A Star-Studded VIP Movie Premiere for Manchu (Late Autumn)

Binnie is off to serve his mandatory military service in a month. Until then, he’s got more work to do, the most important being the premiere of his indie movie Manchu (Late Autumn), co-starring Chinese actress Tang Wei. The movie was filmed in Seattle, and depicts a brief but likely impactful love affair between a man and a woman convict out on a three-day prison leave. Manchu premiered yesterday in Korea, and it was a star-studded affair since Hyun Bin is riding yet another career high after his turn in Secret Garden.

Binnie is still much too skinny, likely with a heavy post-SG work load that makes it hard for him to put back all the weight he lost to play neurotic and emotionally-stunted Kim Joo Won. Tang Wei looks gorgeous in red, but why does her dress have this weird mini-bell lower half? Without that shape around the hips, it would look perfect. Now she kinda resembles a lampshade. But I love her hair! I want her hair….

The guest list for the VIP premiere was extremely A-list, mostly because Binnie has worked with and is friends with tons of big Korean stars. I’ll try to tie back to which project some of the guests worked on with Binnie. Sadly, I don’t believe Tony Leung or any Chinese stars showed up to support Tang Wei. Nevertheless, it’s truly a pleasure to know that she is back on screen again after the fallout from Lust, Caution.

Who else shall we start with, but Gil Ra Im herself! Ha Ji Won attended the premiere to support her onscreen hubby. Kim Sa Rang and Kim Sung Oh (Secretary Kim) also showed up to round out the Secret Garden mini-renunion. But where was Joo Won’s hyung Oska? Yoon Sang Hyun, you are sorely missed.

Following the Secret Garden gang comes the Friends, Our Legend bretheren. Kim Min Joon, who played best friends with Binnie in FoL (and they also played the leads in Ireland back in 2003) was on hand. As well as Seo Do Young (arriving at the same time as Joo Jin Mo). His baby momma in the drama, the effervescent Jung Yumi, was also in attendance. Too bad FoL lead actress Wang Ji Hye wasn’t on hand to make a mini-FoL reunion.

Binnie’s Snow Queen love Sung Yuri was there to support her oppa.

Daniel Choi and Ji Jin Hee.

The SM Family sent their representatives, and I only recognize Kim Min Jong.

I Am Legend‘s Juni and Playful KissLee Tae Sung.

You guys need to look your fill, because this guy is gone for two years starting next month. Someone I know will be sobbing rivers of tears.


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  1. Binnie *sob*sob*, i will miss you
    i would like to say, comeback from millitary service hotter
    but i dont know how you will get hotter than you are now
    I will definately miss your acting!!

  2. Binnie…we’re going to MISS you & your lovable dimples!!! Secret Garden is my 3rd most favorite drama…well, after Coffee Prince & PK, of course!!!

  3. omg..i didn’t even recognize minho …wat is he wearing…is he going to the gym?????
    and on a closer looks like taemin is wearing a prothestic leg…lollll

  4. Dear ockoala

    Thank you for posting gorgeous Binnie and the very pretty Tang Wei.. Much appreciate the obvious good looks of the attractive couple..

    My dear binnie
    Will definitely miss that perfect side profile and ohhh! those deep dimples of yours.. am lucky to be able to join your dimples club… he he…
    SIGH… will be a long wait of two years, 24 months, 728 days etc. the figure just gets bigger…
    Am sure you’ll be back with a vengence of even better projects to come…

  5. dear ockoala
    thanks a lot for posting the premiere pics of hyun bin.. i was just wondering why song hye kyo wasnt at the premiere??? did they broke up???

    • Dear angelica
      Just a thought. Maybe SHK didn’t want boyfriend HB to be feeling awkward with a sexy siren next to him[tang wei].. Also, think they might want to keep a low profile as in dating but not in front of the public eye..

  6. SHK is not in Korea at the moment,she had a project.I’m sure they had phone call or maybe phone s** (ignore this one) talk bout his movies,some lover argue on binnie hot kiss with his co-stars but they are not broken up.both confirm it,in fact their bond getting strong and hit high level.I sense next 2year weds ahead.

    • My dear Erika
      Thanks for update. So it’s wedding bells for them in 2 years, eh?? Good on them!!! am sure they will have lovely children.. oops that’s taking it a bit far for now.. calm down, I shall…

    • Thank God. I’m not sure why I feel relieve that they’re not broke up. They are nice couple who admit they have relationship (probably it will ruined some of opportunity), but meanwhile they keep it low.

  7. good to see him before his off to serve his country. Looks like he was having fun doing PR work. I’m going to miss him. But he’ll be back before we know it. And while he’s away we can enjoy what he left us.

  8. Thanks for the news. they both look great!!!
    i will see this movie for sure, i like HB so much, sadly he will go soon. he will be missed a lot 🙁

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