and newly-minted pop group K as Odile? I totally dig how fierce yet cute Team All White looks. And Team All Black is all edgy and poser-ish, and so easy to hate on. Heh.

For those of you looking for Sam Dong to grow in sophistication, intensity, and maturity – I think we’re about to meet Sam Dong 2.0. Why? Because at the end of episode 8 we got a 200 day time jump. While its clear that Jin Gook is the same guy he was, and still got Hye Mi in his heart, his rival Sam Dong is very clearly NOT the same guy he was 200 days earlier. Just looking at his new piercing look and hot dance moves, I don’t see the country bumpkin anymore.

Everyone and their mothers to continue to love Pil Sook and Jason, myself included. They are so innocent and pure, and I hope they become better friends before Jason falls for newly thin Pil Sook.

Team All Black looks like they wandered off the set of a bad sci/fi movie. But I’m sure they’ll bring it on the dance floor.

All I can say is – Team All White FTW! And I am more and more convinced that SamMi is the end game. But that could be my wishful thinking speaking out loud, and the fact that my brain was stunned into submission from re-watching Kim Soo Hyun dance with Suzy at the end of episode 8 on constant repeat.

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Picture Spoilers for Episode 9 of Dream High — 22 Comments

  1. No, I’m sooooo still in the MiGook camp. He needs her. Didn’t you see that in Ep 8? Breaks my heart how much he needs and gets her. And she him, though I think the whole point of this show is for her to grow into a person who won’t need Jin Gook.

    I have to tell ya, I hated Sam Dong for a bit when he was spinning full-on the denial engine. I hate it when people do that. It is emotionally manipulative, even coming from sweet, sweet Sam Dong.

      • What I’m hoping is that Jin Gook never ceases to understand Hye Mi or root for her success, even without him. And that Hye Mi grows strong on her own, which is what Jin Gook would want for her – for her to be able to stand on her own two feet, on achievements she can claim as her own doing. And in doing so for Hye Mi to realize Jin Gook never betrayed her. That becoming a Candy-like heroine is to realize that it’s narcissistic to think everything, including Jin Gook’s debuting without her, is all about her and to accept that he did indeed have his very own, very valid exigent circumstances for the choices he made that had nothing to do with her but choices that had very material repercussions for him. Then, have a moment of regret for not giving him the opportunity that he so sincerely reached out for at the time. Then, for Hye Mi and Jin Gook to stand in the golden silence of mutual understanding and appreciation, which they have done so well.

        OK – now I must go do work. Must indulge in my Dream High Romeo & Juliet at a later time. Let’s hope I succeed.

    • needing is different from loving..yeah he needs to recieve love bigtime (cause of his daddy issues) but in order to give love you must be overflowing with it (you cant give something you dont have or lack – and that is common sense speaking)

      and no i dont think he is in denial, he threw away his drawings of her and tried to avoid her the next day..so i dont think so

      • Sam Dong’s denial – I meant only that scene when he responds to Hye Mi telling him that she’s crying because of Jin Gook.

        As for love, Jin Gook was the first to show tenderness to and elicit the same from Hye Mi. There is nothing to suggest that Jin Gook doesn’t have the capacity to love. He’s already shown that – despite all that he’s endured – he can give of himself. In some ways, his ability to love has undergone quite a bit of testing already. Sweet, sweet Sam Dong, on the other hand, has lots of love to give but his capacity to love hasn’t yet been through the ringer. Not that I think that he wouldn’t be able to endure any test, just pointing out that the two guys come to Hye Mi with very different kinds (not degree) of capacity for love.

  2. This. Is. Going. To be. AWESOME!!! Aaaahhh!!!!! I can’t wait to watch it tomorrow! The dance-off is going to be epic.

    But just a question: I thought Jason debuted in K? Why is he with the Misfits and Jin-gook’s lame friend in the black group? I guess Jason has decided to through his lot in with the Misfits instead. Or maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with the group he debuted with at all. I don’t care. As long as he spends more time with Pil-sook, I’m happy.

    • My guess is that it has to do with the team captains choosing their teams. Bums me out since it means that HyeMi passed on Jin Gook. Sniff sniff sniff. She didn’t hear him out. Poor Jin Gook.

      • We don’t know if HyeMi passed on Jingook per se. Since both Baekhee and HyeMi are the captains, it could be that Baekhee selected JinGook before HyeMi had a chance. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if the first person HM chose was Samdong which ended up giving BH the opportunity to choose JinGook and so forth.

      • But that’s what I meant by passing on Jin Gook. HyeMi would be a dummy not to know that Jin Gook is the first person Baek Hee would choose, if given the chance. By picking Sam Dong over Jin Gook (which is totally understandable, given the circumstances), Hye Mi would effectively pass on Jin Gook.

        I no like where all this is going. Sniff sniff. Jin-Gook-ah…

  3. I am glad that they kept the innocent look for the white team considering how young Suzy and IU are. Those black outfits would just look so wrong on those two girls. I think JYP just loves dressing up Taec weirdly because that black outfit looks so much like the stuff that 2pm wore in their “Ill be back promotions” . Also out of the girls if anyone should be used to dressing oddly , it is Eunjung , cause I dunno about some of those outfits that CCM gives them T-ara girls sometimes. I hope both teams bring it because in regards to real life ability, Eunjung/Taec/Wooyoung/ and Suzy are great dancers and it looks like Kim Soo Hyun is not so bad himself so I hope JYP and the PD let those dancing talents show for BOTH groups.

  4. I’m still criying,why…Jin gook became like that,why he doesn’t close to Hye mi anymore I love both of them I love taecyeon also suzy…why,why,why????….does anyone know the ending of this drama ???…coz I can’t wait any longer,…

  5. watching kim soo hyun and suzy dance in episode 8 was epic already and having to see them doing a white swan dance makes me more eager to watch it!!!

    and i second the motion for the Team White FTW!!!

    loving this drama every freaking eposide!!!
    my SamMi heart is happy in the turns of event!!!
    hopefully this ship will sail til the end!!!


  6. Sorry but convinced that ending will be Jin Gook + Hye Mi…

    Jin Gook = Jun Pyo and Sam Dong = Ji Hoo

    Sam Dong is the kind, loving and understanding one is always there, no conflict between him and Hye Mi at all. And everyone know K-Drama couples always have heaps of conflict before they realise their love and that is Jin Gook and Hye Mi.

    For the record, if it were me, Sam Dong all the waaaay! :-D

  7. Still clinging to the sinking JG-HM ship. :’)
    I don’t know why I can’t ship her with SD, there’s nothing I really don’t like about him.
    There’s still some hope left!
    Can’t wait for Episode 9!

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