Lee Jun Ki Releases Video Wishing Fans a Happy Lunar New Year

When I watched this video, I actually felt the urge to cry. No joke. The only thought in my mind was – I miss you so much, Jun Ki! And it’s so unbelievably reassuring to see your perfect visage, to hear your ridiculously perfect manly voice, and to know that you’re doing just fine serving your military duty. Kudos to you, and keep up the great work. I’ll be right here waiting for you in T-minus 12 months. Right here. Not moving an inch.

Everyone in Asia has time off for Lunar New Year, including apparently the entire South Korean army. Lee Jun Ki is home for the holidays, and he released a video on his new homepage for his fans. Watching it gives me the warm and fuzzies, and an urge to go troll for more Jun Ki videos. This man is an addiction – like chocolate, you’re not satisfied with just one. Click to watch adorable Jun Ki (and I’ve transcribed the video for everyone as well).

Jun Ki says hi to his fans:


Loyalty! (Jun Ki does the salute to the phrase all soldiers echo when they salute their superiors)

I am Lee Jun Ki. So happy to see to everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve said hi to everyone this way.

Right now is the holiday, I want to use this opportunity to say hi to everyone.

2011 is the year of the Rabbit, and I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

During this year, I wish that everyone can accomplish their goals and have their wishes come true.

For my army service in 2011, I, too, will work even harder this year.

So that I can see everyone next year with my best self, that is what I will work my hardest to accomplish.

While I’ve been away, the homepage has been set up.

He, it looks like a job well done.

The JG company homepage is now directly linked to twitter.

Any message posted will directly be displayed on there.

I hope it can become a place for people to make good memories.

In my army service, I will do my best.

My military duties and my army performance, I will complete it well.

Until the day I can see everyone again.

I will stay healthy, and productively complete my military service.

Until that time, I hope everyone stayed healthy and happy.

Everyone in the family, I wish you a Happy New Year!

(Jun Ki then wishes everyone a Happy New Year in various languages)

He then says Bye Bye in the cutest, sexiest little way possible – %$^&*#$ why is he so perfect!?! – okay, that was a rhetorical question, and I will be quiet now so you can all bask in some Jun Ki love.

[Credit: video transcript translated by me]


Lee Jun Ki Releases Video Wishing Fans a Happy Lunar New Year — 32 Comments

  1. Thanks ockoala for this video. I agree his “bye bye” sounds so cute! 🙂 I only saw him in “My Girl” so I’m not used to seeing a slim LJK. Maybe because of his short hair cut…Anyways he still is cute. 🙂

    • You’ve only seen him in MG? Oy, that is not my fave LJK performance by a LONG shot.

      THIS is the Jun Ki I adore:


      He’s trying to keep his GF, who thinks he’s dead, from discovering that he is not dead and is undercover. So he is pretending to be another guy who happens to look exactly like her BF (which is him). And he has to be a very bad mean boy in this scene to convince her that he’s up to no good. RAWR to infinity!

      In my top five onscreen drama pairings that I love – Jun Ki and Sang Mi in TBDAW is on the list.

      • Thanks much ockoala for the link…O..M..G…I didn’t realize what I’ve been missing until now…I’m so going to see TBDAW, especially that I’m about to finish “Nobuta wo Produce” which I really liked, thanks again for your recommendation…I had planned on watching “Hero” in which LJK also starred, but when Han Ji-min backed out, I backed out too…Loyalty… I think I attended Wi Mae-ri’s course on Loyalty. Ha ha ha. See everything comes back to my Geun-Geun couple addiction… * – * … Sorry I digress…But I will check out TBDAW. Can’t wait! Thanks again ockoala! 🙂

      • OMG he’s so awesome in this! May I ask where I can watch this online? The drama? Thank you >,<

    • Same here with MG, he was so girly beautiful looking then and now he’s ALL MANLY Delish oy vey and when he smiles….RAWRRrr to infinity is right!!! Thanks Koala

  2. he sure knows how to seduce woman with 2 word : bye bye..that is hot…ahh we have to wait for another year before we see him on screen again??

  3. Thanks for the video and for translating it. I loved him in The king and the clown, Time between dog and wolf and My girl.
    Stay healthy, Lee Jun Ki!

  4. since i didn’t understand much korean i only focused on his eyes in that video. his eyes do enough talking =)
    he got skinnier, hope he is doing fine while serving his country. hope time goes by a little faster, so i can see him on screen soon.
    i wish everyone a happy rabbit year as well =)

  5. thanks Miss Koala for this…you have just made my 363 days full of smiles just coz i saw Jun Ki!! I didn’t understand what he said except for bye bye but that “bye bye” could just melt me and I guess everyone else who’s watch the vid. So glad to see he’s doing well serving his country. I’ll be right here waiting for that day when you fullfil your obligation. Again many thanks dear Koala for this update. =)

  6. No matter how many projects I see him in, I always get surprised when I hear his voice. It’s like…you expect a soft girly voice and then you get…that? klahfkshdfskjhfs My brain can’t handle the dissonance though it totally labels the voice and LJK as “hot” *iz shallow*

  7. Aww thanks for posting this to your forum.
    Seeing Jun-ki Oppa’s message made me remember how much i missed him.
    What a lovely message.
    Waiting for him to return from military service…. Is it 2012 yet? hahaha

  8. Omo, the bye-bye!!!!!!! I love his voice. I just hope he starts eating more…I miss his cheeks! Now to watch the video again 😉

    • Who is he?

      Oh, I cannot possibly begin to describe Jun Ki. Possibly the biggest Korean star to come out of Korea since Rain. He owns all of East Asia. End of story. A mega-super-star. And a genuine talent, in everything he does. 🙂

  9. ahhh, it was great to see LJK.. healthy, happy and smiling.
    What a smile……………thanks for sharing.
    Happy Lunar NY!

  10. I want cry too,,,,I hope I can find ur (koalasplayground) before,,,,
    I’m happy meet someone love lee jun ki so much,,,
    This video make me more miss him….
    OMG….. His voice….love him….
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Hi….lee i am from india and had watched his serial my girl for me he is the main herooo in this ….plz tell me about another serial of lee which has translation in english……..

    • You might want to check out:
      Iljimae, Virgin Snow, The King and The Clown, Fly Daddy Fly, What Should I Do

      i saw these with English subtitles. Koala is right, Lee Jun Ki is addictive.

  12. No wonder I have not seen or heard of any new projects from LJK for so long! Tks Miss Koala for posting this video. I really miss him too. Enjoyed his moving performances in The King & Clown, TBDAW and Iljimae. Also heartened to see his active contributions to SK on GOP patrol and clean-ups in Seoul. Hoping to see his career take off red hot again when he returns to us after army service. In the meantime, LJK stay strong and healthy!! You are a great actor and all round beautiful human being!

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